Chapter two


It had been at least a week since Spyro and Cynder has been captured by these Apes, although it was soon discovered by a bit of snooping that these Apes called themselves "humans". It wasn't that the place they were in was horrible, on the contrary, after spending a day in that mysterious room that bonded them to the table with unseeable bonds, they were moved to an unusual place that looked like they were outside, except on further inspection, was actually just a large room with some form of enchantment on the walls and ceiling to make it look like the outside world, this discovery really puzzled Cynder, but it gave her great joy that although the room was made to look like the outside world, it actually had drains! And even better was the fact that they were to be left in the room and not moved! This meant that all Cynder needed to do was wait until it was late at night and use her shadow power to sink through the drain! And although Spyro told her to just escape and leave him, she refused to leave her first friend behind. And so every night she would sneak out of the room and explore the place they were trapped in, it didn't take her long to find a library, and so she had obviously stolen a few books and brought them back to Spyro. Through these books the duo found out that the humans keeping them there were actually Wizards, and the sticks they used were called Wands. But what interested the dragons most was the pure fact that here, dragons can't speak English! So as to prevent any further prodding of their bodies, every time a wizard was watching them, the two wouldn't utter a sound. The ginger wizard, who they guessed was called Charlie, was the one who spent most of his time looking at them from afar, so the two of them guessed that he was the one in charge. And it was today that Charlie was actually sitting near them, he had been so caring about them that they both agreed that if any of these wizards should know about their ability to talk, it should be him. It was actually accidental, the way they showed him.

"What are you?" Charlie wondered aloud, and this time, Cynder was so fed up with the same question leaving that boy's mouth, that she just blurted out,

"We are dragons! I thought that was obvious!" And it took less than a nanosecond for Charlie to realise what had just happened, and he panicked. He scrabbled away from them in fright and drew his wand,

"D-d-did you just t-t-talk?" He asked, his voice shaking with fear, and Cynder cursed herself for letting her tongue get ahead of her, before smiling awkwardly at the boy and replying,

"Yes, I am sorry", Spyro then walked towards the bamboozled boy and gently laid a paw on his foot,

"Don't worry, we won't hurt you." He said in a matter of fact tone, "and we are grateful for your kindness" Charlie was now a bit more calmer than before, as he sat back down on the artificial grass and saying,

"I must be dreaming, dragons don't talk!" And on hearing this, Cynder gave him a small bite on the hand, causing him to jump!

"Think you are dreaming now? She asked with a cheeky grin on her face, "but don't worry, I am also friendly." She then looked a bit more serious, "but I think we need to introduce ourselves, my name is Cynder,"

"And my name is Spyro." Spyro finished, "what's your name?" He then asked, even though they did know it already.

"Oh! Um," Charlie stumbled, clearly not used to talking to dragons that can respond, "my name is Charlie Weasley," he then looked closer at the dragons before saying, "I guess that it is no wonder that I didn't know about your kind," This confused Spyro and Cynder, as he had already shown that he knew a lot about dragons, so how can he not know anything about them? He seemed to read their confused looks, so rephrased his statement, "I mean your type of dragon, there are many different breeds, but I have never seen one that looks like you two" this made sense to the duo, who noted that he had a book that he seemed to write in a lot,

"May I ask," Cynder spoke up, "what do you write in your book?" Charlie picked the tome up and opened its pages,

"I write about all I know about the dragons I work with," he explained before stopping on a page that was mostly blank except for a single picture of Spyro and Cynder, "I was hoping to find more about you two and add the findings into this page," He was clearly interested to know more about them, and if they were going to be friends with him, both dragons knew that it would be a good idea to show him what they could do,

"Alright, what do you want to see first?" Spyro asked, eager to practice his elemental powers again, and Cynder was also as, or even more, eager as well. Charlie was clearly taken aback by the sudden eagerness of the dragons, before he recomposed himself and said,

"Um, ladies first?" Clearly not wanting to sound forward, but Cynder didn't mind, in fact she was ready to show her power, and clearly show off.

