He glanced behind him and realized that Miraz's soldiers were much closer than he had thought. They were only a few feet behind him, he looked ahead once more and urged Destrier to run faster. Destrier broke into his fastest gallop, he ran as if Caspian were just a flea clinging to his great mane, a whistle shot past his ear and he knew instantly what it was, he urged his steed to turn but it was too late, this was no arrow, he realized, this was a net. Destrier reared up on his powerful hind legs and he quickly lost his grip on the horse and fell oblivious to the horn that had fallen as well. His horse bolted off in one direction and left him laying there stunned. Mere seconds later the guards caught up to him, they split up, 3 went after Destrier and 7 made a circle around him. General Glozelle dismounted and tightly tied up his hands and pulled him up to his feet roughly, General Glozelle, the man who had taught him how to wield a sword, the man who had taught him how to use a crossbow, the man who had taught him how to defend himself... was now leading him to Miraz. Leading him to his death.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" He asked,

"I am doing this because my lord ordered me to." He replied without lifting his head,

"If your lord ordered you to murder a boy not 18 yet you would do so?" He asked, the bitterness clear in his voice,

"I know my place! it would do you well to know yours. And besides, am I murdering you?" He replied cleverly,

"My place!" He shouted, "I am the heir to the throne! The crown prince! Shouldn't you be listening to me?" Deep down he felt guilty for shouting, he knew that Glozelle was just following orders, but when you have no parents, feel no love through your childhood, what could you expect back from him?

"But you do not take the throne till you are 18. Are you not still 17?" He asked using Caspian's words against him,

"I turn 18 at midnight tomorrow." He spat.

"But you are not 18 right now. And even if you were 18 you would still need to be crowned. Right now I am at a higher position than you. You will follow my orders." He replied calmly,

"And if I don't?" He challenged, his accent going with it nicely, Glozelle's expression hardened and he slapped Caspian across the face so hard that his head snapped to one side.

"Then you will be punished." He said, his voice as hard as stone. He signaled over another man and they lifted him up onto his horse so that he was laying on his stomach. Glozelle finally covered him in a black cloak.

"General Glozelle, The horse ran off, we lost it and weren't able to bring it back." One of the guards said.

"That's fine, we have the boy, lets head back to the castle." He replied. The guards mounted their horses oblivious to the silent wings and eyes watching them.


Rainfeather beat her large tawny wings faster, she needed to get to Glenstorm fast. This was important, this could put all their lives in danger. She looked down at her talons and sighed in relief, it was still there. The Telmarine prince had dropped it carelessly, it was the horn of Queen Susan, where he had got it she had no idea but Glenstorm would know. Finally after what had felt like hours of flying, she swooped into a dive and landed neatly on the ground of their camp.

"Glenstorm!" Windmane, Glenstorms mate called, "One of our Griffon spies has arrived." Glenstorm walked out in the open,

"Glenstorm!" She eagerly called, "It was the Telmarine prince, just like you said, but something has happened, he was captured and taken back. He dropped this, however." She eagerly said.

"The stars predicted this could happen, there is only 1 thing to do, then we must wait for help to arrive."

"Wait do you mean-" But she didn't get to finish her sentence. Glenstorm took the horn from her careful talons and pressed it to his lips; he took a deep breath and then blew it loudly.


Susan stared forward in dead shock. Was it time? Did she dare hope it was time? The last cart of the train flew past her in a blur and vanished. Wearily; as a group the pevensie siblings walked through the cave, toward a bright light. Susan hardly believed her eyes as she saw the beach in front of her. But Lucy did. Sharing a glance with Susan the girls giggled before bolting to the clear water.

"Shame your not as quick as me Ed!" Peter joyfully shouted behind her,

"Last one in's a rotten egg!" Lucy called, finally reaching the water she threw of her itchy cardigan and shoes and dove in, the water was the perfect temperature, something that was impossible in England.

"Come on! It's lovely!" She shouted, by the time Peter and Ed were in the water she and Lucy had engaged in a splash war. Peter and Ed quickly joined them, but putting aside her excitement she noticed Edmunds distraction.

