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Fate/Tribulation of Weapons Sovereign

Act III part III

Chapter 7:

Shirou saw the same wolf that attacked him on the night he first arrived. However, the wolf's appearance changed from its once brown fur was now dark black, with a fiery aura of death covering the beast. The wounds he inflicted on the wolf that night were still there. It seems the wolf somehow managed to survive the whole ordeal of the curse to enhance itself. Furthermore, the wolf only was targeting him for some reason.

Instantly two gun-blades appeared on his hand as he quickly fired Kiritusgu directly on the beast. The wolf withdrew backward, letting him fall onto the ground, and he tried to stop the bleeding with Irisviel's lesser healing abilities.

Meanwhile, Siduri recovered from the push as she rushed toward the red-headed boy on the ground.

"Oh my God," Siduri held on to Shirou as she said worryingly, "Are you okay?"

Shirou quietly murmurs, "I'm fine. We need to leave before the beast recovers."

"What do you mean..." The brunette was instantly cut off from her sentences as she felt overwhelming killing intent. She turned her head and saw the humongous wolf growling staring at the duo preparing to strike.

Shirou immediately stood up and fired a few more shots at the wolf, and yelled out toward the older girl, "LEAVE NOW."

The beast quickly jumped out of the way of the beam of energy, dodging every single shot from Kiristugu and Irisviel.

Siduri was stunned at the situation. Her mind kept on telling her to get up and help her Shirou with battle, but for some reason, her body was shaking uncontrollably. She had never felt such intent before in her entire life. Even Ziad never made her fear a battle as the situation before her.

Shirou noticed the unmoving girl next to him as he thought to himself, 'I have to get the wolf away from here. Otherwise, Siduri will be injured.'

"Siduri," Shirou yelled out once last time at the girl, "You need to leave and get help. The wolf is for some reason many times stronger than the last time we fought."

Siduri recovered from her shock as she tried to speak, "But, I can hel-"

The red-headed boy completely ignored the older girl as he began to run the opposite directions. In the hope that the wolf would follow instead. He knew how strong the beast was, he could feel his inner self trying to tell him to run and hide but if he were to do that the older girl would be in danger which was something he could not allow.

The beast noticed that its main prey was trying to run away as it leaped forward following the red-headed boy deeper into the forest, ignoring the brunette girl behind.

Unbeknownst to the two teens who were fighting for their lives in the distance, a cloaked figure was behind observing the entire scene with a devilish smile. In its hand was an orb that contained a form of chaotic energy that would be immediately recognized by a certain father and son duo if they were present.

Old Man Zaid was training the rookie behind the main adventures building as he suddenly felt an enormous aura coming from the forest.

"Not good." Ziad said as he immediately rushed into the building, A King-ranked beast appears in the middle of the day no less." He ran toward his desk and activated a magical alarm that lets the entire village notice it was on lockdown and no one could leave the area without his permission.

A minute after the alarm, ten individuals appear before the Ziad, geared ready for battle. The last time this alarm went off was during the night of Aisha's husband's tragic ends. Before that event, the alarm had never been activated since the god and goddess magic and blessing should protect the village from these types of situations.

"Ziad, what's going on?" A hunter with a similar build to the older man but many years younger spoke.

"A king rank beast has appeared." Ziad grumblingly said.

The news immediately shocked the others, hunters, as they have never seen or battled a king-ranked beast before. Most of the hunters have fought a lord-rank beast in the past. However, even then, the beast would decimate the entire team without Ziad arriving to help.

"Silence!" Ziad yelled, gaining the attention of everyone present. After a few moments, he opens his mounts to speak again. "The village is now on lockdown, and only Veteran hunters are allowed to follow me into the forest," he said, knowing full any else would never even be able to move in the presence of a king-ranked beast.

The statement instantly shocked everyone as a hunter in the back opened his mouth with fear and said, "But why are we leaving to find it? It will kill us all."

A few hunters agreed with him, but many others looked at the youngest veteran hunters with a hint of displeasure that a person within their ranks was showing such cowardness.

"My daughter and Shirou are currently outside in the forest on their daily routine," Ziad said as he slowly leaks out his aura and continues in a serious tone. "For those who do not want to follow me to save the two, then you may stay." He knew he could not force everyone to help in the matters since the village has been so peaceful in the past few years that it makes the hunter's attitude passive and lazy.

A few hunters relaxed hearing that they were not all required to go but for some reason, they felt as if they just lost a great amount of favor.

"Do not worry Ziad, my old friend. You got my team full support, and I can not let anything happen to little Siduri, can we." Ziad and a team of 6 other veteran hunters immediately descend into the forest following the trace of the demonic aura.

Shirou reinforced his leg to the max as he continued to speed, deeper into the forest while the demonic beast chased after him, ignoring all other animals in their way. The wolf was right on his trails. If he slowed down for even a second, he would be clawed by the beast that right on his trail.

The red-head boy came to an instant stop when he saw ahead was a cliff separating two lands. He remembered that Siduri had shown him this place in one of their trips together weeks ago. Below the giant cliff was a massive river that would lead farther away from the village.

Shirou quickly felt a massive killing intent behind, heading straight toward his head as he quickly jumped to the left, dodging a claw from the demonic wolf.

"It is just my luck that you are still alive and kicking." Shirou shook his head, preparing all his tricks since he knew this battle would be a little bit more challenging than the last.

"Unlimited Blade Field: Active"

The wolf instantly felt familiar energy as it quickly dodges to the side, evading a bunch of explosives. The red-headed boy tried to project a few explosives since he knew it could damage the monster in the past.

Shirou quickly fired a few mana blasts toward the beast since the beast somehow knew where he projected those explosives and dodge them with insane reflexives.

A direct hit from Kiritsugu lands on the beats, but for some reason, it seems that the blasts did zero damage to the monsters as if it was nothing but the wind blowing onto its cheek. After the last of the explosives was set off, the wolf immediately rushed toward him with incredible speed.

