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As Lincoln reached the threshold of his apartment building, he took a few moments to mentally prepare himself. "It'll be alright." He reassured himself. "It's early, the real weirdos won't be out and about yet, and the coffee shop is only a few doors down. You've got this." Now properly psyched up, Lincoln took a deep breath, and ventured out into the world.

It was a beautiful Spring morning, the kind that only came around a few times a year, if that. And Lincoln saw very little of it. The second his feet touched the sidewalk, he sharply pivoted to his left and started walking. Not running. Running could often be more trouble that it was worth, someone who was running drew attention, and attention usually lead to...involvement, so running was reserved for only the most dire of situations. Lincoln had learned to adapt a nice, brisk walk. Not so fast that he appeared to be fleeing something, but enough to convey that he wasn't taking a leisurely stroll. This also had the happy side effect of discouraging people who might try to engage him in small talk.

Fortunately, his trip was mercifully short. Merely a few scant minutes of walking, and Lincoln found himself at a cozy looking little coffee shop, creatively named "Coffee Shop". Granted, the building's facade was, in fact, a facade in truth, Coffee Shop(TM), while bereft of creativity had managed to finagle its way into being one of the premier coffee chains nation wide. But as part of their branding, they did everything they could to adopt the appearance of a small mom and pop store, and the attempt at deception was surprisingly effective. Lincoln, for his part, didn't care one way or the other. The coffee was relatively cheap, and this particular location was out of the way enough that he rarely had to worry about running into anyone he knew. Which was an option that the young man appreciated having. Sometimes you wanted to be around people, without actually being with people.

It was around this point that Lincoln reached the door of the deceptively humble shop. He gave himself a quick pat down just to make sure he'd remember to bring his wallet (better to find out now than when he was supposed to be paying for things), then reached for the doorknob—

tingle tingle tingle

—Only to find the door swinging open on its own, triggering the carefully placed welcome chimes on the door frame. Quickly, the pale haired young man stepped backwards and swung his gaze upward, determined to avoid doing that really embarrassing thing where two people find themselves trying to use the same door from opposite ends and have to awkwardly decide upon who gets to go first ("You first." "No, please, I insist.")

As the entryway cleared, a young woman stepped out of the shop, and Lincoln found himself looking into a familiar, tanned, freckled face.

"O-oh." Said the girl from the previous day, looking like the proverbial deer in the headlights. "H-hey...there."

"Oh, wait." The girl continued, before Lincoln could respond. "Duh. That must have sounded weird. After all, you probably have no idea who I—"

"It's Stella, right?" Lincoln interjected. He'd expected her to be happy, or at least pleased that he'd remembered her, that was generally the reaction most people had when their existence was acknowledged. So it was rather puzzling when Stella let out a low squeak of alarm and immediately backed up—


—Right into the door that had closed behind her.

"Uh..." Lincoln began, but before he could continue, Stella rushed forward and slapped her hand over his mouth.

"How do you know my secret identity?" She hissed, looking around fearfully. Incapable of responding, Lincoln simply stood there, waiting for her to realize the obvious problem at hand. It...took longer than was probably reasonable, but eventually Stella seemed to catch on, withdrawing her hand from his mouth with a sheepish grin.

"You told me your name, remember?" Said Lincoln, now that his mouth was free. "In fact you only told me your real name. I still don't actually know what your superhero name is. Also..." Lincoln trailed off, merely gesturing at the girl herself. Stella was dressed in fairly standard civilian clothing, black pants and a white jacket worn over an equally white t-shirt. It just so happened that said outfit more or less retained the same color scheme as her costume. Her t-shirt even bore an identical red starburst to that worn by her alter ego.

"On top of that, you aren't even wearing a mask." Lincoln added.

"Heh...right." Stella tittered nervously as she fished around in her pocket. "My agency has actually been getting after me for that too. I was supposed to be wearing one yesterday, but I kinda forgot. I'm good today though, see?"

Stella pulled a thin piece of red cloth from her pocket and quickly wrapped it around her face. It could be described as a mask, if one was feeling especially charitable. It was a domino mask, specifically, a style which mildly obscures the wearer's eyes...and literally nothing else. Lincoln didn't have the heart to tell her that she was just as identifiable with the mask, as without it.

