Author's Note: Hello all, and welcome to a random-ass thought experiment I had that ultimate spiralled into a full-on fanfic. That happens a lot with me. XD

Long story short, I asked myself, "can I insert Naruto into Overlord, have him replace Momonga, and still have Naruto be Naruto?" It also begged the question of what would happen if I did, of how he and the other changes/additions to it would affect the story of Overlord.

Let's find out, eh?

Also, this was written in collaberation with AdVictoriamCustodes. Spyash2 did of course help early on, but he seems to be more interested in other projects as of Volume 2, which is fine by me, lol. Check 'em out if you haven't, eh?

One more thing: in light of Overlord being an ongoing story, this fanfic will be released in volumes. That way, Maruyama will have hopefully finished the official story by the time I get to the final arcs of this fic.

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Summary: What if Naruto lived in 22nd Century Japan? What if he was the guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown instead of Momonga? What if a second guild with an axe to grind popped up just off the Baharuth Empire's northern shore around the same time Nazarick was plopped down within the Re-Estize Kingdom's borders? What if, instead of emotional suppression, Naruto ended up struggling with his character and newfound situation in a... different way? What would happen as a result?

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WARNING! This series will feature the following content!

Sexual: harem, lemon, oral sex, nakadashi/creampie, creampie surprise, paizuri, loli (legal and otherwise), oppai-loli (legal), lolicon (legal and otherise), group sex, BDSM, spanking, humiliation, forniphilia (Shallchair), rape (girl-on-girl and heteroxesual), dubcon, netorare (heteroxexual), defloration, impregnation, MILF, incest, pseudo-incest, inbreeding, monstergirl, vampire, succubus, demon-girl, angel-girl, elf-girl, plant-girl, wolf-girl, interracial, fox-demon (male), genderbender (male to female), yuri, vore (slime girl, digestion), torture, abuse, mind break, prostitution (female), sex dungeons, somnophilia (willing and otherwise), sex slaves, dirty talk, groping, yandere, seduction, "child" pregnancy (including teenagers and legal lolis), living sex doll, Death by Snu-Snu, references to pedophilia and child molestation, and references to necrophilia.

Important Note: this story is still under construction; thus the above list is subject to being edited and expanded as future lemons are written and more waifus are confirmed for the harem.

Genres and Egregious Story Elements: dark fantasy, high fantasy, pseudo game world, isekai, literal porn with plot, alternate universe, original characters, multi-crossover shenanigans, character death, resurrection, action, blood, gore, gap moe, mature themes, general pervertedness, horror themes, slavery, tsundere, villainous protagonist, overpowered protagonist, world conquest, dark humor, crude humor, lewd humor, my fucked up sense of humor, and the fact that this shit was primarily written by my unapologetically-degenerate ass in general.

Also, the author's notes will contain my constant bitching about the flaws of Naruto, because I am a salty-ass manchild who was very disappointed by the wasted potential of the series in question, its piss poor worldbuilding, the horrendous devolution of the characters thereof, and how horribly it all ended; if and when the subject matters listed above come up, I will rant about them. The flaws in other franchises will also be pointed out if and when they come up.

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Chapter One: Something Wrong

A man covered in full plate armor stood above a young woman and her little sister, sword-arm raised high. His blade gleamed in the sunlight, poised to end both of their lives in one swift blow.

The young woman felt her eyes burn with tears and bit her lip. Hugging her little sister closer, both girls squeezed their eyes shut, bracing for impact.

They didn't ask for this; their little shire was naught but a humble collection of farms and workshops! They didn't even have an inn, let alone something of value! Why would anyone go so far out of their way to attack them?!

If only she'd been stronger… if only they had a way to repel these invaders… but she wasn't, and they didn't. As if just to make matters worse, the man brought a friend with him! Even if she was able to overpower one by some miracle, she'd still be cut down, and with the gash in her back, she and her sister had nowhere to run.

Thus, all she could do was sit here and die…

Seconds, moments, what felt like minutes passed and for some reason, she… wasn't dead yet. Surely the man had had more than enough time to finish her off by now… and why did she hear the rattling of metal?

The young woman hesitantly―gingerly―looked up to see that the man and his comrade were trembling, swords now held in a defensive stance behind their shields, backing away from them.

Following their gaze, the young woman saw only despair. That was all she could describe this… thing as.

What they gazed upon was an unholy darkness which had torn a hole within reality itself, paper thin, and yet unfathomably deep. The swirling darkness took on the form of a half-oval, protruding from the earth as if it had been spat out by the pits of hell. They had no idea what it was, but merely gazing upon it filled them with an instinctive dread.

Then, something stepped through it, as if emerging from a shadowy hallway.

His glowing crimson irises were the first thing they saw, his pupils slit like some kind of beast. He was humanoid, or appeared to be, but even when all they could see was his face, they knew that there was something off about him.

He stepped forth and nine fox-like tails fanned out behind him. His hair and fur were a deep, blood red; his garb was alien to them, but bore a sense of prestige, like the garments of a foreign lord from a far-away land. Two vulpine ears rested atop his head; long, crimson locks with black tips spilled out upon his shoulders, his blackened lips curled back in a hungry snarl to bare his fangs and claw-like nails tipped his fingers.

In one hand, he held a magic, golden staff of some kind, one that inspired both dread and awe in equal measure―a divine weapon seemingly forged by the gods of hell themselves. In the other, he held a black sword, seemingly made of shadow. Like the staff, it seemed both divine and unholy, yet not as powerful. But even that felt like comparing a basilisk to a fucking dragon!

Neither beast nor man, this being made them all tremble before him, something deep, something primal within the woman and her would-be assailants told them that he was dangerous.

The young woman clutched her sister close as he approached, but the being ignored her. She felt overwhelmed, like his presence alone was choking her to death, but as soon as that sensation came, it went and she could breathe again.


The same, however, could not be said for the soldiers. There was a panicked cry as one of them lunged at him and then... nothing.

