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"Irma Lair!" Cornelia practically yelled as she stomped into the bathroom. Will, Hay Lin and Taranee winced as they saw the angry blond stomp up to a grinning Irma.

"Hey there Corny. What's up?" she asked, a smile on her face.

"What's Irma done now?" Taranee whispered to Hay Lin and Hay Lin shrugged.

"I don't know," she whispered back. But I do know that she was planning something big."

"How big?" Will asked and Hay Lin winced. Oh. THAT kind of big. "Should we say something?"

"I'm sure Cornelia isn't going to do anything too bad," Taranee said, although her face looked uncertain. "I mean, they are friends…"

"Well it is Cornelia…" Will replied and Taranee winced.

"Err...guys," Hay Lin said, as Cornelia grabbed Irma. The statuesque blond shoved Irma against the bathroom wall hard, but Irma continued to grin. Will swore and Taranee balled her fists, ready to separate the two girls. Hay Lin on the other hand, just looked nervously between the two and took a deep breath. If this went badly...well a gust of cold air was more than enough to cool them down.

Suddenly Cornelia pulled closer to Irma and promptly gave her possibly the steamiest kiss that any of them had ever seen. Everyone just stared in shock.

"I accuse you of being too sexy to resist," Cornelia said with a smirk and Irma smirked back.

Then, with a grin, the two girls looked at their friends.

"Psych!" they yelled and burst out laughing, before walking away hand in hand.

There was a moment of silence. Taranee began cleaning her glasses and Will frowned.

"Did Irma and Cornelia...just come out to us with a prank?" she asked in a puzzled voice and Taranee shrugged. Hay Lin stared at the door where the two girls had just left.

"Well...it is an old cliche about friends who argue too much to be just friends, but…"

"Yeah, I never expected to see it happen in real life either," Will said, still looking slightly stunned.

The bell rang and the three girls quickly rushed to their next classes.

And as Will sat down, Irma and Cornelia smirked at her in unison. Will resisted the urge to scowl. She was happy for her friends. Really.

She just wished that they hadn't decided to come out with a prank!