Episode 2: The Shadowcat

All Characters belong to Marvel and Disney!

Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine

Omar Sy as Lucas Bishop

Yvonne Orji as Melita Garner

Liev Schrieber as Victor Creed/Sabretooth

Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce

Olivia Thirlby as Kitty Pryde (Minor Update Since Elliot Page's reveal that way so I can help support the actor, so plz don't view this as a sign of disrespect)


20 Years Ago... July 14th, Dallas, Texas.

The day was still young for the city of Dallas as the people were seen walking out and about in their civilian clothing, having noticed the preparations for tomorrow's parade for the Mutant and Human Unity Festival.

As they walked, Logan was seen walking among them wearing shades as he blended in with the ensuring crowd, moving in so he could enter the local barbershop in town. There, the building was dark with no lights on as he stood around, taking off his shades as he observed the room around him for any signs of life inside.

Then, as he sniffed his nose, he caught a familiar scent, one that was hiding from within the darkness as he looked around, squinting his eyes for the figure silently stalking him from the inside.

"I know you're in here, so you can cut the theatrics."

As he turned around facing the door, a figure came right out of the mirror, shifting from the wall itself as Logan turned back around, facing a Girl in Black Leather with Pink Stripes around her Suit as she sighed in great disappointment.

"Again? How the hell do you do that, Logan?"

Logan made a smirk, turning the Girl in the Suit. "Yeah, it's a little thing called Scent, Pryde. I know you well enough that I can spot you from a mile away."

Kitty Pryde rolled her eyes as she sat down on the barber's chair, sighing as Logan pulled up a chair in front of her while they greeted each other.

"How's the Professor doing so far?"

"...Fine. He's excited about the Festival tomorrow."

"No Shit. I thought I had a dream of him sipping coffee with Magneto while he played chess with him."

"Oh, you had the same dream?"

Logan chuckled, shaking his head as he leaned over from the chair. "Well, as I said, you have a point. Charles is excited about tomorrow, considering it's a big day and all that."

"And you're not?" Kitty asked while folding her arms. "Why's that, huh?"

Logan sighed, leaning back as he looked out the window.

"Tomorrow's just another day for me... Besides, I doubt the whole World is simply going to change overnight because of one big party going out on the streets."

"Well, the Professor seems to believe so. He has Hope things will turn out great for us."

"Even when the Brotherhood's involved?"

Kitty bit her lip, rubbing her arms together. "Yeah, that... I'm not going to pretend I'm the most comfortable having those guys around. But Charles said that he had a talk with Magneto, and from what I hear, he's actually considering being patient during the rally."

"He better be. Otherwise, he'll get something he needs to worry about other than regular Humans." He stood up, looking around. "Now, Charles mentioned that I'm supposed to meet somebody today?"

Kitty nodded. "Uh, yeah! One of the new guys that just flew right in from Madripoor. Xavier said that he would be your new partner for the time being."

"As long as he doesn't annoy the shit out of me, I really don't care."

"Oh, really? I thought I was the one who annoyed the shit out of you?"

Logan scoffed. "Okay, smartass. Where the fuck is he?"

Kitty checked her watch. "He should be here any minute now..."

Suddenly, the door Logan entered was opened, making them turn around as they saw a Dark Skinned Man with a Buzzcut dressed in a Black and Red Leather Suit as he closed the door right behind him, meeting with the two X-Men in the Barber Shop.

"Am I late?" The Recruit asked as if he was nervous about his first day on the job.

"You're actually right on cue!" Kitty reassured him as she stepped off of the chair. "Logan, I'd like for you to meet Lucas. Lucas, meet Logan, or Wolverine. He usually just prefers Logan."

Logan stared at the new recruit, folding his arms. "Okay... Bishop, right?"

He nodded his head. "Yes, sir. It's an honor to meet you."

"Yeah, likewise, Bub." He stood up from the chair to take Bishop's hand, shaking it. "Welcome to the X-Men."

Present Day, Alberta, Canada.

We continue off where we last left off as Logan was seen driving down on the snowy roads of Canada as he, Bishop, and Melita were all seen simply enjoying each other's company while they continued on towards the road, listening to some radio music called Lonely is the Night by Billy Squier.

As they listened, Bishop's fingers tapped on the side door, listening to the song, nodding his head to it while Logan peered his eyes over to him, taking in the sight of the Mutant Riflemen taking pleasure in the song before turning his eyes over back to the road, making a gruffed up sigh from underneath his breath.

"So... Have we met before?"

Bishop simply continued to tap on the side door, casually enjoying the song as they continued driving on the road.

"What kind of question is that supposed to be?"

Logan tilted his head sideways before straightening it to its' normal position.

"Well... You seem to know something personal about me, and you're acting like you've known me even though I just met you. And truth be told, I feel like I've met you before, despite our first encounter in the woods... Care to explain any of that?"

"All in due time." His hands pulled out of the door as he turned to Logan. "Stop right here."

"Why? There's not even a gas station in sight."

"We're not getting gas. We're ditching this car, getting better transport."

"What are you on about?"

"I have a vehicle of my own we can use. It's actually not far from here."

Logan sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Okay."

He pulled up on the road, turning off the engine as Melita made a noise, groaning as she pulled the blanket off of her. "H-Hey... Are we at a hotel yet?"

Logan got out of the car, opening the door for Melita.

"We're not at a hotel."

Melita raised a brow, getting out herself as she spotted Bishop entering the hilltop.

"Where are we exactly?"

Logan shrugged. "I have no idea, to be honest, but this guy is awfully good at making things feel weird."

"Talking from the man who lived inside a Cave for Twenty Years." Bishop turned around while walking backward. "I bet that's how long it's been since you've taken a shower."

Logan growled lowly, following Bishop along. "Apparently, he's good at acting like a smartass on the other hand too."

Melita rubbed her arms as she followed the two Mutants up the hilltop as they climbed through the snow, feeling the morning sunrise from the horizon.

"Alright, so we're not taking a car, nor are we visiting the Airport, or even a Bus over to Dallas... What are we even planning on using? Because there's no way in hell I'm heading all the way over there on foot."

"You could always just walk away, you know," Logan told her in a disgruntled manner. "As I said, nobody's asking you to come with us."

Melita simply tagged along behind Logan as Bishop lead the way.

"Thanks, but I'm right where I'm needed to be. Besides, if this leads me to Trask, there's no way I'm leaving when I'm getting warm."

"Alright, we're here. Everybody stop."

The two of them stopped behind Bishop as they reached the top of the hill, looking over the horizon as the mountain ranges can be seen throughout the region. The snow blizzarding through the group as they stood looking out at the big space of land sitting before them.

"...okay, so there's your sightsee," Logan told Bishop sarcastically. "Well done, we're both very admired. Now can we please get the fuck out of the cold, Bub?"

"Yeah, I actually agree with the Grumpy Bearded Killing Machine over here," Melita said. "This is seriously not the time and place to hike and explore the mountain range, and we're freezing our asses off as it is."

Bishop got out a remote off of his trench coat. "Wait for it..."

He pressed on the button, and soon enough, a cloak was unveiled as Logan and Melita were taken back, seeing a large Black Jet just sitting right on the land, taking them both by surprise as Bishop sighed, smiling at the beauty of the craft.

"Here's our ride out of here," Bishop said, admiring the look. "A very old Classic that is criminally underrated."

Logan stepped forward, moving past Bishop as he observed the plane that he had shown them. Moving his hand up to press it against the cold hard metal exterior as his eyes gazed on a design that only he had known from his Early Days.

"...Blackbird..." Logan called out the name of the jet as he rubbed it off from the snow. "I... It's been so long since I've seen it..."

Melita turned over to Logan, noticing how he felt familiar to it, almost as if he were internally feeling some sense of nostalgia whether he'd care to admit it or not.

"You rode on this thing before?"

Logan hasn't shifted his gaze from the plane as he let his hand go of the wing.

"I... I had thought this was confiscated by S.H.I.E.L.D. or some other Government Stooge after..." Logan then paused, stopping himself from finishing his previous sentence as he refocused his attention towards Bishop. "Where did you get this Plane?"

"I'd love to explain every little detail of Memory Lane, but for now, it'll have to wait once we get inside. The lady is right, we're freezing our asses off just standing out here."

Logan tilted his head, nodding once. "Point taken."

Soon, Bishop activated the landing ramp of the Plane as they each stepped inside of the Blackbird, seeing the advanced technology it has been equipped with as Blue lines lit up the floor. Two monitors planted on top of the wall ceiling where the Pilot's seat is as it displayed current news and events as they explored the vehicle that would be theirs to use for quite some time.

"After 7/15, the X-Men fell apart, along with the Brotherhood. But the things they left behind, they were just sitting there undetected from the World's view, leaving the X-Force and me to pick up the pieces where they left off." Bishop sat down, working the controls while taking off his jacket. "Feel free to make yourselves at home. There's a bed in the back if you need to get warm, along with a fridge, and most importantly a bathroom." His head turned to Logan. "You're free to use it first. After all, there's the added bonus of a shower and a pack of other equipment, especially for shaving that weird Hobo Beard of yours."

"Ahh, go Fuck yourself."

Bishop just smirked at the banter as he turned to face the front shield window. "I mean it, though. You're not going to convince people you mean business if you continue to look like a Hobo."

"Not to mention the smell too."

Logan turned around, staring at Melita as she was seen getting herself a cup of water.

"Oh, what? Are you going to stab me for saying that you smell like shit? Because just so you know, I'd rather go down being honest with myself because you definitely smell like shit."

Logan just rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he looked around at the Plane's Interior design.

"Well... I see this has gotten a lot of Upgrades over the last 2 decades."

"A few improvements then and there."

"Like that cloaking device, you have installed?"

"Courtesy of myself, your welcome. There's also a few improvements then and there, like a modified VTOL Engine that makes this Bird faster than it did at it's prime, and occasionally some gear or two."

"What kind of gear exactly?"

"Uh, I don't know... An Outfit or two."

"Outfits?" Logan scoffed, sitting down next to Bishop. "Great... Am I going to expect to be wearing Leather all over again?"

"Not really. I mean, I didn't mind wearing it, but given how much time has passed I think Leather has just gotten too retro nowadays."

"So, it's Spandex... How spectacular."

"Well, if it helps with anything, nobody's gonna force you to wear a suit, so don't worry about it."

Melita walked over to the two as she held up her cup while being wrapped around in a warm blanket.

"My God, this ship is Astonishing... Did you built this thing?"

Logan scoffed, shaking his head. "He probably wished he did."

"And I still do," Bishop added with a smile. "But Hank McCoy beat me right to it, so I only have the privilege of driving this Beauty all across the World."

She hummed, looking around at the machinery as she held a blanket around her arms. "I don't get it," Melita said. "I thought all the Mutants were declared dead around 5 years after 7/15."

"And I thought I was the last one left," Logan added sarcastically, turning his head over to Bishop. "Do you mind telling me who else is out there while I was sitting my ass off for twenty years?"

