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Hao Ba

Disclaimer: Just something I started to think about in relation to the 'Home Invasion' episode of season 1.

A few hours after Oliver had gone out after Laurel and Tommy had come to stay at the mansion for safety reasons where young Taylor Moore was concerned, would see him checking up on the youngster after getting home. Said youngster being awake and in Oliver's view, still looking quite scared and he couldn't blame the kid considering the two attempts on his life so far. "Hey, Ollie." Laurel said quietly once she saw him in the doorway of the guest room they'd been given.

"Hey, how's he holdin' up?"

"He's scared to go to sleep." Laurel told him sadly as both saw Tommy try to keep the little boy's attention on other things.

Oliver let out a sigh as he knew how that could be from his own personal experiences. "I know where he's coming from." Admitted the archer as a few memories came to the fore front of his mind.

Missing the concerned look from Laurel in the process as he made his way into the guest room and crouched down in front of Taylor. "So, I've got something I need to tell you. But keep in mind this is coming from a few good people I once knew and they were a lot more smarter and wiser than me. Especially a little boy around your age named Akio."

Taylor looked at him in curiousity and he wasn't the only one either. "What is it?"

"That everything is all gonna be Hao Ba." Oliver told him with a reassuring smile.

"What, what does that mean?" Wondered the little boy.

"Well, its Mandarin and it means that everything's gonna be okay."

"It will?" Asked Taylor with a small measure of hope as Laurel and Tommy watched on.

Each also wondering how Oliver knew that to begin with as the man himself nodded seriously. "It definitely will. And you know how I know?"

The little boy shook his head. "Because of a old but very good friends of mine, Akio included, are in Heaven, watching over us right now and have a few Guardian Angels ensuring that everything will be Hao Ba." He told Taylor.

"They do!?"

"Mm-hmm. Tommy and Laurel are two of them and the third is that Hood guy who showed up to stop that bad man at Laurel's apartment."

How Tommy kept himself from scoffing over that last part, he'll never know while Laurel was looking at her ex in a happy and proud way. Her heart even beating a little harder where he was concerned as well and trying to ignore that. "But what about you? And your mom? You're Guardian Angels too!"

That caught Oliver off guard as he hadn't even remotely been thinking of himself in that way. Sure, his Hood self but not his non-Hood self! "Huh. I uhh, I hadn't thought of it that way."

"Well, now you can!" Taylor said earnestly.

"And that is why kids should be listened too more often. They see things we don't." Laurel said with a wide smile on her lips.

Causing Taylor to happily smile in a way himself and even Tommy couldn't help but smile as well. And true to Oliver's words, everything would be Hao Ba in the end.

Author's Notes: Hope folks enjoyed!