Episode 3: The Merc With A Mouth

All Characters belong to Marvel and Disney.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool

T.J. Miller as Weasel

Karan Soni as Dopinder The Taxi Driver

Dakoda Shepley as Omega Red

Please enjoy!

*Sigh* Okay, since we're doing my introduction, let's have ourselves a little Spider-Verse skit with a little bit of Moi, alright? Alright, people, now let's finish this one last time; My name is Wade Wilson.

On a rooftop somewhere in the world, Wade Wilson was seen putting on his Deadpool Mask before running off of a rooftop waving Middle Fingers at You. Yes, all of You.

Once upon a time ago, I was just an average comic book character with no voice, other than mere words that I silently spoke on the pages written by the Authors who made me the way I am today! Then after a couple of decades later, I finally starred in a live-action with Hugh Jackman; long story short, it fucking sucked, and everybody hated this version of me where I had looked like Baraka with no Teeth being shown, so I went back in time and shot him in the face, good riddance. We don't ever talk about this.

A gunshot was heard as the X-Men Origins Deadpool was killed on-screen by yours truly.

But, a little bit before that happened, my Franchise was rebooted by Twentieth Century Fox, which by then, my First Movie ever came out in the same year Captain America Civil War came out. During this, I met this girl, Vanessa. Awesome Gal, we hooked up, lots of times. Then around Christmas Time, I got Cancer, which fucking sucked. Then I met this weird Child Molester who would lead me to Francis, who turned me into Freddy Krueger. Then, I got a little pissed off, went on a little rampage, and shot Francis in the face too!

Another gunshot was heard as Ajax laid dead in debris while Deadpool pulled the trigger on his brains.

Then a couple of years afterward, my Sequel was released somewhere after Avengers Infinity War was released. BTW, fuck Thanos for turning Tom Holland into Ashes, terrible fucking ending I've ever watched, but afterward, I cooled down and you know, handled it like a pro.

Loud obnoxious sobbing was heard as Deadpool was seen crying in front of a poster of Spider-Man in Avengers Infinity War.

"OH GOD... WHY?! WHY WOULD ANYBODY IN ANY LOGICAL SENSE KILL OFF MY BOI LIKE THAT?!" Wade questioned as he blew his nose into a napkin. "WHY...? WHHHHHHHHHHY?!"

Speaking of Ashes, Fox had Celine Dion perform her Song, Ashes, which then became part of my Sequel's cinematic intro music, totally epic by the way! And before that song played, I've been to Hong Kong to dance around with the local Chinese Gangsters, been to Italy to take part in a Funeral, performed in a Strip Club, later on, had on the most fabulous Wig at the time, went to Japan to have a little bit of swordplay at a local bathhouse, that ended with someone losing both arms at the end.

A man was seen screaming in the bathhouse as Deadpool was fighting against a bunch of half-naked Japanese Swordsman as the man screamed due to the loss of both his arms.

After a while, I went back to Home Sweet Home, tracked down the last hobo on my list, but then I took a break from my killstreak to check on the Love of my Life, who we both were gonna make a Baby together... Up until the Hobo I tracked down found me, and well... I ended up losing said Love of my Life.

A Gunshot was fired as Vanessa was seen lying in Deadpool's arms, bleeding out as Wilson looked quite sad.

After that, I threw myself out the window, chased down the Hobo who put a bullet in my Gal's Heart, gave him a nice comforting hug, and dived ourselves headfirst towards an incoming truck. After that, I raised myself back on my feet and fought like a Champion!

More obnoxious sobbing was heard in Wade's bedroom as pictures of Vanessa collided with Spider-Man as he continued to kneel down and grieve for the Dead.


Okay... So I may have overreacted quite a bit. But you know, I overcame that by merely throwing myself off the rooftop, landing facefirst to the ground, willingly let myself be eaten alive by a Zoo Panda, sniffed up a shit load of Cocaine, courtesy of my Girl, Al. Then afterward, I played out the rest of my 2nd Movie, went to Jail, had a fight with White, Non-Bald Thanos, got my body ripped in half by Juggernaut, formed my own Personal X-Force, which all got killed off, minus Domino of course, by the worst way possible, including sweet innocent Peter, which I totally got over after that.

Deadpool was seen crying again as Peter's Picture laid next to Vanessa's and Spider-Man's pic.


After that, I prevented Josh Brolin from killing off a Hot headed Kid from New Zealand, changed both their hearts, then afterward, went on a Time-Traveling Spree of my own, which lead me to bring back my GF, then killing off Tom Rothman's Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds before he signed up for that Shitty Green Lantern Flick, and moving in time to kill Hilter as a Baby... But then I changed my afterward because truth be told, I couldn't really bring myself to killing a Baby Hitler... Or any Baby period. Actually, to be honest, the only thing that stopped me from killing Hitler, in general, was when I came back on the Day Stan Lee died... Which lead me back to this.

Stan Lee's Picture was now added to the picture pile as Deadpool, instead of moaning in grieving agony, is seen smoking a large bong as the smoke escaped from his own mouth, looking out emotionlessly on a chair.

"...I've got no more tears to shed anymore..." Wade said as he was just sitting there getting high.

So, after spending most of my free time getting wasted in pure bliss, I then went on a little trip around the Multiverse, hopped over to that awesome, yet pretty flawed What If? Fanfic, trolled Thor and the Gang in Fortnite, and right around at the very end of the story, which was at least a few weeks after Chapter 14, I uh... I did this.

Screams began to unfold as Deadpool was seen at an Executive building terrorizing both Disney and Sony Board Members as a man dressed up as Mickey Mouse was seen crying while Wade held a Chainsaw over his head.

"Have you people learned how to share?!"


"I said, have you people learned how to fucking share?!"

"Yes! Oh my god, I do!"


"I don't know!




"...Wait, isn't that Warner Brothers-?"



Yeah... I spent a whole month doing these silly little stunts until Tom Holland convinced everybody to cool their shit and make a new deal, may Stan be proud. After that, everything went well and I kept low until Covid 19 happened. Then the lockdowns happened, with all the toilet paper vanishing all of the sudden, with the restaurants and movie theaters shut down, not to mention fucking Heimdall/Bloodsport getting infected with Covid, which at that point, I became very pissed! So I went down to the Quantum Realm, started killing off a shit ton of them, hoping I would kill the Pandemic for good! But, little did I know, I kept spreading more of it as I went around because silly me forgot to wash my own hands! Or take a Shower in general... My bad!

Deadpool was then seen somewhere out in the world as he set a Covid on fire using a Flame Thrower as he listened to it screaming before he turned to you, the Audience.

"And so, here I was, mourning the death of the recently departed King of Wakanda in my own way by roasting the shit out of some Covid 19 Cooties when I got a call from a client of mine called the Raven, asking me to travel all the way to Illinois, where I would eventually end my trip into the Multiverse right... Here."

At that moment, Deadpool was seen sitting down on the Black Bird looking at Wolverine, Bishop, and Melita Garner as they all stared at him while listening to his seemingly obnoxious story.

"So uh... Yeah... Yeah, for better or worse, I'm the One and Only Deadpool around this side of the Marvel Multiverse as far I'm concerned. So, uh..." Deadpool tilted his head while staring at the group. "Any questions?"

Melita raised a hand. "Yeah... Could you go back? Because we did not understand a single word of what the fuck you just said."

"Don't worry about it, he's like this all the time." Logan said while he folded his arms, staring at Wilson before turning to share a glance at Bishop. "Let's have a talk."

Bishop nodded as he followed Logan to the back of the ship, with Melita tagging along while Deadpool just leaned back on the chair with his hands behind his neck.

"Oh, yeah! Go ahead, take your time, I'll just wait here, talking to the Audience about maybe adding a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Crossover. Actually, you know what? Scratch that! I've actually been there, and I ended up getting literally sucked inside of a fucking Wind Turbine! Just look that story up and find Chapter 17, The Screwball Episode! You'll practically find my name in Script Format!" Deadpool widened his eyes suddenly. "Oh shit, speaking of which, I wonder if my Dick finally grew itself back yet."

As Wade began to check his pants, the group began to discuss Deadpool's presence on the ship.

"So... Of all the people that Raven should have sent, he chose to send him into our Group?" Logan questioned as Bishop began to rub on his head.

"I'm... I'm not even going to pretend I'm comfortable with this."

"Good! Then we can all agree that we're kicking his ass out indefinitely."

"Whoa, guys, hey!" Melita objected, raising a hand up. "Look, I know that this guy may seem a little... Odd."

"OH, YES! My Dick is back... But shorter... Fuck, did the Author just write that in? Jesus, now he's starting to make this Episode sound cringy, you know what? This is better not be one of those fucking filler episodes because I did not sign up to be in filler episodes!"

Melita turned around, raising a brow before turning around to face Logan and Bishop.

"As I was saying... He may be odd, but let's not forget; Raven sent him to us because he has information about Creed! In fact, he could be the only one around here that could get us close to him."

Logan shook his head. "Oh, to hell with that! Have you heard that asshole over there? He's not going to be of any help, he's just going to be a pain in the ass the whole way, and most likely, he'll waste plenty of our time doing nothing, but acting like an ass clown!"

"Hey, are there any Chimi-Changas on the Ship? I'm feeling kind of parched right now, and I've barely had any time to visit the fridge when I locked Beaches99 in the bedroom way back in Episode 1!"

Logan scoffed. "See what I'm talking about? No way in hell would I want to put up with this shit."

Bishop sighed, folding his arms. "I don't like this either, but Melita has a point. If we want to find Creed, Wade Wilson may be the key to doing so."

"Well, fine! Let's find someone else then! Just not him!"

"Logan, we don't have time to find someone else! Don't forget, Kitty Pryde died because of her sacrifice."

"She's dead because she put a bullet in her head, no thanks to Creed!"

"Yes, because Creed didn't give us the option of saving her! So, we have to make him pay for that! Or were you too busy bitching about Wade Wilson that you have completely forgotten about that?"

Logan groaned, turning around to see Deadpool playing with the tip of one of his katanas as he held it at the center of his palm, hoping it wouldn't fall off.

Bishop sighed as he turned to Logan while he continued to look away at Wilson. "Look... I know this isn't the ideal informant that we were expecting, but Wade isn't the problem here... Victor Creed is. And with him running Trask International, he stands in the way of building ourselves back up to shape, so we're just going to have to deal with Wade until Creed is out of the picture, alright?"

As they stood together, Deadpool walked over to the group before leaning against the wall with his arms folded.

"Hey, so I changed my mind about the Chimi-Changas. Can we go to Papa John's? It's been a few years since I had some of that delicious Cinnipie, I'm kind of craving it as much as I'm craving that sloppy, juicy pepperoni pizza in my mind."

Logan peered his eyes over to Wilson as much as everyone else did... Soon, he closed his eyes and sighed while he walked past the Merc With a Mouth.

"Fine... He stays."

Deadpool turned around, letting out an awed peep while Bishop and Melita moved right past him.

"Well, that's great! Does it mean we can order that Cinnipie?" Deadpool questioned as he followed the group to their seats. "If yes, then you're gonna love this! Eating a Cinnipie is like having a sweet, delicate taste of Heaven!"

Melita sighed as she strapped herself in. "This is going to be an experience to write about."

"Damn straight!" Deadpool sighed as he looked out the window. "After all, Papa John's Cinnipie is so good, I don't see anything going wrong at all..."

One Hour Later, at Papa John's...

"What do you mean, you don't sell or produce the Cinnipie anymore?!"