"All in due time." Bishop began prepping the engines. "As much as I'd love playing the 10005 questions game, I think you need to focus on fixing yourself up from those bullet holes on your chest while I get the Bird ready for takeoff."

Logan looked down, seeing the bloodstains on his clothes as Melita took a second glance at him, seeing the blood on him while Bishop set the Blackbird for liftoff.

"So, I'm guessing you didn't have an Auto-Pilot set up on the Bird?"

"Oh, I do. I'm just waiting for you to take a shower first." Bishop pointed a finger up. "And uh, maybe shave the Hobo Beard while you're at it."

Logan groaned, shaking his head. "Argh, you are really getting on my nerves for someone who's telling me that he's on my side."

"Yeah, well it's technically my ship now, since everyone else up and ditched this Plane, so apologies for adding Hygiene as part of the requirement program."

As the engines were activated, the ship began to move up into the air, pushing out all the snow off of the ground below it as it started to turn around and make its course over to their prime destination.

As the plane flew in the sky, Bishop pressed some key components that caused the Blackbird to turn invisible in a matter of seconds, making it impossible to trace as Logan began to take off his jacket and shirt, with Melita staying behind Bishop as she sat on the seat next to him.

"So... You knew that guy from a while back... Right?"

Bishop sighed as he worked the controls. "Honestly, I only knew him for a brief while, for like a whole day at least before everything went to hell."

"Which was 7/15, gotcha..." She turned around, seeing him put his clothes on the bed. "...Say... How does it work?"

"How does what work?"

"You know..." She turned to Bishop. "His... Regeneration process."

"Oh, you mean his Healing Factor?"

"Yeah, that. How does it work?"

Bishop shrugged as he turned around, facing Melita. "That's just how the genes in his Body functions. Unlike most of us, he's one of the few to have such a feat granted to him."

"So, not all of you have a Healing Factor?"

"No, I am afraid not." He turned back to the skies. "And if we did, then we'd be having a very different conversation right about now."

She lowered her brow, processing every little detail inside of her brain as she then turned around, only to find Logan standing in the hall stark naked, causing to turn back as the image of his ass facing the bed was imprinted into her mind, causing a chuckle to emerge from Bishop.

"You know, in hindsight, you really shouldn't keep staring if you didn't want to see his junk, all things considered."

"I wasn't, I didn't see his junk, I..." She shook her head, attempting fruitlessly to get the image off of her brain as she heard him enter the restroom. "I just... I can't stop thinking about what happened back there in the woods." She turned around to face Bishop. "I mean, there were men with guns, all of them automated. And he just kept on taking them all out as if he were a Wild Predator of some kind."

"What are you saying, exactly?"

She bit her lip, rubbing her hair from the back of her head. "I guess what I'm trying to ask myself is... How does a man like that live with claws coming from his fists, and living through bullet holes being fired on his chest? Would you ever think that it would ever, you know... Hurt?"

Bishop let out a whistle, moving his eyes over to Melita. "I think that's something you'll have to ask him yourself... In my experience, sometimes it wouldn't hurt to ask a question like that to someone with years worth of experience."

As he let the thought hang out in the air, she turned around, seeing the bathroom door closed while Logan was seen taking a warm shower inside. His hands planted on the walls as he felt the water drop on his head and shoulders, which rained down onto the rest of his body as little did they know, he had heard everything that they had said regarding their conversation about him.

It does hurt, you know... I've experienced everything that would normally have killed a person, and I survived them all despite the odds.

After his shower, he stepped out, rubbing a towel on his head before wrapping it around his legs, turning around to face the mirror as he began to cut his beard each inch at a time.

I've been shot... Stabbed... Burned alive more times than I could count... And all of it hurt the same, even though I had my Healing Factor to make it go away... And the pain all comes back when I go over the same shit all over again.

As he took a break from shaving, his face having cleaned right off of any facial hair with the exception of some mutton chops on each side of his cheeks as he had looked twenty years prior while he started to use his Claws to dig out every bullet that was still inside of him, letting them drop to the floor.

Even when I start pulling out the pieces of that pain, it all comes back to me... All that pain... All that suffering I endure... It's probably enough to make anyone else just want to do anything to make it all go away.

Once all the bullets were taken out, he turned around to face the mirror, seeing his own reflection as he rubbed on his face, feeling the shaven parts of his face.

But there's a trick to handling all the pain I endure... And that trick is simple, as long as you discipline yourself well in the long run.

Soon, he started to get out of the bathroom, lying down on one of the beds to rest as he stared at the ceiling, resting as he moved his hand up, watching his blades slowly come in and out of his fist, reliving the pain that is there on his mind, yet feeling accustomed to it at all.

The trick is not minding that it hurts... Even though it really does fucking hurt.

Trask International, Chicago, Illinois...

At the office of Victor Creed, he was seen sitting on his chair acting nonchalantly as he observed the photos of Wolverine lain around on his desk, eyeing them contently as news reports of an incident in New York City is being reported on the WHiH Newsfront, with Christine Everheart being the face of the broadcast.

"It's been relatively 12 hours since Norman Osborn was officially declared dead by the NYPD, and the entire county is still reeling from what many are dubbing this as the Goblin Nightmare, which was the Former CEO's brutal assault on the 5 Boroughs as last night, Norman had revealed himself to be known as the Green Goblin, as evidenced when he began using his own resources from Oscorp to turn most of New York's inhabitants into Goblins themselves. Though the exact extent of his death remains unclear at this time, the autopsy report states that he had died from a stab wound on the chest, which was heavily inflicted on by an Advanced Prototype Glider, which he had used during his reign of terror on the streets of Manhattan. Oscorp Officials are also rumored to have former Oscorp Chief Operating Officer, Alistaire Smythe, to replace the deceased Terrorist as Head of the Company. Though they are currently declining to comment at the moment, Oscorp's Future after Norman Osborn's Reign of Terror remains highly uncertain at this time. Speaking of which, after Oscorp's drastic decline in the Stock Market, Trask International has moved right up in its place into the Arms Race."

At that moment, Creed perked his head up, turning around to see Trask's Logo on the TV as Christine continued to report on the news.

"Trask International has been known to offer security and protection for the World after it's aid during the aftermath of 7/15, which was a deadly incident that struck a blow between Human Relations with Mutantkind, resulting in the immediate destruction of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. Given Oscorp's current set of Crisis, Trask may have just inadvertently gained the advantage in the weapons business as their stock just started to rise drastically-!"

As Creed hummed softly watching the TV, his bodyguard was seen walking right inside of his office as he noticed his boss watching the news.

"Have you seen the news, Boss? All the Office Workers are getting calls like crazy, it's like a goddamn verbal warzone down there."

"All part of the change, business, Red," Creed said simply as he watched the news going well for his Company. "And we have Norman Osborn to thank for that. That crazy Goblin Faced Psycho just made us a lot of cash, and there's no way in hell I'm not missing an opportunity like that, especially when it's sitting on our faces."

Omega folded his hands behind his back. "So, does that mean we're not going with Monica Rappaccini's offer to help finance our other projects?"

Creed turned around with his hands clasped together with his leg rest on the other, sitting on his chair as he gazed upon his Paid Employee.

"You ask me that as if I actually considered wanting to bargain with that parasitic corporate broad."

"Honestly, boss, I was hoping you wouldn't. That Bitch makes my damn skin crawl every time she's in the same room as me."

Creed stood up from his chair, unclasping his hands and standing on his two feet.

"Well, fortunately for both of us, neither one of us has to worry about her anymore now that I have an excuse to decline her offer to merge A.I.M. with Trask International, given I got all the funds I need to solve all our problems, so she can try to take someone else's company for all I care. Follow me."

They walked out of his office, entering the halls as they walked over to the elevator, with Creed pushing the button on the wall to hail for a lift.

"Now, since we have our schedule cleared up, how are surveillance tracking our old friend, Logan so far?"

Omega cleared his throat, lowering his head while standing beside Creed.

"Well... The satellites tracked the car he stole to a forest still residing in Canada. After that, he, along with a Blogger and a 7/15 Fugitive disappeared into the woods and we lost visual contact since early this morning."

"So he disappeared, again?"

"R&D is still trying to pinpoint his exact location, but the vehicle's coordinates still state that they're heading over to Dallas, just as they intended to before vanishing."

Creed hummed as the elevator arrived, opening up for him and his bodyguard as they both stepped right inside of it, listening to the soft music that it had set in the background.

"I suggest we double security at our facility located down in Dallas. Logan, or whoever the fuck he's rolling with must have figured that we'd be tracking them down, so they ditched the car in the snow and found transport elsewhere, so they'll probably get there a lot faster than two days worth of a road trip."

Omega raised his brow, confused by his calming stature despite being given the bad news.

"You don't sound too pissed off."

Creed huffed, cracking both sides of his neck while straightening out his tie.

"I've spent twenty years trying to find Logan's sorry ass and nail his head to a wall. Believe me, when it comes to Logan, he'll find a way to improvise. And that's just fine by me because fortunately, I happen to be quite patient when Logan's involved, so whatever Resistance he's with now, I can wait... After all, we'll be seein' each other again one way or another."

Once Creed finished with his tie, the elevator landed on the very first floor, allowing them entry into the lobby as they began to exit the building and enter the limousine.

"Is my Breakfast still on cue for 8:30?"

"Da. Belgian Waffles with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon with a side of Toast and Hash Browns, just the way you like them."

"And the restaurant won't open until 30 minutes after, correct?"

"I made a call today and the night before today. They don't officially serve until 9 A.M, Sharp.

"Good, because I can't stand eating around other people. I like it when I eat alone-!"

"Excuse me!"

The two stopped outside as they encountered a homeless man sitting next to them holding up a tin can with money and change that is waiting to be added up.

"Please, can I have some change?"

Omega glared, turning to the poor person.

"Piss off, you filthy mongrel!"

"Whoa, hey!"

Creed let out a hand on Omega's shoulder, making his bodyguard turn around as he casually let out a smile.

"Easy there, Red. We got time on our hands, and it wouldn't hurt to indulge our guest, now would it?"

Omega nodded, backing off as he allowed Creed to kneel down in front of the homeless person begging for change.

"Now then... I don't suppose you had been recently evicted, have you?"

The Homeless Man shook his head shakily.

"No sir. I've been out on the streets ever since I got laid over several years ago. I've been desperate for a job, but no one would ever let me in."

"Which reduced you into a beggar lying around dirty for whoever feels they should impose mercy on you, correct?"

The Man nodded his head, desperate as he thinks it would provide him satisfaction for his hunger.

"Please, sir. I haven't eaten in three days. I don't know how much longer I'll last..."

Creed hummed, pressing a soft finger on the man's chin as he began to quietly inspect him.

"Tell me... You don't have any uh... Friends or Relatives by any chance, do you?"

"No sir... Everyone I've ever known is gone now, I'm the only one left."

"Is that so?"

"Yes sir."

