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Volume Two: Walls of Meat

Chapter Seven: Plans for the Future

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Later on, Tayuya's mood had improved quite a bit to say the least as the sound, the primal, rutting, animalistic noise of her creator pounding her from behind like she was his personal bitch with his overhung meat spear, mating with her yet again, filled his personal sleeping quarters… and the hallways beyond…

Tayuya didn't bother to hold back her screaming either.

Despite the fact their inbred offspring was―or were―barely a fetus/es inside her, Tayuya was already experiencing sudden mood swings. She was happy to note, however, that they tended to land in the horny part of the spectrum… or at the very least, angry horny.

Thus, when one such mood swing had struck her, she'd tracked Boss down in the middle of some book-keeping or something of the sort and practically demanded he take her body again, and again, and again…

…Which is precisely how they ended up in this situation.

"Fucking… ngh… gonna fuck you so much… fucking baby~!"

Tayuya bit down upon the covers with her fanged teeth, gripping them so hard the fabric was tearing underneath her fingers, literal hearts in her rolled-back eyes as she took it like a good girl, whimpering lewdly in degenerate bliss, her thighs shaking and knees barely able to keep her ass raised as another massive orgasm rolled through her body and made stars explode in the corners of her vision.

The daughter-creator pair were, of course, completely nude upon his bed, the kijo on all fours with her ass raised and head lowered while the youko pulled her towards him with every thrust, his grip on her hips almost enough to bruise. (1)

Tayuya couldn't possibly give a damn about anything else in the world, right now. It just felt so good! So addictive! Every time his balls made contact with her… every time he pulled her back to dive as deep as possible into his daughter's folds… Daddy just drove her mad and she loved it!

Tayuya's jaw dropped and she let loose a girlish yelp that only he could pull from her lips. Her whole body twitched and writhed in orgasm yet again as her inner walls clamped down upon their creator's delicious cock, trying their damnedest to squeeze out his essence.

Naruto groaned, the feel of his creation, his daughter, cumming all over his dick for the umpteenth time sending him over the edge. Slamming into her one last time, not bothering to mount a shred of resistance to his own boiling release, he busted a nut within her occupied womb once more.

Tayuya shuddered at the sensation, basking in the warmth and waves of pleasure, her mind picturing the state of her womb and unborn child. There was no doubt in her mind that her ovaries were bleached and white-washed at this point, so virile was her master… her father.

Said father, meanwhile, pulled her back towards him and pushed forward with every last spurt, instinctively doing his best to deposit his essence as deep within her as he could, unnecessarily trying to ensure conception.

She was already with his child, but nature wants what nature wants.

Then, he let loose a satisfied moan, pulled out, and plopped down right next to her, his cock and her cunt connected by several thick, sticky threads of fermented girl-juice and cum.

Tayuya similarly collapsed in a boneless heap of utter satisfaction, literally and quite happily purring once more, feeling his latest genetic deposit settling inside her depths where it belonged.

An ominous giggle soon thereafter heralded the arrival of Naruto's wife, as the recently dubbed Queen of Nazarrick walked in on the post-cheating incest scene without a care.

Normally, Tayuya would either make herself scarce or glare at the woman's presence… but in the face of her creampie marathon, she couldn't even bring herself to give a damn about Albedo.

She was too tired and content… even as she heard the skank stripping down and crawling into the bed, likely to mount Daddy and steal the cock that belonged in her and Fumiko. Not that she could blame her for wanting his D… but she would.

She would totally blame her for stealing their daddy away!

The redhead let loose an uncaring grunt and continued to purr when she felt Daddy's hand on her asscheek, squeezing it, like he could tell she was agitated and wanted to calm her down…

Considering she could hear them making out, the action had mixed results.

A dainty hand, clearly not Daddy's, then suddenly found home upon her back, causing the kijo to stiffen. The woman started to stroke her, drawing out a grumpy pout and more purrs as Tayuya melted at the touch.

"So cute," Albedo cooed.

"...Fuck you," the kijo muttered feebly.

She wasn't some pet dammit!

Her response only elicited a pair of chuckles.

Albedo then returned her attention to Lord Kurama, withdrawing her hand to cup his cheek and share another deep, passionate kiss. She reached down with her other hand and cooed, delighted to note that he was already hard once more, her digit tearing through the thick cum-string running between their sexes..

She kissed a trail down one cheek, leaving a fat hickey in her wake upon reaching his throat, before continuing down his chest. All the while, she tenderly stroked his shaft, sending pleasant shivers up his spine.

Then, Albedo took his cock into her eager gob, eager to feast upon the legions of unborn children she'd be devouring by draining his cock like a straw.

Naruto shuddered at her skillful ministrations. She'd gotten so much better with practice since that first time Albedo had sucked him off, back when they were making plans to subjugate the lizardmen tribes.

She swirled her tongue around its sensitive head, gleefully attacking all of the weakspots she'd learned about over the course of their relationship. Though he just came recently, several times no less, Albedo's handiwork made his balls churn anew.

Then, she pulled back, much to his displeasure. Fortunately, that sentiment was short-lived as she started moving up and soon straddled him.

Guiding his dick to her dripping folds, she quickly impaled herself and started rolling her hips immediately, eager to drain his balls like a good wife.

Again, Tayuya couldn't bring herself to give a damn as she just lay there, literally purring from the dicking she'd just received.

The springs creaked in protest and Albedo's lewd moans soon filled Naruto's sleeping quarters as she fucked herself upon his dick. Her inner walls clamped down and practically sucked his cock with every motion, squeezing him so delightfully, making his balls ache for release. More and more they tightened around him, stimulating every inch of his shaft and peeling back the foreskin to caress the sensitive tip.

Being a succubus, a literal sex demon, such a feat was child's play to her. She knew every last weak spot he had by now and she exploited every last one of them without mercy.

Naruto didn't last long; after what only felt like a few seconds, but was probably as many minutes, he busted a nut right inside her. Albedo moaned delightedly at the sensation of his essence spilling into her, her arms clinging to him for some cuddling…

…Which was not to be, because the blond's mating instincts weren't satisfied.

Albedo yelped, and then giggled, when her husband's tails grabbed onto her limbs, wrapping the rest around her and his daughter's midriffs possessively, before spinning the succubus around and depositing her on all fours like a bitch to be mounted in front of him… and immediately besides his fucked-out daughter.

Said daughter turned her head sideways just enough to glare at the hussy…

Then Naruto bent his knees and railed his personal succubus like the slut she used to be.

Albedo howled in pleasure, a wave of utter bliss washing over her. Naruto grunted in exertion, shuddering pleasantly at the feel of her clamping down upon him, her inner lust demon enjoying this position far, far more than was probably sane...

But, he pressed on without skipping a beat, relentless in his pace.

The succubus then elicited a childish pout from her stepdaughter as she found the strength to push herself up… only to pull the girl into her bosom with another wail of pleasure… and another… and another. The redhead spluttered, but was too exhausted to put up a fight while her step-mother used her like she was some sexy-time-plushy…

Watching it all happen and imagining far, far more lewd things the two could one day do, the youko kept going like it was his damn job, pounding Albedo relentlessly and wracking the succubus with orgasm after consecutive orgasm.