After having stopped by for food, Wade was seen yelling at a Papa John's employee while everyone else was staring at him making a scene, as Logan, Melita, and Bishop were seen mostly embarrassed by his behavior displayed out in public.

"Sir, I'm sorry, but we've discontinued that product-!"

"For what?! What happened? Did someone get high and decided to push that ingredient off the menu? I mean, since how long ago have you stopped serving this?!"

"Five years ago."

"Five Years Ago?! Really, what the fuck?! I spent the last half-decade appearing in two hit solo films and showing up in a Fanfiction Writer's What If? story that is mostly based on Avengers Endgame, and you mean to tell me that you people don't sell Cinnipie anymore?! I mean, really? What the Fuck is wrong with you people."

Logan folded his arms. "Wade."

Wade turned around. "Do you believe this shit? Papa John's had one of the best desserts on their menu, and they just took it off the drawing board like it was a total piece of shit! Like, they just sat there on a toilet, having taken one of the best pieces of turd on this Earth, sorry, any Earth period, and just flushed it down into the water pipe!"


"I mean, that Cinnipie was like Cinnamon and Bread just made love in the gates of Heaven, had a baby together just by simply fucking each other while sitting on top of a cloud, and showed the world how beautiful the baby was! And these asshats at Papa John's just gave one look at it, and they were like; "Okay, that's enough, let's just throw this shit out the window and be done with it." I mean, that's just highly disrespectful!"


"I mean, I can almost guarantee you that most of the readers that are reading this paragraph are probably wondering just what the fuck I am talking about, but if Spider-Man did, he'd be as appalled as I am right now!"


Deadpool sighed. "Oh shit, you know what? You're right; we should probably stop making Spider-Man References. Otherwise, this is just gonna be a Wolvie Fanfic with Spidey References, and god knows how much we overdid it with the Spider-Verse Parody back at the beginning of this Episode-!"



Logan slammed his hand on the counter. "Will you stop wasting our time on a stupid fucking pie and help us focus on what you know about Creed?!"

Wade whined. "But Logan! What about that Michael Douglas stunt we talked about? The one from that scene in Falling Out, where he goes to this Restaurant-!"

"NOW, Wade!"

"...Fine." Deadpool turned around to face you while walked away with Wolverine's Group. "And in case anyone didn't know; I just squinted my eyes. Not in a fun way, but rather in a way that most people would feel if they felt annoyed at being told what to do all the time."

The group got out of the restaurant as many people continued to stare at them.

"We're so sorry about this." Melita apologized on behalf of the group. "This is not going to happen again, at all..."

"Uh, don't make promises you can't make, New Girl," Wade said as he walked away from Papa John's. "Also, we've got to work on the name the Writer just put up back there. I mean, "Group?" Come on! Why not just call this a Team, since it's already starting to feel like one."

"Shut it," Logan told Wilson. "Now, we wasted enough time as it is, so tell us where we can go find Creed."

"Whoa, slow your roll, Hugh Jackman... Or, whoever is going to be you in the MCU, but I think I speak for everybody reading this that we can all safely agree to Jackman being the man here." Deadpool turned around, facing Logan. "You of all people should know by now about making a low profile. And by low profile, I mean we should take this conversation somewhere that isn't quite littered with eavesdroppers."

Bishop looked around. "He's got a point. We've attracted too much attention as it is."

Logan sighed. "Alright then, let's take this back to the Blackbird."

"Whoa, not the Plane! I mean, no offense, but I'd rather leave my Cum Stains somewhere that isn't on an imaginary expensive clean floor."

"Okay, smartass. Then where exactly do you think we should go take this?"

"Uh, how about a Bar? No, actually, I'll do you one better; how about a school? No! Actually, I'll do you one even better; how about... Sister Margaret's? One of a kind two in one, what do you say?"

"Just take us there."

"Fair enough." Deadpool sighed as the cold was blown past his mouth, putting on his coat while walking past some pedestrians. "Pardon us, citizens! We're under some high profiled superhero shit here."

The pedestrians just stared as Wade continued to walk away with the Mutants, Melita included.

"...Jesus, since when was Spider-Man such a Potty Mouth?"

"HEY!" Wade yelled, pointing at a man in the back. "What the fuck did I say about the Spider-Man References?!"


Melita stared at Wade feeling annoyed by him. "For Fuck's sakes, man!"

"Alright, alright!" Wade raised his hands up. "Alright, seriously, that's it! No more Spidey References from here on out and the next person who does it gets a bullet right in the nipples... Next Horizontal Line please."

Later, Wade had the Team walk in the City of Chicago inside of an alleyway where he leads them into a Bar called Sister Margaret's.

"Alright, fellow Former members of the Fox Men, feast your eyes on my Humble Abode."

He opened the door, leading them inside as they walk right through the Bar as they saw the place on full house, filled with unsavory characters as Logan pulled Melita behind her.

"This place looks like a Piece of Shit..." Logan said bluntly.

"Yeah, well looks aren't everything."

Bishop looked around, spotted a few members of the Dogs Of Hell playing Pool with an unemployed drunk.

"Wilson, just who are these people you drink with?"

"Oh, you know; Bikers, bounty hunters, mercenaries, maybe even a certain Taxi Driver named Dopinder." Wade turned around, facing the Team. "Think of this place as a Job Fair for Mercenaries. Think of us as little fucked up tooth fairies, except we knock out the teeth, and take the cash. And yes; I just made a direct quote from my own Movie, thank you very much for noticing that tiny little easter egg."

Melita sat down on a stool as she saw a man make out with a hooker right next to her, feeling a bit disturbed by the sight as they had intercourse out in front of a whole crowd without giving a damn.

"Okay... I'm gonna assume this isn't exactly a place for... Most people..."

"Yeah, I'm afraid so..." Wade confirmed as he sat next to Melita. "As a matter of fact, the only people who ever really tolerate the smell of piss, vomit, and blood are really fucked up kind. Like Jabba the Hutt, the Producers who made the movie, Cats, and most importantly, Dolores Jane Umbridge."

As everyone got seated on the counter, the bartender showed up, having been familiar with Wade Wilson.

"Wade Wilson, patron saint of the pitiful!" The Bartender called out. "What can I do for you?"

Wade turned to face the Bartender. "Weasel; let me just call you by your name out just so the Writer doesn't continue to call you the Bartender on a ridiculous amount of repetition, and allow me to introduce to you some lovely friends of mine! Let's get all of these fine role model citizens a Blowjob please."

"Friends, huh?" Weasel looked around, seeing Logan, Bishop, and Melita. "They do seem like an odd pair; are we talking Literal Blowjobs or the Drink?"

"Drink is probably most preferably to them."

The team cast off odd glances before exchanging small nods at the Drink as Weasel began pouring out three Cocktails with whip cream added on top.

"So... Are they going to be trouble around here?"

Wade gawked. "What the fuck kind of question is that?"

"Sorry, let me reiterate; are they going to be the good kind of trouble or the bad kind of trouble?"

Logan huffed, placing his hands on the counter. "Only as long as nobody tries to get us into trouble."

Weasel raised a brow, turning over to Logan. "You look kind of familiar... Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

Wade cleared his throat. "You know what? You might just know him just a little bit." His elbow nudged at Logan's shoulder. "Care to uh... Show off the Metal Erections you have carrying on you?"

Logan turned around, staring at Wade as he continued to sit there, feeling insulted by how he referred to his Claws.

"...What? Don't be shy, nobody minds much around here."

Logan growled lowly, reaching one hand out to extend it forward, forming it into a fist as the Claws started to slowly dig themselves out of his flesh, gaining Weasel's attention as he stared at Logan in astonishment.

"...Oh, fuck."

"Yeah, I know." Wade nodded. "Wolverine and Deadpool, finally teaming up at last. I can picture it in my mind if and when the MCU actually tries to pull this off."

Weasel gasped softly, blinking before casting a smile. "Holy, shit. You're the fucking Wolverine." He cleared his throat, placing both palms of his hands together. "My, I have to say, I am a huge admirer of yours truly, sir."

"Funny. The last time someone said that to me, he had his hand cut off."

Bishop nodded, pointing at Logan. "He ain't lying about that. I can vouch."

"Whoa, hey, guys! Weasel hasn't even read the last chapter yet, my god. Cut him some slack on the spoilers, alright?"

"Hey, I'm sorry about that; it's just that I find it amazing to have a Living Legend sit here right inside of my bar."

Wade cleared his throat. "So, uh, Furiosa. Any idea where we can find her?"

Weasel raised a brow. "What? You mean the Intern or Charlize Theron?"

"No, I'm totally referring to Mad Max right now." Wade nodded his head, taking away a glass of Whiskey from Bishop. "Yes, I am in fact referring to the Intern! Where is she?"

Weasel hummed, pointing up at the ceiling. "You just missed her. She left about an hour ago with the other guy."

"Seriously? Where?!"

"To help find her friend's sister or something. Last I checked, it was some mental hospital located in the outskirts of Boston, she never got into any details."

"Ugh, goddammit, seriously? Does she suddenly have to go into a New Mutants tie-in right now?! Shit."

Logan folded his arms. "So now what? We sit here drinking nothing but cocktails at this point?"

"Love to, but I'd rather not waste any more time on set." Deadpool leaned forward towards the bar. "Say, what about our Source? Is he-?"

"Oh yeah, he's sitting downstairs waiting for you."

"Fantastic! And everything else?"

"All set up for god knows whatever the fuck you want to do, I never laid hands on them."

"Perfect. Thanks, Weasel." Wade pulled himself out of the stool while stealing Logan's Cocktail. "Let's go, Team."

Logan twitched a brow as he saw his own drink being taken away as he growled lowly, Melita patted him on the back, nodding her head to signal him to follow them as he sighed and got up from his seat, turning to Weasel.

"Nice meeting you."

Weasel nodded his head, waving his head as he watched them walk away. "Oh, hell yeah! Nice meeting you too..." Weasel turned around, blowing out a whiff of air as he held a hyped expression. "Fuck, I can't believe he just spoke to me, holy shit!"

While the bar continued their activity upstairs, the group followed Wade downstairs in the basement as they saw the light dim over a tied-up man with a bag over his head.

"Who's that supposed to be?" Melita questioned as she saw the nature of the man tied on the chair.

"Oh, him? That's just another character you tend to see on Netflix a few times whenever you're binge-watching Mudbound, Stranger Things, or maybe just a little bit of..."

As Wade began to explain, he pulled the bag off of the man's head, revealing a familiar face as he gasped, having finally seen light hit his own flesh and blood.

"Daredevil." Wade finished as his eyes looked cheekily hyped. "Ladies and Gentleman, Turk Barrett. Turk Barrett, meet The Amazing Showman, The FBI Agent from Katherine Langford's Spontaneous, and Hot Rod from Transformers The Last Knight. Turk, how are you doing?"

Turk looked around, feeling his own hands and wrists tied against the chair as he shook on his seat.

"Where the hell am I?" Turk questioned.

"Oh, you're in one of our favorite sex dungeons. Can't you tell? We're filming Porn in here."

Bishop shook his head, putting his hand on his face. "Wade, what are we really doing with this guy? Why go through the effort of bringing him here?"

"Well, isn't it obvious?" Deadpool turned around, facing his allies. "Turkey Boi has some important piece of intel, one that may help us with, say it with me now, Sabretooth."

Logan placed his fists on his hips as he huffed his breath out. "Well, at least that's a start of you finally being useful instead of lagging us around."

Turk raised a brow. "Okay, hold up; who the hell is Sabretooth?"

Deadpool chuckled. "Whoop looks like he didn't get the casting info onto his email. Uh, let's see if this jogs his memory, do you know Victor Creed?"

