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Learning to Heal is like Learning to Swim

Sage smiled, as he walked the trail, feeling his wolf relax as they moved through the woods. Sage, Macy, and Tommy were hiking to see the top of the local waterfall they were going to picnic and then repel down the side.

"You two doing okay?" Sage asked, since he was at the front with the water pack.

"We're fine, Wolf Boy. We've walked longer trails than this," Macy assured.

"I can't wait to see a real-life waterfall! This is going to be so much fun!" Tommy exclaimed with excitement.

Sage smiled. "Aunt Rachel said that this river and the waterfall have had a lot of family meetings here. Aunt Rachel met Alien X farther off but they both ended up here," he said, pausing for a moment. "Either of you want a water break?"

"I think we're good," Macy answered before looking at her little brother. "Tommy, do you need water?"

"No thanks. Already had and packed my own," Tommy answered, shaking his backpack. "A wolf ranger is always prepared."

Sage smiled. "Okay, I got to ask. Did Wolf Rangers evolve from something in New York or is it original?" he asked as he took a sip of water.

"Actually, they use to be called the Alligator Rangers. But they changed it into the Wolf Rangers a few years ago," Tommy answered.

Sage raised an eyebrow. "I thought alligators and sewers were just a myth?"

"Believe me, they are not. I should know from personal experience," Macy assured, folding her arms while glaring.

Sage winced. "Okay...well, good to know to watch my back if I end up in a sewer." Sage paused before continuing to walk. "You guys can ask me about's okay." he said before moving forward.

"Alligator problems I don't mind talking about," Macy replied.

"Even when they involve finding baddies to battle or dropping phones there," Tommy added.

Sage smiled before looking at Macy and Tommy. "Guys, you really can ask me about before I came to the Grant Mansion. It's okay really. I'm not afraid of it anymore." Sage said. his eyes firm.

"Well, if you keep insisting. What happened before coming to the Grant Mansion?" Macy sighed.

"Did you meet other creatures? Like a coyote or a crocodile or a bear?!" Tommy asked with enthusiasm.

Sage chuckled. "No, nothing exotic. Though, I did meet a rather unfriendly house cat on the night that escaped. I was trying to find something to eat and this big orange cat with fluffy fur...I think his name was Mr. Piggy Wiggles or something. Hissed at me and chased me off. Though, how that cat could run, I have no idea. It was the size of beach ball," Sage exaggerated, puffing up his cheeks like a chipmunk.

Macy and Tommy did their best to hold back their laughter.

"Mr. Piggy Wiggles? S-s-sounds like a dangerous creature," Macy said, nearly spilling her giggles.

"Yeah. His size and speed make him very deadly. Especially the chipmunk cheeks," Tommy said, now laughing while holding his stomach as he continued moving.

Sage laughed. "Hey, when you're free and never encountered a cat before, you run." Sage replied with a smile. "After that, I ran into a woman and her husband who took in the stray dog and nursed it back to health."

"Interesting. Do you remember who these lovely people were and stray dog? Also, what happened next?" Macy asked.

Sage smiled. "They were Mary and Weedon Scott. And, as for the stray dog...well, let's just be grateful they couldn't tell the difference between a wolf and a dog. After they patched me up and fed me, they kept me safe and fed till I was strong enough to move. I wished I could have stayed there, but I knew that man could and would track me to the house. So, as soon as I was strong enough, I left at night and moved on," Sage said, as they continued up the trail. "I traveled at night and stashed away during the day. Just kept running till I felt safe. Came to a small town where they taught homeless kids. I proved to be a fast learner and within two years graduated. Earned the clothes on my back as I worked to earn what I needed. Once I graduated, I earned a scholarship here and earned everything else with odd jobs."

"Wow. You seriously knew how to handle yourself," Macy said, completely impressed.

"So, whatever happened to the Scotts? Did you ever saw them again?" Tommy asked.

Sage shook his head. "No, but I did check on them when I found a home at the Grant Mansion. Both are fine and happy."

