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Miss Minerva's Academy

Chapter 6: "A unique set of pets"

"Storms brew and Lightning strikes

The Earth shakes, destruction reigns

The sea churns, shows miracles grand

Powerful winds blow across the land

Fire erupts, only the pure-hearted thrive,

Oh Holy beasts, you must arrive."

As Hecate finished her spell, the five objects began rising up into the air. Each object began glowing as if it had been dripped in liquid magic and began to change into a crystalline form.

Artemis's arrow glowed a bright white color and transformed into a crescent shaped diamond. The ends of the crescent branched into a shape similar to the horn of a stag.

Aphrodite's ring glowed a brilliant sea green color and the large pearl embedded in it became larger and encaged the gold band.

On the other hand, Demeter's sheaf of wheat started sinking deeper into the ground. Surprised, Demeter rushed to pull it out but Hecate stopped her. The sheaf of wheat was glowing an earthy green color and after a few seconds, a circular emerald came out of the earth. It had small patterns similar to that of a turtle's shell.

The most curious transformation happened with Athena's quill and Hera's feather. The owl-feather glowed a murky grey while the peacock-feather glowed a light blue. Both articles started shaking violently and flew towards each other. A blinding golden glow erupted around them and the feathers seemed to weave themselves together.

Surprised, Athena looked at Hecate, "Lady Hecate, what is happening to our offerings? Why did they merge into each other?"

Hecate smiled lightly and spoke, "Have some persistence Athena. All will be explained soon." She extended her palm and the crescent shaped crystal flew in to her hand.

After examining it for a few moments, she spoke, "Princess Artemis of Delos, your offering, the bow of Selene, has transformed into the moon crystal. It is the symbol of the Silver stag."

Artemis was in awe at this announced. "The silver stag..." she whispered, "the beast which controls the domain of wind. It is said to be the fastest creature in existence."

"Correct" Hecate answered. "Precisely, the silver stag is the beast of neutrality. The wind can result in the most destructive calamities, but it can also soothe the other elements. It can both hurt and heal. Use your strength wisely."

She walked over to Aphrodite and asked her to pick up the pearl ring. At Aphrodite's touch, the pearl started pulsing with energy and glowed. Aphrodite's eyes glittered in awe as she examined it with surprise and wonder.

"This is the pearl of the seas. It is the symbol of the Kraken. The sea beast is a ferocious and angry creature. He is enraged at the slightest provocation and in his rage, he has enough power to swallow up the sun. Be careful, Aphrodite. Do not let the beast corrupt you."

Hecate then picked up Baroness Demeter emerald. She snapped her fingers and a delicate gold chain formed around it. The emerald flew into Demeter's hand and fastened itself around her wrist.

"The emerald of the Earth is the symbol of the Giant Turtle. He is the largest of all beasts and with his impenetrable shell and razor-sharp claws, he is a formidable opponent in war. Stay in his good graces, and he will be your ally forever."

At last, Hecate turned to Hera and Athena. The two ladies were anxiously waiting for answers.

"Yours is a peculiar case." Hecate explained." The beast you both have affinity to is the Dragon. The dragon is the king of the beasts. Summoning him requires more power and energy than it took to summon the others. He is considered the most powerful beast. He controls the sky and presides over the other beasts."

Hecate turned around slowly and looked at each woman in the eye. "This is all I can do to help you. These shards are a part of your soul. Protect them well."

Demeter, still examining her soul shard in wonder, bowed before Hecate. The other Ladies followed her lead.

"My Lady, you have done us a great favor. We will use your gift to us wisely. The discrimination and hate has crippled the people of this kingdom. They have been absorbed into the lies spread by Zeus and Ares. We will end this discrimination for once and all."

Hecate smiled and answered, "Baroness, you have high ambitions. It is not easy for women to have power and respect in this patriarchal world. I hope that you achieve your goal. May the gods be with you. "With these words, Hecate vanished in a burst of light.

Athena rose and walked to her throne. In a confident voice, she declared, "We have no time to waste. Let this be the beginning of a new era."

The next month was a busy one for the ladies of Olympus. Each worked hard day and night to make their vision come true. Athena and her team of top architects improved their design for the academy. The architects were sworn to loyalty and Athena was confident that they would not betray her.

Aphrodite and Hera used their power and influence to gather all the materials and equipment necessary for the huge project. Demeter, being the ruler of the most populated province in the empire, handpicked staff who were qualified to manage the academy and would remain loyal to them.

Artemis had the most important duty of them all. An academy was just a bunch of pillars and walls without students who would study in it. Artemis had to make sure that the girls they would select had the qualities necessary to be a warrior.

Twenty days after their first meeting, the ladies met on the top of a cliff in Athens. The cliff overlooked the beautiful river Metis and the light of the full moon shone upon them, giving it an ethereal look.

Demeter whispered, "It's time to summon the beasts."

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