Shirou immediately raises Kiritsugu and Irisviel to defect the wolf claw as he starts a close-range battle with the monster. With each clash, he could hear his blades cracked with every blow he deflected or even used the blade part against the wolf skins.

"Time Alter Double Accel"

Shirou's body instantly accelerated and dodged a blow from the monster as he pierced the wolf jaw with Kiritsugu. However, the beast discarded the blade in its mouth and tried to bite its prey.

"Shit..." Shirou said while quickly projected two bombs behind the beast and let it instantly explode, sending him and beats flying from a massive shockwave. It was a risky move. However, this time the wolf could not dodge the explosive with him occupying its attention.

Thankfully the beasts took the full force saving him from his explosion. However, it did not come with zero damage as his eardrum ended up bleeding, and dizziness started engulfing him as he tried his best to focus on gathering energy from Irisviel to heal him.

Before he got the chance to recover, the wolf with half of its body burned and destroyed in the close-range explosion ignoring its injury and bare its teeth with the intent of bite the boy.

Shirou had to thank his enhanced eyes for allowing him to sense his target in slow motions, which gave him enough time to react.

"Time Alter Triple Accel"

Shirou's body instantly moved out of the way faster than the beast could bite him, but the monster reacted just as fast by diving its now half-burned paw into his body using its sharp claw. He quickly used Irisviel and Kiritsugu edge blade to immediately cut off the wolf leg with all his strength reinforced into his arm. However, upon impact, a cracking sound could be heard when the blade made contact with the wolf leg. He quickly reinforced his leg and jumped backward and retreated into the distance at the edge of the cliff.

"That good, it seems, it is not indestructible," Shirou observed the scene as he felt something was wrong when he looked down and saw the wolf's front leg that was amputated still stuck in his chest. Suddenly foreign energy entered him as he instantly extracted the claw.

His face instantly paled as he realized his father's curse somehow merged with the wolf and now the same curse that killed his father was entering and corrupting his body with no way to stop it.

The red-headed boy suddenly fell on his knee as he coughed out a mouthful of blood realizing, the curse was entering his organ and heading straight for his heart. However, it seems that Avalon was instantly active and delaying the curse from expanding faster than expected. Shirou returned his attention to the beast, knowing his biggest problem was still his enemy in front.

The wolf was now limping on its three remaining legs toward the injured boy without caring for its wounds. The more he observed the monster he could now feel the same curse and aura, the beasts radiantly from its body similar to how his father was during the end of his time. Though there was an exception since it's like the wolf used the curse to enhance itself making it more unyielding and faster than the first time he fought this time, it seemed more in a berserk state but still managed to keep its intelligence to react against the trick he used before.

Shirou observed Kiritsugu and Irisviel in his hand as he saw many lines of crack through its beauty. A few more hits would lead them to destruction. Thankfully over the past month, he managed to improve the weapon durability with his alterations magecraft. Otherwise, the gun blades would have been destroyed during the collision. He quickly desummon them into his mindscape, knowing their uses at the moment were limited.

'It seemed like the beast's body was much stronger than even his best weapon since it was about to break from just a few exchanges.' Shirou thought to himself.

The first thought that came into his mind for dealing with this situation was to use Aisha's dagger, but he was unsure if he could even activate the weapon in his current state. If he had summoned the dagger at the beginning of the battle he would have perhaps ended the fight before it even began. However, he knew the usage of the weapon would either kill him since his body was unable to support such divine tools. When he had shown the weapon to Siduri, just a single slash drained more than half of circuit capacity and made his entire numb for a while. In the current dried situations, if he were to use the dagger, it was considered suicide. Therefore, his only option left was to bombard the monster in the hope it was already tired and weakened.



He quickly channels his circuits and gathers the last remaining mana he could produce, as he projects a bunch of blades that he managed to trace over the past months he has been at the village. Swords, daggers, spears, and many other weapons appear above his head.

"Weapons Territory: Active" Shirou gathered all his energy as he projected as many as he could with his limited source to mana. "FIRE!" He yelled as the weapons immediately flew toward the beast with incredible speed.

The beast sped up to dodge the projectile. However, with its missing leg, it could not invade all the weapons. Some weapons broke upon impact, but some managed to scratch the beast, while some even managed to directly impale the beast's body.

After a full minute, Shirou coughs out another mouthful of blood as he clenches his arm in pain from overusing his magecraft. UBF slowly disappears as he realizes the curse eroded his body faster now that his mana was running low, which stopped Avalon from healing him.

Before he could react, the beast jumped toward him with countless weapons sticking out of its body. He could only stare at the beast in its blood-red eyes, and without the strength to stop the monster, he let it push him back into the open cliff. Both man and beast began falling into the deep of the giant cliff toward the massive body of water below.

Ziad and the other hunters sprinted through the forest, tracking down Siduri and Shirou, traces they left behind.

The group of hunters stopped when they saw a familiar feminine figure heading toward them.

"Dad!" Siduri screamed desperately toward the group of the hunters. She was having a mini-panic attack as she continued, "you have to help Shirou."

"Shhh, It's gonna be ok" Ziad hugged and stroked his daughter's hair to calm the girl down and said, "Can you tell me what happened?"

Siduri caught her breath, "We were attacked by a giant wolf." As she explained, tears started to fall from her eye. "When it appeared, I could not even move due to its ominous devilish pressure. I could not even do anything in its presence. I sat there watching Shirou distract the monster without doing anything."

Ziad nodded while he raised his hand, "Alvan brought Siduri back to the village. The rest follow me!"

Alvan pulls Siduri away as the other hunters begin descending deeper into the forest leaving the two of them behind. He stared at the younger girl with a look of understanding and said, "It's gonna be okay Siduri your father will find Shirou."

"B...But" Siduri felt all sources of emotions going haywire throughout her body as she shivered.

