Submission dated 10/03-4/20

author: FireCracker

Archive? You'd better.

Warnings: Dark Multiverse. Sequel to A Moment In Time.

Vampire Barry Allen of Earth 43 claims his prize. Based on Flash Forward #3.

Pairings: (Implied and real) Barry Allen (Flash II )/ Wally West (Flash III) (implied) Clark Kent (Superman) / Bruce Wayne (Batman), Barry Allen (Flash II )/Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Cold Fire

It had been six months since Barry of Earth-43 had last seen his alternate Wally West. He'd made claim, but

now it was time to collect his prize. Patience was no longer part of his dark nature. Superman paid him a visit to discuss a few pertinent matters.

"So, are you going after your intended?"

Barry sat at his workstation in the crypt. "Very soon, Clark. I weary of all the delays in obtaining enough troops for our coup. It makes it difficult to focus on what I want most."

Clark sat at the workstation. "Yes, having a mate is difficult, even when you believe you've found the right one."

Barry leaned back in his seat. "Issues with Bruce?"

A sigh. "He'll never forgive me if our plan is successful. But its for his own good. Ever since he was exposed to that 9th metal, he's become erratic and obsessed. For a self styled leader this is unacceptable."

"Yesss" Barry hissed. "I managed to obtain a sample of his dna months ago."

Crimson eyes widened. "What? How did you manage that? He usually preps for any circumstance. His cave is more secure than a pentientary."

Barry showed his fangs, twirling a glass tube. "Contrary to popular belief, Bruce isn't the only hero around with brains. Plus the fact he's still just a basic vampire despite his training. He had no powers at all prior."

"True." Clark admitted. "I do love him, though. It doesn't make this decision any easier."

"We all do what we must." Barry faltered a moment. A blood tear trickled down a cheek. He quickly blotted it away.

Superman squeezed his shoulder. "I know the loss of your own Wally was hard."

"I wanted to destroy myself for months, Clark. Everything felt hopeless, even though we found that miracle substance of dark matter. Now I have a second chance and I won't waste it."

"Isn't he on Earth-0?"

"His vibrational pattern is elsewhere. Even for me, it's a big mulitverse to explore. Once I pinpoint his track finding him is child's play."

Superman glanced over at an unconscious man on a cot. "Barry, mind if I get a snack? Haven't fed all day."

"Go ahead. Just don't drain him dry. I've already put a spell on to make him forget so don't worry about identification."

Clark went over and gathered the man up, licking his neck. "Why not just kill him, Barry? It's cleaner and more efficient. Not to mention fun."

Barry frowned, turning his way. "Disappearing bodies tend to draw investigations. Next thing you know every clown with bow and arrow starts running around. And don't get me started on the zealots and martyrs with their silver weapons."

"Hmm, you have a point." Clark plunged into the man's throat. Barry resumed his research on computer screen. Blonde brows knitted together. "Now that's interesting."

Clark looked up from his feast with bloody lips. "What is? You find him?"

"I believe so. Wait-" Barry punched a few more keys. " redhead seeks the Moebius Chair again. There is even more to him than I suspected. How delightful."

Superman tossed the man back on the cot, rejoining Barry. "Seems like he's involved in a coup himself."

"And probably connected to our multiversal benefactor, a certain dark goddess."

"What are you going to do?"

"Once I bring him home there will be no secrets. All that he is or was I will know."

"Ssss. I must say he's quite pretty. Maybe even prettier than your original. Too bad he pissed me off at first."

Barry laughed. "Clark, what do you expect from a mortal when they see us? It's fight or flight."

Clark nodded. "Have to admit he kept a cool head. Most mortals panic and run at the sight of us."

Barry tilted his head in thought. "Well, he did panic with me. But so defiant at the same time. It was a total turn on."

Clark reached out and gripped Barry's chin. "Speaking of turn on, Barry. Does our coup preclude a bit of fun on the side? Just the two of us?"

Lick of ruddy lips. "Bad Superman, down boy! Are you trying to stray?"

"I've been trying several times, you bloody blonde bombshell. Our minds touching in bliss would be positively...universal!"

"I don't doubt that. Still, I'd hate to have one of Bruce's batarangs in the gut. Most annoying."

