Vibes, Canaries,

And Aliens

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This is an idea Stormbaron91 of the Lauriver Discord offered up for any takers. Albeit, I'm modifying it somewhat and hopefully he doesn't mind that.

It was late evening by the time Cisco made it to Star City by train and while he was exhausted, he wasn't gonna let that stop him as he beelined for the outside to catch a cab. A giddiness was about him as he kept a case closely to his chest as the cab took him to where he needed to go in Star City. Namely, the base of operations the city's very own team of Vigilantes operated from but he was only there to see one particular person. Once he was where he needed to be and paid the driver, Cisco quickly hustled his way inside and down to the lower level and once there and out of the elevators, he could hear the sounds of grunting and hoped like Hell he hadn't just walked in on something! I so don't need those kinds of nightmares.

"Hey uhh, y'all decent!?" He called out haltingly.

"Its just training, Cisco!" Yelled out Oliver from where the sounds of the grunting was coming from.

"Oh, okay. Laurel here?" Cisco asked in relief he just didn't need to see Oliver and Felicity naked and doing things!

"I am!"

Cisco smiled happily and quickly came over to them to see Oliver's expectant face and Laurel's curious one. "I take it you finally finished it then?" Asked the archer.

"You bet I did!"

"Finished what?" Wondered Laurel curiously.

Oliver looked between the two and decided that this was best done privately and also because part of him wanted to be surprised when he saw Cisco's work in action where the woman he cares for greatly is concerned. "I'll leave you two alone but I think you're gonna like it, Laurel."

And with that, he made his leave for another part of the base, leaving Laurel somewhat confused in the process. "Okay, what's going on here?"

For the whole thing just felt weird for the Lawyer and Vigilante! And if anything, that smile of Cisco's just got bigger as giddiness radiated greatly from him as he brought the case he had in his hands to a table. "Alright, so I've been workin' on a little somethin' for you whenever I had the chance and I finally got it finished last night."

"But I haven't needed anything since you modified the Canary Device." Pointed out Laurel and gained a nod in return from him.

"Oh, I know, but when you mentioned your suit didn't really have any protection like Oliver's does, I thought something needed to be done about that and awesomely enough, he agreed with me on that."

Not knowing that the man had had damn near a panic attack over Laurel's suit not having much in the way of protection in it. "Oh… Did you?"

Cisco nodded eagerly and opened the case up with a flourish. "Voila! The Black Canary suit 2.0! Which, by the way, includes 50 percent more protection, making it so that knives and bullets have a little more difficulty in causin' you harm."

Laurel was shocked by this and when she pulled out the first part of the outfit, which was essentially a black colored zip up jacket with a collar that could be buttoned up with yellow markings in some places. The shoulder pads even had mesh on them as well. "I, wow, its so amazing and light to hold!"

"That part was kinda tricky to make sure it wouldn't be too heavy on ya but I managed in the end. The pants is also the same way and comes with a holster for the specialized Baton I made for ya. Along with a few pouches here and there in case you need to hold on to somethin' but need your hands for whatever reason." He informed her while feeling incredibly proud of the work he'd done on the suit and couldn't wait to see or hear how it did for her in the field.

"I know I've said it already but this is amazing, thank you, Cisco." Laurel told him warmly with a pleased smile and gleaming eyes.

Even hugging him in the process much to his surprise but that's when things would take a left turn as images in black and white started to come into both of their minds. Images of a prison, a statue of some sort, and a Blonde man Laurel knew to be Damien Darhk. One whom she seemed to be a prisoner of in these images she and Cisco were seeing. "Ms. Lance, nine months ago I made your daddy a promise. I told him what I would do if he betrayed me."

The two watched as Darhk caught Oliver's arrow with growing horror. "Impressive. Now, where was I?"

"Oh, yeah. I want you to give your father a message from me. I want you to tell him…" Their horror grew as the Blonde figure stabbed Laurel with Oliver's arrow.

The others in the vision helpless and only able to watch in utter horror. "I'm a man of my word." He said before releasing his hold on everyone else and both were witness to the ultimate outcome of that situation before the world came back into full on technicolor for Laurel and Cisco.

"Wha… What the hell was that!?"

"That… That was a vision, of, of the future." Cisco replied shakenly as his eyes grew wet.

"One we have to make sure doesn't happen!" He added seconds later.

But problem was, he didn't have a clue of when exactly this would occur and neither did Laurel. "Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna have to agree on that but we can't tell anyone."

"What!? Why!?"

"Because it would cause too many distractions and that's the last thing we need, Cisco. We'll deal with this ourselves and hopefully we can figure out a way to keep me from dying because of him." She told him adamantly.

Firmly believing that knowing this information would definitely cause distractions and that's the last thing Ollie especially needed. Cisco gulped at the serious look he was getting from her and nodded, not willing to argue with her on the matter. Even if he did hate it a lot. "I… I guess you could include some extra padding of some kind until that moment passes? Maybe I can come up with somethin' to be on the safe side?"

"Then we'd best get started."

Author's Notes: And so it begins.