Episode 5: The Recollection

All Characters belong to Marvel and Disney!

Juju Chan as Psylocke

Stephen Merchant as Caliban


Dallas, Texas, 20 Years Ago...

Calling Dr. Love by KISS played in the air as a huge rally of people began to march peacefully through the streets, Humans and Mutants alike were both moving and dancing in harmony with every happy smile on their faces.

While everyone lived to enjoy this event in pure bliss, Logan was seen with folded arms watching everything from a rooftop as he sat down to have a sip of his beer.

"Hey, boss. Got something for us." A young Lucas Bishop said as he walked over with one cup of vanilla milkshake coated with chocolate sprinkles, and one small lemon bundt cake.

"Is that supposed to be ice cream?" Logan questioned as he continued sitting down, with Bishop sitting right next to him.

"The ice cream is for me. The Lemon cake's for you.."

"Eh... You should have just told you to bring me either Trail Mix, or maybe one big bottle of whiskey."

"Sure, but I heard that Lemon acts as a very good cleanser when it comes to some incredibly horrible breath. The Professor thought it might help, given you've drunk some alcohol."

"Did he tell you that in person, or when he was in your head?"

"A bit of both." Logan sighed, almost letting out a laugh as he leaned back, hearing Bishop about to ask a question. "Does he always do that?"

"Not all the time. Don't worry, kid, you'll get used to it." Logan peered his eyes down into the street below, seeing how people were celebrating the party. "Any word from Pryde?"

"No, not after our stop at the Barber Shop. Last I heard, she's hanging out with that German Guy with the Metal Skin all over his body, I think that was her Boyfriend."

"Yeah, that sounds accurate."

"Didn't she go out with this other person on the team? What was his name, uh... Bobby?"

"Yeah, don't speak about that around her, that shit is still a fresh subject. For all I know, it's a thing of the past now."

"Okay, I won't ask..." Bishop said with hands raised as he turned back to the streets below. "...Can I ask something not Kitty related?"


"I heard this small rumor circulating even as far as the X-Mansion, and they're actually as curious as I am..."


"...Is it true you don't know how to swim?"

"Kid, who the hell told you that? Was it Summers?" Bishop began to laugh at the way Logan was reacting. "Did that asshole put you up to this?"

"Well, is it the truth, or is it just a small rumor?"

"What is it to you?"

"I'm just curious how the Wolverine, one of the world's most grounded X-Men, is over about 200 years old, and he still hasn't learned how to swim, that's all."

"That shit is none of yours or anyone else's business, I don't need to spell out every little detail...!"


Both X-Men turned around at the sound of a distant explosion echoing across Dallas, seeing a small cloud of black floating up into the sky from below the streets.

"...The fuck?" Logan whispered under his breath.


Another explosion rang out through the city, sounding much closer than the one before as Logan and Bishop turned their eyes around, with the festivities being interrupted for just the slightest moments.

"Is this part of today's Event Planning?" Bishop asked as Logan remained silent.


A loud bang was heard, and suddenly, every scream of joy was replaced by a scream of terror as a ball of blue fire was rushed up from across the street below, causing everyone both Mutant and Human to run into a panic.

"Shit." Logan turned around to walk over to the door. "This is not what we needed right now."

"My god... Is this the Brotherhood's doing?"

"I don't know, and I don't care until I see who exactly we're dealing with." He turned around, facing the young X-Men. "Go downstairs, find Kitty, and get everyone you can find away from the streets."

"What about you? Are you going to join us?"

"I'm going to find the Professor, make sure he gets out safe."

"Shouldn't that mean you should be taking the stairs?"

Logan cracked both sides of his own neck while snipping his Claws right out of his fists... "Who said anything about taking the stairs?"

Without answering, Wolverine ran right off from his spot and then jumped off the roof, shocking the recruit as he fell high from the sky, stabbing his claws at the building next to him just to slow down his momentum so he can fall down, rolling onto the ground and standing back up on his feet.

"...Fuck, that's cool."

Logan unsheathed his Claws, seeking not to cut any innocent bystander in the process of his next sprint as he ran past people running in any given direction, attempting to find Professor Charles Xavier in the middle of the chaos.

"Professor! Professor!" He ran over to find Kitty Pryde helping an injured civilian rest on top of a sheltered food truck. "Pryde!"

