AN: So it's been over a year since I last updated Alola League Victor's. My motivation from the story stemmed from being dissatisfied with how the League was handled and the SM anime in general.

I was writing the next chapter for that fic right when the final round of the Conference between Ash and Gladion was going down.

Then Ash won the Manalo Conference and my motivation for writing ALV took a hit. Then the Ash versus Kukui battle ended up being pretty hype and my motivation took another hit.

Then the series ended and I started to think that the show I was wrong about a lot of things I felt towards the show.

I still didn't care for the "funny" faces, the pacing was kind of all over the place, I still didn't care much for episodes written by Junichi Fujisaku, I still feel Hau was done dirty by the SM anime, but... I think the League turned things around after that episode.

And looking back at ALV, it was... bogged down by my rants in the ANs. I may come back to it someday or just rewrite it in entirety.

I like the news series. I like Go/Goh. I like Ash in the series. I like the Pokémon's he got so far in the show. I'm rooting for Ash getting a Grookey or a Rookidee/Corvisquire/Corviknight.

Go's path to his goal could use some tweaking though. Might make a fanfic out of that though someday.

What this fanfic is well... It's hopefully the start of a series of fanfics that happen around the time the Journeys series is happening. I don't want anyone thinking I'm calling them out with this fic, I'm just making a joke about a common cliché I see a lot in Fanfictions about Ash.

And commenting on the absurd amount of Ash Betrayal fics that are on this site that are all the same.

So with that said: 1! 2! 3! Let's Go!

Obligatory Disclaimer: (Un)fortunately I don't own Pokémon, or it's anime adaptations. If I did Serena wouldn't be the first of Ash's past traveling Companions I would have come back for more than a single episode. May, Max, or Dawn are at the top of my lists.

Viridian City, Kanto Region. Rocket Corporation Building, (Totally not a front for the Criminal Team of the same name.) Giovanni's Office.

Giovanni was not having a good week.

First that old crone, Agatha swung by the Gym to deliver the League's final warning that if he doesn't start challenging more than 2 or 3 Trainers a month, Lance is going to have him replaced.

No way in hell is he letting Oak's grandbrat take over His Gym. If the smug punk wants it, he'll have to pry His Gym from Giovanni's cold, lifeless hands.

Secondly Butch and Cassandra (Or whatever her name is.) reported that the Clone he had his Kanto and Johto operatives scour the regions to find since the fiasco at Mt. Quena (Giovanni still gets migraines trying to recall what happened there) had since relocated from Cerulean Cave.

'Probably booked it when those bimbo twins got in a scuffle with that Leaf girl from Pallet Town.' Giovanni thought with a scowl wondering why he allowed those two to rejoin the organization after the screw-up that was what had happened in Alto Mare. What made them think he would care for a bunch of Fossil Pokémon when they could have brought him the Eon Duo the town was known for?

Third, and most worryingly for the businessman/mob boss: All of his Rocket cells in Kalos suddenly went dark Monday morning.

And just after Giovanni had sent Namba off to study the recovered technology of that excessively evil councilor from the Azoth Kingdom.

Giovanni was particularly interested in combining that technology with the reversed engineered Dark Balls that traitor Marauder had so the criminal mastermind would have an army of Mega Evolved Shadow Pokémon subservient to his will.

The Iron-Masked Moron couldn't have just told Giovanni who he had gotten the Dark Balls from. (Though Giovanni had theories he stole them from remnants of Cipher.) No, the petty bastard had to take that secret with him to the grave, leaving Zager no choice, but to study the remaining Dark Balls the Starscream wannabe had.

Regardless of if Team Rocket could make Mega Evolution a weapon in their arsenal, they still had the Shadow Pokémon. It wouldn't be too much of a setback.

That is if not for the Rocket cells in Unova going dark Tuesday morning. Something Giovanni would attributed to Ghetsis's ilk if what had happened in Kalos hadn't come to pass. The fool having escaped prison half a year ago, (surprise, surprise.) and since then had re-established Team Plasma in Unova.

Just the thought of the man made Giovanni scowl, ambitious fool wants to make himself the king of Unova and yet spurns Giovanni's offer for their organizations to work together.

Wednesday morning, Giovanni wasn't surprised the handful of Rocket bases had been taken out by whatever reduced their presence in Kalos and Unova to nothing.