"Maybe one of these days, we'll meet them in person to say hi," Macy suggested.

Sage smiled. "Yeah, but I don't want to bring them into trouble. Not after the kindness they gave me."

Macy shrugged. "Fair enough,"

Sage smiled. "After being here a few weeks, I was checking things out when I stumbled on the Grant Mansion. Aunt Rachel was doing laundry outside and lost a few towels and sheets. I helped her out in my wolf form and, after skirting away briefly, I introduced myself in my human form after acting like I was calling a dog. Later that same evening, I was heading to where I was staying when I heard crying and screaming. I ran through the woods and found the Vladats facing the Forever Knights...Megan was tied up and crying. They were about to attack when I jumped in and took the blow. It was then that the Forever Knights got their first sight of a skinwalker. After a brief fight, they took off. The rest, well...the rest is history." Sage continued, as he moved on stopping at the top of a hill crest to let Macy and Tommy catch up.

"Guess our experiences in the pasts help build who we are now in the present and become prepared for the future," Macy deduced, making her way up the hill.

"So that's how you first ended up in the Grant Mansion. Kind of neat, if you ask me," Tommy replied.

"Neat how?" Sage asked, curious about what was going through Tommy's mind.

"That from any place in the world, all the different possible paths you could of taken, you somehow ended up in the Grant Mansion and become part of an alien family," Tommy explained to Sage. "I couldn't imagine if you didn't come in to catch Miss Rachel's towels. You probably might not even be here with us. Or more importantly, Macy and I might never would have moved from New York to Staybrook. It's like you were meant to be a Grant Mansion member, just as much as we are."

"Sounds like your talking fate and destiny...honestly, I don't really believe in those things. All I know is that I'm here now and I plan on doing my best to keep what I cherish protected." Sage said with a smile before peering down the trail for a minute, his eyes shifting to those of a wolf.

"Sage, what's the matter?" Macy asked, seeing his eyes shift and looking at something ahead.

Sage let his eyes shift back. "Not sure...thought I saw something coming up behind us." Sage said lowly.

"Like what? a squirrel?" Macy whispered, getting cautious.

"Or a bear?" Tommy asked, a bit worried.

Sage shook his head. "No, not either of those...have you noticed how quiet it is the only thing you can hear is the water no birds or insects." Sage said stretching his arms above his head to act casual.

The Brunette thought about her boyfriend's study. There were no chirps or buzz noises. Just water flowing, exactly what the Skinwalker said. "Now that you mentioned it..." Macy said, grabbing her brother's hand while following Sage. "Something is seriously up,"

"So, if it wasn't an animal, then who...or what?" Tommy questioned, getting a bad vibe like his older siblings.

"When the forest is silent, it means a predator is nearby...but a bear or cat wouldn't make it this quiet." Sage said as he continued to move. "Just stay close and act casual."

Macy nodded her head, keeping Tommy and herself huddle together as one single group. She closed her eyes, trying to see if she could hear anything audible or sense something.

They hiked for a little while longer till they found the picnic area set up for hikers.

"Let's have lunch, then we can continue." Sage said smiling. "Hope you guys don't mind me making steak sandwiches?"

"You kidding?! It would be rude not to! I'm hungry!" Tommy exclaimed.

Macy opened her eyes, still not letting her guard down. She just followed while keeping a stern look out for anything suspicious or some unexpected surprise waiting to jump on any corner.

Sage set out their lunch steak sandwiches, banana's, and chocolate chip cookies.

"Enjoy." Sage said taking a bite of a sandwich as he focused his senses to the surrounding areas. "Looks like it's six."

Tommy was already enjoying his lunch. He started putting pieces of banana and a cookie in his steak sandwich and then ate it like it was nothing.

"Yum! This is definitely good!" Tommy said, taking another bite before noticing Macy just looking around and not eating. And this was usually the part were his sister gets grossed out on his food combos and tell him why he keeps doing that. But she wasn't. "Okay, what's with you, Sis? You've barely touched your lunch," Tommy observed.

