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Chapter 10: Poor San

Santana ran back to town, hot on the heels of the two animals. She looked around for Brittany everywhere, even begging , but according to him, Brittany ran away shortly after she'd returned with her brilliant idea to destroy love.

"What do you mean destroy?" Santana asked, her anger rising quickly "Don't make me go all Pumpkin Patch on your ass !"

"Relax your majesty I simply followed YOUR instructions. My cupids are off making sure hearts bleed just as you requested." the doctor mused.

"I have to fix this. But there's only one man who can and that's the Saint!" Santana said, "I have to find those kids, clearly they didn't do as I said." Santana ran off, Cero and Lord Tubbington running behind at top speed, straight towards the graveyard.

Santana's plans were ruined. Not only was Brittany missing, but she was running love for the rest of the world too! Brittany would never forgive such an oversight. The skeleton ran on, despite the aching in her bones and the weight of her sopping wet suit. She knew there was only one place left to check- Schuester's Shack. She hadn't intended to ruin love for anyone, let alone everyone. She should've just stuck to what she knew. She knew Brittany loved her performances on Halloween, that would've been just as impressive.

In the Schuester Shack, a sack of bugs was rolling his dice to burn his two kidnapped friends. With a final roll, he sent them on their way, but Santana was too quick. She saved her friends, getting herself trapped on the roulette wheel of death.

"Pumpkin Queen, it's time for you to die!" Schuester screamed, "Can't have your kind running our perfect town!"

"At least I'm more than a rotten sack of bugs, pretending to know how to treat children and raise them into proper members of society!" Santana shouted back, dodging the traps set along with the wheel. Many a time Santana thought she'd taken her last step, but at last, she grabbed hold of one of Schuester's seams. "And now, you're no more!" and fell apart and into his own fiery pit. Santana jumped off the roulette wheel, apologizing immensely to Saint Valentine.

"You picked a good one Skellington. Now, I have a holiday to fix. You take care of her, you hear?" Saint Valentine instructed.

"Yes sir." Santana said "I'm so sorry for all the trouble-" Santana began but the old man held up a hand.

"Hopefully no more skeletons try to replicate holidays. You'd think once would've been enough." Saint Valentine went off to fix the holiday.

"Brittany, why are you in the Schuester shack?" Santana asked, seriously concerned with the girl's judgment.

"I wanted to…" Brittany trailed off.

"Help me." Santana filled in, she went to continue when a huge spotlight shined down on them.

"San! You're okay! When you ran off I thought you were gone for good!" Mayor Quinn exclaimed.

Santana smiled happily "I sure am, but I must ask you to excuse us, Quinn". She grabbed hold of Brittany's hand and led her to the top of the spiral hill. "My dearest friend, if you don't mind, I'd like to join you by your side?" Santana asked as Brittany walked up the hill first. "Where we can gaze up to the stars,"

"And sit together, now and forever." Brittany echoed. "For it's plain for anyone to see, we're simply meant to be." Santana sang with her. The skeleton got on one knee.

"Brittany, will you marry me?" Santana asked nervously. Cero barked excitedly Lord Tubbingotn meowing with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Brittany grinned "Of course I'll marry you. Does this mean we are both the Pumpkin Queen?"

"Whatever you want my love." Santana stood up and slid the ring delicately onto Brittany's finger.

"It's beautiful." Brittany gasped.

"Not as beautiful as you," Santana said, leaning in and kissing the girl. Her heart fluttered and finally began to beat healthily again. She put a hand to Brittany's heart and felt that they beat in sync.

Skellington Manor was a much happier place, and it spread to the rest of the town. Halloweentown had never been more joyous, and for the first time, treats outnumbered tricks.

"Any holidays you're interested in?" Santana asked Brittany.

"Don't even try my love. Don't even try." Brittany replied.

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