At that name, Turk began to blink as he raised his back a little. "Uh... Creed? No, uh, nuh-uh. I never heard of that guy."

Deadpool raised a brow. "You sure?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Really sure?"


"Really, really sure?"

"Yeah, man."

"Really, really, really sure?"

Turk scoffed. "For fuck's sakes, what kind of freak are you supposed to be?"

Deadpool neglected to pay any further attention to him as he faced his direction to Logan. "Okay, you know what, Wolvie? It's your Show. Why don't you give Mister Thanksgiving Platter over here a try, huh?"

Logan walked past Wilson as he stood in front of Barrett with his hands clenched together.

"Alright, asshole, you listen up. I've had a very fucked up couple of days lately; mostly because I can't seem to remember what I really did the last two decades, and mostly because I watched a good friend of mine put a bullet in her own head because of your friend, Creed, put her in a shitty situation that forced her to commit suicide. And as you can imagine, I'm not in a very good mood right now, so either you can kindly get on my good side..."

The sound of metal scratching out from the flesh can be heard piercing Barrett's ears as he looked down at Logan's fists, seeing his Adamantium Claws stick out while Logan maintained his brooding routine, glaring down at him with no signs of holding back against his threat.

"...Or, you can get on my bad side, which is a bad idea in your case because most people tend to not like me so much when they get on my bad side. So what now, Turk? What's it going to be?"

Turk breathed slowly as he saw the Blades let out of the Canadian's Fists as he looked up at him, facing the Wolverine at his worst.

"Whoa, okay, man, easy... I, I don't really know the man well, alright? I'm just one of those guys that are there only to supervise the dealings that go down with him, Trask International, and any other charitable groups looking to buy or sell, that's it."

"And where exactly can we find these meetings, Turk?"

"I can't tell you that. If I could, I would have told you that earlier by now!"

"Then what aren't you telling us?"

Turk exhaled through his nose when he saw Logan raise one of his hands slightly to show off his Blades, gulping quietly as he turned his eyes back to the man in question.

"...There's a personal Forum on the Dark Web, the kind that people go to in order to make their private affairs extra private. I don't have it downloaded, but I do get messages of a location and a when to go to that location. It's on my phone, just take it. I got it placed on my front pocket, I promise."

Logan turned to the others, who nodded their heads as he sheathed his Claws back inside and started searching Barrett's pockets. Once he reached a phone, he took it out of Turk's possession as Logan faced him once again.

"I find out this leads us nowhere, we're making your life a living hell..."

"Oh yeah, starting with the part where we'll gladly give you a nice free Blowjob!"

At that moment, everyone, Turk included, turned around and gazed at Deadpool as they looked at him for what he just blurted out loud.

"...What?" Barrett questioned as Logan turned around to stand next to Melita, who raised a hand in question.

"Uh, you're talking about, Cocktails, aren't you?"

"What? No, I'm not talking about Cocktails, I'm talking about actual Human Cock, that's what I'm talking about!" Deadpool explained as he casually walked back towards the table. "You know, one of those Good old-fashioned Blowjobs where a man has his pants lowered down, underwear stripped right off to show off that nice veiny blood pumped erection of yours, just waiting to receive a nice warm, sorry, did I say, "Warm?" Wade chuckled. "No, my bad! What I meant to say was..."

The next thing everyone knew when they were busy being dumbstruck by Wilson's lewd behavior, the sounds of a burning flame torched out from a tool Wade got out, causing everyone to back up and react the way anyone person would normally react, especially for Barrett when he saw Deadpool wielding a live blowtorch in the basement.

"...A hot, blazing, boiling sensation of a 1,430 degrees celsius surprise made especially to blow your dick away! Get it? Because Blowjob just so happens to rhyme with Blowtorch?! Now, how's that for creative writing, Eh?"

"Oh my god!" Melita shouted.

"What the fuck?!" Logan cussed out.

"Jesus, Christ!" Bishop yelled as Turk widened his eyes in personal horror.


"What? Doesn't anyone know a good laugh when they see it?"

Logan growled, unsheathing his Claws to cut the tool apart, disabling it in order for the Blowtorch to remain dysfunctional as Wade moaned at the destruction of a toy.

"Aww, I was using that." Deadpool turned around, only to get grabbed by the neck as Logan pushed him over to slam him against the wall. "Ugh! Shit, Wolvie, slow down a notch! You're starting to make me feel horny over this rough play!"

"What in the fuck were you thinking, pulling off that shit?!"

"*Sighs* It's about the Blowjob, wasn't it? Okay, fine, we could always cut right over to the Climax. I get a pair of grenades still leftover from Deadpool 2, maybe later if this doesn't pan out, we can always come back and stick a live one underneath Rob Morgan's balls-!"

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Logan turned around to face Melita and Bishop. "Get this guy out of here, we're done with him."

"Really? Whatever happened to coming back for him?"

"You... With me, now."

"Oh, how kinky!"

Logan proceeded to drag Wade away while Melita and Bishop proceeded to free Turk from his personal confinement.

"Alright, that's the last of them," Bishop said as he stepped back. "Now, do yourself a favor, get as far away from here as you can."

"No shit..." Turk said as he wiped his wrists. "And to think I actually came here just to get a break from shit like this! Goddammit, I was better off in New York!"

As they watched Turk making his escape, Logan pushed Deadpool against the table as their argument continued.

"Ouch! The table, huh? God, I swear, I'm starting to think the Writer is intentionally trying to make this one of those Deadpool/Wolverine ship fics, which doesn't really sound that bad to me now that we're talking about it-!"

"ENOUGH!" Logan shouted as his claws sunk out to stab the wall next to Wade's head. "I wasn't lying when I said I was having a couple of fucked up days, nor was I lying when I said people don't like me when they get on my bad side, and right now, you're starting to get on my fucking bad side right now!"

"Oooh, so angry... That's almost kinda sexy when you're angry."

"I'm not fucking around!"

Logan pulled his claws out of the wall so he could press a hand on Wade's shoulder while sticking another set of claws up Deadpool's stomach, taking Melita by surprise while making the Merc with a Mouth gurgle as blood spilled from his mouth, letting his nerves screaming from the inside as Wolverine glared at him angrily.

"Uh, shit man..." Wade coughed. "I think you hit my spleen back there..."

"Listen to me, you annoying little shit; I'm not having a good week right now, so I'm not in a mood for any games. I've had to deal with the fact that my memory wasn't as it was 20 years ago, and the fact that I watched an innocent woman take her own life away in a matter of seconds right before my very eyes, and right now, all I can think about is making sure Creed ends up buried to the ground, and that means I don't have time for any of your bullshit!"

Logan growled as he pulled the Claw out of Wilson, letting him drop to the ground coughing out blood as Wolverine huffed out his angry breaths while staring down at him, frowning upon his very being.

"So, here's the deal, Bub; if you really want to stick around and help us out, be my guest, but you play by my rules, which means you don't ever pull shit like that again unless said otherwise. You keep the annoyance level to a minimum, and most importantly, you don't go pissing me off as you did just now. Otherwise, the deal's off for good, no second chances, no comebacks, no fucking passes, am I fucking clear?"

Wade groaned as covered his stomach, nodding his head while raising a hand up slightly.

"As long as everyone's happy, then there's no trouble like the present, right?"

Logan lowered his brow slightly before letting his Claws sink back in as he turned around and walked away from Wilson, who was left to clutch on his gaping wound as Melita watched and observed his own regeneration process, seeing the blood no longer pouring out from his belly.

"Goddamn, he can actually heal from that?"

Bishop nodded with a sigh as he started following Logan. "Unfortunately."

Wade groaned as he stood back up, grabbing his mask. "Motherfucker, this guy almost makes me miss Cable if he wasn't Thanos in Disguise..."

Creed was seen at his personal penthouse as he was looking out the window at the Chicago nightlife as he was stark naked with his back facing the bed currently in occupation by a lone girl that he recently slept with.

There was nothing else going on in the room, as he was the only person to be awake at such a late hour, and yet here he was standing in front of the window watching the snowflakes fall down from the dark clouds that some may not see from the naked eye. He stood there, thinking silently, pent with anxiety and focus that is keeping him.

There was no telling how long he has been standing there. No telling how long his feet had been planted firmly on the soft floor carpet. All there was now is the moment that Victor Creed found himself in a trance as he somehow continued to glance at the John Hancock Tower.

The building was lit up like most skylines in the city, yet Creed was somehow not interested in the city lights like most people would find themselves staring at. Rather, he was staring at the littlest of structures the tower contained, like the big letter X's that are shaped on each section of the tower.

The letter X on each side of the building had little significance to the rest of the denizens of Chicago, yet it held a personal significance to Creed, one that made his eyes twitch just once as the memory of the letter X contained a vague reminder of a Past Life... Of a Certain Someone he knows.

Victor breathed calmly as one of his nails grew big, his eyes still staring out at the Hancock Tower as if he was staring at his longtime Rival in the eyes as he was just earlier. His hand started to raise itself up as his nail began to scratch on the glass.

As the sound of screeching pierced his ears, it also started reaching the ears of the woman he had sex with as she covered her ears with a pillow, attempting to sleep soundly as much as she could until finally, the scratching stopped as Victor stood back, letting out another sigh as he started looking at his own handiwork.

Once he was finished admiring his art, Creed finally turned around to lay in bed with the woman he hardly even knew, wrapping his arm around her waist while a letter X was carved on the glass window, perfectly matching the same shape of one of the Hancock Tower X's if one were to look closer from a certain angle...


Wolverine opened his eyes at the sound of an explosion reaching his ears as he stood up, seeing blood covering his own Black Leather Suit as he panted, seeing the destruction being laid bare in the streets of Dallas, Texas.

He staggered around, looking for anyone to talk to as he was all alone in the ruin, with no one to watch his back as he tried to search for survivors. His lips moved, but his voice was awfully mute as if his own vocal cords were just cut off from the world.

As he continued walking, he continued to scream out for anyone just to listen to him. His expression attempting to scream out a sound that is not even heard at any sound decibel other than the constant ringing anyone would feel running in their ears playing on a constant never-ending loop. And he continued doing so until he fell right on top of something.

As he raised his head up, the bloodied face of Bishop can be seen from his point of view as Logan stood himself back up, seeing a letter M carved on his right eye. Then he as he backed up, he saw numerous members with blood on their faces and similar M symbols that were carved on their own skulls, many seemingly dead as Logan stood in shock and horror. Then he laid his eyes on one face he never thought he'd see again...

Kitty Pryde stood in front of him several feet away from Logan as another M was carved on her cheek as a gun was held in her hand. Her face still clean as it could be as she stared at Logan emotionlessly and coldly.

"You failed us, Logan," Kitty called out as she continued staring at Logan with a gun in her hand. "You failed us all."

Logan tried to say something, but his voice was yet to be heard as he tried pointlessly to speak, trying to speak while Kitty continued all the talking.

"You failed Charles... You failed Jean... You failed Scott..."

The gun barrel was cocked as blood began to spill from the top of Kitty's head as she started pointing it at the same spot that she had originally pointed at while Logan called her out voiceless, reaching out a hand in an attempt to stop her.

"Now... You failed Me."



Logan choked out a word as he woke himself up from a nightmare, raising himself up in a bed inside Weasel's apartment as he saw no one inside other than himself and a snoring Wade Wilson that's sound asleep with his butt raised up.

He groaned as he rubbed on his neck, standing up to stretch his legs for a bit until he started walking out of the apartment, moving past Wade who was quietly whispering the name Vannessa in his sleep... Both intimately and obscenely.

