Kai has moved to Australia in a desperate attempt to put his shady past behind him. He makes new friends, and seems to adapt well, when things start to fall out of his control. Some things are just never meant to be no matter how much you wish it were.

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Chapter One: Horrors of the Past

Kai brought his face close to the kid's own, a firm hand grasping the shirt of his victim. The boy peered up at him, deep brown eyes wide open with fear. With a smirk, Kai brought a fist into the side of the boy's face, then released him. The boy toppled to the ground, eyes burning with tears. A bruise would appear on his face later.

"Don't fuck with my plans again," Kai warned, giving the poor kid a sharp kick to the stomach.

The boy curled up into a ball, sobbing. Someone placed a hand on Kai's shoulder. "Good work, Kai. Alexander won't bother us again."

Kai turned to his companion, a tall red-headed male with devil-like horns for hair. His name was Tala. "He should've known better than to try and steal money from us. The little fucker needed to be taught a lesson, Tala." He spat at the space in front of the boy, disgusted at the coward lying before him.

Tala laughed and gave Alexander a kick to the ribs. The boy winced, his sobs becoming louder. "Look at the pitiful fool." He towered over Alexander's trembling form and smirked down at the boy. "You try to fuck with the Blitzkrieg Boys again, and I swear you will be shitting your pants for the rest of your miserable life. You got that kid?" Three other males standing behind Kai and Tala laughed.

"We should probably get out of here," said Bryan, punching his right fist into his left, cool grey eyes sparkling with malicious intent. "We don't want Alexander's stupid friends giving us trouble."

Kai nodded. Although his gang were fully capable of holding their own against Alexander's friends, Kai had other plans for the remaining daylight hours. "As much as it pains me to leave, Trevor is right. Let's split up, I'll catch up with you guys later. I've got a girl waiting for me at home," he said, giving his friends a wink.

Tala gave a hearty laugh. "All right then. You make that bitch scream. Catch you later, Kai."

Kai jolted from his bed, a cold sweat gripping his body. He glanced over at his bedside clock. 12 PM. "Just fucking fantastic," he grumbled, collapsing on his bed again, pulling the quilt up to his chin. There had to be a god watching down on him, punishing him for his crimes by messing with his body clock. Why else would he continue to wake up at midnight? He gazed up at the ceiling. "Whoever said to count sheep to help sleep should be shot."

Figuring sleep wasn't going to happen, Kai reached a hand to his bedside table, fishing around for his phone. His fingers brushed up against the cool surface, his fingers curling around it as it had done many times before. He brought the phone under his bed sheets and gazed down, pressing a finger on his Facebook application. He scrolled through his home feed.

"So, Ian finally lost his virginity," Kai muttered, noticing the boy with his arm wrapped around a girl in a French maid costume. "Here I was hoping he'd drop dead. Guess she must be blind to be attracted to a face like that." He continued to scroll through stopping at an image of Tala and Bryan posing with rifles. The boys had probably gone hunting again. His old circle of friends. The same people he was now trying to get away from. The people who had ruined his life.

He kept scrolling then stopped at an image of Alexander. The last time he had seen the boy was at his funeral and that had been six months ago. Alexander's father was still updating his adopted son's facebook page to share the tragic story with everyone. It had become a trending headline in Moscow. The tragic suicide of a promising young boy who had been raped by a group of boys.

"I'm so sorry. You didn't deserve that," Kai said, his gaze lingering on Alexander's profile photo. Bullying had claimed the boy's life, and the school had taken the blame for it. Being one of the richest families in Russia bought you the finest lawyers in the country. Alexander's family never had a chance in the courthouse and Kai had walked free. All charges had been dropped against him. "I would kill him for what they did to you… What they did to me," he murmured, squeezing his eyes shut, drawing in a deep ragged breath.

"Kai. What the fuck do you think you're doing? We're in this together," Tala scolded.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Kai retorted, curling his fingers into a fist. "You drugged him! He's the principal's kid, Tala! You can't just go around drugging fellow classmates because you can."

"It's a bit late to have a conscience, Kai. Since when did you become a big pussy?" Bryan jeered, folding his arms over his chest. "Alexander asked for this shit. He took a photo of Tala selling drugs on school campus. That fucking creepy stalker. Tala got into a whole pile of shit because of that, and Boris had to do a lot of work to cover that up. We could've been finished because of this little shit stain." Bryan spat at Alexander's feet.

The poor boy was strapped to a pole, his arms and legs bound with a thick firm rope. There was a silver tape over his mouth, but the boy didn't need to speak to voice his thoughts. The ashen white skin and the tears rolling down his eyes described his fear. Alexander kept glancing in Kai's direction as if begging him to free him.

"If we go down, Kai, you go down too," Tala said, stabbing a finger into Kai's chest. "We're all in this together even if you don't take part."