"Ed? Ed." She called.

"What is it?" Peter asked,

"Well, where do you suppose we are?" He asked,

"Well, where do you think?" Pete laughed,

"Well... I don't remember any ruins in Narnia." He said looking up at a cliff.


Glozelle's horse jumped over another object, he was tossed in the air for a millisecond and then landed back on the horse's hard hindquarters. He grunted in pain quietly. Soon he heard the sound of hooves of cobblestone and he knew that they had arrived.

"Did you get him?" He heard Miraz ask, "Good. Bring him to my throne room. Make sure the place is empty first though." Caspian heard him walk away. The darkness was suddenly lifted and light flooded onto his face he wanted to cover his eyes the light was so bright but his hands were tied so he shut his eyes tight. Glozelle and another guard dragged him off the horse and he exhaled in relief, they immediately started shoving him toward the throne room and he stumbled the first few steps for his legs were still tied. They didn't seem to notice and even if they did they most certainly didn't care. Shoving him the final step they finally entered Miraz's throne room.

"Thank you Glozelle, you may leave now." Miraz said. When they were gone he spoke again, "Perhaps my Prince would be willing to tell us why he ran away?" Caspian knew that he was using the title 'my Prince' as a term of mockery but he replied anyway.

"Perhaps my lord would be willing to say why he sent guards to murder me in my sleep." He spat,

"If you don't want to tell me Caspian don't. It is your choice." Miraz stood up and grabbed him, he started to walk dragging him along, they crossed corridor after corridor and came to a staircase. Miraz walked down and he followed as quickly as the ropes on his legs would allow him. They finally reached a pitch-black cave. Miraz roughly threw him to the ground and chained him to the wall.

"Remember Caspian, this is your choice. Tell me now if you want to and I will spare you this torture." Miraz said but he remained silent. "Alright then perhaps a few weeks in the darkness with no food will change your mind." With that he walked out leaving him alone in the dark.


This was just the third day and he was miserable, he felt dizzy and as if he was going to pass out. And tired, so very tired. And so so very cold. The stone floor made sleeping impossible. Miraz had stuck to his word and he had received no food and only water every other day sometimes every third if they forgot. He didn't know how much of this he could take. On top of that though he had told nobody he was, well, he was afraid of the dark. For in the darkness, his parents had died, and in the darkness... he had lived. Suddenly footsteps clanged on the cold stone stairs. Not wanting whoever was coming to see any signs of weakness he struggled to his feet which took way more effort than it should.

"Well has my prince decided to give us our answer?" A guard around his age asked,

"Never." He spat. The guard slapped him hard and roughly shoved him to the ground easily.

"You will talk to me with respect. I am your superior, you will address me in such a way. My name is Jackson, use it." The other guard stepped in,

"And I am Ryker. You will treat us as your superiors." Oh great, it's Jackson and Ryker, this won't be easy. He thought, they had always been the 'toughest' guards in the castle, and were loyal to Miraz above all things. Jackson in particular always hated him, though he never knew why, he especially would take advantage of the fact that he was at his mercy. On top of that they were very violent and he knew that if these were the guards dealing with him he would have more then a few scars to remember them by.

"Tell me Caspian. Why did you run away?" When he remained silent Jackson shook his head,

"It will only make things harder for you. The only one suffering is yourself." Ryker stated,

"I will never tell you. Miraz can do whatever he wants to me but I will never tell you." He replied with hate clear in his voice.

"Are you sure about that?" Jackson asked, "I know a few ways we can get you to talk," His stomach twisted in nervousness, he had a few ideas about what they would do,

"Yes Jackson, I am sure." He replied swallowing hard. Jackson smirked evilly and walked up the stairs returning just a moment later with something in his hands. When he finally figured out what it was it was to late, he backed up to the wall as fast as he could with a look of fear on his face, but Ryker grabbed his arm. Jackson stalked toward him with the red hot metal pole in hand, they were going to brand him! He needed to escape this somehow, he couldn't just let them do that to him! He struggled against Ryker but found himself to weak. Jackson was right in front of him now, Ryker pulled up the sleeve on his dirty white tunic and Jackson pressed the iron pole on his bare skin. Unable to hold it back he screamed loudly, smirking, Jackson waited a few more seconds before removing the branding tool. He poured wine over the fresh wound and Caspian couldn't help screaming again in pain. They did that 3 more times, once again on his right arm and twice on his left, by the end of it he was panting hard and fighting hard to remain conscious.