"Oh yeah, I love it when you keep spanking me, Vanessa... Oh, that's right; Doctor Thompkins, my bad. I forgot we were using kink names."

When he walked downstairs, he re-entered the Bar that he had been shown by Wade himself as it was mostly empty with the exception of Melita and Bishop, along with a few bar patrons that were dozing off in a drunken hangover while he approached the two he was most familiar with.

"Fun sleep last night?" Bishop asked casually as Logan huffed through his breath and sat down next to Melita.

"Any updates on that phone yet?" Logan questioned.

"Not yet, though Turk's intel was pretty accurate."

Melita nodded as she laid out a printed copy of a forum. "This guy was paid on numerous dealings with Trask International's COO, Walter Declun. Apparently, Declun pays him to help supply whatever shipments they need, and then the rest is history for the bad guys."

Logan rested his arms on the table as he looked at the files Melita laid out. "Alright, that's good. As long as it means we're getting closer to Creed, that's fine by me."

Bishop sighed as he glanced over to Logan folding his arms on a table, who appears to be focused intent mostly on Sabretooth based on his personal analysis.

"So... What's the plan?" Bishop questioned, to which Logan roughly replied.

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean, what's the plan if and when we find what we're looking for?"

"Simple; I fucking kill him, end of story."

Bishop turned to Melita, who shared his glance as a reaction to Logan's primary response to their main approach on the matter.

"...And that's it?"

"Yeah," Logan replied once again as he cracked on one side of his neck. "Yeah, that's it alright... Got a problem with it?"

"Only as long as it doesn't get any of us killed."

Logan leaned back, folding his arms. "If you're worried about getting shot, then you can always get right behind me, Bishop."

"It's not my safety that I'm worried about," Bishop stated, standing up. "Look, I've been at this game for a long time while you've been sitting inside waiting to die inside of a Cave, and I know for certain that when someone's taking a task personally, it means several risk factors that could potentially hurt all of us in the long run, and I don't want to take that chance.

"So, what do you want us to do then? Hmm?" Logan questioned rhetorically. "Would you like me to just... Sit here, on my ass, drinking, waiting to die while the bastard who got Kitty killed runs free into the wild?"

Bishop shook his head. "I never said that."

"Then what are you saying then? Because I swear to god, if you're telling me to not get angry right now, I am going to get violent, Bub, then-!"

"I'm saying, please do get angry, Logan," Bishop explained further. "But be sure to think before acting on impulse, or did you forget all about that back up north? A 200-year-old man with years of experience, and you forgot the one crucial piece of wisdom in the back of your head getting drunk, or when I put a bullet in your brain?"

Logan huffed through his nose, standing up from his chair as he started staring down at Bishop.

"...I didn't forget. No bullet ain't thick enough to make me forget about training, even if it were Adamantium. As for my anger, on the other hand, I tend to channel it in a way that makes sure what I do gets the job done, which makes me the best at what I do. So if you're that anxious about my temper, then don't worry about it, because I know what I'm doing."

The two continued to exchange a look one could describe as intense, almost heated. Melita seemed like she was anxious to put an end to this argument until a loud yawn interrupted everyone's thoughts, Wade Wilson finally rejoining the group in the bar.

"Really, Mister Barnum, do you really have to pull me out of my Wet Dream?" Wade asked as he walked over to a stool and grabbed a cup of whiskey. "Like... What's the big deal in here?"

The group glanced at Wade before a beeping was heard on the laptop. With Garner being the closet to it, she turned to see a message on Barrett's account, seeing that a map showed up on the screen with numbers listed on the middle.

"We got it." Melita said, turning to Logan. "Time and place, just like Barrett said."

Bishop turned to the computer, seeing where the map pinged at. "This looks to be located at a Worthington Industries-owned penthouse, now currently rented up north in Chicago."

"Good. Do we know what time?" Logan questioned.

"Around sunrise this evening, around 5:45." Melita answered. "if we get there early, maybe we could surprise them."

Logan glanced at Bishop. "What are you thinking? Black Bird?"

Bishop shook his head. "No, we can't. I can already keep the jet's signal hidden at a high enough altitude in large population density areas. We move in, and we lose our element of surprise."

"Ah, well good thing I know a certain Taxi Driver that may be willing to help us out," Wade suggested. "After all, I'm kind of thinking we should order in Doordash pickup on the way. I hear Outback Steakhouse created this Digitial Kitchen that basically makes Tenders instead of Steak, and I'm kind of in the mood for some Nashville Chicken Tenders for dinner."

Logan turned to Wade. "This Driver of yours, is he reliable?"

"Oh yeah, totally 100% Five Stars."

"For a Taxi Driver?"

"What can I say? He's loyal, just ask Weasel as soon as he quits masturbating somewhere off-screen, probably inside the bathroom toilet maybe."

"Fuck you, Wade!"

Wade scratched his head. "Ooh... I may have triggered his shy sensitivity, if not his orgasm."

"Again, fuck you!"

Logan nodded his head. "Alright, fuck it. We'll use Wade's Contact. Bishop, try to scope out the location just so we know what we're dealing with."

"In other words, this shit's gonna be nothing, but filler, so we should probably put another horizontal line right around here..."

Wolverine, Bishop, and Deadpool were now seen sitting in the back of a Taxi while Melita sat upfront with the driver, who seemed to be a shy character with very limited expectations.

"Limited expectations? Oh, really? This guy singlehandedly ran over a Sadistic pedophile with his own car, and that's how you're gonna describe Dopinder?!"

Dopinder's head seems to sweat when he heard Wade starting to unwittingly spill the beans in front of the X-Men. "Uh, Mr. Wade? I don't know what you're talking about, may I ask you to refrain from making inappropriate jokes like that?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure what you're talking about, nobody even said a word..." Bishop stated factually.

"Oh, don't get your pants all warmed up, it's not you who I was talking, it was the writer. I mean, how dare he-?"

"Wade, what the fuck did we just talk about last night?" Wolverine questioned.

"Alright, alright, sorry! I'm sorry, okay? It's just I'm just used to having my own franchise, and the fact that I'm actually been given a role in other people's franchises, besides just appearing in a cheesy Disney Cartoon and popping up as a quick cameo just for the laughs, it's kind of this change of pace that I have to get myself used to. I mean, you of all people should know something like way back in Pre-Avengers Era, right, Blackbeard?"

Logan sighed, closing his eyes as he started remembering his first memories with the X-Men, having been rescued from the Brotherhood of Mutants and eventually becoming one of them... Except he didn't remember talking as much as Wade Wilson did during the early days.

"So... Dopinder, right?" Melita asked, and Dopinder nodded. "You drove as a Taxi Driver long?"

"Since I graduated from College," Dopinder answered with a sigh. "But I've been mostly Mr. Deadpool's Chauffeur after he helped me with my problem with my Cousin, Bandhu."

"Oh... Did he resolve an issue with your Cousin?"

"Oh no, more like I helped kill him."

Everyone turned to glance at Wade, having heard him say something one would rarely say out loud to a group as Dopinder's expression was filled with absolute shock.

"I mean, technically, Dopinder did most of the killing, but technically speaking, it was actually this other driver who ran right into him from the ass, so honestly, all I did was made one tiny little nudge-!"

"You know what? We honestly don't want to know." Bishop said while raising his hand as Logan simply nodded his head.

"Yeah, please keep your fucked up shit to yourself, thank you," Logan said with harsh enunciation.

"Alright, whatever! But clearly, you're missing out on some good story content. Hell, I doubt even Col-Ohmygod, Dopinder, pull the damn car over!"

The car came to a screeching halt when Dopinder drifted over to the parking lot. When it stopped, Deadpool moved his face over to the window, raising his butt to face Wolverine so it could slam him to the door next to him while Bishop grunted when he felt Wade push his hand down against his own crotch.

"Holy shit, this is the place!"

Dopinder turned to Wade. "It is?"

"Yes, it is!" Deadpool shouted hyper as he drew himself back to his spot, leaving Bishop and Wolverine alone at last to mend their own bruises. "Now get out of the car and get the stuff!"

Dopinder nodded once and then bolted out of the car after their dramatic stop. When he left, Melita wiped her hair off her face when she turned to her window, noticing one significant thing that was just standing out in the background.

"...Is that Popeyes?" Melita asked, pointing at the window as Wade nodded his head with excitement.

"Oh yeah, it is, why?"

"...What the fuck are we doing at Popeyes?!"

"Uh, getting takeout, duh," Wade answered while tilting his head. "I mean, since this is getting close to dinner time, I thought we'd have some hot spicy chicken to feast upon."

Bishop raised a brow. "And how long is this going to take?"

"Uh, not too long."

Bishop and Melita sighed in relief.

"Oh, thank god."


"Although, now that you mentioned this, we have a few more stops to go. Yeah, I had ordered takeout snacks too, places like Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean, Yogurtland, I mean, I didn't really know what everyone preferred, so I just got all the above on the dessert list. Any more questions?"

Everyone in the car gave him a look that would silently scream the words, "What The Fuck?", from the top of someone's vocal cords as Logan just shook his head, not having any of Wade's Shit right now.

"Fuck this."

Wolverine turned and opened his door, exiting the vehicle much to everyone's confusion as Wade raised a brow.

"What? What are you doing?"

Logan didn't say a word, just simply got into the driver's side and started the engine since Dopinder ultimately left the car keys in the car...

"What?! No, Logan, what the fuck? Stop it! Hey!"

Without even hesitating, Wolverine drove away from the parking lot and ditched Dopinder at Popeyes, who was just getting back with Wade's and presumably everyone else's dinner.

"What the hell, Logan? That was our dinner!"

"My lead, my rules, deal with it!" Wolverine said roughly.

"But... But what about Dopinder?"

"Should have thought about that before you wasted our time with that shit! Now you just hit Strike Two, you hit Strike Three, and you're fucking through, Bub, no second chances!"

Deadpool was left with no words to spare. No quips, no comebacks, nothing. He just sat back against his seat and he fell immediately silent for a moment as Bishop and Melita stared at him for a moment before glancing towards each other and facing the car, almost impressed with Logan as they started facing the road to their destination.

"...So, do you steal everybody's car?" Melita asked, to which Logan simply replied with these three simple words.

"Not now, please."

Soon, they arrived at their destination as they parked a few blocks from the penthouse that belonged to Worthington Industries as the group was exiting their vehicle, Melita remained behind to get a peek at the extremely lit skyscraper with over a dozen vehicles parked out front as armed guards seemed to be on point on their jobs.

"So, this is the place?" Melita questioned.

"This is the place alright," Logan answered. "Now, since we dumped our previous driver, you're going to remain here to be our getaway."

"Oh, and here I was thinking just how exactly I was going to prove myself useful." Melita sighed as she got out to switch to being on the driver's side. "Any idea how you're going to plan this out?"

"No plans yet, but worst-case scenario, Wolvie and I end up getting shot with dozens and dozens and dozens of bullets, and we still keep standing on our two feet..." Wade answered, which confused the Blogger.

"But... What about Bishop?"

"Oh, he'll be fine! I mean, the writer considers him as part of the Main Cast anyways, so I'm certain he's got one of those plot armors that keeps him from getting killed off too soon."

Bishop rolled his eyes at Wade's Fourth Wall-Breaking Nature. "I've got Kevlar laced around my suit. I'll be fine, especially since Wade implied I can just simply walk right behind them when the shooting starts."

"Yeah, see? It's exactly what I said; Plot Armor."