"Oh...Uh, I-I'm not hungry," Macy replied, waving her hand yet remaining her stare around the forest.

Sage looked up smiling. "You should eat. We still have a way up to go." Sage said before dropping to a whisper. "We don't want them knowing that we're on to them."

Sighing, Macy stopped looking, grabbed her sandwich, and chew normally. "Hope you know what you're doing, Wolf Boy," she whispered back, after swallowing.

Sage took another bite of his sandwich. "There are six of them. Three of them younger than the others. All male and all thinking about nothing than enjoying our misery when their miserable." Sage whispered finishing his sandwich and grabbing a banana.

Macy stared, slightly impressed. "How'd you figure all that out?" she asked in a low tone, still slowly eating her sandwich.

Sage acted like he was pushing away a fly while he tapped his ear.

"Three of the people have lighter footsteps, so that means they're younger. As for what I said about their thinking, they're being kind of loud about not eating beforehand and wanting to get the job over with. The larger three are wearing heavy teen body spray." Sage replied finishing his banana.

"I knew I smelled something weird. And, for once, it's wasn't Tommy eating a baked bean, garlic, anchovy pizza," Macy said, putting her sandwich down to eat a cookie.

"Just stay on your toes and we'll be fine. Tommy, make sure to stay close to either Macy or me." Sage said, calmly grabbing his cookie and eating.

Tommy nodded his head, already done with his sandwich before burping. "Oops. Excuse me," he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

"Remind me again, why are we related?" Macy remarked her little brother, covering her nose from the smell of Tommy's burp. "How could you seriously eat that steak sandwich with bananas and cookies inside without getting sick?"

"What? I thought it tasted good," Tommy answered defensively. "I'm sure anyone does and eats something like that."

"Not to any human or alien being I know," she argued.

Sage chuckled. "I eat Oreos and peanut butter for dessert, sometimes." Sage said, gathering the trash putting it in his water pack.

"See? Sage does food combos! Why don't you ever complain what he eats?" Tommy barked, pointing at his big brother.

"Because peanut butter Oreos isn't super weird and gross as pepperoni, maple syrup, marshmallow pizza dipped in hot chocolate fudge," Macy replied, sticking her tongue out in disgust.

"Hey, don't knock it until you try it," Tommy said with a smile.

Sage laughed. "You know, Macy, maybe give it try. If you don't like, then you can say it just wasn't your favorite. Like with Goop's slushies," Sage chuckled.

Macy gave Sage a disbelief look. "Really? You're using your uncle's own slimy body parts as an example? You didn't eat them, either!" she argued.

"True, but I am saying is that if you don't like it, even by sight and Tommy does, it just shows he has different likes. If all of us liked the same things, the world would be pretty boring, right?" Sage said smiling.

"I guess..." Macy answered dryly. "But some of us prefer eating normal yet regular tasting food. Not something that looks kind of gross and unappetizing. Tommy has the appetite and stomach of a Billy Goat," she said by pointing at him with her thumb.

"I do not!" Tommy snapped.

"Do too!" Macy barked back.

"Okay, on that note, let's get moving. We still have a walk to get through before getting to the waterfall." Sage said, standing up.

"Fine," the two siblings both said, rolling their eyes.

They headed up the path a little further before Sage suddenly stopped and spun around, blocking a punch to his face.

"HA, HA! GOT YOU, PRETTY BOY!" A teenager about his age said.

"SAGE!" Macy and Tommy exclaimed in worry, staying together to find themselves surrounded.

Sage smirked. "So, the dogs come out of hiding." Sage grunted as he pushed to the ground.

"Hey, Macy. Remember me?" A jock-like teen asked smirking. "You told me no when I asked you on a date."

The Brunette groaned, shaking her head. "Because I keep telling you muscle bound idiots I'm already taken by someone who is not a total meathead. Along with the fact that he cares about the real girl on the inside instead of out."

"Well, too bad for him because I'm going to end you." the jock yelled, launching towards her and moving Tommy away.

