Hello everyone this is my first crack at writing FF so please bear with me here as I learn how to understand and make this website work for myself. Without further ado here's my story

The Clowns Son

Chapter 1

"Dad hurry up already!" a young brown haired boy no older than the age of seven yelled, annoyed at his father. "Calm down son. The circus isn't going to leave any time soon." replied a man with bright white hair that looked to be at least 27 years of age. "Well with how slow you're walking it will be gone by the time we get there!"replied the boy frustrated at his fathers calmness to the situation. The man couldn't help but chuckle at his son's impatience and hothead ness reminding him of himself when he was young. "Ok Mana, hang on tight!" the young man quickly grabbed his sons hand and swung the boy around himself placing the young lad on his shoulders behind his head. The boy named Mana quickly grabbed his fathers hair gently not wanting to hurt the man.

All of a sudden Mana felt a blast of cold wind hit his face, he closed his eyes feeling the quick movement. The white haired man jumped up high onto the rooftops of the buildings in the city and was moving from one rooftop to the next as quick as he could, his white cape billowing behind him as he ran. "Now we should be able to get to the circus quicker." the man stated to his son quite proud of himself "Hell yeah we can!" the boy yelled back quite happily. The man immediately stopped his movements and landed back on the ground on the sidewalk of the city. The people who were walking immediately freaked out at seeing a man fall from the sky with a white cape but, the man payed no attention to them as his only concern now was the foul language that came from his sons mouth. "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU LEARN TO TALK LIKE THAT!?" yelled the man as he quickly removed the boy from his shoulders placing the lad directly in front himself to get a good look at his sons face. "WHERE ELSE OLD MAN?!" the boy yelled angrily back at his father, the man felt a vein in his forehead throb and his eye twitched at the arrogance the boy was giving him.

He lifted up his white cloaked hand and quickly punched the boy on his head. "OW!" the boy collapsed face first on the concrete sidewalk, cracking it at the force of his fathers punch. Mana felt steam rise from his head as well as a comically large bump form. "GODAMNIT YOU SHITTY OLD MAN YOU DID'NT HAVE TO HIT ME THAT HARD!" Wack! Another punch to the head, Mana groaned in pain on the ground. The man sighed annoyed at his sons sharp tongue, he sometimes couldn't help his old tendencies from when he was younger come out especially when he's around Kanda. More than likely all those loud arguments between the two had finally engraved themselves into his sons head and he was paying the price. "Damn you Kanda!" the man thought angrily to himself as he tightened his fist in front of his face with very noticeable vein popping from his forehead. He calmed down when he noticed his son had gotten up at this point during the time he was thinking about that long haired bastard. "Uhg, fine!" the man groaned out, "You just better not catch your mother hearing you talk like that or it would be over for the both of us"

"Yeeeesss siirr" Mana drawled out to the man with a roll of his eyes. The man felt his right eye twitch again but decided to ignore punching the brat. He let out a sigh to calm himself, he knew if he continued they'd be here all night "Ok let's get moving again we don't want to miss the circus performance" Mana immediately perked up and climbed back onto his fathers shoulders in a hurry "Alright then let's go already!". The man chuckled at this, enjoying how quickly his sons demeanor changed at the mention of the circus. He immediately jumped back up into the air and onto the rooftops wanting to get his son to the circus quickly becoming impatient himself. "The quicker we get there the quicker we can get back" the man thought to himself. Well, it was more of a hopeful man started to sweat heavily as the situation really started to settle in of what he was doing. He had snuck Mana out past his bedtime to catch the late night circus performance. His wife would kill him if she found out about this.

"Dad I see the lights!" Mana shouted excitedly from his shoulders as they saw the circus coming into view. The man landed quickly on the grass a couple of feet away from the large tent, deactivating his powers he placed the excited boy on the ground. There was a good amount of people walking into the brightly lit tent getting ready to watch the show. "Come on dad! Hurry up!" the boy hurriedly grabbed his fathers hand as he quickly dragged him towards the tent. The man couldn't help but laugh as he watched his son with a bright smile on his face pull him towards the show. That's when it clicked for the man, the brightly lit tent, the lights that illuminated his sons face, the smile the young boy was giving him made all of his fears wash away. He knew right then and there, that he wouldn't regret this choice at all.