"Oh my gosh!" Cried a passerby, pointing one trembling finger at the duo. "The girl that was standing there just vanished! What could have possibly happened to her!"

"Don't worry!" Called out another. "I'm sure that superhero who suddenly appeared will get to the bottom of whatever sinister plot is unraveling!"

Lincoln and Stella exchanged confused, worried glances. Gingerly, Stella reached behind her head, and gently puleld the mask from her face.

"Look!" Cried the first bystander. "That girl is back! That hero must have saved the day!"

"But where did that mysterious heroine disappear to?" Asked the other. "Did anyone see her leave?"

Lincoln shook his head and sighed in exasperation. "Sometimes I hate this city."

Lincoln and Stella pushed into the shop to get away from...whatever that little bout of weirdness outside was. In spite of the fact that Stella had clearly been on her way out when he ran into her, and almost certainly had better ways to be spending her time, she stuck around and made small talk with him while he waited in line. Lincoln didn't complain, he appreciated the company. Stella, socially awkward though she was, lost a great deal of that nervous edge as they grew used to each other, and Lincoln's line in time ended up passing far more quickly, and pleasantly than he'd anticipated it would. All too soon he found himself at the counter, and it was with no small amount of reluctance that he was forced to pull his attention away from the cute, overenthusiastic girl, and focus on the purpose of this little excursion.

After quickly surveying of the contents of his wallet and performing a little mental math, Lincoln was ready to order. Lynn's chocolate drink that was merely masquerading as coffee, as well a basic (and more importantly cheap) coffee for himself. After a slight bit of hesitation, he bit the bullet and ordered and ordered an assortment of pastries as well. Then came time to pay, but as he reached for his money, it occurred to him that, nearly accidental squishing aside, Stella had saved his life yesterday.

"Can I get you anything?" Lincoln asked her. "It's the least I can do."

"Oh nonono!" Stella replied, frantically waving her arms. "It's fine! Really!" Inwardly, Lincoln breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing as how she'd already been at the shop when he'd arrived, it was a pretty safe bet that she'd already had something to drink. Still, he'd made the effort, and from the smile on her face, Stella clearly appreciated the gesture. Now they were square in theory. And yet...

"Well, can I at least offer you a pastry?" Lincoln added as he paid for his purchase. He presented the box of ostensible breakfast foods to the girl, and watched her already tenuous composure break as a variety of emotions flashed across her face. Finally, she regained her composure and looked him in the eye.

"That...would be great. Yes."She said, smiling just a bit too hard. Lincoln as willing to let this pass, however. Now his social obligation was being met, and all it was going to cost him was a sugar coated treat. His dentist would be pleased. Lincoln waited for Stella to to select her pastry...but several moments later, the dark haired girl was still just standing there...smiling at him.

"Next customer, please." Said the woman at the counter, startling Lincoln. Then he noticed the rather long line of people who were (more or less) patiently waiting for him to move the hell out of the way.

"Sorry." Lincoln muttered, as he made way for the next customer, then worked his way through the crowd and out the door, letting out a little sigh of relief as he exited the cramped store, and reemerged back into the outside world.

"So..." Said Stella, sidling up along side him. "Where to now?"

Oh. Lincoln glanced back at the girl, surprised to see nothing but earnest enthusiasm in her eyes. Alright then, apparently this is what they were doing.

"My place isn't too far from here." Said Lincoln, glancing at his companion. He hadn't been expecting to be bringing the girl home with him, but she'd sort of invited her along, and it would have been beyond awkward at that point to clarify that he'd been expecting her to take her treat and leave. Still, what harm could it do. Short though the trip was, she'd proven herself more than capable of defending him if need be, and that knowledge provided a degree of comfort that Lincoln was unused to, but very appreciative of.

"Kinda surprised you're so willing to just...come home with me...seeing as how we just met and all." Lincoln continued, and he immediately regretted doing so. Bit of a coin flip on which of them he'd just accidentally insulted. But to his surprise, Stella declined to respond.

"Still, not like you have anything to worry about, I guess." Lincoln added, hoping to amend any potential damage he'd caused. "Seeing as you're a meta and all."

"Oh yeah." Stella nodded in agreement. "I'm a lot tougher than I looked. I could take you out in a second. Like, pow!" She punctuated her statement by throwing a sharp jab, her fist briefly ballooning to several times its usual size before abruptly reverting to normal.

