December 14 2022

The God Hachiman of Rhozgelia


"I expected your hideout to be underground. I never thought that you were hiding in plain sight." I say while walking in a clean hallway on a building around ten stories tall. The lower floors served as restaurants and establishments which the syndicate used as a front. The Aeldari Enforcer says nothing as she continues leading us.

"I agree Master," Tsuki replies beside me still wearing her hood and veil. We had spent some time out of the city in a nice inn with an artificial hot spring while waitin g for things to cool down. I visited my airship this morning and everything looked fine. Kazuma and the Goblin Slayer's group had already left looking for other jobs but at least Marine and the others were still there.

"I'm taking you directly to our boss." The girl says in a very stiff tone.

I arch my brow at her reply, "What? Are you serious? Just like that? Aren't you afraid that I'm sent here to kill your boss or something?"

"I am a very good judge of character and I sense no hostility nor ill intentions from you two."

Tsuki and I exchange looks and shrug. "Well, that makes things easier for us."

We are led into a large library housing all kinds of books and artefacts with the Rhozgelian flag having from poles near the ceiling. Some people are going about their business and no one is paying us any mind.

"Quite the place you have here."

"Lady Andrevka is a scholar." The Aeldari says and waves her hand around the place. The sounds of her metallic footsteps stand out in the relatively silent room.

Hmph. I had a feeling that this person might also be hiding their true gender. Looks like I'm spot on.

"Oh, a fellow intellectual. Can't wait to meet her."

We enter a simple yet organized study deeper inside. It is similar to the library which we entered but with a smaller scope. Instead of lights powered by energy cores, bioluminescent mushrooms hang upside down and illuminate the room.

A tall woman around Mai's height is waiting for us. She is wearing long robes which hide her hands in loose sleeves.

But what strikes me the most is her red eyes, long sharp ears and ashen dark skin.

A Dark Elf or Dunmer.

She welcomes us with a small smile, "Welcome, Human. And your Druukhari servant. Please, sit."

Tsuki and I sit on the couch across from her with a small table separating us. The Aeldari Enforcer bows and leaves the room. I take off my half mask and Tsuki pulls down her veil and hood.

"I am Hikigaya and this is Tsuki."

The Dark Elf nods. No doubt she already knows our names.

"I am Andrevka. Now, I heard that you were looking for me and asking around for a shipment from an airship. I'm rather busy so I'd like to get this over with as soon as possible. I already know a thing or two about you so no need." She says, straight to the point.

"Hm. Same here." I hold out my hand and the device which oozes warp energy appears. She frowns deeply and leans closer to take a look.

"What is that?"

"I was hoping that you could tell me."

She shakes her head, "I may be an oligarch but I don't touch anything warp-related. I can sell you anything legal for that matter, but this sort of thing is dangerous. If the Inquisition catch wind of this we are as good as dead."

Tsuki raises her hand, "Wait, I thought you led a crime syndicate?"

"Nonsense. That is just hearsay to ruin my reputation. In any event, where did you find this? Research on warp technology is punishable by death here in the loyalist states." She says and I explain to her a summary of what happened all those weeks ago.

"I have tight control over my organization with eyes and ears everywhere and I would know if something like this occurred. However, I do know an individual crazy enough that deal with things like this. It also happens that I heard a rumour or two that he is involved with shady transactions with a few from the noble houses."

She snaps her fingers and some books come flying from their shelves. They open and pages with detailed drawn face separate from them and float in the air in front of us.

"While you were doing your investigations, you also attracted a lot of attention from unfriendly gangs and that gave us some breathing space to commence our operations. You could say that I indirectly owe you for that." Andrevka smiles and reveals pearly white teeth behind her lips.

"Wait, you're going to help us?" I ask with disbelief.

She looks rather amused by the tone in my voice. "I guess so. I can't tolerate anything warp-related even though I retired from the Inquisition two hundred years ago. Old habits die hard. Also, I have a personal vendetta against who we might be dealing with…"

The oligarch Andrevka pulls back her left sleeve and shows us a metallic automaton hand. Tsuki visibly gasps and Andrevka's left red eye glows eerily. I should have realized sooner since I smelled something metallic that stands out in the room.