The woman dared to look and immediately regretted it. All that remained of the men was a pair of red stains upon the ground, their mangled armor now completely unrecognizable. She knew not how he did it, nor did she want to… and then, he turned his attention to her and―

In the year 2138 AD, there existed a new frontier of gaming, the DMMO-RPG. That acronym stood for "Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game". Such video games were played through connecting their consoles directly to one's brain through the intracerebral nano-computer network, a fusion of man and machine which had long since become commonplace in the world by now.

Through this method, these games allowed players to enter a virtual world and experience it as though it were real life… to an extent. They had their limits like any other technology; but compared to the consoles of old, and now-dethroned "PC Master Race", these shortcomings were laughably paltry.

It was quite the healthy industry, too, despite the SAO debacle of last century. Time heals all wounds as they say, especially when people eventually catch up to the technology thereof. And among the abundance of DMMO-RPGs was one by the name of Yggdrasil. (1)

The game in question had been painstakingly developed and released in the year 2126. Its major selling point was player freedom.

There were over 2,000 basic and advanced "Job" Classes and 700 "Racial" Classes in addition to that. The highest maximum any one class had was 15 levels and with a level cap, so in order to attain the level cap of 100, one needed to take on at least seven classes.

On one hand, a player could feasibly take one level in each of 100 classes if they so chose―assuming they met the requirements, of course. But on the other, anyone who wanted to take on a specific class fantasy could do so as well, thanks to the abundance of similar and synergistic classes at their disposal.

Also, various creation tools, some sold separately, could be used to customize one's characters to an unprecedented level. Weapons, armor, other cosmetic settings, and even flavor text were all fair game.

In addition to all of that, Yggdrasil boasted no less than nine whole worlds for players to explore: Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Helheim, and Muspelheim.

These features combined to ignite the creative spirits of its Japanese players, sparking what could only be described as an artistic revolution; the game became so popular that Yggdrasil became a household name…

But now… that was all in the past.

A gigantic round table, carved from a single, solid chunk of black marble, sat in the center of a large chamber, surrounded by 41 luxurious chairs.

But most of those seats were now empty…

Once upon a time, every single spot had been claimed, but now… only three were filled:

One of the seated beings was garbed in magnificent wizards' robes, of black, violet, and gold. The high collar and exaggerated spaulders seemed excessive, but they somehow fit with the rest of his attire. The exposed head, however, was a bare skull. Red pinpoints of light glowed in its otherwise empty sockets, a halo of black radiance filling out the rest.

This was the Overlord, Momonga, a magic caster of the highest rank who became undead to learn the most potent of spells.

Another being in the room was what looked like a living mass of tar. Its liquid form writhed and churned constantly, never retaining the same form for more than a second.

This one's name was Herohero—an Elder Black Ooze, the most corrosive of all slimes.

Finally, the last among them was the most humanoid in appearance, but in truth, he was farther from being human than even the walking mass of goop.

He was garbed in regal, eastern robes of black, white, and orange, lightly armored and sporting a metal-plated headband with curved, decorative, ox-like horns. He had crimson eyes with slit pupils, blood red hair that faded to black at the ends, and whisker-like markings on either cheek, matching the birthmarks he had IRL. Vulpine ears sat atop his head and he sported nine fox-like tails. The fur on each was as red as his hair and the tips similarly faded to black.

This "beast-man" was Kurama and he was a Youko―a species of fox demon most well known for their talents in trickery, illusions, and fire magic.

Despite their outward appearance, however, these creatures were actually players.

In Yggdrasil, players could choose their races from three broad groups: humanoid, demihuman, and heteromorph.

Humanoids were the most basic player type, encompassing humans, dwarves, elves, and the like. Demihumans were generally uglier but with better physical stats, which included goblins, ogres, and actual beastmen like centaurs, satyrs, and leonin among others. Finally, there were the heteromorphic races were generally more powerful all around, but came with massive drawbacks―not the least of which being that one needed to sacrifice at least one level in order to play a heteromorph, a level that could very well be more useful elsewhere if you don't know what you're doing. Granted, demihumans had the same drawback, but they were also allowed far more freedoms and came with less drawbacks over all.

Naturally, all three of these players were heteromorphs.

As Momonga spoke, his jaws did not move. Even the most advanced game of its time, one that literally plugged itself into the player's brain, still couldn't quite yet fully replicate speech and emotions in its player models; it was quite the hurdle to overcome, but several developers were undoubtedly taking a respectable crack at it.

"It's been some time, Herohero-san," he said. "I didn't expect you to come."

"Same here," Kurama chimed in, his face also unmoving. A digital word-bubble then appeared above his head with a smiley face in it.

Another word bubble appeared above Herohero's head, this one featuring a more sheepish grin. "Indeed it has," he sighed reminiscently. "Two years or so? But still... you couldn't pay me to miss out on seeing you two one last time." Then, he turned what could be passed for a head towards the fox-man. "I love what you've done with the place, by the way. If only our friends could see this tomb one last time."

Now it was Kurama's turn to use the sheepish grin emote. "I had a lot of help," he said, turning indicatively towards Momonga.

"Only when I had time off from my new job," the skeletal man replied with warm chuckle. (2)

"That only started a month ago," Kurama pointed out, leaning forward and over the table.

"Has it now?" Momonga chuckled again. "It feels like it's been ages."

Kurama was right, though; before then, the two of them were quite the dynamic duo when it came to maintaining their guildbase.

"Can't say I blame ya, Senpai," Kurama said with a hearty chuckle of his own. "My work's been pretty hellish too with the new guy being a constant thorn in my ass, but it can't be helped."

"Preaching to the choir, Kurama-san," Herohero told him, his voice laced with dry amusement. "I'm starting to feel how I look ingame."

And from there, the three of them shared their respective horror stories of the workplace. They all laughed and bitched for literal hours on end. But, alas, they couldn't be here forever.

"This is the most fun I've had in a long time," Herohero said with a tired chortle. How long has it been since he was this happy? "I wish I could stay longer, but I need to get up early."

"I hear ya," Kurama told him, a smiley face emoji above his head once more. "Time really does fly when you're having fun. Take care, Herohero-san."

With that and one last chuckle, a black tendril lashed about as the Elder Black Ooze opened up his interface. "Maybe we can meet up IRL sometime," he said. "Have a good night, you two."