But, he had his limits, too, and soon enough, Naruto reached his once more. Both Albedo and Tayuya shuddered at his muffled, beastly growl. Then, the succubus cried out one last time in utter bliss as her husband let loose, slamming into Albedo's loins and filling her to the brim with his seed, so much in fact that some of it squirted past her sealed lips and against his thighs.

Both husband and wife went limp, panting heavily as Naruto's softening, satisfied cock slipped from Albedo's folds. The succubus let Tayuya go and quickly turned to face her husband, cum dripping out of her cunt at a steady pace while the sounds of them making out filled the room.

Tayuya growled and pushed herself back onto her hands and knees. Crawling around, the kijo scooted closer to the duo, latching onto one of her creator's arms, drawing a chuckle from him as he got the hint. Naruto quickly wrapped that arm around his younger creation and pulled her close, prompting Albedo to move to one side and latch onto the other arm. In the end, she snuggled his left shoulder while Tayuya occupied his right and many of his tails possessively wrapped around both of them.

Once again, Tayuya started purring after letting loose a contented sigh.

"Damn, I can't wait for our borders to be secure," Naruto muttered, a warm smile spreading across his face. "I look forward to… ahem, growing our family when they are."

That comment earned him an odd look from Albedo. "Isn't your plan to take over the world?" Though certainly flattered, she didn't want to get in the way of that. His goals took priority over hers as far as the succubus was concerned, no matter how badly she wanted to start making babies with him as soon as possible.

"...Not all at once," he replied after a moment of staring down at her owlishly. "Hell, I'm not even sure I'd be able to pull it off at all, to be honest."

"B-But my lord husba―"

"My goal, more than anything, is to make sure our borders are as secure as possible before heading south to get some payback." He grinned sheepishly at that, "Haven't made any real plans beyond that, honestly."

Though Albedo didn't sense it at all, Tayuya could tell that he wasn't being entirely honest. Not at first, at least.

She didn't comment on it of course, but the kijo knew him well and couldn't help but suspect that world conquest was never his plan to begin with.

"I see," the succubus mused aloud before giggling. "Demiurge is right, my love; you truly are too modest."

The resident kijo snorted to herself.

"Maybe I am," Naruto chuckled. "But, I've seen what happens when people start getting too cocky… and what often happens to their loved ones, so I tend to be a bit paranoid about that kinda thing." He pressed a kiss against Tayuya's head, and then did the same to Albedo's, "It's why I had Sebas pull back and why Shalltear and Tayuya are the only ones who are allowed outside of our more secure territories… aside from me and Lupus, of course. They're the ones who know Gate, so they can cut their losses and run to safety if something too dangerous pops up."

He and Lupusregina, meanwhile, were stealthy types on top of him being a tank and her a healer. Both knew Fly and Message as well, so they could slip away and call for a Gate if things ever did get hairy. (2)

"The longer we are together, the more I fall for you," Albedo gushed, giving her man a peck on the cheek.

Naruto was inwardly overwhelmed to be honest. He'd hardly had relationships in real life… so of course, he was still getting used to having a wife… and a concubine… and two horny daughters who wanted to make inbred babies with him… in addition to an elven lover and a soon-to-be girlfriend!

He wasn't even going to try and think too hard on the 99.9 or so percent of the female NPCs who would love nothing more than for him to bend them over in the halls of Nazarick.

Truly, this life was the best thing to ever happen to him! Every straight man's wet dream! Wealth, power, a large personal harem, dozens of potential fuck-maids and so on…

"I take it our western border's next, then?" Tayuya asked, eager to get this mushy shit over with.

"Uh… yeah, most likely," her father muttered half-consciously, somewhat distracted by his inner musings. "Gonna have a little house built in Carne Village for you as well, basically commission someone to build it for 'Kushina' as an excuse and upgrade it into another base of operations over time… you can think of it as a future governor's mansion or something."

"Your little toy would like that," the kijo snorted, drawing a sheepish chuckle from Naruto.

But he didn't deny what she called her. He couldn't really think of the human as much more than that anymore for some reason: a cute, little toy for him to play mind games with until she was goaded into becoming his next mate.

Of course, he still cared for her. She was his toy, after all… But, the more he indulged in his demonic urges, the less… human he was seemingly becoming… and Naruto honestly couldn't bring himself to care for some reason.

"I'm gonna need to head out to Dragon Tusk Village, first, though," he said. "Make sure the lizardmen are recovering properly and check on Fumiko-chan. I'm likely to start on the house the day after tomorrow. I'll also be having those maids and bodyguards sticking around to keep an eye on you, just in case."

"O-oi! I can take care o' myself!" Tayuya protested, lifting herself up to shoot him a defiant glare. She wasn't about to let herself be cuddled like-like some weakling princess!

"I know," Naruto chuckled. Being her father it went without saying that he quickly learned to take her attitude in stride. He did literally and willfully create her with that trait, after all, so the youko had no one to blame but himself for it.

Case in point, her current glare looked so cute, and hot, especially with her disheveled, post-fucked appearance, with wild strands of her hair sticking to various points of her sweaty face, her cheeks warm with fresh blood.

He then grinned at her, issuing his response with nothing but the warmth of a father… knowing exactly what needed to be said to get her onboard, as he reached out and placed his hand over her stomach and gave her a pointed look, all the while grinning happily. "But you should know, young lady, that you are not the only one I'm worried about now."

The red-haired kijo pouted childishly with a groan, her cheeks now burning, before plopping back down to cuddle some more. She got the hint… and understood. She didn't like it, but she understood.

"Careful, now," Albedo chimed in half-teasingly. "If you keep showing me how wonderful a father you are, I may prove… unable to keep my promise~!" Of course, her threat was followed by an ominous, perverted giggle.

"Don't tempt me," Naruto growled hungrily, his dick already back at full mast. He was a hair's breadth from making her take it back, already!

But, thankfully, at least for now, that didn't come to pass… not that he'd mind putting a bun into yet another oven. The man turned demon just had enough shit to worry about already.

Putting Albedo out of commission was… not something he wanted to risk with a soon-to-be-war on his hands..

And so, their night of naughtiness only continued from there, with nary a care in the world, and extended well into the next morning when Shalltear joined in.

And when said morning came about, further east, a certain redhead found herself preparing for a… demonstration.

She, Mito and Mebuki were now in a stagecoach approaching the Imperial Colosseum, accompanied by Serqet and Andraste as usual. The others were sent back to Godhaven to inform the rest of their compatriots of their plans for the foreseeable future.

Jircniv wanted the Cult of the Purple Smurf to showcase what they were capable of for context.

Kushina was more than happy to oblige. She wanted everyone to be amazed by their skills, power and beauty. She wanted them gawking. Wait… No… That wasn't…

Perhaps… She couldn't help but notice how much… prouder of herself she was.

Maybe that was her character?

Kushina pushed such thoughts from her mind. Then, the short-but-stacked redhead smiled as she replayed her conversation with the emperor in her mind.

"...You don't believe me," Kushina said, looking amused.

"With all due respect, Lady Boudicca." Jircniv chuckled, plastering on his best smile for posterity, "it is an outlandish claim to say the least."

Clearly, and quite understandably, he was not fond of her implying that his empire was weak.

"That is fair," the redhead replied with a nod, before giving the emperor a wolfish grin. "And I'd be more than willing to demonstrate if you want me to."

