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A/N: This story is AU where Rachel does not have the mansion and both she and her sister are 15 and 14 respectively.

The Secret Family

Chapter 1: Abduction

Rachel ducked into the alleyway and kept going, looking behind her to make sure no one was following her as she made her way to the place that she wouldn't exactly call home, but it did give her shelter when she needed it.

Seeing she was safe, she sighed and looked at the day old bread and donuts she had stolen from the bakery. She hated stealing, but she was hungry and on the run.

Being fifteen years old and an orphan wasn't easy, but she had managed to make it on her own for a little over a year now, ever since she had run away from a foster home that hadn't really wanted her. No foster home did. They all took her in for the money and abused her or made her feel very unwelcomed. She sighed again, continuing to her shelter, which was an old abandoned house that no one dared to go to but her.

Brushing her long blonde hair away from her blue eyes, she opened the door and went in, shivering as her pale skin seemed to go even more pale as a cold draft hit her. Even with her jacket on, it was still chilly with fall coming on. Going to the living room and sitting by the cold fireplace that she didn't dare light for fear of a fire, she pulled out the food and started eating, feeling better with each bite, but still feeling bad that she had to steal to survive.

Little did she know, she wasn't alone.

Upstairs, eight being beamed into a room, but one would know at a glance that they weren't human. Two looked like ghosts while three others looked like vampires and the other three looked like beings that fell from a starry, moonless sky. "Are you certain the paper is right?" One of the ghosts asked.

"Yes," said one of the vampires. "Holly was quite specific about the date and time and wrote it down."

One of the starry beings paused. "Hold up," he said, his green-and-gold eyes glowing. He gasped softly. "Guys, she's here."

"Who?" Another one of the vampires asked.

One of the ghosts came up through the floor. "Holly's daughter, Rachel," he said. "She's downstairs right now."

"So Holly did have to separate the girls," said the other ghost with a purple eye. "I wonder where Sasha is."

"Holly never told us," said another starry being, his green eyes filled with concern. "But if Rachel's here, she must be on the run. Holly did say that their birth father was after the girls."

"Then we must take Rachel and get her away from here," said the third starry being, his green-and-white eyes glowing. "She's in grave danger if she stays."

"Father, I just picked up her thoughts," said the green-and-gold eyed being. "She's hoping the police and social services don't find her. She doesn't want to go to another foster home."

"It's settled then," said the ghost with the green eye. "Holly would want her daughter safe."

"But she never mentioned telling the girls about us," said the third vampire, who had a black mask and black wings.

"Nonetheless, Ghostfreak is right," said the first vampire. "Holly did ask us that if we did come across her daughters, we were to keep them safe."

"We best go get Rachel now," said the green-eyed starry being. "She's getting ready to head out."

They immediately vanished from the room, splitting up to go and catch the young girl, who was currently in the run-down kitchen and thinking about the next day. "I'll have to think of something," she said before another gust of cold wind made her shiver. "Maybe it wasn't a good idea to go clean up at the lake, but I couldn't stand not being clean."

"You can't stay here much longer, child," came a voice.

Yelping, she turned, her eyes wide as she saw a ghost appear, his purple eye watching her as the slightly-rusted chains around him rattled a little. She backed up before turning to run, just barely stopping herself from colliding into a vampire who had a regal appearance to him. "Don't be afraid, Rachel," he said gently.

Startled that he knew her name, she bolted, running downstairs to hide when she stopped short, seeing three starry beings blocking her path. "Rachel, you must come with us," said the green-and-gold eyed one, holding out his hand.

"Get away from me!" She screamed in fear, horror filling her as she turned and ran, trying to get away, but they seemed to be popping up like popcorn, which made it hard for her to think of a way out. She was just running up the stairs when her legs gave out and she was about to tumble backwards, but two strong arms caught her and pulled her to a warm body.

"Easy, I've got you," came a deep voice and she looked up to see the green-and-white eyed starry being had her. She struggled to get free, but he was too strong.

"Let go of me!" She pleaded.

"Easy, Rachel," said the purple-eyed ghost.

She struggled harder, to which her captor looked at the regal vampire beside him. "I think you might have to, old friend," he said.

Nodding, the vampire went up to them, gently grabbing the girl's face in his hands. "No! Don't touch me!" She screamed, trying to pull away, but he gently forced her to look at him as his eyes began spiraling with his hypnosis. Rachel struggled to not look, but it felt like she couldn't look away or close her eyes, though she tried.

"Look at me, child," the vampire said in a firm, yet gentle, voice.

As soon as he said that, it was too late. She was fully under his hypnosis and her eyes were drooping shut. Gently, he let go of her face and gently pushed her head to rest against his friend's shoulder, brushing a hand over her head and rubbing the left side of her face with the backs of his fingers.

That did the trick and Rachel was out like a light. "Poor girl," said Ghostfreak. "She's terrified."

"Which proves Holly most likely didn't tell her daughters about us," the vampire with the green mask and wings said. "Maybe to protect them."

"Well, let's get this young one to the ship," said the starry being that carried the girl. "It's best we get out of here before Vilgax manages to track us down or sends one of his lackeys after us."

They were beamed up to a spaceship and the regal vampire nodded. "My sons, will you steer the ship for a bit while Zeus sees to Rachel and the rest of us will make sure our supplies are good?" He asked.

"Yes, father," said the one with the black mask and wings.

The other one nodded as well and they all separated with Zeus taking Rachel to a room, gently setting her on the bed before covering her with a blanket, brushing a hand over her head in a soothing manner. "I know you're scared, but you don't have to fear us," he said gently. "We'd never hurt the daughter of our best friend."

He smiled gently at seeing she was sleeping peacefully. "Sweet dreams, little one. We'll see you in the morning," he said before heading out and sighing.

"Father?" Came the voice of his son, who had heard him.

"I'm alright, Apollo," said Zeus. "I just feel bad for Rachel. She was so terrified when she was trying to get away from us."

"We'll have to prove she's safe here," his son said. "Is she resting okay now?"

His father nodded. "Vampiro's hypnosis will last for the rest of the night and Rachel will awaken in the morning," he said. "We'll have a lot of explaining to do when she wakes up."

"As the humans say, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Apollo said.

Zeus nodded. "That we will," he said before they walked away, leaving a peacefully sleeping teenager to sleep in peace while they decided on the best way to reassure the girl that she was safe with them.

Looks like the beginning of an adventure. :) Read on! :)