"Your...your alive."

"Of course I'm alive, Sesshomaru. Why wouldn't I be?"

He could only stare at his mother as she spoke. She was here, she was real, and she wasn't dead. She also looked human, even thou he could sense she was not. He couldn't help the small smile that appeared on his face as a feeling of relief washed over him.

"Oh my, your smiling."

"Of course I am! Your alive! That means other demons are alive too...right?"

"Yes. They are."

A small laugh escaped him. He knew it! He knew that demons couldn't just vanish, that humans couldn't wipe them out like that.

"Oh my, your laughing now. Are you quite alright?"

"No, no mother. I am not. I have been trapped here in the future for five days. Humans are everywhere, swarming the streets like rats. No demons in sight. I have been searching for our kind, and I've found nothing. I even went to your damned castle, thinking I could at least find you. Do you know what it did to me, to find that you had abandoned your home, to find my dead dragon, and nothing else. I though you had...that whatever had happened to the other demons happened to you too."

His hands had balled up into fists now, shaking with a mixture of rage and sorrow. His mother simply brought her hand to her mouth with a small oh, and gave a small chuckle.

"I haven't been to my castle in a long time, Sesshomaru. I left to live down here, with you and the others. You wouldn't believe the kinds of jewelry humans have made, they shine so. I am sorry that this effected you so badly. If I had known, I would have come to say hello sooner. And as for your dragon, I was made aware that he was given a proper burial, was he not?"

"No. His bones remain in the stables."

"Oh, that simply will not do. I will make arrangements to have him buried at once."

"Thank you. Mother, if you and the others are here in the city, are you well hidden?"

She smiled, and gave a small laugh.

"Yes dear, we have created illusions to hide us, to mask our yokai and scent. We appear completely human. Why do you ask?"

"There is a man, whos name is Nelson, if I remember correctly. He-"

"Oh him. Yes we know of Nelson, Sesshomaru. You need not worry, we are planning to take care of him soon. In the meantime, we will let him calm down a bit. The only reason hes so excitable right now is because of you. Flaring your yokai about the city, leaping from burning buildings on TV, it was such fun watching you."

"You could have helped..."

"It was best not to interfere, you know, time travel and what not. We knew you would be safe in the end."

"And getting home, is this the answer?"

"Hmm, perhaps it is best if you try for yourself."

"Mother what if-"


Sesshomaru turned to look behind him as Inuyasha, Sota, and Kagome came rushing from the well house.

"What's keeping you?"

"I was talking to-"

He turned back to face his mother, but she was gone. He frowned as he looked around for her, but she had vanished.

"I hate when she does that..."

"Hate when who does what? Who were you talking too?"

Inuyasha gave him a puzzled look.

"Uhh, its nothing. Never mind me, shall we attempt the well once more?"

Sesshomaru turned and began walking to the well house, the three behind him gave each other confused looks, but they shrugged and followed him. Sesshomarus heart was beating fast in his chest as he once again was looking down into the well. Would this work? His mother said to just try it, so that's what he was going to do. He looked to Kagome, who was peering down the well as well.

"So, how shall we do this?"

"I was thinking, what if I surround both of us with my barrier, it might burn you a bit, but nothing to bad hopefully."

"Hnn, that is acceptable."

Sota ran for him and wrapped his arms around his waist in a huge hug.

"Im gonna miss you."

He smiled down to Sota, and pat him on the head.

"I shall miss you to Sota. I had much fun with you."

"I had alotta fun with you too."

"Should I survive the next 500 years, I shall come see you again."



The two smiled at each other, and pulled away from the hug, Sesshomaru turned to Kagome. He gave her a nod, and she nodded back.

"Lets do this."

They positioned themselves by the edge of the well, both of their hearts beating fast. Kagome held up her hands, and a swirl of purity surrounded them both. Sesshomaru felt burns form on his body where the purity sparked. A large barrier surrounded them, swirling and sparking energy. Kagome saw Sesshomaru wince in pain, and knew it was not or never. She leaned into him and he let himself fall backwards. They were once again falling, he saw the ground come up fast and he held his breath. A bright light surrounded both of them, and the ground vanished, replaced by a endless void. He couldn't help but grin. They fell and fell, until finally, they were gently placed on the ground.

"HAHA! Yes! We did it!"