"Don't worry, Shirou is strong. He beat all the other veteran hunters without breaking a sweat," Alvan remembered the times the red-headed young man asked for a spar with the other hunters. He was one of the first to fight the boy, and oh did he underestimate the young man. The other hunters may have been stronger physically, but the boy dominated them in speed and insane endurance. No matter how many hits the boy received, he would always recover and destroy the other hunters in speed or outlast them in energy. Only Ziad has ever beat the red-head boy in a 1v1 and, even then, the other hunters knew the boy had not gone all out. The only time where there was someone who could fight Ziad was Aisha's husband who was gifted in combat, and everyone thought he was even a demi-god. Moreover, the boy has already started going down the path of a weapons master and battle mage making him extremely dangerous.

Alvan broke out his train of thought when he heard the younger girls say, "But I was so useless. I could not even lift a finger to help Shirou out at the time. It was like all my training throughout my life has been useless. I thought myself as strong, but now I don't know."

Alvan consulted the younger with an understanding nod and said, "If you are useless, then what am I? Or the other hunters that are not Ziad?" Siduri looked up to the older man's eyes who was her father's latest prodigy.

"Look." Alvan gathers the attention of the younger girl, "You are not weak. Heck, you could give the other veteran hunter a run for their money if you tried enough."

Siduri looked at the older man skeptically.

"What I am trying to say is that no matter a person's strength, they need to have the 'Will' first beforehand. Especially if it's your first time encountering a being that is stronger and dangerous. A situation like this takes time to build a mentality to oppose these foes. Do you think the first time I encountered a beast stronger than myself? I would have fought it? No, I ran as fast as I could, and that is what makes us human."

Siduri could only nod in acknowledgment. Knowing full well that it was not that she was physically weak, but she was mentally weak. However, the more she thought about her situation, the more she realized something was wrong as she asked herself how could Shirou, a boy many years younger than her, face death with determination and courage. She determined afterward she will train even harder, and the next time she will be the one to protect her Shirou instead. For now, those questions could be answered at a later date when her father brings her Shirou home.

As the two departed back to the village, waiting for the hunters to bring back the red-head young man who was already an honorary citizen. A familiar cloaked figure stealthily followed behind with a hungry smile.

The hunters ran through the forest as Ziad quickly noticed the odd atmosphere of the animals in the nearby vicinity.

The situation reminded him of the night he went to look for Aisha's husband. It seems that high lord ranks or even borderline king rank beast aura make other lower rank fear and go into hiding. The more he thought about the situations, he started noticing something was wrong since high Lords-ranked and above usually only comes out at night and was forbidden entry during the days ever since the founding of the village.

The founder of the village was able to acquire a small request from the gods they worship for protection as long as they continue to pray and believe in said god. The main blessing was to make the forest less dangerous during the daytime, where the hunters could come inside and hunt for food. 'Was it because of Shirou?' he thought to himself. He quickly discarded that thought over the past month. He came to know Shirou was a chivalrous and kind person.

Furthermore, there was information that he and everyone else have been hiding from the boy, that the village was a secluded place and hidden from the world. For hundreds of years, the village has been in hiding after the major war where the founder had acquired an artifact that even the gods would fight over.

In the war, the founder helped a pair of goddesses in their battle. In return afterward, these two goddesses would return the favor by helping out the founder in their request. In the climax of the war, one founder took out an artifact that shifted the battle into their favor and helped the two goddesses win the war. However, using such artifacts was not without consequences. The first repercussion was the user of the artifact's body could not handle such weapons and ended dying from using its ultimate move. The second problem the artifacts gained the attention of all others gods and goddesses around the world. Therefore, the founders had no choice but to claim the favor of the goddesses to hide them and their family from the rest of the world to stop them from being prey to greedy gods.

The artifact that could even slay gods was hidden by one of the founder's family so that its new generations would not fight over the artifact due to human greed. The founder made sure only very few people would know about the artifacts and the real history of the founding of the village. As generations passed less and fewer people even knew about the secret. Now in the current time, only himself knows about its existence. Even then, he did not know what or where the artifact was or which family currently held on to it.

Protecting the village was a barrier made by the two goddesses around the entire forest to make sure no one can enter or leave. Moreover, with the dangerous beast that appeared during the night, no one can enter or leave even if they somehow bypass the barrier. Furthermore, over the past hundreds of years, Shirou was the only one who manages to find their village. Usually, if this was another case, he would have eliminated the person from trespassing since it was one of the village rules to never allow outsiders. However, since he saw the young Shirou, he allowed an exception due to his age and extreme similarity to Aisha's husband that he allowed into the village.

On another note, the only lie the village ever told the red-headed boy was about the trips to the city since no one can leave the forest without completely removing the god magic and blessing of the village. He had hoped to wait a year or so before telling the boy the truth in hopes he gained enough attachment to Aisha's family and Siduri that he would consider staying permanently.

After examining his thought, Ziad quickly realized that there must be an outside force that leads to this situation since he could still feel the god magic still filling the air that would prevent any monster higher than lord rank from appearing. As he was running through the forest, he could smell a twisted energy atmosphere that the king-ranked beast leaked in the near distance close to the place of the cliff.

"Come on, I can feel it," Ziad yelled as he reinforced his leg and sped up faster. The other hunters quickly follow suit using their skills and movement.

Ziad was the first one to arrive as he spotted the young red-headed boy on his knees covered in blood at the edge of the cliff. Before he could do anything, he saw the giant demonic wolf missing a leg with countless weapons stuck on its body with an aura that covered the entire air of pure chaotic evil energy.

Ziad immediately rushed forward, a fist covered by his magical gauntlet attempting to stop the wolf. However, he was one step too late as he saw the promising young boy he had grown fond of over the past months falling into the 1000 feet deep cliff alongside the king-ranked beast.

He stopped by the edge and looked down to see two figures slowly falling to their death.

Ziad felt his body go numb as the other hunter arrived to see him on his knee with a hopeless down the cliff. The hunters could tell they were too late to help and look down in shame as they could not even save a new member of their village.