Then, he went still and vanished soon after in a burst of pixels.

When it was just the two of them, a comfortable silence washed over Momonga and Kurama. In the end it was broken by the former.

"We should give the place one last tour," he suggested. "For old time's sake."

"Definitely!" Kurama beamed at the thought.

Two hours after they left, Momonga and Kurama were back in the meeting room, standing before a mighty staff floating within its little nook in the wall.

Their guild hall, the Great Tomb of Nazarick, was once a six-floor dungeon. But, after having claimed it as their own, it was now a ten-floor dungeon with seven unique themes spread out between those very same levels.

The first three floors, collectively known as The Catacombs, were modeled after an actual tomb. The fourth floor was an underground lake; the fifth, a massive glacier; the sixth, a rainforest. The seventh was a molten hellscape, the eighth was a massive wasteland, and finally, the ninth and tenth floors were the realm of the gods―in other words, the home base of the guild Ainz Ooal Gown.

One would think they were just tooting their own horn by calling it that, but at the same time, many a player would admit that they earned the bragging rights as Ainz Ooal Gown ranked among the top ten guilds in Yggdrasil with several world firsts under their collective belt―Nazarick only being the most obvious―and countless top rankings in PvP.

Currently, they were on the eighth floor, having taken this damn long to get back here… and it was starting to show for Momonga.

It was quite weird and very out of character to see a skeleton stretch and yawn. The fact that his jaw didn't move only made it worse.

"Getting tired, Senpai?" Kurama asked.

"Yes, it would seem that I'm at my limit," Momonga sighed dejectedly. "Sorry I couldn't stay with you until the end."

Kurama wanted to say something, but hesitated. "It's fine," he said. "You should get some sleep."

The skeletal player nodded, but before he logged out, he wanted to say something. "I cannot express how grateful I am that you stuck with us until the end, Naruto," he told Kurama, referring to him by his real name. Everyone in the guild knew it by now and several of its former members still kept up with him on social media.

"Well, I am the guildmaster," the whisker-marked man replied. "And you guys are the only family I've ever had. It was the least I could do."

"I wish I could do more for this family of ours," Momonga lamented, starting to wobble as he eyeballed the guild roster on his interface. Out of the 41 former members, only six still remained; everyone else had long-since quit the game.

"So do I," Kurama added.

"We should definitely meet up sometime. I'm sure Peronroncino would love to see you again."

"Definitely!" The fox-man let out a nostalgic chuckle at the thought. "Oh, the conversations we had…"

Kurama didn't know why, but that damn pervert was so fun to talk to… Given the youko's usually-low tolerance for people who act in such a way, it was quite weird that they got along, but they did. Quite well, in fact... and it was primarily because of Peronroncino that Naruto had as... diverse a game and manga collection IRL. Ahem.

Not that he was willing to admit it, of course.

Setting those thoughts aside,, Kurama looked at Momonga once more. "It's been fun, Satoru-senpai."

"That it has," the skeleton said. "That it has…"

And with that, he logged out.

Kurama sighed, the player behind the fox demon now left to his own devices. No one else had logged in tonight and the servers would shut down once and for all in only 30 minutes, so he wasn't confident that they'd show.

Such a shame…

Uzumaki Naruto was not exaggerating when he said that Ainz Ooal Gown was the only family he's ever had. Raised in an orphanage and having been an outcast since the day he was born, the young man never knew what it was like to have a family, to be accepted, to actually fit in, until he joined the guild Nine's Own Goal a few days before they changed their name.

Eventually, he even became their guildmaster, as a reward for his diligence and dedication. Since then, Momonga was his right hand man, teaching him all he needed to know while serving as a moderator. And now, with even him gone, Naruto realized how lonely it was… (3)

"I really am the only one left…" Though six others were still registered as members, most of whom were part of Ainz Ooal Gown for longer than even him, they were not returning to this game. And even if they did, it was going to shut down. "Damn it!"

Kurama slammed his fist against the nearby wall in frustration. The game registered it as an attack; the algorithm immediately started calculating his stats against the wall's damage resistances and a little 0 popped up above his fist.

"This is the Great Tomb of Nazarick! The home we built for ourselves after all those hours of blood, sweat and tears! How could you all abandon it like that?!"

Kurama seethed and then sighed, taking a moment to calm down. "No… I shouldn't be mad at them…" He knew they didn't quit because they wanted to; every last one of them, even Momonga, was simply forced to choose between real life and this collective power fantasy of theirs.

Gazing upon the staff, a little sad smile emoji popped up above his head.

Seven serpents twisted and twined around the body of the staff itself in a wicked, twisted shape, one of them curving outwards from the rest to form a knuckle bow. At one end, their heads formed a perfect circle, mouths agape in agony. Each one held within its maw a gemstone of a different color. The grip was of exquisite crystal and the body was of purest gold.

This was no ordinary staff, but the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, their literal guild weapon, unique to them.

It was the literal symbol of their guild, providing its user with administrative powers over the Great Tomb of Nazarick and denizens thereof. It was also the biggest weakness of all guilds in Yggdrasil.

If a guild weapon were ever to be destroyed, the guild would be disbanded, which was precisely why Kurama and the others kept theirs here, in this sealed off chamber, unless and until they needed it. (4)

Granted, he technically didn't need the staff right now, but it would feel weird if he never held such an important item in these last moments of the game. With that thought in mind, Kurama, the effective last member of Ainz Ooal Gown, reached out and grasped the weapon of his guild.

"I should probably get dressed for the occasion while I'm at it," he told himself. Then, Kurama opened up the player console and equipped himself with his top gear.

In Yggdrasil, there were nine ranks of gear. Low-class, mid-class, high-class, and top-class were initially the only ones, but when a few expansions came out, legacy-class, relic-class, legendary-class, and divine-class were added in that order.

Technically divine class was the strongest, since the highest tier, which was the strongest since the start of the game, world-class, only included certain magic items, like the Throne of Kings which had allowed them to claim a dungeon as their guild hall. Only 200 such items existed in the game and they were all unique.

The Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown was a divine-class item, thanks to the 1,500 combined hours they'd all collectively and painstakingly put into upgrading it. So, Naruto equipped his character with items of similar rank and grandeur.