Logan walked over to Melita as he pressed his hand against the roof. "You stay here and keep the key inserted at all times. If anything goes wrong, just call us, and we'll be right down here in no time."

Melita answered with a quiet nod, turning to face the windshield's direction as Logan continued to observe her expression.

"...You're worried about me."

"And you can tell, how exactly?"

"Simple, I can smell your emotion."

Melita raised a brow. "You can do that?"

Logan shook his head. "No, not really. Though that actually works on animals, I'm not sure it really works on people."

"Oh god, please don't answer then. I just don't want to know if that's actually a thing you can do."

Logan leaned his arms against the car. "Look, you've seen what I can do, you know I'll be fine."

"No, it's not bullet holes I'm concerned about."

"Then what is it?"

Melita sighed, rubbing her hair blinking her eyes as she thought of the way she should explain it.

"...When I saw how you reacted to your friend dying, I... I think I... I would have felt the same as you would, just... Sad and full of rage if I learned that Charlie didn't make it... And what scares me isn't how I would find out that my best friend died, it's..." She then turned around, facing Logan to finish her statement. "It's how I would handle it on an emotional range... You know?"

Logan let that thought slide into his brain, as he thought of the people he had lost over his long extended lifespan. For the longest sentient alive, he had the burden of watching people die all around him, yet he always knew deep down that it still hurts so much even when a wound is fresh on his soul.

"...You let me worry about that, alright?" Logan said before pulling away. "You got our comms, you call us at any time if something comes up."

"...Roger that."

After their personal agreement, the two turned away as Wolverine turned back to the men, who started staring at him as if he made a romantic pick-up line.

"...What?" Logan asked roughly, to which Wade awkwardly answered inappropriately...

"...Did Bishop ever tell you that you and her would make such wonderful babies-?"

"Say another word, and I'll dump your head inside of a dumpster right here."

On that note, Wade didn't say another word, merely just gave two thumbs up as he acknowledged Logan's demand.

"Now, Bishop, do we have a way inside?"

Bishop turned to glance at the penthouse. "Well, it's no secret we can go through the front door, except that leaves too much attraction to us."

"So we go in through the back. Say no more, Bub." He folded his arms as he started turning his gaze to Wade. "Wade." Deadpool raised a brow, making a hum. "Are you ready for this?"

"Me? Oh, I've been waiting for this since 2016, dammit, of course, I'm ready!"

"You're sure?"

"...Now you should mention it, I should probably double-check the car, just in case..."

"Fucking hell, hurry up!"

"Sorry, sorry! Just let me open the trunk..." And after Wade got he needed from the trunk... "There, say no more! Let's go, Posse!"

With that said, Wade strolled down the alley past Wolverine and Bishop as they just heard him say something that was not needed to be said.

"...You mind if I shoot him in the back if he says that again?" Bishop questioned politely, which Wolverine shrugged.

"Don't let me stop you."

As soon as everyone was in agreement, the song, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J played in the background as they started walking together in the alleyway, heading towards the penthouse. There, they entered through the back as they encountered a guard guarding the elevator. At first, Wolverine and Bishop tried to use stealth, but then Wade made it his way to show off and nonchalantly approached the guard in his humoring demeanor.

"Hi, I'm Deadpool!" Wade introduced himself to the guard that now noticed him. "Nice to beat you!"

And without a second to lose, Wade kicked the guy in the balls, punched him by the throat, and then slammed his head against the wall, effectively taking him out without any effort as the two Mutants observed his violent handiwork.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I stealing too much of the spotlight already?" Wade asked jokingly and seductively.

Logan and Bishop glanced at each other before proceeding down to the elevator. As they walked by, Logan moved on to give Deadpool a soft pat on his shoulder.

"Not bad, Wade..." Wolverine said, which flattered Wade by his heart.

"Wow... A Wolvie who didn't stab me in the chest and insult me at my peril. Is this is a Skrull talking, or is this just typical Fanfic writing?"

The three started entering the elevator once the small talk was finished as they started reaching the floor where their target was located in.

"Alright, so on the way here, I hacked further into Turk's device, and I found out that the meeting is conjoined by Trask International along with a few reputable characters in the penthouse," Bishop explained. "One of them the Yakuza, the others being Essex Corp, Hellfire Club, and a shady group of people known only as of the Thieves Guild."

Wolverine raised a brow. "The fuck is the Thieves Guild?"

"Oh, I can answer that." Deadpool chirped. "They're basically an organization of literal thieves who are bred to steal all kinds of naughty stuff. I mean, say if you wanted to steal Thor's Personal Porn Magazine and then sell it to the highest bidder, or there was some kind of shit you want stealing, but then you want to hire somebody to do the stealing for you, these guys are the ones you go to piss your money down the toilet."

"...Yeah, as he said for the most part." Bishop said, subtly agreeing.

Wolverine folded his arms. "Alright, anyone we should be concerned about?"

"No one that I'm familiar with. I hear that these people operate mainly in New York, so..." Bishop explained before looking up the invited guest list, scrolling past a couple of names before seeing the name Remy LeBeau pop up with his name highlighted in Green. "Oh... Fuck, well I'll be damned."

"What is it?"

Bishop scoffed. "I don't believe it, the Guild sent in their favorite Card Player to this meeting."

Deadpool tilted his head. "...Bullseye?"

"What? No."

"Oh... What about the Joker?"


"Taylor Kitsch?"

"I don't even know who the fuck that is."

"...It's Gambit, isn't it?"


"Ah, shit, I did not see that coming! Nor did I see his name pop up in the first half... Say, do any you guys know if this is Channing Tatum or just some other person that this writer is picturing in his head."

"Okay, who the hell is Gambit?" Logan interrupted. "Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but I don't know all these small little nicknames you people came up with while I was living in a Cave."

"Oh, says the man who calls himself Wolverine!"

Bishop turned to Logan. "Gambit is a Mutant, like us, but he's..."

"Shit, please don't say it."

"A Walking Wild Card."

"Gah, fuck me! Why, just why would you even bother? My god."

Logan shut his eyes. "Dammit, Wade, shut up for a minute."

Wade sighed, shaking his head when he was reverted back to being insulted once again, allowing Bishop to speak once more.

"Anyway... I wouldn't underestimate him. I've encountered the likes of him a few times, and he always has a trick up his sleeve."

Wolverine nodded. "I'll keep my guard up... Anything else I should worry about?"

"Yeah... Stay clear of his Staff. That thing packs a punch, especially when he amplifies it."

Wolverine perked his brow, but he knew in a way that he was telling the truth, so in turn, he would have to keep his guard up if and when they encounter whoever the Gambit is. His thoughts became disrupted when he started getting a call from Melita.

"Hey, you guys doing okay?" Melita asked quietly.

"We're fine. How are you holding up?" Logan asked.

"Okay, but some people are starting to show up at the building right now. Probably guests by the looks of it."

The two glanced at Wolverine, having heard what Melita just said as the man cursed beneath his own breath.

"Are you okay? Did anyone of them spot you?"

Melita shook her head, leaning below the dash as she peeked through to see the new arrivals. "No, I don't think so. I think I'll be fine as long nobody sees me, but I'm still debating myself whether or not I should move the damn car back..."

"No. Stay exactly where you are, and don't move the car anywhere. You're going to be fine as long as you're quiet, and you don't make any sudden movements."

Melita nodded. "Okay... Any other piece of advice?"

"Yeah, remember to stay calm."

She sighed. "Well, that would help more if I had a gun on me-!" Melita stopped her sentence, raising a brow. "...The hell?"

"What? What's wrong?"

"Hey, did Wade pack two bags in here?" Melita asked while picking up a handgun. "Because I'm staring at a duffel bag full of machine guns and pistols right now, and I swear to god I saw him get a bag from the trunk."

Wade raised a brow. "That's strange, I only packed one bag of guns. How is there...?" Wade's brow widened. "Oh god."

Deadpool knelt to the ground, lowering the bag to the ground as Wolverine and Bishop observed what he was trying to get out. And much to their utter embarrassment, they saw him pull out one rubber chicken toy.

"...Shitfuck, really?!"

"Seriously?" Bishop questioned as if asking Wade's choice of logic in packing a toy with him to a mission.

"Uh... So, has any of you ever seen a man get beaten to death with a rubber chicken?" Deadpool asked with a nervous laugh.

"Okay, now what? Do you guys need to come back down and switch bags or something?" Melita questioned, which Wolverine rubbed his chin at that, given his concern for his teammates.

"Shit, now that you mentioned it..."

"No, no, that won't be necessary," Bishop reassured, picking up a couple of handguns at his disposal. "I brought along a couple of spares in case of an emergency."

"Oh, thank cock." Deadpool blurted out loud while still holding on to a rubber chicken. "...Dammit, this Writer made me say that, didn't he? Anyway, thanks, you're a lifesaver."

"Don't thank me..." Bishop said, handing Wilson a gun. "I'm just being careful since I trusted you to place my Rifle inside of your bag."

"Okay, whoever told you that you could do that?" Deadpool asked, which infuriated Bishop somehow, and with good reason.

"You did, you fucking moron!"

"...Okay, I'm starting to feel like I'm shitting myself even more right now."

"Enough, both of you," Wolverine demanded. "What's done is done, there's nothing anyone could do right now, but deal with the cards we've got."

"Ugh, again with the card play!"

"Shut up, Wade!" Both Wolverine and Bishop said as Deadpool lowered his head

Bishop sighed, nodding his head while Wade raised his hands up in agreement. "Fair enough."

Wolverine turned to the elevator door, seeing that they're close to reaching their level. "Alright, we've got to go. Stay safe, and don't do anything stupid."

"Copy. Keep safe, you guys."

With enough to be said, the elevator made a ding when they reached their floor, which made the door to open up as they turned to move carefully down the halls.

"Both of you Bubs keep close. I'm smellin' a lot of dirt in here..."

"You're sure it's not just the dirt sitting inside my underwear right now? I mean, I wasn't lying when I said I shat myself."

"Yeah, I'm sure it's not just your dirt, Wade. Now, be quiet."

"Wait," Bishop said, raising a hand up as he spotted a familiar figure. "Wait..."

As they explored inside the penthouse, Melita remained in the vehicle with a gun in her hand, in case danger were to ever come to her corner. She breathed, closing her eyes for a split second when she raised her head up against her seat. Opening them again, she looked at the many faces of the guests in the area... So imagine her genuine shock when she spotted one familiar face in the crowd.


As she sat in the car, picking up the radio so she can make contact, the group entered just outside the meeting location as Bishop stopped to open a vent door.

"Alright, I'm gonna insert a little something to let us eavesdrop on the conversation," Bishop said as he started planting a bug. "Maybe we can get an idea just what's going on here."

Wolverine nodded his head. "Yeah, you do that... I'm gonna go scout the perimeter."

"More like try to find his Boyfriend so Wolvie and Creed can go..." And as Wade started making obnoxious sounds, he began thrusting his finger into an opening two fingers where it made a soft O shape, making Logan shake his head.

"Good luck with the gimp, feel free to shoot his ass if he annoys you too much."

"Will do," Bishop replied while pointing a finger up as Wolverine began to exit the group, he closed the vent to turn to Wade. "Alright, come on... Let's try to find someplace to hide. Can you shut up for at least five minutes?"

"Only if I'm sleeping, or if I end up getting killed too many times, which kind happens to me on a daily basis."

Bishop closed his eyes, shaking his head. "For fuck's sakes, come on..."