"Logan?" She turned around, seeing Wolverine in the area. "Hey, where's Bishop?"

"Coming on his way down to help you. Where's the Professor?"

"I was just speaking to him in my head when the explosions went off, I thought I heard him mention that he was talking to the President inside the Municipal Building."

"And where the hell is the Government Building?"

"Five buildings down, on the right."

"Stay here and wait for Bishop, get these people out of here!"

"Copy that!" Kitty replied before turning to shift through a collapsed brick wall, looking for any injured pedestrians that were possibly buried beneath as Logan turned around and started to run straight for the Government Building, pushing past the crowd to make his way towards Xavier's location.

As he moved, more explosions began to echo from across Dallas as many moved in fright, providing more motivation for Logan to keep on moving as he started to step on top of a car and jump on top of a truck, running at high speed before jumping over to a glass window, running across it before hopping himself off to roll over back onto the ground, finding himself standing in front of the Municipal Building. From there, he saw a glimmer of a Wheelchair with X-Shaped Wheels included.

"Charles! CHARLES-!"


Another explosion rippled as one came from within the Municipal Building, Blue Flames engulfing the bottom level as Logan was flung right out from his position and fell right into his back, with black smoke covering the air...

...Logan opened his eyes once more when he let out a sigh, raising himself up as he heard more explosions rippling through the streets, groaning in pain as he got back on his feet, feeling another blast moving up from dangerously close by. Soon, he began to turn and look in front of the remains of the Municipal Building, stumbling towards it while unaware of how much the streets around him were turned into a battlefield.

He began to run over to the ruins, attempting to find some semblance of life when another explosion went off, causing him to fly once again, ripping open his suit as he fell onto the ground, with tiny rocks falling on his back as he laid on his stomach against the black cemented ground.


Logan began to raise his head up, hearing a voice call him out as he tried to find the person calling him when his eyes froze in the sight of what he just caught.


He remained fixated as he kept his eyes on a medium-sized X-Shaped Wheel, with scorch marks covering the once clean metal along with dirt and gravel. Then he pulled over the wheel, seeing a small Belt attached to the remains of the Seat as he picked up the Belt, seeing a bloodied X-Symbol in his own hands while Bishop and Kitty ran over to Logan, stopping right next to him as they too became horrified at the sight of what was Charles Xavier's Belt.

Bishop fell silent as he stood beside Logan while the Wolverine himself became shaken by the sight, letting it imprint itself into his deepest subconscious to remember for years to come while Kitty wept at the loss, falling on her knees as she shut her eyes, lowering her head down before calling out the Wolverine's name. But as she called him out, even with her voice supposed to be one of a whimper, it was less of that and more of a loud scream from inside Logan's own personal point of view.


Present Day, Chicago.

Logan opened his eyes, finding himself lying in bed blinking twice as he held his hand pressed against his own chest. Then he rolled himself over, raising his waist up to crack both sides of his neck, exposing his white tank top and built arm muscles until his eyes darted off to see a tablet that was just sitting on the table in front of him.

From then on, he was seen holding onto the tablet, observing it with his own vision as he analyzed the present gifted to him by the one and only Nick Fury... Jack Fury's eldest Descendant.


Logan perked his eyes away from the tablet, hearing the sound of Melita Garner's swearing from his room. He stood up, turning away from the Tablet to walk over to her room, seeing her filled with disappointment and inner rage.

"Fake news, huh? Well, Fuck you too, cranky ass, tabloid fuck."

"What did Wade do this time?"

Melita turned around, almost startled by how Logan suddenly appeared right in front of her with his arms folded.

"Oh... Oh, this? This isn't Deadpool's fault, for once, at the very least." Melita got out her computer. "Okay, so you know all that shit we dug up? Well, I've been forwarding it to a High Tier News Network, The Daily Bugle. I sent all the evidence we've gathered so he could get an exclusive, and guess how the editor responded to me? Fake news. Fake news, those were his exact words."

Logan tilted a brow, with a scoff.

"I know, right?" Melita asked with a nod. "Most of these mainstream media outlets are too busy covering Sokovia when we have a major issue growing right here on American Soil."

"Well, that, and the part where you decided to do all this without talking to any of us," Logan added, raising his brow while gaining Melita's attention. "I don't recall any of us giving an okay to start showing off our cases to the Media."