"Oleg did this to me, the Druukhari bastard. No offence dearie." She says to my companion. Tsuki merely shakes her head indicating none was taken.

I'm not entirely sure if it's just my innate charm as a God or plain luck. But what I do know is that I am very lucky today.

"Lady Andrevka is an interesting woman isn't she?"

"Yeah. She's surprisingly very relaxed." I reply.

We had spent the last few hours discussing important matters and had dinner with her. Tsuki and I learned a lot about her as well as the intrigue and intricacies of the political, social and economic landscape of Vaastgorod that only an oligarch like her has insight on. More importantly, I found out that she is my devout follower and was there when the Capital fell to ruin nearly two hundred years ago. We just exited her building where a cold rainy night welcomed us.

I grab her slender waist and pull her aside behind the shadows of an alley as we walked in the busy streets. A gate opens and we enter and find ourselves right in front of my ship in the landing area. She wobbles a bit and holds my arm for balance.

"Are you okay? Sorry, that was too sudden."

"J-Just a bit dizzy…"

We go up the machine escalator, not very different from those used to connect to aeroplanes in my former world and walk to the deck to press the bell beside the door. I hear footsteps some moments later and the locks being unlocked from the inside. The door opens and I see Noel dressed in her pyjamas and a surprised expression forms on her pretty face.

"Oh! Captain! You're back!" She bows and lets us through and we make our way to the common hall where most of us lounge around in our free time.

"I was thinking that you abandoned us." She adds jokingly.

"We were all over Vaastgorod the past week and couldn't come home. Is Rushia still awake?"

Noel shakes her head. "She went to sleep some time ago. Um… Tsuki? Are you okay?" She asks my companion after noticing her unbalanced steps.

"I am fine, thank you. I just need to sit down…"

We finally arrive at the comfy lounge area. A slow fire burned in the small fireplace which gave the room its warmth in contrast to the cold rain outside. Flare is the first person I see on the table with a bookshelf behind it. She seems to be working on a spell but fails and the runes disappear after she loses concentration when she sees us.

I get tackled from my left by a red blur and we both fall on the floor as a result. Flare, Tsuki and Noel cry out with surprise and warning but I know that we're both fine. Of course, I already knew she was there but I felt bad if I were to ruin her fun.

"What the hell was that for woman?!" I groan and feign pain as she sits up and fixes her hair.

"No reason, ehee." Marine grins and helps me up. She hugs me tight and plants a kiss on my lips that lasted more than it was needed, much to the awkwardness and discomfort of the other occupants in the room. Tsuki visibly flushes when she hears the redhead make a low moan.

"O-Okay okay! T-That's enough!" Noel huffs and pouts as she separates us from each other. She ignores Marine when she leers and sticks out her tongue at her.

"Welcome back!" Marine smiles and leads us to the long couch which curved into a semi-circle with a short table and a fireplace in front of it. Tsuki lies down on the other side of it, still feeling very dizzy and disoriented while Marine sat beside me followed by the others. Pekora isn't here since she retired to her quarters early.

I start telling them our findings in great detail as they listen intently. Three pairs of eyes widen when I recall our meeting with Lady Andrevka.

"What?! She's a woman and a Dummer?! I thought she was an Orc!"

"An Ork? I heard from some labourers that she is a Dwarf!"

"I heard that she was a Lich. But that's not as crazy as her being a Flügel…" The three of them exclaim and start discussing the various extraordinary rumours that they've heard over the years.

"Well, she was a Dark Elf with her ash-grey skin, sharp ears and gloving red eyes," I say while not mentioning anything too personal about our new ally. Especially her artificial arm and possibly eye as well. "We'll be meeting with her again tomorrow and then wait until she gathers more information."

"Should we come too? She sounds very shady…"

"No need. I don't want you to get in any kind of danger."