He was now regretting his choice. His wife quite easily found out about their late night jaunt to the circus. The man and the boy were currently sitting in the seiza position, they both had thought they had gotten away with it. The man had thought he had gotten his son quietly back into his bedroom and he himself back into the one he shared with his wife but no, unfortunately they had been caught red handed. Unfortunately his son was far too tired all morning and it apparently had become a red flag for his wife to easily figure out something was wrong. Women's intuition was a scary thing, he should've known better by now to never underestimate a women, especially a mother's, sixth sense.

But to back to the current predicament, the clicking of the women's heels that signified the women was pacing back and forth in front of them made them shiver. The man and the boy were sweating bullets while they looked at the ground in front of them not wanting to lift their heads up to look at the extremely angry women in front of them. Then all of a sudden the clicking had stopped, there was a loud stomp instead as the women's heels, red ankle rings and stocking covered legs came into their narrow view. "So you thought you could go sneaking out late at night to have fun and not get caught huh?" Words had finally been said. The question had a lot of anger and malice behind it and the two males shivered, not wanting to answer at all or even look up at the angry lady.

The man turned his head slightly to look at his son, the poor boy looked like he was about to pass out. The man knew what he had to do, he couldn't just sit here like this and have his son take blame. It was his fault and he was going to be a man about this, it was time to come clean. He looked up and the man immediately had his bravery shattered, his wife's face was scrunched in anger, her eyes looked like those of a demon and he could've sworn the women was producing a visible purple aura of anger in front of him. "Didn't even know that was possible" the man had thought to himself, he then realized his wife was looking at him for an explanation. He quickly shook his head, not wanting his thoughts to wander. He needed a way out of this, he was going to take all the blame but now he feared what punishment his wife would have for him if he came clean.

He immediately racked his brain of all the things his master had taught him hoping for something useful. Ding! An imaginary lightbulb had popped up over his head. He had a plan, he got up to his feet while his son looked at him with wide eyed bravery, the boy stared at the mans large back that was walking away from him, slightly, in that moment, Mana thought his father looked cool. The women raised her right eyebrow as she wondered what type of bravery had the man gotten in the last few seconds to disobey her commends from earlier to be sitting on the floor till she allowed them so.

The man walked up to the green haired women till their faces were inches apart. He then raised up his left hand to touch his wife's face, he curled his four fingers gently below her chin while his thumb helped tilt her head to have her look deeply into his eyes as he said her name, "Lenalee" the man had her name escape from his lips in a low seductive whisper. Her breathing had become irregular at this moment as she stared deeply into her husband's silver colored eyes, getting lost them in. "Allen" Lenalee whispered back breathlessly getting caught in the mans trap. Yes, the man was going use the plan his master had used dozens of times on women through their travels together with a high success rate. He was going to sweet talk and seduce the women, his master would be proud.

He wrapped his right arm around Lenalee's waist pulling her body flush against his own. Lenalee's cheeks were tainted pink while she stared wide eyed at her husband not wanting to break eye contact. Allen then slowly lowered his face and pressed his lips softly against Lenalee's. She quickly wrapped her arms around the mans neck trailing her hands into his white hair as she grabbed fistful chunks gently. Lenalee had immediately gotten bored with the soft kiss and decided she needed more. She licked Allen's lips softly signaling what she wanted, he quickly obliged, he opened his mouth and Lenalee quickly took advantage. Allen being the competitive man that he was decided to fight back against Lenalees own tongue. Lenalee couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips when she felt Allen fight against her. She instinctively had her right leg lift up off the floor to lean onto Allen knowing he could support her quite easily. Allen himself tightened his hold on his wife's waist enjoying the sounds she was making, he was quite proud of himself. The two continued their struggle for dominance over one another getting lost in the moment.

Meanwhile the young boy who was still sitting on the floor in the saiza position couldn't help but look on at shock. He felt a mix of emotions, disgust and anger, his anger came from being forgotten by his smooching parents and his disgust doesn't even need an explanation. He didn't expect his father to pull something like this but if it will get them out of trouble he would endure watching the disgusting display for now. Lenalee and Allen had finally run out breath and separated their lips from one another taking in much needed oxygen. They still held onto each other tightly as they stared lovingly into each other's eyes. Lenalee placed her right leg back onto the two love birds smiled at each other "Allen" Lenalee whispered her husbands name breathlessly as she heaved trying to take in oxygen, "Yes my love, what is it?" WACK! The man was now lying on a cracked hardwood floor face first seeing stars. He had comically large bump form with steam rising off his head.

