The boy I ever loved

Hi everybody! This is an one-shot about Old Lady Munson's backstory, why she hate the Burtonburgers. And it turns out few thing about Fiona. Old Lady Munson and Fiona are not my characters. Sorry If I have grammatic mistakes, but English is not my first language.

Fiona was at her great great great great aunt. Coop and his family went on holiday, so she was bored. She had nothing need to do, so she decided to go up to the loft. She never seen Old Lady Munson's loft. She found Mrs. Munson old diary in one of the box. She opened it. As she diped suprised that the years how old. „1897!? Maybe Coop was right, my aunt is a vampire."-she tought. Then she found a picture about a teenage girl. The girl has got brown long hair and auqamarine eyes and a teenage boy who looks like Burt Burtonburger, just maybe the teenage boy little better loked. The girl were in beautiful dress and the boy wore simple clothes.

-What are you doing here?-She's got scared, then she looked up, Old Lady Munson was there.

-I just….I never seen your loft so I was curios…

-Curiosity killed the cat.-Mrs. Munson looked the picture.-Oh that picture…I tought I burned it a long time ago.

So this is the reason why are you hate Coop, because he reminds of him.

-Shut up! I don't want to talk about it.

-But Aunt Munson, please! You never told me about why are you hate the Burtonburgres.

-On one condition, if you promise to never talk to anyone about it.

-I promise!-and they went down from the loft, they set down int he living room.

-Ok, so itt all began, when we moved to our Bootsville possesion from Edinburgh…


I was 10 years old. My dad bought a possesion in Canada, and we move there. One day I went out to ride. I saw him in the stables. He was Harry Burtonburger, the boy I ever loved.

-Saddle that horse!-I sad him.

-Yes, ma'am!

-What your name?

-My name is Harry Burtonburger,Ms. Munson , and you must be Sierra Munson.

-Yes, I am.

-May I lead around you in the subtance, Ms. Munson?

-Yes, thanks! And call me Sierra!-so we ride around the subtance

-Burtonburger, it's a very strange surname, I never heard it. What derived?

-I don't know Sierra. All I know is that my family has lived here a very long time.

-I see.

-And what about you? I know you came from Edinburgh, but where is that?

-It's in Scotland, in he UK.-and we talked about each other evryday. I learned about him so many things. For example he's attented to school, and he's worked in the possesion only in the summer with his parents. In almost we could meet in the summer, because I went to boarding school, but sometimes we wrote letters each other.

Six years later everything has changed. He became a handsome man and we fell in love each other, and I didn't care that he was poor. One day my parents weren't at home and we have…o sorry, you too young to tell you about this.

-What was that, Aunt Munson?-asked the blonde girl.

-I'll tell you when you get older, so can I continue the stroy?

-Yes, of course.

-So the things went wrong, because our family was on the verge of banckruptcy. The only solution was that if our family unite with the Lacey family. so I had to get married with George Lacey. When I told this Harry, he's became angry.

-I'm so sorry, Harry but I have to marry with him. If I won't marry with him, you will lose your job too.-I said him.

-I don't care, with me, then!-when he said this words, my heart was beating fast. I couldn't decide wheter to choose him or my family. Finally I gave him money.

-Go away, and start a new life without me!


-I love you, but I can't escape with you. Where do we go? And if they found?

-Ok, if you don't escape with me, I qiut and I'll begin a new life.-Two month later I get married with George Lacey. The troubles began after the death of my parents. Our parents hand down the estate me and your great great great grandfather. Harry was still in the city then, and he looked at me so evilly. My brother, or your great great great great grandfather moved to Vancouver because he for some reason he despised me, but I don't know why. Two years after my weeding with George Lacey our son was born, Gerorge Lacey Jr., but he's died when he was 5. We went to theatre and when he run thorugt the street, I shout him

-Watch out, son!-but it was too late and a carrige hit him. Sorry Fiona, we could take a break?-then Old Lady Munson turned away from her niece and took out a kleenex. And Fiona was start to crying too. She never thought that such a bad thing happened to her aunt,she lost her only child, but she had no idea what do with this Harry Burtonburger. A houlf hour later they calmed down, and Old Lady Munson continued her story

-The next day I noticed a gray hair, but then I was just 23 years old. And more and more people started to despise me. Finally my husband divorced me, so I was alone. I thought that Harry has do with the many bad thing happened to me, so I looked for him. From the money I gave him, he founded the House of Swap.