The five of us stay and talk for another hour or two until we decide to retire to our rooms. Tsuki accompanies me to the bathroom and assists me with washing my back and hair. Druukhari society and culture are relaxed and not very strict when it comes to Master-Servant relations as well as this kind of stuff. She is very open to me and hides nothing.

"Do you think we can trust Lady Andrevka, Master?" She asks while gently scrubbing my arm with warm soap and water. Tsuki still feels awkward around the others but it's different when it's just us two.

I shrug, "We don't have any other choice but to do so. What do you think about her?"

"She seemed rather passionate and proud from what she told us during her days in the Inquisition. It is hard for me to comprehend that kind of background with her currently being an Oligarch …"

"There was an opportunity and she grabbed it. And I respect those who rise to the top through sheer willpower, cunning and hard work." I reply and close my eyes when she starts massaging my scalp.

"We should be careful Master. I may be speaking out of line, but you must let her know that you are her equal and not a subordinate."

"Yeah, I know. I'm not letting my guard down." I mutter through half-lidded eyes. "Do you have any ideas on how we should proceed?"

She stays quiet while going about her task while my eyes go over her naked pale grey body. The sigil over her chest is the same as the one found on my right hand. I still recall the horrifying and terrible state when she first emerged as a corrupted warp spawn some time ago which already feels like an eternity. I was going to slice her head off back then and put her out of her misery. Luckily, the God within me intervened. I still think about it from time to time.

Tsuki has gained a healthy amount of fat and muscle since being revived after her initial form being literal skin and bones. The wound she suffered in the village of Khalgiye is healing quickly and will completely disappear in another week or so. I'll also be removing any remaining ugly scars after that. I gave extra attention to her health and diet while reading about medicine, Druukhari anatomy and physiology, alchemy and physical therapy and rehabilitation from books inside my Gates. I'm so proud to see her like this - I feel like a doctor who helped his patient walk again after being disabled!

If I was fully mortal I'll want to pursue an occupation in medicine…

"I… No, I don't…" I pat her head and touch the side of her face in a reassuring gesture. Because of the link we have, we can feel each other's emotions. Right now, unease and dread fill her thoughts.

"Don't worry. It's going to be alright. Trust me." She nods and a small smile forms on her pale lips.

I see the bandage on her arm which reminds me of something important that I must do. "Oh, can you let me see the gash on your arm and leg? I forgot to check them these past few days."

I get up from the reclinable chair and have her sit beside me on the warm pool's edge. Her long white hair covers her breasts but leaves her nether regions exposed for me to see. She isn't embarrassed in the least about herself but respectfully looks away from my nakedness. I start examining her by carefully opening the waterproof Aeldari bandages that automatically disinfect the wound. It's amazing since the hard scabs don't stick to the bandage which helps in the healing process and reduces scars.

"Hm…? How odd."

"How are they, Master?"

"When did you put these on?" I ask.

"Yesterday morning. I disinfect and clean them as you instructed."

I slightly frown and pinch both of her cheeks and harshly pull on them. She yelps and makes cute and confused noises.

"M-Mashteeeer?! It huuurks!" I let go and she immediately starts rubbing her reddened swollen cheeks.

"I told you to replace them every eight hours!"

"B-But they are so expensive! A single one of these can feed a humble family of three for a month!" She pouts and reasons vehemently.

I sigh with exasperation. Tsuki is extremely thrifty and stingy with her finances from what I learned when we spent an entire week at that renowned hot springs estate. She paled at the prices and literally fainted when I booked the most luxurious room for the both of us.

I'm still a God and the arrogant and vain part within me will settle for no less damn it!

"Money isn't an issue! I'll always choose the best that money can buy and that includes medical supplies for you!" She apologizes profusely while I throw away the bandages to the side. I spend another hour just relaxing and listening to the calming flow of water. She hums a tune and sings with her beautiful and soothing voice. All Elves are blessed with power and ancient magic in their voices and have the ability to project images and scenes interpreted from the songs directly into the minds of their listeners. The Aeldari kings can put amies to sleep and clear a stormy sky with their voices alone.