It wasn't that big of a loss for the businessmen. Unlike Alder and Diantha, Cynthia and Steven and the Pokémon Leagues of the regions the two are the Champions of have been quite competent when it comes to finding and then squishing any signs of organized criminal activity.

Thus Giovanni didn't allocate too much of the organization's assets into taking those regions.

Come Thursday morning, Giovanni was pleasantly surprised when a half-dead Archer stumbled into his office. Most of the man's suit was in tatters, burn wounds all over his body, and occasionally twitching as little sparks of electricity escaped his body.

But it was the broken look in his eyes, and the dead tone in his voice that unsettled Giovanni. It would be an apt comparison to say the man looked as if he had been locked away in a cold dark, pit beneath the earth for months on end experiencing near constant torture.

Like what Giovanna had Petrel do to that cyclops Majima for that screw up him and his partner caused the organization years ago. (Cookie for whoever understands this reference.)

Apparently whatever was dismantling his organization, one region at a time, had let Archer go after torturing the man to send a message to Giovanni telling him, "You're next."

Giovanni could only scoff at that. Whoever is ruining his week clearly isn't that original when it comes to making threats. Giovanni has a coin jar half-full with quarters from all the times he's heard those words leveled at him.

This brings us to today, where Giovanni is sitting in his office tapping his finger on his desk whilst Persian waits for whatever is wreaking havoc through his building, taking out the best and brightest agents and the strongest, most battle-hardened Pokémon the man could gather across Kanto and Johto in the past two nights.

Matori had decided now was the best time to go on an extended vacation in Alola. If he makes it out of this somehow, Giovanni expects he'll receive her letter of resignation in the mail tomorrow. morning.

'Shame.' Giovanni mused as the building shook and what most certainly sounded like anguished screams being violently snuffed out reached his ears from a few floors below this one, 'Matori was the only secretary who knew how to make my morning coffee just right.'

Glancing to the analog clock on the wall, Giovanni noted it was now 6:55 in the morning letting the Gym Leader know he should be at His gym right now to open it for any prospective challengers coming today.

Hearing Persian perk up and rise from lazing around on the floor, Giovanni looked to the double doors of his office as they swung open and in stepped...

"Ash Ketchum," Giovanni stated staring icily into the bored brown eyes of the Trainer from Pallet Town (of the Kanto region) who had been a thorn in Team Rocket's side for years.

Giovanni spared a momentary glance to the little, yellow electric rat on his shoulder that the Three Stooges (as Matori and mosts of the organization had called them.) had been obsessed with for what felt like the better part of two decades. The Boss of Team Rocket then glanced down to his shoes and frowned, "You're tracking blood on my carpet."

Ash blinked before looking down to see that more of his shoes was dark red splotches than they're natural colors, "Oh yeah."

Ash looks backs up to Giovanni and shrugs, "Most of it's Namba's blood by the way."

Giovanni only gave the boy a disgusted a look in response to that, the two of them were opting not to comment on the fact that from where Ash had entered the office from looked like a mix between a warzone and a bloody massacre.

"H-help me, s-sir!" One Grunt still clinging desperately to life begged as he dragged himself by his head into Giovanni's office. His legs broken and bent out of place, as his stomach stained Giovanni's carpet red making the man groan irritated.

He gave Ash an imploring look and gestured with his hand to the Grunt still begging for aid. This only got a raised eyebrow from the Trainer from Pallet Town (of the Kanto region) and a confused frown.

Giovanni looked to Ash again, silently urging the kid to get rid of the lackey whilst making shooing motions with his hand. Ash stared at him for a moment longer before realization came and he nodded and snapped his fingers.

From the shadows appeared the Greninja, the Three Stooges had reported the boy had released for some fool reason before leaving Kalos. The Greninja grabbed the Grunt by the leg and slowly dragged him out of the office, the Grunt's pleas turned to screams as he begged Giovanni to save him from the psycho ninja frog.

They would go unheard as Greninja pulled the doors shut behind him. Ash and Giovanni stared at each other awkward silence as terrified girlish shrieks came from the other side of the door before they were abruptly stopped.

"Why are you here?" Giovanni stated wanting to cut to the point, his patience run dry as the lad insists on ruining his carpet. His gaze moves up the youth's blood smeared shoes to his legs and shorts which similarly has the blood of his subordinates splattered about on them.

There are only a few flecks of blood on his shirt and jacket which has a few cuts and tears on it. One of the straps for his backpack has been torn in two whilst the other appears as if it's hanging together by a few strands.