-Burtonburger!-I shouted him, when I entered-What did you do with me?

-What are you talking about?

-I don't know how, but I know that you have something to do with the bad things what happened to me.

-Almost the whole town already hates me, my son died, my hair started to gray, my husband divorced me and my employees quit in row and for this reason I'm going to bankrupt slowly, because I can't pick anybody instead them.

-Oh, you poor! I'm sorry!

-Don't pretend you feel sorry for me! I know that it's all because of you! Is this the gratitude that I gave you money? Don't forget, without me you'd still be a horse boy!

-I won't forget that, Sierra, so I'll show you something. Follow me!-he led me to the warehouse. There were goods, and there was such an alchemical stock wives, too.

-What are they?-I pointed the alchemical stock.

-Oh, I forgot to mention you that I have magical powers, when you were in boarding school, I started to learn magic, and after many years I have deveploed to level I can send curse upon anyone.

-So are you cursed me?

-Look on the bright side. You won't die of your wounds and you'll be immunite all diseases which deadly. Because you'll live forever!

-Did you changed me into vampire?

-No, I didn't, then you would thirst for blood. Just you'll have a eternal, bitter life.

-And you did al this l because I get married with George Lacey?

-Among others. And it also because your parents hummiliated me constantly for having I was with you. And you broke my dreams, I wanted to be with you, forever. SoI taken revenge from you and your whole family, so your brother will be poor, soon too. And you will be old early, so this is the reason why are your hair started to gray.-I was so upset that I started to shout.

-BURTONBURGEEEEEEEEEER!-and I left him. I couldn't tell anyone my sorow, so I was begint to talk the garden gnomes. Shortly after the estate has gone bankrupt. I selled the possesion something LeBauf. Luckily I haved saved money, I bought house and I started to work as a seamstress. But as soon I grew old they're allowed me to retire early. I contacted with my brother, I wrote him a letter, and his children visited me regularly. But I never get over Harry. And so many years, when his descentdants moved to my neighbourhood, then everything get worse. So this is the reason why I hate the Burtonburgers. And in order not to belive me an old girl, I called myself Mrs. Munson.

-But Coop's not like him...-said Fiona, but Old Lady Munson interrupted her.

-You just think, Fiona! You never seen what he can do. He spirited away his sister's cat. The only reason you have rich again because your father is a famous actor, and he plays Captian Blasteroid (in my imagine Fiona's father plays Captian Blasteroid, which is possible because he's a relative of her, too).-yeah, Fiona is Captain Blasteroid that is the famous actor's, Dwight Munson's only daughter. But she doesn't like brag about it, because she's afraid that people, especially boys take advantage of her for this reason, but that's an another story.

But Fiona still likes Coop, she didn't care what told her Old Lady Munson. She's sure they won't entail like her aunt and Harry. Fiona isn't a real Munson, because she's more like her mother. Altough her mother hasn't been a tomboy, only reason Fiona became a tomboy because, she's got 2 brother, and she hasn't got any sister. She was sorry for what happened to Aunt Munson, but she know that Coop wouldn't do with her. By the way Auntie Munson mind is not the same anymore, so Fiona doesn't belive that magical things about the Burtonburgers. The truth is Sierra Munson always have mental illness, because she lost her son, she couldn't get over her son death. She went to psychiatrist, but as she gets old, her menthal illnes go out again. That why she thought that, she's more than 100 years. The, he loved was Coop's grandfather, and he cheated on her, with Coop's grandmother.

Now the only cure for her menthal illnes her niece Fiona, and Fiona knews that very well. She just want to her last years make beautiful.