Tsuki stays in the warm waters for a bit longer to calm her mind and relax her body. Wearing a bathrobe around myself, I go on ahead and exit the large room.

When Marine's room is within sight, the door slightly opens and I see her put her head out from the space between. She grins hotly with heavy breaths and beckons me to come inside with her left hand. The shiny ring on it which I gave her reflects the lights above.

"Well, I was going to ask her about something anyway…" I say to myself and walk towards her room.

I gently open the door…

"Will you be back for dinner?"

"Not sure. Just eat without me if we get late."

Marine sees me off at the ramp that leads off the airship. Behind her on the deck, Rushia is playing with Suu and Flare as the massive solar sails above us reflect and gather the sun's power into magical energy. The port is busy as always with airships landing and taking off at every moment of the day.

I sent Mai off last night on a secret mission which she happily accepted. It appears that hiding her prescience and guarding the ship had bored her to death. I feel sad that the Goblin Slayer and Kazuma's group had already left during absences but at least they left me letters written with their gratitude. Also, I gave each of them money and artefacts from my treasury with the latter being implanted with beacons so I know their exact location and if they're still alive.

"What do you want for tonight? Pekora has been going all out since you significantly expanded our food budget."

"Let her decide. I gave her full authority over the kitchen." I look to my left to see Noel wiping the glass windows on the airship accompanied by a pair of automaton servants. I should produce more automatons from my Gates when I get back.

"If she keeps this up she's going to turn us fat..." Marine mumbles as I put my hand on her waist.

"Hehe. I wouldn't mind a few love handles on you…" I pinch her soft belly and sides. She looks so much more beautiful and mature with her red hair down. As well as the long white indoor robes that I bought for her made from the highest quality silk in the city. We went shopping just before I left and the jewelry that she bought really suits her.

"Kyaaa~. Hehehe~" She gets all giddy and giggles, weakly pushing against me as I cover her neck and cheeks with my kisses. We laugh when Noel yells at us to stop from above and threatens to throw her bucket full of dusty water on our heads.

"Is there something on my face?" I ask when she smiles and goes silent while gazing into my eyes similar to her own.

"No, I'm just glad that I accepted your offer, that's all. Hehehehe." She grins happily and shows off the ring on her left hand. After kissing me one last time, we say our goodbyes and I go down the ramp where Tsuki was waiting patiently for me.

We take the quickest route to Lady Adrevka's building via a large air balloon that can fit thirty people at most. It is the most efficient mode of transport in the city aside from chariots, wheeled ground vehicles and an early version of a train. It'll take maybe a few more decades before they can reach the level of technology used by the Shinkansen.

Our air balloon is over a large park and I sense something is wrong after gazing down at the panicking and running people below. The buildings around visibly shake as the alarm in the district start going off one after another. Tsuki and I lean over the railings and we hear the other passengers whisper nervously amongst each other.

"What is it, Master?"

I frown and shake my head, "I don't know but it's not an earthquake. A tunnelling accident perhaps?"

The ground at the centre of the park explodes and trees and dirt are sent flying in all directions. The female passengers start screaming when a tree trunk barely misses us. From the hole in the ground comes a huge serpentine figure. Its metallic and segmented body shines against the sunlight and a deafening roar escapes its massive jaws when they opened. Tsuki's eyes behind her magical veil widen when she recognizes the creature rarely seen above ground.


"A STEELIX !" I exclaim with a childlike grin with excitement growing within me. I don't have a specimen as a Familiar in my Gate since they are so rare. Ever since being reminded of their existence, I always wanted one. "An adult female by the looks of it! She's gorgeous!"

Tsuki and the other passengers yelp when I stand on the railings and peer at the magnificent beast below. Of course, my balance is perfect since I'm a God and all that.

"Master?! W-What are you doing?!"

"I'm gonna catch it."

With that, I drop off the railing and dive straight towards the high-level danger beast with the intent to capture it and make it a fine addition to my collection.