Preface: This is a story about Izuku growing up with Tatsumaki and Fubuki from One Punch Man as his older sisters, like them, he'll have psychic abilities. Other characters from One Punch Man and other media may be added as I see fit, but there will not be Saitama and most of the story is based around the BNHA universe. Additionally, because I like it, Shoto Todoroki will be a female, though her relevance won't be known for a long time.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy!


"Alright! We're here at the top ten hero postings! Brought to you live from the Shouya Center!" The peppy female announce danced and spun on the stage as she gestured towards the heroes that had made it into the top ten. "And this year we've had quite the upset!"

Tatsumaki rolled her eyes and then glanced down the long line of heroes that were to her left. For years, with the exception of the top two, the top fifteen or so heroes were often randomly placed in the list. Sure, some were more consistent than others, but it was largely luck that decided people's placings and oftentimes it took years and years for someone to rise through the ranks and be a real contender at the top ten.

But, all that had changed the moment she graduated.

Starting her own agency, progressing through the ranks, all things considered it had taken her a year to get into the top ten. And another few months for her to get to where she stood now.

To her right stood two men that towered over her, each one having probably more than two hundred pounds on her thanks to their height and general buffness. She clicked her teeth and blew some of her green hair back into place before crossing her arms. Endeavour she could beat with her hands tied behind her back; his fire really wasn't that impressive.

But All Might. All Might she wasn't so sure about. Everything about the man radiated some kind of awesome energy that even she had to respect. In terms of raw power at any rate, All Might might just have her beat, given how he punched a monsoon once and basically threw off the weather all around the globe for a few weeks. Sure, Tatsumaki could do the same thing—there was a reason why she was known as the Tornado of Terror—but it was still impressive.

"Problem?" Endeavour asked her, glaring at her from his flame covered head. "Runt."

"Endeavour," All Might gave a harsh whisper.

He was probably going to say something to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, Tatsumaki had a very short fuse for anyone that wasn't a part of her family. She pushed herself up so she could stare Endeavour in the eye and returned his glare pound for pound. If the rumors she heard about him were true, then she might enjoy finding out how many of his teeth she could pull out his asshole.

The answer was all of them.

"Yeah," she inched herself up so that she was the one looking down at him. Childish, yes, but she was only twenty after all. "You're in my spot."

"Why you—"

"Oh, don't worry, you won't be separated from All Might too long, I'll be taking his spot soon enough." She was aware that the announcer had run over to the top three the moment Endeavour had spoken up, leaving the nobodies in the back to stew over their own incompetence.

"You little brat, you should know your place."

"I do. You're standing in it."

Sometimes Tatsumaki wondered if her quirk was actually pissing people off, as she seemed to have a talent for it. Though, it might just be something she got from being a big sister.

"Haha!" All Might laughed, hands on his hips. "Tatsumaki! I must say I am impressed by your drive! And if you think you can take my spot, I welcome the challenge!"

Endeavour just looked like he was about to burn a house down.

A lot of houses down.

"That's good, because you're going to end up in the number four spot All Might." She moved herself up, and over Endeavour to confront the towering form of All Might. Personally, she had no problem with all might. Nobody had a problem with all might. He was All Might, he was the hero of peace and justice. And her little brother absolutely loved the shit out of him so she could be too hard on him.

"Number four?" All Might kept up his cheerful stance. "If I'm ever that low it might be time to retire!"

The audience laughed.

"But pray tell, who do you think will be in the top three?" All Might glanced past her and looked at the still simmering Endeavour. "Endeavour?"

"Please, he'll be lucky if he's rank five." Tatsumaki, turned and floated down towards the announcer and grabbed the mic from her hand holding it with her telekinetic powers. "In ten years, the top three will be me, my little sister, and our little brother!"

She handed the mic back and floated back to her spot in the line up, leaving the crowd stunned at the brazen new comer.

"Well everyone," The announcer laughed. "That was the number three pro hero Tatsumaki Midoriya! The youngest hero to ever enter the top ten! And the first to enter at rank three! So who knows what she might be able to do, or what her siblings can do for that matter!"

"Grow taller?"

Some dead guy shouted from down the line.


Fubuki stared at the T.V. in complete and utter shock.

Her sister.

Her older sister.

Her older sister Tatsumaki just declared war on every single hero in Japan! Now she was going to be targeted from the very moment she entered U.A.! It wasn't even going to be fair; she might not even get in! What was she supposed to do if everyone recognized her as Tatsumaki Midoriya's sister and decided that she was a threat that needed to be eliminated asap so that they could climb the ranks!

Worse yet, what if she was just bad at being a hero and never made it to the top ten!

And her sister said that she'd be able to beat All Might too?

"Mom!" Fubuki scrambled up off the sofa she had been reclined numerous moving boxes that contained most of their family belongings were littering the hallways as they all were preparing for a move to the new house that Tatsumaki had bought with her hero money. "Mom!"

"We're still in the apartment, Fubuki! I can hear you from the kitchen~" Her mother sang and stuck her head out from the gap in the wall that was the entrance to the kitchen. Her mother's soft face was still as beautiful as it had been on her wedding day. "What's today's freak out?"

She did not freak out that often!


Maybe she did.

But this was an actual freak out! "It's Tatsumaki! She just said that me and Izuku would be in the top three with her in ten years!"