In the end, they agreed to put on a show for his empire.

Quite predictably, it was Jircniv's idea. A well-entertained and well-fed populace is a populace that isn't looking for ways to depose its failing leaders… not that he was failing.

Despite ― ostensibly, because of ― his infamously murderous pollicies, the citizens of the Empire had never lived better, apparently.

Kushina eyeballed their destination as it came into view.

As expected, the Imperial Colosseum was a large and circular building, an arena of stone much like the Roman Colosseum she'd often seen pictures and recreations of on the internet, what with Rome being leveled to the ground...

And very much like a certain other Arena… Unfortunately, this resemblance had the nasty side-effect of triggering many a flashback.

Those accursed dark elves on the Sixth Floor… the very memory infuriated her and made her magic simmer, drawing some concerned glances from her fellow players and NPCS that she waved away.

She still remembered it vividly, as if it had happened yesterday… which she really shouldn't. In fact, she distinctly recalled forgetting a good chunk of that event, having happened ages ago…

The casualties were grievous, but not entirely one-sided. Kushina herself had enjoyed one shotting a particular, annoying fox far more than she should have, in fact, and some other enemy guild members were also taken down along the way, but the rest were slowly chipping away at their numbers.

The rest, as they say, was history, as their assault ended two floors later. And in the end, it was just a game at the time, but damn did she hope to never experience that level of stress again…

Huffing to herself and making a conscious effort to stop thinking about that, Kushina regarded her daughter.

…Her daughter.

A living, breathing, thinking, feeling, young woman.

Not just an NPC.

Her flesh and blood.

A gift in place of what should've been a son she couldn't raise or care for…

It might have been a game back then… but it sure as hell wasn't anymore.

…However Ainz Ooal Gown decided to proceed once they made contact, Kushina swore then and there that she wouldn't let anything happen to her precious baby! She would sunder the world before letting that happen!


Speaking of sundering… A certain kijo was proving rather irate at the moment… and bored.

This was never a good combination.

Luckily, there was a plentitude of living, breathing punching bags in convenient reach.




Luckily for her, specifically… not so much for them.


That was the sound of someone's ribs shattering.


And that was the sound of their weakness leaving the body.

Grinning maniacally, Fumiko cackled as she blasted off her spot like a demon-out-of-hell, swinging her training bat against her next punching bag…

"Hmm… That one got some nice air." She mused, swinging the bat over her shoulder, resting it there while watching the Lizard warrior crashing into the swamp… 20 seconds later…

"Ahh, this is fun!"

The dozen or so survivors of the training session grimaced.

A few dozen meters aside, a certain icy insectoid was meditating, his mind in full Zen-mode… while also keeping one eye on Fumiko, to make sure she didn't go too stircrazy ― Lord Kurama's words, not his.

…And sharpening his swords. Because what kind of Samurai would he be if he didn't pay proper respect and maintenance to his instruments of honor and virtue? It was always relaxing for him to tend to his weapons Lord Warrior Takemikazuchi gave him. It never failed to clear his mind. The motions were ingrained.

"Lord Cocytus," Pestonya commented, grabbing his attention. "Perhaps you should reign her in?"



"Even I only have so much MP, woof." The canine maid muttered dryly, watching Fumiko crush some poor warrior's… loins.

The warrior thought about it.

''...It builds character?"

And honestly feared upsetting the pregnant kijo. This was her way of venting, after all.


The flat-lipped stare was honestly intimidating.

And the twitching scaly heap landing not even three feet away, legs bent in ways they really shouldn't be… didn't help.

Cocytus sheathed his armament ceremoniously and stood up.

"I suppose you have a point."

He made his way over.

"Princess Fumiko," he called out. "Perhaps you should take a break; I'd rather you not overexert yourself."

The kijo pouted at that. "I'm not that far into my pregnancy yet."

Thinking on his feet, Cocytus quickly came up with an excuse. ''...Lady Pestonya recommends you should take a breather."

"Does she now…'' Fumiko cast a glance towards the dog-themed woman.

Personya stared back resolutely.

Fumiko sighed, hefting Thunderclap of the Demon King onto one shoulder as she shrugged. "I suppose we can stop for to―''

She hadn't even finished her sentence before one of the warriors kneeled in front of Cocytus.

"My Lord is most merciful!"

As Fumiko watched the remaining trainees profess themselves before and hail praises for the suddenly flustered ice giant, she couldn't help the wry smirk off her face.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, a small, purple-haired maid with curiously-unmoving features sighed and giggled happily as she stared at Cocytus.

Entoma was so utterly pleased to hear that Lord Kurama had assigned her to shadow Princess Fumiko… partially because she always got so hot and bothered when he and Queen Albedo were in the same room and partially because it meant that she would be closer to a rather… enticing male specimen.

One who was more compatible with her…

At the same time…

The carriage grew dark as they entered the colosseum through one of the large entrances.

The building in question looked like the one in Rome for sure, but she was certain that it was much larger than the… other world counterpart if the fucking carriage parking lot and adjacent stables were anything to go by.

And… was that a damn mall of all things?!

While Kushina was left feeling weirded out by her surroundings, the carriage came to a stop and the women were beckoned out.

Kushina got up first, much to Andraste's dismay.

"My Queen," she snap-whispered, grabbing Kushina by her arm. "Please wait until I can ensure it's safe."

Kushina gave her a withering look that did nothing to make the warrior feel chastised, as evidenced by her resolute stare. Her protectiveness was endearing in all honesty―for most of her life, there was no one to be protective of her after all―but damn if it wasn't becoming a chore at times.

"It's fine," the redhead replied, softening her gaze. "My daughter's the one you should be looking out for if anyone; she's my heiress, after all, and our healer, so Mito-chan is a much higher priority."

Andraste pursed her lips in displeasure, but couldn't rightly object to that command.

Kushina gently pushed her aside, giving the woman a smile and pat on the back. Then, she emerged from the carriage without another word. She was of course met with the sight of Jircniv and his imperial knights while the others filed out one by one, starting with Serqet and Andraste.

The emperor smiled politely, his grin widening slightly when he saw Mito exit the carriage.

"I'm glad you could make it," he said, his gaze noticeably lingering on her daughter before it switched back to her, "though I'm surprised that those other women aren't with you."

"They will arrive when I call upon them," Kushina assured with a grin, "as will the others. All of them."

Jircniv quirked an eyebrow at that, but didn't quite question it.

"Very well, then." The emperor made a shallow nod and gestured for Queen Boudicca and her entourage to follow.

The redhead in question did so without another word.

Meanwhile, Leinas made a mental note to speak with her in private as soon as she got the chance…

Unbeknownst to her, Jircniv already had his own plans on the matter… If for no other reason than to not have such a liability in his personal guard.

Not even half an hour later, Jircniv was in his personal viewing booth, overlooking the arena as Warrior-Queen Boudicca entered with her entourage. Fluder was with him as well, ever eager to see what these women of otherworldly powers were capable of.

His time among them, short as it was, had been… eyeopening.

What was once a screaming, hollering mass of people suddenly grew quiet as a grave as they stared at her.

She was of course accompanied by her four companions, all of whom were women the empire was slowly becoming familiar with. The redhead then turned to her elven companion and nodded.