"We have hardly scratched the surface Caspian." Ryker said looking at him.

"Remember you could save yourself the pain by just telling us now." When he remained silent they shook their heads,

"Suit yourself Caspian," Ryker said, "Remember though, you chose this." With that, they walked away their voices fading into the darkness leaving him alone once more.


After exploring a bit she was both happy and devastated to find out that the ruins were actually the ruins of her only true home, Cair Paravel. Standing at her throne visions blurred past her eyes, from the moment that she first entered this magical land, to their crowning when they officially became kings and queen. She smiled as she remembered the oath that she had made; it was an oath that was kept a secret, a silent oath if you would, she had explained to Peter.

She vowed to be the best queen she ever could be, and from what most people said... she was. Susan's smile quickly faded however when the next memory flew past her. Rabadash. She remembered every minute she spent with him, one moment loving him... the next him almost forcing himself on her. She remembered all the careful walls she had built around her heart. After that, she never loved anyone save her closest family, not even her parents. Just Peter, Ed, and Lu. Little did she know that very soon that would change. Standing there, something else caught her sharp eye sight. Quickly alerting her siblings they ran down to the beach, hoping to arrive before the humans drowned the dwarf.

"Drop him!" She shouted, having already notched an arrow; she shot it at blinding speed this one was only a warning shot hitting the boat instead of the guards, but they got the clue. They dropped the dwarf in the water and she shot one of the men, Pete and Ed were already retrieving the boat, and the dwarf. The second they were ashore Lu cut the dwarves bindings; he removed his gag and coughed up water. Expecting a thanks she smiled but got something completely different,

"Drop him! That's the best you could come up with." He grumbled, she looked at Ed and they both shared the same thought, This one's got an attitude.

"Uh, a simple thank you would suffice." She replied,

"They were doing fine drowning me without your help." He spat, she was taken aback, they just saved his life and now he was scolding them as if they were little kids?

"Maybe we should have let them," Peter said, intervening.

"Why were they trying to kill you anyway?" Lu asked. Trumpkin wasn't able to deny her innocence and answered,

"There Telmarines, it's what they do."

"Telmarines? In Narnia?" Ed asked,

"Where have you been the last few hundred years?" He asked,

"Well, it's a bit of a long story," Lu said. She smiled and passed Rhindon to Peter, he faced Trumpkin looking every bit of high king he was a year ago, he turned the head of the sword enough so that Trumpkin could see the lion head,

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me! Your it? Your the kings and queens of old?" He asked in disbelief.

"High King Peter The Magnificent." He said reaching out to shake his hand only realizing that they didn't do that in Narnia.

"You probably could have left out that last bit." She quietly said,

"Ha, probably." Trumpkin laughed

"You might be surprised." Pete retorted sharply,

"Oh, you don't want to do that boy."

"Not me, him." Pete said looking at Ed who drew his sword, Peter handed his beloved sword Rhindon over to Trumpkin and she knew that he was fighting back the urge to tell him to be careful with it. The sword weighed Trumpkin down at first but he then picked it up he swung the sword and Ed parried the blow, he swung it again and he ducked but while he was coming up again Trumpkin's sword hit Ed across the face with the flat of the blade.

"Oh, you alright?" He asked in a mocking tone, bad choice. Trumpkin swung the sword again but this time Ed dodged to one side and rounded the back of him hitting him from behind. He turned to face Ed and this time Ed was ready, Ed parried with him for a few seconds and then launched his own attack, swinging his sword so wildly and fast that for a second she thought he was going to hurt himself, then she remembered how literally no one could beat him in a sword fight. A final jab sent Trumpkins sword flying.