After a few moments, Ziad punched the ground and yelled, "I FAIL AGAIN!" The scene reminds him of how he failed to help Aisha's husband during that night, leaving the man to die as he was forced to escape.

"Ziad," the second-best hunter of the village, saw the scene and tried to consult his old friend, "There was nothing you could have done about it we were too slow and..."

Ziad interrupts the man and murmurs, "What am I going to tell Aisha and Siduri."

A feeling of hopelessness engulfed him as he remembered the night he returned and told Aisha about the news about her son and husband. He could remember the despair that filled the woman. He was sure if she did not have Nanyah to care for, she would have long since departed from the world. The woman was never the same cheerful person he once knew. She was a shell of what she used to be living day by day to see her last remaining kin grow up. He was sure that if that kept going on for a few more years, she would undoubtedly leave the world absurdly. However, over the past month, the woman who spent time with young Shirou has slowly reverted to her usual self as a loving mother. Now he has to return to the village once again to let her know that the kid she saved by the river who she treated as a second son was gone, which would devastate the poor woman.

Furthermore, he could tell his daughter started having feelings for the boy, and he even hoped that in the future, when he could convince the boy to stay in the village permanently, he would have made a good husband for his girl. Siduri has always prided herself as a strong independent woman that no other male in the village would be brave enough to chase after her heart, especially with him as her father no one would be dumb enough, to break her heart. She was considered a cold-hearted person, which was the reason she did not have any friends within the village except for Nanyah and Aisha. She has been alone most of her life because and has become closed off from the world. He was afraid she would never leave that shell and end alone for the rest of her life. However, as time passed when she spent time with young Shirou, she began to warm up about her feelings and even looked a lot happier. Allowing the young boy to stay in the village was one of the best things he had ever done since Shirou was able to help heal their heart that was broken. As he thought back to the good thing the boy brought along with him during his stay at the village and was not his stomach talking whenever he dined the young man food, how Ziad wished that this day would never happen.

Ziad broke out of his train thought, as the lead hunter once again spoke up, "Ziad, I know what he meant to them, and if you want, I could be the one to lay the bad news."

Ziad shook his head denying the comment, and said as he stood up, "No… it was my fault. I will let them know myself."

The hunters nodded in agreement with a sense of pity. They all had gotten to know Shirou over the past months from sparing or hunting together. There was one time when the young man cooked an entire feast for the hunters after a long day of work. The food somehow brought everyone into a state transcending humanity. Everyone that had the food that night will never enjoy another's food ever again. They have all accepted the boy as a member of the village and with all skills. The boy had in combat he had fitted right in with the other hunters. They will miss having using the weapons that the boy could create. The guns were especially fun to use in their minds and especially the heavenly food.

"Come on," Ziad walked back into the forest discontented and continued, "Let head back nightfall will arrive shortly."

Alvan and Siduri arrived back at the village as they saw Aisha and her daughter waiting at the front of the hunter building with an anxious expression.

"Mom, look over there it's Siduri!" Nanyah said happily as a smile slowly appeared on Aisha's face. However, after a moment, that smile turned into a frown as she could tell the person next to Siduri was not her Shirou but another hunter.

Aisha observed the younger girl's face filled with despair and guilt, as her worry started to overwhelm her. She ran up to the two and opened her mouth asking a question that she knew the answer to be full of disappointment, "Siduri, where Shirou?"

Siduri stared at the older woman a few seconds before tears unconsciously fell from her as she tried to open her mouth, but no word would come out. She knew how much Shirou meant to the older woman. She could see it in Aisha's eyes every time she came over to their house for food. At first, she thought Aisha saw the red-headed boy as a son Aisha had lost a few years ago. However, as time moved forward, she would notice those feelings were something much more.

Shirou was not just a son to her. He was a lifeline that continued to heal the older woman from the pain she contained over the years.

After a moment, Siduri was finally able to speak normally, "I'm sorry Aisha, I left him there with the beast." She explained, taking all the blame onto herself.

Aisha and Nanyah stood stunned, unknowing what to think about the situation.

Aisha knew that being a hunter was a dangerous profession especially. She had wanted her husband to quit many times once they had their son, but she was unable to convince the man. The person who reminded her so much of her late husband when they were still kids, was now in the same situations that she always feared. As she loses herself in thought, a feeling within her broke just like a broken mirror.

Alvan realized the tension and said, "Aisha, don't worry, master Ziad and the other elite hunters when and help Shirou. So they should be back soon."

Aisha stared at the older hunter with a hint of hope. However, for some reason, she could not get herself out of the mentality of the worst situation that had happened. It was just like the night Ziad when after her husband and son, they said to not worry and that Ziad would bring them back safely. After that day, she knew that deep down something was broken, as she was never the same. She could no longer feel the emotions of joy and happiness; only grief and sorrow linger throughout her mind. She had thought of joining her husband and son multiple times. However, little Nanyah would suffer if she were to do that. Therefore she forced herself to put on a fake smile every day and blew onto her dimmed flame to keep herself from slowly extinguishing until her daughter was at an age and found herself a good family. However, everything changed when she saved that young red-headed boy, and with each passing day she spent time with him, her flame started to grow stronger and brighter. She no longer has to overwork herself to forget in the memories. She was able to regain the emotions she once lost happiness and joy filled her heart with each passing day. She would wake up each day to help Shirou out in the kitchen that reminded her what she used to do with her husband. She was no longer living just to wait for the moment until everything collapse. She was now living with the hope that the present never ends.

The group broke out of their train of thought as they heard more hunters coming in the distance.

Aisha and Siduri quickly turn their attention to the older man leading the team as they immediately rush toward the man while looking over the entire team, checking for a red-headed boy.

Desperation and anguish slowly fill the groups as they realize the hunters returned without the person who has changed their lives in the short time he had been with them all.

"I'm sorry" Ziad broke the news while feeling guilty that he was in the same situation once again.