Mebuki stretched out her hand and uttered one word that nearly gave the elderly mage a heart attack. "Gate!"

Then, before the eyes of everyone in the stands, a hole in reality itself tore open to reveal a swirling mass of shadow and soon after, Artemis and the remaining NPCs of Godhaven soon emerged in their full battle gear.

Of course, the player in question appeared first, but after she entered the arena, Morrigan soon followed.

The girl in question now donned a skimpy, red halter dress with gold accents and a black sash with matching thigh-high boots, leather gloves, and a feathered cloak. Her staff, meanwhile, was of purpleheart with a glowing, golden orb floating above the business end, though the shaft was altered to match her attire.

The dress showed off quite a bit of skin for her apparent age as she didn't look at all like the adult she was, leaving her sides exposed down to the hips and sporting a scandalously-short skirt. Were it not for the cloak, her entire upper back would be exposed.

Soon after, Nyx came forth, sporting her roman-themed halter dress and staff, her wings on full display once more.

Flidais was next, now garbed in her short, green dress with thick, leather gloves, matching boots, and a crown seemingly made of antlers. She was armed with a bow, the quiver upon her hip, and riding on her left shoulder was Flidais' familiar, a falcon.

Then, Hidone skipped through the portal, now in her belly dancer attire and eagerly coming to a stop beside her creator, and finally, the last to arrive was, of course, Sekhmet.

The lioness in question sported an Egyptian aesthetic to her own attire as one would expect, her clothes being a skirt and tube top with vambraces and shin guards. Two khopesh hung from her belt and a tiara, fashioned to look like a cobra wrapped around her head, finished the look.

When Sekhmet entered the arena, the gate closed behind her to indicate that she was the final member of their merry band.

The audience was in awe at the dark elf's display of power, even those who've never touched magic being able to tell that what she did was above and beyond the capabilities of a typical mage, though they of course had no idea just how far beyond she was.

That realization was of course reserved for those who had some degree of mastery over the art. Fluder Paradyne was especially shocked, fearing to dare ask what tier of magic that spell was, lest it drive him mad by shattering his world view entirely.

Of course, the crowd was also quite taken by all these exotic looking and just as exotically dressed women… the men in particular, but plenty of the ladies old and young eyed the party with personal interest…


That aside, the emperor and many spectators were also taken aback by the presence of a leonin and a very human-looking angel.

"She has some… interesting companions," Baziwood commented, eyeballing the feline woman in particular with suspicion.

"Being from another world, that is to be expected," Jircniv pointed out, very much amused by this revelation as he leaned into his extravagant throne. Then, he turned his attention down towards the foreign queen, and raised his voice to be heard over the distance. "I take it that's everyone, Queen Bouddica?"

"It is," Kushina replied, with much more confidence than she ever thought she'd have, standing in front of all these tens of thousands of people. "These two are Sekhmet and Flidais." She gestured to them respectively and the women both gave a respectful bow when their names were called.

"Excellent," the emperor said, stepling his fingers and inclining his head. "Then let's not waste any more time; your challenger will be the finest gladiator our country has to offer, the Martial Lord Go Gin."

The portcullis of a nearby gate started to rise and the doors swung open.

And the gladiator stepped forth.

"That's a lot of muscle," Nyx quipped dryly.

The being who entered the arena soon after was a massive hulk of muscle wrapped in gilded plate and armed with a war club, its business end alone being bigger than Morrigan.

The girl was a tiny one, sure, but that was still saying something!

This was no man; he was a war troll, clocking in at well over two meters tall and carrying himself with an air of discipline and martial prowess unbecoming of the typically-barbaric and dumb species.

"Indeed," Kushina replied, not at all impressed.

If this world truly did follow the game system, she could crush that thing in her sleep. And the thought of doing so didn't even bother her…


"All women," the troll grunted, cocking his head to the side. "I wasn't expecting that."

Kushina blinked, giving him an odd look. "You're… surprisingly articulate for one of your kind."

The giant creature shrugged, wearing enough metal to make a small car. "It comes with exposure," he replied goodnaturedly. "I've lived in the empire for some time now."

"Right, then," the redhead stated, after staring at him for several long moments. She nodded, "It would be rude to waste your time, so let's cut to the chase, shall we?" She then turned to the half-faerie mage with a motherly smile. "Morrigan, be a dear and test the waters, will you?"

"Of course, my queen," the loli chirped, eagerly skipping forward.

All eyes were on her now as she slammed the butt of her staff upon the ground. Then, she began her sacred incantation.

"Oh, darkness shrouded in light," she uttered, as if in prayer, closing her eyes.

"Frenzied blaze clad in night... In the name of the Crimson Demons, let the collapse of thine origin manifest." Her eyes then shot wide open, glowing vibrantly with arcane power. A small dome of red runes suddenly appeared, surrounding her, much to the spectators' collective awe.

Go Gin patiently waited, curious to see what this light show would bring.

Fluder, meanwhile, was very much reminded of one of those picture books in Godhaven's library. He stared, utterly entranced, feeling the magic energies being woven from his position.

"Summon before me the root of thy power hidden within the lands of the kingdom of demise!" Morrigan yelled, pointing her staff dramatically… before shouting with all the might in her tiny lungs.



The glowing runes disappeared and a cloud of dirt and smoke enveloped the entire arena, blinding nearly everyone in the city. The earth shook, seemingly reeling from the blast, many spectators were left deafened and every last one of them had been covered in debris.

And when the cloud dissipated, nothing was left in Go Gin's place but a massive crater.

Of course, being a troll, Go Gin was capable of regenerating, but that didn't do him much good against being fucking vaporized.


And of course, being largely based on one loli in particular, the caster girl hit the ground after casting her favorite spell, falling asleep due to a curse that Morrigan was created with.

"Uh… shit…" Kushina muttered, palming her face. "I… somehow forgot that she tended to do that."

The curse in question only occurred when she cast Explosion, serving as a counterbalance to all of the ridiculous buffs her build had on that spell. Despite it being an 8th Tier spell, the blast was comparable to that of Devil's Hammer... a Super-Tier spell; it was always maximized, always empowered, both without the need for metamagic, and it had more other buffs on top of that than the redhead could count due to a number of skills and such that made it possible. Truly, it was the most minmaxed thing she'd seen in her life.

As a result, though, there were a number of penalties she had to take, not the least of which being the Curse of Narcolepsy, which caused Morrigan to suddenly fall asleep when triggered by a certain event―that being casting Explosion, for obvious reasons, both character-driven and otherwise.

Kushina glanced up, but saw that Jircniv didn't look at all bothered. In fact, he seemed amused.

In truth, the display of such overwhelming firepower had… broken his brain… just a teensy bit.

"Right…" Kushina muttered. People didn't have to die when they were killed in this world. She mentally tallied up the spell and waved a hand in what used to be the troll's direction. "True Resurrection!"

Given that there wasn't… much, if anything at all, left of the poor guy, she needed something with a bit more… oomph than Raise Dead. On the plus side, though, the spell in question didn't come with the five-level penalty on its target, unlike the weaker variant.

He even came back with his gear intact.