Kai bit down on his bottom lip, trying to prevent it from trembling. "I should've done something… But I was too weak," he murmured, reopening his eyes, and drying them with his quilt. He moved his finger to his settings page and pressed the deactivate account button. "I'm sorry." Voltaire believed he was a good grandson. How wrong the old man was. But Kai couldn't tell him the truth. The man had given him everything. He was the only family he had left.

He rolled over onto his side and pulled the pillow over his head.


"So, Kai you look like hell. Did you get tangled up in your bedsheets or something?" Tyson said from the backseat of the car.

Kai looked at Tyson in the mirror and rolled his eyes. "That sounds like something you would do."

"Nah, you've got the wrong person. That's more Max's style." After a pause, Tyson cleared his throat and spoke as Kai stopped at the traffic lights. Every school morning Kai would pick up Tyson from his house. "So, what subjects are you taking again?"

"Business and accounting. You know, it kinda runs in the family," Kai answered. "We have to do english and a form of maths. I thought I'd easiest class. Voltaire always insists I should've taken advanced mathematics, but I don't see the point, you know? I would rather be top of the dumbest kids in class than bottom of the smartest kids."

Tyson looked thoughtful. "Yeah, I suppose."

Tyson was the friend he never thought he would have. The boy was loud and loyal to the cause, but he always knew how to bring a smile on someone's face. Kai often kept to himself, but Tyson had broken down those barriers. "You know, I don't know why we let those guys run the school. What are you doing?" By 'they' he was referring to the kids on sporting scholarships whom the school treated like they were members of the royal family.

"English, essential mathematics, art, wood and metal work and history."

"Wait, only five subjects?"

"I'm a champion fencer. They decided I could drop a subject. It's the only thing I'm good at as Hilary likes to point out," Tyson said, scrunching up his face. Hilary was the female school captain, and she certainly enjoyed the power her position came with. She particularly liked to target Tyson for whatever reason.

"Oh, come on, you know Hilary doesn't hate you," Kai said, stopping at a traffic light. The traffic this morning was heavy right now, and that was probably because it was the first official day of the new school year. Good thing he left fifteen minutes earlier than per usual otherwise he'd be late for school.

Tyson crossed his arms and snorted. "I'm sure she does. You know, on the last day of school last year, she gave me a lunchtime detention because I threw a water balloon at her. I mean, it was the last day of school year! How could I resist?" he complained.

Kai chuckled. "Well, you know throwing stuff at other students isn't encouraged nor tolerated."

"I spent the entire hour writing out the same line repeatedly. I will not throw water balloons or any other object at my fellow students. I have never written so much before in my life. My hands were so sore! And you know what she did? She took the paper off me, scrunched it up into a ball and threw it away! All that writing for nothing," he sulked.

"Well, if she bothers you, you can always take it up with Max, you know, the other school captain."

"Max is a good friend and all, but he can't stand up to Hilary. He's too much of a softie. I mean, come on, his mum still tucks him into bed every night," Tyson said.

Kai raised an eyebrow. "Wait. She does that?"

Tyson nodded. "Yeah. He had a party last year and I stayed the night."

The tall white building of the main school hall came into Kai's vision, as they drew closer to their destination. The hedge outside the spear-top fence had the words, 'BBA High'. Kai suspected it had taken quite a few hours for the letters to be perfectly trimmed like that. He drove up the main road and stopped at the drop-off zone. Tyson quickly exited the car, and Kai followed, then handed the keys over to Voltaire. "Bye, Voltaire. I'll see you here at three." He waved goodbye, and Tyson did the same. Voltaire nodded, and drove off.

"So… do you think Barthez's prefects will cause trouble again this year?" Tyson said, as they started walking up the long driveway. A line of trees were situated to their right, while on the far side of the road, the large playing fields stretched out for a few kilometres. They were currently occupied by the school rugby union team, and Kai spotted his rival Johnny shouting at a player.

Kai turned his attention back to the conversation. "Well, I don't know. They didn't cause a great deal of trouble in the last term of last year." The Battalion prefects were a group of four individuals who believed they had the right to boss people around. They had been handpicked by Barthez, the man who handled scholarships, to perform prefect duties.

"And they're not the only troublesome group of students around. I hear Carlos has started up a gang of his own, he calls them the Blade Sharks. They don't like you very much," Tyson pointed out.

Kai wasn't sure why Carlos had taken an instant disliking to him. "I don't know why he hates me."

"Well, you did punch him in the face on your first day."

"Oh, yeah. I remember that." Carlos had made fun of his facial markings. Kai had blue fin tattoos on his face, received during his days as a Blitzkrieg Boy leader. "I did apologize to him about that though."

"Six months later," Tyson confirmed. "You know he never let's go of grudges."

"I think he's learned his lesson. He won't try it again. Besides, I'm living with Stanley, the principal." Voltaire had to remain in Russia to overlook the trial. Fortunately, Stanley was an old friend of Voltaire's and the man had agreed to adopt Kai. "You worry too much, Tyson."