"Nnnnnot that I'm saying I would." Stella quickly added, shaking her head emphatically. "I'd only do that if you were some kind of weirdo. Which you're clearly not. Clearly."

"Clearly." Lincoln repeated, smiling wryly at the girl as they reached his apartment building. "I just lure unsuspecting girls to my home with pastries." This...actually gave her pause.

"Um..." Stella began.

"I'm kidding, of course." Said Lincoln.

"Of course!" Stella shouted, just a bit too loudly. Even so, she looked relieved.

"Do you need a minute?" Asked Lincoln.

"No." She wearily waved him off. "Maybe if I have a pastry in my mouth, I can stop putting my mouth in it."

Lincoln opened the door to his apartment, and immediately slipped inside. It would have been proper for him hold the door open for his guest and allow her to go inside first, but Lincoln was putting long term concerns over simple politeness. If shenanigans had ensued in the short period of time he'd been gone, he'd hoped entering first would allow him to do damage control, if not save Stella from whatever weirdness was to befall them entirely. So it was with much relief that Lincoln found the apartment intact, Lynn lounging on the couch and watching TV. Maybe if he was lucky, Stella might not notice the still omni-present stench of—

"Why does it smell like meat in here?" Stella asked, from behind him.

...Well, so much for that.

"Hey, Lincoln." Lynn greeted him from the couch. "...And girl with Lincoln." She added as the duo entered the apartment and closed the door behind them. The second part of that sentence was considerably more frosty than the first.

"Oh." Lincoln blinked in surprise as he glanced back at his second guest. It wasn't at all out of character for Lynn for be unsociable, but that felt like a really abrupt shift. "This is Stella" He said, jerking his thumb back at the girl in question, who proceeded to wave one hand nervously.

"We're friends." He continued

"We're not really..." Stella began mumbling at the same time, only to trail off as Lincoln completed his explanation. The pair exchanged brief, confused glances.

"Okay, I guess we're acquaintances..." Lincoln began correcting himself—

"We're friends!?" Only to be interrupted by Stella's delighted squeal. Again, the pair exchanged glances, though this time a thoroughly confused Lincoln was able to notice just how precarious the smile plastered on the girl's face suddenly seemed to be.

He turned back to Lynn. "We're friends." He said, with finality. The next thing he knew, he was suddenly gasping for breath, as a vice-like pressure began crushing his body.

"We're friends!" Stella shouted, only inches from his ear. It probably would have been really painful if she wasn't also hugging him to death. Fortunately she seemed to notice, and quickly released him.

"Sorry." Stella murmured, laughing sheepishly. "That was too much, right? Do friends hug?"

Lincoln would have responded, but his body was more concerned with replenishing its precious supply of oxygen. Before he got the chance, a large shadow fell over him and Stella. Turning around, Lincoln saw that Lynn had crossed the room and was now looming over the pair, having drawn herself up to her full, rather impressive height. She didn't look happy.

"Lynn—" Lincoln wheezed, still not capable of conversation. Fortunately, it didn't turn out to be necessary.

"!" Stella squeaked, as she gazed up at the much taller girl. "You're La Furiosa! Right? I mean, you'd have to be, but still! That's you, right?!"

Lynn's stoic demeanor broke as her face wrinkled in confusion. She looked to Lincoln, but he could only shrug, being likewise befuddled by the reaction.

"Yeeeees?" Lynn ventured, somewhat uncertain. "That's me alright."

"Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh!" Stella squealed as she began bouncing in place. A second later realized that there was no idiom at play, Stella's entire body was beginning to undulate in place, tempo rapidly increasing as the seconds wore on.

"Stella?" Lincoln asked, not sure if he should get closer to comfort the girl, or back away in case she exploded or something. Metas were notoriously unpredictable.

"I just can't believe I got to meet you of all people! Here!" Stella continued to babble. Lincoln finally making up his mind, Lincoln made to approach the girl, but was interrupted as Lynn grabbed him by the shoulder and gently, but firmly pulled him back, putting herself between him and the girl whose excitement was clearly about to his some kind of critical peak.