His robes, belt and leggings were swapped out first, replaced by a regal, black, white and burnt orange gi with a swirly fire motif, leggings in the form of black hakama, a white rope serving as his belt, and a tiger pelt―these items granting him with a massive buff to his Agility, HP, and Resistance. The headband he now wore was identical in form, but not function, to the prior one―being a more powerful item with more substantial buffs to Agility, MP, and Magic Attack.

As a set, these four items―the chest piece, headpiece, belt, and leggings―were known as the Regalia of Shuten Douji. Of course, the headpiece was originally a horned demon mask and the attire was of a different color scheme, but Naruto had them changed with the ingame customization features. These changes were purely aesthetic, but they were more in line with his personal preferences.

Meanwhile, his "boots" gave him another buff to Agility and came in the form of matching greaves, tabi and zouri. They also lowered the chances of movement-based debuffs and the like from affecting him. This included spells. Meanwhile, his "gloves" were eastern-style gauntlets that granted Agility and Magic Attack, his new pauldrons being part of the same item, and to go with all of that, he wore a medallion and a nine rings with various magic effects.

Finally upon his belt was his primary weapon, a one-handed sword named Wrath of Jigoku, which dealt fire and shadow damage while allowing him to use Agility instead of his literally-nonexistent Physical Attack stat while it was equipped―even when he wasn't actually using it at the time.

The sword also had some rather nasty on-hit effects for when he was using it: weakening the target's Physical Attack and Physical Defense, and even having a 10% chance to stun! To make matters worse, it would punish players who liked to hoard things on their person by adding additional penalties to movement, Agility, and Physical Attack based on how many they were carrying in their inventory at the time.

Once everything was equipped to him, a circular, black, white, and orange symbol featuring a flaming skull formed beneath his feet to indicate that his Aura of Primal Fear had been activated before disappearing. This buff was the one of two Set Bonuses he got from wearing the Regalia of Shuten Douji in its entirety―the other being immunity to all poisons… save for alcohol. In fact, the effects of any and all alcoholic beverages he consumed in game would last for twice as long.

As for the aura itself, it was quite the nasty thing for a rogue-like character to have, passively reducing accuracy and Physical Defense of enemies within melee range, while increasing his chance to stun those affected. Of course, it didn't work on heteromorphs or dragons, among other things, but still! (5)

A smiley face emoji popped up above Kurama's head. Damn, it felt good to be back in this! And with that done, he left the chamber, disappearing in a poof of smoke.

Shortly thereafter, on the ninth floor, the sound of his footsteps and tapping of his staff echoed throughout a massive, white chamber. The whole floor was like a palace made of alabaster, decorated with all manner of paintings, trophies, and sculptures.

He saw a busty woman in the distance, around five-foot-six, with long, golden locks and vibrant, pink eyes. Naruto recognized her as one of the 41 maids created by Whitebrim.

One of the perks to having a guildhall was that it allowed players to create their own NPCs and after deciding that they needed servants to maintain the Great Tomb while they were farming and raiding and such, said member did so with a smile on his face.

It was quite the fond memory, in fact. The usual limit was 700 levels distributed between the NPC, meaning you could have seven level 100 NPCs, 700 level one NPCs, or anything in between. But, as was usually the case with anything, Ainz Ooal Gown went all out and did everything they reasonably could to increase that limitation, resulting in well over 3,000 levels between their countless NPCs.

And with Whitebrim being a mangaka who had recently broken into the industry at the time, he was more than happy to use this function as a creative outlet. Spouting shit like "maid uniforms are their secret weapons" and "maids are justice" all the way, he meticulously designed each and every last one of those 41 maids with every ounce of love and care he could muster.

Everyone in the guild had to admit that the end result was quite impressive.

"Ah, Whitebrim-san," Kurama muttered with a fond chuckle. "You lovable goof."

He didn't do all of the work, though. The maids' routines were all programmed by Herohero and five others, for example. But the bulk of it was certainly his doing.

Smiling and nodding at the maid as she bowed to him, Kurama said, "thank you for your work."

The man behind the fox knew she would not respond as she wasn't programmed to do so, but he simply couldn't bring himself to ignore her. She was one of Whitebrim's babies, after all; thanking her felt like the least he could do.

With that done, Kurama carried on down the hall and turned towards a large pair of doors to his right.

It was a rather basic misdirection; the hallway was designed to lead up to an elaborate doorway that looked far more important, but in truth, the teleportation circle in the chamber beyond only led to a maze of traps and monsters with no way out.

Meanwhile this doorway, while fairly large, looked far less important by comparison. All of the others before and after it, including the one across the hall, were identical and led to dozens of sleeping quarters. Some were made for guild members, but the rest were purely cosmetic, created to give Whitebrim's maids and various other servants of Nazarick a place to sleep.

Of course, the NPCs never actually used them, but it's the thought that counts… and lacking them would drive the RPers in the guild insane.

Past the doorway before Kurama, however, was a massive staircase, wide enough for ten men, arms outstretched, to walk side-by-side without issue. The stairs appeared to be of white marble, partially covered by a luxurious, red carpet. He descended the stairs and entered the tenth and final floor, soon finding himself in a massive entrance chamber with seven more NPCs.

The first was a distinguished, old gentleman in a butler's uniform. His short, combed back hair was pure white and he had a matching, neatly-trimmed, full beard. Naruto immediately recognized him as Sebas―an NPC created by Touch Me, one of the founding members of Ainz Ooal Gown.

Seeing the man now gave Naruto flashbacks of how he was saved by said player from a group of assholes who were camping him at the time. That was just before Naruto himself had joined the guild.

The other six NPCs were all female, dressed as maids, but very different from the one before.

Unlike the 41 maids created by Whitebrim, these girls were decked out in armor, each one sporting a different weapon. Of course he was the one who suggested that they be dressed as maids, but that was where his influence on their designs ended. These girls were known as the Pleiades Battle Maids, Nazarick's "last" line of defense.

Another smiley face emoji popped up above Kurama's head as he approached the NPCs. "Follow me," he said, heading to the other side of the entry chamber.

The NPCs all did as commanded.