"Might be worth the risk." he cupped Barry's butt cheeks. "Spent more time looking at this fabulous ass of yours than I should. Bruce almost put my eyes out once."

Barry purred, an inhuman sound. "Sss. I can tell why they call you 'Big Blue." he traced a line up an impressive crotch.

Clark growled. "Dammit, stop teasing me. I can't take flirting all day! You know I like it low down and dirty."

Barry slid out of massive arms. "Well Clark I suggest you go to Bruce first. After all, if he notices anything between us the coup will be all but impossible."

"That's true. But he doesn't have to know. I certainly wouldn't advertise it. I can definitely handle you, hot pants."

Barry laughed out loud.. "Don't be too sure about that. Speedsters do it faster, harder, and better than anything you know. We tend to...burn out our lovers. But they all die happy and smiling. And that's a Flash Fact!"

"Damn."was all Clark could say.


Wally was having lunch with his buddy, Roy Harper. The HotSpot Diner in downtown Central City was known for having a great menu selection and being a gathering place for twenty somethings.

Wally fiddled with his milkshake. "Roy, that's the whole story. To be honest I'm terrified of the future."

"Hey buddy. Look, I'm glad you trust me with this. I know you aren't...I know you were compelled. Must be frightening to experience something you have no control over at all."

"I was considering consulting with Dr. Fate. This would fall under his area of expertise."

Roy adjusted his cap. "Agree, I was going to suggest the same thing. He may be able to undo what that other Barry has done. Speaking of which, what about our Barry? Still can't be located?"

Wally shook his head. "Not a clue. After the Speed Storm and big fight versus Cold, he disappeared in a bolt of lightning with Thawne."

"Ugh. That dude has a serious mad on for Barry."

"Yeah. But Barry can handle him." Wally finished his shake. "C'mon, let's head out."


The two friends talked for nearly two hours in the park. Roy glanced at his cell phone.

"Gotta go, Wally. My little girl is due for her dentist appointment at three and I need to get across town."

Wally clapped his hand in a shake. "Okay later, dude. I'll figure this all out."

"I know you will. Don't waste any time seeing Fate."

A nod. "I won't."


Wally watched his friend disappear into the milling crowd along the trail walks. He sighed, leaning back on the bench.

So hard to think straight these days. Between lack of sleep and this Batman Who Laughs war I'm a wreck.

He drifted off into a light sleep, doppled sunlight warming his face through the trees. Eventually his eyes cracked open to see a man staring at him about fifty feet away.

Wally frowned in thought. What's his deal? Never seen him before.

The man appeared to be around sixty, potbellied and bald with a faded brown beard. He wore a baggy sweater and rolled up jeans.

Wally stared back in curiosity. A cop undercover?

The stranger immediately walked over his way. "Excuse me young man."

"Do I know you?" Wally was baffled.

"I just wanted to ask if you had change-"

A blinding flash of lightning washed out his vision. In front of him stood a handsome blonde man with freakishly blue eyes. He wore a black trenchcoat. The park was gone, replaced by a desolate city with stormy skies.

"For the parking meter?"

"YOU!" Wally leaped to his feet. "Stay away from me!"

Reality shifted again in a crash of lightning.

"I beg your pardon?" The chubby man was confused. Wally looked around wildly. He was in the park again.

"What game is this?" Wally held his hands out."Please, just leave me be. I need to sort out what happened here."

The man snorted and stormed off. "Young people have no respect these days."


Wally fell back onto the bench, covering his eyes. What was that? Reality warp? Fever dream? Hypnosis?

Any, all, and none of the above. A voice said in his head.

Jolting to awareness, Wally turned. Seated next to him was Barry, casually tossing popcorn at pigeons. He was wearing a t shirt and chino pants.

"The hell do you think you're doing." Wally hissed, keeping his voice low. "How did you get here?"

Barry kept tossing popcorn, his demeanor casual. "Really, Wally. A silly question."

"Leave me alone. Your terms are unacceptable."

Brilliant blue eyes flickered red a moment. "Remember, my humanity is but a skin. Be careful."

Wally took a breath, forcing himself to calm."All right. How did you find me?"

"I utilized a combination of technology and my powers. But that isn't the real issue here."

Bright green eyes narrowed. "There is no issue, Barry. You let me go in good faith. We said our goodbyes. That's it!"

