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It had been a little over five months since he had come to UA. The awe had worn off and transitioned into monotony. Every day was the same, wake up, eat, school, and get beaten by Aizawa. When the weekend came, Hikari was usually too tired to enjoy it. Waking up, Hikari looked towards the ceiling in a daze. Sitting up, he wiped his eyes and slowly stood. Yawning, he made his way slowly to the bathroom.

Looking into the mirror, Hikari couldn't help but wince. He had large bags under his eyes and a large bruise on his cheek that was beginning to yellow. Turning the water on, he splashed some onto his face. Entering the kitchen he set his coffee to begin brewing. While waiting, Hikari scrolled through the latest hero news on his phone and saw a few interesting debuts. Watching Mt Lady's debut, Hikari groaned at the camera's fixation on her ass.

Sipping on the coffee, he was interrupted in his scrolling by some knocking on his door. Grumbling to himself, Hikari shuffled over and opened it, only to come face to sleeping bag. Glancing up he noticed it was Aizawa. They both stared at each other for a few seconds in awkward silence. Coughing into his fist, Hikari glanced around, trying to avoid Aizawa's deadpan stare.

"Are you...standing in a sleeping bag?

"Yes." Aizawa's reply came quickly and without shame. They settled back into an awkward silence before Aizawa cleared his throat.

"Ah! My bad, um, do you wanna come inside?" Aizawa continued to stare at him, only now he looked as if he wanted to die. Or he wanted Hikari to die. He couldn't tell.

"Ahem, right of course. Do you want some coffee? I just brewed it and all." Standing to the side, Hikari opened the door and allowed Aizawa to hop in.

Nodding, Aizawa made his way into the kitchen and sat at the table, sleeping bag and all. Setting a steaming cup in front of him, Hikari sat down and focused on his own cup. Not a minute later he heard a thunk. Glancing up he was surprised to see Aizawa's cup was empty, and he still looked dead.

"You're a fucking gremlin, you know that?" Aizawa snapped his eyes to Hikari before an unsettling smile spread on his face.

"Yeah, I'm going to be beating you again today." His smile grew wider at Hikari's look of horror.

"But, today is Saturday! I was going to go to town and actually enjoy my time!" At this point, Hikari was standing with his hands on the table.

"I know, I just don't care. I need my stress relief, I ran into Ms. Joke last night. I think we're getting married next month or something. I'm not really sure, I'm pretty sure I was concussed and drunk." Somehow Aizawa had poured himself some more coffee and he sipped on it while watching Hikari.

For a moment, Hikari was too shocked to speak. Then indignation took over, as he glared at Aizawa.

"So you want to beat my ass because you're getting married. Sounds like a villain to me." After this, his face met the table, courtesy of Aizawa's scarf.

"That's right, now hurry up. If you're not at training ground sigma

in ten minutes, I will find you." With this, he rolled out of the kitchen. He continued before he hopped onto his feet and out an open window.

Groaning, Hikari made his way to his room and changed into a UA sweatsuit. Sprinting out the door, he began making his way to the training ground. Slamming the door open while gasping, he noticed Aizawa out of his sleeping bag and he had a stopwatch. Looking towards him, Aizawa slipped the watch into his pocket,

"You're late."

No two words had ever filled Hikari with such dread. Swallowing, Hikari made his way down the steps and approached Aizawa. Stopping a few feet in front of him, they began to stare at each other. Then a demented grin from Satan himself appeared on Aizawa's face.

"We're going to 'spar'. Anything goes." If possible, Aizawa's grin grew even wider. Then without warning, he flung himself at Hikari, eyes glowing the entire time.

Yelping, Hikari barely dodged his first strike and had to block the second. With a grunt, he lashed out with a kick and followed Aizawa's dodge with an elbow. Ducking under the elbow, Aizawa wrapped his scarf around Hikari's neck and brought his face into a rising knee.

Grunting Hikari rolled back with the momentum and threw some dirt toward Aizawa's eyes. Being forced to blink, Aizawa was almost unprepared for the glowing fist that broke through his hasty guard. Rolling with the blow, he spun his scarf around the outstretched hand and jerked Hikari towards him.

Their forearms clashed together and their knees knocked the other off course. Tightening the scarf around his arm, Hikari pulled Aizawa forward into a headbutt. Briefly stunned, Aizawa was forced to blink again and was rewarded with another glowing punch.

