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AN: Set before the series begins.

Ayaka Wakami was not supposed to awake.

She was supposed to be asleep. Fast asleep.

She had done passably well today. Her score was good (although she could have done better. She really needed to do better. She KNEW that she could do better in fact.)

But even on her worse performances, she had never struggled to sleep like this. Every time she closed her eyes, she kept thinking back to the beautiful centaur girl she had seen, with her beautiful curly red hair and kind reddish-brown eyes. (Ayaka idly wondered if it was natural or a dye.)

The girl was pretty, but that was hardly a good reason to be thinking of her like this. Ayaka was supposed to get married to a nice boy (centaur or otherwise) and teach her children to be archers as well. Her mother and grandmother had both clearly explained to her the family traditions of teaching those skills to their children and making sure that they too excelled.

There was nothing in their family traditions about wanting to marry another girl!

She almost sat up when that thought crossed her mind. Marry!? Where had that idea come from!? It was absurd! Girls didn't marry girls, they married boys! It was practically a given!

(At least that's what her old fairytales used to tell her. The prince would marry the princess and they would both live happily ever after. Probably having lots of happy, healthy children together.)

She was the one who would carry on the family line. It was her duty to marry a nice centaur boy and pass on the family traditions. So far, none of the boys she had met really interested her, but she knew that it was only a matter of time. She had seen many of her peers developing crushes and her friends had talked about boys that they liked, but Ayaka had felt nothing like that. At least not yet.

Except when thinking about the red curly-haired centaur girl who had beaten her earlier today. She kept intruding in her thoughts.

Ayaka shook her head. This wasn't right. She knew all the old fairytales that her mother read to her as a child that girls married their Prince Charming and lived happily ever after. There were no fairytales of princesses marrying another princess.

Obviously it was something to do with her hormones. Her teachers had said that her body was going to start undergoing significant changes during this time of her life. Clearly her hormones were beginning their takeover. She would probably start crushing on boys soon. Maybe an older boy, as those cretins in her class didn't seem particularly appealing. Or someone she hadn't met yet.

Until then, she had to put up with her teenager hormones (Could they really be called teenage hormones when she wasn't a teenager?) until they sorted themselves out. Or at least switched to a more sensible target.

Rolling in her bed, she tried to sleep once more.