Melita sighed, closing her eyes. "I'm sorry. Okay, I'm still trying to make myself feel useful around here, and the only times I've done that was when I had a loaded shotgun in my hands, or when I caused a riot at a Best Buy."

"You've made yourself useful in other ways too."

"Doesn't help that I'm also the Weakest Link of the crew." She turned around, sitting down on a chair. "Part of me still asks the question of just what the fuck am I still doing here? And part of me knows why, because I'll be likely to be hunted down the second I walk out of this building, but..."

"Look." Logan sat on a chair right next to Melita, taking a glance at her. "All these years ago, when 7/15 happened, I lost everything and everyone. I didn't have a place to belong anymore, so I put myself in a Cave just hoping somehow the Adamantium in my skeleton just degrades itself somehow and I could just... Die."

She glanced back at Logan as he let out a sigh of his own.

"But when you and Bishop came to me and told me Creed was alive, a lot of things happened to me that I never expected to happen, and... I never thought I'd ever felt like I'd get the chance to make my life have meaning again."

"Figured out what that is yet?" Melita asked as she walked over to Logan. "You haven't been paying attention to anything else other than what's on that tablet."

Logan nodded as he stared at the screen before his own eyes. "Yeah... I'm just trying to figure out what all this means..."

Melita sat next to him as she saw the map displayed on the tablet. "Is that some kind of map?"

"Yeah... It's supposed to be a map of Dallas, but I ain't too sure what it all means for me yet."

"Maybe you should have Bishop or Raven have a look at it. Maybe they'll spot something that you haven't already figured out yet."


She glanced over at him as she saw how quiet Logan was. "You okay?"

He nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine." He glanced at Melita. "Are you okay?"

She nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm just... Wondering how on Earth does a Caveman manage to personally know Nick Fury of all people."

He chuckled. "I only knew of his Grandfather. I met Nick just a few times way before I ever met Charles."

"And did you know his Grandfather?"

"I served with 'im back in World War 2."

She blinked. "...Okay, does it mean you know Captain America?"

"I've run alongside him and his boys during a beach run back in Dunkirk, but at this point, that's all just ancient history to me."

"Still, did he ever find out about your...?" She circled three of her fingers in the air while raising her fist up, with her fingers mostly hovering above the fist.

"Maybe... Maybe not, I ain't too sure." He leaned back. "It doesn't matter anymore; it's just ancient history, as I said before."

"If you say so..." She sighed, folding her arms. "You know what? If Fury knows you, and you know Fury, then maybe we should contact him."

"No." Logan shook his head. "No, the last thing I want is for S.H.I.E.L.D. to interfere with this, and I don't want that."

"You didn't want me to interfere."

"We let you come along because you wanted to find your Roommate."

"Who turned out to be a Shapeshifting Mutant who has Blue Skin, Red Hair, really bright Yellow Eyes..."

"I thought you were over that."

"I am. Yeah, we got over that a while ago, I'm just contemplating how jealous I am of how sexy she looks in all that Blue."

"Oh? Maybe you should say that to her face; it'd be the first time she heard a human say that."

"Unless I already have..." Logan turned to glance while Melita chuckled at her own joke. Then she turned to glance at Logan, who stared at her silently. "...Fuck, am I talking to the right person?"

"You are," Raven said out loud as she stood out in the doorway, taking the man and woman's attention sent to her. "And Logan's right; you're actually the first human to ever call me sexy."

Logan set the tablet aside, facing Mystique. "What's up?"

"Here's what's up!" Deadpool came out with a shout and wide eyes, pushing past Raven. "Deadpool 3 is reported to come out around 2023! Five years after Deadpool 2, holy shit. Am I going to have Gray Hair grown by the time we reached the deadline?"

"Fuck off, Wade..." Logan told Deadpool with a growl.

"Oh, no! No, no, no! I'm actually trying to make myself useful here, I need to tell you guys something I found out."

Raven turned to look at the Red and Black Clad Mutant. "Is it about Chimichangas?"

"A little bit."

"Get out."

"Whoa, okay, sorry! Sorry, just hear me out, please!" Wade pleaded with one hand. "Hey, so you know that file that Lady Smurffette got from French Nightwing? Well, spoiler alert; they're actually involved with something to do with all the Yetis we've been dealing with."