Unfortunately, this spell didn't come without its drawbacks as one would expect. Not only was it a 10th Tier spell, with a massive MP cost, but she could only use it once per month per class level in Paladin for a total of fifteen. It was also… normally exclusive to the Paladin and High Priest classes. There were some ways around that, like a lich's Dark Wisdom, but they were few and far between. (4)

When Go Gin opened his eyes, the lumbering warrior blinked. He slowly looked to the left, then to the right, then down at himself.

He proceeded to pinch himself.

Kushina stared, feeling far more amused than she should be.

"Well… this is a first," the troll commented.

"Sorry about that," Kushina said sheepishly, the genial laugh that slipped past her lips, unable to be contained. "Morrigan was a bit more… enthusiastic than expected."

The troll patted his armored stomach, before looking up at her with a big grin. "Eh, it was painless. Thanks, though. Ma' was furious to see me."

''...Uh… no problem." Kushina replied, feeling slightly awkward.

He was way too chill with being turned into his component atoms… and meeting what was his presumably dead mother…

Wait, wasn't she also a bit too calm with seeing someone get vaporized right in front of her, on her orders?!

The troll hoisted his weapon onto his shoulder.

"Now then, my turn!" And then he charged.

Kushina and the others didn't even bat an eye.

"Shall I?" Artemis asked, feeling a sudden, unexpected thrill as the monstrous warrior approached them.

The crimson loli nodded, hesitating only slightly.

"Be my guest."

While the troll leapt at the gathering of otherworldly women, Artemis pulled a single arrow from her quiver and knocked it with a flourish, before loosing it with a gleeful shout. "Hunter's Volley!"

That one arrow became a cloud of thousands in mid-flight, all impaling the troll through his armor with ease and leaving poor Go Gin looking like a damn hedgehog when the last of them found home, some even arching upwards with his trajectory to do so.

...and then, he proceeded to explode for no apparent reason. Thus began the sequence of a hapless war troll being repeatedly resurrected ― and taking just about every charge of her cast for this month ― and unceremoniously one shotted before their many spectators.

…including two in particular who weren't physically present.

Meanwhile, on the 6th Floor of Nazarick, Naruto followed Aura and Mare as they guided him to the clearing where their new guest now resided.

It was a rather sizable one, too, featuring a large lake in the center and plenty of breathing room around it for whatever they wanted, really. That said, Naruto could see why they chose this spot as one more tree really didn't make a difference.

Speaking of, the tree in question was a large, fairly healthy oak, standing tall and stout, and looking right at home among the others.

Naruto's ears then twitched upon hearing a small pair of feet hit the ground and he looked down to see a green-skinned girl with eyes of solid black emerge from behind said tree. Large leaves and vines grew from her head in the place of hair and she otherwise looked very human… and young.

Her appearance was that of a ten-year-old girl.

She was also naked, because of course she was, prompting the youko to shift uncomfortably as his more primal instincts were stirred, but he resisted for now… for her sake more than anything.

This girl was Pinison Pol Perlia, the dryad Aura had been extracting information from. According to Mare, she was over 200 years old.

The thought was an admittedly guilty pleasure… it meant that she'd stay a loli for quite some time…

'Yup, it's official,' Naruto thought with a heavy mental sigh of exasperation, his shoulders slumping slightly. 'I've been corrupted. Damn it, Peroroncino…' He blamed that man entirely.

His other self, meanwhile, was laughing his ass off.

Seemingly sensing his… inner struggles, Pinison fidgeted. She'd never met someone who wanted to do… that to her before, so the dryad didn't quite know how to respond. Taking a deep breath, and swallowing her apprehension, she spoke up.

"I… never thought you'd be capable of killing that thing," she admitted, somehow not stumbling over her words. "I wanted to apologize for that… and to thank you."

Her eyes were immediately drawn to a bit of movement and Naruto gave her a bit of a sheepish look.

"S-sorry," he said. "Can't help myself."

"...It's fine," she assured, averting her gaze even as her cheeks darkened into a deep pine green. "I… take it that's what you want as a reward, then?"

"I… uh… wha?" Naruto muttered, legitimately confused.

"V-very well, then," the dryad said, a determined look in her eyes as she shifted her gaze back onto his groin. "It's the least I can do."

Before Naruto had time to process what she'd just said, Pinison was already upon him, fiddling with his trousers and trying to figure them out. The concept of clothing was an utterly foreign one to her, as was privacy, so didn't even think about the two pairs of mismatched eyes gawking upon them when she started feeling around for his sexual organ.

Naruto stared, his mouth just slightly hanging open…

Well, he wasn't going to complain about the direction this was going… His inner self agreed sagely. This was a rather pleasant surprise for both of them.

"Fucking bend her over and breed her!"

See? Words of wisdom if there were ever any.

Eventually, despite her obvious inexperience, she managed to fish Naruto's hardening cock out from the opening in front, only to almost end up being slapped by the rapidly hardening meat.

Her nose twitched, taking in the scent of his male musk. She'd never smelled it before… it was strange… and it made her body feel weird, but in a good way? This was all just so new to her!


Meanwhile, Aura quickly noticed that her little brother was conspicuously missing. She couldn't help but be amused, knowing full well that he'd bolted the moment he saw where this was going.

Not that she could blame him, of course, given how shy he was.

As for Naruto, he let loose a hungry growl that made both of the lolis present quiver in anticipation, drawing Aura's eyes onto his back.

He simply couldn't restrain himself anymore. Turning to the elf, he uttered one word that made her go weak in the knees, all the while leering at her body hungrily.


"Y-yes, milord," she squeaked, her body acting before he'd finished his word. Poor Aura was so overwhelmed, almost immediately; she could feel herself drooling from both pairs of lips at the command… and the sheer… force behind it.

Pinison only looked on in confusion, not at all knowing what that word meant. Then, when Aura started undoing her vest, the dryad yelped as she felt something lift her up.

Naruto turned the girl around in his grasp, using his tails to help in that and hugged her against his chest, inhaling her scent. He had to admit she smelled really nice and her small frame was surprisingly light. Her skin was also much softer than it looked, which was a good sign.

Reaching down to caress her bare folds, he was very pleasantly surprised by how human they felt. He'd chalk it up to porn logic that seemed to be heavily invested in this world and moved on.

The dryad yelped again and shuddered, caught completely off-guard by the sensation.

He didn't stop there, either, attacking the girl's clit without a shred of mercy and adoring the little squeaks and moans, before dipping in a single digit into her little hole, causing the forest-girl's hips to buck on their own accord as actual nectar began to drip out of her loins.

And Aura, now stark naked like nature intended, was not idle; she approached her… lover without hesitation and knelt in front of him.

She blushed at the thought, even as her vision was solely focused on his crotch and the massive sack hanging beneath it. Without her realizing it, her tongue dipped out to lick her lips.

Yes… after what he'd done to her, after he undoubtedly ruined her for anyone else, Lord Kurama was her lover now…

Gently taking hold of his cock with both hands, she simply couldn't help but wonder, ever now, how he managed to make this beast fit into her. She could probably fit her pinky down the pisshole for crying out loud!

Aura shifted again, feeling the juices trickling down her thighs already. Her instincts told the girl to try and entice Lord Kurama into ignoring the dryad and mounting her instead, but… she ignored the impulse for now.

