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Now I have a little bonus omake for you readers that I've been saving. The idea for it comes from user Curran86.

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It was mid-December and Harry was in Manhattan with Warren, Bobby, and Professor Xavier for reasons that are completely unimportant to this omake so we won't go into them. It was just after lunch and they happened to be in the theater district in mid-town. Harry and Warren were a few steps ahead of Bobby and the professor and deep in conversation. As such Harry didn't see the person coming the other way until they bumped into each other.

"Oh, I'm sorry" said Harry when he recovered.

"That's all right" said a familiar voice. Harry looked at the source of the voice and his jaw dropped. The man he was looking at was a dead ringer for Professor Xavier – except that he was standing on his own two feet.

"Professor?" he asked in amazement. Warren simply stood there, silent.

"Some might call me that" said the Xavier look alike in a distinctly British accent, "but that's not what I usually am."

Harry was about to say something more when he heard the same familiar voice without the accent from behind him.

"Harry, Warren" called the unmistakable voice of Professor Xavier and both boys turned to see the professor in his wheelchair with Bobby next to him. Harry turned and looked at the stranger, then looked back at Xavier, then looked at the stranger again. Meanwhile the stranger had seen Xavier and he smiled.

"Well" said the man coming towards the professor, "I've heard it said that everyone has a double somewhere in the world but I never thought I'd actually meet mine."

"Likewise" said Professor Xavier holding out his hand, "I'm Professor Charles Xavier and these are three of my students."

"How do you do" said Xavier's double shaking the professor's hand, "Patrick Stewart at your service."

"Really?" said Bobby, "the Patrick Stewart? Captain Picard?"

"Indeed" said the reply, "but I do more than just Star Trek. Perhaps you and your students would care to be my guests at the matinee today?" He pointed up behind him. Harry looked and saw they were right by a theater and up on the marquee it said "Patrick Stewart performs Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol."

"Wow" said Harry reading the marquee, "you play all the parts?"

"Oh yes" said Patrick Stewart, "it's very enjoyable."

"That must be quite a workout" said Bobby, "how do you do it?"

"It's called acting" was the reply.

"I would be glad to see your show" said Xavier.

"Good" said the actor, "just present yourselves at the box office about fifteen minutes before the show and there will be tickets for all four of you. I'll put them under your name professor."

"Thank you" said Xavier. Patrick Stewart gave them a wave and walked away from them.

"That gives us about an hour until show time" said Warren.

"Professor" said Harry, "are you sure you're not related to him?"

"As far as I know I'm not" said Xavier.

"Weird" said Bobby, "if you ever need to sneak off somewhere without anyone finding out we now know just the person to take your place while you're gone."

"Maybe" said Xavier, "maybe he's already done that. He's a very good actor you know." The three boys looked at each other then they looked at the professor who just looked back at them with an innocent look on his face. Then they looked at each other again before they all shook their heads.

"Nah" they all said although a part of each of them would always wonder.