He let out a small startled gasp as the priestess crashed into him, and he lost his footing. He felt them both fall backwards into the old well. He prepared himself for a hard impact, but was instead, greeted with a bright light. The two kept falling, and falling. Sesshomaru knew the well wasn't this deep, what was going on? Then he felt the ground come up under him, and instead of a crash landing, he was laid gently onto the well floor.

He laid there for for a moment, catching his breath, letting his heart rate calm down. He stared up into the sky. It was dark, how long had they fallen for? He moved to get up, but his body was still so heavy. It took to much effort to even sit up, but he managed. He looked up, and came nose to nose with the priestess. They both froze as they stared at each other. Kagome then gave a sheepish smile and a small nervous giggle.


"...You are sitting on me."

"Eeep! Sorry!"

Kagome quickly jumped back, and off of Sesshomaru, and he struggled to sit up.

"Are you ok? Do you need help?"

"I will manage."

Sesshomaru moved to a crouch, and bracing the wall, managed to stand. He looked up at the rim up the well, and noticed there was a ladder hanging down the inside. Had that always been there?" He tested the strength of his legs, still heavy and sluggish, but he could probably make the jump. He lowered himself slightly, and took as big of a leap as he could. He just barely made it as he stumbled his landing. He looked around, it wasn't dark outside...they were simply inside a well house. Where did this come from?

"Sesshomaru waaiiit!"

He heard the girl behind him quickly climbing up the ladder, and he ignored her. He located the wellhouse door, and quickly made for it.

"Wait, please! We're not in the feudal era anymore!"

Feudal era? What was she talking about. He grabbed the door and slid it open. The assault of smells that hit his nose actually made him sneeze, and he quickly shielded his face with his sleeve. What the hell were these scents. He walked out of the well house and looked around. Cursing himself for doing so, he tested the scents again. The first thing he pick up was humans. The strong scent of thousands of humans. There was also a strong scent of smoke, and metal burning.

There was a rather large home in from of the wellhouse, and a shrine not to far away. He continued down the pathway, down the side of the house. He made it to the end of the path, when he froze in his tracks. Tall metal buildings covered the land. There were hundreds of them, and they touched the sky. There were long black pathways, where large metal beetles, raced down them. They were almost as fast as he was.


He heard the girl run up beside him, he felt her grab onto his arm, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from this metal landscape. A loud whirring noise caught his attention, and he turned his gaze to the sky. A giant metal dragonfly, with huge spinning wings flew over them, and he felt himself shrink back. He watched it fly out over the towering buildings. He started to back away, as something bubbled inside of him he hadn't felt since he was a child...fear. The girl next to him began to pull on his arm, trying to lead him somewhere. He finally tore his eyes away from the city, and he looked down to her. She saw the fear in his eyes.

"Where am I?"

"Ok, so don't panic..."

"Where...am...I?" He hissed through gritted teeth.

"Your in my time."


"Ok so listen, I'm from 500 years in the future. We fell through the well, and the well connects your time, to mine. I thought only Inuyasha and I could go through the well, but I guess I was wrong."

"So I am..."

"Your 500 years in the future...yes."

Sesshomaru tried his best to let this information sink in. He was in the future? He didn't think think such a thing was possible, for a simple well to have that kind of power.


The two turned around to see Inuyasha rushing over to them from the well house. He ran up to Kagome and grabbed her into a hug.

"Are you alright?"

She pulled away and nodded.

"I'm ok, but I don't think he is."

Inuyasha looked to his brother, who had returned his gaze back out towards the city. Another metal dragonfly flew over them, and Sesshomaru once again, felt himself shrink back, his hand loosely grabbing onto Bakusaigas hilt.

"Whoa, Sesshomaru, just calm down."

Sesshomaru gave his brother a quick glance, worry was all over his face.

"Look I get it, I was the same way when I first came here. But nothing here is dangerous. They are all just metal machines, with humans inside of them. Its alright."

Inuyasha tried to keep his voice as calm as possible, hed never seen his brother so shaken up before. He knew he must be scared. Sesshomaru let the hilt of his sword go, as he continued to stare out into this new strange world. No. He didn't like this place. He didn't like this place at all. It was then he noticed something he was too shaken up to notice before. Something that bothered him deeply.

"Why don't I sense any demons?"

The silence that followed his question unnerved him. Why did they not answer.

"There aren't any demons in my time."

The look they got was a mix of anger and shock.

"At least...I don't think there are. They could very well be hiding from all the humans. Humans kinda...control everything now. If you hadn't noticed."

"...I noticed."

It got very quiet again, but it did not last for long. Sesshomaru turned to look at Inuyasha and Kagome. Frustration all over his face.

"I do not like it here, how do I return home?"

Kagome let out a sigh of relief that he didn't want to explore, and just wanted to go home. She pulled away from Inuyashas embrace and started walking back to the well house.

"You just have to jump back into the well, lets go, I wanna make sure everyone's ok."

The three made their way back to the wellhouse. Sesshomaru peered into the well as Kagome and Inuyasha prepared to leap in. She turned to him with a smile.

"You ready?"

Sesshomaru gave her a curt nod, and she began to count down from three. He scoffed at her antics, like this was some sort of game to her. She reached one, and the three of them leapt down into the well. He saw a bright light engulf his brother and the priestess, but he himself hit landed on the ground, his legs shook from the impact. He still hasn't fully recovered from the miasma. He stood and leapt from the well. He was still in the well house. He decided to wait for the two to return for him. It didn't take long, as light erupted from the well again. Inuyasha leapt from the well with Kagome on his back.

"What happened?"

"You tell me. I leapt into the well as instructed. You both vanished, I remained."

Sesshomaru saw her face pale a bit, and he didn't like the feeling he got in his chest either. She then hit her hand with her fist.

"Ah hah! I know! We came through together right? What if we have to go back together?"

"...I suppose."

She grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the well. The audacity of this girl.

"Ok we'll hold hands while we jump together, ready?"

He sighed and gave her another nod, and she began to count down again. 3...2...1 Go! They both leapt together while they held hands. The light enveloped her once again, and left him behind...also again. He looked up, and saw his brother peering down at him, a look of worry on his face. Light came from under him as Kagome reappeared. She looked up to him, with a nervous laugh, and sheepish smile.

"Ok...we miiight have a problem."