A/N: Ten years, its been ten years since Breakup in Paris, wow that's just crazy to me. With it being ten years since that episode aired I have had this idea for a story in my mind for a few months where Cody and Bailey return to Paris for the first time since their breakup. I had been waffling back and forth on if I was even going to write this story or not, and after getting the writing bug back from writing some stories in another fandom I decided I go ahead with it. I could have had some more detail about their trip, but nothing was coming to me, plus I wasn't looking to make the story super long and detailed. I got the main points I wanted to include in there so I am happy with how it turned out. Also, this story takes place in a non-COVID world. Hope you enjoy my story and thanks for reading it.


"You know what, if you don't appreciate what I was trying to do here, then maybe we should just break up."

"Maybe we should."

"Is that what you want?"

"Is that what you want?"


"Then it's over"



"Now boarding, Delta flight 8399 departing Boston for Paris, France"

"Are you ready for this?" Bailey Pickett asked her fiancee as she grabbed ahold of his hand.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Cody Martin responded. He then gave Bailey's hand a light squeeze before the couple got up, picked up their carry-on bags, and walked hand in hand to the gate for their flight.

While the young couple had arguments and disagreements like any couple since getting back together in 2011, their biggest one remains the one they each consider the biggest mistake either had ever made, breaking up in Paris at the Eiffel Tower in 2010.

After Cody proposed to Bailey in the fall of 2019, just a few months after Woody and Addison's wedding, the couple vowed to return to Paris before their wedding to set right what had happened on their one year anniversary. With Zack and Maya getting married in 2018, Woody and Addison getting married in 2019, and Cody and Bailey deciding on the fall of 2021 for their wedding, going back to Paris in 2020, ten years after that fateful night, made perfect sense. Neither had been back to the city of lights, or France in general, since that night, and neither wanted to go without the other.

While Cody and Bailey weren't the most superstitious people in the world, they were being so for this trip as they were avoiding the Effiel Tower until their final night in Paris. On the final night of their week-long trip, they planned a candlelight dinner for two under the stars atop of the Effiel Tower, complete with an accordion player just like Cody had planned ten years prior. The only difference this time is that they both planned this special night together. No surprises, no practice date, no pretend kiss with London, and no random French guy trying to woo Bailey.

Well, there was one surprise.

"I couldn't let this night go on without at least one surprise," Cody said with a smile as he saw the surprised look on Bailey's face when their limo for the evening pulled up out in front of their hotel.

"I guess I can let one surprise slide tonight," Bailey responded before kissing her fiancee. "Thank you for making this night even more special."

"You're welcome Bails." Cody then returned the kiss just as the driver made his way over to open the back door so that the couple could make their way into the limo.

"This is so cool, you know I have never been in a limo before until now right Cody?"

"Really? You never even snuck into London's limo at least once?"

"No, she somehow made them Bailey proof. I have no idea how, but she did. She did promise me my first-ever limo trip on our wedding day though."

"Then I guess she'll never know about this trip." The couple shared a laugh and then another kiss as the driver began on their trip to the Effiel Tower.

Once they arrived at the Effiel Tower Cody and Bailey exited the limo. After exiting the limo they locked hands and looked up towards the top of the structure.

"Are you ready for this?" Cody asked his fiancee, the two going from looking at the top of the tower to looking at one another.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Baily responded, causing each to laugh as they reversed the lines they said to one another at the airport. Then the couple shared a kiss and gave the others hand a squeeze before heading to the elevator of the tower.

Once they made it to the top of the tower it was like a sense of Deja Vu that Cody and Bailey felt. There amongst the few people at the top of the tower looking down at the city was a small table for two, with a single rose sitting at the center of the table, and not too far away from the set up was an accordion player.

"Wow, it looks almost exactly like it did ten years ago," Cody said as the two made their way to the table. Once there Cody pulled out Bailey's chair so she could sit down and then he took his seat across from her.

"While its a little crazy then it ended up like that, can't say its too crazy. I mean we're even dressed kind of similar," Bailey added. This was true as Cody was once again wearing a tuxedo, and Bailey had on a light blue dress.

"Are you the Martin party?" A waiter asked as he walked over to their table.

"Yes we are," Cody responded.

"Excellent, I will let the chef know that you are here so that he can begin preparing your meals. Would you like some champagne?" The waiter asked, showing the bottle that he had brought over with him. Cody and Bailey nodded yes and the waiter opened up the bottle and poured each of them a glass.

"Such a good idea having an outside company do all of this for us this time," Bailey said with a smile after the waiter walked away.

"Yeah, wish I could have afforded that back in high school," Cody responded with a laugh. "Probably would have had to work 24/7 at the towel stand to make that happen." Bailey couldn't help but join in with Cody's laughing at his comments. Once their laughing subsided Cody lifted is his glass up for a toast with his fiancee.

"To a wonderful week in Paris, and making things right with this city."

"And to our wonderful future together," Bailey added before the two clinked glasses and enjoyed their champagne.

The couple talked about their trip, plans for when they got back to Boston, and enjoyed views of the city as they waited for their food. Once it arrived they enjoyed a fantastic meal, one of the best either had ever had. Once the waiter had taken their plates away Cody went over to the accordion player and asked him something. He then started playing a familiar tune as Cody returned to the table.

"May have this dance, my beautiful Bailey's comet," Cody asked, causing Bailey to let out her famous giggle after hearing one of Cody's high school pet names for her for the first time in a long time.

"Of course you can my Cody kitten," Bailey responded, bringing back one of her high school pet names for him as she accepted his hand and stood up as the couple danced to what had become not just their song, but Zack & Maya and Woody & Addison's songs, God Gave Me You.

"They are so going to make fun of us for picking the same first dance song for our wedding as they did for theirs," said Cody.

"They should be expecting it, it's been the song for each couple since senior prom," responded Bailey.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Cody added as the couple shared a kiss.

The couple continued dancing until it was time for the accordion player, waiter, and chef to leave. Cody and Bailey generously tipped all three for their help in making the evening perfect. Once they were gone they returning to looking out at the city of love.

"This has been the perfect evening, I'm so glad that we decided to do this," Bailey said as her head was laying on Cody's shoulder, the two still looking out at the city lights of Paris.

"I couldn't agree more my love," Cody responded, his arm lovingly wrapped around his fiancee's waist as he held her tightly.

"I think I can positively say I have no more bad memories associated with Paris, this has been the perfect week," said Bailey as she brought her head off of Cody's shoulder and looked towards her fiancee."

"I absolutely agree with you Bails," responded Cody before giving Bailey a kiss.

"I love you, Cody Martin."

"I love you too Bailey Pickett."

The couple then shared one more kiss atop the Effiel Tower before walking hand in hand back to the elevator to return to their limo and hotel for the night.

The End