His cap miraculously is completely intact, though Giovanni suspects that's probably because the boy guards his favored headwear religiously.

"Three reasons." Ash starts off smiling widely as if he wasn't in front of one of the most powerful and dangerous men on the planet, "Reason number 1 for why I went to war with Team Rocket: My Pokémon were bored and needed exercise."

"What." Giovanni stated glowering at this foolish child.

"I took all my Pokémon at Professor Oak's Lab out for some training." Ash continued as he took a chair nearby and planted his keister on it before scooting it forward across the floor making Giovanni's eye twitch before he threw up his feet on Giovanni's desk making the man want to jump over the desk and strangle the twerp.

The only thing stopping him from doing so is the boy's Pikachu smirking, challenging the monster to try it.

That and the boy's Greninja that's waiting just outside.

"What would possess you to spend any time with your older Pokémon?" Giovanni asked making a cheap jab at how he leaves them to rot with Professor Oak once he's done with the region he caught them in.

"Maybe it was the fact Namba captured Greninja whilst I was visiting Clemont and Bonnie in Lumiose City and was torturting him to figure out how the Bond Phenomenon works." Ash threw back at Giovanni, his smile dropping as he glares at the older man across from him.

'Dammit Namba!' Giovanni cursed internally realizing the mad scientists had gone screwed the organization over.

"I believe the old coot's last words went something like: We will never stop! This planet, it's Pokémon, it's people, everything it has, especially your mutant Greninja will be ours! You will only know peace from us once we've been eradicated down to the very last man! And you don't have the balls to end me, boy!" Ash said going into an admittedly spot-on impression of the now dead crotchety old Rocket Scientists.

'God dammit Namba!' Giovanni cursed the recently deceased stupid old man, wanting to strangle him himself for thoroughly fucking Team Rocket over.

"Greninja was hanging by a thread when we got him out of that hell." Ash went on with his story, "It was only thanks to Squishy getting Xerneas over that Greninja is still kicking."

Ash's feet came down from the desk as he rose from his seat and rested his palms on it and glared darkly into Giovanni's eyes who stared back hiding how disturbing it is to see such hate in the boy's eyes.

"You're the last man Giovanni." Ash stated grimly for the sole remaining Rocket in the world, "Butch and Chastity gave up where I could find your Executives in Johto. The TRio took the ultimatum I gave them, recovered all the Pokémon they had at HQ and have skipped town to who cares where. Everyone else is either dead or about to be teleported into jail."

Giovanni blinked confused at those words, "But you don't have any Pokémon capable of mass teleporting that many people at once."

Ash smirked hearing that, hoping Giovanni would say that, "I don't..."

'...But I do.' Came a voice from within Giovanni's mind that made the man pale with terror as he felt a an overwhelming Pressure push down on him that drew out a scared, pathetic sounding whimper from his Persian.

A voice that despite purging his memories of Mount Quena had dominated Giovanni's darkest nightmares to remind how very small and weak he truly was.

Ash smirked seeing the terror set in for Giovanni as he realized Ash's Ally in this week long war was here, "I just want to clarify Mewtwo only helped me dismantle your organization by teleporting away the defeated Rockets from my raids to New Island where they'd be put in stasis until we'd drop them off in prison once we've left this building. Every win I claimed against Team Rocket was done with my Pokémon, my family."

'I did help with the technical aspects of dismantling a criminal organization that are equal parts thieves and businessmen.' Mewtwo chipped in, 'Every asset you're Organization legally owns is mine now.'

Sensing the inevitable question Giovanni's about to asks, Mewtwo 'speaks' once more, 'I'm the most powerful psychic being on the planet whose intellect would make a supercomputer look like an elementary schooler's calculator. It barely took an hour to have an unrivalled understanding of the legalities and other such human nonsense one needs to deal with to claim ownership of your property.'

"That and you're probably rooting around in Giovanni's head right now for every speck of knowledge he has, so he can't get a lawyer or some corrupt League official in his pocket to get him and his grunts out of jail." Ash threw out prompting Mewtwo to glower at him.

"You said there were other reasons you're ruining everything I've dedicated my life to building up." Giovanni urged terrified that he can't even tell Mewtwo has invaded his mind and dredging up everything he can use against him.