She blamed it on her nature as a dark elf. Her people were far lewder than Aura's personality would have one believe, but Lord Kurama's relationship had undoubtedly awakened those instincts.

Aura smiled lustfully at that realization, her cheeks burning with shameless desire, and she took him into her mouth without a second thought, her jaw muscles burning oh so pleasantly as the sheer girth forced them to stretch.

Naruto moaned in delight at the sensation, bucking his hips and spurring the elf on. She'd never done this before, but Aura was eager to learn.

The young elf bobbed her head, sucking lightly. Though she admitted to herself that her technique would undoubtedly be more effective with Shalltear's advice, Aura knew she'd die of embarrassment before even trying to attain it. So, the elven loli made due for now and was pleasantly surprised by the reactions she got.

With an experimental lick or two, Aura was quick to take note of some weak spots she'd found behind the edge of the thick, meaty helmet and attacked them, delighting in the moans and shudders she received…

But then, she pulled back and leaned to the side, locking eyes with Lord Kurama as she held his cock up, her lips curling up into a grin.

Getting the message, Naruto grabbed Pinison by the hips and lifted her up. The dryad in question yelped and squirmed instinctively in his grasp. One tail wrapped around either wrist to help hold her up, another gently wrapping around her neck and a fourth around her waist. Then, her eyes went wide as she felt something brush up against her folds. Pinison bit her lip in anticipation.

She knew what was coming next.

The dryad's breath caught in her throat as Kurama's bulbous tip pushed against her vulva and labia, stretching her entrance in ways she'd never dreamed of. He stopped, pulling back ever so slightly and pushed in again, this time deeper. Stopping once more, he did it again… and again… and again, easing his monster cock into her virgin folds, little by little, and driving poor Pinison Pol Perlia absolutely insane with the incessant siege of new pleasures and sensations.

Naruto, meanwhile, enjoyed himself far more than he probably should have, loving her tight yet pliable grip on his meat, sinking deeper and deeper into this little girl who wasn't even tall enough for her feet to touch the ground from this position. He could only imagine how Peroroncino would react to finding out about this… though for once, he was glad that neither he nor his sister were present.

Bukubukuchagama would likely kill him if she found out what he'd already done to Aura… (5)

Naruto's dick throbbed at the memories… and the scent coming off of the elven loli. The same scent that he'd detected from Tayuya-chan, no less… He shuddered in delight, picturing her and this girl with baby bumps, struggling to walk because of them.

It was yet another guilty pleasure he found himself fantasizing about recently.

Except he fully planned to make these dreams a reality… over and over and over again...

Finally bottoming out after a blissful eternity, reveling in the virgin tightness of yet another loli as her womb ended up wrapped around his cockhead, Naruto groaned and shuddered in carnal pleasure.

Poor Pinison, meanwhile, writhed and whimpered helplessly, feeling as though he'd tear her in half any moment now, eyes gawking at the bulge in her stomach. But, at the same time, it somehow felt… good.

Then, he started to move.

His pace was slow at first, his movements subtle so that she could get used to his girth, but soon enough, he started mating with her good and proper. His thrusts became more aggressive, faster, more pronounced as he pulled back farther and slammed into her again and again, and yet, they were even. This rhythm was deliberate, well-paced, like that of a veteran who'd had more than a thousand lovers.

He'd only had five and a… victim in truth, but one of those was a succubus and she was more than willing to help him learn.

Which he did, and by the time he stuck his dick into Shalltear, he knew how to make a woman squeal.

And now… after all of that, the dryad in his grasp didn't stand a chance. She squealed almost immediately, writhing and wailing in pleasure as her juices splashed against his balls. Naruto grunted in exertion at the feel of her inner walls clamping down upon him, but powered through it without skipping a beat.

Aura could only squirm and quiver at the sight, her lady bits throbbing at the dominating fuckfest. She both pitied and envied the poor dryad as Lord Kurama, the Supreme One and alpha male who'd now claimed them both, continued to pound Pinison into mulch. Eventually, though, Aura couldn't just stand there and watch any longer.

So, standing up on her feet, she approached and pressed her nude form against Lord Kurama, reaching around and fondling his swollen balls and peppering his skin with passionate kisses.

The dryad wailed again, another orgasm following on the heels of her first. It felt so good~! She writhed and squirmed helplessly in the youko's grasp, unable to do anything but take it as he indulged in his reward for felling the evil tree.

Naruto's eyes rolled back. Aura's fondling and Pinison's constant squeezing quickly brought the youko to his limit.

With a dangerous growl which sent shivers up their spines, the youko brought down the dryad and came. Spurt after spurt of thick, scalding, gooey baby-batter traveled up his twitching cock, painting the innocent creature's insides without mercy.

And when he felt Pinison go limp, Naruto only shuddered in delight. The realization that he made another girl pass out from pleasure just turned him on so damn much! He pushed up into her with every shot, doing his damnedest to ensure that she would bear his young, to 'make her bloom with saplings'.

He didn't know if she could to be honest, nor did he care; the youko was determined to try if nothing else.

With a satisfied moan, he emptied his balls into her, the flow of seed finally abating after no less than a dozen shots. He gently came down to his knees and hissed in dismay as he pulled out of her welcoming snatch. It almost hurt to withdraw, but alas, he couldn't stay within her forever.

Even if the idea thrilled him…

Then, he heard some rustling beside him and looked to see Aura looking at him pleadingly, down on all fours with her cute, little ass raised to present her dripping folds, her fingers lewdly spreading her cunny.

In that moment, Naruto couldn't have resisted to save his life. Laying down the prone dryad to let her rest, he crawled over to the elven loli with another lustful growl. Her loins visibly twitched at the sound, all but winking at him, making his dick throb once more.

Soon enough, one hand was upon her rear while the other was guiding his tip to her occupied babymaker.

Aura let loose a pitiful sound that could only come from a woman starved for carnal bliss, one a girl as small as her had no business making, when she felt him penetrate her. Another was ripped from her throat when he placed both hands upon her hips and pulled Aura back while pushing forward.

Unlike Pinison, she needed no preparation, no gentle urging, for she was well-versed by now in taking his full length within her ravenous folds. And Naruto knew full well that she sought no mercy. So, he didn't bother. The instant his balls touched her clit, causing the young elf to mewl in content, the youko within her started mating with her without a shred of hesitation.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

The familiar clap of her little ass upon his lap, his balls slapping against her loins and Aura's melodious wails filled the clearing soon after.

Meanwhile, in the Catacombs, the sounds of lewdness filled Shalltear's personal quarters as well.

Virgo tried her best not to let them distract her while focusing on the naked bride standing patiently, if a bit awkwardly, to be measured. Mistress Shalltear apparently had plans for this one and commissioned her to provide an appropriate outfit.

She was more than happy to oblige.

Also feeling rather awkward at the moment was a small, red-haired girl who squirmed and stared at her new mama being licked… down there, by another woman.

…Much like she was herself, which only contributed to the squirming.

Wasn't this the stuff mommies were only supposed to be doing with daddies? A-and dirty? A-and wasn't she supposed to go blind if she let someone t-touch her down there?

T-then… why… Why did it feel so good?!

Shalltear Blooodfallen smiled at the girl. She was so confused and uncomfortable, as was normal for now, but little Rayne Bloodfallen was being such a trooper! Mama approved~!