As he started dragging Wade by the arm, Bishop went down to a corridor and attempted to find a hiding spot while Wolverine did what he said he was going to do and started to scout for the preimeter. However, when he came close to an elevator, the doors began to open, leading him to hide around a dark corner as a group of unsavory influencers started to show up in the penthouse, being escorted by Trask International guards.

"Ah, Miss Odessa Drake." A man dressed in blue approached, shaking a woman's hand out of a polite gesture. "Nice to finally meet your acquaintance; Walter Declun, at your service under the representation of the gracious Victor Creed."

The woman hummed, letting her handshake in the man's palm. "Declun... I've heard of your financial exploits in Latveria, how impressive."

"Yes, well this charming face of mine isn't just for show, I can assure you," Declun said as he raised a hand up. "Now come, we have plenty to discuss, and I'm certain the rest of our party members will be joining us..."

As the man leads the woman known as Drake into the living room, Logan spotted a man in a Brown Trench Coat following her... He noticed how Red his eyes were as well as the cards that he's holding in his hands as he pulled himself back to hide once more.

"...Gambit," Wolverine whispered under his breath, having remembered what Bishop told him in full detail. Then he started to walk away from the living room as he started getting a call from Melita.

"Hey... Hey, is anyone there? Can you guys hear me?"

"I'm here," Logan said, pressing his finger against his ear. "What's wrong?"

"It's... You're not going to believe it, but I think I saw my friend, Charlie!"

Wolverine raised a brow, stopping himself as he listened to Melita's words.

"Your friend, Charlie? You're sure that she's here?"

"I'm damn sure! I never forget a friend's face, I saw her walking into the same building you guys are standing in!"

"Okay, okay, slow down! Just, talk to me... What does she look like?"

"Blonde... Blue Eyes... Smooth skin and she sounds like a complete hard ass, but she's good!"

"Well, that doesn't sound good to me if she's here with all these assholes, Melita."

"That doesn't make sense to me either, but look! I know you have some beef to settle with Creed, but you have to find Charlie! I don't want her getting hurt in there!"

Logan sighed, rubbing his eyes. "Okay, okay, fine! Just, let me..."


Wolverine turned around, seeing a door being slightly let open as he heard some footsteps coming from the door behind him.

"Logan?" Melita called out from the comms. "Logan, can you hear me?"

Logan turned his back around, seeing the door in front of him as he still pressed against his earpiece.

"I'll call you right back..."

He ended the call shortly after as he started walking over into a bedroom that was dark and empty. He pulled the door open fully, letting himself walk inside as he started to sniff for whoever was inside... However, just when he attempted at finding a scent, a small pair of tendrils began to creep up behind him.

Then, just when he had caught the scent, Wolverine was too little, too late when the tendrils tied themselves around his feet and his neck, pulling him upside down as he started getting out his Claws, scratching the floor in the process as the man known as Omega Red, Creed's personal bodyguard, was seen standing in front of him with amusement in his expression.

"Looking for somebody, Runt?" Omega Red teased as he pulled himself closer towards Wolverine. However, he got too close for his liking as Wolverine started to use his claws to slash right at chest, making him cry out while throwing his enemy out of the room.

When he was thrown out, Logan grunted, rubbing against his throat as he stood up to face the man wounded by his newly fresh scar.

"Where's Creed?" Wolverine demanded as he glared through his mask.

"Currently attending the meeting through a digital computer..." The Mutant with Tendrils answered as he turned to face Logan. "Why? You sound disappointed."

"Tell me where he is, and I'll be sure to kill you so much quicker."

"Oh, you'll try..." Omega Red laughed as he tore off his shirt, revealing the wounds that he had been inflicted upon as Logan took notice of the scars... Only to find that they have been disappearing at a rapidly cellular rate as his opponent cracked both sides of his head. "But I'm afraid it'll take a while before that happens."

Wolverine breathed from his nose when held his ground... Then he began to move while he exhaled while growling, slashing at his chest only to get countered by the tendrils step by step, blocking his attacks as the claws scratched at his tendrils until they got a grip at his neck again, but this time some energy began to pulse from the tendrils, leading the X-Man veteran to scream as he felt like something was draining him entirely.

And without trying to waste any time, Wolverine used his claws to scratch out one of Omega Red's eyeballs, leaving him screaming before he pushed him with such excessive force that Logan ended up bursting into three separate walls. One of these walls was where Bishop and Deadpool, who just so happened to be near the spot where Logan ended up landing onto the floor.

"Holy fuck, that hurt!" Deadpool said out loud as Bishop moved to kneel in front of Wolverine, pulling him onto his feet.

"Are you alright?" Bishop asked, picking up Wolverine's hand.

"I'm fine..." Wolverine gruffly answered, cracking both sides of his neck. "I've handled way worse..."

As they got up, more footsteps started echoing the corridor as the "Guests" started showing up, seeing the Mutants in the hallway, including Omega Red as he started walking out of a hole in the wall. Soon after, many people started pulling out their guns as they felt a bit intimidated by recent events.

"So... I guess this means you haven't found your Boyfriend?" Wade asked as he stood next to Wolverine, who just rolled his eyes at his behavior.

"What the hell is this shit?" Odessa questioned as she pulled out a dagger. "Did Creed put us up to this?"

"No! Goodness, no! This was not part of the planned activity for tonight!" Declun answered as Omega Red turned to face him.

"These three are merely crashing the party... Nothing to worry about."

"Yes, unless one of these Gaijins start trying to kill us!" One of the Yakuza assumed as they still held their guns out.

"Oh, fuck, this is not looking good." Bishop whispered.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Logan whispered back as he let his Claws out.

"Whoa, hold on everybody, just wait a minute!" Declun said as he raised his hands up. "Why don't we all just calm down and talk about this, okay? There's no need to get violent here."

Deadpool tilted his head, before instantly nodding after giving it thought. "You know what? You're right, there is a better way we can handle this! I mean, this guy next to me just watched one of his best friends commit suicide recently, along with his 2nd Boyfriend! And you know what? There's been enough blood that's been shed, so let's try something different; Let's say we come up with a very, peaceful resolution that we can all agree to!"

"Okay, cool, but... Can you tell us what the fuck you're doing all the way out here in Chicago, Spider-Man?"



The pained sounds of a man screaming as the dumb bastard thug who called Wade Spider-Man right onto his knees. Each hand clutching each bloody nipple as Deadpool stood there with both pistols drawn out in his hands.

"Okay, fuck peace, these pricks have just chosen Death, LET'S TURN UP THAT FIGHT MUSIC!"

At that moment, Kill Everybody Bare Noize Remixby Skrillex started playing in the background, with Deadpool moving to use his spare handguns to kill as many enemies as he possibly could.

"Oh, for fuck's sakes, Wade!" Logan shouted out loud before he and Bishop started joining in on the fight. "Goddammit, we don't need this!"

"Yeah, no shit!" Bishop said as he started using a pistol, shooting one thug in the head. "What now?!"

"We've got to leave, but not without Charlie!"

Bishop raised a brow, kicking one of their opponents by the stomach. "Melita's friend?"

"Yes! She says that she's here!"

"In this fucking mess?!"

"Just don't ask! Look, we've got to find her!"

"How? Poor woman could be anywhere in this mess-!"


The two of them turned around, seeing Walter Duclan pull a blonde woman with Blue Eyes as he attempted to leave to the elevator.

"Come on, we've got to leave, it's not safe here for us!"

"Let go of me, dammit!"

Bishop nodded. "That must be her."

As the two began to run towards her, a man in a Trench Coat appeared before them, wielding a bo staff as he stood in Wolverine and Bishop's path.

"I was wondering when we'd be seeing each other, Mon Amie..." Gambit said, referring mostly to Bishop as he held out a card in his hand, leaving his opponent to say nothing other than a sigh underneath his breath.

"Alright, go... I got this."

Wolverine nodded, patting Bishop in the back. "Good luck."

With no time to waste, Wolverine sprinted after Charlie while Bishop and Gambit clashed with each other, with the French shooting cards out of his hands while Bishop shot bullets out of his gun to counteract the cards attempting to cut him apart, all that happening as Deadpool started to kill someone simply with a Rubber Chicken... Yes, that Rubber Chicken.

"Is this something that Spider-Man would do, you dumb cocks?!" Wade shouted out as he made it clear that is not a friendly neighborhood superhero, doing so by strangling the life out of a man with the chicken, not after snapping his neck by kicking his foot down his back and making his head twist backward, killing him instantly. "Oh shit, that felt good... Okay, who's next?"


Wade yelped when he got swatted by tendrils, making him fly halfway across the room as Omega Red started approaching the Merc with a Mouth.

"I still remember you from the Ice Box!" Omega shouted as Wade got up, widening his eyes.

"Oh, god, you still remember Deadpool 2! Shit, look, Red..." Deadpool groaned, rubbing his head. "It wasn't my idea to cut you out of the movie! Hell, if I had things my way, I probably would have let you stay, let alone maybe invite that cast from that incredibly awful Fant4stic movie."

Omega Red shouted, slamming his tendrils to the ground as Deadpool whined, jumping back from the assault meant for him.

"Okay, you know what? Maybe it's better not to discuss that movie in general, because after all; it sucked way worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine!"

"Shut up and die, you fucking mongrel!" Omega yelled out in Russian as he still used his tendrils against Wade.

"Say; I happen to know someone who's also Russian! Maybe I can go introduce you to him-AAH!"

Suddenly, the tendrils caught with Wade as they wrapped themselves around his whole body, leaving nothing, but his legs and head to spare as Omega Red started squeezing him to death in vain.

"God, stop it... You're just making me horny just hugging me right now."

The villain growled, having just enough of Wade's shit as he started slamming him up and down from the ceiling to the ground, putting in an effort just to kill Deadpool as the criminal organizations started fighting amongst another in the chaos, with many confused whether or not Trask International was behind it, or someone was just trying to stab them in the back, all while Walter tried dragging Charlie into the elevator with him.

"God dammit, Walter, let me go!"

"Charlie, you're Trask INternational's most valued asset! If anything were to happen to you-!"

Declun wasn't able to breathe another word out as Wolverine moved to slam his head against the wall, knocking him out unconscious as he stood in front of Charlie, who became shocked when she saw the Mutant stand right in front of him.

"Oh... God, please..." Charlie begged, raising her hands up. "Please, don't kill me!"

Logan sighed, turning to the Blonde. "You Charlie?"

Charlie raised a brow, staring at Logan. "What would you like to know?"

"I'd like to, because your roommate Melita Garner is looking for you... Remember her?"

At that split second, the Blonde Woman's expression changed significantly as she started lowering her hands, having heard him mention Melita's name.

"...You brought Melita into this?" Charlie questioned critically, leaving Logan to raise a brow.

"Aw, so you do remember... Good, because I'm here to bail you the fuck out of this shit hole."

"Where is she? Oh my god, where the hell is she?!"

"She's safe!" A Trask International guard started sprinting towards him, but not until he stabbed him right in the throat did he started to choke out blood. "She's outside waiting in the car."

She sighed, nodding her head. "Okay... Okay, we need to go, now!"

"Hold up, darlin'," Logan said, pulling his claws out of a dead corpse. "You mind telling me what the fuck you're doing with these pricks?"

"I'll explain everything when we're out of harm's way, but for now, we need to get Bishop and Wilson and get out of the Penthouse right away!"

Logan raised a brow, tilting his head. "Okay... How do you know Bishop and Wade's names?"

She paused, lowering her head before glancing at Wolverine. "As I said... I'll explain everything when we're out of harm's way, Logan."

Wolverine raised his head up, having heard her call out his real name without so much fright in her voice as she wasn't pretending to not even know the man.