Wally caught himself as a burly construction worker walked by, overhearing. He curled a lip in disgust.

"Great. Just great."

"Who cares what he thinks, Wally?" Barry was disinterested. "We have more important things to discuss."

"No we don't."

Barry stood. "Walk with me, hear me out."

"Why, Barry? I already know the details. There's nothing I can do for you!"

Barry glanced down, eyes red. Come, I said. We will go elsewhere.

Wally found himself rising against his will, to his horror.

God, no...not this again...


They walked at a slow pace past the warehouse district. Many workers were between shifts, so foot traffic was light. To the casual eye one would see two friends just talking and walking together. The reality was quite different.

"It's been a long six months, Wally. I've been more than reasonable."

Wally couldn't meet his eyes. "In the name of humanity, whatever you've done to me, please undo it."

Barry's expression was unreadable. "Sorry, no. I simply can't lose you again."

"And what about my Barry?!"

That caught the vampire's attention. "What? Are the two of you?"

Wally blanched. "I didn't say that!"

The vampire shrugged. "In any case, he isn't around right now. Typical Flash."

"It's no buisness of yours."

"You are my buisness. I'm not going to debate this all day, Wally. I know you're stalling for time or a plan."

The redhead turned in surprise.

Barry sighed. "Run if you want. It really doesn't matter in the end."

"Thanks for the tip, vamp. See you in the funny papers." Wally was gone.


Wally wasn't feeling nearly as glib as he shifted near the speed of sound. It was the maximum safe speed at ground level.

What can I do? He's got his hooks in my brain and I can't shake free.

He raced about in no particular direction. And then a sensation he remembered in another time, another place was at his side.

Barry was right next to him as the Flash. "Are you done running around like a headless chicken? Out of love and respect I've allowed this foolishness to go on."

Wally grit his teeth. "I only want to be free of you. My goal is a simple one, Barry."

"As is mine, Wally." Barry snapped his fingers. Wally came to an abrupt stop, momentum hurtling him wildly as he rolled to the ground. He crashed into some trash cans in an alley.

Barry came up to him slowly. "There is privacy here. And now-"

Wally brushed himself off and stood. "I'll fight for my freedom. You can't just waltz in here and take my life away!"

Barry's eyes flared red. "You are already mine, body and soul. The conclusion is a formality."

"We'll see about that!" Wally charged head on at the vampire.

"Indeed we shall." Barry's voice turned soft, seductive. Wally slowed to milliseconds. His feet felt strange as he plodded forward, his body heavy. Slower still.

Barry spread his arms invitingly. "Another warm welcome for you, Wally. To send you on your way!"

"No." Wally mumbled, his brain shutting down in a fog. His arms moved on their own, embracing the vampire.

"Yes." Barry murmured, finding the soft skin and vein. "I will kiss your fears away." a stab.

"Barry." Wally gasped in pleasure, his body swollen with desire. He was no longer afraid.


He was dreaming or sleeping, possibly both. There was no linear time. Wally vaguely felt motion and spacial distortion. His heart slowed and stopped, feeling heavy and hard like stone. He swelled, ached and hurt. Veins bled out in pain like hot acid. White noise buzzed his brain in vibration, distorting all perception. Teeth like knives pierced him everywhere, draining him to weakness. Fingers massaged and probed, even in the most intimate of places. Flesh teased and bitten.

His minds eye splattered blood. Taste was metallic, sight lightning, smell hot ash. Wally begged for more. He was ravaged, spread eagled and pulsing in flaming pleasure. Swirling and hot, bursting and sweet. Indescribable.

He was taken on his belly and back, howling like a loon. A steel hard cock nearly split him in two as he screamed himself raw, ass on fire. Sticky, hot and filled he called for Barry. Over and over again.

And Barry obliged, handsome features twisted into animal lust. There were roars, snarls and growls. Wally wasn't certain those sounds didn't come from him. Not that it mattered.

Powerful hands gripped his hair, yanking his head as he was hammered from behind. Again and again, his ass was pounded before sweet agony made his balls burst. He spurted helplessly everywhere, still screaming for Barry...

It was in that moment Barry slashed his own chest and flipped Wally over, making him drink, pressing his lips against a nipple. Wally suckled and drank the sweet wine of blood hungrily. It was delicious, better than anything he'd ever tasted. Liquid ecstasy.