The women stood over the man with her left leg raised up in the air as her right leg was helping support her weight. The heel of Lenalee's foot had steaming rising from it showcasing the force and speed at which she clobbered her husband at. The women had her arms crossed underneath her well endowed chest in this position. Lenalee's face also had turned back into a demon with visible purple aura surrounding her. She looked like a demon queen ready to punish some subordinates that defied her orders. Well technically they did but that's neither here or there at the moment. Allen groaned in pain as he looked up from the floor at the angry demon women above him and squeaked in fear. "First I'll deal with you Mana" she turned her angry gaze towards the brown haired boy who was now shaking in fear as he wondered what type of punishment his mother would give him.

"NO MITARASHI DANGO OR ANY DESSERT FOR A WEEK AFTER LUNCH AND DINNER!" Lenalee yelled at the boy in anger. The boy felt his body turn white and crack in shock at this terrible punishment. The boy was about to reply at the unfairness but immediately shut his mouth when he saw the look his mother had given him. It wasn't up for debate, "Now for the brains of this operation" Lenalee had gone into a squatting position with her hands tucked underneath her chin in front the man who was still lying on the floor. She had an evil smile grace her lips already knowing what punishment was in store for the man. The man squealed in fear, not knowing what his wife was planning. "Ok Mana you can go now" the two males shivered in extreme fear like they had just witnessed a Level 4 Akuma be birthed in front of them. "Don't make me repeat myself Mana" Lenalee had stated this in a eerily calm manner. Mana rushed himself up from his uncomfortable sitting position faster than even the quickest exorcist in the whole Black Order could move and ran towards the door wanting to leave this terrifying room.

Before he twisted the doorknob he looked back at his fathers face and his father stared back. It was a silent moment between father and son as they communicated through their eyes I love you son/dad. They both smiled softly at one another understanding the message they were sending each other. "Oh! Also, Mana lock the door on the way out" Allen's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and Mana's own couldn't help but look back at his father in fear. He then turned his gaze to his mother and shivered at what he saw, the women was smiling back at him normally with her eyes slightly narrowed, nothing was wrong with the smile but the boy knew there was something sinister behind it. He gulped and shivered, the boy slowly turned back around taking one last glance at his father. "I love you dad" Click. The door had been shut and locked behind the boy as he left.

Silence. The man was still lying on the floor looking up at his wife who was squatting directly in front him with her hands tucked underneath her chin with the same creepy smile on her face looking down at him. He couldn't help but let his mind wander as he sweated, he loved his wife's legs and he was getting a nice view of them from here but he knew that wouldn't last. He whispered some last minute prayers to God hoping his journey to the afterlife wouldn't be so soon. A small evil chuckle escaped the 28 year old women's lips. Allen sweated as he looked back at her face. Allen had decided to pick himself up and was no longer lying on the floor face first and now was instead leaning on his elbows directly in front of his wife's face as she had inched herself closer while he was picking himself up. He gulped in fear.

Lenalee quickly pushed Allen onto his back and straddled his waist. Allen looked up at shock and confusion not understanding what Lenalee was doing. That smile she was supporting never left her face, then Lenalee placed both hands on Allen's chest as she leaned forward. Allen squeezed his eyes closed as he felt Lenalees soft breath tickling his neck, but he quickly opened them in shock when he felt her nibbling his neck. She stopped and stared back at Allen and his breathing hitched when she she lowered her face toward his ear. Her breathing tickled him "You were gone on a mission for two whole months and the first night you get back you run off" he widened his eyes in shock at this fearing where it was going "But that's fine." yup she wasn't finished "Because your not getting any breaks any time soon for the next couple of days" Allen eyes had widened to the size of dinner plates. Lenalee then moved her face to stare directly at Allen and shivered in fear at what he was now seeing, her cheeks were bright red and her thin smile from earlier had stretched to a giant grin. Lenalees eyes were no longer filled with anger. They were filled with lust.

Allen could only do one thing in this situation, he screamed.

Mana shivered, he heard a loud scream echo down the hallway he was walking down that sounded familiarly like his father. He stopped and turned around, no, he knew it was his father because the direction that scream had come from was towards his parents bedroom. He turned back around and kept walking deciding to go train to get his mind off his fathers punishment, whatever it may be. The boy shivered letting his mind run wild with terrible ideas of what his mother was doing to his father.