"This is greatest day of my life!" Continued to ramble, clasping her hands in front of her chest as she looked up at Lynn. "I am such a—"


Lincoln wasn't able to see precisely what had occurred, situated as he was behind Lynn now, but the next thing he knew there was a deafening rush of wind. An instant later, he found his body flanked on either side by a pair of long, shapely, but also impossibly large legs. Peering out from behind his big sister, he could see that a good chunk of his apartment was currently occupied by Stella, who'd now be standing somewhere around fifteen-feet tall by his estimation. At least, she would be if she wasn't crammed into what little space his comparatively tiny apartment could offer. Littered around her now much larger frame were the tattered remnants of her civilian clothing. Fortunately, it seemed she'd been wearing her superhero costume underneath, which seemed to have no trouble expanding to accommodate her new size.

"...Were you going to say "big fan?" Lynn asked, dryly, as she surveyed the apartment's newest state of disrepair.

"S-SOMETHING LIKE THAT." Said Stella, her face bright red with embarrassment.

"You gonna be okay now, kid?" Lynn asked warily. In spite of Stella's little accident, neither the apartment, nor any of Lincoln's possessions had suffered any permanent damage. Once Stella had calmed down enough to return to normal, the three of them working together had managed to get the apartment back in something resembling order in a fairly short amount of time. Now, the trio were seated around Lincoln's table, looking for all the world like a fairly normal group of friends having breakfast. Excepting, of course, the state of dress that the two girls were in.

"I'm fine." Stella mumbled, shoving a pastry in her mouth, then sighing in contentment as the flaky, sugary goodness worked its magic on her.

"S-sorry about that." She continued, trying to maintain her composure. "I'm a polymorph, you see. I have the power to alter the physical properties of my body." To demonstrate, Stella elongated her arms, then waved her now noodly appendages around a bit before returning to her usual proportions. "But my powers can go a little wacky when my emotions go out of wack a-and..." she swallowed loudly, "I just wasn't expecting you meet you! Here! I'm such a fan, I just kinda lost it."

"No worries." Lynn replied, smiling as she sat up a little straighter. "Not like I haven't met enthusiastic fans before." In spite of her words, Lynn was very obviously preening. Unsurprising, the athlete turned superhero had always enjoyed the spotlight.

Lynn leaned over and gently nudged Lincoln in the ribs. At least, he assumed she was being gentle, because he could still feel his ribs afterwords. They felt like pain.

"I just wasn't expecting my little bro to bring home another meta." She continued, giving Lincoln a sideways glance.

"You're La Furiosa's brother!" Stella exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Call me Lynn." The older girl interjected with a smile.

"You're Lynn's brother!" Stella shouted. Then she frowned. "That doesn't sound anywhere near as exciting."

"Tell me about it." Lincoln grumbled, rolling his eyes.

"A-and if you're related to her, then..." Somehow Stella's eyes grew even wider. "That means you're related to Luminary! Right? And Umbra! And—"

"Yes!" Lincoln interrupted, not wanting another repeat of her little accident. "Yes. Whoever else you were going to say, yes. I'm probably related to them."

"Holy cow." The tanned girl sunk down in her chair, chewing her lip thoughtfully. "Just how many sisters do you guys have?"

"Ten, including me." Lynn supplied. "All metas."

"Wow!"Stella let out a low whistle before turning to Lincoln. "And you're..."

"The only normal one of the bunch." He confirmed. "Yeah. Lucky me."

"Wow." Stella repeated, her brow wrinkling in concentration. "How does that even happen?"

"Ooooh!" Lynn clapped her hands in a manner that was strangely at odds with her size. "I never get to tell this story." The brunette cleared her throat loudly. "It was a dark and stormy—"

"We went on a camping trip when we were kids." Lincoln interjected, his tone flat. "A comet crashed into our camp site and the resulting cosmic radiation gave everyone at the site super powers."

"It doesn't sound anywhere near as cool when you just blurt it out like that." Lynn grumbled, pouting at the younger boy before finally taking a pull from her cup of coffee, which immediately elicited a series of uncharacteristically adorable giggles and squeals from the older girl.

"And you were..." Stella prompted.

Lincoln sighed. "In the woods. Dinner hadn't quite agreed with me, and I needed some...alone time." Stella winced. Twice.


Lincoln took a deep breath. "It's fine." He said, not keen on dumping too much of his baggage on his guest. "Some people have remarkable origin stories. I guess I just have a remarkable...un...origin story." He gestured to Stella. "I bet yours was just as unlikely.