Skidding back, he hastily opened his eyes and used Erasure on full blast. Dodging a right hook, he stepped forward with an uppercut. Hikari slid to the right and delivered a low kick. Hopping above it, he wrapped his scarf around Hikari's leg. Tripping Hikari, he used his scarf to yank him face-first into another knee. With a splurt of blood, Hikari's head snapped backward. Blinded with pain, he didn't notice the punch approaching his temple. Without a sound, his head snapped to the right, and he slumped onto the ground.

Standing and dusting himself off, Aizawa glanced towards the stairs. He froze in horror at what he saw. Never before had a foe frightened him so, but he was sure that not even All Might could defeat what was in front of him. Standing at three feet tall, was an angered Recovery Girl. She glanced towards the downed Hikari, then glared towards the shivering Aizawa.

"Listen, let's not be illogical about this. It's just training." Backing away Aizawa held his hands up slowly. Then almost faster than he could blink, she was on him. Raising her cane, she swung it with a strength that would bring All Might to his knees. Clonking him over the head, he slumped to his knees holding his head.

"ILLOGICAL?! LET ME TELL YOU WHAT'S ILLOGICAL!" With every word, she hit him over the head. "YOU GAVE THE POOR BOY A CONCUSSION! IT'S TRAINING NOT A LIFE OR DEATH BATTLE!" Finally, she hit him one last time, and he curled into a ball groaning.

Grumbling, she walked over to the downed Hikari and began checking his head. Sighing, she reached into her coat and retrieved a phone. A few minutes and some cursing went by before she put it back. Only a minute or so went by when the doors flew open. Four robots came rolling down the steps. Splitting into two groups, they began attending to Aizawa and Hikari. Sprouting stretchers from their bodies, the four robots rolled the two onto them.

Waking up for the second time that day, Hikari groaned at the light hitting his eyes. Shutting them tight, he rolled over and almost got sick from the motion. Even the clicking noise in the room made his head throb. What sounded like footsteps broken up by a cane came closer to his bed. Cracking open an eye he realized it was Recovery Girl looking him over.

"Oh quit your bellyaching, I know you've had worse." With that, she reached into her pocket and retrieved some gummy bears.

Groaning slightly, Hikari pulled himself into a sitting position. Fighting back nausea he said,

"I think it's headaching, actually. And it feels like I'm in a boat every time I move." Taking the offered candy, he inhaled them down, wincing at the medicinal taste.

Rolling her eyes she grumbled about smartasses before walking towards another bed in the room. Pulling the curtain back revealed a bedridden Aizawa in a body cast. Groaning around the tube in his mouth Aizawa glared toward Recovery Girl.

"Now don't look at me like that boy, I may just keep you in here for the night." Hikari had never seen Aizawa look so panicked. After looking over the two, she nodded and began writing on a clipboard.

"Hikari you'll be out soon, so don't worry. Aizawa, I think I'll keep you here for a bit longer than needed." She grinned at the catatonic Aizawa and put the clipboard down. Moving back to Hikari, her lips extended unnaturally, and she kissed his forehead.

Grimacing, Hikari wiped his forehead vigorously and stood up.

"Thanks, Recovery Girl. I'll try not to be back anytime soon if that's alright with you." Waving him off, she turned and left the office.

The walk back home was uneventful and allowed him time to think. Hikari was so deep in his thoughts he didn't realize he had made it back until his head bounced off his door. Wincing, he rubbed his forehead and unlocked the door. Immediately Hikari retrieved a change of clothes and jumped into the shower.

Walking out while drying his hair, he sat on his sofa and put his shoes on. Tossing the towel into a corner, Hikari put his eyepatch back on and left.

Reaching the gates, Hikari was stopped by Snipe.

"Howdy there friend. How can this old cowboy help you today?" He rested his hands on his revolvers and watched Hikari pull out his visitor card. Taking it into his hands, Snipe was aware of Hikari rolling his eyes. "Now I know this can be a tad tedious, but you are our ward here. And we can't be losing ya now, can we? I believe that that would look bad for us." Nodding he pressed a button on the card and handed it back.

Sighing, Hikari reached forward and grabbed it. Slipping it into his jacket pocket, he scratched underneath his eye.

"I understand. Just getting stir-crazy is all, sorry." Bowing his head towards Snipe, he left.