"Hey, cry baby, ready for fun?" the three younger bullies said smiling.

"Oh, great. Not you guys again!" Tommy exclaimed, taking a few steps back.

The last time Tommy faced these bully kids, he was badly injured and ran into the forest until Sage found him. And around the same time meeting Wildvine and Swampfire, too.

"Come on, cry baby. Your big sister and brother aren't going to save you this time," the leader sneered, shoving Tommy hard to the edge of the embankment to the river.

Sage growled as he wrestled in the dirt with his problem. "Get off me!"

"Sorry, but your family members are creeps and we don't want them here." the bully sneered, smashing his head into the ground.

Macy's problem had her by the hair yanking her head backwards.

"UGH! OW! GET YOUR GREASY HANDS OFF MY HAIR, YOU NEANDERTHAL!" Macy yelled, using her elbow to smack that jock back very hard that made him let go. She made a run for it with the jock on her tail.

"Look, boys. Can't we just talk about this?" Tommy reasoned, raising his hands in defense.

"NO!" the three yelled, shoving him again. This time, making him fall over the edge of the embankment.

"TOMMY!" Sage yelled, as he kicked his goon off of him before running to the embankment and sliding down.

"NO!" Macy exclaimed, making a stop and stuck her leg out, causing the jock to trip and slow down. "HANG ON, TOMMY! I'M COMING!" She ran into the embankment, jumped, and started sliding down like surfing but without a board.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Tommy screamed, rolling down a hill and landed in a moving stream.

Sage slid down the embankment and, in the blink of an eye, shifted to wolf form, racing after Tommy.

"HANG ON!" Sage called as he leapt on top of some large boulders to the middle of the river before diving in and swimming after Tommy.

Macy kept sliding down, doing flips and leaps over the big rocks. Once reaching the bottom, she made a quick dive so she can swim to rescue her little brother.

Tommy continued keeping himself from drowning, paddling while breathing for air. Not to mention coughing.

Sage surged forward, his powerful limbs sending him forward.

"Tommy, reach! REACH FOR YOUR SISTER OR ME!" Sage called, as he got closer, though Macy was a head of him.

"Come on, little brother! GRAB ON!" Macy yelled, extending her hand to Tommy.

Sage growled as the water grew choppy, perking his ears up. The upcoming roar made his eyes go wide.

"MACY! TOMMY! HURRY! THE WATERFALL!" Sage yelled, as he looked ahead spotting a large log stuck to the bank that was half in the water.

"I CAN'T REACH! TOO FAST!" Tommy shouted, trying to get to either Macy or Sage but couldn't.

Sage growled. "Tommy, you can! I don't want to hear anything else! NOW GET OVER TO MACY, NOW!" Sage snarled getting Tommy's attention.

Startled, Tommy tried to paddle closer to Macy and reached for her hand once more. It was close.

"Just...a little...more..." Macy said, swimming a bit forward until she finally grabbed it. "Gotcha!"

Sage growled as he moved towards the log moving past them to get to it. Snarling loudly, he sunk his teeth into a branch as he dug his claws into the bark, giving a small pant he could see Macy and Tommy coming.

"Come on! Grab on!" Sage called panting exhaustedly.

Sage watched as the two drew closer the skinwalker, readied himself to help keep them on the log. But that wasn't to happen. Suddenly, the water shifted, carrying Macy and Tommy away from the log.

"MACY! TOMMY!" Sage shouted as he watched them move past the log.

"SAGE!" Macy screamed.

"Now what?" Tommy asked, keeping close to his sister.

Macy looked at the waterfall coming up and then her little brother. She couldn't let Tommy lose his own life. Without warning, she pushed off the bottom and tossed her little brother towards Sage.

"Sorry, Tommy," she said.

"WHOOOOOAAA!" Tommy screamed from that launch.

Sage, caught off guard, watched as Tommy splashed in front of him. Instinctively, Sage reached down and grabbed Tommy by the back of neck, lifting him out of the water before looking at Macy who tearfully smiled.