"Oh yeah." Stella said, nodding emphatically. "It happened when I was six..."

"Hey, Stella!" Shouted a rather rotund six-year-old boy. "I dare you to lick this toxic waste!"

"And that's how I got my powers." Stella concluded. "All the other kids just got a trip to the hospital." The Loud siblings exchanged uncertain glances.

"" Lynn said. "That's certainly...something."

"Just out of curiosity, how many of you were involved in this...episode?" Lincoln asked.

Stella chewed her lip thoughtfully "About five of us, I think."

"Of course." Lincoln muttered. Stupid statistic.

"But still!" Stella pressed. "It must have been really cool growing up with a house full of super siblings, right?"

Lincoln Loud opened the door to his room as quietly as possible. The coast appeared to be clear, but he'd learned from experience that appearances could be deceiving. Especially after the...accident.

The boy winced as his stomach began to grumble, loudly and irritable. Even so...he couldn't wait any longer. Just down to the kitchen and back to his room. Nice and simple. Hopefully.

Lincoln crept out from his room and began making his way towards the stairs. Quickly, quietly, no need to draw attention to himself. It wasn't that he was trying to avoid his sisters, per se, but everyone had been a bit on edge lately. And the last thing he wanted to do was be around when the powder keg went off—

BWAAAAAAAAAAA, Lincoln managed to think as he suddenly found himself soaring through the air, having been knocked off his feet by the sonic blast that had erupted just a little ways up the hallway. Unfortunately, the Loud boy had just so happened to have been at the top of the stairs at the time, and the blast had sent him tumbling towards the bottom floor. Thinking quickly, Lincoln reached out and clasped the banister as hard as he could with both hands. Lincoln winced at the friction that now burned his palms. He couldn't get a good enough grip to stop his fall, but he was able to slow it to a much more acceptable speed. As soon as the end was in sight, Lincoln released the banister, palms stinging too badly to maintain his grip, but by that point he was much closer to the ground. Tucking his legs in, Lincoln took the fall on his shoulder, just like Lynn had showed him, and managed to roll through the worst of it. Finally safe on the ground, and very nearly sound, Lincoln rose from the floor on unsteady legs, and allowed himself a quick sigh of relief—"

"Dangit Lana! Get back here you little—!"

And immediately threw himself to the ground once more as a couch soared through the air, crashing heavily against the wall where he'd just been standing. Great, it had already started. Alright, this could still be salvaged. Maybe he could just crawl the remaining distance to the kitchen...

"I told you neanderthals to stay away from my experiments!"

Lincoln groaned as the ground began to rumble, followed by a distressingly familiar, high pitched whine. Mom had told Lisa she wasn't allowed to make any more death rays..."

The world around Lincoln began to blur as a powerful force enveloped his body, very nearly crushing the boy. Just as he was about to cry out, it was over. Lincoln found himself standing in his room once more. Sore, dizzy, and a little queasy, but intact.

Lincoln winced as his body finally registered the intense pressure that was still clamped around his arm. A quick glance over confirmed just who it was who'd whisked him away to safety.

"Lincoln!" Lori shouted, fuming as she glared down at him. "Why did you leave?! I literally told you to stay in your room!"

"Lori!" Lincoln gasped, frantically gesturing with his free hand. The older girl's frown only deepened, but she looked where he was indicating...and immediately released him, letting out a small gasp of alarm.

"Oh, shoot." Lori murmured, her gaze softening considerably. "Lincoln, I didn't mean—"

"It's fine, Lori." He replied through gritted teeth gingerly massaging the now throbbing appendage, an ugly purple bruise already beginning to spread across it. Sometimes Lori just didn't know her own strength.

"I'm..." She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Linc. Really." And he believed her. She always meant it. "But you know it's not safe out there right now. Everything's pretty—"

Both siblings flinched as the house began to shudder around them.

"...crazy, right now." Lori concluded, somewhat unnecessarily. "I'm trying to get it under control. I promise."

"I know, I know." Lincoln assured her. "But it's been hours Lori! How much longer is this going to take?"

Lori began to reach for him, and purely by instinct, Lincoln flinched away. It was a small thing, entirely reactionary, but he saw the pained look in his sister's eyes, and instantly regretted it.

