So, I tried hard to write the next chapter.

But words failed me.

And then I noticed my error – don't try to revise something from ten years ago and make it work because it won't.


I'm starting a brand-new story with the same sort of setting because highschool stories are full of drama and they're fun to write. It gives me something else to work on from my epic dark fantasy.

Look out for a story called "The Thin Line between Love and Hate". I've ditched my old story ideas and I'm working on an entirely new plot because that's the only way I can go forward.

Thanks to the following people who left reviews – Seafoam Green under Twilight, two guests, R'soriginalusername, DinaSan1 and MinijAkane. Also, thanks to everyone who added this story to your favourites and alerts list so early on.

I hope to see you at the new story (uploaded now). Take care everyone!