"What… how could that be?" Siduri hysterically said as she could not believe why her father was saying sorry. "You just can't find him right?" as she desperately tried to reason, "maybe we can retrace back to where I was with him during the time."

Ziad shook his head and explained in a griefing tone, "No, we found him but it was too late."

"YOU FOUND HIM? THAN WHERE IS HE!" Aisha rushed toward the older man and grabbed his shirt yelling directly in his face with a broken voice.

"I'm sorry, Aisha." Ziad looked at the woman, who was now filled with tears and eyes bloody red.

"STOP SAYING THAT! WHERE IS HE!" Aisha screamed as she started hitting him on the chest repeatedly while quivering, "YOU ARE STRONGEST PERSON IN VILLAGE HOW CAN YOU LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!" The older woman started to break down and fall onto her knees staring at the ground filled with grief.

"Dad is not true right? You said you saw him? Then why didn't you bring him back?" Siduri still had a hint of hope in her voice.

"Yes, we found him kneeling in a puddle of blood but before we get the chance to help him," Ziad stared at his daughter with shame and said, "The injured king rank beast suicide by dragging Shirou down with it into the major cliff in the east."

Hearing the statement, Siduri broke down while murmuring 'It's my fault' repeatedly. Ziad quickly noticed that Aisha was no longer crying, which left him even more worried since she was now staring at the ground blankly emotionless. How much he hated himself for being unable to do something for the woman after so many years.

Below the gain, the cliff contained a large body of water flowing downstream while the sound of water collating into the rocks. On either side of the river was a small rocky shore surrounded by mountains of rocks, making it seem like a very tight-fit canyon.

On the shore, a body was lying unconscious on a giant rock. The person was injured with his shirt mostly ripped apart bareback with countless scars and cuts throughout his body.

Shirou woke up feeling extremely dizzy and in pain throughout his body. He groaned in pain as he knew that most of his wounds had been sealed but not completely healed. His face paled as he could feel the Kiritsugu curse was now in his lungs as he had trouble breathing. He started to feel hopeless when his body slowly corrupted him with a curse similar to his father. If only he knew that the wolf somehow merged with the curse in the process would make him more cautious and not let his guard down that caused him to be in this situation in the first place.

Shirou sighed as he thought to himself, 'If only I didn't use Kiritsugu during the first fight. I would not be cursed right now, but I would have been dead if I did not use Kiritsugu.' He groaned as he sat up, 'Why is my luck so bad.' He looked down at his hand where the golden ring was still stuck onto, 'If it were not for you I would be enjoying my time in my beloved kitchen.'

Shirou shook his head, smiling at his luck as he turned his focus to observing his surroundings as he saw a limitless stream of water flowing down into a cave. The only path he could travel was either back up the stream of mountain water or head toward the cave system. Turning his attention upward, he saw the massive side of the cliff that he could not even see the top.

"Climbing back up is gonna be a challenge." the red-headed boy said jokingly. He rubbed his stomach as he felt the hunger engulfing his injured body. It seemed the only path was to enter the cave. He quickly climbed over to the entrance of the cave.

Upon entering the cave, he saw a dark tunnel leading deeper into the endless darkness. Before exploring, he uses what every magical energy had recovered and summons a few logs he stashes up in his storage to start a fire.

Shirou feels the warmness of the fire. He allowed his body to relax a little. He could no longer feel immediate danger which might as well make it comfortable. He summons some dried rations to fill his empty stomach.

After a few minutes, Shirou sat cross-legged while trying to feel his body status. There were numerous wounds throughout his body along with several ruptured organs that were still being regenerated by Avalon. Furthermore, his father's curse was moving very slowly ever since he stopped using his magic circuits and crest. He determined that just like his father, the more he uses his magical circuits, the faster the curse will corrupt, and most importantly since he was injured all over does not help with the situation.

Shirou closed his eyes while shaking his head, finding the situation somewhat ironic. The person that saved him was now the reason he was currently dying, even though most of it was his fault in the first place. If only he recognized the beast's appearance had something to do with the Kiritsugu curse. However, what he found strange was the curse should not be that strong, to begin with. His father made the blade intending to have the curse with around ten percent of the original curse power.

Therefore, the curse should only at most paralyze the beast and not make it stronger or even replicate the original power of the curse that was now inside his body. He needed to find a way home and get Rin's help on the subject. When his father was still alive, he would find Rin occasionally talking about the curse and she even tried to find a solution herself, but even if she was a prodigy in magecraft she could not do anything about it.

Suddenly while in the miss of relaxation the same evil ominous aura he knew fully well appeared from the distance outside of the cave entrance where his sense finally picked up.

Shirou opened his eyes in shock and spoke in a frustrated expression, "HOW IS IT STILL ALIVE?" He knew he was being hypocritical at the moment since the same could say the same to him.

He quickly stopped the fire and sent the remaining wood back into his storage to hide all the trace. For some reason, the beast was able to keep on tracking him no matter where he was which was a major problem. 'Was it his scent?',' His aura?',' energy?' for now he ignored the question and needed to figure out a way to stay alive in this situation. He knew he would be unable to give a fight in his current state. He turned his focus toward the cave as he decided there was no choice but to enter deeper into the tunnel hoping he would lose the monster.

The first time Shirou was glad that he accidentally enhanced his eyes in the past, now he could see in the dark perfectly well. Otherwise, he would have been lost in the cave with no vision. He never thought the cave was so big and deep that it was like walking through a giant maze. As he continued to walk through the tunnels, he could no longer feel the beast's pressure. After a moment, he decided to continue to explore further and to create a distance between him and the wolf.

Furthermore, with all layout of the cave where he was suppressed, he hasn't walked into a dead yet. Then again the moment he enters the cave as if something was guiding him through all the different tunnels and entryways, there was this feeling of something calling him from deeper in the cave.

He decided to trust this feeling even though he knew his e-rank luck would somehow find a way to mess with him once again.