"I'm getting there, I'm getting there." Ash replied waving his hand in Giovanni's face, a flippant smirk on his, "Turns out when Rockets have been instilled with the fear of certain painful death, they put up a really good fight so they don't get demolished. Which in turn makes excellent training for my Pokémon. Reason Number 2: I':ve stopped procrastinating when it comes to wiping you guys out."

Ash steps away from the desk and starts walking about the office, enjoying the pissed look Giovanni gives him as Ash tracks his bloodied shoes all over Giovanni's carpet, "Ever since the Battle Frontier, I've been meaning to shut down your Team like me, my friends, and Lance had done with Team Aqua and Magma."

"But then Sinnoh and Team Galactic and beating Paul got in the way so I put doing that off." Ash went on, opening Giovanni's cabinet full of vintage wine and liquor.

Taking a bottle of something ridiculous sounding to pronounce that's probably Kalosian, Ash chucked it behind him. Grinning when he heard it shatter followed by an annoyed yowl from Persian who retreated under Giovanni's desks.

As Ash kept tossing very expensive alcohols about he continued, "Then in Unova despite the Zekrom who hated my and Pikachu's guts for some reason, I decided to not take things so seriously for the year and put squashing you like a bug out of my thoughts. But then you and the TRio had to go after the Kami Trio and Meloetta. That was going to be it. Once the Unova League was done, I would be coming for you guys."

Ash paused his story as he gave an appreciative glance to the bottle in his hand, "Galarian Scotch. Looker and Nanu tell me this is the good shit. Mine."

Ash ignores the disapproving look Pikachu gives him in place of his sensible friends like Brock and... Well, Brock as he stashes the scotch in his backpack.

(Clemont's inventions keep blowing up in his face and he doesn't do anything to stop that from happening, Kiawe doesn't wear a shirt ever, Lana's just a bit nuts, and Cilan is a fruitcake.

Goh is out because he wants to catch nearly 900 Pokémon before he catches Mew. And that includes Pokémon whose job is too important to be caught by some kid like the Llama God himself.)

"Then for some dumb reason, I stayed in Unova after the Cameron Fiasco, met N, helped him deal with his crazy dad, took an unnecessarily long route back to Kanto, and met Alexa who convinced me to go to Kalos the very next day after I got home." Ash returned to telling his story as he finished raiding Giovanni's wine cabinet and went to his bookshelf to start throwing books onto the floor whereupon he had Quilava come out and make a bonfire out of them, "Me and Greninja discovered our weird bond thing, met Alain, got too focused on winning the League rather than focus on Team Flare, came a hair's breath from winning the League only for Alain's hacked Megazard to steal the win from us, and then Lysandre terrorized Lumiose City and it was all my fault for only finding out Team Flare existed near the end of my journey through Kalos and procrastinating with dealing with them."

With the bookshelf cleared and it's contents fed into the growing fire that Quilava is keeping under control, Ash went to Giovanni's computer and gave no attention to the hissing Persian readying a Shadow Claw at his feet, "What's the password?"

Giovanni scoffed and turned away, refusing to answer that question as Pikachu jumped down from Ash's shoulder and tail slapped Persian in the nose with an Iron Tail whilst Ash looked to Mewtwo who smirked and answered, 'RockUlikeahurricane. No spaces.'

"That is way too many characters." Ash deadpans at Giovanni as he inputs the password and accesses the computer, and starts downloading terabytes of porn to crash it.

"Matori kept guessing the old ones." Giovanni groused wondering when this brat is going to run out of things to find to terrorize his office.

'Perhaps you shouldn't go for passwords like: Bad2TheBone, or Rocketman, or IFoughtTheLaw.' Mewtwo suggested to the Boss of a Criminal Organization of 1 member.

"Still so much better than, GaryRulez4Ever with a z." Ash threw out laughing to himself as he watched sparks start erupting from the computer before he tossed it into the bonfire that Quilava was roasting marshmallows over to Giovanni's bafflement, "He uses some variant of that password for everything. Either all caps except the z or no caps but the z."

Ash turns and looks out to the window that replaces the backwall of the office and looks out over all of Viridian City from on high, "How far was your head up your ass for you to have your office built like this?"

Giovanni tears his attention away from the bonfire to look at Ash insulted, "It gives off the impression I'm powerful and should be feared."

"It also gives off the impression you're a douche who thinks he's above everyone." Ash fired back not having any of Giovanni's excuses.

