Fate/Tribulation of Weapons Sovereign


Hell descended as the fire raged throughout the endless night's screams could be heard, the taste of ashes filled all living beings, and the smell of burnt bodies engulfed the skies. In the distance around a collapsing building stood a small boy continuing to walk forward into the infernal environment, limping from an injured knee that his hand covered his ear ignored all the pleas from others for help as he kept on moving ahead. With each breath, a family member, a father, mother, sibling are suffocating in the disaster. With every step, another person was brunt alive while they cry for help from the boy.

The dense amount of smoke made its way through the boy's lungs as it became harder for him to breathe, and after coughing heavily, he eventually collapsed onto his back, and like everyone else, he began to wait for his death to come.

The red-headed boy's vision was now filled with endless black smoke, while the surrounding buildings started to collapse and buried him in rubbles.

The boy reached his hand up toward the sky, hoped for a miracle, only for his eyes to start to close slowly as the last of his life force was finally drained.

However, just before his eyes descended into an eternal sleep. He felt another hand grabbing him as the rubble on top of his body was hastily being removed to let him breathe easier even, with the large amount of smoke consuming his lungs. Using the last remaining strength to open his eye a little, the boy sees a man crying with a face full of hope and desperation. Suddenly a flash of light enveloping his sight as he falls unconscious.

Emiya Kiritsugu was known, by many names, Magus Killer, Bringer of Death, Master of the Fourth Holy Grail, and currently the Winner of the war. However, his current state was much different from what those names made him out to be. The tears slowly began falling from his eyes until they turned into endless flows from his face. He had never felt so happy as he looked at the small red-headed boy he managed to save from inserting the Avalon into the boy for him to regenerate all fatal wounds.

Tears of joy and grief consumed the man as he picked up the boy and began finding his way out of the blazing hellfire. Thinking back to what just happened, the man who was master to saber in the war was close enough to acquire the grail only to find it corrupted. That wishing with grail will only lead to destructions no matter the cause. He used his remaining command seals to order Saber to destroy the cursed object. Only for the backlash of the Grail and Saber noble phantasm creates a huge calamity throughout Fuyuki and thus constituted to the endless raging fire killing thousands of residents.

Watching the fires rage upon Fuyuki, his belief in saving the world through few sacrifices for the benefits of many started to change, and contradictions began to appear in his mind. Looking down at the boy in his arm, he sees guilt that he destroyed the young boy's family and maybe even his entire future. However, he also experienced hope as he was able to save atlas one person from his own mistakes.

A day has passed, and Kiritsugu went through trouble looking for any surviving relatives of the boy. However, everything came to a dead-end, which made the boy he saved became an orphan due to his mistakes.

The red-headed boy finally opens his eyes and saw a hospital room and a man in all black sitting beside him. The man notices the young boy awakened from his slumber as the two begin seizing one another.

Thanks to having Avalon in his body, the boy was able to heal from every single wound and scratch he suffered within the fire due to the abilities of potent healing from the empty scabbard. Even without beings near the owner, Avalon would still have lesser healing effects capable of regenerating any form of injury.

"What is your name?" Kiritsugu asked softly.

The boy thought a moment and replied, "Shirou, I don't remember anything besides the fire."

Kiritsugu observed the injured boy with a gleam of hope in his eyes. After a moment, he explained the current situation to the young boy "Shirou, there are two options available at the moment you could either join the other orphan children at the church waiting for an orphanage, or I could adopt you."

Shirou looked at Kiritsugu, and all he saw was a broken man who had lost everything and began contemplating for a solid minute before he nodded. In the end, Shirou decided to be adopted by the broken man due to a special feeling that he felt connecting the man and himself.

Author Notes: Edited

At the start of my first fanfic, before moving on I have to say that I am writing this is because I no longer have anything to read in my free time and thus bored. Another reason I am writing this is story is because I love fate and I want to see how my version of the story would become. This story is inspired by countless fate stay fanfic I have read from this site.

Disclaimer: I was not fated enough to own the Fate Series