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Out in the significantly different, advanced and incredibly weird world of technology, the king was keen on experiencing all pleasures as soon as possible. Grayfia, being the strict, determined and dutiful Milf maid that she was, quickly gathered every piece of information on the new realm in order to better help her master.

As of right, she was riding behind her king on what the humans called a bike, making sure to latch herself as close to the redhead's back as possible, ballooning out her massive tits at the sides of their connection.

"Should you find yourself in need of help on your first day of …school, I shall be right by your side" the silver haired demon finished her lecture what should be done in these human training structures.

"Always by my side?" Naruto asked in a deadpan tone as he roared through the roads of the ridiculously large academy. Leave it to Kaguya's subordinates to build such ridiculously extravagant palaces for mere culinary lessons.

"Not always by your side, your Highness, sometimes under you or on top of you, I surely don't want you to do all the work in an exercise of mutual pleasure" Grayfia replied flatly.

The redheaded king sweatdropped in resignation. "I meant during class, you horny devil"

The chief Milf maid was not fazed at all. "I could care less about the classes"

"I thought so"

"I meant se…"

"I know what you meant, Grayfia, no need to explain it!" the king groaned in resignation. He didn't know what was worse, Grayfia openly telling him that she was going to be tending to his carnal needs throughout his classes or that she felt the need to explain it to him!?

"Sorry sir" she retorted huskily, placing her head on the nook of his neck, gently nibbling on his earlobe.

"You don't look sorry" Naruto countered snappishly. "And can you stop fondling my dick?"

"I need handholds to steady myself, your Highness" the silver haired Milf maid countered hungrily, nimble fingers trailing circles over the bulge of his crotch. "Luckily for me, you have this big, fat handhold for me to grab and enjoy while doing it"

Luckily for Grayfia and Naruto, it was almost midnight and very few people were on the streets. And it's not like she was afraid what others would think of her if they saw her fondling her King's cock out in the open.

"So you refused to ride a separate bike just to fondle me?" Naruto asked incredulously.

"Absolutely" Yup she had no shame whatsoever.

"What happened to the 'I don't want to see you embarrass yourself in front of commoners' excuse?"

"That was a lie" the Milf maid replied flatly.

"Of course it was" the redhead stated unsurprisingly, earning a somewhat smug look from the busty Milf devil.

The Milf maid continued on with her ministrations, mashing her massive breasts against his back, breathing hot air into his ear and lightly fondling his hardening cock through his pants. "You're getting aroused, sire"

"Yeah no kidding, Miss Obvious" he deadpanned. His expression soon changed as he felt movement on his lap. "What are you doing now?"

"Taking it out"

"Wait… you want to whip out my dick and stroke it in the middle of the street?" Yes Grayfia was much more confident and forward with her advances and words, but doing something like that was too forward even for her.

Ok who the fuck was he kidding? The Milf devil couldn't care less about humans or any other race. She had sucked his dick a hundred times while he was attending important meetings …in front of dozens of high class nobles of different houses.

As soon as she sees him aroused, she starts her …work, doing everything in her power to get him satisfied and not stopping until she drains out every last drop…consequences be damned.

"Of course not, my Lord" she retorted blankly, as the biked turned around a corner to speed into the highway leading directly to the main office of the Academy. "That'd be preposterous"


"I am going to suck it"

"You are going to what it!?"

Grayfia didn't reply.

The Milf maid confidently reached for the zipper of his pants, slamming it down and pulling out a big slab of man-meat into the open. "Now this is a cock worthy of a King"

As soon as she looked down at the thick and large hardened meat jutting between his legs, she was already feeling a quiver in her loins. No matter how many times she had swallowed this monster down her throat, it was always a sight to behold.

"Put it back in dammit" the demonic King groaned in resignation. She was the most obedient woman he had ever met …at least most of the times. She'd kill herself with a simple command but all that obedience went down the drain whenever she sees his dick.

Erza had once called it Grayfia's 'Cock-drunk' mode…which had obviously started a fight between them which he had to break off by kneeling both between his legs, making them suck off his meat and sharing the load.

The only time they worked together was when his dick was in between their tits and his hands were guiding them to hate-kiss the life out of one another...

"Your wish is my command, my King… I am putting it back where it belongs" the silver haired Milf maid replied in a dazed tone.

"What are you doing?" Naruto asked in a confused tone when Grayfia removed her hands around his waist and popped her head through the gaps of his hands placed on the handles.

"Fulfilling your command, your highness" the busty Milf purred heatedly, grabbing his jutting cock by the base and bringing her mouth down on the meat, swallowing every inch of the foot long meat rod with one fell swoop.