"Well, I am." Giovanni's states simply believing the latter part of the sentence to be true. Which spurred everyone present (except Persian who Pikachu had KOed under the desk.) to level exasperated looks against the man who remained unbothered by them.

Shaking his head, Ash got back to explaining why he took so long to stop Giovanni, "Anyway after Kalos I decided I needed a vacation from the world saving, and intense battles. Alola ended up being the perfect place for that. Nothing that happened there really cracked my top 10 for most harrowing save-the-world adventures."

'Just want to throw out it's really depressing you have a top 10 most harrowing save-the-world adventures lists.' Mewtwo shared whilst wondering where him and Mew killing the boy would place on that list if he remembered.

"I heard from Kukui that whilst me and my classmates were dealing with Necrozma, your secretary and some big dumb idiot tried to pull some shit in Alola." Ash accused wanting to not linger on how many times his Chosen One gig has nearly or successfully gotten him, Pikachu, his friends, his family, or innocent people killed.

Giovanni showing wisdom for once in his life decides not to touch that ball of unresolved trauma with a ten-foot pole, "What'd you expect? I have Shadow Pokémon now and was eventually going to get Mega Evolution. Z-Moves, that Bond Phenomenon you and your mutant Greninja can do, and that making Pokémon bigger thing the Galarians can do were next on my shopping list for powers in the world that could help my organization conquer the planet."

"It's all about power with you, isn't it? Ash stated sighing whilst mulling over the other reason he dragged his feet on dealing with Giovanni is because of not wanting to be in the same room with him for more than 5 minutes.

"Power is what makes the world turn, the one with the most power decides how the world turns." Giovanni threw back an intense look in his eye whilst Mewtwo rolled his, realizing Ash had pressed Giovanni's monologue button, "I want to be the most powerful man on the planet."

'Aren't you already?' Mewtwo quipped pointing out very few men living today have influence across 6 different regions in counting.

"So I want anything and everything that can increase the power I have." Giovanni continued too deep into his monologue to reply to Mewtwo's snide remark, "I will be the strongest there ever was!"

Ash and Mewtwo exchanged looks noticing the parallel there to their goals past and present, but not wanting to comment on it.

"Team Rocket was a means to an end to those goals." Giovanni announced his tone calm once more, "I held no true attachment to my mother's organization. Once they had gotten me all I could need to stand above Lance and the other Champions, I would gladly discard them all and let the organization fall as so many other Teams have fallen."

Ash could only shake his head whilst wondering what this man could have done to earn the loyalty and devotion Jessie, James, and Meowth had for him.

"Both of you were means to an end for me as well." Giovanni revealed to the dull surprise of Mewtwo and the confusion of Ash, "Mewtwo would have been my ace that would stand alongside me and Persian as we resided upon the apex of the world."

"How would I factor into this?" Ash asked giving the over-ambitious crime boss a dull look who stared back with an intense leer as he answered.

"You would have led me to where every Legendary Pokémon on the planet resides and have been a valuable source of information on what they're strengths and weaknesses are. A veritable fount of information I would drain dry who also had plenty of useful Pokémon I could take and use to build my ultimate team." Giovanni retorted smirking at the dawning realization in the boy's eyes of how he knows this.

"Why else would I tolerate those three idiots for so long if they weren't reporting back to me every encounter you've had with a Legendary Pokémon since I let them rejoin the organization after your journeys with those siblings from Hoenn had ended?" Giovanni questioned with a grin whilst he held back the annoyed glower he wanted to express, recalling how the TRio had to mention all of the trivial adventures the boy took on a daily basis (Filler!) in their reports.

Why would they think Giovanni cares the boy helped some dumb kid with his garbage movies? Or the umpteenth time the boy has had to crossdress?

Or the time he apparently ended up in a parallel world where the boy is a sniveling whelp and the TRio are hasbeen heroes?

"Once you had finally stopped laying eggs my Golden Swanna," Giovanni said getting back on topic as Ash seemed confused being called a golden Swanna when the shiny version of the species is more of a lavender shade than gold, "I would have readily disposed of you."

The room grew quiet as Giovanni let what he said sink-in for Ash, the Genetic Pokémon, and Pikachu.

"Are you done?" Ash asked after baffling Giovanni at how unbothered he was learning the thug had been planning to kill him off for years. He really shouldn't be given Hunter J was the first of many criminals to threaten Ash's life in recent years.