She patted the Bride pleasuring her on the head, rubbing her scalp in appreciation as she let out a pleasured squeak.

Her smile only widened when the act had the bride dipping her tongue far deeper than she intended…

"Eager to please, are we~?" Shalltear cooed, grinding her snatch against her face. "Show me what you got, then, bitch! Make my toes curl~!"

The Bride pleasing her shuddered in both fear and longing. Her heart swelled at Mistress Shalltear's praise and she obediently doubled her efforts, now practically spearing her tongue in and out of the smaller, but vastly superior vampire.

Rayne, meanwhile, shuffled uncomfortably, trying to hold down her moans as something started running down her thighs, joining the saliva that the lady between her legs had already left.

Something about Mama's tone was… uncomfortable, though she knew not why.

As if reading her mind, Shalltear gave the girl a reassuring smile. "N-no need to… to look so t-troubled honey," she sputtered out. "This is… oh, yes, right there! Right there!" She squealed, pulling the woman's head into her crotch as she came.

Both Rayne and Virgo visibly flinched at the sound.

It took a moment for Shalltear to come back down from her sexual high. Patting the Bride on the head once more, she gasped for air as the sexual haze stared to lift. "W-what was I―Oh, right!" She giggled, looking slightly sheepish and still dazed as she turned her attention back to the girl, her eyes glowing. "This is… this is how things are g-going to be in… in your new family, honey. You'll get… used to it eventually."

The girl pouted, looking uncertain, but nodded. "A-alright Mamma…"

Satisfied with Rayne's response, Shalltear's gaze fell upon the cauldron being tended to by two more brides, a potion in the making.

She'd discuss ways to start producing it in industrial quantities with Queen Albedo later. They were planning to take over the world, after all… and such an endeavor required… appropriate manpower.

Manpower she and her brides should be more than capable of… providing with their very wombs.

All she had to do was figure out how to ensure that the offspring was female, so that they too could contribute when they came of age…

Needless to say, Aura wasn't the only loli Lord Kurama had broken… (6)

Tayuya frowned at the ominous wind that blew in soon after she entered Carne Village once more. Instinct told her that a storm was coming, but she couldn't quite tell if it was good or bad.

The red bitch Demiurge was so worried about, maybe?

Setting those thoughts aside for later, she continued on her merry way to find Boss' plaything.

Unfortunately, she also had something else to worry about… Tayuya squirmed in irritation, taking longer than she should have to find the blonde as a result.

Of fucking course she'd be horny while Boss was away...

"...Is everything alright?" Enri called out, approaching the irate redhead. Try as said kijo might, her ability to hide emotions had its limits…

"Hormones," Tayuya grunted, glancing at her before leering. "Damn lover's been busy lately, too, so I can't do much about it."

Enri turned bright red at that, getting the hint. "S-Sorry." Enri sputtered, trying to keep her head out of the gutter and failing, "I didn't mean to pry."

"Still actin' all timid and prude-like, huh," the redhead grunted, rolling her eyes. "Y'know, a real woman gets her man's attention by spreadin'er legs."

Enri remained quiet, her face now a thorough shade of red.

"What does it feel like?" Nemu asked, a look of childlike curiosity upon her face as she poked her head around the wall. "Is it as good as they say?"

"N-Nemu!" Enri cried out aghast, "Cover your ears and don't eavesdrop!"

The younger girl scowled. "I'm almost an adult, too."

"Four years away is not almost, Missie!" She turned her attention to Tayuya and saw that she was about to chime in. "Don't you dare start," she all but growled, narrowing her eyes at the foul-mouthed kijo.

Tayuya cackled loudly at that. "There's the fiery bitch I'm lookin' for! Boss'll be all over ya if ya let her out more often. He likes his women rowdy."

Aaand just like that, she faltered, turning bright red and sputtering.

Tayuya scoffed. ''Fuckin' prude. And just when ya were startin' ta become interestin'."


The redhead just rolled her eyes at that uncaringly, before turning her attention to Nemu. "You'll have ta wait 'n' see, by the way," she said. "Yer still a kid."

"I remember Granny saying that Enri was a woman when she woke up bleeding, though…"


"Nature don't give a shit about age 'n' social norms," Tayuya chuckled. "So, did you start?"

Nemu averted her gaze at that. "Well, no… but I'm the same age she was at the time." She then started to squirm and blush. "And… well… your dad is really cute."

Hearing that, Tayuya raised an eyebrow before a shit-eating grin split her face and she started laughing. Honest to goodness laughter. "That was so fuckin' precious!"

Truly it was… and she could see Boss impaling her on his prick without an ounce of hesitation.

Nemu puffed up her cheeks, thinking she was making fun of her, "Muuuu―! It's not funny!" she pouted childishly, stomping her feet while giving the redhead her best glare.

"Bwahahaa! It's fuckin' adorable, that's what it is!"

Tayuya didn't bother holding back her cackle. She knew picking up that other Seed would be a good idea… though she couldn't help but wonder if a different item would have been more… appropriate. Lilith's Kiss, perhaps?

She'd have to read up on it…

The item in question was a type of flower that one needed to become a succubus if she remembered correctly. Tayuya could easily see the young girl flourishing into a little semen demon with the right nudge… and she was certain her father would love it. (7)

Decisions, decisions...

'Thoughts for later,' she mused with a smirk. "That aside," Tayuya said as she calmed down, turning her attention to Enri. "Are ya still gonna need that herb I mentioned?"

"...Yeah, I'll be needing it," Enri admitted. She'd tried to tough it out, but in the end, she was struggling.

Tayuya nodded. "Figured as much. I'll give it to ya tonight. Something you should take before goin' ta bed."

"Much appreciated."

Hours later, Naruto let loose a sigh as he made himself presentable, his eyes continuously being drawn to the knocked out dryad leaking spent semen like a broken faucet.

He couldn't help but blush for some reason, partially out of embarrassment that he was capable of doing such a thing and partially out of arousal.

Damn if he wasn't tempted to put his dick back in a fifth time.

But now, the youko was far too satisfied to give in. At the end of the day, he was still a creature of flesh and bone and thus had limits… obscenely high ones by the standards of this world, no doubt, but limits nonetheless; it was mostly because of that throne that he was able to go at it endlessly during that week of bonding, for example. It… and the multitude of sex drugs Tayuya somehow got her hands on.

He still wasn't quite sure where or how she did that…

Best not to dwell on it… for now.

Naruto smiled at a weak-kneed elven loli struggling to stay on her feet as she buttoned up her coat… while still naked from the waist down.

"You look really fucking sexy like that, not gonna lie," Naruto sighed happily, "Almost makes me wanna keep you that way."

Aura froze, eyes nearly popping out of her skill with burning cheeks, much to his amusement.

The youko chuckled.

Truth be told, he was tempted to ban her from wearing pants in his presence, but that would make it too obvious that he was having a secret affair with her.

…Or perhaps it would just be assumed that she was trying to seduce him…? It was very tempting indeed, but at the same time, that would still raise some eyebrows… from his underlings… Hmm… Who could possibly complain? What was holding him back, really?

Naruto's musings were quickly interrupted when he sensed someone approaching.

"Ah, so this is where you've… Oh, my!"