While walking towards the training room he wondered if he could even find his master "Damn bastard is probably off flirting with women again" the boy felt his eye twitch at this knowing he was probably correct. He let out a sigh to calm himself and continued walking towards the training room. As he approached he heard grunts, heavy breathing, and the clanging of metal, he wasn't the only one who decided to train. He turned the corner and saw the people who were there. There was a man with long purple hair tied in a ponytail sitting crossed legged in front of two girls who were breathing and sweating heavily from the sparring session they were currently in.

One of the girls had short green hair that flowed just to her neck, she had purple eyes and looked to be 10 years old, three years older than Mana himself. Meanwhile the other girl directly in front of the green haired girl had short blonde hair that also flowed to her neck, she was eight years old, only one year older than Mana. The boy smiled and decided to make himself visible to the distracted trio "Hey Uncle Kanda, Nee-chan!". Bad idea, the two girls who were locked in intense combat immediately had their concentration broken as the green haired girl who had flung herself at the blonde girl ready to kick with her innocence infused boots went sailing over the girls head and crashed into the wall behind the blonde, and while that happened the blonde haired girl had her innocence rapier thrust downward creating a pit that she herself had fallen into when the floor had broken apart. Once the dust settled the man with purple hair turned his head head slowly while his eyebrow twitched in annoyance to look at the mini bean sprout that had distracted his training with his two students.

"Huh, oops?" the boy chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of head knowing what was next. The green haired girl had pulled herself off the wall and the blonde haired girl had pulled herself out of the hole to look at Mana in annoyance along with her master and her fellow disciple. He took a look and saw six pairs of eyes looking at him in anger "YOU IDIOT!" the green haired girl had smacked the boy on the head. He collapsed onto the floor with steam rising and a comical large bump forming on his head "Ouch! Nee-chan you didn't have to hit me that hard" the boy whined out to his older sister. The girl huffed in annoyance at her younger brother "Well maybe next time don't distract people in the middle of a sparring session you idiot!" The boy clicked his tongue "Well that's your fault, you aren't supposed to get distracted so easily in battle" Thump! Another loud smack was heard but this time instead of a fist the girl had smacked the boy with her foot, she does take after her mother after all.

Mana got up wobbly massaging his head from his older sisters painful hits. By now the blonde haired girl had walked up to the siblings wanting to give the younger boy a piece of her own mind but she decided against using words, the girl got closer to the boy till she was face to face him. "W-w-what?" the boy stuttered in embarrassment feeling his cheeks up heat up from the close proximity of the blonde haired girl. Smack! The girl had head butted him. Hard. He was back on the floor with steam now rising from his forehead. The girl clicked her tongue annoyance "Tch. So weak for a boy."

The boy got up quickly with anger "SCREW YOU GORILLA GIRL!". The blonde felt her eyebrow twitch and she quickly grabbed the boys cheek stretching them "WHO ARE YOU CALLING GORILLA YOU DAMN MONKEY!" Mana started to squealed like a monkey as the girl beat him in anger. Kanda having enough of this shameful display decided to intervene, as much as he would love to watch his own two pupils beat the stupid rabbits pupil he needed to get some soba, he was starving. "Alright that's enough Ada. You too Liana. You've both punished him enough." Kanda calmed the two girls down. Hearing her master the green short haired girl now known as Liana sighed deciding to help her younger brother get away from the blonde haired girl known as Ada. "Ok that's enough Ada. You heard master." Liana pulled Ada from the boy calming the girl down.

The two girls pulled away from the injured Mana and the boy got up slowly wobbly. Once he had gotten to a sitting position he realized the trio where walking away "Wait!" The boy shouted at them to get their attention the two girls and grown man turned to him in confusion "Where are you going? Weren't we going to train?" Mana asked them. Liana looked at her little brother sadly while Kanda and Ada looked at him in annoyance. "Master Kanda doesn't have time to tutor a failure like you!" replied Ada in arrogance with her tongue sticking out "Ada!" Yelled Kanda in silent fury, "Remember what I said about keeping that pride in check?" Reprimanded the tall man "R-r-right. I apologize Master." Ada quickly apologized and bowed in respect not wanting to incur her masters wrath. Kanda sighed and massaged the bridge of his nose "Remember kid, I'm not your master and I don't have time to fill in for what your lazy master is supposed to be doing." He turned back around "Let's go girls!" the man shouted at the two to follow. The girls quickly turned to follow but before they left the training room Liana gave one last glance to her younger brother who was still sitting on the floor hoping he would be okay.

