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This story happens in the time skip between Naruto and Naruto Shipudden.

Since I had promised a Food War story, I wrote this.

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Royal Garden, Underworld

"Anything you would like, your highness?"

A busty brown haired maid asked in a polite tone as she bowed lightly before the young monarch of the Netherworld, who was seated on a chair in the royal garden. Resting right up his side was perhaps the biggest tiger in the entire Underworld, easily towering over the trees when fully standing to its full height.

Ryujin, personal pet of the young emperor. Its humongous size suggested everything one needed to know about it. She wasn't the only one to stay as far away from this beast as possible, even though it was quite docile when around the palace.

"Just some wine if it's no bother"

"Your wish is my command" the maid announced politely and walked up away to fulfill the order.

Now that he was actually away from the human world with clear intention of staying away for a longer period of time, he realized there was not much he could do to pass his time. It wasn't even an hour since his arrival and he was already bored.

Training was always an appealing option but there was only so much training one could do before getting bored. There were no wars he could fight in and the generals of his army were mostly either too busy keeping peace in the empire or managing their respective clans.

The maid appeared out of thin air, a tray in her hands as she bowed. "Thank you dear"

"I am at your service, my lord" the young beauty responded in servitude, a small blush visible on her cheeks. "Anything else?'

A chuckle forced itself out of the young emperor's lips when he detected the hidden meaning behind her words, not that her blush wasn't already hinting at it. Maids around the palace weren't simply there to keep the palace and its inhabitants perfectly content but also tend to their physical needs.

He had his own fair share of … accidents with some of the maids around the castle. Being a young demon and one who was blessed with unquenchable lust, it was obvious that he would need someone to be the receiver of that lust.

In short, he had fucked pretty much every maid in the palace and this one was no exception. He has even had his dick sucked while sitting on the throne. Nudity, intercourse and such intimate relationships were normal in the Underworld, thus it was no surprise to find him balls deep in a busty maid's pussy while also tending to his kingly duties.

What the maid was hinting at right now was if she could suck him off.

"That won't be needed" a stern voice interjected behind the beautiful maid, earning a wide-eyed expression from said demoness. Standing right behind the maid was a tall silver haired woman with an expression of absolute professionalism and strictness. "You may go"

"Y-yes ma'am"

Grayfia Lucifuge was a beautiful young woman of an above average height appearing to be somewhere around her mid to late twenties. The young woman was in possession of back-length exotic silver hair, featuring a long braid on either side of her beautiful visage.

As was the norm with the woman of the Underworld, especially those even remotely related to the royal family, she possessed an otherworldly delicate beauty. Perfectly trimmed eyebrows, long eyelashes, silver eyes without a hint of emotion and rosy lips highlighted her visage.

The silver haired woman was garbed in a professional outfit instead of her usual maid outfit. The personal maid of the demonic ruler wore a white blouse in such a provocative manner that her gigantic milk-tanks could barely be held back.

The first two buttons were undone and all you needed to do to make her plump tits bounce out from their confines was to gently shake her and that was it.

Her seductive top was only the beginning.

Maybe it was Naruto's powers doing their magic or maybe it was his dark wishes coming true but every female who had ever catch his fancy had been blessed with a butt that could ruin marriages and turn saints into depraved creatures of lust, Naruto's personal maid was no exception.

The silver haired maid's business skirt gave entirely new meaning to the word 'hot', clearly showing just how fat her butt was. Her doughy ass cheeks were perfectly visible, lewdly stretching out the fabric from its sheer width.

Naturally her wide hips didn't showcased itself any lesser and with that much 'power' in her balloon-like booty, she needed a pair of thighs capable of crushing boulders and that is exactly what she had. Grayfia's plump stocking-covered thighs lewdly slid against one another as she walked up to her lord.

All in all, she was the perfect example of a beauty and beast. She had physical beauty in spades and was a total beast in battle … as well as in bed. Only Naruto was aware of the latter though.