As for the chamber itself, it was officially called "The Lemegeton" after an ancient tome that served as the Lesser Key of Solomon.

It was Ulbert Alain Odle's idea―said goofball being the biggest edgelord of their guild.

"Since they made it all the way here, we should welcome them," he said when pitching his idea to the guild. "Let others slander us as they will, but we shall welcome them proudly and openly like the magnanimous lords we are."

Ainz Ooal Gown took a vote and then they proceeded to do just that… and this chamber was quite the welcome indeed! It was a massive, dome-shaped hall. Four-colored lamps glittered from the ceiling above and 72 niches lined the sides of the room, each one containing a demonic statue. (6)

The statues were golems made of extremely rare and valuable alloys, each one modeled after a demon described in the Lemegeton. The lamps, meanwhile, were a type of monster that spit out powerful elementals when an enemy player entered their aggro radius. If the lamps alone attacked as one, they could easily defeat two teams of 100 max-level players; combined with the golems, this chamber served as one last "fuck you" to any invaders who dared to raid their base, giving any surviving guild members more time to prepare for their final stand. (7)

As for the doors on the other end, they were nearly 20 feet tall; on one side, a beautiful goddess of Yggdrasil's lore was etched into it, on the other lay a demon lord who served as her nemesis.

He opened the door and basked in the glory of Nazarick's throne room.

The room itself was no less than ten times the size of The Lemegeton; well over 600 feet in length with a vaulted ceiling and lined with dozens of red chandeliers, the mighty chamber appeared to be made entirely of black marble and obsidian. A mighty throne sat upon a pedestal, ten steps high, at the other end. The magic throne appeared to be carved from a single piece of dark crystal, its back high enough to reach the ceiling and hanging from it was a red banner proudly featuring the symbol of the guild.

The center of the room was covered in a silver and gold carpet, leading up to the throne, and lining the walls on poles sunk into them, hung 41 flags of black and red. Each one bore the personal symbol of a guild member.

As he approached the throne, Kurama's gaze was drawn to a woman beside it.

She was an absolute beauty with skin of alabaster; long, raven hair; and vibrant, golden eyes with slit pupils. Though her gentle smile was that of a goddess, the white horns protruding crookedly from the sides of her head suggested that she was anything but. She wore a lovely, white shoulderless dress which showed off her hips, white gloves, and a golden spiderweb necklace that covered her shoulders and chest. From her waist sprouted two black feathered wings which she held at her hips like a skirt.

The woman was Albedo, one of Tabula Smaragdina's most prized creations.

Kurama took a seat on the throne and commanded Sebas and the Pleiades to bow before him. They all took a knee. Then, he turned to Albedo.

In truth, Naruto had never paid her much mind… which made him feel rather guilty now. Upon seeing that he had five more minutes to go before the servers shut down, though, he decided to change that. Using the staff to open up her interface, Naruto quickly read her bio.

He let out a low whistle. Though he knew that Tabula had built her to be a tank, he would've never imagined that she'd be this potent!

"Credit where it's due," Kurama thought aloud. "That's a hell of a build."

Then, Naruto read her flavor text, mostly just for the shits and giggles. As it turned out, she was written to be a diligent worker and overseer of Nazarick, second only to the members of the guild in rank. It was interesting to read. But then, at the very end, he found a line that just seemed terribly out of place.

"She also happens to be a slut."

Kurama flinched at that; though she was a succubus, the way it had been written was just... such an abrupt shift in tone. Then again, a lot of the members were into gap-moe, even Tabula, so it came as no surprise that he'd add such a thing to her bio.

"Tabula, you weirdo," Kurama muttered with a warm chuckle.

Then, feeling impish, he decided one last act of mischief was in order. He'd never abused his administrative powers before, despite how much he'd wanted to on countless occasions, but with the servers shutting down in less than five minutes, he decided that it was now or never.

The hologram of a keyboard appeared before him at his command and Naruto deleted the words "a slut" from her flavor text before replacing them with... something else.

"She also happens to be madly in love with Kurama." (8)

With a chuckle, he dismissed the keyboard and sat back in his throne.

"I'll miss this… all of this…" Kurama let out a satisfied, yet melancholy sigh as the last few seconds ticked away.

"The severs will be shutting down," a disembodied, feminine voice declared.

And then...

Nothing changed…

Uzumaki Naruto blinked in confusion as he found himself still sitting in that very same throne.

What happened?

Did the server fail to shut down?

"Huh… that was weird," he mused aloud, not noticing the NPCs' reactions to his comment. "The server shutting down should've forced me to log out."

It was definitely past midnight… this had to be a system error, right?

Albedo and Sebas looked at their Lord oddly, having no earthly idea of what he was talking about, but remained silent for now. It wasn't their place to interrupt a Supreme Being in its thoughts.

"What happened…?" Naruto frowned in concern and confusion.

With a deliberate wave of his hand, he pulled up his UI to see if there were any updates in the world chat, but… it didn't appear.

The interface was completely gone!

Panicking slightly, he tried everything he could think of: forced logout, calling a GM, sending a message, but nothing worked… and his paranoia only grew with each and every failed attempt.

And then...

"Is… something wrong, Milord?"

Naruto jumped slightly at the silky, feminine voice calling out to him. He looked at Albedo to see her fraught with concern.

And all the young man could do was stare…

Carne Village…

Named after Carne the Explorer, this settlement was located on the border of the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire, near the southern tip of the Azellerisia Mountain Range, just outside the Great Forest of Tob. Despite its name, the "village" was but a quaint, little shire with a population of 120, among 25 families.

Time seemed to stand still for her people; the only visitors they ever got were tax collectors, save for the occasional specialist who wanted to buy some herbs every once in a blue moon. That said, they made their living off the land; if it's on the table, then someone in the household either killed it, grew it, or both.

Given that no one in the village could use magic, the Continual Light spell found in most cities was a luxury they simply did not have, so those within rose with the sun and worked 'til dusk.

And when Enri Emmot woke up extra early, the first thing she did was collect some water from the nearby well. Upon reaching it, she rolled up her sleeves, revealing the untanned skin of her upper arms. The lighter tone stood out in stark contrast. One could also see a hint of muscle on her, as sixteen years of farm life ensured that she'd be anything but a frail maiden.