"Now, go... I'll wait in the elevator for you, just hurry!" Charlie said as she started pressing the elevator door, leaving Wolverine to turn around, cracking both sides of his neck.

"Like I wasn't going to anyway." He muttered, slamming both thugs by their heads before slashing at a guard's face, and gutting another in the chest, making his way over to Deadpool, who was now lying on the floor groaning after his recent beatdown by the hands of Omega Red.

"Okay, I'm feeling exhausted... Can I tag out for a second?" Wade asked weakly as Wolverine ignored him, stepping on his back as he stepped towards Omega Red.

"Hey, asshole! You and I aren't done yet!"

Omega Red grinned, turning to Wolverine as he stepped towards him.

"Sabretooth doesn't want you dead yet, runt... Just broken in half, just how I like it."

"That so?" Wolverine questioned, causing a spark between his Claws. "Because the way I see it, you'll have a hard time doing it, Bub."

The Russian Mutant chuckled before using his Tendrils to attack Wolverine, who ducked down quickly as he slashed at his leg, causing him to shout while trying to use his Tendrils to pin him down, but with Wolverine being aware of how agile they were, he became much quicker in his dodging; making it difficult for Omega Red to land a hit.

While that went down, Bishop and Gambit resumed with their personal brawl as they landed each other blow by blow, with the French using his Staff as an advantage while Lucas only used his hands and feet due to his gun being swatted away earlier during their initial confrontation.

"Mind me asking how you resurrected the Wolverine from the Grave?" Gambit asked, swinging his staff right at Bishop's head, only to have it caught by his bare hand.

"Don't even ask!" Bishop retorted as he elbowed Gambit right in the face, making him stagger back before delivering a full kick right onto his chest, causing Gambit to fall down.

When that happened, Gambit wiped the blood off his mouth before grabbing his staff once again, closing his eyes as cards started to fly around him in a circle, with a pink glow to it as Bishop started backing up, as if knowing what he was pulling off.

"Oh, Shit!"

Having ducked down quickly, Gambit started slamming his Staff hard onto the ground, creating a blast that sent everyone nearby flying in the air, effectively almost clearing the room as all the opponents nearby were taken out. As Bishop started getting up, Gambit sent a card flying right at his arm, causing blood to spill as Lucas shouted in pain.

"Enough!" Odessa Drake said as she slit one of the unlucky few in the throat, kicking him to the ground as she approached. "I've just about had it with this place. Remy, it's time we leave, now."

"Yes, Ma Dame." Gambit agreed, taking Drake in his arms before throwing a card through the window, shattering it upon impact as he carried her right out, leaving Bishop behind as he pulled one card out of his arm.

As that round was over with, Wolverine and Omega Red still had their fight as he attempted to kill the Mutant with Tendrils with his own Claws, up until one of the tendrils wrapped itself around his neck, and pulled Logan away from Omega Red as he started wrapping tendrils around his arms, pulling him back as he started squeezing him by the neck.

"Let's see how much life force you have in you, Runt." Omega Red suggested with a toothy grin, with Wolverine growling at him in frustration, seeing how eager he was to enjoy his personal torment.


Omega turned around, only to have his eyes cut right off as Wade used his Sword to blind Omega Red, dropping Logan to the floor in the process as he whipped his Katanas around to let the blood be dropped onto the floor.

"I'm tagged right back in, fuckface!" Deadpool said as he dodged a tendril from smacking his face, blocking Omega's attacks as he started focusing his assault on Deadpool, Wolverine started to get up and pounce right behind the enemy, stabbing him in the back as Omega Supreme screamed out loud, using his real arms to pull him off as Logan fell to the floor next to Wade, only to stand up as the two of them started to stand together and fight.

"Epic team up, coming right up!"

The two charged as Omega Red swung his Tendrils at them, with Wade rolling down and stabbing him by the leg while Logan jumped up and cut him by the throat. Then after Deadpool got up, he turned and slashed at his chest again, with Wolverine landing on the floor and slashing him from the back, attacking Omega Red simultaneously in a team effort as they gave it everything just to kill the Mutant with Tendrils, making him scream in pain.

With each attack, it began to weaken Omega Red further and further as Wolverine stabbed him by the throat and Deadpool by the waist. Then, just as Omega Red raised his hands up to use his Tendrils, both of them took the opportunity to take a hand of their own as Wolvie started cutting off the left hand, and Deadpool cutting off the right hand, leaving Omega Red with no hands or tendrils to spare as he started kneeling down bleeding red, choking in his own blood as he sat there, having been beaten by the two unlikely characters unlikely to team up together in a fight.

At that second, he started falling to the ground bleeding out as Wolverine and Deadpool stood over Omega Red victorious.

"That was fun!" Wade chirped, turning to Logan as he pressed his sword on his shoulder. "I mean, I had fun, I know you had fun too, Wolvie... Fist bump?"

Wolverine turned around, peering behind his mask as he gazed at Deadpool's friendly offer at a fist bump as unexpectedly, he started sank his claws back in just to share the bump.

"There... That wasn't so bad, wasn't it?" Deadpool asked as he hard Wolverine sigh. "I mean, come on; this is the first time in this entire chapter that we're starting to connect with each other. We're connecting, it's a good thing."

"Yeah yeah, don't get your hopes up." As they turned around, Bishop began to meet up with them halfway. "You good?"

"As good as I can be." Bishop answered. "Did you find Charlie?"

As Logan attempted to answer, more thugs started to show up as a couple attempted to get in their way when suddenly, two bullets landed right in their skulls as Charlie stood before the group with a gun in her hand.

"You boys done yet?" She asked sarcastically. "Let's move already!"

With that, she turned around and started walking over to the elevator as the group followed her out.

"She's uh... She's bossy." Bishop said as Logan nodded.

"Tell me about it."

Once they reached the elevator, the entire group headed to the ground floor where they exited the building and met up with Melita Garner waiting outside for them, who got out of the vehicle to meet with Charlie directly as the two women stared at each other quietly.

"...Charlie..." Melita whispered as she glanced at the Bonde Woman in front of her.

"...Melita..." Charlie acknowledged as she glanced back at the Blogger. "I..."

"Girl, shut up," Melita told her as she wrapped her arms around Charlie, pulling her into a hug as the group stood to bare witness.

"Gosh... This just warms my heart right now." Wade said sincerely as he pressed his hand against his cheek, seeing the women sigh as they pulled away from the hug.

"Where the hell have you been?" She asked. "Six months... Six months of my whole life that I've wasted looking for you all over this damn continent, and I couldn't even find you until now... Why the fuck did you leave me without saying goodbye?!"

Charlie lowered her head, pressing her hands on her friend's shoulders. "I can explain in due time... But for now, all I can say is that I did this because I thought I was trying to keep you safe." She glanced back at Logan. "Until they brought you into this mess."

Logan raised his hands up. "You're welcome, lady."

"Hey!" Melita snapped her fingers at Charlie. "Hey, don't bring them into this, I asked to be part of this, not the other way around! Okay, I did this because I wanted to find you because I wasn't sure whether or not you were even..." She paused at that exact moment, holding herself back from even finishing her comment as Charlie glanced back at her, seeing how much this had affected her.

"I... Don't even know what to say..."

Bishop rubbed on his arm. "Why don't you start by telling us just what the hell you were doing in Trask International territory?"

Logan nodded. "That sounds like a good place to start."

Charlie turned around, pulling away from Melita as she faced with the X-Force in front of her.

"The only reason that I was up there in the middle of the shit was because of the reason as you..."

Logan folded his arms. "Let me guess; The Raven sent you?"

"Actually... Since we're all here now, I suppose we should be straight to the point."

She got out a phone, which started showing off a live screen of a Blue X symbol, which stunned everyone watching as they paid attention to her.

"What. A. Twist." Deadpool spoke, stating the obvious.

"...You're the Raven?" Bishop asked, which the blonde simply nodded out of acknowledgment as she put her phone away.

"I sent Wade Wilson to you because I knew that this was the location where Omega Red would be left vulnerable to an ambush. I knew that if Wolverine attacked him all alone, he would have been hopelessly torn apart. But having a Mutant by his side, especially someone who shares a rapid Healing Factor and tenacity for sharp melee attacks, I knew that together, they would have wounded him enough to a point where Omega Red would have been forced to be placed in Hibernation."

At that comment, Logan started removing his Mask as he showed his confused expression.

"Hibernation? Lady; that asshole upstairs is dead."

"Yeah, we're pretty certain that one of Black Tom's besties is lying in a puddle of his own blood right now."

"No, he isn't dead, just been put into hibernation... That man has a unique healing factor due to cybernetics engineered into by the KGB. Every time that Arkady Rossovich gets "Killed", he ends up being put into hibernation, which results in his sudden "Rebirth.", which from what I read, takes a great amount of time, especially when his body is burnt."

"Ooh, yeah, sorry, but we didn't burn the body." Deadpool corrected her. "Yeah, all Wolvie and I did was cut him apart until he just stopped healing, there was no explosives involved-!"

"Well, there are now." Charlie corrected him as she got out a button, which she pressed without question as the entire penthouse above them blew up in a matter of seconds, brightening the night sky with hellfire as everyone looked up to see the destruction raining fire against the cold snow.

"Holy fuck, I stand corrected!"

Logan turned around, glancing at Charlie. "That was you?!"

"Planted a bomb while nobody was looking," Charlie explained as she turned to the vehicle. "Now, quick question; does anyone have the keys?"

Melita raised her hands with a pair of car keys jingling in her fingers. "...I'm driving."

Charlie nodded, turning to sit in the passenger seat. "Lead the way."

As she got seated inside, the rest of the group continued to stand there, dumbstruck by her recent action as the building above them continued to rain down ashes along with snowflakes, making it difficult to tell the difference.

"...You sure know your roommate well?" Logan asked her as Melita walked over to the driver's seat.

"...I can't even say anymore."

"Well... I think I speak for anyone who's reading this that I've fallen in love with her."

Everyone turned around, facing Deadpool as he blurted out an awkward sentence no one needed to hear.

"...What? I thought everybody wanted to hear it."

"Shut up and get in, dammit," Bishop said, pushing him towards the car as Wade raised his hands up, and everyone doing the same as they started the taxi and started driving as far away from the scene.

Later, everyone was seen at the Bar as they all stared at Charlie as she sat down with a drink in her hand.

"So... I'm assuming everyone wants some questions answered, which I will fully do so shortly, but first; let me just say that I've been at this for a very long time, and not once had I ever had some form of back up, at least not intentionally. Then not only did you come finding me beyond all else, but you also happened to bring my Roommate, who singlehandedly moved heaven and earth just to find me, and keeping her safe... For that, I want to express just how thankful I am for all this effort you've put in. protecting her."

"Yeah, well you can thank Melita for that, she wanted to find you."

"Actually, you can thank mostly Bishop and Wolvie, 'cause I didn't even show up until the end of the very last episode..." Everyone starts staring at him. "Okay, I'm gonna be silent now, keep going."

Everyone started glancing back at Charlie as Melita sat on her chair with her hands planted on each side of her wrist while leaning against her seat.

"...I just, I need to understand; how long have you been doing this? And most importantly, have you been doing it all behind my back since we've been hanging out together?"

Charlie sighed. "For a time... And to be honest with you, Melita, I've been doing this way before you and I even met."

"So why did you decide to just leave me?"

"Melita..." She paused, clutching her drink in her fingers. "The work I've been doing... It is severely too sophisticated for anyone outside our line of work to handle."

Logan folded his arms together. "How the hell did the two of you even meet?"

