Chapter 8

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5 Years Later

"Really, boys? Is this really necessary?" Asked the Black Canary with a sigh as she found herself surrounded by several members of the Lushin Pa-Shoon in the Chumlok District.

"The fact you have to ask that, is insultin', Birdie!" Called out one of the Lushin with a scowl on his scaly face.

Despite the amount of times the Lushin had had their asses kicked by Laurel and a number of others in the past 5 years, this chapter of the organization just refused to concede to defeat and go elsewhere. Even though their chapter had very few members as it is by this point for one reason or another, it was a point of pride for them and a belief that if they finally over came the damned Black Canary, their glory would be restored to them. "Well, to be honest, I wasn't trying to be insulting. Its just I have a wedding to go too in the morning and dealing with you guys tends to take time that normally I'd be willing to spend but in this instance…"

Said wedding being her father's to one Eliza Danvers of Midvale. A relationship that had certainly taken its time to develop but that had certainly proven beneficial for the two in the long run. The group of ten Lushin all looked at one another, each of them feeling a little insulted where the Black Canary's priorities were concerned. "Then ya shouldn't have even come out tonight, Birdie!"

"Yeah, I owe Arsenal an ass kicking!" Shouted another of the Lushin.

"Arsenal, Guardian, and the others are a little occupied elsewhere. And you boys know I can't not come out to this area."

Ugly looks and grumbles were sent her way and one of the Lushin made to move at her but was stopped by a green arrow making its mark right in front of his shoe. "Hey! I thought you said the other jackasses were busy!?"

"And she did, but you boys know I love to show up and cause problems for folks like you." Rumbled a large figure dressed in green after he jumped down and rose to his full height.

This being Earth-38's version of the Green Arrow, a grey skinned Alien with several small horns on his head, lives in Seattle, Washington, and was taken in by the Dearden family after ending up on Earth as a young child. He was something of a jokester but it never got in the way of his passion for helping people out. Laurel had met him about 2 years ago after he'd shown up in the area to track down a criminal who had gone on the run from Seattle and they'd been friends ever since. Though one could see sparks between the two but nothing had been done so far. Mostly on account of the fact that Laurel wasn't looking for romance just yet due to being focused on other things like making a life on Earth-38 and helping out in the Chumlok District. Jonasu, Green Arrow's real name, was also there on account of the fact he's Laurel's date for her father's wedding. Not that this was going to be mentioned to the Lushin of course! "Aww man, we're about to get our asses kicked." Moaned one of the Lushin.

And that's exactly what happened minutes later, leaving the group on the ground and groaning in pain or knocked out thanks to Laurel and Jonasu's efforts. And once the ten Lushin were zip tied and the Police were called, our two heroes made their leave. "Managed to make it earlier than you thought."

"Yep, and I didn't get blown up either with the test flight. So its a definite win on all counts." Replied Jonasu.

Making Laurel smile at him as she unconsciously looped her arm around his, his presence making her even more excited for the wedding tomorrow. Once again, I am thankful to Cisco and his visions. Otherwise… I wouldn't be here today.

Author's Notes: And with that, this story is finished. The Alien GA is an idea I got a few months ago and I'm glad to have finally implemented it.