"I thought I was the only one who could suck you off when your beastly urges emerge" the busty silverette started in a strict tone, eyeing the amused ruler with a professional look of seriousness.

"Don't jump to conclusion, Grayfia, I wasn't in the mood"

"She sure was"

"That is not my problem"

"It is mine, your highness" the woman replied strictly, seductively swaying her wide hips as she walked up to her young ruler and stood beside his chair. "While I am on duty, no one is allowed to give you a blowjob beside me"

"Are you really going to talk to me about blowjobs with such a straight face on?" the young monarch asked in a deadpan voice.

"Yes I am"

The redhead emperor shook his head in resignation before standing up from his chair. Arguing with this woman was just pointless. "Why are you here, Grayfia?"

"I am here to inform you that the Royal Knights are back along with that slut Erza" Grayfia reported seriously, not a hint of hesitation or shame that she had just called her fellow demon a slut. "Their expedition into that rogue realm has been successful. According to their report, every rebel has been wiped out and the realm is now under our control"

"Splendid" the demonic ruler remarked with a smile, mentally making a note to reward the Royal Knights. "Though you never told me why you show such animosity towards Erza, she is the Demon Lord of Wrath, commander of the Royal Knights and a very respectable member of my army"

"She interfered in my duties" the busty maid replied vaguely, a serious look in her stormy eyes. "I don't like anyone except you interfering in my duties"

That didn't sounded like the Erza he knew. Of course she was acting all high and mighty due to her power level but she was also quite considerate. Erza's pride would never allow her to interfere in unwanted situations.

"How so? Perhaps I should confront her about this case, nobody has the right to interfere in other individual's work without my permission" Naruto started in a somewhat serious tone, turning his attention towards the strict maid.

"I saw her bobbing her slutty head up and down your dick during my work hours" the busty maid retorted in an emotionless tone, earning a massive sweatdrop from the young ruler. "If anyone is to suck on that beast, it is supposed to be me"

"Never mind"

She really did take her role seriously. By the flames of hell, he had no idea when she had decided that she was in charge of giving him blowjobs during work hours! And to top it all, she was saying it with such blunt honesty and straightforwardness that it was difficult to tell whether she was joking or being serious.

"If you want, I can suck you off right now"

"That won't be necessary"

"My lord, I insist"

"I insist on you not insisting"





"So … is that a yes or no on the blowjob?"

"For the last time Grayfia, NO!" Naruto grumbled in resignation as he glared at the perfectly emotionless woman with a twitching eyebrow. "Now tell me, have you seen Kaguya?"

"No sire, I haven't" Grayfia replied firmly, eyes still as strict as ever. "Now about that blowjob?"

"Oh for the love of … fine!" Naruto groaned in misery before reaching for his pants and taking out his soft but slowly hardening dick.

"I knew you would come around" the busty maid retorted in a smug tone, finally dropping her professional act as she kneeled before the young emperor and gently grabbed his hardening dick. "Now sit back and enjoy, my king"

Director's Office, Totsuki Academy

If there was just something, just about anything, he could do about his granddaughter. She was failing applicants left and right without the slightest bit of hesitation and that was not good for the academy. Of course he wanted to only allow the most gifted of students into his prestigious academy but you can't recognize talent by simply looking at a person's face.

Some talents are fully exposed and can be shown through a simple test. Others require certain condition to fully mature. Within the 120 applicants that his granddaughter, Erina Nakiri, had failed today, perhaps there may have some students who could have been molded into splendid chefs to carry on the will of gourmet cooking.

At least, he had been informed beforehand of Joichiro's son and had seen his test personally, otherwise he would have been failed as well. Well to be fair, he was presumed fail since Erina had passed on her judgment on the unpredictable dish that young Soma Yukihira had prepared.

However, he had the final say in everything.

Thus he had passed Soma and sent him a letter to inform him of the new development. However the issue of his granddaughter's ruthless judgment and the residual influence of her father's teaching was still unresolved.