Then, she heaved the filled buckets up with a "Yosh~!" and scurried back home to fill the water tank. It would take three trips for her to finish, but she didn't mind too much.

"If the buckets were bigger, I'd finish in two trips," she muttered to herself. "But, these are the biggest ones we have… then again, would I even be able to lift them if they were bigger?"

She wasn't sure…

Setting those thoughts aside, Enri carried on, humming a merry tune, but then, something gave her pause.

'Was that a… scream?'

Then, the sound of wood splintering filled her ears and a sense of dread started to sink in. Dropping her buckets, the chore forgotten, she bolted towards her family's hut. She nearly tripped over her long skirt in her panic, but managed to stumble back into a full sprint.

Another scream filled the air, this one coming from the direction of her home and that dread only filled her more.

The din of battle rang across Carne Village as men in armor bearing the sigil of the Baharuth Empire burned and pillaged with sadistic glee. Enri yelped as a dead man fell at her feet from a stab to the chest.

Her eyes burned at the sight. "M-Mr. Morga," she whispered, fleeing as the man's killer entered his house.

There were no strangers in a village this small; Mr. Morga had done nothing in his life to deserve such a gruesome fate...

With a sob, Enri kept running until she reached her own house. "Mom! Dad! Nemu!" In her panic, the young woman slammed the door open as she called out for her family.

"Oh, thank the gods!" Enri's mother sighed with relief, embracing her eldest daughter.

Nemu, meanwhile, ran up to her big sister bawling her eyes out.

Then, their father spoke up, urging them to turn towards the door so they could run. "We need to get… shit."

But, before they had a chance, a man in armor blocked their way, sword drawn.

Without a second thought, Enri's father bull rushed the man in question, tackling him out of their way before turning to his wife and kids. "Hurry up and run!"

Alas, that was all he could do as the soldier drove his sword through the man's back. But, he'd bought them just enough time to leave the house. His wife didn't last long, either, as she too was cut down. Their eldest, however, barely managed to evade getting her head impaled by another man's spear.

By sheer luck, the weapon got stuck in a nearby wagon and she was not about to let this opening go to waste!

Grasping her little sister's wrist with tears streaming down her cheeks, Enri turned around and bolted with all her might, two more soldiers hot on her heels...

That look in Albedo's eyes… the sheer concern she conveyed … Naruto had spent so much time in this game world that he'd almost forgotten how expressive real people could be. It was just so… jarring to see such a look on the face of an NPC that his brain needed a moment to reboot.

Yup. Something was definitely wrong…

"Sorry," Naruto said reflexively, offering the succubus a sheepish chuckle. "I didn't mean to worry you."

It felt weird talking to her like this… but it was refreshing. But, unfortunately, his response had only worried the woman even more.

"Are you alright, Milord?" Albedo asked, her face drawing closer to examine him; the scent of her perfume knocking Naruto out of his stupor. 'That… that's not right at all,' he thought. In Yggdrasil, there was no stimulation to the players' sense of smell, so this scent shouldn't exist!

Naruto hesitated, feeling a bit weird, but replied to her, nonetheless. "I… I'm fine," he answered, "thank you."

He wasn't the type to talk to dolls like this, but the genuinely human concern she seemed to express had caused Naruto to do so out of pure instinct. Her body language, her speech patterns, the way she carried herself… this was not how the A.I. of Yggdrasil acted! Or any A.I. for that matter! It was too sophisticated, too… human!

But, just as the panic started to sink in, the words of a guildmate rang in his mind and did absolute wonders in calming his tits.

"Panic is the seed of defeat; remain calm and think logically. Look beyond your surroundings and don't waste your effort on unnecessary details."

Naruto silently thanked Pinitto Moe, Ainz Ooal Gown's resident philosopher, and took a deep, calming breath.

"You look troubled, Milord," Albedo pointed out, her frown only deepening. "Please forgive me, but are you sure you're alright?"

Naruto couldn't help but be entranced by her beautiful, limpid eyes. Though there was this cute, shy girl back in high school who seemed to like him, nothing ever came of that relationship because they were both too damn shy… and that was the closest Naruto had ever gotten to anything even remotely resembling a romantic relationship IRL… though it was certainly not for lack of trying on his part. As was the case for many a highschooler, he had several crushes that never went anywhere.

That being said, Naruto was way out of his element right now. He was not at all used to a woman approaching him like this, showing such genuine concern. He could feel his cheeks burn and his heart throb; he simply couldn't help but answer her truthfully, his mouth acting on its own.

"...I can't get in contact with a GM."

Albedo stared at him in confusion before her eyes filled with such… helplessness; the poor thing looked like a kicked puppy! He felt so guilty seeing her like that!

"P-please forgive me, Lord Kurama," she lamented. "I have no idea what this jee-yem is… B-but rest assured that I will do anything and everything in my power to help!"

Yup, they were actually having a real conversation. Such a thing should be impossible, but they were!

The closest thing an NPC should be capable of to something like this was a macroed response to being addressed in a certain way! There were certain emotes and the like one could download for scripting certain roleplay events, but no one could ever hope to achieve something this sophisticated!

"It's fine," Naruto insisted. "Really, it's fine. This is not your fault in the slightest." Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, he composed himself. "Something is definitely wrong, though…" Well, if nothing else, he should see if the others reacted similarly or if this was limited to Albedo. Upon looking over the butler and maids, however, Naruto could tell that they weren't acting normally either.

Clearly, the first thing he needed to do was figure out what the hell was going on… With that realization in mind, Naruto took action.

"Sebas," he barked.

"Yes, milord?" The butler perked up, answering without hesitation.

"I want you to meet up with Shalltear and scout the area around Nazarick," Naruto ordered. "If you encounter any hostiles, flee on sight until further notice and let me know immediately." As the butler bowed and took his leave to do just that, Naruto found himself having even more questions. Like all of the others, the butler in question was made to protect their base, so ordering him to leave should have been impossible.

Thus, Naruto continued from there by addressing the others.