Creed continued to breathe as he watched his breath drew out the cold air from his mouth, which breathed into the homeless man's face as his finger continued to rub on his chin.

"So... You want something, right?"

"Yes sir. Anything, please! I beg of you."

Creed nodded his head, giving out a smirk.

"Alright, well... Since you asked so nicely..."

As Omega was seen standing in front of the limo observing his boss still kneeling on the ground, he witnessed him finally standing back on his feet as he turned around wiping away his nail as Omega gave him a napkin and water before opening the limo for him.

"Did you enjoy that, boss?"

Creed smiled, shaking his head as he turned to Omega.

"This shit never gets old, I'll tell you that."

"Glad to see you satisfied your cravings."

He shut the door when Creed got inside as Omega entered the car with him, a woman was seen walking next to the spot Creed was just kneeling to as she turned her gaze upon the same homeless man he was just speaking to before currently sitting on the ground just as he was before... With the added insight of blood dripping down from his slit throat as he lay there choking on his blood, which gave the woman motive to allow that fear instinct to kick right in.


The blood-curdling scream could be heard from inside the limousine as Creed just sat there wiping the blood off of his nail with a malicious smile on his face.

Later in the day, the Black Bird was seen hovering over the United States Airspace as Logan was seen walking over to the cockpit, sitting next to Bishop while Melita was sitting on a chair sound asleep.

"...You've showered." Bishop pointed while piloting the ship. "Took quite a long time in there, don't you think?"

"It's been a while since I've been on this Bird, so cut me some slack, okay?" Logan reasoned as he took a glance at Melita. "She asleep?"

Bishop nodded his head. "Passed out over an hour after we took off. She deserves it, given she nearly died back there."

Logan scratched his back as he looked out towards the window, not even bothering to glance at Bishop as he continued to look at the skies.

"...Who else?"

Bishop took a glance at Logan, puzzled by his question. "Who else what?"

Logan closed his eyes as he rubbed on his head, lowering it. "...Who else is still alive?"

Bishop sighed heavily as he continued to steer the wheel. "That's unclear, even to the rest of our Cells. After you took the Bullet, we made a pact that we'd keep our identities hidden in secret, so whenever Trask decided to try and find us, we'd remain deep in their blind spots."

"Yeah? What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means... That to ensure our survival, we would have to disclose our own faces from each other, especially the ones we consider as allies."

"So that means that we have no clue who's still on board with us, and who is currently six feet under the ground. Wonderful."

"Well, if it's any consolation, any of the X-Force allies on the net doesn't even know my face, so you know, there's that."

"Good for you."

Logan leaned back as Bishop manned the vehicle, turning his eyes over to the Canadian as he started to feel the anxiety grown from beneath his tough demeanor as he cracked he rolled his elbows back just a few inches.

"...I know the feeling," Bishop confessed as Logan continued to stare out into the visual background. "That feeling you get sometimes when you've hunkered down into a personal safe place, yet getting absolutely suffocated at the possibility that... You're just the last remaining living being of an endangered species that is just this close to being rendered extinct... It can be quite claustrophobic, and extremely terrifying at such a concept sometimes, that you just don't want to leave."

Logan hummed while he tilted his head. "Yeah? And how long did you stayed inside of a safe house? A week? A month?"

"Eight Years, Nine Months, Six Days," Bishop answered, causing Logan to turn and give him a surprised look. "That's how long it took for me to get out of my safe zone... To venture off into a World that I didn't even recognize, to struggle with all these new obstacles that have risen after 7/15." He turned around to glance at Logan. "But I did adjust eventually." He turned to face the skies once more. "I had to... Otherwise, the fight would have been lost, and Trask would have won in the end."

Logan leaned forward, still staring at Bishop with his hands clasped.

"If you spent all that time hunkered inside of a hole somewhere... How did you know Creed was still alive?"

"Easy, I studied from my own basement... You remember Doctor McCoy? He set up this advanced satellite system for each of Charles Xavier's Safe Houses, stocked up food and water supplies that would last around three hundred years, give or take."

Logan scoffed, turning to look away while he folded his arms, leaning back. "Yeah... Hank was always the Illuminati type of Bastard that would make precautions."

"Indeed he was... Or maybe he still is, whether or not he's still a part of the land of the living, but I don't want to jinx it. It's better not to assume just about anything these days."

Logan nodded, more to the wise as he leaned back, staring out into the skies stuck in a train of thought as they sat there for a while.

"...How the fuck did Creed takeover Trask International?" Logan questioned as the thought suddenly popped up into being. "I've known Creed for a long time, and he ain't that smart to pull off that magic trick, especially in a company like Trask."

Bishop sighed. "That question is something I'm hoping this little mechanism would help me understand."

"What little thing?"

Bishop let one hand go of the wheel, pulling out a hard drive as Logan took a look at it, gently taking it off of his hands.

"That was taken out of a Black Site previously owned by the Roxxon Corporation. Trask purchased the land when Roxxon put it up for auction, and the idiots over there forgot to update Roxxon's old security network, so it was easy for me to sneak in and download the data right under their noses."

Logan glanced at the hard drive in his hands as he tilted his head numerous times.

"...What's on this drive?"

"Not entirely sure yet, though I did see the name, Wolverine, pop up frequently while I was downloading, so I figured I'd come to find you, given the circumstance and all."

"So you came to find me just so you could, what? Save me or pull my ass out of my Cave?"

"Maybe a bit of both, if it ever came down to it."

Logan huffed, setting the Hard Drive gently down. "And how are you certain that I'm of any help to you?"

"Because, well, technically, you're the leader of our own private resistance organization-!"

"That was before you shot me in the head! The Guy you knew Two Decades ago? He forgot all about it, and he certainly has no clue what to do, so how do you expect me to help you after having spent Twenty Years in a Cave? For all I know, I probably want to go right back, consequences be damned whatever they are, so why do you think I should be any help to you?"

Bishop simply sat there and piloted the Black Bird as he listened to Logan's rants while calmly staring out into the horizon.

"...Remember what I told you before? About adjusting to a World I hardly ever recognized before then, after spending Eight Years inside of a bunker?"

"Yeah? What of it?"

Bishop leaned back, turning to glance at Logan as the Wolverine looked to him for answers.

"Well... Let's just say we all have to get out of our Caves one way or another."

Logan fell silent after that as he leaned back against the chair, sitting there when Bishop noticed sounds of beeps coming from the window's holographic screens as he cocked a brow.

"Ah... You should probably wake up the New Girl. We've arrived."

Logan saw Bishop set the ship for autopilot as he stood up to walk up and get his gear, leaving the recently shaved Caveman to look down and gaze his sights upon the city of Dallas.

Later, the group was seen walking on the streets of Dallas as they wore pedestrian clothes as Melita wore a tank top while walking amongst the two Mutants on her side in the area of a mall plaza.

"You know, it'd be nice if you had a closet where women could have a selection of clothes that fit her size," Melita complained as he walked all sweaty outside. "If I had known I'd be dragging myself halfway across the continent from the cold woods to the heat of the desert, I would have packed myself some clothes that didn't make myself feel warmer than I allow myself to be."

"You can always choose to go to a shop to pick up some clothes for yourself," Bishop added as he walked next to Logan. "There's one right around the corner of here.

"Thanks, but I left all my belongings in Canada. Not to mention my Debit Card, my Driver's License, my own U.S. Passport..."

Bishop paused, standing in front of a pedestrian crossing as he pressed the button that signals the walk now sign, he reached into his pouch and handed Melita over $100, stunning her as he continued to look forward.

"There's a Tilly's around the corner to my right," Bishop explained without having to glance at the Blogger. "If you don't want to get ditched out here, come find us at the Best Buy across the street, over by the computers in five minutes. You won't be able to miss us once you're inside."

Melita took the money into her hand. Her eyes widening in shock as she looked at Bishop.

"Wow... I don't know what to say."

"You don't need you, I can already tell you're thankful by the sound of your voice."

Logan rolled his eyes, glancing over to Garner. "Look, just be discreet about it when you change your clothes, alright sweetheart?"

Melita turned to Logan, feeling unnerved by his gruff attitude as she nodded her head.

"Yeah, I'll take that up as a vote of confidence, thanks very much." She started to leave. "I'm coming right back, so don't you two leave without me, alright?"

As she moved on to get a change of clothes, Logan began to peer his eyes on over to the rest of the street, seeing posters of Iron Man and Captain America all over the place as well as numerous A Symbols signifying the Avengers while he just scoffed, seeing no sign of the X-Men trademark anywhere in the area.

"Looks different after all these years, doesn't it?" Bishop questioned, having noticed Logan's observations as he pressed his hands into his hips.

"Yeah... Seems like most people were quick to move right on without Mutants in the world." Logan pointed out as he felt a little bit of hidden jealousy inside while Bishop continued to wait for the signal to cross the street.

"Maybe so, but it's probably good for us." Bishop glanced over to Logan. "Twenty Years is a long time for people to forget about the X-Men, which means that hopefully, nobody will be able to recognize us as we continue to walk around the streets with our faces shown in public. Mainly, yours, no offense."

"None taken..." A beeping sound went off, turning Logan's attention to the Walk Now sign as he looked around the street, unnerved by how calm things are as he walked next to Bishop, heading over to Best Buy.

"You alright?" Bishop questioned while he walked side by side with Logan. "You look uneasy, that's unlike you."

"Maybe it's probably because the last time that I was here, I didn't leave Texas on very good terms," Logan answered as he seemed to be looking for any scorch marks... Or blood for the matter. "I had to claw myself out of a hole buried beneath cemented rubble."

At that moment as he finished exiting the crosswalk, a thought began to intercept Logan as he stopped right around the corner as Bishop turned around to let him think out the mind bubble. As soon as he was finished, Logan turned to face Bishop in a disturbed expression.

"...Did you dump me inside of that fucking hole after you shot me?"

Bishop shrugged while raising his shoulders. "Hey, it was your idea, not mine."

"I could have remained buried alive!"

"Yet, I have a very vivid memory of you telling me that you would crawl yourself out eventually. And here you are, safe and sound."

Logan scoffed, shaking his head at the thought of him actually wanting to be buried beneath the rubble.

"...Un. Fucking. Believable."

"Yet it seemed to work out since you thought everyone you ever knew was dead, and you have done it out the way you believed yourself would play out; go straight into hiding." Logan turned to glance at him while he continued to raise his hands up. "Again, your idea, not mine."

Logan rolled his eyes, moving past Bishop on the way into the store. "Let's just get this shit over with."

They walked inside the store as they headed over to the P.C. area, using a laptop inside as they started to use the Hard Drive filled with Trask International's data.

"Alright, let's say we do this, and put that drive inside. What exactly are the odds that we act on this unnoticed?"

"Very unlikely. Trask International is very keen on holding onto their privacy. The last time I tried to upload the data on a public server, I nearly got surrounded by armed guards with assault rifles."