Melita sighed, rubbing her hair back. "Charlie... She sought me out after she decided to look for a place to rent, which just so happens to be that old spare bedroom I had, so that was how we met."

"We didn't know each other at first, at least, not to this kind of level," Charlie explained further. "See, we were just roommates; only she owned the residence, and I had to pay the rent, which I've been doing so fairly. But then one day, Melita's boyfriend got a little too... Upset with her, and then well... I intervened."

Bishop raised a brow. "What do you mean by upset?"

Melita huffed through her nose, getting out her drink as she started to open it up bitterly.

"She meant that my boyfriend started hitting me, that's what she meant."

Logan turned to glance at Melita, who started to drink her beverage quickly, drowning her from reliving whatever painful image she had seen as he sighed, closing his eyes at how slowly this world is changing.

"After that, Melita and I started growing closer to each other." Charlie detailed. "We started getting to know each other, connecting with each other... Having fun together. Something I hadn't expected to do in a long time."

Melita pulled her drink down, turning to Charlie. "You're saying that as if you weren't expecting us to be friends."

The blonde slightly made a nod, lowering her head down. "...For as long as I remembered, I had to be cold and distant to most people that I ever knew, even if it hurt... That bond you and I shared? I figured it was a liability."

"A Liability?" Melita questioned as she reacted with anger. "Was that all I was to you? A fucking liability?"

"Listen, Melita-!"

"No, you listen, Charlie! I'm your friend! You and I had something, we were more than just roommates, we were like sisters! How could you even say such a thing, let alone do it to me?!"

"Because if I hadn't, then you might have been dead, no thanks to me!" Charlie answered as Melita blinked back. "...Everyone I have ever cared for has either died or left me, mostly because someone decided that they were better off as a lab rat. And as cruel as it was, I knew that the only way that I could break that never-ending cycle was if I just... Started leaving you first before you left me."

Melita breathed softly, lowering her head as she held on to her drink.

"...Wow." Melita scoffed, shaking her head. "Well, I guess that plan of yours didn't work out so well because clearly, you weren't expecting the part where I gave too much a shit for you to start picking up the pieces that you left behind."

Charlie puts her drink down so she could clasp her hands together. "Melita, I just wanted to keep you safe-!"

"Stop," Melita said, standing up. "Just... Stop."

She started to turning around without saying much of a word and left the bar, leaving the team behind as Wade drank his glass of Blowjob.

"Okay... Now I'm not falling so much in love with you as I did before." Wade said nonchalantly before turning to leave of his own choosing, which is something considering that he's Wade.

With the two of them gone, all there was left was Logan, Bishop, and Charlie as the three of them gathered together in silence...

"...You mind if I talked to her alone, Bub?"

Bishop pressed his hands deep into his pockets. "I'll be upstairs."

Soon after Bishop left, Logan and Charlie were all alone now as the two of them started to glance at each other after he sat in the chair Melita sat on.

"...So... All that talk meaning you speak from experience?" Logan questioned as Charlie lowered her head down.

"...I think that you of all people should know what it's like to leave the people you cared for in the past."

Logan sighed, nodding his head. "Yeah, I guess I know better than most... But she wasn't the first one you've left behind, wasn't she?"

"No," Charlie answered. "No, there were others... But it was for the best."

"Just like it was for the best to leave Charles behind?"

At that second, she started raising a brow. "What...?"

Logan leaned back, sighing. "Let's see... Your name, sorry, your fake name is Charlie... And your codename just so happens to be "Raven"... And clearly, you still the scars that I gave you way back on Staten Island are holding just nicely, all things considered."

She blinked... "What scars?"

"You know damn well exactly what I'm talking about... Mystique."

Her expression changed as she no longer acted confused... And then, in a matter of seconds, her entire skin starting from her fingers started to change color, as well as her shape and being. Her eyes, hair, and skin were no longer what they were before, as the woman that now sits in front of Logan was one of the former party members of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

"...How did you know?" Mystique asked him as her Yellow eyes pierced at Logan's Dark Brown.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking right after listening to your story with Melita... Clearly, the only other woman who's cold enough to pull shit like that to their friends is the kind of woman that Charles also considered to be a Sister, but you know that so well, don't you?"

She sighed, leaning back as she started pulling out her drink. "What now then? Are you going to stab me all over again?"

"That depends on why exactly should I let you be a part of the group, given our shared history together."

"Because I am, and always have been a very reliable asset ever since 7/15."

"And you say that by blowing up buildings? Yeah, clearly you've changed a lot over the last couple of decades."

"Clearly you haven't changed much either, but at least most of us were still pulling our weight while you were sitting your ass off in a Cave."

Logan scoffed, shaking his head as he glanced at her. "...What the fuck do you want, Mystique? What exactly is your angle? What do you get out of this?"

She leaned herself forward, meeting with Logan's face as he started leaning over to hers.

"I want exactly the same thing you want; Justice. Something happened on 7/15, something that caused us all to hide in the dark like we did, while the rest of our friends ended up dead and buried... And you and I know that it involves Victor Creed and Trask International, which means you and I both want them buried to the ground."

"So, it's revenge."

"Yes... It is exactly that, and I know you want that too because I know what Creed did to Kitty Pryde that led to her suicide."

"Oh, don't say that as if you and I are friends."

"We're not, and we don't have to be."

"Good, because just so we're clear; if you end up stabbing us in the back like you did so many fucking times, I swear to god-!"

"For fuck's sakes, Logan, listen to yourself!" Mystique said as she leaned herself back. "You sound like we're back to where we are all these years ago, but we're not. You treat me as if I'm the enemy, but I'm not... At least, not anymore."

Logan nodded. "Right, because what the hell are you without Magneto?"

"And what the hell are you without Charles?" She retorted. "Hell... What the hell is anybody these days?"

Logan folded his arms on his chair. "What's your point?"

She sighed, rubbing her Red silk hair. "My point is that there are no sides anymore... There isn't the X-Men anymore, there isn't the Brotherhood anymore... The only thing that's left are people like us who only want to survive, to live in the sun without having to get shot at or hunted down like animals..." She started leaning forward once again. "So whatever feud you and I ever shared? That died the day that Charles and Erik died, so for better or worse, I'm not your enemy anymore... All that's left of us are survivors... And you know all about surviving, don't you?"

Logan sighed, leaning back as he started to think about his own past... Having thought of the people that died, while he kept on living and living longer than most.

"Yeah... Just as I thought." Mystique said with a nod. "Now, as I said before; we don't have to be friends. But all I ask is that you just let me help you, just as you let Bishop and god help me, Wade help you. It's a lot to ask for, I know, but I promise you, all I want to ensure the survival of the Mutant Race... It's exactly what Charles would have wanted."

Logan began to glance back at her as he leaned forward, meeting with her eyes as he thought of something to ask.

"...Do you really care for her?"

She raised a brow. "What?"

"Melita... Do you truly, and be fucking honest with me; do you truly care for her well-being?"

She paused, lowering her head down. "...I've made myself a promise that I'd stop trying to care for others ever since 1973."

"Answer the damn question, do you care for her, or not?"

Mystique let out a sigh, sensing Logan wouldn't let it go as she started to be honest with him.

"...Part of me... It wants to say no..." She turned to glance at Logan. "...But I do. In some ways, I actually care about her... Even though she's Human, I feel for her... And since we're being honest; if there was ever a moment that I would take the chance to take the bullet for her... I'd do it once, and then it again twice and over."

Logan continued staring at her as he used his scent on her to detect whether or not she was lying through her teeth... Then he sighed, closing his eyes as he stood up, having sensed nothing, but the truth from her.

"Alright... I guess you can stay," He said as he saw Mystique breathe calmingly. "But under one condition; I'm the one charge. Whatever happens out there with Creed, I take point, and whatever I tell you to do, you fucking do it, and whatever I tell not to do, you don't fucking do it period unless I say so. Understood?"

She folded her arms together. "That sounds like a fair deal, considering you started all this."

"Is that a yes?"

She stood up, walking over to Logan, offering a handshake. "What do you think?"

He stood there, seeing Mystique's Blue scaled hand offering a gesture as he accepted it, shaking her hand with his.

"Now... What exactly do you know about Trask International do I don't know about?"

She swallowed her throat down as she stared into Logan's eyes.

"Well... For one thing; I'm one of Trask International's most valued assets, which involves marketing, both legal and not so legal, so I'm your inside man for the most part."

"Okay... Now you mind telling me where Creed is?"

"That, I can't tell."

"Why not?"

"Because he's as equally distant as you are."

Logan sighed, shaking his head. "Fair enough."

"However... Recent chatter suggests that they're looking for someone that just arrived here on the outskirts of Chicago."

"Who? A Mutant?"

"Not quite."

"Okay, then who exactly are we dealing with?"

She rubbed on her arm, lowering her eyes before turning to look at Logan's expression.

"...Before I start; you mind telling me what exactly do you know of a man known as Bruce Banner?"

It was snowing harshly in the mountains outside Chicago as helicopters owned by Trask were forced to be grounded while men in black were started on a hunt of their own.

"Stryker Unit 5, this is Stryker Unit 2, we have confirmed sightings of target Gamma, over."

"Copy that, Unit 2. Is Target Gamma insight, over?"

"Negative, Unit 5. Only evidence thus far is a set of large footprints, over."

"Acknowledged. Subject must be close-!"



Screams started to vibrate in one of the mercenaries' earpieces as the entire unit became disturbed by the ominous sounds.

"Unit 5? Unit 5, are you under attack? Please respond, over!"

"He's coming right behind us-XXT!"


A soft earthquake was heard as all the men in the snow started to feel it, with pieces of snow starting to shake just slightly.


Another one was heard, only producing much more noise and vibration as the ground felt like it was shaking, and gunfire can be heard in the distance.


As the next began to intensify, the men in Stryker Unit 2 turned around, seeing one of the men from Unit 5 running away as the gunfire started to die down, and the snow began to fall from the cliffs.


A large Green hand was wrapped around the man's skull as he was lifted up in the air for only a few seconds before being slammed to the ground several times without mercy to be shown. When the hand stopped slamming him down hard, he had the person thrown across the mountains, never to be seen again as the men from Unit 2 pointed their guns at the Green Creature before them, seeing how angry he was as his Green Eyes started glaring at the men before them, up until he let out a scream that shook the heavens.

"Oh, fuck."

"Open fire, open fire!"

Bullets began to fly as the Hulk roared through his teeth, mad about the bad people shooting at him as he started to do the one thing he was good at... Smashing.

One by one, the Hulk took them out without a sweat as one of the men began to cower, dropping his weapon so he can run right after the chopper.

"Start the chopper! Start the fucking chopper, dammit!"

The pilot turned around, facing the deserter. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Look, fuck this! I don't get paid enough for this shit, I'm getting the fuck out of here!"

"Are you kidding? We're stuck in a blizzard! We can't even fly straight with all this wind-!"

"Start the damn helicopter..." The man threatened with a gun pointed at the pilot's head. "Or else I get pissed."


The Hulk landed right in front of the helicopter as the two men didn't have enough time to debate as he started grabbing one of the helicopter blades, ripping it off so he can just smash the helicopter to bits. When the two men inside were hanging on with their lives, all they saw was the Hulk holding onto whatever was left of the aircraft's blades as he was preparing to smash the two men inside.

"Oh, shit!"



Without much effort, Hulk slammed the piece inside, taking out his enemies before letting out another roar, screaming in rage as he stood in the mountains, stranded with no form of communication to use as he simply waited for whoever else who wanted to hurt Hulk to smash them the same way he did them...

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