And he still couldn't stop coming. Wally's body shook out of control, flailing hips bucking and thrashing. He clutched the vampire desperately, riding out his orgasm and gasping for air. Barry pinned him down on his back, fisting him hard until not a drop was left. Lush lips caught his sloppy gift hungrily, face wet and shiny from his treat.

Wally's motion suddenly slowed, his vision fading to black. He felt ice cold. White hot pain shot through his entire body as he went rigid, losing all feeling and heartbeat. Something deep and dark he couldn't describe cast over his mind like a cloud. He felt a surge of panic.

"What's happening to me?!"Wally whispered, the light going from his eyes.

Barry held him close, lovingly. "Shh. Let it happen, Wally. You're dead."

"Dead?"a final gasp in disbelief.

"Yes. Farewell my love, I will see you soon." Barry kissed his forehead tenderly.


"How much longer, Barry? He looks so lovely lying there." Clark observed nearby.

Barry smiled. "Any time now, Clark. Words can't express how excited I am!"

Clark smiled as well. "I can see that. It's good that you moved him into your bedroom suite. Granite slabs are for food, not lovers."

"Only the best. I would've moved him there earlier but he fought me at every turn. You know how it is."

"I certainly do." the kryptonian vampire sighed. "Busy day ahead."

"What's going on?"

"Those people released on the cruise ship are causing problems. I lost a few runners today. As you know they make vital informants."

"Damn." Barry sat in a stuffed chair.

Superman sat across from him. "Some of the humans are quite tech savvy. They've taken to all sorts of silver implements. You wouldn't believe the extremes they've gone to. Neck guards, arm guards, hidden body armor. I even hear reports of silver helmets."

Barry couldn't stop laughing. "I don't think I ever tried to bite anyone's head. Ridiculous."

Clark shrugged. "I don't get it either, why waste time with bone? In any case there's panic in some circles."

Both vampires abruptly turned their attention towards the bedroom, their senses telling of an arrival.

"Will you stay to toast with us, Clark?" Barry asked.

"Would love to, but buisness here you know?"

"I understand." the two vamps stood.

Clark took Barry's hands. "Besides, you two need a little time together now. I'll be in touch this week."

"Let me know about further developments. I have a private corporation that provides silver to the public."

"Are you crazy? Why the hell would you do that!"

"Calm down, Clark. The silver is defective. A large portion of it is a combination of zinc and titanium."

"And how long will that deception hold? Surely they'll test it..."

Barry shrugged innocently. "I believe all the tests will show pure silver. You see, the company has contacts in the public science records office. Lets just say they're quite creative with the facts. And once humans get more confident in their so called protection, the more they will roam the night and resume normal activities. You see where I'm going."

Big blue had a smug smile. "You are evil, Barry. A tactical genius. I love it! For that, I'm going to plant one on you."

And he did, taking a small neck sip from the speedster. Barry shivered and sighed, tracing circles on the broad back.

"Get going, Clark. Or we'll be doing a three way."

Superman licked bloody lips in satisfaction. "Promises, promises."


Wally woke up screaming, feeling air pressure in his lungs and against his body. His body convulsed violently. Screeching white noise roared in his brain, a vibrational hum. Instinctively he thought of his new significant other. Barry!

"Shh, stop. I'm here, Wally. I'm here." soothing baritone was in his ear. Arms circled him like iron. Wally quieted, his body calming.

"Barry is that you? Is this me?"

"Yes, beautiful. How do you feel?"

"I..." the redhead eased back. "I feel so...alive. But that's a contradiction." Wally stared at his hands.

"Your senses are heightened above what they were before, even as a speedster. There are no limits to what we can achieve."

Wally stared into brilliant blue eyes. Barry was stunning in a green turtleneck and black slacks. Shocks of bright blonde hair shaded those amazing eyes.

He chuckled. "You look like a GQ fashion model, Barry."

"Looking tasty yourself, Red." Barry looked Wally over. "A feast for my eyes."

Wally fell silent, touching the other vampire. Hands on high cheekbones, fingers tracing down tight, muscular shoulders and arms.

"This is real, Wally."

"It's just...I feel like I was sleeping. Somewhere else. Like lying paralyzed inside my body."