"Oh? Well, good to know some things haven't changed over the years." Logan turned around to guard Bishop as his back faced the man using the computer. "How long will it be until we have company?"

"Well, since there's a Trask International Outpost posted near Town, my guess would be around Eight minutes, tops."

"And how long do you need exactly?"


"Little close to the top, don't you think?"

"Please, Black Widow did this way back in 2014, and she got out just fine." Bishop sighed as he started inserting the Drive. "Alright, and the clock starts... Now."

As soon as the Drive was uploaded, the Server began to identify a Trask International private file into the system, causing it to be traced right back to the owner as somewhere within city limits, Trask International's R&D Department of the region began to pick up the signal.

"Whoa, hey. Did you guys read that?"

"Isn't that supposed to be one of ours?"

"This is supposed to be in our private servers, what is it doing in the middle of a shopping center?"

"Call in Pierce, he'll be able to bring the Data back in no time."

"What exactly should I tell him?"

"Tell him that we have stolen property located on City Grounds. Don't worry, he'll be able to bring it back in no time!"

As soon as the call was made, an armed convoy began to roll out of the outpost, driving first into Dallas as Melita on the other hand began to arrive at Best Buy, running over to Logan and Bishop.

"Hey! Did I miss anything?"

"No, just other than the fact that we might be having armed gunmen turning this entire place into a fucking shooting gallery," Logan whispered before he turned around to face Bishop. "We need to get a move on!"

"Easy... I know what I'm doing, we're almost there." Bishop reassured as Melita began to envious of the prospect of imminent danger.

"God, this is not how I imagined things would play out."

"How did you imagine it, then? Sunshine and rainbows with smiles all over our faces?" Logan questioned rhetorically.

"I was imagining that we'd do this while we're located inside of your secret Headquarters or something."

"That would have been a bad idea for us." Bishop turned around. "Trask all of its data throughout the world. If they spot some of theirs located somewhere that doesn't belong to their land, then we'd be swarmed all over the place, and we'd jeopardized ourselves in the process."

"Fuck!" Melita cursed. "Are all corporate giants always this sophisticated?"

Logan turned back to Melita. "Look, lady, if you want to make yourself useful, now's the perfect time to do it because this place is going to be crawling with guns, and people are gonna get hurt."

Melita looked around, seeing a couple of kids running around playing as she sighed, rubbing her hair at the prospect of such tragedy should things go sideways.

"...Okay, shit." Melita nodded her head. "Okay, what do I do?"

"I don't know, sing kumbaya or something. Just try to do something that keeps Trask off our backs!"

Melita sighed, nodding her head while walking back to look around casually, listening in on other people's conversations as the news regarding New York began to trend on live TV.

"Still no word on the Public Identity of this Amazing Spider-Man as of yet as many of New York's Public Residency began to applaud him for his heroic actions that were taken during Norman Osborn's Reign of Terror as the Green Goblin. Despite the applaud, Daily Bugle News Editor, J. Jonah Jameson continues to brutally criticize him for his Vigilante acts as the rest began to see him as the Hero that many believe him to be. We'll have more on this alleged Wall Crawler as we tune in on the victims of the Goblin Nightmare."

"Tch! What a bunch of bull, fake news!" One grumpy pedestrian spoke out loud as Melita overheard him while walking by. "It's all bullshit, nothing was going on in New York! Just a bunch of riots, that's all."

Another pedestrian, a friend by the looks of it, raised a brow as he turned to the grumpy group companion. "You sure? Because I've looked up photos on Twitter, and there are photos of Goblins swarming in from all over Times Square-!"

"Don't believe everything you see on the internet, alright? It's all Deepfakes, all of it! Special Effects that were made to provide pieces of entertainment from all those crazies, why can't all these dumbasses see that?"

As she walked away from the group, she started to encounter another group of pedestrians that seem to be taking the news quite seriously.

"Hey, did you just hear about what happened in NYC?"

"Yeah... My Sister, she uh... She was there when that guy from Oscorp released all of that Stuff all over Times Square, and... Well, let's just say she's going to need to see a therapist once she's through."

"Damn... Do you plan on visiting soon?"

"Yeah, I am. I just bought myself a Plane Ticket to JFK Airport, then I'm gonna go over and help her out the best way I can."

Melita looked around, seeing this as a way of providing a distraction as she saw the men speaking ill of a disaster as she started to walk over to the group that actually believes about the Crisis in New York.

"Uh, hi!" Melita expressed a polite greeting. "I'm sorry to eavesdrop, but I couldn't help but overhear about what happened to your sister. I'm so sorry about her."

The man nodded his head. "It's fine... Besides, the bastard responsible is dead now, so I think we're going to be alright for the most part."

"I'm glad to hear." She turned around, seeing the men just a minute away from leaving. "Hey, I'm here so that I can let you know; there's this guy that apparently doesn't believe about Goblins in New York. Apparently, he overheard what you were saying about your sister, and he started calling you obscenities like you're a dumbass for example."

The man raised a brow, having been angered by such a claim. "What the hell did he call?"

"A dumbass. I'm sorry, that's what he just said earlier, and I also heard that he called your sister somewhere around the lines of... Crazy, I think?"

"Oh... Fuck no, where is he?"

"He's over by the Register-!"

The man didn't allow Melita to give her a chance to finish as he shoved her out of the way, marching over to the man as Logan and Bishop continued to look through the files.

"Alright, I got something," Bishop said as Logan got his attention. "I'm looking through a file about Project Shadowcat."

"And? What's exactly Project Shadowcat?"

"That's what I intend to find out. I'm opening the file and..." Bishop's usually stern expression gone increasingly pale, rendering him silent as Logan perked his head up in confusion.

"And what?" Logan questioned, turning to a silent Bishop. "What did you find?"

Bishop remained quiet as Logan moved over to shove him aside, trying to see what was on the computer. And to his Astonishment and Horror, he found that Project Shadowcat was none other than a Person... A Mutant in that matter, rather... A Mutant from his own past.


"Hey, asshole!"

A loud punch was heard through the building as Logan and Bishop were broken free from their shock, turning around to see a fight going on by the checkout line.

"What the fuck are you calling my sister crazy for?!"

The Man speaking rudely of NYC's recent Disaster began to spit out blood as he got up from the floor, rubbing his cheekbone.

"What's it to you, Dickwod?"

"My Sister was there, in New York! When those Goblins began swarming all over the place, she was one of the first to be infected!"

"Oh, for god's sake, please! As if your Sister got turned into a Goblin sized Troll!"

"Yet you admit to calling her Crazy?"

"I admit that the internet is a bunch of Liberal bullshit that gets taken way too seriously! I mean, come on! Green Goblins in New York? Give me a break!"

"So what are you walking around the store calling me a dumbass for?"

"Because that's apparently what you are, dumbass!"

Having heard enough, the Man began to kick the other right in the ballsack, letting the Rude person whine in shock before getting an uppercut right on the chin, knocking him onto the floor as the grieving Brother began to kick his ass.


"Oh my god, somebody stop them!"

"Fuck that! Yo, kick his ass!"

As a crowd began to form around the exit, Trask's Security lead by Donald Pierce began to arrive at Best Buy as he noticed a fight going on from inside the store.

"...The fuck is goin' on in there?" Pierce began to move inside, only to be halted by the crowd. "Hey, hey! Let us through!"

"Eat shit, pal! There's a fight going on!"

"I said move!"

"And I said wait, douchebag!"

As the Trask Security was stunted by the crowd, Melita caught up with the Mutants as she saw them observing her handiwork.

"Hey! Are we done yet?"

Logan was taken out of his frozen observation as he turned over to Melita.

"...This was you?" Logan questioned while pointing a finger over to the crowd.

"What? You told me to do something, so I had to do something!"

Bishop, having been taken out of his trance, moved to remove the Hard Drive as he started waving his hand over to the group.

"We've got what we needed. Let's go!"

As soon as Bishop pulled out the Hard Drive, they started to move on out of the store through the back, but not before Logan moved past the security system and cut apart the servers, leaving no trace of their appearance as they began to leave unnoticed.

Later on the Black Bird, they began to upload a holographic image of Kitty Pryde placed inside of a cryogenic holding chamber as Logan folded his arms, staring at her as Melita tilted her head, curious about her while Bishop sat on a chair to explain.

"The data from the Hard Drive explained that Kitty Pryde was one of the Survivors of 7/15," Bishop said as Logan continued to stare at Kitty's face. "Apparently, she was on the run for quite a while until Trask managed to get a hold of her."

Melita leaned back, sitting down as she looked at Kitty Pryde.

"I don't get it... From what you guys told me, all this girl can do is just run through walls." Melita said. "I don't get what they could possibly want from her."

Logan huffed, lowering his eyes. "I might have an idea." Logan began to pace around back and forth while Bishop and Melita looked at him. "Before 7/15, all we ever knew about Kitty Pryde was the fact that she could phase through any solid object in her path, including walls. But then Charles had a theory that she could do more than that, that she could potentially send someone back into the past..."

Melita raised a brow. "Like, Time Travel somehow?"

"Yes, that's precisely what I mean, Time Travel."

Bishop sighed heavily as he shook his head. "So Creed took Pryde, used her as her guinea pig to take small trips to the Past in order to make good use of Trask International's Success."

"Which explains why Creed is acting like such pompous Wall Street Prick, that fucking..." Logan growled, kicking a chair over onto the ground. "Fucker!"

Melita watched as Logan vented through his anger, having noticed how pissed he looked as she felt how unnerved each of them are.

"...So I'm guessing she means a lot to you."

Logan sighed, rubbing his neck as he turned to Melita. "Kitty Pryde wasn't just an ally, she was my friend, possibly the only friend that I'll ever have left in this World." He turned over to Bishop. "We need to find her, and get her the fuck away from Creed!"

"I know, and we will!" Bishop pressed a hand on his shoulder. "Look, don't worry, we'll get her out safely."

"No, it's not just her safety that I'm concerned about!" Logan said as he pushed the hand back. "Pryde is Creed's Wildcard. If he knew what we know, then he'll use her to send someone back to find us, somewhere in time where we haven't met yet, and take you both out before that'd ever happened!"

"I know," Bishop answered. "That's why I sent the coordinates of Kitty's whereabouts onto the Black Bird's computer before we left the store. I've been recalibrating our destination ever since we got here, so relax... I know what I'm doing."

Logan huffed as he turned away, facing Kitty sitting helplessly as Melita folded her arms, standing next to Logan while turning to Bishop.

"Hey... If we know where she is, doesn't it mean that we're going to be encountering heavy resistance? I doubt Trask would ever give your friend up that easily without blood being shed."

Bishop nodded his head. "So true... That's why I alerted my Contact, let him know where we're going so he could give us the security codes to sneak right in without having to deal with their security detail. By the time they noticed we were ever there, we'll be long gone by then."

Logan sighed, unfolding his arms as he turned to sit next to Bishop. "And your contact... Who the hell is he exactly?"