Kagome immediately sat up and pumped her fists in the air, laughing while she did so. She had a huge smile on her face. Sesshomaru sat up as well, propping himself on his elbows.

"Hnn, indeed...you are sitting on me again."

Kagome froze, and looked down, her face turning bright red as she realized she was straddling the demons hips.

"Eeeepppp sorry!"

He rolled his eyes as she jumped off of him. Standing up, he grabbed the girl by the waist and leapt out of the well. Green grass and trees surrounded them. He set Kagome down, and closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. The pure scent of nature filled his lungs. No smoke, no metal, no overwhelming scent of humans. He allowed his lips to curve into a small, genuine smile. He was home.

"Hey hey it worked!"

Inuyasha leapt out of the well behind them, a large grin on his face.

"Indeed it did."

"Yeah, now I don't gotta babysit you anymore!"

"I believe I was the babysitter, little brother."

"As if."

"Kagome, Inuyasha!"
"Lord Sesshomaru!"

The three turned to the voices, and saw Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Rin running up to them. Sesshomarus eyes softened at the sight of Rin. He knelt down to one knee as she barreled towards him, and as she collided into him he wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

"Lord Sesshomaru, Rin missed you so much!"

"Hnn, and I missed you too, Rin."

"Oh Lord Sesshoooomaru!"

His ears twitched in response to the loud screeching voice. He looked up to see Jaken running towards him.

"Oh Lord Sesshomaru it is so good to see you! Id thought for sure you'd be trapped forever! I thought id never see you again! Oh what a foul fate to befall one such as yours self!"

Sesshomaru shot the Imp a glare, and he shrunk back.

"I-I-I-I mean, I never doubted you would return, I knew you could overcome any obstacle in your way Mi lord!"

Sesshomaru raised his hand, and Jaken closed his eyes, preparing for the impact of a fist. What he got, however was a flick on the nose. He blinked, and looked up at his lord, who was grinning down to him, Jaken paled. Sessomaru stood, and looked over to his brother. He, and Kagome, were talking to the Monk, Slayer and Kitsune. He then saw something past them, walking slowly towards him. It was Ah-Un, his dragon, very much alive in this time. He smiled again as the dragon approached, and his hands moved on their own. He was petting and scratching the dragon before he had even realized it. Ah-Un, confused by his masters antics, yet not upset by them, leaned into the scratches, and grunted in approval.


"Yes, Jaken. What is it?"

"May I inquire as to why you are dressed so...strangely?"

He blinked, and looked down at himself. He was still wearing the clothes Kagome had given him.

"Ah...it would seem I have left my clothes on the other side of the well...with my armor...and swords...oops."

He was so used to not having to wear them, that he had all but forgotten about them. He heard Inuyasha start to cackle and he shot him a glare.

"Wow, sucks for you, looks like you can't fight anymore huh?"

Sesshomaru continued to glare, and he started cackling again.

"Gezz I'm joking, I'm joking. I'll go get your shit. Kagome where did you put his stuff?"

He rolled his eyes as Inuyasha leapt down the well again. How could he have forgotten his weapons like that. Armor and clothing are replaceable, but not his swords. He felt a tug on his sleeve and he looked down to see Rin smiling up at him.

"I think Lord Sesshomaru looks nice in his new clothes."

"Of course he looks nice you silly girl! He looks fabulous in anything he wears! Why he could even pull off womans clothing!"

"Jaken, you are insinuating I look like a woman?"

"W-W-W-Waaah nooooo Milord! I was j-j-just saying that you could pull off anything you wear! I would n-n-never suggest you look like a woman, as beautiful as you may be!"

Sesshomaru stared Jaken down, his eyes piercing, and the poor imp stared back up at him, fear all over his face.


"Y-yes milord?"

"Relax, I was joking with you. I know I look fabulous."

Sesshomarus eyes gleamed as he grinned down at Jaken, and the imp paled and fainted. He shook his head, still grinning, as Rin started poking at the Imp.

"Ah, Lord Sesshomaru, Master Jaken fainted again."

"So he has."

The well lit up, and Inuyasha came leaping out, holding Sesshomarus, armor and moko under one arm, and his clothes neatly folded on his other.

"Back, got your stuff. But uh, your swords wouldn't come through."

Sesshomarus heart skipped a beat.


Inuyasha grinned and dropping his armor on the ground, reached behind him and pull Sesshomarus swords from his sash.

