Chapter 2

So, what was my plan? I knew that this city was doomed, as Druella was going to invade it and turn it into a Demon Realm. Sure, I had many moral and ethical problems with that, but I was still just one guy. My goal was to at least rescue as much of the heroines as possible before the monster strikes. It would do wonders to have more manpower on my journey, especially that mimil kid. She's a magical genius, so maybe she knows something about this world's magic system that can get me out of here. There was also a bunch more heroines I read about from a fourm once, though I didn't know what to do with them yet, probaly just side characters I knew Mimil definitely had to be rescued, because of her magical knowledge and that I will not knowing let a minor get raped. Fransica also was a most, because of her crap condition, and Sasha too because she likely shares similar views of this world. Dammnit, why are there so many sympathetic characters in this hentai?

Anyways, I was most likely in the middle class district. The conditions weren't too shitty like those slums, but it wasn't anything over the top. It was just a couple of homes and businesses lined up next to a stone road, sorta like a modern city, but obviously without modern conveniences.

There was a building that looked like some kind of guild hall, so I walked into the place. Nobody thankfully cared about my strange clothes, and ignored me for the most part.

A wide variety of faces were in the building, from paladins, to wizards, to archers, just like an rpg game. There was two people I recognized immediately, Whilmarina and Mimil, chatting with each other at a table

Good. Two birds with one stone.

"I'm really worried about Elt." Whilmarina spoke. "The Senate recently approved new staff to train Lescatie's heroes and soldiers. And I saw just one of the new training sessions, and it was utterly psychotic! They constantly screamed and scolded the recruits, forced them to run through obstacle courses... Elt just barely survived."

"Hero production is seriously down, too." Mimil responded. "They literally kicked out half of the recruits after the first round!"

What the hell, why does this sound like my training...

"Look, one of those tan guys is here!" Mimil looked in my direction.

Great, they know. Even worse, what business does the army have training soldiers in this random medieval city.

"You!" A furious Whilmarina yelled. "How could your troops through that hell? I've seen what you tan men call training! You're a monster!"

"How do you even get people to enlist?" Mimil laughed.

Well, my cover was already blown, so I dropped some facts on them.

"Let's just say, people from my land have a very strong love for my country. Strong enough that will go through training to unsure it's security. Millions, infact."

"Millions? Impossible..." Whilmarina gasped.

"There's only a couple thousand soldiers in this city. Where could all that men come from?" Mimil wondered.

"Simple. Me and those sargenants are not from this world." I joined the heroines at there table. "And two have some explaining to do. What do you know about the 'tans'?"

"Uh, I just found out today." Mimil gulped. "The Senate made an announcement that it would be overhauling its hero training programs, including hiring those screaming tan guys in the weird hats. They have kept quiet about anything else."

"Even my father refuses to give me any insight. Said it was extremely confidential information." Whilmarina sighed.

So Lescatie had a senate? It probably wasn't a democratic one, obviously. Must have been in one of those articles I read before. More seriously though, the goddammed U.S Army is involved with Lescatie. Don't know if the air force or navy are in on this, but if there's one thing we are good at, is sticking our noses where they don't belong.

I'm not a very political guy, mind you, but I don't think it takes being red or blue to recognize that there were many conflicts in our history we had no business being in. Should we really had fought in Vietnam, a jungle we knew pretty much nothing about, or should we have picked sides in the shitstorm that is Syria? With the way we handled the east, we probably created thousands of Taliban recruits.

Now, they apparently want to invade a place that is a combination of the two. They sure as hell aren't familar with the landscape of this world, and they pretty much immediately sided with the Order. Listen, I'm willing to die for my country, but why should we be blowing up random places that have little to no threat to the U.S, and do a sloppy job at that?

The good news, is that if the military found a way here, there has to be a way out. The leaders of Lescatie won't let some random schmoe like me find out about their little secret, but then I realized that the Invasion would be the perfect distraction. I would find whatever gate or something my military was using, and I would be free from this sexual dystopia.

I now had a plan. I just had to wait.

"Interesting." I responded. "Elt's pretty lucky, since that's just the typical stuff for the average soldier. I'm technically a member of my country's Marine Corps, and the training to get into that branch is real hell."

"Marine Corps? You sure don't look like a sailor." Mimil responded.

"The branch usually works with the Navy, but we are trained to fight anywhere. Land, desert, jungle, and sea, and they want to make sure as hell that we can handle it. We have to pass rigorous swimming challenges, and I doubt most of the people is this room can even doggy padel. And then there's the Crubile. Your faces are stung with painful gases, and if you try to leave the chamber, you will get sent back in. After that is even more field exercises, obstacle courses, marches, and such, until you finally reach graduation day. Trust me, it will be the worst 12 weeks of your life."

Wilmarina was clearly shocked at this, as she crinched at my experiences.

"12 weeks of that?" She responded. "When I think about it, I was honestly just chosen to become a Hero, because of my connections to the nobility. They didn't care about my qualifications or my relationships or my feelings, they just dragged me out of my life because I was 'chosen' to slay the Demon Lord..." She sighed, lowering her head.