"Which is what exactly?"

"Well, when a person gets bigger in size, all the other shapes and sizes go big as well, including the big ding dong that's sitting in between the legs."

"Okay, he's done." Logan stood up. "You're done, fuck off."

"Oh, Jesus. The Wendigos are made using Mark Ruffalo's Blood!" Wade shouted as Logan almost kicked him out. "The Hulk's blood is what the bad guys were after back up in the mountains, it was all they wanted from him."

"And you figured that out all by yourself?" Logan questioned with doubt about Wade's creditability.

"Oh? So this is the part where everyone assumes; "Oh wait, it's Deadpool, the most notorious Marvel Character known to break the fourth wall ALL the time, he's likely to have read the entire two-episode finale that he knows EVERYTHING just to show off, this is just lazy writing." Deadpool turned to Logan. "Well, guess what? Bishop told me. That's right, it was Bishop who told me about the Hulk's blood, not the Writer himself because I can be a very Good Boy when it comes to preventing spoilers from leaking out! Especially when it turns me on while doing it!"

Everyone just fell silent once Wade had finished talking for a small moment.

"...Did I just say that part out loud?" Wade smacked himself in the face. "Fuck, me, now I know the writer is just trying to make me the side joke."

"...Where's Bishop now?"

The group walked downstairs to meet Bishop purposely setting fire to his arm to let himself absorb energy while sitting down on the stool.

"Hello, everyone." Bishop greeted while sighing under his breath. "I assume that Wade finally told you about my discovery?"

"The Wendigo DNA. You said it came from Banner's blood?" Logan said.

"That should be impossible. Bruce Banner's genetic coding was irreversibly changed when he was caught in a Gamma experiment gone wrong." Mystique mentioned. "Anyone else who would have been infused with Gamma Radiation, Bruce Banner's blood, in particular, would have resulted with a lethal fatality, or worse..."

"True, but Trask International somehow found a way to work around it." Bishop laid out a laptop and started showing off pictures of the Hulk and several Wendigo creatures, as well as an MRI scan and a DNA layout. "Look at this. This is bloodwork going far back as 2003, back when the US. Government reinitiated Project Rebirth right after the 9/11 attacks."

"So what happened in 2003?" Logan asked. "I ain't exactly caught up with the knowledge of the last two decades as the rest of you."

"2003 was the year Bruce Banner experimented on himself with Gamma Radiation, transforming him into the very thing that you fought in the mountains just based on his own anger." Mystique informed the Wolverine. "And of course, the result was anyone else's guess; with the Hulk acting on a frenzy, resulting in the pre-New York Secretary Thaddeus Ross having a broken arm, and two of his fellow scientists being killed."

"Yeah, I've read up on that. Apparently, the U.S. Government hunted the Hulk down for nearly a whole decade before S.H.I.E.L.D. intervened and recruited him into the Avengers Initiative." Melita added. "But what does the Hulk's Blood has to do with this?"

"Well, that's the fun part. After Banner's First Hulk-Out, doctors drained just a small amount of his blood while he was taking a nap, which shortly afterward, would be quietly intercepted behind the scenes by a hired thief, which would be sent all the way over to, guess who...?"

Bishop then uploaded a screenshot of Victor Creed and Walter Declun as the group looked over at the computer device.

"So, Creed took the blood while no one was looking, and had Declun supervise the finances for R&D to manufacture the blood, apparently creating hybrids by mixing the blood with Hank McCoy's"

Raven raised a brow. "McCoy? Wait, are you telling us-?"

"The Wendigos are a by-product hybrid manufactured with a little bit of the Hulk and a little bit of the Beast's Blood combined into one fucked up science experiment? Yeah, you guessed it right."

"Where did they get it from?" Mystique walked over to Lucas, having become anxious. "Is Hank...?"

"We don't know. All I know is that they're getting a blood supply from somewhere, and that's it."

"Alright. How does mixing Beast's DNA with the Hulk's change anything?" Logan questioned.

"I'm getting there." Bishop started to show off a mute video of a scientist working in the lab. "As you may already know, the Gamma Radiation changed Doctor Banner's entire genome at an unprecedented rate, everyone thought his own Blood was worth getting their hands on, as well as spending their own mortgage rates. So when Trask International's R&D began to test the sample on Doctor McCoy's, they instantly started to revert-!"


