Tada here's the next of my many stories to come! I have always wanted to do a, Sesshomaru in the future, story. I hope you enjoy!

Trees throughout the forest fell as a battle raged within them. A black haired Hanyo fired shards of crystals at a great Inu Daiyokai, who dodged out of the way easily. A blast erupted from a great fang, as a Inu Hanyo swung at the other Hanyo. But he dodged the blast, with great ease. A blast of purity erupted from an arrow, that a Priestess fired, but the dark Hanyo dodged that also. They moved throughout the forest as the battled waged, both sides were at a stand still it seemed. They came upon a clearing, an old well in the center, and the battle stopped momentarily.

"You die today, Naraku."

The Daiyokai growled, his sword, Bakusaiga, at the ready. The dark Hanyo laughed, as crystalized tentacles emerged from his back.

"I think not, Sesshomaru. It is you who will die here today. Fear not though, your body and power will be put to good use."

"As if!"

The Inu Hanyo landed next to Sesshomaru, his sword Tessaiga, raised up high. The priestess on his back leap down, and aimed her bow and arrow at Naraku. The dark Hanyo only laughed again, however.

"How quaint, to think a lowly group could defeat me. The Shikon I posses is nearly complete, you have no chance. Give up your last few shards willingly, and I might be tempted to spare you."

"Not a chance Naraku!" Kagome shouted.

"I thought not. Its much more fun to rip them from your grasp anyhow. Or I could always have someone else do it for me."

Naraku looked to Sesshomaru with a dark smile.

"Someone...who doesn't want a little girl hiding in a village not to far away, to get hurt."

A vicious swirl of yokai pulsed around Sesshomaru, how dare this half breed threaten Rin. He raised his sword, and rushed for Naraku.

"Sesshomaru wait!"

He ignored the cries from his brother, and brought his sword down upon the dark Hanyo. Naraku chuckled, and slithered a tentacle in between himself and Sesshomaru. The sword sliced clean through the appendage, and a gush of miasma spewed from it. Sesshomaru didn't bother to hold his breath, as if Narakus miasma could harm him. He leapt at Naraku again, and once again cut a tentacle, spewing more miasma in his face. Sesshomaru landed on the ground, and was ready to rush him again, when Narkus crystalized tentacle flung crystal spears at him. Sesshomaru scoffed and moved to dodge them. His eyes widened when his legs didn't respond. Two spears pierced his body, one in his shoulder, one his upper leg.


The Daiyoki struggled to keep his balance as he staggered backwards. His body feeling suddenly heavy, and sluggish. The backs of his legs hitting the edge of the old well. He quickly glanced behind him, before turning to glare at Naraku.

"Like my miasma, Sesshomaru? I used the Shikon to make this batch, especially for you. It shouldn't last too long...but long enough for me to do THIS!"

Several tentacles lunged for Sesshomaru. Inuyasha tried to cut them off, and slashed most of them in half, but not all of them. One last appendage flung the Hanyo out of the way, and flew straight and true at the Daiyokai, aiming for his heart. Sesshomaru attempted to leapt out of the way, but his legs were still unresponsive. This is it, this is how he dies. He was a fool to underestimate Naraku to such an extent, and now it was his demise.


Sesshomarus eyes slightly widened as the priestess ran in front of him, her arms outstretched. A bright, barrier of purity erupted form her hands just in time, as the appendage crashed into the barrier. The tentacle evaporated as it was purified, but force of the impact threw her backwards. She crashed into Sesshomaru, and he lost his footing, and fell. Inuyasha screamed Kagomes name, as both she, and Sesshomaru, fell backwards into the old well.

"Naraku you bastard!"

Inuyasha held his Tessaiga high, and the blade turned black. He launched Meido Zangetsuha, after Meido, at Naraku. The Hanyo laughed and dodged each one of them. He landed on a tree branch, and the branch snapped. Now! He threw one last Meido at Naraku, and it took half of Narakus body with it.

"Curse you!"

Naraku moved to retreat, but Inuyasha was ahead of him, and launched a Widscar. It destroyed most of what was left of the dark Hanyo, and he covered himself in a cloud of miasma.

"You may have won this battle, but you won't win the war!"

Naraku flew up into the sky, and vanished. Inuyasha breathed out a sigh of relief, and sheathed his sword. He gave one final glace to where Naraku vanished, and then rushed over to the well.

"Hey Kagome, Sesshomaru, you ok!?"

He peered inside the well, and froze. They were both gone, the only thing in the well were the crystals that struck Sesshomaru. Kagome, yea, he could understand why she would be gone...but Sesshomaru? Inuyasha thought only Kagome and himself could go though the well.


Inuyasha turned to see Sango on Kirara flying fast over to him. She leapt off of her cat, and ran over to him.

"Miroku and Kaede have a barrier up over the village, everyone is safe. So I came to help. Where is Naraku? Where is Kagome?"

"Naraku is gone, I kicked his ass. But he threw Kagome, and Sesshomaru into the well. They're gone..."

"Wait...so your brother is in Kagomes world? I thought only you two could go through the well?"

"I did to but, I guess..."

Then it hit him. Sesshomaru is in the future. Inuyasha remembers how he reacted to her world...what would Sesshomaru do? Oh shit. Without another thought, he turned, and leapt into the well after them.