"Cloud... please... can't we move on yet?" Barret asked completely exhausted. The party was dead tired. "We've been running around, figuring, and running some more for 13 hours..." Aeris said catching her breath.

"NO! We haven't reached 9,999 damage have we? No? Then we keep running!" Cloud said with his hair messy and eyes bloodshot.

"It took THIRTEEN hours just to get 3000 damage!" Tifa exclaimed. "By the time we go to our next destination it'll take us an additional TWENTY SIX hours to reach 9,999 damage and extra." Red XIII said.

"Nothing ventured. Nothing gained." Cloud said with his hair covering his eyes.

"CLOUD!" They all yelled out as their leader ran out towards the field getting them into 3001st battle since leaving Midgar. They all wished he NEVER found that enemy skill materia.

Authors Comment: Wanted to write something short! And I bet OG FF7 players took even longer to reach to reach 9,999 damage with chocobuckle. Mind you I have turbo speed turned on and I kid you not it took me 13 hours to get 3224 damage with chocobuckle.

In short unless you have something to watch while doing this... Don't do it. Unless you want to blitz everyone...

P.S: Yes I said Aeris get over yourselves.