Lupusregina didn't quite know how to react to the sight of Lord Kurama standing over the prone, mushy… remains of the poor dryad girl.

Seeing Aura's disheveled state and the large puddle of cum between her feet, almost as large as the one beneath the dryad didn't help his case in the slightest.

Alongside her, Shizu Delta emerged from the treeline as well and stared silently in curious, longing fascination.

"My lord… just how many hours have you been here? This whole clearing reeks of sex." The redhead was suddenly much closer to Naruto as she immediately started grilling him for information. She flashed him a wolfish grin with a fire in her eyes. "And just how long have you and Aura been a thing? I simply must know~!"

The elf in question sputtered incoherently, trying and failing to come up with a convincing excuse… considering she had his cum dripping out of her, there really wasn't any…

Naruto gave her a grin of his own, though a sheepish one. "I… kinda lost track of time?"

"Mhmm… I probably would have, too, I'll admit…" Lupusregina leaned against him, looking at the girls and whispering hotly into his ear, pressing her body against his own powerful one, "They are quite a pair of delectable little treats after all… All filled up like that~!"

The blond groaned at her attempted seduction.

His soul was willing, but his balls still needed to refill.


"It makes a girl jealous, you know~!" She all but purred, one hand against his shoulder, practically fondling it."Seeing her lord stick his big fucking cock in all these beauties, their well-fucked scents lingering over him for days..."

It was then that he noticed Shizu was there as well, staring at him stoically.

Well, that managed to kill his mood a bit… Thanks, Shizu!

Naruto cleared his throat. "Why are you two here, Lupusregina?"

"Mmmhmm… I'm here to share in the fun," she cooed, reaching down and giving his crotch a squeeze.

''...Tempting," he whispered hungrily, but groaned when his balls made their protests known. "But I have plans for you."

Lupusregina rubbed against him, groping his package intently.

"Really? And what would those be~?" She drew the words out, her teasing voice making it twice as sexy as her tone had any right to be. "Do they happen to involve painting my womb white~? Just imagine the consequences~" Her next words were delivered in such a whisper, even Albedo would be envious, "Your very own pack of redhead weregirl bitches~"

Naruto growled, pulling back just enough to plant a heated kiss upon her lips, wrapping his arms and tails around the redhead and making her toes curl. When he withdrew, his eyes literally glowed with lust as they met her own.

"Yes, they do," he said. "But not here."

"But why?!" Kurama whined. "This is a perfectly fine time and place to fuck her! And the robot!"

Lupusregina, meanwhile, seemed to share the sentiment.

Naruto, however, only continued, answering them both at the same time. "Because I wanna do what I should've done weeks ago. I wanna fuck you on the road, outside in the real wilderness and make you my bitch as nature intended~!" That… and he quite literally couldn't crank one out if he tried… at least for a few hours…

"...Nevermind. Carry on."

While Kurama voiced his approval, the werewolf crumpled, her knees weak as she came from his words alone, sliding down to the cum-bathed ground and getting her knickers soiled.

"Y-yes, my lord~!" Lupusregina whispered hungrily, a lustful smile splitting her now red face as she stared up at him, "I'll be your best personal bitch, you'll see~!"

That made Naruto a bit more proud of himself than he should've been.

"Bullshit! You are precisely as proud as you should be!" Kurama cackled.

'Quiet, you. You're distracting me!'

Waiting a moment to let the werewolf recover, Aura decided to be the one to ask, her embarrassment having managed to die out until she was merely rosy and not crimson in the cheeks and ears. "So… what brings you two here?"

"R-right, then," Lupusregina sputtered, composing herself… while doing precisely jack shit to extract herself from Lord Kurama's cum puddle. "Queen Albedo was worried and wanted me and Shizu to check on you." Her gaze fell indicatively upon the youko, waiting for approval.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at that and her heart throbbed.

..And then, Shizu chimed in.

"I wish to have sex with you," she said with all the subtlety, emotion, and finesse one would expect from a damn robot.

Naruto and Aura couldn't help but stare while Lupusregina burst out laughing, the sudden hysterics enough to knock her out of her enamored, lustful state as she stood up, holding her gut.

"That was… adorable," Naruto muttered, idly rubbing the back of his neck, ears drooping while his tails became antsy. "That settled it. You're coming with. When we leave for E-Rantel, you're registering as an adventurer under the guise of Lord Ainz's maid or some shit."

The excuse basically wrote itself. He was established to have had a fit when "Kushina" ran off to deal with those necromancers, after all.

It would also help to have a travel companion who couldn't get preg… uh… presumably couldn't…?

She was an automata, a fantasy robot! She totally couldn't… right? Well, he was certainly about to find out, one way or the other.

Unaware of his inner musings, Shizu tilted her head. "I am your maid." The poor dear didn't quite understand… and that was just even cuter!

"Uh…" Naruto looked to Lupusregina for help, but the werewolf maid was… not very helpful.

She just chuckled, enjoying the little exchange and finding it so unbearably cute, not that he could blame her to be fair.

Aura, meanwhile, could only shrug.

Naruto sighed and chuckled, before turning his attention back to Shizu. "Right, then," he began. "To clarify…" (8)

DMS Notes and Trivia:

1: Someone please draw this; I needs it! I NEEDS IT! XD

2: While Naruto is quite famous for being hotheaded and reckless, he's also noted to be incredibly protective of his loved ones. That said, this feels… oddly in character for him.

AdV: Meh…

3: Remember when I said I'd imagined Megumin's Overlord stat card for shits and giggles?

...I simply couldn't help myself. XD

Of course, there are some differences between her and Morrigan beyond just the name, but the NPC in question is unabashedly based on best edge-loli.

AdV: We should get to writing that story at some point, shouldn't we? Naruto x Megumin in KonoSuba…

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4: AdV and I figured that True Resurrection being so broken should have some limitations, not the least of which being accessibility.

AdV: I wonder… since Naruto's (Kurama) gonna end up as War God by certain lizards and… ahem, anyways, what would Kushina (Boudicca) be? War Goddess much the same? Her resurrection 'abilities' are much more potent and versatile… hmm… some thinking needed.

Yo, you pervs. Anyone got ideas?

5: I can't help but imagine Bukubukuchagama forming a giant hand of ooze and slapping him. It is weirdly amusing.

6: …Is it a good thing that Momonga didn't start fucking her and Albedo or a bad one?

I'm inclined to say the answer is yes.

7: To my knowledge, no information of a canonical succubus class or how it is accessed exists. Methinks in this version, there are two ways to access it: doing so through the Imp racial class (that being the most common) and a dedicated Race Change Item that the devs quickly stopped handing out because it encouraged some… shenanigans.

It was also incredibly rare, because Succubi would be broken, let's be honest. Never underestimate the power of persuasion in RPGs.

AdV; Why is it even tied to the Imp race?

DMS: Not even sure if it is; that's just an assumption on my part because Albedo is an Imp in canon.

8: We had two potential scenes to end this chapter on and it was really hard for me in particular to choose between them, not gonna lie.

The other scene has been moved to the next chapter.

Also, Shizu is adorable. I already know she's going to become one of my favorites.

AdV: Y'know… She… she basically acts like Altera (Best Girl, Fucking Fight Me!) does in the various smuts and shorts that Spy and me write… Huh… Alrighty… ahem…

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