Barry ran fingers through bright red hair. "There are those who believe our souls remain trapped in our bodies instead of passing on. Possible, I suppose."

Wally looked around the room. It was large and luxurious, with expensive modern styled furniture. Bold color and patterns were everywhere. He was covered in rich purple satin sheets over a giant bed.

"Custom made." Barry read his thoughts.

"You could have an orgy on this thing. It's big enough for a mob."

Barry winked. "You're catching on."

"Have you? Never mind."

"We can share thoughts anytime now, Wally."

"Hmm." Wally concentrated briefly. His eyes widened in surprise. "You...did Bruce?!"

"Of course."

Wally focused again. "Damn. He begged a lot, didn't he? Totally different than the Bruce of my world. He always played at being in control of every contingency."

"Only from the outside." Barry remarked. "In any case-"

"What about Superman?" Wally hissed. "Why did you let him kiss you earlier?"

Barry shrugged. "It was a pleasant kiss. He's the one who's been making moves on me, not the other way around. I have what I want here."

Wally glowered. "Make certain that's all, Barry. I mean it. Big Blue could turn anyone's head."

A smile. "Undead for an hour and already possessive. No wonder I love you."

Wally hissed loudly, showing his teeth. "Cut the crap, Barry. I know the appeal of Superman. I see in my mind's eye he squeezed your ass. You clearly enjoyed it."

Barry's smile faded. "I did. You still don't see me in bed with him."

Wally considered that. "No, but I still don't have to like it."

"With our kind, touching is pleasant and fun. It doesn't mean that you mate with people right and left. There has to be love, compatibility and desire. Even for us."

"In other words, party crowd."

"As you say. Despite your experience, there is much for you to learn here. The way this world works. Allies, friends and enemies. Safe hunting practices."

Wally ran his tongue over sharp teeth. "Sss. So if I wanted to play with Roy..."

"I would have no objection. Friends share affection all the time."

"Like you with Bruce."

"He was in a bad way and lonely. On the outs with Clark at the time. I offered him consideration and comfort."

"I bet I know what kind of comfort. Mr brooding and dark, know-it-all Bats moping and lovesick?"

Barry stood and stretched, muscle rippling under his shirt. "Again, the Bruce you know isn't the one here. I made it my buisness to do profile comparisons of Earth 0 heroes. And while they share similarities they are completely different individuals."

"I get all that, Barry. It just seems hard to picture. He seems...dominant."

"Dominance doesn't mean dark hair, muscles and attitude. Or growling at people."

"What about Superman? I sense he's dying to get into your personal wet space."

Barry tossed his head back, laughing. "I have affection for the big lug. He's definitely prime meat. But I have one helluva slab right here. Red on red."

Wally smirked. "Damn straight. You'd better remember that, too."

"You are no longer concerned with your world?" Barry was curious.

Wally rested hands in his lap. "Funny you should mention that. I hadn't even thought about it since I...woke up."

"That warms my icy heart no end, Red. What about your family?"

"They'll get over it in time. My place is here with you." crimson eyes were intense.

"Truer words were never spoken." Barry responded, his eyes now equally red.


A short while later Barry gave Wally the tour of their home. Being in an oversized crypt no longer had any influence on him.

"You've been pretty quiet, Wally. Is everything ok?"

Wally adjusted his t shirt. "I'm just marvelling at how my mind is different now. The way I think and perceive things."


"I feel an urge to kill now. But Flashes don't kill. The more I resist the urge, the harder it tries to overtake me. Why?"

"There's something you need to know. The Wally that stands here with me is not the same one that I hunted down. No one in our current state is ever the same as before."

"I feel like a runaway train of urges."

"They can never be controlled per se, only regulated. In time you won't care. They will seem as natural to you as running."

"Regulated how?"

"When an urge strikes you, and it will, you create a diversion in your mind to change focus. It helps to dissipate a particular urge you aren't interested in."

"Seems logical. Maybe I'm overthinking all this, Barry. On my world when vampires were encountered they were avoided with loathing and fear. Considered to be filthy creatures with vile practices."

Barry fondled a small statue on an accent table. "Nothing has changed. Humans will be repulsed as you approach. You will say and do things unacceptable to the previous Wally. Nor will it matter. Eventually you will enjoy every perversion, every black thought. It is our way."