"No clue. So far, he only goes by a codename; Raven."

"And what exactly do we know about Raven in particular?"

"Only that he's been extremely helpful to the X-Force for a long time, especially to me when it comes to getting in and out of tight places."

Logan raised a brow, leaning back. "So what? You think this is an undercover operative?"

Melita scoffed, nodding her head. "Well, he's got to be! I mean, if he's able to provide our passage through security, then it's no doubt that he's working behind enemy lines somehow." After she said that, her mind trailed off, shaking her head in disbelief. "God... Listen to me, sounding like some soldier fighting in a war nobody knows about."

Logan pressed his hand on his knee, turning to the front shield window. "So how far is she?"

"Not that far. She's currently in the desert of the same State we are in, at an underground facility."

"Alright, so once we arrive, we'll go in, and get her out, straight and simple."

"Not quite." Bishop turned to Logan. "Trask will want to double security after our recent stunt at Dallas, they won't want to take any chances, so they'll be waiting for us to strike from the daylight. So, we wait until we strike at Nightfall."

Logan shook his head. "That's not giving me any kind of reassurance, pal."

"I'm not looking forward to this as you are, but we can't take any chances either! If we strike too soon, they'll use Kitty a lot sooner, and have someone kill us both before we could even reach her."

"They can't kill me."

"But they can kill me. I'm the reason you're here in the first place, so if I die in the past, you won't even remember what they're even doing to Kitty."

Logan growled impatiently as he leaned back, hating the fact that Bishop was correct as he folded his arms impatiently while Lucas had turned to Logan in sympathy.

"...I don't like this as much as you do... But this is the only way we can be certain that this can work."

Melita sat behind the two while she listened to their conversation. "So uh... Any reason why we can't just ask for the Avengers for help?"

Bishop scoffed lightly, turning to the window. "Tempting, but those guys tend to draw way too much noise. And besides, they're busy in Sokovia helping clean up the damage left from that Robot Invasion, so we're on our own as far as I'm concerned."

"So we just sit up here on our asses doing nothing but wait simply until the moon shines right over our heads as Kitty sits on her ass in the cold, sleeping while those bastards take complete advantage of her," Logan stated the plan with bitter sarcasm. "Wonderful..."

"She'll be fine. They won't touch her, so as long as we play our cards right." Bishop got up on his feet. "Now come on. There's something I'd like to show you."

Logan raised a brow, sharing a glance at Melita before getting up to follow Bishop as he turned over to a door on the ship.

"Now, I know I said that I wouldn't force you to wear anything, but where we're going, it's gonna have a lot of cameras in place, and there's no guarantee that Creed won't recognize you through those cameras, with or without an outfit, so the least you could do is try going out in style..."

Bishop typed in a code in order for a door to slide itself out, extending out to Logan as he just stood there, dumbfounded by the design.


Bishop folded his arms. "Seriously."

Logan sighed, staring at the item before him while Melita just nodded her head in acceptance.

"...Well, I think it looks really cool, all things considered. I think it would look real good on you."

Logan just hummed while nodding his head. "...God, this is gonna be tight."

Back in Chicago, Creed was seen sitting in his office in the afternoon overseeing the report on Dallas as he looked through photos of pedestrians fighting amongst each other while glancing over a particular photo of three sharp claw marks on the store's computer servers, making him scoff lightly as he smirked.

While he was admiring Logan's handiwork, Omega was seen walking over to Sabretooth as he looked delighted by his previous actions as of late.

"Sir, there's been a strange data leak going off on a public server in Dallas..."

"I know... I read the report, the data has been neatly contained as I expected it to be."

Omega walked next to him, observing a picture of claw marks on a computer server.

"...So do you really think it's him? You truly believe that he's come back after all these years?"

"It has to be... I mean, look at those marks, Omega... There's only one person I know who could make a mark like that, and it certainly ain't one of those Enhanced I keep on hearin' about."

Omega turned to glance over to his Boss. "If they know about the Girl... They could be seeking out to find her."

"So... Let 'em have it."

"Boss, I don't think that it's a good idea..."

Creed smirked, shaking his head while glancing over to Omega. "Look, even if they do manage to get to her, even if... They'll be in for a surprise when their little Kitty Cat." He turned around. "So, in the meantime, we focus on our other projects, double up the workforce in the Texas Facility, make' em believe they know what's going on, up until they reached the climax..."

At nightfall, the Texas Desert looked and sounded awfully quiet as the wind blew over in the air until a convoy began to drive and park in the middle of nowhere as it began to await passage to somewhere.

"Alright, this Stryker Unit 21, waiting for permission to enter the facility, over."

"Copy that. Waiting on the passcode, over."

The driver sighed, leaning back as he looked annoyed by the same routine.

"...Passcode, Don't-Shoot-My-Ass, over."

The others chuckled as they heard the Driver speak the passcode. "Copy Unit 21. Granting you boys passage, over."

From below the ground, something began to erupt as hanger doors were sliding themselves up, allowing the convoy passage as they drove right on the inside of a tunnel, the Cloaked Black Bird hovered in the air, letting Bishop and Logan drop right out on top of the last vehicle as they both crawled underneath it, letting them inside as Melita was inside watching them go into the facility.

"Alright, Bishop, I don't see anyone suspecting a thing," Melita said as she saw the last vehicle slide right through. "I think you're okay for now."

"Thanks, Garner. And remember; do not touch anything until we come back, alright? You'll be safe inside while we move right on to our search and rescue."

"Okay... Good luck you two, and uh... If you see any more prisoners, maybe my friend, Charlie while you're inside... Just please help her if you can."

"We'll do our best."

The doors closed as they finished their mutual conversation, the convoy continued to drive on it's way over to the garage. There, they stopped and parked inside of the garage as all the men began to walk over to their duties to leave their vehicles in the dark, Bishop began to crawl himself out from beneath the truck wearing a Blue Uniform along with a Red Scarf around his neck as he looked around, having spotted no signs of hostiles coming for him.

"Okay... I think we're good, you can come out now."

As Bishop waited for him, Wolverine crawled out from beneath the truck, standing up while wearing a Yellow and Black Suit with a Mask that has was mostly Yellow with the bonus of Large Black Ears and White Eyes. With the Suit, it also carries a Yellow Utility Belt, Black Boots, and Black Fingerless Gloves as Wolverine cracked both sides of his head, getting adjusted to the Suit.

"Well... Are you holding up okay?" Bishop questioned while Wolverine sounded grumpy.

"I can't believe you made me wear this shit."

"Well, it could be worse... I mean, for all we know, you could have gone back to wearing plain Leather, or you could have been wearing Whiskers, a silly looking nose, along with the added bonus of Underwear sitting tightly below your Waist."

Wolverine shook his head, growling lowly as he looked around the facility. "Let's just get this shit done... How do we find her?"

"I'm working on it." Bishop led Wolverine over to hide against a dark corner. "Raven gave me a GPS locater that Trask hasn't released into the market. Heavily advanced, beyond today's century."

"Can we find her at least?"

"I hope so... I just gotta write in the correct code..."

Bishop typed in the word Shadowcat, and soon when he pressed on the GPS, a line was dispelled unto the floor, making them both take a look as Bishop held it down below his hand to help them guide to their destination.

"Okay." Bishop turned to Wolverine. "Now we're in business."

They walked around as they followed the line over to their destination while Trask International's Thugs began to gather around the hanger as Donald Pierce was among the group arriving from the convoy.

"Alright, people listen up!" Pierce explained to his men. "Mr. Creed thinks that there's gonna be a couple of trespassers wanderin' on in here, which is somethin' I highly doubt, but as a precaution, the boss wants us to make a sweep of the facility to make sure the asset is taken care of. Now, worst case scenario if this ever happens, we'll just use the Cat and uh, use that Magic Time Traveling chic ASAP. Now, any questions before we get started with our night?" He pointed out to a man holding a hand up. "Yes sir?"

"Mr. Pierce, I mean this in no disrespect, but I thought Time Travel only works on a Quantum Level. Like, for example, if you went back in time to kill Hitler as a baby, that wouldn't really change a thing, things would be the same the way we all remember 'em to be."

"Yeah, you're barking up the wrong tree, Dale. Girlie ain't related to any kind of Quantum Physics or whatever, this is on a whole different tree. And for any more questions like that, just picture her taking you on a long trip to Disneyland, except it's actually pretty fucking Magical." Pierce clapped his hands together. "Now, without any further adieu, let's get right on to our jobs."

Everyone getting paid to safeguard the facility started to move out as Wolverine and Bishop moved down the halls to follow the light, tracking Kitty's whereabouts on the floor.

"Alright, let's be careful how we move," Wolverine said as he followed Bishop. "Remember, if anybody spots us, an alarm will sound, and we'll waste so much time fighting our way to her that these Assholes will already have done whatever they needed to do to make our job difficult."

"Agreed. This is our only shot to making this work, and perhaps making everything back to the way they were."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

Bishop peered over to a hallway, making sure the coast was clear as he signaled the Wolverine to continue following him. "Kitty can send people back, right? Maybe she could send one of us back, set things right as they were before."

Wolverine raised a brow while following Bishop from behind. "What? Are you telling me that you're here to prevent 7/15 from happening?"

"Maybe... Or maybe I'm just being naive about the fact that there's no definitive way on how to change our past."

The man in Yellow peered his eyes downward, contemplating about their past and what lead them here as he continued to follow Bishop... Thinking about how all the death and all the tragedies could potentially be prevented on a cosmic scale.

"...Look, Bishop... If it's possible, then... Well, maybe it could be worth the shot-!"


Bishop stopped, holding up a hand as Wolverine stopped right behind him, moving down to hide behind a corner as they saw a giant-sized Robot Head being moved down the hall on the opposite end of the hall.

"Christ..." Bishop gasped. "...I thought that those things were all, but dismantled when the Trasks died..."

"What were all dismantled?" Wolverine questioned. "What are you seeing?"

As soon as the Head vanished from Bishop's sights, the Man with a Gun turned to the corner, seeing it being put through into scraps as Bishop sighed, lowering his shoulder as Wolverine raised a brow.

"Bishop... What did you see?"

"...Nothing," Bishop answered simply as he turned around. "Just a ghost I saw, nothing more." He heard the GPS beep louder, turning to a corner as he held it above the ground placed on his palm. "We're nearly there."

Wolverine turned to look around, seeing the halls starting to pile up with more guards as he continued to follow Bishop. As they moved, he turned to look around the windows, seeing Wendigos locked in cages while they sat there acting dormant due to not being rattled by the guards.

"Fuck... Those monsters from Canada, they're here too."

"I noticed..." Bishop added. "Keep your cool."

After some careful maneuvering, they reached a large door as it appeared to be locked from the outside to a keypad panel on the side of the wall.

"Shit. This might complicate things for us. Logan, I'm gonna try to hotwire it, I need you to-!" Bishop turned around, only to find that the Wolverine had vanished. "Logan? Logan?!"


