AN: "Can you believe it's been 20 years since Gilmore Girls premiered? This story takes place in the world of I Will Always Be Your Soldier, but is okay to read alone if you've not yet read that story.

"It's Been Twenty Years?"

"Happy Nanny-versy, Mommy," Patrick said, climbing onto the bed ahead of his sister.

"It's anniversary, Pat," his older sister, Catherine or Cat as she had come to prefer since being used by her brother when he couldn't pronounce her name, told him, "And you weren't supposed to wake Mommy up, just check if she was up."

"It's fine, sweetie. I should be getting up anyway. Your dad let me sleep in enough," Rory said, sitting up in bed to allow her two oldest children to come snuggle with her "What's this about an anniversary? It's September. Daddy and I got married in December."

"Daddy said you have lots of anniversaries and today is his favorite," Cat said.

"His favorite, huh, I wonder what it could be?" Rory questioned, "Did Daddy tell either of you what this anniversary is about?"

"No, he just said it's been forever," Pat told her.

"Forever? Twenty years is hardly forever," Tristan said, coming in carrying the youngest DuGrey, their three month old Maria Christine, "Someone needs to be fed."

"May as well be forever. Twenty years is a long time," Cat said.

"It's not that long you goof," Tristan told his daughter, "Why don't you and Pat go eat your breakfast while Mom feeds your sister. Nana had Papa make your favorites. She'll be spending the day with you today while Mom and I are out."

"So, twenty years?" Rory asked after the two oldest had left the room, "We've only been married for seven."

"Almost eight."

"Right, still nowhere near twenty. We've only been together for ten. Plus, it's September. Our birthdays are August and October, your proposal and all the other anniversaries are in April. We first stayed at the beach house in September, but that was still only ten years ago."

"We may have only been together for ten years, but we've known each other a lot longer than that," Tristan reminded her, taking their daughter from her and laying her down in her bassinet so Rory could get ready.

"Well yeah, we've known each other since Chilton," Rory said, grabbing her things to take a shower, "but that's only been…. It's been twenty years?"

"Yep. Twenty years ago today I walked in late to Mr. Remmy's class and there sat the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen," Tristan said laying a hand on her cheek, placing one of hers against his chest, "Twenty years and you still make my heart race just by being in the same room."

"I love you, Tristan," Rory told him, placing her other hand on his cheek, leaning up to kiss him.

"I love you so much, Mary," Tristan told her with a smirk, pulling away from her lips for a second before kissing her again, "Happy twenty years, Gilmore."

"Happy twenty years, DuGrey," Rory reminded him.

"You'll always be my Gilmore Girl, Mary."

AN: I'm back! Well, getting there. I'd been thinking for awhile about writing something for the 20th anniversary of Gilmore Girls since I did one for 15, but had no idea what it would be. I was struck today with inspiration for where my I Will Always Be Your Soldier versions of Rory and Tristan would be on this 20th anniversary.