Hikari had never liked the train, the few times he had been able to ride it. It was too cramped, and in the case of an attack, he'd be defenseless. Today was no different, every turn had someone's elbow digging into his ribs. Grumbling, Hikari just hoped his exit would come sooner rather than later.

When the train finally stopped in Tokyo, he almost cried in relief. One more minute of listening to children cry or couples flirting would drive him insane. Stopping at a mall, he bought some blue sneakers that caught his eye. Sitting down at the food court, Hikari noticed something in a store's window. A sleeping bag with various cat breeds printed on it.

An idea popped into his head. With a grin, he finished his pizza and threw his trash away. Marching into the store he found an employee and asked for the bag. Hikari was too deep into his giggling to be embarrassed. Swiping his card, he either ignored or failed to notice the odd look the cashier was giving him.

After leaving the mall, Hikari took a bus to Might Tower. The building was huge, with a massive globe surrounded by two rings sitting atop it. There were free tours practically all year round, so Hikari had nothing to worry about. After putting his name in and being directed toward his line, he stood and waited.

As he went to pull his phone out, he heard an odd noise. With hair prickling on the back of his neck, he turned towards the source. Instead of a villain or some shady terrorist, he found a short green-haired boy. The boy seemed to be invested in his notebook, as he was writing so fast it was a wonder the page didn't catch fire.

Hikari noticed that the boy was rather plain outside of his hair. On further inspection, he noticed that the boy was kinda bulky too. Like he had been working out for a bit, but not long enough to be defined. Walking towards him, Hikari tapped his shoulder. With a yelp, the boy jumped away from him.

When he turned, Hikari noticed the boy looked scared to death.

"Ah, sorry about that, I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that you were muttering really loudly, and I guess I was curious." Scratching under his eye, he offered an apologetic smile.

Visibly going through breathing lessons, the boy gave a shaky smile in return.

"Sorry, I, uh I do that whenever I'm nervous, or uh happy, or, well I just do it a lot. I didn't mean to bother anyone." Bowing repeatedly he didn't notice Hikari was coming closer until he clapped him on the shoulder to stop his bowing.

Cringing slightly under the touch and Hikari's chuckling, he glanced nervously toward him.

"Hey man, there's no need to apologize like that. We all have our quirks." Nodding at him, he removed his hand from the boy's shoulder. "If you don't mind my asking, what's your name? I'm Hikari."

Slumping in relief, the boy beamed a smile at him.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya. It's a pleasure to meet you." Still smiling, Izuku extended his hand.

Shaking his hand, Hikari's response was cut off by their guide. A tall sickly man with gaunt features and blonde hair. His most striking feature aside from his weight was his piercing blue eyes. Eyes that were currently locked onto the two boys.

Squinting his eye at him, Hikari couldn't shake the feeling of recognition. He just couldn't place where he had seen him.

Coughing into his fist, the man stood straight.

"Ah, sorry for the wait folks. If you would please follow me, I will be your guide today. I am Mr. Yagi, in case you have any questions." With one final glance toward Hikari and Izuku, he turned and led them deeper into the building.

Mr. Yagi brought them all along the tower, showing them various points of All Might's career. He told in detail everything he knew about each presentation. The car he used with David Shield drew a lot of attention. Izuku and Hikari were instead drawn to All Might's costumes. Izuku immediately began writing in his notebook and muttering to himself.

"Aw man, it's All Might's Silver Age costume! It's so cool! He fought the Sons of Destruction in that!" Amid Izuku's nerdgasm, Hikari was studying a certain costume. It was slightly ripped and stained with blood. A plaque underneath described it as the suit he wore when he fought Suraisu Tatsumaki. His father. Hikari stared at the name. He was squeezing the pamphlet in his hands so hard the paper almost ripped.

"Oh yeah...that was a tragedy. It makes you so sad to read, doesn't it?" Izuku had come to stand next to Hikari.

Glancing at him, Hikari relaxed his grip on the paper. "Yeah. Sad."

Izuku glanced worriedly at him, then looked behind him and smiled. "Ah! Mr. Yagi, hello."

Turning himself, Hikari eyed the strangely familiar man. He settled in front of the two with a grin.

"Well hello young man, I hope the both of you are enjoying the tour thus far." Yagi glanced toward Izuku who nodded. At their assent that they were enjoying the tour, he smiled wider.