Bishop froze, having heard a voice call him out as he turned around, seeing a Trask International Thug walking right towards him.

"Who are you? You're not with anybody I know of, what are you supposed to be?"

Bishop raised a hand up, acting punctual. "I'm uh... I'm the Janitor."

The Thug raised a brow. "Seriously?"

"Yeah... The Boss, apparently he likes to keep his workers dressed in style, you know what I'm saying?"

The man wasn't having any of it as he tried to use a radio transceiver.

"Pierce, I think I got something-!"

Before he could finish, the Wolverine dropped right from the ceiling, jumping the thug and holding him in his grip while his arm was wrapped around his neck while holding one hand underneath his chin with two Claws sticking from each side of his own head.

"What was that?" Pierce called out from the transceiver. "Sorry, I didn't read you. How do you copy?"

Wolverine breathed calmly while the man trembled before his grip.

"Tell him everything's fine, it was a false alarm."

The man nodded as he slowly raised the Receiver towards his mouth. "Uh... Never mind! False alarm, it's just a Rat I spotted on the floor, nothing to worry about, copy."

"Copy that... I'll remind Mr. Creed to call in Pest Control to clean it up on our next report, over."

With that said, the conversation was over for Pierce as the man being held by Wolverine's mercy dropped the receiver onto the floor.

"Alright... What do you want? Money? Drugs? I got some leftover Coke from the other week, that shit's still fresh-!"

"Shut up, don't make a fucking sound unless I tell you to," Wolverine demanded as the man nodded his head in understanding. "You know that door sitting next to us? Do you know how to open it?"

The man nodded his head. "Uh, yeah."

"Tell us how to open it."

"Um... You-you need a passcode."

"And what's exactly the passcode?"

"Um... It's uh, it's 011291990."

Wolverine glanced over to Bishop. "You get all that?"

Bishop nodded, turning over to the keypad. "I'm working on it."

Wolverine sighed through his nose as he turned his attention back to the man.

"There's a Girl in that room. Is she still in there?"

The man nodded. "Y-Yes! Yes, she never left the fucking room since Day 1."

"Where is her cryo pod?"

"At the end of the room on your left. You can't miss, it sticks right out."

"Are we gonna find any surprises waitin' for us when we get inside?"

"No! No, nobody's inside, not one living person is supposed to be in there, especially myself! Look, please don't kill me-!"

As soon as the doors were opened, Wolverine slammed his head against the wall, knocking him out unconscious as he dragged him by the collar of his shirt.

"I see some things haven't changed," Bishop added as Wolverine dragged the man into the room. "Do you always deal with this that violently?"

"I don't know..." Wolverine started throwing the man onto the floor next to the door. "Do you always make such terrible lies that I have to end up saving your ass?"

Bishop sighed, venting through his breath as he walked past the Wolverine. "Let's get this started, shall we?"

They walked inside, seeing the Chamber just as the man said it would be as they both turned to the left, finding Kitty Pryde lying asleep in her pod.

"Kitty," Logan called out as he took off his Mask, sighing in relief. "Shit, she's... She's still alive."

Bishop smiled a little as he checked the heart monitors, seeing that they're functioning acutely well as he rubbed on the glass keeping her in an artificial diagnosed coma as he lowered his eyes, recognizing the memory where he first saw her... And Logan.

"...You may not remember this, but... Kitty was the one who introduced me to you." Logan perked up his head, turning to Bishop. "It was only a day before 7/15. I was still young, and I was one of the new recruits on the field. My first assignment ever was to be your partner per request from the Professor himself, but she was the one who introduced me to you..." He scoffed, shaking his head while raising it up. "Funny... You know, it's really funny how this sort of thing eventually draws us back to the very people responsible for our own calling, since you never know who it's going to be..."

Logan turned over to Kitty as he huffed softly, pressing a hand on the glass.

"...Right then..." Logan started before putting his Mask back on. "Let's get her the hell out of here."

Logan moved to open the pod, only to find that it was locked tight as a holographic projection of words started to appear on the wall, asking for confirmation as a handprint was shown on the wall.

"Argh, fuck this," Wolverine said as he sank out his Claws. "I'm not dealing with this bullshit!"

"Logan wait!" Bishop warned, putting a hand on his chest. "The glass could sound an alarm, or worse, harm her more than we're trying to save her. You don't want to do that."

Wolverine lowered his hands down, sinking his Claws back in as he sighed through his mouth, stepping back for a moment.

"Alright, well... Our only way of rescuing her is locked out from us, so any ideas on what to do?"

Bishop walked over to the wall, observing the handprint panel that is holographically projected.

"Well, it appears to me that in order to unlock the pod, it needs a simple handprint. And my guess is, the top dog around here is the only one who could have the key to unlocking her cage, so I'm guessing that gives him high clearance to her more than the rest of the pack. The only trick is, we're gonna have to lure him in here, and I'm not sure how we could do that.

Wolverine folded his arms, turning around to look at a security monitor of the Wendigoes locked in their cages as he started to raise a brow.

"...I think I might have an idea."

Back in the Containment cells, the Wendigoes were seen to be secured when an alarm system was raised. And before anyone knew it, the cages were wide open, allowing them to roam right out as the thugs torturing them were all terrified of their own release.

"What the fuck?!"

"Who let them out?!"

"Everybody out! Everyone, get out!"


Screams were made as a thug was thrown right out through the window, taking Pierce back as he was patrolling the area with a group, having seen the Wendigoes roaring while rampaging through the facility. Pierce began to curse when a Wendigo took it's attention to him, growling as it started to move right towards his group and knock them all down like a bulldozer.

"Argh, shit!" Pierce got up, seeing that the same Wendigo that had plowed him through grabbed a hold of one of his men, digging its claws right in as it threw him to the side, allowing him to get infected in the process. "Aw, fuck me!" His hand reached for his transceiver. "Anybody who's paying attention to this, move out of here if you don't wanna get turned into a Fuzzy! Repeat, everybody who ain't been scratched by a Fuzzy better move it the fuck out of here, this shit is gonna be gettin' worse by the minute, over!"

Soon enough, an evacuation alarm was sounded as Pierce began to run down the hall, shooting at a Wendigo that was close to scratching him by the chest straight into its eye, blinding it temporarily as Pierce made his way through to the Room Kitty Pryde was held in.

There, once he shut the door behind him, he set his sights over to the Shadowcat as he began to march over to her, only to get knocked right onto his knees and have a fist placed firmly onto his throat as Wolverine stood right over him. As Bishop observed the man that should normally look jump scared by his appearance, Pierce simply smirked as he raised his hands up.

"As I live 'n breathe, the Wolverine..." Pierce exclaimed cheekily as he noticed three slit holes on Wolverine's other hand as he continued to raise his hands up. "I'm uh... I'm a Fan, by the way."

"Good for you... Now open the pod if you know what's good for you."

Pierce paused as he got up onto his feet, seeing Wolverine continued to stare at him with a death glare.

"Yeah... As much as I find it cute for you two to be helping out your Princess Bride over there, I'm gonna be pretty honest with you when I tell you that idea is... A very, very bad fucking idea-!"

Pierce was interrupted by the sounds of two Blades sticking out on each side of his face, surprising him as Wolverine did not look pleased by his hesitation.

"Last chance Bub... Help us, or else we'll just help ourselves out."

Pierce smiled shortly at the sight of the Adamantium Blades sticking out close to his face as he felt the man threatening to stick the 3rd right through his skull... Then his smile faded at the concept of that idea as he started to clear his throat.

"Look, man... I honestly don't care if you kill me, alright." Wolverine lowered his brow, letting his hand go of his face as he stood in front of him. "I mean, there several worse ways to go, so if you really want my help, you might as well just gonna have to cut my hand off-!"


Pierce gasped, frozen as he felt blood pouring out of his wrist. Then as he fell onto his knees, gripping his arm, his head looked down to see that his Right Hand was cut right off while Wolverine's Blades dripped of the blood he made as he looked up at him, seeing how he doesn't seem to share a sign of remorse for the loss of his hand.

"Warned you."

Without a moment's notice, Wolverine moved to deliver a hard jab in the face, knocking Pierce onto the floor while Bishop moved to use his Rifle to heat up and cauterize the wound.

"Hey, it's me, you guys," Melita called out over the comms. "I'm hearing all kinds of shit going on below me. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, we're fine," Wolverine said as he started to pick up the decapitated hand. "We're almost through, so just hang tight."

"Okay... I'll keep you guys posted for anything weird going off around here..." Melita said before the conversation came to an end.

"Do you treat all your fans this way?" Bishop questioned while Wolverine grabbed a piece of cloth to wipe the blood out of his Claws.

"Only the ones that knowingly work with the Bad Guys."

"And how do you know he was a part of this? He could have been as clueless as some of the poor bastards out there."

"Because I can smell all the greed spawned off of him... Trust me, I can tell." Wolverine sighed as he let his Claws sink back in, using Pierce's dismembered limb and carrying it over to the handprint. "Now, let's get this shit over with."

He pressed the hand on the handprint, allowing the panel to turn blue, which allowed access for the Mutants to Kitty Pryde's Pod as it began to open itself up, letting the air out from the pod.

As steam was removed from the lid being opened up, Kitty's eyes twitched as they remained shut while Logan took off his Mask, smelling her moments away from waking up.

"Kitty..." Logan called out, rubbing on her hair. "Hey, Cat, wake up!"

Kitty opened her eyes, gasping for a moment as she got adjusted to being woken up, having heard voices surrounding her.

"G... Get the hell away from me!"

"Whoa, easy! You're safe, just look!"

Kitty turned around, glancing over to Bishop and Wolverine as they all stood on each side of her pod, with her sight now being readjusted as they were before.

"...Logan," Kitty called out, nearly smiling. "My god, it's... It's you."

Logan smiled, rubbing on her hair gently. "Hey there, Kid... I see you gotten older."

"Yeah, well I see you wearing something that isn't Leather for the first time. That's a change." She peered her eyes over to Bishop. "Lucas, you're here too... Oh, I'm so glad you made it out."

"Likewise." Bishop started to work on the Pod's mechanisms. "Don't you worry, we're gonna get you right out of here, and as far away from Trask as possible."

Kitty's smile began to fade as she lowered her eyes slightly before turning back to Logan.

"...Logan, I... I need to you something... Creed, he-!"

"I know," Logan reassured, putting a gentle hand on hers. "I know, Bishop told me everything I needed to know about what Creed's been doing. But we'll worry about all of that later. For now, let's focus on saving your ass."

"Yeah..." Kitty started as she peered her eyes over to the ceiling. "That's... That's not gonna happen any time soon."

As Bishop began to attempt at picking her up, his eyes caught something odd as his hopeful expression began to wear itself down drastically.


The Wolverine turned to Bishop, turning to see what was holding him back from picking her up into his arms. And to his horror, he found that a set of wires had been plugged right into the back of her skin, which was melted painfully as it had become lethally attached to her spine.

"What the hell?"