Wally observed their surroundings again. "That should bother me but it doesn't. Now I understand why you wanted to kill me when we first met."

"My desire for you overwhelmed my instincts, I admit that. It fuelled my need to kill you."

"And you did. Thank you."

"Anytime. You are most welcome."


They moved to the den area, a converted storage cellar. Barry had set up a secondary workstation with countless data files and several desks. Wally listened attentively as Barry briefed him on several topics, using a floating hard light screen.

"Consider this a crash course, Wally. This can be your play area if you like. I've got everything set up for either gaming, intelligence data collection or standard web surfing."

"Brains and beauty, just like my Barry."

"Ha. Flatterer. Wait, didn't you say your relationship with the other Barry wasn't that type?"

"We talked about it. I wasn't blind, the man's hot. We just never did anything...time and circumstance, I guess."

"It happens." Barry put up a medical schematic.

Wally took a seat at one of the desks. "First things first, though. What do I need to know about hunting?"

Barry pointed at the screen image. "Physiology. There are key places to get the most blood quickly. The neck obviously as it contains a large blood supply. But there are times when it isn't feasible to go for it. The top of hands makes a quick snack. Other juicy places are the wrists, biceps, and right at the bend of the arm."

Wally roared with laughter. "A biting class. I love it, Barry. It's so you."

"Of course if you feel really horny you can go for the genitals. Very tasty and sweet!" Barry flashed his fangs.

"Home run." Wally agreed, letting his imagination go dark.

"However, that method only makes sense in private situations or when totally isolated. It's more time consuming."

Wally remembered his previous night. "Yeah, I can see why."

"To prevent any unwanted vampires, break the neck prior to drinking. This is best done in one quick, clean stroke. Jump them and twist, like a bottle cap."

"Yesss. I can picture it." Wally snarled.

"Drink while the blood runs. It starts to coagulate in about two minutes. Messy and time consuming then. You won't get the good of it."

"What about the bodies?"

"Leave them as a warning, unless someone of importance is involved. Carry it off, or turn to mist and leave the scene. In our case the option of running is there as well, but remember that speed energy is traceable. So mist is the safer option."

"Can we do the wolf thing?"

"Not unless you're a shapeshifter. I've never seen anyone go that route. No point, and not practical at all."

"Garlic, stakes, wolfbane, yadda yadda yadda?"

"Trick or treat."Barry chuckled. "But beware of anything made of white ash wood. This includes arrows, poles or stakes. Even a club. Silver is also dangerous and lethal in high enough concentrations. Even reduced it causes injury and great pain which is difficult to recover from."

"Hmm." Wally was thinking. "Is sunlight an issue?"

Barry smiled. "You don't miss a beat. Weaker vampires are restricted to the night. Any sunlight destroys them immediately. Runners that are created by vampires have some resistance to sun. It depends on the strength of the vampire that makes them."

"These runners are slaves, then?"

"Essentially. They perform various duties and provide emergency blood when the humans hide. They are infected but not reborn. They have the advantage of mingling in the population without being detected."

"So there are detection devices on our kind?"

"Yes, implemented by public officials."

"What about vampires with superpowers?"

"We are mostly invulnerable to sun. However, we won't function at full capacity. There will be bouts of weakness."

Wally laughed wildly, fangs on display. "So despite all the hype, Bats is a standard vampire!"

"Pretty much." Barry turned off the screen. "Highly intelligent, well versed and trained. But still standard. He does rank stronger than most standard ones, but its hard work for him. Still, no one in his right mind goes to Bruce unannounced and unwelcomed."

"That's pretty funny when you think about it-" Wally suddenly rolled up in pain, howling.

"What IS it!" I'm burning!"he clutched his gut in agony as he fell to his knees."SSssssSSS"

"My mistake! I should've done this right away!" Barry dropped down next to Wally, rolling up a sleeve. He shoved an arm at his face.


With an inhuman snarl Wally grabbed the offered arm and bit down, gulping greedily. Barry cradled his head, stroking red hair with his other hand. Silence, save for loud suckling sounds.

Barry rolled his eyes in bliss. "Yes...Wally" he shivered in delight.

Wally sucked even harder, pulling on the juicy vein. Sweet, red and dark.