"Fucking hell!" Naruto almost ran the bike over the side of the highway when the sensations of having his pole engulfed by a warm hole reached his brain. She must have been hornier than he realized if the enthusiastic manner in which she was bobbing her head up and down his shlong was any indication.

Needless to say, a resigned but inwardly smirking redhead placed one hand on Grayfia's bobbing head, gently guiding the Milf devil to slide her pouty lips up and down the jutting meat pole while he rode through the streets of the Academy and headed straight for the main office.

Class A1

First day of class and Naruto could already surmise that he was going to love this place. Born in a conflict torn world, spending the better part of his childhood in fighting wars and claiming the throne at the tender age of 13, he'd little time to simply be himself and enjoy the simple pleasures.

Standing among these …humans, he was basically the same as them except the obvious differences. His facial features naturally looked serious and aristocratic, coupled with the rigid stance of his form from years of constant wars.

"Are you alright, sire?"

Naruto glanced at his side and smiled at Grayfia who was hidden beneath an illusionary technique to hide from the humans and still keep him company. They couldn't see, hear or sense her.

"I'm fine"

"Do you want a blowjob?" she asked plainly.

"No, I don't want a blowjob!" the resigned king retorted in a tired tone. "What's with your obsession with blowjobs, Grayfia?"

The Milf maid blinked in confusion, tilting her head to the side in a dick-hardening fashion. "I like sucking on your manhood"

"Don't give me that look"

"Would it make you consent to my request?" she pressed on.

"Hell no!"

Inwardly, the she devil smirked in triumph, doing a victory dance in her head as she watched her master look away with a strained expression. Take that Erza; she knew just how to arouse her king.

"Pay attention!" a rough voice, dripping with French accent, declared through the room, gaining the undivided attention of the students. Standing at the front of the class was a man of middle age clad in a white chef uniform with light blond hair, traces of old age evident on his visage in the form of wrinkles.

"Good morning, my young apprentee, the moment you step foot in the kitchen, you are expected to cook extraordinary food. Today we'll be cooking Beef Bourguignon; however this exercise will be in pairs"

Hearing the announcement, every student moved toward one another or at least towards those who they thought would help them in their upcoming test

Naruto noted with a sweat drop that no one was approaching him to ask for partnership.

"This is the perfect opportunity, my lord" Grayfia started in a determined tone, though her expression remained unchanged. "You can concentrate on your cooking and I shall tend to your beastly carnal needs"

"Grayfia, if I hear another word from you about blowjob or something remotely similar…" the young ruler started in a flat tone. "I'm going to shove my cock down your throat and …leave it there"



"Blowjob" the Milf maid muttered in a blank tone, a hint of anticipation seeping into her tone.

The redheaded King couldn't help but gap incredulously at the brazen devil. "Seriously!?"

"Titjob?" she half-said and half-asked.


"Sire, you promised!"

"No I didn't!" the demonic emperor retorted with a deadpan look as the maid sighed in resignation and almost gave him a glare. "Now let me focus on what I came here for"

There must be something in the air of this world because Grayfia was increasingly quick to get aroused and ask for …fixes more frequently than usual.

Or maybe she had lesser duties here than in the Underworld and the lack of activities to distract herself with was making her suppressed lust to come boiling over.

He was about to inform the teacher in charge about his dilemma when he noticed something or rather someone he should have noticed on the first second of entering the class…considering her origin.

Standing up at the front of the room was a beautiful blonde girl of average height and blessed with a curvy body for someone of her young age, somewhere along the age of 15 to 16. She was dressed in the standard Academy uniform which, he had to admit, did little to hide her voluptuous figure.

The front of her standard blue blazer bulging outwards hinted at the copious amount of teenage titflesh futilely hiding behind them. She was dangerously endowed at the chest area, putting full grown women to shame with her bust.

The shortness of her skirt showcased a considerable amount of long legs and accentuated the wideness of her thick hips, no doubt sporting an ass that could ruin marriages. Erina Nakiri, granddaughter of Senzaimon Nakiri and heiress to the sub House of Nakiri.

One thing was certain about the Underworld, nothing less than perfect was expected and given. Erina wasn't the only teenager he had seen that sported such tits and massive ass. Then again, demons were sins given forms so such endowments were only natural.

Even if this one lived in the human world and had no idea she was a demon.

She carried herself with a grace befitting of royalty. Head held high, sharp eyes focused and unflinching. He would love to tease that attitude out of her.

None of the students seemed to have the guts to approach her. Her eyes were focused into a death stare, impassively drilling into the whiteboard of the class.

"That must be the princess" Grayfia commented blankly as she eyed the surprisingly thicc girl up and down. "She is certainly pleasing to the eyes"

She wouldn't mind putting her title as the Divine Tongue to the test.