"Creed figured someone would come and try to find me one day..." Kitty explained as she began to wept silent tears. "So... He made sure that no one would be able to try to take me out of his grasp alive."

As they talked, there was a loud banging going off outside of the doors as some people were heard trying to get in.

"Shit." Logan turned around, putting his Mask on. "Bishop, you figure out how to get her out, I'll go deal with the doors."

"Logan, I don't know if there is a way-!"

"Then fucking improvise!"

With enough said, Wolverine ran to the doors, turning over to barricade them with large objects in the area while Bishop continued to speak to Kitty.

"Alright, Kitty, I'm gonna need for you to work with us here." He started to check underneath the pod's wiring. "Is there a flaw that the lab coats failed to realize? A glitch in the system? An off button somewhere?"

"There's no off button with this, not this time," Kitty explained, being depressed while she heard two boys trying to help her out the best they can. "Bishop, I'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to leave me here."

"To hell with that!" Bishop turned to a computer monitor, trying to type into the system. "There's always a chance, always a flaw in the system! Just give us time to find it, and maybe-!"

"There's no time left, Lucas! Lucas, listen to me, I know you two are going to be too damn stubborn to listen to any kind of reasoning, and I get that because I'm scared to die too."

"You're not going to die."

"If not, then Creed is just going to send his men to march in here and use me as a lab rat to try and travel back where things could go so much worse! And you of all people should know that by now."

Bishop sighed through his nose, shutting his mouth before turning to stare right into Pryde's eyes.

"Alright, so what do you expect me to do then, hmm? Reach down my hoister, put a bullet in your brain? Is that what you expect us to do? Kill you off like a cold-blooded merc?"

Kitty shook her head, scoffing as she held Bishop's hand.

"No... No, I don't expect any of you to make that decision... Which is why I'm taking it out of your hands."

Without any kind of warning, Kitty reached out and picked up a handgun from Bishop's arsenal and pointed it at him, making him back away as Kitty Pryde held a gun in her hand.

"Logan... Logan!"

Wolverine turned around, seeing Kitty point a gun at Bishop as he cursed, running over next to him.

"Where did she get the gun?"

"From me. She snagged it off my belt while I wasn't looking."

Wolverine groaned, turning to Kitty. "Kid put the gun down, we can talk about this!"

Kitty shook her head. "No, we can't... Not this time."

"Kid, listen to me! You sent people back to the Past, didn't you?"

"Oh, not voluntarily, no."

"Well, this time, you can do that! Send Bishop back, he'll find you before Creed ever catches you-!"

"That's not how it works, Logan! I was caught decades ago, if I send Bishop back that far, his mind would only stretch so far until it eventually snaps, it would rip him apart!"

"Fine!" Logan took off his mask. "Then send me back. I can heal a lot better than most, just me back to 7/15, or anywhere before or after that! Just let me help you!"

"There's no time, Logan!" The loud banging was heard from the barricaded door as Bishop got out his Rifle and started to aim in position. "There's going to be armed gunmen that will knock through those doors at any minute now, and they will do everything in their power to go through you just to get to me."

"That's not going to be a problem. Trust me, I caused a prison break, it can provide enough of a distraction-!"

"That's not going to slow them down, Logan, it'll only just make them as motivated as Creed is."

A Wendigo's roar was heard from outside the room as Logan turned around, almost getting out his Claws as Bishop prepared himself to open fire.

"Besides, it would be too soon for you anyway," Kitty explained as Logan peered his head back. "Creed spent so long trying to look for you, to find you, it would be too early for you come out, and everything and everyone in the past would be more at risk than they are safe."

Logan shook his head, denying any kind of loss as he took a step closer to her.

"No... No, I spent the twenty years thinking everyone I ever knew was dead... But I'm here now, and there's no way in hell that this is going to be how it all ends! This is not how it's going to end for all of us-!"

"It already has ended, Logan!" Kitty retorted in an emotional mess as her eyes began to swell up and her voice cracked in despair. "7/15... Was already the end for us when it started, and there is still no going back for any of us... There's no going back for the Professor, for Jean, for Scott... Hell, there's no going back for me either, so either way... That world we lived in, it's long gone now."

Logan shook his head once more. "But it doesn't have to be."

"No..." Kitty nodded. "No, you're right, it doesn't have to be all gone... There's a chance for you to go back, Logan... I mean, from what I hear, the World has become entirely different than what we vaguely remembered, but you can start all over again... You can build back what was lost, you can try again for all for us."

Logan bit back a scoff, rubbing his head as he lowered it down.

"Kitty, I... Even if I could, I... I don't even know where to start."

"The Professor... He would have trusted you to make the right decisions... Just like Bishop trusts you..." Kitty began pointing the gun at herself as she started to show off a sad smile. "Just like I trust you."

Logan raised his hands up as an act of pleading. "Kid, hold on just a second-!"

"You know, Creed would come to me and... He would question me over and over, demanding me I tell him where you were, but I refused... Time and Time again, I would refuse, and he would put me through electroshocks again and again, and I still refused to give you up because I had to be so damn strong..." Kitty began to weep quietly. "And... I was so goddamn stronger than I gave myself credit for..."

"Kid..." Logan began to say as he tried to take another step. "Kid, listen to me, you don't have to do this... We can, we can carry your pod with us. We can take you to the Black Bird, you can send me back, we can change the Past, go back-!"

"Forget about the Past, Logan," Kitty said as she began to retain some semblance of her rebellious attitude. "History has already been set in motion, there's no going back to the way it once was... But I trust you to forge a new one, a better history... Charles would want that, just as much as I do." She took a deep breath as her finger began to lightly touch the trigger. "But... Whatever you next, when it does eventually comes to Creed... You make damn sure you Avenge all of us."

"Kitty... Kid, just wait-!"


Logan stepped back as Bishop turned around frantically, having both just witnessed Kitty Pryde of the X-Men put a bullet in her brain as her eyes remained closed, her hand drooped down towards the floor while dropping the gun on the floor dead. Both of them froze in shock as she laid there in what now appears to be her own coffin as blood poured out of the pod, the men outside began to react to the gunshot in the room.

"What the fuck was that?"

"I heard a gunshot. That wasn't one of us!"

"Pierce, what's going on in there?!"

As the pounding grew louder, Logan began to shake as familiar remedies of the past began to haunt him once again as he remembered the screams of pain being brought on in the streets of Dallas while Bishop picked up his handgun, putting it back on his belt as he remained just as shaken as Logan is now.

"Guys?" Melita called out from the comms. "What's going on? Is the Girl okay?"

Bishop gently pressed on the earpiece around his head as he stood back from the pod. "No... No, Kitty, she's... She's dead."

"What? Oh my, god..." Melita gasped, being shaken by the news as she sat there in shock... "I'm... My god, I'm so sorry-!"

The alarms began to extend the volume as Melita turned around, seeing the underground facility open itself up while Wendigoes was running free into the wild, letting her regain some part of her composure as her voice remained shaken.

"Okay... Okay, Bishop, Logan, you two need to get out of there! Do you hear me? You need to get the hell out of there, right now!"

Bishop nodded as he backed away from the blood dripping pod. "Copy." He cut off the comms as he ventured off towards the door. "Alright, we need to leave. Trask's gonna send more security detail to contain this, so we need to be away from here when that happens!" He turned to face Logan, who just stumbled over to Kitty's Pod. "Logan? Logan!"

Logan continued to ignore him as he pressed a hand on her face, feeling how cold it began to feel as Bishop marched over and pressed a hand on his shoulder.

"Logan, I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do."

Logan shook his head as he let go of her face. "...We can't leave her here..."

Bishop sighed. "Logan, she's gone-!"

"I know that." Logan turned around, facing Bishop. "I meant that we can't leave here like this... She deserves to be buried, and I'll be damned if I don't give her one in this lifetime."

Bishop looked around, seeing the doors being pounded on as the barricade began to fall apart.

"Logan, there's no time... We're about to surrounded, they're going to kill us." He turned back to face Logan. "They will kill us."

"...No... No, they'll kill you..." Logan began to point at himself. "But they won't be able to kill me."

At that moment at that very second, Logan walked away from Bishop, turning to the doors as he cracked both sides of his head, putting his Mask back on while Bishop stood idly by Kitty's pod.

"Logan... What are you planning?"

"Bishop, you do whatever it takes to get Kitty out of here," Wolverine commanded as he sank his Claws out. "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to clear these assholes out of the way.

"Logan, this is a seriously bad idea..."

"Yeah, well, that's part of the common theme of my life; being full of bad ideas."

"Logan, this is not the time to fuck around..."

"Whoa, now that's where you're mistaken..." Wolverine peered his head around, meeting eye contact. "Because I'm not fucking around."

Wolverine turned his head around, facing the doors as he witnessed the barricades being torn down when the doors were flung open, he let out a fierce growl as he launched himself over to the thugs, prowling on them, slashing them apart as Bishop watched how primal he had become.

As he tackled the group down, most of them began to open fire while Wolverine continued to take them out with his claws, not even remotely attempting to hold back his rage being used on the hired mercs.

First, I find out Creed is alive after twenty years... Then I find out he kept Kitty as his Personal Milking Machine... Now she's dead because of him.

As he fought them off, Bishop removed the wires holding the pod in place as he closed it shut gently, he began to push her out of the area, blasting at a Wendigo moments away from attacking as he pushed it to the ground, halting its advance for a time.

While he ran, he started pressing something on his wrists that caused the Black Bird to decrease altitude, much to Melita's surprise as she looked around, seeing the plane starting to land.

"Whoa... Guys?!"

"Don't worry, that was me!" Bishop reassured, blasting at some gunmen. "I'm coming outside right now, so hang tight!"

As Bishop continued to run, Trask Security Detail began to chase after him, only to be ambushed by the Wolverine as he ran right behind Bishop, hacking and cutting his way through each patrol threatening to move in their way.

Creed... The bastard... Tortured her, then made her kill herself just to save me.

As they reached the exit, another Wendigo appeared in front of Bishop, threatening to harm the Pod he's been pushing when Wolverine pounced right at it, tackling it to the ground while Bishop watched. Once they both were on the ground, Wolverine turned around, facing Bishop.


Without further hesitation, Bishop opened up the Pod and began to carry Kitty's deceased body out while Wolverine stayed behind to fight against a Wendigo, growling at him in unimpulsive rage.

I'm so fucking pissed right now.

"...Come on..."

I want to kill him...

"Come on, you son of a bitch, come get me..."

I want to kill him so fucking much right now... But I can't, because he isn't fucking here!


The Wendigo roared, crawling towards Wolverine as he started running towards the beast. Each primal animal in a bid to fight to the death as the Wendigo swung its claws at Wolverine, only for him to jump up high and scratch it by the face, causing it to growl in pain, swatting Wolverine in the air.

As Wolverine fell, the Wendigo grabbed him by the leg and swung him around, making him hit the ground, the wall, and eventually the ceiling when it flung Wolverine up high into the air. As Wolverine fell on top of a truck, he bounced himself off of the vehicle, landing on the floor where he tried to get up.