"Death threats mean nothing to me." Ash informed Giovanni before continuing when the power-obsessed Gym Leader was about to respond, "I've been drowned, eaten by an evil tree, had a chandelier dropped on me, turned into a doll and a Pikachu twice, got possessed by an evil king's spirit thaf Ho-oh had stuck in an ancient Pokéball, got launched into space like Kars, and watched Pikachu die because of Yveltal."

"Heck the time me, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Team Rocket got abducted by spacemen that turned out to be Clefairys and were saved by this Jigglypuff that was stalking us before the UFO crashed tops anything you could do Giovanni." Ash tacked on whilst Mewtwo asked if he had just made a Jojo reference and Giovanni responds with a deadpan What? at hearing that ludicrous story from the kid's first journey.

"I've never been afraid of you. You're not that scary compared to literal Gods that have wanted me dead or didn't care if I died in the crossfire of their squabblings." Ash finished staring Giovanni down who suddenly felt very small and insignificant all of a sudden, "Getting back on track, you started shit in Alola which is practically a second home to me now and that was most certainly the final straw."

"And here we are 6 months later." Ash said with a smile belying the vitriol he feels for Giovanni right now, "Finally Reason Number 3 of why I'm sending you to a dank, dark, deep hole in the ground you'll hopefully never crawl out of that I'll be glad to dig for you:"

The Trainer from Pallet Town (of the Kanto region) suddenly reached forward and pulled loose a couple locks of hair off of the crime boss's head earning a pained grunt from the man and another glare, "I needed your DNA for a paternity test."

"Excuse me, what?" Giovanni threw back hoping this'll be the last time he said that before leaning back as the bot stuck a finger towards his chest and glared at him with petulance and said...


Before Giovanni could voice his bewilderment, Ash elaborated by going into a monologue, "I am sick and tired of all the shit Fanfictions that claim your my father or that hobo dork on Mount Silver is either my dad or what I should become to be cool after all my friends betray me for some stupid reason despite the fact we've all practically been in war together after all the save-the-world adventures we got dragged into."

Ash suddenly turned and glared into the 4th Wall and spoke leaving Giovanni certain there's something wrong with the kid talking to his window, "Those sort of experiences build bonds that don't break easily. So stop making my friends hate me and making me into some cringey edgedork OC whose the Second Coming of some overrated git whose mom he abandoned for five years to stand on a mountain and imitate Luigi and come up with some actual original material for once."

After saying that all in one breath, Ash was understandably breathing heavily as he turned back to Giovanni and Mewtwo. The latter asking if he's done now to which Ash nodded yeah.

'I take it you've collected the overrated git's DNA for your paternity test as well?' Mewtwo asked whilst cringing at how that might set the kid off again.

"Yeah, though I'm pretty sure he stood on that mountain for too long after losing to some kid named after a rare metal and froze to death." Ash replied shocking Giovanni that Red could die such a stupid, ignominious death.

'Eh, wasn't like he would amount to anything anyway after letting Lance claim his title and be Champion of Kanto AND Johto.' Mewtwo replied unbothered by the news with a shrug.

With that and everything else that needed to be said the two turn to Giovanni still shocked his old nemesis is dead as Mewtwo's eyes glow with an intense blue power, 'Well Giovanni,'

"Time to drop you off at Lance's front door with a ribbon on your head." Ash finished what Mewtwo started before sticking a large red R sticker on the boss's right breast pocket just to beat it over the League's head that he's with Team Rocket.

Before Giovanni could respond, Mewtwo used Teleport.

On every Pokémon and human in the building.

And on New Island.

Taking the Rockets to where they'd be rotting in jail for the rest of their days, the Pokémon they possessed to the League to figure out what to do with them, their leader to Lance's doorstep as promised, and the Trainer and his Pokémon who did most of the fighting back to Professor Cerise's Laboratory.

Ash would, upon getting the results of that paternity test back, be in a good mood for a week before checking this website to see the Ash Betrayal stories and Ash Dad is Giovanni/Red stories haven't stopped.

He would then vow to get a Porygon, evolve it twice, and then have it destroy the Internet.

Humanity would thank him. Eventually.

AN: And done!

Yeah, everytime there's a movie Team Rocket is eventually there to see if any of the tech the villains used can be repurposed for their schemes.

Or at least they used to.

Now Matori's vacationing in Alola, Butch and Cassie fecked off to who cares where, and the TRio are also in Alola with Mama Bewear, her baby, and their Alolan Pokémon in this AU.