"Right now, little brother." Lori said softly. She turned away from him and stepped back out into the hallway once more. "Close the door, Lincoln." Lori ordered. The teenage girl floated up off the ground as an aura of pure white energy flashed into existence around her, concentrating most heavily around her eyes, and her clenched fists. "I'm going to put a stop to this, right now!"

"Yeah." Lincoln said softly, nodding his head at Stella. "Never a dull moment in our house."

There was a moment of silence as Lincoln sat there rigidly, trying to shake off the fugue that tended to set in with such recollections. It wasn't a period of time he reflected upon very fondly.

"I've got you, bro." Lynn murmured, wrapping her long arm around Lincoln and yanking him over to her, chair and all.

Lincoln wanted to rebut Lynn, to tell her to leave him alone. But in spite of the fact that he was now being crushed against the larger girl's body, he found himself strangely breathing more easily. There was something about Lynn's immediate presence that set him at ease.

"S-sorry." Lincoln said, looking at Stella, trying to act like he wasn't being treated like a stuffed animal. "Got a little distracted. Thinking about...stuff." Stella, for her part, just seemed amused by the situation.

"Okay then." Lynn announced, giving Lincoln a squeeze. "How about we get off this subject and do something?"

"Like what?" Lincoln asked, looking at Lynn warily.

"Anything you want." Said Lynn, sounding unusually reasonable "It's your house, so you decide." She leaned down and gave Lincoln an exaggerated wink. "I bet you can think of plenty of things to do with two cute girls, right?"

Lincoln sighed deeply. That was the Lynn he knew. And yet...

"Anything?" He looked Lynn straight in the eye. He took no small amount of pleasure in seeing the larger girl squirm at the attention, her face shifting from delight, to confusion, to worried, and then repeating the cycle.

"Yeeeees?" Lynn said at last, not sounding entirely convinced. She looked to Stella. "What to you say, kid, you wanna humor my little bro?"

"Sure!" The other girl chipped, her voice quavering only slightly. "Yeah. I trust Lincoln."

"Alright then." Lincoln replied, chuckling darkly.

"Lincoln..." Stella murmured, her body visibly trembling. "I'm not sure I can do this..."

"It's fine, Stella." Said Lincoln, putting one reassuring hand on the girl's shoulder. "We're going to take this nice and slowly, okay?"

"A-alright." The raven haired girl closed her eyes and took a deep, calming breath. "I think I'm ready."

"Colossal Left Hook." She said, placing a card on the table. "That's 3 damage, and then I can discard one card to play another card." She held up two identical cards. "Since I have three of these, I can do that three times. Then, Tectonic Chokeslam..."

"Finished him off." Lincoln concluded, clapping the girl on the back. "Nice job, Stella, we won!"

"Wait...what!?" Lynn exclaimed, dropping her cards in shock. "We actually won this stupid game?"

"That's right Lynn." Lincoln said, nodding at the older girl.

"Finally!" Lynn crowed leaping up from her chair. Lincoln winced as she barely avoided slamming her head into the ceiling. He had no illusions about who'd lose that contest, and he wasn't keen on paying the repair cost.

"Although..." He continued, fighting down the urge to smirk. "You did end the game at negative three health."

"What!?" Lynn sputtered. "How!?"

Lincoln shrugged. "Giant fists don't discriminate."

"Sorry!" Stella squeaked slinking low in her seat. Fortunately for her, Lynn's attention was focused solely on Lincoln.

"Set it back up." She growled. "We're playing again!"

"I seem to recall you saying 'one game, and that's it'." Lincoln drawled, not bothering to hide his smile this time. "We won and you were an active participant. You shoul dbe happy."

"I'm not!" Lynn shouted, clenching her fist. "We're playing again! And this time I'm gonna kill Stella!"

"Please don't." Stella pleaded.

"It's a cooperative game, Lynn." Lincoln chided.

"Then I'm going to win better!" Lynn announced. "Set it back up! We're going again!"

And for one brief, crystallizing moment, Lincoln Loud didn't see the irate girl before him as La Furiosa, world famous super heroine extraordinaire. He simply saw, Lynn Loud, his over competitive, fiercely protective big sister.

"Whatever you say, Lynn." He replied,grinning in spite of himself as he set up the table once more. "Let's play again."