"MACY!" Sage's mind shouted.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large torpedoed-shape being past the boys, sending large sprays of water on them as it raced towards Macy. The boys watched in shock as the torpedo object snatched Macy. Then, as it continued to rocket forward, snagged its claws on a rock just above the water fall, doing an effective U-Turn and launching back up river to land a couple feet ahead of where Sage and Tommy were. For a moment, Macy and whatever had saved her disappeared under the water. Sage watched as he held onto Tommy, looking every direction till abruptly, a clawed hand rose from the water and dug deeply into the wood, only moments later and an Angle fish looking monster surfaced with a coughing Macy pressed close to it.

"Macy! She's okay!" Tommy exclaimed happily.

Sage sighed in relief while still holding onto Tommy.

'Macy, are you alright?' Sage asked through the necklace bond, since his mouth was full.

'I...I think so,' she managed to reply in her mind, looking to see her rescuer's face and gasped in shock. Her heart was beating wildly. She was worried what this giant fish creature holding her was gonna do.

"You kids all right? Don't worry. You're safe now." the fish being said, giving an odd smile.

"Why does that smile say anything but happiness?" Sage thought to himself.

"Ripjaws! Are they alright?" a deep voice called from up on the bank.

Looking up, Sage found a red Mollusk-like being on two legs looking down at them.

"A little drowned, but alright." the fish named Ripjaws shouted back. "Sage, go first with Tommy. I'll be right behind you with Macy."

Sage growled but hauled himself and Tommy out of the water and onto the log.

Tommy gasped, seeing the red being. "No way...Sage, do you know who that is?!" He whispered with excitement.

Sage groaned at his little brother, who seemed to forget that his mouth was full and was focusing on not falling off a log. Gripping the log tight, the skinwalker slowly began to ascend up the log ramp to the bank where Water Hazard was waiting for them. Reaching the top, Water Hazard reached out his arms for Tommy; nodding, Sage handed the boy over as he leapt onto the sturdy ground before flopping to the ground panting heavily.

"You okay, Sage?" Tommy asked with concern.

Sage nodded as he started to get his breath back. "Yeah, but you need to lose weight. Maybe lay off those pizza universes supreme."

Water Hazard kneeled beside Sage, setting Tommy down beside him as he ran his hands over the skinwalker's sides and back looking for injuries. Meanwhile, Ripjaws came onto the land with Macy cradled against him.

"Everyone alright?" Ripjaws asked.

"Other than water logged, bruised, and a few cuts, fine," Sage said, not meaning to sound snappy but he was exhausted.

"Heh, Same here," Macy replied weakly, still coughing from all the water.

"Can you believe it?! We just got rescued by Ripjaws and Water Hazard! This is so awesome! I always wanted to meet you guys! So, does that mean you're more of Sage's uncles who live in the Grant Mansion? How'd you find us?" Tommy questioned with excitement.

Water Hazard and Ripjaws chuckled.

"Let's do question later. Right now, we need to get you all someplace warm and into some dry clothes." Water Hazard said calmly, smoothing Tommy's hair.

"We'll be taking you to a cabin nearby where another friend is there." Ripjaws continued.

Sage nodded as he got to his feet, carefully picking Tommy up and draping the boy over the width of his back before nudging Macy onto him.

Nodding, the Brunette hopped on and held on tight.

"So, who exactly is this other friend of yours?" Macy asked the two aliens by her side.

"His name is NRG. He's the one who helps the little ones with colds, flus, and everything else." Water Hazard said as he began to move forward down a small easy trail.

Sage sighed as he followed. His low fur head still dripping with water and mud. He could feel Macy and Tommy shivering on his back, as easy as he could feel the soreness in his legs from trying to get to Tommy and getting bashed into the rocks.

"NRG? What kind of alien is? A py...pyroni...ah...ACHOO!" Macy sneezed, wiping her nose with the back of her hand. "Ugh...Sorry. I meant to say Pyronite." she sniffled, feeling a bit ingested.

Sage whined a little in worry.

Water Hazard stepped back and felt Macy's forehead.