"Pleiades!" The six maids perked up and responded identically to Sebas in perfect unison. "Split up into pairs and make sure everything is as it should be in Nazarick. If you find anything even slightly out of place, let me know immediately. If you find any intruders, flee on sight and let me know."

As Sebas had before them, the six maids bowed and took their leave.

Before he could address her, however, Albedo beat him to it, looking concerned. "Shall I summon the Floor Guardians?"

"Not yet," Naruto told her, taking command of the situation. "Send them a message to be on high alert and let Shalltear know that Sebas is on his way to meet her."

"I already have, Milord," the succubus replied with a bow. "I assume that they are to flee if they spot any intruders as well?"

"For now, yes," he confirmed with a nod. "The safety of Nazarick and her people are my first priority."

"As it always has been," she commented approvingly, a warm smile spreading across her face. "Is there anything else you wish for me to do, Milord?"

Naruto frowned thoughtfully and nodded. "Come here," he said. Naruto simply couldn't help himself; she looked so real that he had to confirm what his eyes were seeing!

She looked surprised at first, but drew closer without a word, an enthusiastic grin quickly gracing her features as she did.

Once again, he could smell her perfume. It was so sweet… and pleasant. Naruto took hold of her hands at first. They were warm… and soft. The silky feel was so much more real than it should be…

Moving up to her wrists, he could actually feel her pulse!

Was she… was she actually real…?

There was only one way to find out.

Yggdrasil was a T-rated game; thus, R-18 acts were strictly forbidden, not just by the company, but by law, as per the Social Order Maintenance Act.

What he was planning to do felt incredibly dirty, but still...

'I gotta do this at all costs!' Naruto thought. He was panicking because he got stuck in the game with no way out! He was just... trying to force his way out. That would hold up in court, right?

But... what if she actually was real…? Ludicrous as that notion sounded, it legitimately seemed like a possibility, now. And if that was the case, would this be sexual harassment?

Again, there was only one way to find out…

"Albedo," he said awkwardly. "Can I… touch your breasts?"



There was a long, awkward silence as Naruto inwardly panicked, half-expecting her to yell "Baka!" and punch his lights out like a badly-written tsundere. "I… uh…"

But then…

A look of pure euphoria washed over Albedo as she gave her answer. "Of course, Lord Kurama! Please, help yourself!"

She gleefully straightened up and presented her ample bosom to him the instant she realized what he'd actually said. She'd never expected him to be so forward! But still… she was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth and his awkwardness was just so cute!

As the large, healthy breasts bounced enticingly before his eyes, Naruto could feel something stirring in his loins. For what felt like an eternity, he could only stare, salivating at the sight and smell. Then, he reached up and gave them a firm squeeze.

He hesitated for a moment upon hearing Albedo's deep, hungry moan and continued.

Yup, this all but confirmed it…

There was no way he should be capable of doing this! In Yggdrasil, there were multiple safeguards preventing players from doing this kind of thing, even to NPCs! Anyone who tried would be banned outright, kicked off the server, and potentially arrested for disturbing the peace, public indecency, and disorderly conduct!

Also, trapping him in a game and making them unable to log out was highly illegal―qualifying as a form of kidnapping, no less! But there was no way he could still be in a game… even the VR eroges he'd played were not this convincing! (10)

They felt so real…

There was no doubt about it, anymore; laughably outlandish as it may seem, this game was no longer just a―


Albedo's orgasmic wail brought his train of thought to a crashing halt, her knees buckling as she collapsed on top of him... and when she did, Naruto realized that her breasts had been freed at some point, his thumbs on her nipples. He immediately removed his hands out of sheer panic, having not realized that he'd taken it that far. The poor woman gasped for air and trembled like a leaf. Her cheeks were stained a bright red, her nipples hard, and eyes glazed over.

"I am so sorry!" Naruto squeaked. "I uh…"

Whatever he was about to say died on his tongue as she gave him a ravenous, desperate look.

"Am I to have my first time right here and now, Milord...?"

"C-come again?"

"As many times as you wish~!" Albedo licked her chops hungrily. "How shall I dispose of my clothes? Do you wish for me to do it slowly, or shall we be skipping to the main event as soon as possible~?"

"Uh.. wha…?" The fire in her eyes made him feel like a lamb before a starving lioness.

"Or would it be better if you unwrapped me yourself~?" Her rump swayed enticingly behind her as she giggled lewdly; her wings fluttered cutely and she batted her eyelashes at him with such desire that Naruto almost lost control of himself right then and there.

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah!" He raised his hands up defensively. "N-now's not the time for that…"

She flinched as if struck upon hearing that. "M-my apologies, Lord Kura―"

"I… uh… N-no… No, it's fine!" Naruto floundered a bit in his haste to fix the situation. "It's entirely my own fault for losing control like that. You have nothing to apologize for! I just… Wow..."

Albedo blinked owlishly at him and then turned beet red. To think she had such an effect on the man she loved… despite his caliber, no less! It did wonders for her ego, but damn did she feel sheepish! "I… uh… r-right," she sputtered awkwardly, making herself presentable once more. "I insist that the fault is partially mine, though… I lost control as well." (11)

"It's fine," Naruto sighed. "Really, it is. I'm the one who started it, anyway."

Oh, how she wanted to hug him so badly… or give him a peck on the cheek: anything to show her appreciation, really! It took every ounce of self control she had to resist, but Albedo knew that doing such a thing would only make this even more awkward. "If you say so, Milord…"

'What have I done?' Naruto inwardly lamented. 'That was just supposed to be a bit of harmless mischief!'

Oh, Tabula would be piiissed!

For Albedo to act this way… it must have been because he'd changed her flavor text!

'Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I've defiled your baby, I'm so sorry!'

The succubus in question then cleared her throat and composed herself as best she could before changing the subject. "Aureole has yet to report anything amiss," she pointed out.

Grateful that she pulled him away from his train of thought, Naruto replied. "Same goes for the Floor Guardians…" He hummed thoughtfully, dwelling upon the situation for a moment. "Tell the guardians of each floor to meet me at the amphitheater in an hour if it turns out everything's okay."

"Of course, Milord," Albedo replied with a bow. "Shall I be accompanying them?"