"Alright!" she declared in readiness, she was looking at a black robed training dummy that looked distinctly like a human, except it had a wheel for legs. "I have been aching to do this for DAYS!" And with that, she unleashed her fury on the dummy (not her Fury, but her locked up rage that helped in battle), first she started with an ear splitting scream that followed a bunch of red rings from her mouth, she then morphed into the shadow underneath her and all the boy could see was the pulsing dark spot move under the dummy, and suddenly Cynder burst out of the ground with many slashes of her sharp talons, and then, she jumped a little distance away from the target and launched a volley of green blobs from her mouth that coated the dummy in green goo and vapour, and to finish off, she ran straight at the now truly battered dummy before rising off the ground, with no use of her wings at all, and spinning at such a speed that she created a miniature tornado that bashed the dummy all around her before dropping it to the ground in pieces! As Cynder landed on the floor, she examined her handiwork, before looking at Spyro with a look that clearly asked, "too much?" Which was responded with a small nod from the purple dragon. Charlie was amazed, he never thought that a dragon could have any other skills other than fire! And Cynder had just shown four completely different powers!

"What was all that?" He asked in disbelief, Cynder smirked before replying,

"Well, I started with my Fear element with a little trick I call the Siren's Scream, which puts the fear into the opponent, I then followed with a Shadow element attack that caused me to morph with my own shadow to allow surprise attacks, and then I coated the thing with a Poison elemental shot, before finishing it off with a Wind element Gale." She sounded pretty proud of her own abilities. As Charlie noted the powers in his book, Spyro got ready, and soon came up with an order like Cynder had, this would be fun. The boy finished with his notes and flicked his wand at the destroyed training dummy, whilst muttering,

"Reparo" And as if by magic, which it was, the dummy repaired itself and was soon back to normal, and as soon as the pieces were back together, Spyro charged straight at it, head down to slam it with his horns which were now on fire! As the dummy was flung into the air, Spyro did a similar movement to Cynder's gale, except this time it caused a miniature snowstorm that froze the dummy in a coating of ice! He then flew straight up and seemed to turn into a spiky, earthy green rock that slammed into the dummy with such force that it was a miracle that it was still standing! He then leaped backwards before unleashing a large continuous bolt of yellow electricity from his mouth that blasted the dummy into smaller pieces than Cynder had done! Charlie was gobsmacked at this! Another four new powers? This was insane!

It took less than a week for Charlie to understand almost everything about Spyro and Cynder, even their backstories. He was a bit concerned when he heard of Cynder's adoptive father, but it was soon cleared up that he was definitely gone and never coming back! They then were told more about Charlie; how he went to a magic school, how he worked in Romania whilst studying dragon's, how another dark lord used to terrorise the world until his defeat, it was who defeated him that stunned the dragons,

"A baby defeated someone so powerful that even the strongest wizards couldn't get close?!" Cynder exclaimed on hearing of this, "That sounds as unbelievable as hearing Sparx defeating my dad on his own without running away!" Charlie chuckled on hearing this,

"Yes, we didn't really think it sounded believable either," he responded, "but I know that Harry Potter did it, because he has the scar to prove it"

"So this Dark-Lord, What was his name?" Spyro asked, and as the words left his mouth, the duo now noticed something odd, it was as if Charlie was cringing at the very thought of the man's name, "sorry, I didn't know it would upset you..." the purple dragon backed away in slight shame for upsetting his newest friend, but the boy was soon over the feeling and waved away the apology.

"Don't worry about it," he said, "everyone is still scared of him, but as no one is around," he quickly looked over his shoulders before whispering "his name is, was… v-v *gulp* Voldemort." Cynder and Spyro looked at each other for a second, before bursting into laughter!

"Voldemort!" Cynder squealed in delight, "and there I was thinking that it was a dark name like Malefor!"

"Yes!" Spyro agreed whilst chuckling uncontrollably, "how can people be scared of a name like that?!" Charlie watched this in a mix of adoration of their bravery and fear for their misunderstanding,

"No!" He shouted, "he is only feared now because he killed many innocent people without mercy! Not because of his name!" The dragons stopped laughing at this, they could tell that there was more to this Voldemort character, seeing as Charlie was scared of him when he dealt with non-sentient dragons that could kill him daily, but they never mentioned it again.