"No, he's a Prypiatosian-B. A type of fire alien that is basically living energy. However, he is deadly like a nuclear reactor so he stays in a containment suit," Water Hazard replied, as he moved forward and felt Tommy's forehead. "Your both getting warm. Good thing we're nearly there."

"You sounded close, though," Tommy told his sister, making her groan before laying her whole body on Sage forward. "Sooner we meet this new alien, the better. My sister does not look so good."

Sage needed no further encouragement as he moves into a bit of a sore trot.

Quickly, the small group arrived at the cabin. Water Hazard swiftly took Tommy into his arms as Ripjaws did the same with Macy. Sage limped behind, his muscles sore and legs wobbly as they went into the cabin. Inside, a roaring fire was going and swiftly the Monroe kids were wrapped into heated towels as two towels were laid over Sage's back.

Soon, an alien that looked like a walking boiler came in with folded sweats. "Here. There's a small bathroom there. Change and dry off." the heavy Russian accented alien said, picking up Macy and placing her in front of the door.

"Whoa! Either I'm that sick and hallucinating at this very moment or I'm actually getting carried by a Humanoid Furnace Man," Macy commented.

"You must be NRG that Water Hazard told us about. It's nice to meet you," Tommy spoke to the radioactive alien, smiling.

"Same to you, little one. Now, stay by the fire till your sister is done changing. Then, you can change and I'll take a look at you to see to your injuries." NRG said, leaving Macy by the door while he scooped Tommy up and placed him beside Sage, whom was already drifting off to sleep.

"So...Are you like considered another alien scientist or doctor of the Grant Mansion family? Like Frankenstrike or Gutrot?" Tommy asked, warming his hands near the flames.

"No, I am mostly soldier and sometimes medic." NRG said, as he rubbed the towels over Sage's fur, noticing how the skinwalker winced whenever he ran over his ribs. Lifting the towel and parting the fur, NRG found massive bruises and small gashes in his side. "Oh, my poor nephew."

"He must have sustained a lot of damage when jumping off that hill and rough rapids while trying to rescue me," Tommy theorized, suddenly getting an idea. "Hang on. I think I brought some bandages from my bag to help Sage," he reached into his back and picked up a small first-aid kit. "A Wolf Ranger is always prepared!"

NRG smiled, accepting the first aid kit before reaching into a table drawer and pulling out a jar of the Grant Mansion salve. Carefully, NRG took some of the salve and rubbed it on Sage's wounds before taking the bandages and wrapping them around the skinwalker's sides and chest. The Prypiatosian-B then placed a cool wash cloth on his forehead, feeling a fever beginning to rise.

"He should be fine with rest." NRG said calmly, wrapping the last of the bandages as Macy came out. "It's your turn now, Macy. Water Hazard, help Tommy to the restroom to change."

Water Hazard nodded, as he picked up Tommy and the warmed clothes.

Walking past her little brother, Macy saw her Wolf wrapped in bandages and quickly checked on him. "Sage! Is he okay?" Macy asked, deeply concerned about him.

"He's suffered some heavy bruising and some gashes. but mostly, its exhaustion and a fever." NRG said resting his hand on Macy's forehead. "Much the same as you."

"Aw, great. I got a bug in my system," Macy deadpanned, before letting out another sneeze.

NRG chuckled. "Let's patch you up, then get you wrapped up warm. After that, medicine, hot food, and bed rest." NRG said, taking her arm and rubbing the salve on her bruises and scrapes.

Macy winced in slight pain, for a bit. But it started to fade and helped her relax. Macy moaned in pleasure. "Oh, yeah. That's it. Nice and easy," she said. "Thank you, NRG."

"You're welcome, Macy. Now, does anywhere else hurt?" NRG asked, as Tommy came out with his wet clothes. "Lay those on the floor in front of the fire. they'll dry soon."

"Got it," the young replied, following the Prypiatosian-B's instructions.

"I'm not entirely sure. Maybe my back or around my ribs?" Macy answered, rubbing around her spots. "I think I hit some rocks and logs around that bumpy water ride."