The boy sighed once they left and fell onto his back to stare at the ceiling of the training room letting his mind wander. He bite the bottom of his lip as the memories started to rush in. His older sister was born with a parasitic type just like their father and as a baby she had a synchro rate of 10%, as a baby! As a baby she already had a synchro rate. Not only that, at 10 years old her synchronization has reached 60% already. He wasn't born with one and he had trouble synchronizing with a piece of innocence fragment. The Black Order were going to write him off as a failure of the exorcist couple. Till finally at the age of 5 he finally achieved synchronization and gained a parasitic/crystal type just like his mother in the form of ankle weights. He thought he could finally catch up with his sister and make his father and mother proud.

But, unfortunately it seems like God found his misery entertaining. The boy had a synchro rate of 5%, something so low that it would be laughable to even try to activate his powers. It could potentially kill him, his mother vehemently argued against this, stating why would The Black Order even try to give him a fragment when they had failed multiple times already and they had risked him turning into a Fallen One. His mother wasn't happy, she wanted to bring the whole Order down when she found out about the tests. His father and mother were sent away on lengthy mission during the time, probably on purpose so The Black Order could test on him without too much obstruction from his parents. Of course everyone tried their best to stop it, his older sister and Uncle Komui being the most protective but it all failed when the order that was given by Rouvelier had gotten the Pope involved and the Pope himself had stated to perform the tests.

Komui felt like he failed his little sister while Liana felt like she failed her parents and younger brother. It was rough but he was alive and his mother wanted to keep it that way. She vehemently argued that there was no point now, his synchronization rate was far too low and he would be useless as an exorcist, "Just let him be!" He remembered his mother scream with tears in her eyes. She didn't want her son to live the life of an exorcist, she already failed to protect her daughter but she didn't want to fail her son as well. Mana remembered that day clearly he had run away and was outside on a cold winter day.

It had started snowing and the boy continued to sit underneath the dead tree allowing the cold snowflakes to fall onto his warm body. He was staring off into the distance directly in front of him not paying attention. He heard the crunching of snow but made his intention clear to the person he wasn't moving. The person crouched down in front of him, it was a man. He was smoking a cigarette. The man looked to be slightly older than his father and mother, he had wild red hair, a bandanna around his forehead to keep his wild hair out of his one good eye,speaking of eye,he had one visible eye, his left eye was covered by an eyepatch while the good one looked at at him with a sort of somber understanding. He was carrying a giant hammer over his left shoulder with his left hand, while his right arm lazily laid on his knee. He was strong.

"Hey kid, do you want to be an exorcist?" the man finally spoke. Mana finally lifted up his head so he could take a proper look at the red haired man. "Yes." Mana replied without a waver in voice. The man looked directly into the boys silver eyes to see them sharp and full of determination and fire "Just like someone else I know" the man chuckled to himself at this thought and the boy raised his right eyebrow in confusion wondering if his answer amused the man. The man snapped out of his thoughts when he realized Mana was waiting for him to explain, he shook his head chuckling to himself. "Ok kid let's go"

That's how he met his master, of course at the time he didn't realize what type of person he turned out to be but he wasn't completely useless. His master taught him Taekwondo believing it to be the best fighting style for him to adopt as his Innocence had some similarities to his mother's. He wasn't a carbon copy like his sister who had a parasitic leg innocence so he had to "make do with what he had" like his master had stated. From the two years since he met his master he has raised his synchro rate from the measly 5% to 15%, it wasn't anything ridiculous as 15% was still dangerous territory. Ada herself had started off at 35% and was now at 55%, she was only one year older than him and she increased her synchro rate quicker and by more in less time than him. It frustrated him, the boy let of a scream of anger as he scratched his head rapidly at this stopped scratching his head when another thought entered his mind "Will I truly be able to become an exorcist?" His sister and Ada already had their uniforms and were out constantly out with their own master on missions. He was still here training.

"ARGGG! THATS ENOUGH THINKING!" The boy exclaimed while he punched himself in the face to knock some sense into himself. "NOW LETS DO SOME TRAINING!" The boy quickly launched himself off the floor getting into his fighting stance as he threw some kicks. "Just wait everyone I'm going to get stronger and become an exorcist." he unleashed a wave of air from his right leg.

"Just like dad."

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