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Sometime after Sojiro and Sae Came to Remnant

"Hmm…" Sojiro scratched his chin in thought.

"Something on your mind?" Futaba asked, eating some coffee cake.

"You kids sure like to hang out at that Remnant world, don't you?"

"Well of course. It's a fun place to hang out at considering Akira got into Smash." Futaba said. "Sometimes we participate too if he's not around! I think they call it the B roster."

"I see." Sojiro mused. "And where exactly in Remnant do you kids tend to hang out in aside from this Smash thing?"

"Toad Town! Everyone likes to go there and hang out… and help out RWBY and the Mario Bros with their kidnapping problem with Bowser."

"Heh, I see. So they're conveniently there by the time this Bowser guy makes a fuss?"

"More than likely, yes." Futaba nodded.

"Tell me, have you and your Phantom friends ever gone out on an adventure before?"

"We'd like to… it sounds like a fun time!" Futaba chuckled. "Heck, I went on an adventure myself to rescue good ol' ice queen from her father. Built myself an igloo, made myself comfortable as mission control and… to my surprise, the woman extracted herself. Next thing I know, the mansion gets blown up and I'm watching a guy named Anthony go toe to toe against this Jacques Schnee guy."

"Fascinating. So what are they doing now?"

"I dunno… though there's a rumor that Professor E. Gadd is working on a new project and is planning on revealing it to the public soon."

"I see." Sojiro scratched his beard in thought. "Hmm, all of you kids out in that world…"

"You feelin' lonely? You could just open up a new cafe in Toad Town. We can all come hang out with ya over there."

"What, are you kidding? How am I gonna run two cafes?"

"Ever thought of hiring someone that's not family?" Futaba pointed out.

"Tried that once… nearly had the whole cafe burn to the ground."

Futaba sweatdropped. "Yeah, because you hired a guy that was legally blind."

"I thought he was joking."

Futaba rolled his eyes. "No one jokes about blindness, dude!"

Sojiro chuckled. "Right… so, you think I have what it takes to hire someone to work here while I work in Toad Town?"

"Well, you don't always have to work there. You and some other guy can switch places every day. Mix things up a little."

"And how, pray tell, am I going to find someone?"

Futaba smiled. "Well, there is this one guy I've heard about. He's a friend of Isabelle… goes by the name of Brewster."

"Interesting…" Sojiro mused. "Alright, I suppose I can take a look around Toad Town and see what we can do."

"Alriiiiight!" Futaba fist pumped. "This is gonna be great!"

Later, at Toad Town

BGM: Toad Town (Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story)

"Alright… so what are we gonna do?" Futaba asked as she and Sojiro wandered around, the former having her hands behind her back. "We could build one from scratch."

"Eh, that'll take too long." Sojiro said.

"Well, I've heard of a service called the Super Mario Makers but… I've also heard how extreme they can get."

"How extreme?"

"Ann and Ryuji watched them build a home the other day… let's just say they were horrified when they were doing tests on how strong they built it."

"How bad?"

"Stuff like throwing Bob-ombs, spike balls, Bullet Bills… stuff like that."

Sojiro sweatdropped. "That doesn't sound very… efficient."

"Yeeeeah… let's go with like, I dunno, a rundown shop or something." Futaba shrugged. "Could spruce it up."

"But where would we find something like that?"

"Oh, I'm sure we'll figure-" Futaba glanced over at a cafe. "-Something… out. Hellooooo there." She said as she walked over. Sojiro raised an eyebrow and walked after her. "Biddy Bud Cafe… closed due to the owner's lack of interest and wanting to move on to something else." She read. "Cool! Found the spot!" She grinned and walked inside.

"Mmm… it's definitely been closed for a while." Sojiro said, noticing the cobwebs in the area.

"Hmm… definitely a fixer upper." Futaba said. "Yup! This definitely sounds like a wonderful project!"

"You sure about this?"

"Of course! Nothing like refurbishing a place like this!" She grinned. "Just think… this place could be the best cafe in town!"

"Hmm, you might be on to something."

"Oh yeah!" Futaba smirked. "So, shall we get started?"

Sojiro nodded. "Yes. Let's do it."

"Alriiiight! I'll see if anyone's available!" Futaba said, pulling out her phone. "Let's see… Haru… no, she won't do…"

"Why not?"

"Well, she's currently looking for a spot to build a new burger joint somewhere." She said. "…Although, perhaps I can get Yusuke. He can definitely get to painting a place like this!"

Sojiro chuckled. "Well, alright then… let's get to work!"

"Yeah!" Futaba fist pumped, and then her phone buzzed. "Hmm?" She wondered. "From Makoto?"

"Everyone, meet me at Sae's place. It's urgent."

"You mean right now?" Futaba texted back.


"Alright, I'll be right there."

"Sorry, dad… Makoto wants us at Sae's place for some reason."

"Right now?"

"Yeah… I'll be back soon!" She said as she opened up the door and ran off.

"Mmph… sure, leave your old man alone to do everything by himself." He mumbled as he looked out the window, where he would see a few Toads, Koopas and Hammer Bros lounging about on a bench. They don't look like they're doing much… perhaps I could get them to help me out? He thought to himself.

"Hey, you guys!" He called out to them as they turned to him. "You want to help me out refurbish this place?"