Leaf exists and was the Trainer who took the Bulbasaur Ash couldn't get at the start of his journey but was ultimately inconsequential in the grand of scheme of things.

Damian was the one who got Charmander which would eventually be Ash's Charizard.

Red went on a journey a few years before Ash left Pallet Town, fought Team Rocket, drove Giovanni into hiding, became Kanto's Champion, and then fecked off to Mt. Silver never to be heard from except for Gold (Who in this AU, won the Silver Conference Ash took part in when was in Johto and then fought and beat Red driving him to spend another 5 years on that mountain doing nothing.) and later Ash who reported his body to the League so he could get a proper burial and they could figure out what to do with the idiot's Pokémon.

Gold never bothered taking on the Johto Elite Four and Lance because beating Red felt like a bigger accomplishment.

The Johto Elite Four is as they in Gen 2, with Janine being the Gym Leader of Fuchsia City.

Lance has extended offers to Brock and Misty to join the Kanto Elite Four with Agatha and Lorelei.

Misty is considering it and training up her team to join the Elite Four whilst making sure her sister's don't screw up and get the Cerulean City gym shutdown by that wandering Nurse Joy with a Latias Brock's brother had to deal with.

Ash winning the Manalo Conference was the motivation she needed to start making strides towards her own dreams.

The same can be said for the rest of his friends and past rivals. I.E. Gary is willing to take over the Viridian City Gym if something can be done about Giovanni.

Brock isn't interested in joining the Elite Four and is still dating Olivia. (Everyone that knows him has bets on when they may break up.)

His existence along with Blue/Green's existence makes Jimmy and Gary's existence confusing. All I'm saying on that matter.

Ghetsis broke out of prison and during the time of this series has teamed up with Zager in place of Colress to cause the events of Black 2/White 2. (Zager saw the writing on the wall after whatever destroyed the Rocket cells in Kalos, and joined Neo Team Plasma.)

Rosa exists and may possibly show up in this series if I feel like it, and Iris isn't the Champion of Unova.

Like Misty, Ash winning the Manalo Conference and becoming Alola's Champion did spur Iris to take on the Gyms of Unova, compete in the next Unova Conference, and try taking Alder's title.

Rosa will probably stymie her in the Conference's final/semi-final round if Ash doesn't show up to right the wrongs that happened in Unova.

Ash has Greninja again in this AU series, needs a therapist after saving the world 2 dozen times, and is kind of a smart ass.

He'd be satisfied with his dad being some random deadbeat no-name Trainer who wants nothing to do with him or his mom since they are getting along perfectly fine without him.

Heck Kukui is pretty much his dad now in the kid's opinion whilst Burnet is a second mom. He takes being an actual big brother now very seriously.

Saying he has Daddy Issues or people talking little of the bonds he shares with his friends and Pokémon are a Beserk Buttons for the kid.

His dad certainly isn't Arceus either. I will accept it being that random guy with a Chikorita on his shoulder Ritchie met who reacted unusually to Ritchie mentioning Ash or Mohn.

I included a Jojo reference, a Yakuza reference, and s TFS Vegeta reference in this story.

I also started a dumb running joke that harkens back to the earlier Pokémon shows where Ash always introduced himself as: Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.

I'm sticking an (of the Kanto region) at the end even if it's unnecessary. My sense of humor is stupid.

Also presently in Pokémon Sword whilst I prepare for the Crown Tundra DLC to drop, I'm shiny hunting for Hoothoot in the Slumbering Weald without a Shiny Charm thanks to Ash.

The next fanfic I will do in this series will either be one of the following.

1. Ash giving his 30 Tauros away to his various friends and rivals until he has only the leader of the herd left.

2. Go tries catching Mewtwo and gets roasted by the Genetic Pokémon.

3. An explanation for why Lance is apparently the Champion of Johto, but part of the Kanto Elite Four as of the episode in the new series he fought and lost to Leon. (Which I call bs given all those claims Leon is the strongest Champion makes me think the opposite if Iris and Diantha didn't exist and were/are Champions.)

4. Ash gets a Rookidee/Grookey/Hakamo-o.

5. Ash finds Lillie and Gladion's (and his) dad who tries making a deal with Ash to not rat him out to Lusamine.

And not part of this series is another Vertress Conference fanfic where Ash battles Vergil and there's a reason for his existence.

Until next time, bye-onara!