Chuckling at Grayfia's straightforward comment, Naruto smiled widely and moved across the room to approach her table. Several set of eyes followed his movements like a hawk as he calmly approached the table of the aforementioned girl and calmly stood beside said working table.

"Hello there" Naruto greeted with a grin "It seems you and I are gonna be partners for the practice"

Not hearing any response from her, the blond teen couldn't help the sweat drop when she dismissed him with a huff, crossing her hands under her considerable chest. "Go away"

"How dare …"

'She doesn't know me, Grayfia, no need to overreact' Naruto projected telepathically before the busty maid could finish her sentence and possibly inflict harm on the blonde girl.

"That's rude"

"Good, it was supposed to" Erina replied haughtily, looking away from the distractingly hot boy who was having an unnatural effect on her body. Everyone was looking at her, observing every move, peering for weaknesses to blemish her record of perfection…and this ho...boy was ruining it!

She noticed him right away, as soon as he entered the room. How could she not? Everyone did! There is no way anyone would miss the sight of a tall, red haired, crimson-eyed hunk of pure hotness entering the room and exuding an aura of power around him.

All augmented by the strange, stylish U on his forehead.

She knew right away that he was different than the others, extremely different. A part screamed out in joy and admiration as he entered, urging her to kneel before him.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, by the way"

"Erina Nakiri, it's an annoyance to make your acquaintance" she retorted with a scowl, crossing her arms under her chest.

"You know just the right thing to say to make a guy feel special"

'That wasn't a compliment, your Majesty' Grayfia chirped in 'helpfully', earning a deadpan look from the demonic lord. 'She is insulting you'

'Yes thank you, Grayfia, I didn't know that'

"I will be writing the recipe on the board, you have 1 hour to present your dish. If the dish is not to my satisfaction and not worthy of an A, it will be an automatic E!" the instructor declared brashly and stood up from his chair to write the aforementioned recipe.

"Let me make one thing clear, I don't need your help and I never will. Just stay out of my way and we won't have any problems" the blonde girl declared in a cold voice and twisted around with a huff.

She would have to endure being near the teen for now since there was no way out of it. The assignment was in pairs after all and Hisako was absent today… But nobody said anything about making sure that one of the duo never touches the food.

The teacher in charge finished writing the recipe and turned to his students with a hard look on his face. "Begin!"

She had no idea what was going to happen.

25 Minutes Later

"You get an A!" Chef Lauren Chappelle roared in excitement as his taste buds tried to recover from the explosive assault delivered from Erina's incredible cooking.

"Of course I do" the blonde teen countered with a haughty smirk, crossing her hands under a pair of massive teen breasts as she turned around to bask in the glow of the remaining students' cheers.

"I noticed that your partner did not help in the cooking" the old chef started in his usual tone of voice.

"You could give him an A if you want… I could care less"

"That won't be necessary" the aforementioned redhead announced from behind the busty girl as he approached the table with a soft grin, much to the shock of everyone around.

Erina could feel her eyes widening in shock as she eyed the perfectly cooked beef dish being carried in the hand of the redhead …when in fact just a few minutes ago, he had barely begun preparing the ingredients. "H-how did you…"

"At your service, chef"

"There is no way that's cooked properly!" the wide-hipped teen started in a smug tone as the chef reached for a fork and knife, eyes widening in sheer shock as the metallic tableware sunk into the obviously soft meat without any resistance at all. "What!?"

"It's so tender…" the French chef muttered in a dazed tone as he eyed the juicy meat, cutting up a small piece. He was almost afraid to take a bite, fearing what the taste would be like if it looked so juicy to the eyes.

"I was actually inspired by Erina's technique" Naruto started in a cheery tone as he looked at shocked and curious Nakiri heiress. "You used pineapple juice to tenderize your meat, right?"

"You were perving on me!" He knew what she was using for her cooking?

"No, I was inspired by it. Any and all fruit products in containers are processed and most likely contain artificial substances to preserve it. That includes the pineapple juice you used. However …" the redheaded king clarified in a pointed tone, holding up a bottle of honey. "Honey, not only contains the same enzyme that tenderize meat but is also 100% pure"

"You stole my move!" Of course she knew that the products were processed and would most likely alter the taste of the dish a little bit but this wasn't a competition! She didn't need to put out her best just to get an A. All she had to do to pass was just drop a few ingredients here and there.

She barely tried cooking!

How dare he, of all people, lecture her on how artificial and natural products were different!?

"Excellent choice of ingredients, Monsieur Uzumaki" Chef Chappelle praised genuinely, mentally preparing himself to take a bite of the juicy dish.

The entire class watched as Chappelle took a bite and started giggling like a maniac. No one was more surprised, shocked even, than Erina Nakiri as for the first time in her life…she felt like someone was directly challenging her position as the best.


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