Barry's eyes went red. "Wally, stop."

But he didn't stop. Wally wanted it all and more, down to the last drop. He kept sucking Barry's blood. It was delicious and intoxicating, buzzing his brain and making his body swell in desire.

"I said enough!" Barry roared in rage, ripping his arm away. Wally toppled over from the sudden motion. Barry staggered to his feet, holding his arm.

"It's time for your first hunt, Wally. It's my fault for waiting too long."

Wally crouched low, staring at the bloody arm in animal hunger. Dripping red lips licked. "I don't care about that, Barry. I want all of you!"

Barry bared his fangs. "Fool. You won't drain me dry!"

"MORE, I said. Now come here!" Wally bared his fangs back, crouching to spring.

"I'm done with this." Barry's eyes glowed briefly. Wally registered shock before stopping dead in his tracks. He tumbled to the floor, unconscious.

Barry stood over him, his expression cold and neutral. "Now we're a real couple."


They hit the streets immediately, dressed in sweatshirt hoodies and jeans. Wally noticed how they blended in with the locals in the dark. Street people picked at trash in random boxes. A hooker left her corner for better buisness. Semi wild dogs scampered through litter tossed everywhere.

The two vampires hugged a wall near a warehouse alley. Crimson eyes glowed in the deep night.

"That was a cheap trick you pulled, Barry."

"I told you to stop. You didn't, so there you go."

A hiss. "If we have the same powers-"

Barry switched to mind speech. /We're not here to argue. You want a meal? Shut up and pick one./

Wally glowered under his hood. /Fine. I'm so damn hungry I could eat anyone. Even that bum over there./

/Disgusting. Winos will make you drunk and careless. And they stink. You couldn't pay me to put my mouth on them./

Wally stared into the darkness. /Wait, I see a new entry. He looks good, the chubby dude at the second light./

Barry likewise watched the man as he strolled near. /Good choice. Go ahead, I'll meet you back here in a few minutes./

/You see anyone?/

/Yes, I've picked out my dinner. Go on./

Nodding, Wally pulled his hood lower and sauntered down the block.


They returned home. Wally described his hunt with great excitement as they relaxed in the living room area.

"You should have seen me, Barry. I was smooth...guy never knew what hit him. Turns out he was gay and looking for action."

Barry lifted a blonde eyebrow. "I saw you flirting."

"He called me lovely and said he was into Reds. Even asked if it was a dye job. I gave him a quick sob story about needing money for my family and being desperate. He ate it up."

"Then you ate HIM up." Barry snickered.

"Yeah." Wally sank into the sofa pillows. "He was pretty tasty. More salty but filling."

"What did you do with him? A kill?" Barry's eyes lit up.

"No, I figured go conservative my first time. Just made him forget and set him down near a pile of trash."

Barry nodded in approval. "Workable. Keeps attention towards us at a minimum."

Wally had a black thought. "He was big enough for three nights. A shame we can't keep a fat one in the freezer."

"Blood only freezes in containers. Try drinking it from a thawned body. Like runny pink water. Nasty and useless."

Wally made a face. "Yuck. Pass, now that I think about it."

Barry stretched on his end of the couch. "Now if you happen to have a party, bring a lot of fat guests. There won't be any leftovers."

Both vampires erupted in laughter.

"That's whack, Barry."

"I know."

They were silent for a bit. Barry spoke first, fingering his wine glass. "I've been thinking about having a fireplace built. Do you like the idea?"

"I think that would be great. Very moody and romantic."

Barry made a low sound in his throat, content. He appeared to drift off.



"First, I want to apologize for...well what happened earlier. I couldn't stop myself. I would never intentionally do anything to hurt you."

Brilliant blues cracked open. "Forgotten. We will have days like that, Wally. Our animal natures will always be at war with our intellect. Sometimes it wins out. But regardless, I love you. Always."

Wally sat up abruptly, green eyes bright like gems."Mutual. And second...our night together was the most awesome, nasty, and effing HOT experience of my entire life. Nothing else comes close. If I even think about it my body starts swelling and pounding."

With slow ease Barry stood and extended a hand, smiling. "Eternity, as promised. I will give you more."

"Without a doubt." Enraptured, Wally locked fingers as he was led to the bedroom.