"Lift your shirt above your rib cage and I'll take a look," NRG said calmly. Macy followed his instructions and lifted her shirt, revealing heavy bruising. "You and Sage are so similar."

NRG took a large glob of the ointment and spread it all over Macy's back and sides. Water Hazard came into view again, carrying a large bottle and three table spoons.

"Where'd Ripjaws go?" NRG asked.

"Water break. Said he'd head to the Mansion to let Rachel know what was going on," Water Hazard replied, sitting down on the ground. "Time for some medicine."

"So how did you guys know that we were in trouble, anyway?" Tommy asked

NRG chuckled. "Sage set off his silent beacon to let us know you were in possible trouble."

"That's my wolf," Macy smiled, taking the medicine that was offered to her.

"It's something new that we had been testing. The technology could be seen as a bracelet, necklace, or ring. But Sage chose an ear wig. Tapping it activates the signal." Water Hazard replied. "It sends the signal to the Mansion which lets whoever is on guard know. We've had too many close calls with bullies."

Sage whimpered for a moment before cracking his eyes open.

"Which has happened a lot to nearly all of us," Macy said, understanding.

"Besides bullies, we worry about misgiving caregivers who don't deserve the title," NRG added, thinking about his own daughter.

"Seems we have many enemies." Sage grunted.

"Looks that way," Tommy agreed.

Sage looked at Tommy and Macy. However, right as he opened his mouth, he found a spoon entering it and clamped shut effectively swallowing the medicine.

Water Hazard chuckled. "Good job."

Sage rolled his eyes. "Thanks."

Macy chuckled. "Nice one."

Sage looked at Macy then Tommy. "You guys, okay?"

"We're fine, Wolf Boy. A little scraped and bruised, but fine." Macy answered.

"You said it, Si-" Tommy started, only to get a spoonful of medicine in his mouth. He gagged while spitting the taste off. "Really?"

"Ha! You boys are such babies. It wasn't that bad." Macy smirked.

NRG chuckled. "At least that will help with your fevers."

"Hey, I didn't complain, I just gave a look." Sage said with a smile.

"Now I'm going to make some hot broth while you stay warm." Water Hazard said, getting up after screwing the lid on the medicine.

"Mmmmm, sounds yummy, Water Hazard. And you making a face does count as complaining, Sage," Macy remarked while folding her arms.

Sage rolled his eyes as he moved a little to rest, his head in Macy's lap. Looking at NRG, Sage gave a soft smile.

"Thank you for helping us." Sage said, weakly raising a paw. NRG took it with a smile.

"Your welcome. Now, let's get you three to bed." NRG said, picking Sage up first. Sage looked at Macy as he was placed on a large bed in the middle of the room, before watching Macy and Tommy get the same treatment.

The bed was large and fluffy. The kind you do nothing but sink into.

"Wow, these are very soft. Where did you get them?" Macy asked.

"Bought them in Undertown. This cabin is used by everyone at the Mansion since bullies seem to like using the woods and river." NRG said. "Thought it was better to give as much comfort as we could."

Sage snuggled into the soft bed. "Well, I'm not sorry cause I am really aching here." Sage sighed.

"Same here. It feels so soft..." Macy smiled, before growing sleepy.

"Awww, but I'm not tired," Tommy whined.

Water Hazard chuckled as he brought two soup cups of broth, along with a bowl. Gently, he handed the cups to Macy and Tommy before holding out the bowl to Sage. Lifting his head, he lapped at the broth.

"Mmmm. That's great." Sage said, tasting the broth as he continued to drink feeling the warmth flood through him.

The smell of warm broth quickly woke the Brunette up and began having it.

"This is as good as the To'Kustar Brothers' broth," Macy said, slurping her food.

"Thanks, Water Hazard. I feel warm both in and out," Tommy spoke, drinking down the broth.