When I think about it, most of those Heroes from the MGE books are the exact reason why our standards are so harsh. Hell, we wouldn't even let woman enlist until recently. Wilmarina may apparently be the strongest hero in Lescatie, but her relationship with Elt would weight her down and hurt her decisiveness. That Chief God has some poor judgment if she blesses so many people with sob stories that the monsters could easily exploit.

"They basically just let me waltz into Magitek once I demonstrated my abilities. Whatever army you come from, It must be some sort of world power or something!" Mimil responded to my story. "Hey Wilmarina, maybe we should go on a quest while we are here. Clear that Orc village that's been giving the lumberjacks problems."

The heroine raised her head. "Sure! We must smite those fiends from our lands!" She spoke in a righteous manner.

Jesus, talk about a split personality. Do they even worship Jesus here?

"And you, mister, could join us on our mission!" She offered to me. "Let's see what one of you 'Marines' can do against monsters!"

"Sure thing." I smirked. "I'm Chase, by the way."

"My name is Whilmarina Nocrism, the strongest member of the Order of the Ice Flower. What noble do you serve?"

"Technically, it's the head of my country, the President"

"President? Who's the king?"

"Uh, it's complicated."

"I see. Let's head on out to the monster village and slay them in the name of the Chief God!"

And so, we exited Lescatie to take out an Orc village. This is the first time I've been in a combat situation while not under orders from my Corps, so it was kinda awkward taking orders from a literal rpg hero. Still, if there's anything we Marines are good at, is adapting.

The village was pretty small, just a couple of primitive huts with fireplaces strewn about. There was plenty of orcs, of course, large, chubby women with with pig ears and tails. There was one dark skinned orc who ore nothing but torn rags and bones, sitting on a throne of sorts as she observed her brethren. Most likely one of those "High Orcs."

"They have a High Orc with them." Mimil observed the scene from the safety of the forests. "It's pheromones will rile up all the monsters nearby, and make them extract ferocious. This could be a wee bit troublesome..."

"Nothing the great Wilmarina can handle!" She thankfully spoke in a whisper. "Since you got some sort of weird musket, you should stay in the backline while we take on the monsters."

"Got it." I curtly responded.

Well, genocide of the entire monster race is obviously unreasonable in my eyes. The recent material especially emphasised that not all monsters are simply rape machines, but these orcs would put our sexual predators in shame. I could even hear them doing the deed inside their huts. I may not have my team with me, but that doesn't mean I will just sit and let these injustices slide.

The two heroines sped into the village with surprising speed. Whilmarina drew her sword and pointed it directly at the High Orc.

"I'm am Whilmarina Nosctism, the strongest hero from Lescatie! You foul beast will be delayed by my blade!"

"So they sent in the Noscrism? Ah, a real challenge compared to those 'heroes' you sent at my village before." The pig girl laughed, pulling out her massive ax. "Get 'em, girls!"

The Orcs dropped what they were doing, and charged for the heroes in a singleminded fashion. The unarmed ones didn't even grab their weapons, Probaly because the high orcs pheromones.

Mimil and Whilmarina put up a good fight. Wilmarina was pretty awesome with her swordplay, cutting down orc after orc in a whirlwind of steel and blood. Meanwhile, the young mage covered Wilmarina by flinging fireballs at the few Orcs that shot arrows at her.

They definitely don't disappoint in there combat ability, but I was still the guy with a full auto, military grade rifle. You know, it kinda felt like cheating, but who said the Order and the Demon Lord's forces played clean?

I took out my carbine and aimed for the Orcs farest from the heroes. I didn't know if the Chief God's blessings could handle lead, so I played it safe. After a couple of volleys, most of their archers were dead, while I was a good few feet away from the action.

"Da hell?" The High Orc noticed that her sharpshooters were dead. "They brought musketeers with 'em?" The lazy monster got out of her seat and joined the battle. At this point, even the men they had capture had gotten involved due yo the shortage of Orcs. I just decided to not shoot them and let the heroes handle it. Just felt too... off, to say the least.

I constantly switched my location inbetween shots to avoid giving away my location. I was not in the mood to get dogpiled by freakish orc women, thank you very much.

With the archers dead, I moved on to the Orcs directly fighting Whilmarina. I took great care not to shoot her, but she was basically a blurr cutting down almost as many piggies as I was. If these heroes were that nuts with a sword, imagine if they had access to modern equipment. I seriously underestimated Wilmarina.

After a good 30 mins of fighting, all that was left was the High Orc and most of her clan dead. Whilmarina pointed her sword directly at the defeated monster.

"W-Wait!" The pig girl pleaded on her knees. "I, uh, know about a big invasion being planned! You wouldn't wanna kill a useful monster, right?"

The heroine sighed, and lowered her sword. "Fine then, you very, very bad piggy. Let's see if you actually know anything of importance in the dungeons."

Mimil summoned yellow, ethereal chains from her staff and used them to tie up the Orc. She simply dragged the orc on the ground from her staff, probaly because it's taboo to even touch a monster.

Since the high orc knew something about the invasion, it would be incredibly helpful for my plans. If I knew a hard deadline, I would then know when I could finally escape this wretched place. Maybe I could show the heroines my country if I can convince them to escape.

Man, if only things worked out properly...