AN: Fanfic therefore I DO NOT OWN. I was really surprised after watching Enola Holmes that I couldn't find a crossover so I wrote one. It's most likely a one shot as my muse got lost in the archives towards the end. Also it unbetaed. Enjoy

"You want me to go as who?!" the roar from the archives was threatening

"And do what?! I know I can come off as —-but I'd never do that!"

" It says tried Harper not did." The Welsh eyebrows were back. " Look it's right there in her journal."

" Yeah well her journal also says I died second to last entry volume on by skull fracture. One, Jones I'm already dead and two, I need my skull if I cannot heal. "

" We have a SEP device and armor I'm sure Jack will figure it out."

" Why can't you go Jones? You're alive."

" Because of this." The two men turned towards the voice Captain Jack stepped through the brick arch into the archives and handed piece of paper to Owen.

" A copy of a ferrotype. Tosh found it. Congratulations you've made the final cut."

" Did Jones tell you, what I am going to have to do?!"

" We're Torchwood " was the cool reply from his superior " That means making the tough calls to save the world. And if you're worrying about your head then we've got some extra Servac skin in storage. We'll do a quick graft and your head will be harder than a diamond." Owen Harper's glare would've melted the ice caps.

" Fine. How exactly am I getting back?"

Ianto replied " Tosh is looking into it. We may have to use Martha's emergency number."