Water Hazard smiled. "Your welcome. Its Rachel and Way Big's recipe. They make it for the chiller days in winter. It's healthy, even if it's a little thicker than normal broth." Water Hazard replied as Sage finished his bowl.

Hearing footsteps outside, Sage perked up a little with his fangs revealed as he gave a stiff growl.

"What is it, Sage? An intruder coming our way?" Macy asked.

Sage ears went back slightly as he heard footsteps on the porch then as the door opened Sage relaxed at the smell of fish. Soon Ripjaws came in with a smile.

"Hey. Rachel is on notice and says that she's called Macy and Tommy's dad to deal with the bullies." Ripjaws said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "How are you three doing?"

"Doing pretty well, Fishman," Macy smirked. "Now that you're back, I've been meaning to ask. I got who and what kind NRG and Water Hazard are, but not much on you. So...if it's no problem..." she replied.

"I'm an alien known as Piscciss Volanns. We're amphibious beings who live on a water-like planet." Ripjaws said, holding out his hand. "It's nice to meet you."

Sage rested his head down again feeling at ease that it wasn't an enemy.

"Same here," Macy smiled, shaking Ripjaws' hand. "Thank you for saving my life back there. Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't shown up? Also, I'm guessing you, Water Hazard, and NRG know who Sage, Tommy, and I are?"

All three laughed. "Yes, we do." Water Hazard said with a chuckle.

"You two are Macy and Tommy Monroe. Macy, you are also known as Black Rebel, the new hero of Staybrook." Ripjaws said. "While Tommy is part of a group known as the Mystery Crusaders."

NRG carefully placed his hand on Sage's back and carefully stroked his fur.

"This is Sage, son of Whampire and Sasha. A shapeshifter who has a courageous heart." NRG said with a smile.

"All true!" Tommy exclaimed. "Looks like we totally get around in the Grant Mansion!"

"It would seem so, little brother," Macy chuckled. "Okay. Since you obviously know us, then I'm guessing you also know about the battle suit I'm working on to help face any types of challenges and threats."

Ripjaws nodded. "Water is our biggest weakness. If we're out of the water for too long, we dry out just like your fish here on Earth."

"Good to know. I was also hoping some ideas from you guys on how to modify both my suit and vehicle. Considering you're all water element experts...and radioactive energy fire type, of course," Macy said.

"Claws to grip and dig into during currents would be best. Also, to be as streamlined as possible to take on massive speeds." Ripjaws replied. Water Hazard nodded.

"Not only that, but also having an electronic field would do well." Water Hazard added.

"Mostly with me, its water and to keep me away from energy sources," NRG said, continuing to stroke Sage.

"All very useful. I'll be sure to keep those in mind," Macy smiled. "And what about when being in a planet that involves a watery environment? Or somewhere nuclear, for that matter?"

"Containment suit with air filter and cooling settings. Also, you want to make sure its sturdy, due to the environment." NRG said, quickly.

Water Hazard and Ripjaws looked at Macy. "Best thing to do is get a translator so you can understand and stick close to your guide."

"Thanks, guys. These ideas will definitely come in handy with both my projects. And if you want, you three are welcome to take a look at them while I'm working on the new adjustments. So, I wouldn't forget anything," Macy offered.

Water Hazard smiled. "We'll be sure to do so."

Sage looked over at Tommy noticing him shivering even though NRG was nearly right behind him.

"Tommy, you okay?" Sage asked raising his head a little.

"I have no idea. Somehow...I feel cold," Tommy said, covering his mouth to sneeze.

NRG grabbed a blanket and pushed his heat into it before wrapping Tommy in it and laying him down.

"I think we've had enough talking. All three of you, go to sleep. We'll give you another medicine dose later," NRG said, getting up and draping a large blanket over the three.

Sage snuggled in, curling up tight with his nose under his tail.

"Appreciate the extra warmth, NRG," Macy replied, before letting out a yawn and dozing off to sleep.

"Your welcome. Now rest. You're all safe." NRG said, before tucking them in and moving to the other side of the cabin.

And they were safe to heal and to enjoy the warmth of their new friends.

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