"Oh yeah? And what do we get out of it?" A Toad asked.

"How about free coffee cake."

"…You had me at free cake!" A Hammer Bro said as they rushed over and went inside where they immediately started working.

"Heh, that was fast." Sojiro chuckled.

Sometime later..

"And… that should do it." Sojiro said, as the cafe had been polished, refurbished and repainted. "This is more like it." He said and then turned to the workers. "And your payment." He said, handing them coffee cake.

"Thank you!" A Koopa said as they took their cake and walked out, waving goodbye to Sojiro… and then a minute later, Futaba walked back in.

"Whoa! That was fast, I was gone for like… a few hours!"

"I had some help." Sojiro chuckled. "Where did you run off to?"

"Oh, went back to our world. Apparently this group that loved the Phantom Thieves wanted us to take over Shibuya or something… their plan was honestly forgettable."

"Ah, copycats, I take it?"

"Pretty much." Futaba said, hopping up and sitting on a table. "I have to say, it looks better all ready."

"Thank you. I just need to figure out a name for this place."

"Hmm… oh! I got it! Cafe Remnant!"

"Nah, I doubt it'll work."

"Hmm… aha! Mushroombucks!"

"Too long."

"…Okay, Power Starbucks?"

"Also too long."





"Uh… oh, I got it!"

"Does it have "bucks" in the name?"

Futaba sweatdropped. "Do you have any bright ideas then?" She deadpanned.

"Cafe Remnant does sound appealing… it's a start, but perhaps we could do something else with it."

"Like what, Cafe Sakura?"

Sojiro chuckled. "Now you're talking."

"Eh… I prefer Cafe Remnant."


Suddenly, there was an explosion outside. "Huh?" Sojiro wondered. "What in blazes was that?"

"Eh, it's probably Bowser invading already." Futaba said, waving it off. "Don't mind him."

Sojiro chuckled. "If you say so. You want some coffee while you're here?"

"Oh, I'll take a latte!"

"Coming right up." Sojiro said as he walked behind the counter while Futaba casually kicked her legs over the table while explosions happened outside. Futaba casually glanced out the window, seeing a few UFOs flying by.

"What the…?" Futaba wondered, and then the doors swung open.

"Welcome to my new cafe, I'll be with ya in a second." He said, and was greeted with alien-like noises. "Hmm? What are you talking about?" He asked as he turned around… and saw Shroobs aiming their ray guns at him while one of them aimed a ray gun at Futaba.

BGM: Shroob Attack (Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time)

"Whoa, easy now." Sojiro said, slowly raising his hands. "I don't want any trouble. You here for coffee?"

"Dad, I don't think they're here for that!" Futaba said, her hands also raised. Shoot, if I try to activate my Persona, I'd probably be shot down in an instant. Crap, what do I do?

The Shroobs started speaking in an unintelligible language. "What exactly do you want then?" Sojiro asked calmly. "Perhaps we can work this out. Just name your price and we can negotiate."

"They don't seem like the negotiating type." Futaba mumbled. "Mmph…"

One of the Shroobs pulled the trigger, charging up his blaster at Sojiro. "Well, that's unfortunate. You think violence is the answer? Surely, you could've been raised better than that."


The Shroob went down as the other Shroobs turned around in surprise and turned to see who had shot them, and then they too were shot down. The blaster meanwhile shot at Sojiro, but he stepped out of the way as it hit the wall instead. "Is everyone alright here?"


The duo would turn to see Sae with her gun drawn, and Meloetta, Diancie and Victini came flying in. "Yeah, we're okay!" Futaba said.

"Good. This alien invasion came out of nowhere." She said. "Futaba, we could use all the Phantom Thieves out there."

"Right!" Futaba nodded, picking up a Shroob Blaster and immediately going into her Phantom Thief attire. "Alright, let's go!" She said as she ran out while Sae turned to Sojiro.

"You sure you'll be okay here?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Good. Stay put then. It's gonna be messy out there." She said and ran out with the Mythicals behind her.

Sojiro, meanwhile, started whistling as he pulled out some construction paper and wrote something down before walking out and placing it on the window.

"End of the World special: Everything is 75% off!"

"First day on the job and the world gets invaded by aliens. What are the odds." He chuckled as he walked back and went back to work, whistling while doing so… and then a few minutes later, the door opened up. "Hmm?" He turned his head to see a Uxie and Azelf carrying in an injured Mesprit.

"Ux! Uxi!"

"Az! Aze!"

"Slow down now, I'll whip something up for your friend." Sojiro said as he went to make a cup of coffee and looked down in the cabinet, opening it up and looking at a boat load of Super Mushrooms. Futaba said these things heal you, right? He thought as he picked one up and broke it apart, splitting it into tiny pieces and putting it in the liquid as he moved it toward the Mesprit. "Here you go, one Super Mushroom Latte."

"Mes… Mes…" Mesprit took a small sip… where its eyes widened, feeling like she was perking up and drank it all. "Mes! Mesprit! MEEEEEES!" Mesprit cheered and turned to the other Lake Pokemon. "Mes Mes!"

The two nodded in response as Uxie waved at Sojiro as they took off flying to resume fighting the Shroobs. "Heh…" He chuckled. "I could get used to a place like this." He said, calmly resuming his work while the chaos unfolded outside.

Casually working while the end of the world is happening.