"Beards and Bedsteads." He mumbled, "Maybe there's still hope after all."


Honestly, he expected Miraz to be lying, then again this was Miraz, a Telmarine. He had always been told that to be a true Telmarine you must be strong, cruel, tough, but most of all you should never love. And throughout his life, he had never met anyone more Telmarine then Miraz, so he had no idea why he thought Miraz was lying about no food and total darkness. It was the second weeks and second day in this prison, now whenever anyone came to deliver him water he didn't even attempt to stand, or even to sit, most of the times he was laying down and if he was so lucky sleeping although the cold hard stone floor made that very hard. He attempted to sit up only to crash back to the floor, he cried out in pain and banged his wrist against the ground in frustration. He dragged himself up into a sitting position again finally achieving it only to send another wave of dizziness through his body.

He was always cold and dizzy and his lips and tongue were dry and rough. He also felt weak as if he even did attempt to stand his legs would not be able to hold his weight. How he wished someone would send help, the second he thought that his head jolted up, Professor told me about this once before... but, it is just a Narnian belief, it's just a legend, and even if he was real I am just a Telmarine, he wouldn't listen to me anyway. He was surprised that he was even able to think that long without losing focus,

"Have you made a decision yet nephew?" A cruel voice asked from above him. Usually, he wouldn't respond but this was Miraz,

"Never." He rasped, his throat was dryer then he thought and it hurt to talk.

"I tire of your arrogance Caspian. I need an answer now." Miraz spat,

"You already have one," He paused a moment. "No." His eyes flamed, and he grabbed Caspian's shirt and lifted him off the ground as fast at the chains would let him,

"Tell me you insolent brat!" I should tell him, but then he is going to ask where I found that out... and then I will have to say that and once he finds out it was Cornelius he will order both of us to be put to death...

"No Miraz."

"You will regret that Caspian, you will regret it." Miraz threw him to the ground and he held back a cry of pain and gritted his teeth,

"I doubt that Miraz." He finally managed to say, "I doubt that." Miraz walked away leaving him alone, Oh Aslan send help, please send help.


Within no time Trumpkin had brought them to the camp of the remaining Narnians,

"My Kings and Queens," Glenstorm greeted, "The stars mentioned that royalty would arrive today." He smiled,

"We have anxiously awaited your return my liege." A small mouse exclaimed, "Our hearts and swords are at your service!" He said drawing a small sword, Ed and

"Oh my gosh, he is so cute." Lu half-whispered in her ear and she smiled,

"Who said that?!" Reepicheep asked sounding outraged,

"Oh, sorry..." Lu mumbled when he saw noticed that it was her his anger faded,

"Your majesty, with the greatest respect, I do believe courageous, courteous, or chivalrous might more befit a knight of Narnia." He said politely sheathing his sword once more.

"Enough. We have greater problems at hand." Came Glenstorm's deep voice, "There is a Telmarine Prince, Prince Caspian who has been captured by his uncle Miraz."

"Captured, by his own uncle? Are you sure that you are not mistaken Glenstorm?" Pete asked,

"You see your majesty, Caspian's uncle is power hungry, he murdered the king and queen, Caspian's parents one night while the castle was asleep. The stars were there when it happened. Yesterday this prince tried to escape but was caught by the castle guards, one of our griffon spies saw this and she can tell you more if you wish to know." He finished.

"That is quite a big problem, but why, may I ask is this prince so important to us?" Ed asked and Glenstorm smiled,

"Your Majesty, I watch the stars for they are mine to watch, Tarva the Lord of Victory and Alambi the lady of peace have come together in the high heavens, Prince Caspian was meant to arrive that night as a sign of us gaining back our freedom but he was captured. I am afraid their majesties must rescue him, he does play a big part in the Narnian uprising." He paused then added, "Forgive me if I bore you with this lecture." Causing them all to chuckle.

"Do not worry Glenstorm, We will rescue him, after all, what kind of Monarchs would we be if we didn't?" She asked well humored.

"It is settled then, we will leave today at midnight." Peter finished