After a while, he no longer knows how much time has passed since he was walking.

The red-headed boy finally stopped in front of an old giant ancient door with a bunch of weird wacky lines that seem to be some form of an ancient lost language.

The closer he got to the door, the faster his heartbeat as he noticed the immense aura leaking behind that door. For some reason, it seems that the curse within his body started to react to the foreign aura.

Shirou was now having second thoughts if entering this place was the right idea or not. However, for some reason, something kept on calling him from behind the door. After a moment, he gritted his teeth and pushed open the door. The moment he touched the door, a bright engulfed his vision for a moment as he heard a ringing sound of the door being slowly open.

"I thought that was gonna be harder for some reason." The red-headed exclaimed.

As the bright light died down, his vision slowly recovered as the door went down wide for him to enter. Stepped inside he observed the surrounding. He saw there were a bunch of gemstones all around the place lighting up the place, unlike the darkness from the tunnels in the cave.

The most noticeable thing inside the room was that several skeletons were lying around the place. There were over a dozen from his count alone. Furthermore, from what he could see they were all fighting each other since there were swords, spears, threads, and needles sticking out from the skeletons.

As Shirou walked deeper into the room, he saw an altar made out of rocks at the end that had a katana stuck in the middle with a skeleton holding onto the handle.

The scene shocked the boy as he thought to himself, "What is a katana doing all the way here, somewhere in the middle east."

Shirou soon realized that the sword was the reason that led all these people to fight one another since it seemed the last skeleton was the clear winner that managed to reach the katana. However, for some reason, the winner still ended up passing away. As he observed the katana, he realized that it was the one calling and guiding him to this place. He walked toward the altar as he clapped his hand together and bowed toward the unknown skeleton and, prayed for his disrespect when he slowly removed its bonny arm to the side.

He now has the full view of the katana. It was a moderately curved katana with a white edge and a distinct blue Hamon that has the appearance of flames. Its tsuba was golden and shaped like a rounded cross Pattee; the hilt was warped reddish-brown, with a golden clasp around its middle and a golden kashira pommel. The sheath of the swords was stuck to the left of the sword on the latter had a deep red design of the hilt, having two golden clasps in short succession around its middle and the kojiri end cap also being golden.

He was marvelous at the craftsmanship of the sword as he had never laid eyes on such a powerful weapon before. The katana may have been inferior to the dagger that Aisha gave him, but it was ten times better than both his Kiritsugu and Irisviel combined. Just the demonic aura it emulates from its blade trumpet his Kiritsugu, it could even rival the original curse at full power.

Shirou slowly grabbed the handle of the katana with his right hand as he suddenly felt enormous energy coming from the sword. For a moment, he felt pain throughout his entire body as his father cursed activated at full power rushing throughout his body. It was at that moment the katana started to shake as an absorption feeling flowed in the palm of his hand.

Instead of corrupting his organs started to flow through the directions of his hand into the katana. As the draining continued, a strange black marking began to grow from the top of his arm down to his hand glowing in a light similar to his circuit activation.

A few minutes went by as he could feel the curse within him dimmed and it seemed like his corrupted lungs were now free allowing him to breathe normally. It seems that the katana somehow absorbed and contained the curse in his body by at least 80 percent. The markings have stopped growing as it now looks like some kind of tattoo. He could tell that the shape of the tattoo was a mythical Chinese dragon, but for some reason, it is pure black with a hint of red on the scale along with a demonic aura around the thing. When he felt the draining from the katana stopped he let go of the handle, but the moment he released the sword, the curse in his body started to move and tried to corrupt his organ once again.

Shirou realized the problem as he quickly grabbed the katana once again and just like that the curse stopped like the first time. He could only smile at the scene as he murmured lightly, "It seems, it was fate that we met," turning his attention to the sword as he began to think of solutions to remove the sword from the rock altar.

Before he got the chance, he wanted to trace the weapon just in case he would need to project the weapon in the future to stop his curse from expanding.

"Trace On," Shirou said as his magical circuit actively lit up along with the tattoo on his arm. His eyes glowed as he absorbed the pieces of information of the weapon. However, unlike other weapons, he traced something different. The tracing was ten times harder, it may not be as difficult as Avalon, but the component and history of the katana were quite overwhelming. When he felt his mana was draining even faster that made his body hurt from the overheating of his circuit, he tried to stop, but before he could stop, blackness covered his vision as he passed out.

On a small tropical island, a person with black hair could be seen standing by the beach while watching the endless sea waving back and forth as the sunset. The black-haired person wore a long, dark-colored coat over his redshirt that exposed his bare chest showing an enormous "X" symbol's scar.

"Sup Cap'n" a voice came from behind as another person with green hair wearing a long dark-green coat closed on his waist and was held by a red sash, in which his three swords tucked. His coated exposes his bare chest, revealing his green haramaki underneath the cloak.

The green hair bloke stood next to the other person he called captain as they looked toward the sea before them.

After a few minutes, he broke the silence and said "I guess this goodbye."

"No, it won't," The black-hair person replied with an inhumanly wide smile on his face, "you will always find your way back no matter how many times you get lost."

They both laughed as the green-haired fellow handed his captain a sake cup and spoke in a serious tone, "I may be the strongest swordsman at the moment but I can feel that there are other strong individuals beyond the sea."

"Shishishishi,'' The black-haired bloke laughed in delight hearing his first mate answer.

" Besides," they both look a sip of sake before the green-haired bloke continues with an expression filled with determinations. "I have to find her, no matter how long it takes."

Shirou woke up with a massive headache and tried to get up from the ground while realizing that the katana was no longer on the altar but in his hand instead and sheathed. He turned his head toward the rocky altar but what was left was just a pile of broken stone with a strange blue book sticking out of the rocks that he was sure was not there when he first arrived.

Before he could reach out to check out the book, he suddenly felt the once familiar aura by the door. He turned his head and saw the dark wolf harassing him since the day he arrived in this odd world.