"Aww, how sweet!" Their mother just laughed, like her oldest child hadn't just made a declaration of war so casually! Sure, Tatsumaki knew that both Fubuki and their brother Izuku wanted to be Heroes, but that didn't give her the right to just say that they were going to be all in the top three together! "It's nice that your sister believes in you so much."

"Mom!" Fubuki whined and stomped her feet. "She said that I could beat All Might! And Endeavour!" Really, that second part was a bit redundant. "I'm nowhere near her level!"

"Hmm, not yet, but you're already taller than her." Inko laughed returning to the pot that she was cooking from. "Bustier too."


"Dear, stop shouting, we still have neighbors."

Fubuki blushed and folded her arms over her chest, it wasn't like she exactly wanted to start growing; she was already larger than her mom. And they weren't stopping. Though, being taller than her sister was nice. "I know, but still, can you tell Tatsumaki not to get me involved in her schemes!"

"I think you kids working together as heroes would be great, don't you?"

"I…" Fubuki opened her mouth and sighed. Their mother was just impossible to argue with. "Yeah, I do."

Great, now she had to actually get into the top three to make their mother happy.

Stupid Tatsumaki! This was all her fault!

All this scheming was why she was short and flat!

"Dear, could you go get Izuku for me? He was watching the hero billboard thingy at the Bakugos'. I want all of you here before your sister gets back!"

"Sure Mom." Fubuki sighed and glanced again at her sister's image on the T.V. Chances are this would either have no effect on Tatsumaki's massive ego or would inflate it even further to beyond omega levels. Still, she should be less jealous of her sister and focus on her own path towards becoming a hero.

Even if her sister was forcing her to take the hardest path ever!

Fubuki was more than okay with just taking it slow and slowly working her way up the rankings the traditional way. But now her sister had basically put her on a ten year time table. If she counted the three years she'd spend at U.A., then she'd only have seven of actual hero work. And Izuku would only have three.

Talk about unrealistic expectations!


"Kacchan! We're not allowed to use our quirks!" Izuku struggled against the bindings he found himself covered in. Koda's webbing was always so gross! And it stuck to his clothes if he struggled too much, which made his mom mad! Though, that was mostly because the web would ruin the clothes and they used to have money problems, but then big sis Tatsumaki became a pro hero and now that wasn't a problem.

But still, why was he upside down?

"Shut it Deku!" Kacchan let his hands pop in annoyance! "Your sister just said that she was going to be better than All Might one day!"

"You say that all the time!"

"Exactly! I'm going to be the one that beats All Might, not your sister!"

"But, we're ten!" Izuku wiggled, the blood going to his head made him regret not using his own quirk before it was too late. Just like his sister, he had a quirk that let him move objects with his mind. Unlike his sisters, he didn't have nearly as much practice with it as they did. It took a lot of work to train their quirk. "And she's an adult! And the number three! She's closer!"

"So? I'm going to be even closer to All Might than she is after I get into U.A.!" Kacchan shouted and their other friends nodded in agreement. "And you're not going to go to U.A! Deku!"

"What? Why? That's where my sisters went!" Well, technically Fubuki hadn't actually gone yet, but the entrance exams were in a few months and she was really strong! Not as strong as big sis but still really strong! "And that's where all Might went! I'm going too!"

"No you're not!"

"Yes I am!"

"Well, then I guess we'll just have to teach you a lesson then, huh Deku?"

Izuku looked at the sparking hands of Kacchan and the smug grins of their two other friends. When it came to fighting, Izuku wasn't all that strong yet. He could throw stuff, sure, but right now Katsuki was a lot stronger than him. And since it was also four vs one, and he let himself get tied up.

Why did he let himself get tied up?

A large, blue, and very wet octopus-headed man slammed down onto the ground of the park. Followed shortly by a very welcome sight.

"Sis!" Izuku wiggled in the webbing a bit more. "Congrats on number—"

"One second Izuku." Tatsumaki smiled at him, and then frowned at his friends. Well. He had a feeling that they weren't really his friends anymore. Huh. Why did he feel no emotional conflict over this? Tatsumaki crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the squid villain she had probably just beaten on her way home. "Teach who a lesson now?"

"Deku!" Kacchan made several mistakes. All of them revolved around him not shutting up. "You might be strong now but I'm going—"

Tatsumaki rolled her eyes and then rolled her hand and all four boys gave a yelp. Ahh. Telekinetic wedgie. The ultimate move. "Stay away from my brother, and Izuku, stop letting them bully you."

He was freed with a snip of his sister's fingers and then lifted up by her quirk.

"Kay!" Izuku laughed as his sister spun him lightly in the air.

"Alright, come, on, I think Fubuki is nearby and we need to drop this guy off before we eat with mom." She tapped her heel onto the squid faced villain earning him a groan.

Flying with his sister was always fun. It was so amazing with the ease that his sister could do something like this. Carrying not only herself, but him, and some villain that was several times their size with ease. But this wasn't even all his sister could do.

"Hey big sis, do you think I'll be able to be as strong as you?" Izuku asked as they flew through the air, the black dress that his sister wore as a hero costume not even flapping as they flew by.

"Hmm, maybe, but don't worry, once we move into the new house, I'm going to be training you and Fubuki in our free time!"


AN: This is just the prelude/1st chapter that I started to take my mind on things, it's not set in stone and I may end up making some changes in the future based on your own feedback and my feels.

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed this.