As the clouds started to come in, the paparazzi was going nuts. They were taking pictures of Peach left and right. Thankfully, Luigi was guarding her, trying to get them to move along. They eventually did as the two of them walked back to the castle. Peach had stopped at a local jewelry shop to purchase some pearl earrings. Today was her four month anniversary of coming out and started to date Violet.

Peach turned to Luigi and asked, "You think Violet would like these?"

Luigi teased, "You asked me that a million times already."

Peach pouted a bit as she pointed out, "Well she is my girlfriend. I want this anniversary to be flawless, aka Bowser free."

To that, Luigi just chuckled. "I don't think he would pass on any day to try and kidnap you." The two of them got back to the castle. He asked, "Is there anything else you want to get her?"

Peach thought for a moment before smiling. "Yes I have to get my rose garden right away!"

With that, she ran off to her rose garden. Luigi chuckled even more. Somethings never changed. But he couldn't help but have this awful feeling...


Back with the princess, she managed to pick a stunning red rose. She sniffed it. She hoped that Violet would like it. But something was gnawing at her. She didn't know what it was but something was just wrong.

"Bleh...heh... heh.. heh... Seems the princess is getting ready for a great night. Stated Count Bleck."

The princess turned on her heel and saw a gentleman standing there. He was wearing a white cloak and had a rather odd scepter.

She asked, "Uh.. can I help you...?"

He answered, "The name... is Count Bleck. And I need you something I am doing. Replied Count Bleck."

Peach raised an eyebrow. Before she could ask a question, Count Bleck opened his cloak. Whatever he did, it made Peach scream in horror and made her drop the rose. Luigi heard the scream and went to investigate. When he got outside to the rose garden, he saw Peach was gone.

What happened...?


Meanwhile in the Koopa Kingdom, Bowser was plotting the next attack on Mushroom Kingdom so that he could capture Princess Peach yet again. It was a typical day for them and - as per usual - Bowser was cackling evilly. All of his minions were there: Koopas, Turtles, Kammy, Kamek, and more.

Bowser stated, "Listen well my elite minion task force! It's time to initiate my awesome plan to invade Mushroom Castle! Today is the day where I make my beloved Princess Peach ALL MINE! And if that weren't awesome enough, I'll also stomp her girlfriend and Green 'Stache!"

The crowd cheered, "YEAH! It's OUR turn! WHOA! Bowser, Bowser, WHOO! Your Rudeness!"

Bowser chuckled, "Bwah haha! "We're under attack!" You jokers are the best!" That's when Bowser saw something and added, "Hey! Who is that in the back?" Violet stepped forward with Luigi. Both of them looked furious. Bowser did a double take, "You two?! How'd you get in?!"

Luigi smirked and explained, "The front gate was open."

Bowser stomped his feet and groaned, "How many times have I told those idiots?! If you're last in, LOCK THE GATE!"

At that moment, Luigi and Violet got into fighting positions. Luigi had activated his Thunderhand and had an electric arrow pointed at Bowser. Violet had activated her Aurora Nine and had a sword pointed at Bowser.

Violet hissed, "Quiet, we know that you kidnapped my girlfriend! Now where is she?!"

Bowser instantly looked confused as he replied, "Wait, what? We're only now about to launch our attack."

That's when the two heroes eased up just a bit. But they looked confused as Bowser did.

Luigi questioned, "Wait, if Bowser didn't take Peach...who did?"


Hearing the voice of the princess; Luigi, Violet, and Bowser all looked around. In a flash of light, Peach appeared to them and she looked like she was in a see-through cage of some sort. That's when Count Bleck appeared.

He stated, "Bleck! You princess has been taken by Count Bleck!"

Violet raised an eyebrow and questioned, "Who?"

Count Bleck replied, "By me, Count Bleck! The chosen executor of the Dark Count Bleck. The fine fellow prophesied to come to this also Count Bleck!"

Bowser huffed, "I'll tell you who doesn't make a bit of sense...Count Bleck! Enough, release Princess Peach right now! I'm on a schedule over here!"

Count Bleck chuckled, "Count Bleck says never! This princess is integral to fulfilling the prophecies... She will be brought to Castle Bleck and used to destroy all Count Bleck!"

Violet finally had enough as she jumped up. She tried to jump on Count Bleck but was forced down by a magical force field. Violet paled.

Why didn't that work...?

Before she could try and figure it out, Count Bleck opened his cloak as he cast a spell on Violet. In an instant, Violet was face down on the ground. Peach's eyes were wide the minute she saw her girlfriend down on the ground like that.

She breathed, "Violet! NO!"

Count Bleck laughed, "This woman deserves ridicule. Weaklings cannot face Count Bleck!"

Bowser huffed, "Hey, here's a thought: you calm down and free the princess or else!"

Luigi got into a fighting pose, activating his Thunderhand. The minions of Bowser and Bowser also got into fighting stances. They were all ready to rumble, especially Bowser, wanting to play for keeps. But Count Bleck did not look worried.

Count Bleck commented, "Bleh heh heh heh. Your princess shall NOT be Count Bleck. In fact, Bowser, evil king of the Koopas...Count Bleck will take you too!"

With that, Count Bleck opened his cloak and it started to glow a bluish color. That's when a porthole opened and sucked in the minions - along with the knocked out Violet. Luigi tried to hang onto something but quickly sucked in. Bowser was eventually sucked in, losing his strong grip on the ground. In an instant, Count Bleck was gone - taking Princess Peach with him.


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