Once he had, the Wendigo grabbed the vehicle, lifted the truck over its head as Wolverine widened his eyes before turning around to run away before it could throw it at him. Once the creature threw the vehicle, Wolverine rolled over to duck as the truck exploded upon impact.

The Wendigo roared as it marched over to the wreckage, attempting to find Wolverine when he jumped from behind and grabbed onto his back, sinking his Claws onto its back, making it scream in pain. Soon, it grabbed Wolverine and slammed him onto the ground, attempting to stomp on him, only so he could dodge the White Fuzzy Being's attacks, scratching it by the leg in the process.

As the Wendigo screamed, Wolverine slashed his Claws at its chest, making it scream louder before he kicked him to the ground, slashing at its chest numerous times until it laid bleeding on the floor.

Wolverine growled, huffed as he stood on top of the creature as he watched it moan weakly while he stared at it triumphantly... Until he tilted his head, having noticed its wounds started to slowly heal after each claw mark, similar to his own healing factor as he stepped off of it, staring at the creature still weak due to the slow acceleration of the healing process.

"Impressive, ain't it?"

Wolverine's eyes grew big as he heard a familiar voice echo through the hanger while the figure began to walk out of the darkened corner.

"The Wendigo takes in a Healing Factor much similar to ours, except it's not as quick as ours is... But that doesn't mean it isn't an effective killing machine, well... maybe not as effective as you."

Wolverine peered his head around, seeing Victor Creed standing in the middle of the bunker all smug while his claws remained standing out of his fists, bloody from his fight with one of the Wendigoes as Victor clasped his hands together, admiring his handiwork.

"Cute outfit you've got there... I kinda miss the Black Leather, but then again, I suppose everybody's all Vibrant about showing off bright colors and shit."

Wolverine huffed as he stared at Creed, stepping away from the Wendigo as he turned to face his arch-nemesis.

"...You're supposed to be dead."

"And so were you the last time I checked... Good thing we're both wrong on each side of our cases."

Wolverine cracked the side of his neck, eager to slit his throat off as his fists still continued to let his Blades breathe the air.

"...Kitty Pryde is dead because of you... And I'm gonna kill you for it."

"Yeah? Well, I believe you."

Wolverine growled as he sprinted towards Creed, eager to tear him apart as he swung first at him, itching to get blood out of the Sabretooth. But just when his Claws reached impact, Creed began to phase through like some holo projected hologram, taking Wolverine by surprise as he skidded across the floor, panting as he turned, seeing Creed acting nothing more, but amused by his course of actions.

"Aw... You haven't changed a bit, you stubborn bastard. Which is good, all things considered. I like it when you still retain that anger issue of yours, it'll come real handy for the journey ahead."

Wolverine walked over to Creed, complexed by his calm demeanor as he sank his Claws back inside, reaching out to touch Creed, only to find that his hand phased through him the same way it did before as Creed continued smirk with such confidence.

"...Where the fuck are you?"

"Yeah, don't get your Claws in a bunch, Jimmy... We'll meet each other real soon..." Creed began to turn around as the Hologram began to glitch out and dissipate. "Just not yet."

With enough there was to say, Creed disappeared from Logan's sights as he walked out of a live broadcasting chamber, walking over to Omega as he walked next to him in stride.

"I don't know about you, but that went well than I expected it to be."

"What about the Girl?"

"Pryde? Oh, she's dead. But not to worry, this is good for us. With her gone, that means the Bitch won't be able to assist Logan with her own Time Traveling Schtick." Creed said as he turned to Omega. "Now, about those contracts..."

"Everyone from the Military is waiting just for you in the ballroom, boss."


As they moved freely in their location, Wolverine was seen back in the Facility as Bishop ran back inside, heading in to check on him.

"There's a convoy spotted just a mile from here. We need to go!"

Wolverine turned around, seeing Bishop explain to him the danger as he stood amongst the ruins as he watched him wave his hand over to him.

"Come on, Logan! We have to go!"

Wolverine turned around, just see if Creed was still inside or not... As he sniffed the area, making extra sure he hasn't caught his scent, he turned around, leaving with Bishop as the Facility remained in ruins.

Somewhere out in the night, Melita was seen standing by with the group as she helped Logan and Bishop dig a hole big enough for Kitty's Cryo Chamber to fit inside as they finished digging it up, throwing their shovels away while climbing up, feeling the snow impact on their clothes before moving to gently put the pod into the hole.

Once the deed was done, the group remained in silence to offer respects to the fallen Shadowcat while they continued to let the snow hit their shoulders for a while, contemplating their loss until the group found it ready to cover the hole with Kitty's Pod/Casket buried inside.

As it was finished, Logan walked silently back inside of the Black Bird as she and Bishop stood outside, looking at the covered hole with a handmade tombstone with Kitty Pryde's name imprinted on the stone.

In loving memory Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde. Beloved and Honorary member of the X-Men.

As they stared at the tombstone, Melita looked at the name, Deerwood imprinted on a sign covered in snow and ice as Bishop began to walk back onto the plane.

"I don't understand," Melita said as Bishop stopped to listen to her. "We could have buried her anywhere in the world... A nice pleasant luxury beach in Madripoor... A hilltop overseeing the view of the Mountains of Wakanda... Or maybe even that Mansion located up North of New York in the Winchester Area... Why here?"

"Because this was where she was born."

She and Bishop turned around, seeing Logan standing inside of the ship as he stared at them standing out in the snow.

"If I wanted to provide a spectacle, I would have thrown a party full of liquor... But this not what she deserves right now, so... This is as close as we can get to honoring her grave."

With that said, Logan began to walk back inside as Bishop and Melita glanced at Kitty's grave one last time before walking back inside, closing the landing ramp in the process to keep the cold air out.

As they sat dormant in the area, Logan was seen at the Pilot's seat downing a bottle of beer as Bishop sat next to him, looking out into the horizon as Melita sat quietly on the bed at the end of the ship.

"...I didn't know about the failsafe," Bishop explained as Logan didn't bother looking at him. "If I had known... I would have-!"

"Save your condolences for when we find the sorry fuck who put us all in this position and put his head on a fucking mantle..." Logan demanded as he turned to face Bishop. "He's the one who put Kitty up to this... We find him, we make him pay for everything he's done... To her, to me... To all of us."

Melita walked slowly to approach them as she sat on the same chair behind them, folding her arms, unweary of how to join the conversation as she watched them sit together on the front row.

"...So what happens now?"

Logan scoffed, shaking his head as he held his drink in his hand.

"Well... Other than sitting on our asses doing nothing, but get drunk, I've got no clue what our next move is at this point."

"...That's not entirely true." He turned to the rest of the group. "I contacted Raven before we buried Kitty, told her of what happened. Apparently, she has a contact in our area that could help us with finding a way to get to Creed. He's currently on his way right now, but who knows when that will be."

"So, here's to sitting on our asses getting wasted in the meantime..."

Melita lowered her head as she pressed her hands together as Bishop turned around, facing her as she seemed tired from the experience she endured in a day.

"You know, if you don't want to stick around long enough, you can always leave through the exit... Nobody's stopping you."

"I'm... I'm not planning on leaving, I just..." Melita sighed as she raised her head up, putting a hand on her lips. "...When I looked at her dead Corpse, I just kept thinking to myself... "Is this how I'm gonna find Charlie when I get to her?" And... And given what I've seen, I'm just, so fucking scared that I've spent all this time trying to look for my friend, only to learn that... I ended up wasting so much of my precious time looking for a dead girl... And everything I've done was absolutely for nothing."

Logan turned around, staring at Melita as if intrigued by her reasons for being afraid... Soon after a while, he began to hand her his beer, to which she immediately took out of his Fingerless Gloved hand and drank as much as she could to gain some buzz.

As she finished drinking, she handed it over to Bishop, who was the last person to finish as he drank whatever was left in the bottle, Logan began to fold his arms while looking out through the night light.

"So... Do we got any more drinks inside the fridge?"

Bishop sighed as he finished the beer, wiping away his mouth as he shook his head.

"No, sorry... There's only some spare stock and water piled up inside."

Logan growled lowly as he leaned back. "Alright... Well, let's say we make a trip down to a store, pick up some drinks, and come right back here to enjoy a night of solitude for the time being?"

Melita nodded, turning to Logan. "I'm down for it."

Bishop smirked, shaking his head. "Uh... It's all tempting and all, but... Then again, we have ourselves a visitor coming, and we can't leave our spot without potentially losing our chance to meet up with the contact."

Logan sighed. "Alright... Well, who's up for a walk? Because I'll gladly go myself if-!"


Everyone got up, having heard the sounds coming from outside the ship as everyone became alert to it.

"...Alright..." Melita spoke first. "Did anybody else hear that?"


Everyone inside turned around, facing the landing ramp door as it was heard being banged on from the outside.

"Yoo-hoo!" A voice called out from outside the ship. "Are you home?"

Logan turned to Bishop. "Who the fuck is that?"

Bishop shrugged. "Could be our contact... Could be someone dangerous present, who knows?"

"Uh, hi! Scaredy Pants! Guess what? You people waiting for that guy that Mr. Raven sent for? Yeah, guess what? I'm that guy! So come on, let's talk business!"

Melita turned to the men. "He mentioned Raven... This could be him."

"If it is..." Bishop pressed a button that activated the Black Bird's Microphone. "What's the password?"

"Password? Oh, I'm sorry, you're gonna have to be specific! Because for all I know, you could be asking for my password to Netflix, to Disney+, maybe even my Amazon Prime Account..."

"Tell us the Password, or else we will fly ourselves right out of here!"

"Yikes... Tough crowd, are ya? Okay, fine! Password's Cyclops! Better now?"

Bishop looked around at each member of his small group before turning to the computer panel, pressing the landing ramp sequence as Logan peered his eyes over to the ramp.

"This guy sounds like an idiot. Are you sure about this?"

Bishop nodded. "Idiot or no, he got the password right."

"And what does that mean exactly?"

Bishop turned to Logan. "It means he's one of us."

As soon as he pressed the unlock sequence, the Ramp slid itself down as a figure began to climb aboard the Black Bird in order to greet the group before him.

"Alrighty... So, given what I skimmed through this Episode, you guys are in dire need for some Comedy Relief." Logan raised a brow, staring at the figure before them. "And lucky enough for you guys, I happen to be an expert at Comedy Relief... Well, if you count my 4th Wall Breaking Mannerisms as part of my own personal resume."

Logan stared out in disbelief as he shook his head in utter dislike. "Oh... Fuck no, are you kidding me?"

"Guys, come on..." Deadpool spoke out as he waved his hands at Wolverine, and mostly all of you readers listening closely to this. "All of you knew this was coming since October! Now, are we gonna stand around with our dicks in our hands, or are we gonna go over the script for Episode 3? Because I am horny as Fuck right now!"

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