Shirou quickly jumped on his feet to fight to the death with the monster for the last time. The wolf saw its target and immediately rushed forward on its three remaining legs with such furious growling.

Shirou first thought to activate UBF, but for some reason, he clutches the katana in his hands as a memory appears from within his mind as he closed eye to recall the scene. In a blink of an eye, he immediately stood into the same stand the green-haired person from his memories. The monster closed in with its sharp fangs to lay waste on the redhead boy before it.

Shirou instantly opened his eyes and said calmly before his foes.

"Ittouryuu Lai: Shishi Sonson!"

Shirou disappeared from his spot faster than the speed of light and reappeared a millisecond later beyond the wolf as he slowly returned the sword to sheath. Without looking back, he knew the wolf was now gone forever as he heard the sound of two flesh dropped onto the ground.

After a moment he dropped onto the floor with both his arms bleeding from the strain of using the technique since without having his body in the conditions to wield such skills would cause harm to his body. He did not expect the skills to work at first since he was nowhere near having the muscle and strength to use such skill that he recalled from watching the memories of the green-haired man using it against numerous foes like a dragon, Fishman, to even a giant rock person. However, for some reason, the technique gave a sense of familiarity that allowed him to perfect the abilities.

Thanks to the Sandai Kitetsu, it was able to contain his father's curse within his body using its own curse as a base. Just like the Chinese saying from one of the web novels he once read, 'Use poison to counteract poison.'

From the memories, he was able to learn the origin of the sword and why only one person so far was able to contain the curse and use the sword to its full potential.

With his father's curse being temporarily stopped, he could use his magical circuit a lot more freely. With his circuit back to full functions, Avalon was working overtime to heal his wounded bodies.

After a few minutes, the red-headed boy stood up and turned around and saw the wolf he decapitated in half laying there unmoving and sent the corpse into his storage as materials he could use to research at a later date. He slowly walked toward the broken altar as he picked up the book below the rubble. The book had a blue cover with Chinese characters down a column on the left side of the book. For some reason, he could make out the characters that said 'Sunflower Manual'.

Shirou decided to research and sent it into his dimensional storage for a later date. With his hand still holding on to the Kitetsu since he had no choice but to carry it around since it could temporarily stop his curse. He quickly summoned a belt from his storage to keep the katana on his body without holding it all the time. Thankfully it seems the sword still functions as a curse stopper as along it on his body somewhere.

"Now I have to find a way back to the village before I miss their trip to the city." Shirou sighed as he observed the room one last time.

After a few days passed from the tragic event of a young boy who arrived with his wonderful present helped and changed those for the better. Now his presence was gone, leaving a deep hole for those who cared for him.

Ziad blamed himself for failing once again as he started to drink himself to sleep each night. His daughter locked herself in her room without even letting him in to consult her. Aisha has fallen into a close-minded coma with no sign of ever waking up, little Nanyah was sad about Shirou, but she quickly got over the loss due to her young mentality.

As he kept on drinking himself to forget, he heard footsteps coming at him as a voice with so little expression appeared, "Dad stop drinking." Siduri said emotionless as he could still see the large shadow under her eyes.

"Come with me to Aisha's house." the younger girl voiced her statement as she walked out of the house. Ziad quickly followed as he used his mana to remove the drunkenness from his body.

"I'm glad you are doing fine," Ziad said peacefully toward his daughter.

Siduri ignored her father's comment and spoke up, "Aisha is dealing with the situations a lot worse knowing how close she was with Shirou." After a moment of silence, she continued, "I do not want to lose another person I care about." she explained knowing full well Aisha and Nanyah were her only friends left in the village.

Now that Shirou was gone, it just reverted into the boring village it once was. She grew up in the village without ever getting the chance to see the outside world. She had always hated this place. She wanted to explore the wide world. She wants to see the big cities that she heard about from her father and the few books the village had. She had even planned to try her luck and leave the village in a few years and head toward a major city like Uruk that she read about.

The only reason the village still managed to keep up with news in the outside world was that her father yearly visited with the goddess for the offering. However, on every trip, they always ended up keeping him for a few days to chat. She was one of the lucky ones in the village for that reason. Her father would always share those stories to keep her happy since she was sure he knew about her wanting to leave the village someday. However, everything changed when she met the cute little red-headed young man who was filled with passion and determination with the strength to back up his goals and ideals. She could still remember the day he told her about his dream of becoming a hero of justice like his father. If it was anyone else, she would have thought they were a fool, but she knew Shirou would be able to achieve such foolish dreams. Her Shirou was like the missing piece puzzle that has made her complete. He was from the outside world where she wanted to be. The more she hung out with the boy, the more attachment she began to build for him. The stories he told her about the city he was raised in called Fuyuki seem like a place she would love to visit and stay with Shirou. The red-headed young man may have only been twelve years old, but he already acts like someone older than her. Even his appearance could be mistaken for being someone close to her age. She wanted to wait a little bit longer before telling him the truth about the village and maybe they could even leave together. She even considered that when he became a little older she would offer herself to him as his mate. The more she thought about her Shirou, the more her heart hurt as if a thousand needles pierced her repeatedly.

The two arrived at Aisha's house as they knocked and waited.

A few moments later, the door opened by a little girl whose eyes were bright red that seemed to be from hours of tears.

"Hey, Nanyah can we see your mother?" Siduri asked as the younger girls nodded and let them in. "H...how are you feeling?"

"No good, mommy won't wake up no matter what I do." The younger girl explained, "She won't even eat the leftover food that Shirou made from before."

"Can we see her?" Nanyah nodded in understanding since she wanted to stay in her room with no interruption, however thinking about Aisha made her worry.

The younger girl led the father and daughter duo to Aisha's room.

Siduri observed the room as it was the same it always was except an older woman was lying in bed with her eyes open emotionlessly. She came and sat next to the woman and clutched their hands together as she spoke in a softly soothing voice, " I know it hard, Aisha. But we have to move on eventually."