They continued to walk up the white path, when they heard the beginnings of an argument take place further up. Tyson and Kai exchanged glances – from the sounds of sounds of it, it sounded like a nasty fight was taking place. They wasted no time in getting there. There was a large group, Kai made an approximate guess of around thirty people, standing in a circle. As they moved closer, they spotted their friend Rei in the middle, flanking his friend Lee. Their Chinese friends were standing just a metre away from two guys. One had spiky orange hair and the other was a platinum blond male. Kai didn't recognize those faces.

"Who the hell are they?" Tyson said, running up to the crowd.

Kai chased after him. This fight could get nasty. "Tyson! Wait!"

"Ah, look, the cavalry arrived!" the ginger male exclaimed, turning his head in Kai's direction. Bright blue eyes glinted with mischievous intent. "Don't have the balls to take us on yourself, Rei?" he mocked.

Rei noticed Kai and Tyson's presence. "Don't get involved. We can take them," he said.

"What the hell is going on here?" Kai said. Again, he observed the new males. Both wore identical smirks on their faces.

"They arrived a while ago, and they've already caused trouble," Lee answered, dark eyes never fixed on the opponents. "The ginger said something about 'taking over'. We're gonna let these jerks know they've made a mistake by coming here," he said, almost growling the latter part. He curled his fingers into a fist and made a step towards the ginger haired boy.

"Take him out, Lee!" Tyson cheered, throwing a fist into the air.

The other students joined in the cheers as well, throwing encouraging comments in Lee's direction. Lee seemed to grow more confident as the cheers became louder. They were loud enough to be heard from the front gate. "Come on, take your best shot," the ginger taunted. "Let's see how well you can fight." He snickered.

"Challenge accepted," Lee snarled. Ignoring Rei's protests, Lee lunged forward, swinging his fists at the enemy. His attempts to inflict damage failed as the ginger easily evaded the attack. Lee growled again, and tried once more to attack, but once again his attack was avoided. "Just stay still."

"What? So, you can hit me? That would be foolish of me if I did that," the male replied, a triumphant smirk on his face. "But I'm not the foolish one here… you are. You did insist on starting this fight," he added, waving a mocking finger in front of Lee's face. His companion, the blond, laughed.

"Look, Brooklyn. Don't you think he looks like a lion with that wild hair?"

Brooklyn tilted his head examining Lee. "Now that you mention it, Mystel, he kinda does resemble a lion. Wonder if he ever combs his hair? Must be part of his style or something. Good way to ensure he never gets fucked," he taunted, earning a light-hearted chuckle from Mystel.

"Like any girl would be sane enough to get near that thing," Mystel added.

"Yeah, you're right. He's probably got lice or some weird shit like that."

Kai stepped into the inner circle and walked over to join Rei's side. "I don't know who you think you are, but you can't just come here onto our school grounds and pick fights with people."

Brooklyn turned to face him. "And who are you? His boyfriend?" Kai didn't reply. "We have every right to be here. We're here to get an education. Just like you."

"We'll tell the principal and you'll be sent back to whatever hole you came from," Lee retorted.

"I doubt that. See, we've come a long way to be here. Boris sponsored us."

Kai froze. "You know Boris?"

"Yeah. What's it to you?" Brooklyn said, directing his comment at Kai.

"He's my grandfather's friend."

Brooklyn seemed surprised, then he casually shrugged. "Well, you can't be all that bad then if you know Boris." He jerked his head at Lee and Rei. "Wait. Boris mentioned some kid with blue hair. I guess he must've been referring to you."

"Come on, Lee. They're not worth the trouble."

Great. It was going to be hard teaching these guys a lesson now with this new piece of information. These new kids knew Boris. Boris had told them about him. What did they know? "We don't need to fight. Let's just walk our separate ways," Kai said.

They were soon joined by a female with bright pink hair. Mariah. She rushed up to Lee and threw her arms around him. "Lee! Oh my god, did they hurt you?" Lee shook his head. The girl then turned her attention to Rei and embraced him tightly. "Thank God, you're okay! Julia and I heard the fighting from a distance. We were so worried we weren't going to get in here time…"

"Don't tell me that lion is your boyfriend?" Brooklyn tested.

Mariah growled. "Lee is my brother, dumb shit."

Mystel whistled. "Ouch, rash words from a lady."

"Fuck you," she spat.

"Please do," the blond replied, smirking.

Rei lifted his hands. "All right, all right! Let's cut it out! Let's just… move on from this, okay?"

Kai continued to stare at Brooklyn. Where did Boris find this asshole? "Don't cause trouble with us, and we won't trouble you," he said.

"A truce then. Fine."

Somehow, Kai didn't believe him. The guy was far too cocky for his own good. He knew he had power here with Boris coming to take over. The Battalion weren't going to be too pleased with this; they liked being the dominant force. How would they react when they found out their position of power faced the threat of falling?


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