Chapter 7: Protective Big Sister

A few days passed and the sisters found that not only were Melodica, Snare-Oh, and Kuphulu treating them like they had been in the family forever, but the inhabitants treated the girls as if they had always been one of them. The kindness helped the girls settle in and they soon fell into a routine of helping Melodica around the house or at the market, helping Snare-Oh with some paperwork for the Plumbers, and helping Kuphulu with the gardens.

For today, they were helping in the gardens, looking at the unusual vegetables and fruits, pulling out the weeds and making sure they got enough water. "Looks like everything's growing good," Kuphulu said as he brought out a basket. "Some of these are ripe enough that mother can use them for dinner tonight."

"Which ones, bro?" Rachel asked.

He smiled. "The squash, tomatoes, lettuce, and beans," he said. "The squash will be red, the tomatoes purple, the lettuce blue, and the beans white."

The girls got to hunting and found the vegetables. "I've never seen purple tomatoes before," Sasha said.

"Or blue lettuce," Rachel said with a chuckle.

Kuphulu chuckled. "Holly did show us pictures of Earth vegetables and we were equally surprised too," he said.

They had just finished gathering enough for dinner and gone into the house when a knock came at the door. Melodica opened it to find a Loboan mother and her son there and the boy was holding something wrapped in his paws. "Forgive us for showing up uninivited, Melodica," the mother said politely. "My son has a gift for your two new daughters. He made it himself."

"How thoughtful," the female Thep Khufan said. "Please come in."

They entered and Melodica turned to the girls. "Girls, you have a visitor," she said.

The sisters went up to the mother and son and the boy handed them the gift. "I hope you like them," he said shyly.

"Thank you," Rachel said.

"Yes, thank you," Sasha said before they opened it and gasped as they pulled out two dreamcatchers. One was a sky blue with white and blue beads and feathers while the other was a bright pink with white and pink beads and feathers. "Oh, they're beautiful!"

The older sister turned to the little one. "How did you know our favorite colors?" She asked curiously.

"I didn't," he admitted, looking even shyer. "But I thought they were pretty."

"They are," Rachel said. "Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift, little one."

The Loboan mother smiled. "Holly raised you two girls right," she said.

"Thank you," Sasha said while Rachel bowed her head in thanks.

Later that day, after the girls had put the dreamcatchers in their room, the family headed for the palace. "I have some business to discuss with Vampiro and Phantasmo," Melodica said. "You four can visit with the others."

"That would be wonderful," Rachel said as she needed to talk to a certain Vladat.

Once they arrived, Snare-Oh and Kuphulu went to talk with Vamps and Apollo while Sasha stuck around Ghostfreak, Zeus, and Alien X. Rachel spied Whampire and went up to him. "Whampire? May I speak with you in private?" She asked softly.

He cocked an eyebrow, but nodded. "Let's go into the garden," he said, guiding her there. Once they arrived, Rachel turned to him, deciding to get to the point.

"Whampire, I want you to be honest with me," she said seriously. "Do you have a crush on my sister?"

He blinked in surpirse before chuckling. "Just like your mother. Quick to the point," he said before looking solemn. "How long have you known?"

"Since before we landed here," she said. "I saw how careful you were around Sasha, making sure she didn't feel trapped and you helped her feel better after she had woken up from being hypnotized by your father."

He sighed, seeing perhaps it had been a bit too obvious. "Yes, but it's more than a crush," he admitted before looking at her. "When we Vladats meet our soulmates, our hearts quicken and our eyes glow when we look at the person who is destined to be our mates forever."

Rachel looked surprised and he nodded. "My eyes glowed when I gazed upon your sister for the first time," he continued. "Vamps noticed and helped me snap out of my trance and I begged him not to tell Sasha yet as I didn't want to frighten her when she had just found you again and was still new to aliens existing."

He then looked at her in horror. "Please tell me she doesn't know," he pleaded.

She sighed. "She knows," she said softly.

Whampire looked a bit crushed and afraid, but Rachel held up a hand. "Whampire, calm down," she said. "Sasha's actually flattered that you like her and think she's beautiful."

He calmed down a little. "She is beautiful, like an angel," he admitted.

The blonde-haired girl blinked. "Wow, you really are head-over-heels for her," she said.

He nodded before looking at her. "You're going to give me the protective big sister talk, aren't you?" He asked.

"Oh, you bet I am," Rachel said, giving him a stern look before her face softened. "I'm okay with you liking my sister and since it seems you both are destined to be mates, I'm not going to get in the way of that, but I will say this." Her eyes now hardened. "If you hurt my sister in any way, shape, or form, then I don't care if you're a prince or your father is the king. You will answer to me and believe me, I will make you regret even thinking about my sister."

Whampire gulped as he saw the same fire in her eyes that he remembered Holly had for her daughters and how she had given Vampiro the protective mother talk. He nodded. "I swear upon my honor and your mother's grave, I will never harm you or your sister, Rachel," he promised. "You have my word."

She nodded. "I know you won't hurt her. That's why I'm trusting you and told you that Sasha likes you back," she said.

He looked surprised. "She does?" He asked.

Rachel nodded with a smile. "And I wasn't kidding about her being flattered that you think she's beautiful."

"She is beautiful," he said before looking curious. "What is the proper age to court a lady on Earth?"

She chuckled. "Well, to court or date, as we call it, the proper age is teen years. Usually in the early teens, going to the movies or a good restaurant is acceptable, and going to a candlelit dinner is usually for late teens," she said.

He nodded. "And the age to marry?"

"Eighteen where we're originally from."

Whampire nodded again before taking a deep breath. "Would you be alright with me courting your sister?" He asked.

Rachel smiled. "Yes," she said. "In fact, I think Melodica mentioned there's going to be a pink moon tonight, right?"

"Yes, there is," he said with a smile. "We are going to gather in the courtyard to see it."

She smiled again. "You should ask Sasha to join you in seeing it," she said.

He smiled again before something occurred to him. "What is Sasha's favorite flower?" He asked.

Rachel fell into thought. "If I remember correctly, she loves tulips, especially white ones," she said.

He nodded. "Thank you, Rachel," he said before hugging her. "I wouldn't mind having you for a sister-in-law."

She chuckled. "It's good to know my sister will be with someone worthy of her," she said.

They went back to the others just as Vampiro told them about the pink moon. "Will you all join us in the courtyard tonight?" He asked. "And for dinner?"

"That would be wonderful, Your Majesty," Melodica said.

He gently waved a hand. "My dear, when it's just us, there is no need for formalities," he said gently.

Whampire looked at Sasha and swallowed, feeling a hand on his shoulder and he turned to find Rachel smiling. "Go on," she whispered encouragingly. "Ask her."

Taking a deep breath, he approached Sasha, who smiled when she saw him. "Hi, Whampire," she said.

His heart fluttered again and he smiled. "Sasha...I hope this isn't too forward of me, but...would you be my date for tonight?" He asked.

She gasped before grinning and hugging him. "Yes," she said.

Rachel smiled, chuckling a little. Vamps turned to her. "What's so funny?" He asked curiously.

"I didn't tell Whampire this, but Sasha was hoping he'd ask her on a date tonight to see the pink moon," she said. "I knew she'd say yes if he asked her."

Zeus, who was behind her, chuckled. "Quite a little matchmaker you are," he said, tickling her sides a little and making her giggle.

Vampiro smiled as he stood up. "Let us all go into the garden to enjoy ourselves before dinner," he said, leading them all outside to the lovely garden to wait not only for dinner, but for the magnificent moon show later on.

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