"Well would you look at that? Senzeamon Nakiri, lost in thoughts? How surprising" a soft melodious tone reverberated around the large office, snapping the elderly Nakiri from his train of thoughts as he jolted up.

That sound was unmistakable and so was the teasing undertone.

"Welcome back Lady Kaguya" the white haired Nakiri announced in a firm but polite tone, offering a small bow to the Demon Lord of Gluttony.

Beautiful angular face, white eyes of wisdom and infinite mischief, pouty plump lips, titanic gravity-defying G cups tits, slim waist, taut stomach begging to be bloated with seed, wide hips able to give birth to triplets with ease, thick muscular thighs supporting one of the biggest, fattest and juiciest asses ever.

Each globe round, perfectly fat and succulently perky, brazenly defying the laws of physics, all rounded up into a heart-shaped mass of Milf lusciousness.

All hidden beneath a large stuffy kimono that did absolutely nothing to hide just how well-endowed the woman was.

Said demoness appeared from the shadows of the dark room like a smokeless flame and glided into the lit area without a hint of sound. The familiar magatama-covered kimono, her sinfully voluptuous body curves and proportions followed by the two jutting horns emerged as Kaguya walked into the center of the room.

"Glad to be back Senzeamon, I hope everything has been moving smoothly during my absence?" the white haired seductress asked in a soft tone, as she let her pearly white gaze wander around the room.

"Indeed milady" the elderly man answered quickly as he walked around the table and vacated his seat for the Rabbit demon matriarch. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

A smile stretched over Kaguya's plump lips, as she turned towards the other side of the room. "Oh I brought a guest with me."

Senzeamon blinked in confusion, moving his eyes towards the inclined side of the room to see the mentioned guest but to no avail. Something was wrong. First of all, Lady Kaguya was never a fan of bringing guests along and secondly …

Actually there was no second thing! This was just plain and simple confusion!

"May I ask who?"

"Allow me to introduce you to the pride of our empire, his imperial highness" the giant-butted beauty announced in a gleeful tone as she extended a hand towards the other end of the room and bowed delicately, prompting a wide eye look from the elderly Nakiri. "Lord Naruto Uzumaki"

If there ever was a moment Senzeamon truly felt like a withered old man, it was the moment a tall but muscular figure glided out of the dark shadows of the room.

Uncontrollable shivers went down the old man's spine when his eyes met the crimson flashes of two gleaming orbs amidst the darkness, further augmented by the stylish U pulsing above the two red orbs.

That unwavering, resolute, and relentless crimson gaze drilling deep into his soul paralyzed his very being.

From within the shadows, a tall handsome boy with a lithe but muscular physique stepped out into the light, pronounced cheekbones, sharp facial features befitting of royalty and a swept back mop of glossy red hair, a single strand hanging over his face.

A red, high-collared shirt adorned his upper body like a second skin, perfectly clinging to his chiseled torso and yet still retaining an acceptable amount of decency. A dark golden necklace wrapped around his neck and draped over his chest drew hungry eyes towards the sheer width of his muscular torso.

Blood red leather pants covered the lower part of his body followed by a pair of dark knee-high combat boots.

By the time a somewhat disgruntled Naruto walked into the middle of the room, Senzeamon was ready to pass out or even worse run out of the room like a headless chicken. For someone so young and still growing, the young King had a dreadfully ominous presence.

"Y-your highn-ness!" the elderly Nakiri bowed as low as he could as soon as the redhead reached the middle of the room, sweat dripping down his brow in alarming intensity. This was the feared and adored King they were talking about? No wonder he was feared.

The boy was barely 15 by demonic standards and he was already hailed as the greatest warrior of the Underworld. And by the searing flames of hell, he was not about to anger a boy who could cripple an entire pantheon by himself without a scratch on his body!

