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Chapter – 4 : Magic and Misery

Miss Minerva's Academy

A gleaming onyx throne stood in the middle of a dark cave-like chamber. Jagged spires of rock hung from the ceiling and a blinding violet light illuminated it. On the throne, a woman sat shrouded in the shadows. The cave seemed to bend around her, giving any offhand onlooker the illusion that the cave was empty. She held a goblet in her hand and sipped a mysterious red liquid from it.

A normal mortal would see her as an eccentric rich lady, but in all actuality, she was a Goddess. She was born a mortal with special affinity for magic and by strengthening her power, she became the Goddess of Magic.

Just then, she heard someone praying to her. Most of the time, she would either turn a blind eye to the prayer or ask one of her subordinates to take care of it, but she could sense that this one was significant. She could feel the Lady of Crete calling for her.

She waved her hands and the air in front of her shimmered into a vision of five women standing in a circle and a woman in emerald robes chanting a prayer to her.

She recognized that the woman was Baroness Demeter.

"Great Lady Hecate, Goddess of Magic, please answer our prayer and appear before us. Fulfil the promise you had made to my ancestors. Answer our prayer and appear before us."

With a great sigh, Hecate rose from her onyx throne and the shadows surrounding her body dissolved into thin air. She was beautiful, with raven black hair and glowing ebony skin. Her most striking features were her eyes. They were golden in color, with a glowing ring of purple.

"Alabaster" she called her assistant.

There was a loud bang and the sound of footsteps rushing towards the chamber. She rolled her eyes at his clumsy antics.

"Alabaster, when I ask you to come here, I meant quietly. You are going to give me a headache."

A pale-skinned boy emerged from the entrance of the cave. He panted from exertion and muttered something inaudibly.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Speak loudly or keep your mouth shut."

"I said that you are a goddess so you can't get a headache" He grumbled.

Seeing her angry glare, he quickly changed the topic.

"How may I help you my lady?"

"I have to go to the mortal realm to answer a summoning. Take care of the palace in my absence."

"You are going there personally? You don't do that much nowadays."

"Stop asking stupid questions and do what you are told to do, Alabaster", Hecate snapped. Without waiting for his reply, she swept her cloak around her and vanished into a bright purple light.

The atmosphere in the council room of Athens was tense. The ladies were standing in a circle and concentrating their energy as Demeter chanted prayers to Hecate. Demeter was slowly losing her strength and she looked like she would collapse from exhaustion. They were starting to think that Hecate would not appear.

A loud, sharp voice rang through the room. "Open your eyes, Ladies of Olympus. Why have you summoned me today?"

The palace of Olympia was the most beautiful and extravagant sight in all of Olympus. It was the residence of High King Zeus and his family. Lady Hera stayed there only on important occasions, but on most days, the Queen's wing was empty.

Whenever Hera was not in Olympia, Zeus would have grand parties in the central ballroom with his royal harem. His infidelity had become the talk of town, but no one dared to criticize him or they would be whipped to death in public. Unlike most other cities, Olympia was the most similar to a dictatorship. Zeus did what he wanted and anyone who opposed him would be punished.

The East wing of the palace was home to Crown princess Thalia and Prince Jason. They were the children of Zeus and one of his courtesans. Hera despised them because they were the living proof of her broken marriage.

Today, the two young royals sat in their tea chamber. They wore solemn faces and were the very symbol of level-headedness and royalty. On the outside, they seemed calm and collected, but their minds were working constantly.

Thalia has realized very soon that nothing was private in the palace. There were maids and soldiers lurking outside their doors who reported everything to their father. This meant that any talk of politics or other important subjects between them would not be allowed. But, they refused to stay quiet and ignore the wrongdoings in their kingdom.

They had developed their own method of communication through hand gestures and facial expressions. This was discrete enough that they could discuss whatever they wished, but they could still keep it a secret from Zeus. Their solemn expressions revealed that today's matter of discussion was not a casual one.

"The number of brothels in the cities are increasing every day. Young women are being roped into being prostitutes forcefully. We have to do something about it, Jason."

Jason sighed irritably. "What can we do? Father does not even let us out of the palace without a whole squadron of guards. We have no power here."

Thalia stood up and started pacing around. "Those innocent women are promised riches and prosperity and then thrown into such a huge debt that they are forced to sell their bodies. And we both know father will do nothing to stop that. In fact, he may encourage it."

"There is so much going on in the city, and the king does not even care about them. It was better when Hera was here."

Thalia looked at him with surprise. "What do you mean, Jason? We both know that Hera hated us. She refused to even acknowledge that we exist!"

"I know she hated us, but she kept father in line. He at least pretended to show interest in the administration of the kingdom. After she left to live in Argos, father has done nothing more than stay in his bedchamber with his harem."

Thalis stopped her pacing and sat down. She stared off into space for a while before suddenly turning to look at Jason. "That's it. If Hera was better for Olympia, then we just have to make her come back."

"How do you suggest we do that? She hates us and she hates father even more. She has nothing left here. "

Thalia smiled at Jason with relief shining in her eyes. – "I will send her a letter and tell her everything about the brothels and forced prostitution. If there is something she hates more than Zeus, it is injustice done to women."

"Hera will come back." Thalia declared and she turned to stare into the horizon.

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