"Good, good. Sometimes I'm afraid I bore the younger people." Then he glanced at the suit they were in front of and his smile fizzled away. "Ah, that was a very sad day indeed. It was such a tragedy, for Pyua to die like that. I met Suraisu before, and I thought him incapable of evil. My condolences to her family." Yagi bowed briefly, then stared Hikari right in the eye when he mentioned family.

Shaken, Hikari watched his new friend and Yagi walk away. Dread settled into him, just who is that guy?!

The tour went quickly after that and ended with Hikari and Izuku exchanging numbers and promising to hang out later. Putting his headphones on, Hikari began walking around the city without paying attention.

Without realizing it, he had ended up near a school district. Working his way around some salarymen, Hikari noticed something happening in an alley. Walking over, he was nearly knocked over when a kid came sprinting out screaming about vampires.

Going further in, Hikari heard some voices. A group of boys and a girl. From the sound of it, she was almost in tears. Walking closer, he stopped behind a dumpster to listen in.

"Look what happened because of you, you freak. Benji's bleeding all over the ground. Had you just stood there like a good little freak, he wouldn't be hurt. Seems that's all she's good for, right guys? Hurting others, like some kind of villain. Hey, hey freak, you know what heroes do to villains? They BEAT them." With his cronies cheering him on, Hikari couldn't hear what she said in response. Whatever it was angered him because he began screaming.

Then a thud echoed through the alleyway, and everything became silent.

"Hey man, don't you think you went a little far? I mean hitting her? I'm not sure man, it doesn't feel right." His voice sounded uncomfortable and doubtful.

"Are you seriously doubting me? You? She's a freak Kenshi, do you not remember what she did to that bird?" Kenshi went silent, and Hikari decided he had heard enough.

Stepping out from behind the dumpster, he stalked his way toward the boys. Stopping a few feet behind him, he looked around. The girl had a bruise developing on her face, and she was on top of a boy who was in a puddle of blood. Clearing his throat, he interrupted the main boy's monologue.

Swirling around the guy came face to fist as Hikari decked him. His nose squirted blood onto the ground, as he stumbled backward. Grabbing the boy on the right, Hikari headbutted him. Then the last boy came charging toward him, and Hikari tripped him.

"I suggest you stop glaring at me and leave. I was just playing around with that punch. If you don't skedaddle, I'll break your nose." With wide eyes, the three boys collected themselves and began running away, cursing at him.

"Fucking morons." Sighing he turned back and found that the girl was staring at him. "I called an ambulance for that guy, so you don't need to worry. What'd those asshats want anyways?"

For a moment, she only looked at him. Then when she spoke it was so soft, Hikari almost didn't hear it.

"They hate me. I'm a freak with a blood quirk. Benji tried to protect me from them, but they hit him really hard." She began to tear up. "It's my fault, it's my fault! If only, if only I hadn't been born a monster he'd be okay." She slumped down further onto the Benji.

Stepping forward, Hikari crouched in front of her. Putting his hand on her shoulder, he glanced toward the unmoving Benji. He was breathing, barely, but he's alive.

"Hey, hey look at me." She glanced toward him, and he realized she had cat-like eyes. "This was not your fault. You're not a freak or a monster. What's your name?"

She studied his smiling face before she sat on her knees. She still kept a hand on Benji. "Himiko. Himiko Toga."

"Well, Himiko, if you don't mind my asking. What's your quirk?" Her face tightened at his question, and fear danced around in her eyes. "Hey, I won't judge. No quirk is good or evil. Just like your parents don't make you good or evil. You're your own person, and your quirk is just a part of you."

"Transform. By using someone else's blood, I can transform into them." Her voice tapered off into a whisper toward the end. She glanced up and noticed his face was blank. Fear began to well up inside her, had he been lying? Was he just like the others? Then a smile came across his face.

"Himiko, that is such an amazing quirk. There's so much good you could do with that. Information gathering would be so easy for you, and infiltration too. I think you could help so many people with that quirk of yours. Someone I look up to said that I could be a hero. I was looked at as a villain because of my father, but he looked past all that. Himiko, I truly believe that you have a great quirk. So," Standing up he offered her his hand."I think that you too can be a hero. What do you say?"

She stared at his hand and then stared at him. She was in awe. She could be a hero? Did he mean it? Joy began bubbling inside of her. Grasping his hand as tight as she could, she began to cry.

Her cries of yes were drowned out by the sirens of the paramedics and police that had arrived.