Hey everyone. So I really don't like it when authors do this in their stories but I had to put this in.

So far with this fanfiction as much as I have loved and enjoyed writing it, I'm not receiving very much support for it. By that I mean, hardly any reviews, hardly and views and hardly any visitors. I feel like for the amount of effort I have been putting into this, (Even though all of it may not be good.) balancing writing with my grades in school, with my hobbies and with my struggles, it isn't worth it. I have been having some problems lately, feeling really down, feeling like I'm not worth it. Now I am, am. Going to strive to finish this. I promise. I am going to put in my best effort and keep pushing through. Please bear with me through the long waits and grammar mistakes. Thank you to all of you have read and reviewed to Destiny.