Naruto shot Kaguya a dry look when she snickered lightly, perfectly aware what the mischievous demoness was doing. She was enjoying this far too much for his liking. "At ease, I am not much for formalities"

"A-are you sure?"

"Quite sure" the redheaded prince replied softly before turning to the white haired beauty. "Are you sure this is what humans prefer these days?"

"Of course I am sure, my King" the busty demoness purred out in a lustful tone as she wandered her gaze over the ripe muscular curves of her lord's body. No matter how many times she enjoyed those dense muscles, she couldn't get enough. "In fact, I can barely control myself as it is"

"We are not talking about you at the moment, Kaguya but the dress"

The silverette Demon Lord of Gluttony clapped her hands softly, a somewhat teasing smile still lingering on her lips as she turned her attention towards the sweating Director. "This is Senzeamon Nakiri, one of my most trusted and loyal followers belonging to a branch family known as the Nakiri."

"I see. A pleasure to make your acquaintance" Naruto stated in a polite tone as he extended his hand towards a stupefied elder.

The elder Nakiri head was too quick to accept the unusual gesture of friendship and shook his hand with the young prince, mind still reeling from the fact that a prince of his caliber would even think of shaking his hand with a low rank demon. "The p-pleasure is all mine, your excellency"

"Originally, his family was assigned to prepare food for the entire main branch but after I was assigned this particular realm by your mother during her rule, I moved his family here to watch over the academy in my absence" Kaguya continued politely, shooting the elder Nakiri head a grateful nod. "I am sure you will able to see everything with your own eyes but he has done a remarkable job of upholding his end of the deal"

A soft smile played on the young prince's lips as he shot Senzeamon a look. "He must be quite a special case if you are willing to swallow your pride and compliment someone other than yourself or me"

"I will have you know I am not that prideful!" the rabbit demon matriarch retorted in an indignant tone. "I praise other people all the time"

"Of course"

"Why do I get the feeling that you are insulting me?" the busty silverette asked in a dry tone, eyeing the king with a glaring look.

Naruto smiled widely as he walked around the table and sat in the wide chair, while an uncomfortable looking Nakiri head looked between the two arguing individuals with an awkward look on his face. "Indeed, why should you feel that way?"

"Oh I don't know, perhaps due to that smug smirk of yours!"

"A King never smirks smugly, you should know that"

"You can't pull ranks like that!"

"I can and I did"

'This is … quite awkward' the elderly demon mused with a sweatdrop as he looked between the two, not sure what to say in a situation like this. One was the head of her clan and the other was the King of the Underworld.

"We can settle our argument later my dear, right now I am sure Senzeamon here would like to know why we are here" Naruto declared firmly as he turned to the elder Nakiri, earning a reluctant nod from a pouting silverette. "Kaguya here believed it productive to learn culinary techniques instead of simply watching over my people for the next 3 years and despite how much I would like to argue, she does have a valid point. Yasaka is more than capable of watching over the Underworld and adjacent realms without any assistance, thus my presence would be not missed that much"

"As you wish my lord but …"

He could certainly admire the young ruler's endeavor but everything required a certain amount of basic knowledge. He sure as hell couldn't ask the redheaded King to go and sit with a bunch of 7 or 8 years old because he really wasn't in the mood to die.

From what he could gather and from his own experience from the many visits to the royal Kitchen with his father, he knew that apart from the previous queen, none of the royal family members knew any cooking whatsoever. So if he was to take that little tidbit into consideration, then it was safe to assume that the redheaded ruler also didn't have any cooking skills.

"Rest assured Senzeamon, I have taught him every basic technique he needs to know about cooking. I would have taught him everything I knew but …" the giant-butted woman stopped during her explanation to give the smiling monarch an accusing stare. "He refused"

The redheaded ruler shook his head in amusement. "Having everything transferred into my mind would've basically eliminated the purpose of this visit. If I am going to learn something, I might as well go with the old fashioned way"

The elderly Nakiri released a breath he didn't even know he was holding. Ok, so he was saved for now. The King knew basic knowledge regarding cooking and what was even more assuring was the fact that he had received that knowledge from Lady Kaguya, Demon Lord of Gluttony herself.