"Haha, gotcha."

"That was not funny."

Sesshomaru grabbed his swords, and tossed Inuyasha a glare. Inuyasha just folded his arms behind his head and grinned.

"I thought it was real funny."

"Hnn, Rin stay. I will get dressed and we shall leave. See if you can wake Jaken."

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru!"

"Um, actually Sesshomaru."

He turned to look at Kagome, she was fiddling with her fingers, looking quite nervous. Sesshomaru wondered what was bothering her suddenly.


"I was wondering, you know. Since you've been stuck with us I know you kinda want to go off and do your own thing again. But..."


"But...Why don't you stay and have dinner with us? I'm sure Rin and Jaken would love to hear about my world from you. Plus I'm making ramen for everyone. It'll be fun."

"Keh, don't count on it Kagome, I can tell just by looking at him, as soon as he got back that stick went right back up his ass."

"Hey that's not nice Inuyasha!"

"Why would I wanna be nice?"

Sesshomaru listened to the two bicker. The Monk and Slayer shaking their heads at their friends antics, while the Kitsune had joined Rin in trying to poke the Imp awake. He thought for a moment, yes he would love to just be on his way. But on the other hand...ramen. He looked down to Rin and the Kitsune, they had now made a game of poking Jaken with sticks. They looked to be having so much fun, he would hate to interrupt their game.


"Ah, Yes Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Have you had ramen before?"

"Uhm...nope! Rin doesn't think Rin has ever had ramen!"

"Hnn. That is unacceptable. Priestess."

Kagome and Inuyasha stopped bickering and turned to look at Sesshomaru.


"If the offer is still there, I accept, and will join you and your pack for dinner."

Inuyashas jaw dropped and Kagome grinned, giving him a nudge with her elbow, and Rin and Shippo cheered that they would get to spend more time together to play.

"Of course the offer is still there."

"Hnn then I shall take my leave to change my clothing, and will return shortly. Do you wish for me to return the clothes I borrowed from you?"

"Actually, no, you keep them. They look real good on you."

"Hnn, thank you."

Sesshomaru left for the nearby forest, and quickly changed clothes. He missed how they felt on him. He put his armor back on, his moko on his shoulder, and his swords back to his side. He felt like a lord again. He had returned to Jaken swatting at the children as they ran circles around him. He had informed Jaken of their dinner plans, and the Imp had been less than thrilled. But a bump on the head had changed his attitude.

During dinner the children and Jaken had gathered around Sesshomaru as he retold his tale. Of a city made of metal, that reached as high as the sky. Of metal beetles and dragonflies piloted by humans, that were nearly as fast as he was. He told them of how he had rescued a human child from a burning building, and how humans had captured him, with a drug strong enough to incapacitate him. But also how Inuyasha had rescued him from the humans. By the end of his tale, he had grabbed the attention of the entire hut. Who knew Sesshomaru was such a good story teller.

It was well past midnight by the time the childred had settled down from his thrilling tale. Everyone had fallen asleep save for Kagome, who was studying her school book, and the two demon brothers. Sesshomaru coiled Rin and Shippo up in his moko and set it aside for them to sleep in. Inuyasha watched, grinning at him from ear to ear.

"You really do have a soft spot for kids, don't you."

"Hnn. It would appear I do."

"Rin really missed you to."

Sesshomaru let his eyes fall to the pile of daisies, and painting of daisies, in the corner of the hut. She had made him one painting for everyday he was gone, five flower crowns, three flower bracelets. Just...so many daisies.


"Well, I think its sweet."

Kagome looked up from her book at both the demons.

"The kids really had fun tonight. Maybe we should do this more often. I for one, would love to hear another story from you."

Sesshomaru thought for a moment. Tonight wasn't terrible in the least, he in fact, had actually enjoyed entertaining the children.

"Hnn, perhaps you are correct."

The two looked at him, Kagome smiling, Inuyasha grinning.

"Hnn, yes. It is decided then. We should most definitely have dinner nights more often. For the children of course."

"Uhuh, yeah sure."

"Oh yes of course, for the children."

The three gave each other knowing grins, and the hut fell silent. Soon the three fell asleep, to wake up to a brand new day. Full of new adventures to be had, new battles to win, and more dinner nights to look forward too. Sesshomaru of course, had made one new rule for himself and his pack. And that was, to stay the hell away from the well.