"Yes," Naruto told her with a nod. Then, he gave another thoughtful hum. "On second thought, let Gargantua go back to sleep when he's done scanning his floor. That's all I'm gonna need him for at the moment."

"As you wish."

Naruto sighed and decided that he needed some time to himself. Rising from the throne he stretched his legs and turned to Albedo. "I'll be in my bedchamber if anyone needs me."

He hoped nobody would. The youko needed some alone time to process this series of events.

Kurama (Uzumaki Naruto) (12)
[The Ultimate Trickster]

Racial Classes:
Kitsune: 10
Youko: 10
Oni: 10
Demonic Sorcerer: 5

Job Classes:
Ninja: 15
Rogue: 10
Beguiler: 10
Arcane Trickster: 10
Assassin: 10
Master Assassin: 5
Necromancer: 5

Total Level:
100 (35 Racial, 65 Job)

Character Stats:
HP: 90
MP: 100
Physical Attack: 0
Physical Defense: 40
Agility: Limit Exceeded (Estimated to be about 150)
Magical Attack: 100
Magical Defense: 40
Resist: 80
Special: 100

Karma Rating:
-500 (Extreme Evil)

DMS Notes and Trivia:

1: Though this is definitely not canon, I feel like this technology would take a while to refine… and the process would result in some growing pains, so SAO's story, despite its shortcomings, kinda served as a good way to kick off the start of that journey in this slight AU. I mean, it was clearly written by someone who knows dick about video games, but still.

2: Given that Naruto is meant to replace Momonga, I feel like the latter needed an excuse to be absent.

3: It really seems like Momonga would do that, all things considered. I also can't help but picture Naruto taking his duties to the guild as seriously as he took his desire to become Hokage in his actual franchise.

4: Why do I smell vodka and gunpowder? O.o

Ahem... realistically, I feel that would be horrible for the game; the PvP would be just horrendous as a result, but I don't want to take TOO many creative liberties, given what I've already changed while writing this story. Then again, Yggdrasil is a dead game... maybe this whole guild weapon thing was a factor in that?

5: Of course, SOME creative liberties have been taken. That said, y'all might wanna strap in as I share with you the creative processes of Naruto's gear. It's a bit of a doozy, lol.

First off, being a wrath baby in World of Warcraft, I'm pretty intimately familiar with Gear Sets and how much of a staple they were for the game… back in my day, at least. Not sure how much of one they are now, seeing how I haven't plated since Cata, but they were when I played at least in the realm of higher tier gear, lol.

That being said, while I can't say much in regards to other MMOs, gear in WoW certainly has a tendency to be a lot more OP than what one will find in a pen and paper RPG; every item typically gives buffs to multiple stats and the higher end ones usually have additional effects.

Gear sets, meanwhile, would have Set Bonuses—basically bonus effects that activate when you're equipped with every item in the given set. So, I gave Naruto a gear set.

Also, being as familiar with D&D as I am… particularly 3.5, I felt the need to give Naruto a form of the Weapon Finesse Feat, allowing him to dump one stat and focus on the others. It is, after all, what a powergamer would do.

6: Yes, I know; canonically, there's only supposed to be 67 statues, the job having been given up on before the remaining five were built as the guy doing it got bored, but I am simply too obsessive-compulsive for that mental image not to fuck with me. XD

I'mma just go ahead and say Naruto gave him the motivation to finish or something.

7: I know it's childish, but damn it, describing the Lemegeton as one last "fuck you" was one of my favorite things to write so far in this fic, lol.

8: That just feels so in-character for Naruto… O.o Far more so than Momonga, in my opinion; though his motivation was different, that character's actions still felt somewhat outta place in canon, lol.

9: I simply couldn't resist the Overlord Abridged reference, lol.

10: Yes, I know that "dive" eroges don't exist in canon, but I call bullshit!

When a new technology is introduced, the first two questions humanity collectively asks are a.) "how do I kill people with it?" and b.) "how do I get my rocks off with it?" The latter is especially the case when it comes to this particular kind of technology... and VR porn exists even now! Just saying.

Again, though, I'm gonna try and keep creative liberties like this to a minimum. No major changes to the actual setting will be made that would fundamentally change the story and how things played out. Characters will be depicted as closely to their canon counterparts as possible, that kinda thing. But shit like this shouldn't be an issue.

11: I feel like Albedo would react like that. Poor thing, lol. Having Bone-Daddy being replaced by someone who still has the one bone that matters is gonna have some interesting effects on this story, methinks. =3

12: Well then… looks like we're in for another doozy, lol.

That said, Maruyama clearly has more familiarity with D&D than MMOs, from what I can see, but I've gotta say, I love this series and the setting thereof. That being said, Naruto's build is more or less my attempt at inserting a ninja from Naruto into his work, albeit with those levels in Necromancer added in as an afterthought of said character.

It makes sense that he'd need to adjust his build in the game's twilight, seeing how Momonga couldn't always be there to help maintain the tomb. So, he has the bare minimum amount of Necromancer levels needed for the job. Of course, this means he ain't nearly as skilled in the craft as Momonga, so spamming Death Knights and shit is simply not an option for him.

Also, Naruto is completely lacking the golden boy and eventual god mode bullshit that kinda killed his respective series for me before Boruto assraped its corpse.


Yeaaah, needless to say, I'm still kinda salty about how that series ended… and Boruto's very existence, lol.

That aside, though, because of the admission requirements of Ainz Ooal Gown (being a functioning member of society and playing a heteromorph), Naruto's pretty obviously been mashed together with Kurama as a character, at least in terms of looks and abilities. As such, his "build" is more on-theme with a kitsune—meaning more fire and illusions. He's also older, so of course he'll be a bit more mature… but this Naruto is still as Naruto of a Naruto as I could Naruto in the context of Overlord.

Lessee if I can pull it off, eh?

Parting Author's Note: Aaand that's more or less that. Pretty much a beat-for-beat retelling of how the canon story started, with some subtle differences, but it did its job in setting the stage. Still, this feels way too much like an effortless copy/paste to really stand on its own, so the next chapter will be out tomorrow to compensate. Hope y'all enjoy! :)