"I shall assign someone to make arrangements for your stay here, my lord" the elder Nakiri declared firmly. "Of course we have dormitories but those are not up to your standards"

"That won't be needed; Grayfia has already made those arrangements before our arrival." Naruto retorted in a calm voice. "However I should make one thing perfectly clear to you Senzeamon, I don't want any special treatment"

"A-as you wish, sire"

"Good then, let us get down to some real matters"

Uzumaki Dormitory, Totsuki Academy

"Someone please explain to me what I am seeing?"

"I don't think there is anything to explain, my lord"

"Kaguya, please tell me you're seeing what I am seeing"

"My apologies sire, but I don't think you're seeing what I am seeing" the phat-butted woman replied in a hungry tone, mischievous white eyes boring a hole through the redhead's pants as she licked her lips.

"Stop staring at my butt and tell me why there is a massive palace right where my room should be." Naruto announced in a resigned tone as he stared at the large palace.

The palace, while much modest and conservative than the one he had in the Underworld, was still quite large and beautiful. Standing proud at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by trees, dense shrubbery, the Chinese style structure was flanked by waterfalls on both side and giving off a serene look.

Luckily, it was at the end of the series of dormitories, otherwise blending in among the other students would have proven quite difficult.

He really shouldn't have told Grayfia to take care of the arrangements.

As if somehow hearing their conversation, the front door to the massive building opened and a dozen royal maids strolled out, bowing on either side of the stairs to welcome the young ruler. Standing at the end of the line and right beside the door was the ever emotionless and strict caretaker of the handsome Uzumaki, Grayfia Lucifuge.

"Welcome to your temporary home, your majesty" Grayfia announced blankly, offering a deep bow to the young lord and indirectly wobbling her massive breasts before his eyes as the Uzumaki ruler walked up the stairs. "I realize it is not up to your standards but I did my best to make it as worthy as possible"

Naruto sweatdropped at her words. What the hell? It was more than what he expected or needed. He was here to study and pass his time, not rule! "Grayfia, who told you to build a palace?"

The silver haired woman simply blinked flatly. "I don't think I need others to tell me how I should make your stay as comfortable as possible, I am your personal caretaker and unlike some redheaded sluts, I take my job seriously"

"Erza again? We are not even talking about her" the Uzumaki ruler deadpanned. He knew they were rivals of sort but this was just too much.

"I know, I just wanted to insult her" the maid replied blankly.

"Can we just move inside and have some sex please? I am horny!"

Naruto and Grayfia gave the horned woman perfect deadpan looks, eyes clearly asking the unspoken question 'seriously?' while the phat-butted woman simple offered a nonchalant shrug and pouted in response.

"Anyways, where was I?" Naruto asked in a resigned tone as he gave the horned woman a heated look and turned to his maid.

"We were about to have sex"

"Shut up Kaguya!"

"I am horny!"

"I don't care!"

"She is right, your highness" Grayfia stated out of the blue, earning a wide-eyed hopeful look from Kaguya and a stupefied reaction from Naruto.


"We should have sex" the silver haired woman repeated blankly. "I myself am feeling aroused"

"What the hell is wrong with you two?" the young ruler sighed begrudgingly, rubbing the edges of his temple. "We are in the middle of an argument here"

"Yes but we can finish this argument in the bedroom" Kaguya stated lustfully, approaching the young king with a sway to her thick, Milf hips. "I can't wait to have your fat Uzumaki 'argument' in my pussy and pump some thick gooey 'ideas' into me"

"I agree" the Lucifuge clan head consented instantly, gesturing for the blushing maids to resume their work before she approached her master from the other side and stared directly into his eyes. "I would like some passionate and beastly argument myself… in the bedroom of course"

"You two are hopeless"


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