After a few moments of still not getting a response, she continued, "You haven't eaten in days. You are worrying everyone. We know that losing Shirou was harsh, especially when we only knew him for a month or so. It hurts every time I think about it, I was there with him, and if only I were a little bit stronger, I could stay and help against the monster. I know it is my fault that we lost him." At this point, she already had tears falling out of her eyes that even some landed on Aisha's unmoving face.

Ziad saw all his daughter open her heart and blamed herself for the situation, which made him want to speak and say it was her fault but his. However, knowing full well that his daughter would not allow him, he decided to keep his mouth shut while feeling the weight on his shoulder increase even more.

After a bit, Siduri continued, "He was there in your darkest time, he helped you heal, and now he would have wanted for you to stay like this. I could still remember how bright yours and his smiles were when you two were with one another. The wonderful god-like meals that he cooked for all of us. I even know that you watched him from afar whenever he was training with the hunters or by himself by the village river. Do you think he would be happy and smiling if he knew he was like this?"

Siduri continued after a moment letting the older woman digest the previous words, "Shirou is a hero, and that was why he helped heal us in this broken village. He is a hero that would sacrifice his life to save us without a blink of an eye so we could live another day. Therefore, it is only right to live and engrain those heroic deeds into our minds for all eternity. Moreover, Thinking back, I may have even started loving the damn heroic fool." She said the last statement unconsciously, but she suddenly felt her hand being squeezed, knowing that it got a response out of the unmoving woman.

"I know it's hard, especially he was like the son you have lost years ago but remember there is still another who relied on you," Siduri said as she looked at the younger girl sitting on the bed by her mother's feet. Before she could speak again, she could hear a cry from the woman and returned her focus on Aisha and saw the woman was now crying as she started to shake uncontrollably. She quickly pulls the woman into a hug as she consults the older woman now in her arms "Shh it's ok, let it all out."

After half an hour, she could hear a low whisper, "t-thank you."

Siduri decided to change the topic and said to the group, "How about some lunch?" Nanyah jumped joyfully that her mother was now back to normal while Ziad smiled slightly at the scene while guiding the little girl out of the room leaving Aisha and Siduri alone.

She helped the older woman over the bed as she heard Aisha suddenly said "Shirou was more than a son to me." smiling softly, leaving the teenage girl in shock and hysterical.

Hours, days, or even weeks, Shirou had no idea how long he had been trying to find his way back to the village. At first, he thought following the water would lead him out of the forest, but for some reason, it seems he was going in circles. He tried to find a way to leave the forest and returned home himself to deal with the curse first and return to the village at a later date with the girls to show his gratitude for saving and housing him.

However, no matter what direction he heads toward, it always comes back to the cliff where he felled. The luckiest part about his stay outside the village so far as it seemed that the aura of Kitetsu and his curse somehow scared off all other predators that would usually attack upon sight. Moreover, he has not run into any beast or monster more powerful than the wolf that he finally manages to eliminate.

As time passed, he got a little bit used to using Kitetsu as a single blade style. Even if he liked dual-wielding better, he has not found a second sword that complements his Kitetsu during combat. When he tried to project another katana, it was like if Kitetsu had a mind of its own causing him to be extremely uncomfortable when he tried dual-wielding along with a weaker blade. He even tried using it with Kiritsugu and Irisviel, but even they were rejected from being used alongside Kitetsu. For the time being, he was left to using only a single sword style before he could maybe find a weapon that Kitetsu accepts as its partner, or he might just outright project another Kitetsu with his magecraft.

Furthermore, It seems that Kitetsu was also hard to project when he first tried a couple of days after getting his hand on the katana. He could only project a version of Kitetsu that had around 20 percent of the original weapon. However, at least he knew it would be a hundred times easier tracing and projecting the katana than Avalon that he had been trying for years.

It seems the only way was to return to the village hoping they have not gone on their trading trips yet. He decided to track back to where he first fell unconscious and use that spot as a holder to climb back up the cliff he fell.

It took him over dozens of tries as he had to reinforce his entire body to the next stage to have the power and endurance needed to climb the endless cliff. Moreover, the past month he has been training in the village with Siduri, Ziad, and other Hunters had improved his overall muscle and physical power, similar to other veteran hunters.

He may not have the same physique as Ziad, but with his reinforcement and Avalon, he could easily reach that level of strength. He believed in a few years he would be stronger and beat Ziad in every way or form, and it was not just his ego speaking. After looking back to some of the memories from Kitetsu's original owner, he saw some battles that would leave him feeling helpless. He could remember a person in the memories of a giant being half human and half dragon showing strength that he would never believe. The person just its aura alone makes him feel like an ant about to be stepped on by a dinosaur.

Shirou knew he was not weak but for someone that could cause him to fear just by looking at him showed him how big the world truly was as if a monster like that existed in the past. For now, he would be happy to increase his strength to half of the strength of Kitetsu's original owner that fought and injured that half-dragon monster. He believed from the memories that with just that 'half.' He could become the hero his father always wanted to be. He would not even have to worry about the monsters from the clocktower that Rin told him that could rival some of the heroes from the age of gods. He would be able to protect Rin, Sakura, Taiga, Siduri, and Aisha from anything the world threw at him.

"Ugh, I finally made it." The red-headed boy let out a huge sigh as he tried to regain his breath from the hours along with the climbing session. "Now time to return to the village. At least this part of the forest is familiar."

Shirou quickly ran toward the locations where he and Siduri originally had lunch and traced his way back to the village from the route he knew.

However, as he got closer to the village he had a feeling that something was wrong. The feeling was worse than when the wolf chased him down into the cave as a worried look appeared on his face.

The closer he got, the more his heart beat faster, suddenly the smell of dark demonic smoke entered his nostrils. By the time he reached the village water source at the entrance of the forest. He saw the same blazing fire he once experienced.


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