Everyone turned around, seeing Wade obnoxiously interrupting the syllabus as he sat down on a chair with his legs planted on a table.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to steal the spotlight... Well, actually, that's bullshit, I kind of meant to do that, but seriously? I thought people came here to read about Wolverine, not a motherfucking science lecture! Can we pick up the pace, please? We have had a Season Finale to Wrap Up since, 2020! That is two years now, TWO YEARS! I mean, how hard is it to write Six Chapters, for fuck's sake?!"

Logan cleared his throat, turning to fold his arms. "Uh... Yeah, Wade might have a point on picking up the pace."

"Fucking A, right I do!"

"Don't push your luck."

Bishop sighed, turning to type on the keyboard. "Just... Let me show you."

Bishop then demonstrated an old videotape that began to show a janitor undergoing a transformation, resulting in the penultimate production of the creatures known as a Wendigo.

"This happened when one of the lab workers got clumsy with a blood sample and let it spill onto some poor fuck's drink. After just one sip, he instantly turned into a feral killing machine."

"Wait, can you pause the screen? I wanna see the brand of the water he's drinking."

Bishop complied with Mystique's request as he zoomed in on the shot where the victim had drunk out of the soda can. Then once she got that angle she wanted to see, she scoffed, sitting back while letting out a sarcastic chuckle.

"What? What's wrong?" Melita asked as Raven pressed a finger on her lip.

"...When I first infiltrated the company, there was this push for this drink, this product that went viral long enough that people started to drink it."

Logan sat down, grabbing a similar product that is just lying on the ground. "According to the label, this belongs to something called Transigen. "

"Yeah, Transigen was the one behind production while Trask simply dealt with the marketing aspects of it. I remember now, the execs, Declun, wouldn't stop shoving the thing down our throats about it, so I looked into Transigen, and I learned a lot of interesting things."

"Like the Suppressants that they were issuing to decrease the Mutant Population," Bishop said, nodding his head. "Yeah, I read up on that, the entire operation got shut down when the FBI got involved. That was you?"

"You're welcome."

Logan sat down, looking at the Transigen bottle in his hand. "This bottle... Is it still in production?"

"Not anymore, ever since Transigen hit the shelves after violating the Health Code. But Trask International managed to spread enough bottles all over the World in a matter of weeks."

"And here's the frightening part. All those bottles carried a variant strain of the Hybrid DNA, meaning anyone whoever drinks it is liable to become a Snow Monster." Bishop explained. "That was why Trask was after the Hulk, they needed his Blood to create more of those... Things."

Melita blew her hair off her face, blinking at the fact. "Shit... That is frightening."

"How many people have drunk this?"

"Over a few dozen million, but that may have tripled over the years."

Melita stood up. "Shouldn't we do something about this?"

"We are." Logan turned to Garner. "We're going to put a stop to this by eliminating Creed once and for all."

"Yeah, but even if you do that, how is that going to guarantee that will be the end of our problem?" Melita rubbed her hair. "I mean, all these people out there are at risk of mutating into giant Hulk Furies, like what happened with those hunters at that House back in Canada! We've got to put out a warning somehow, let people know what's going on."

"It's probably good that we do it. Trask has committed so many crimes that have gone undocumented, we have to make sure that as long as Victor Creed is buried, we bury the whole operation with him." Raven explained. "I have a contact within the WHiH Newsfront, she can get the news out faster than anyone."

"Isn't that the one news channel that's been bought by Vistacorp?" Melita questioned. "I'm not sure I can count that as a reliable news source."

"Christine Everhart is the kind of person who likes to make a career out of big scoops like this. Plus, she's not the only one; I have contacts within the Daily Bugle, Spectrum News, CNN, everything that is Mainstream media."

"So what? We send this to the media outlets and then what happens?" Bishop folded his arms while questioning it. "There's a very likely chance that Creed will retaliate against us with this information."

"He'll also try to bury it. Everything we have, he'll bury it all within a week, like nothing that ever happened." Mystique elaborated.

"And not to mention that we don't have any proof that Creed may have had a hand in what happened in Dallas," Logan added. "He may know something about 7/15 more than about anyone else. I don't want to miss the chance to find out myself."

"We don't even know where he is," Mystique pointed out. "Victor likes to move from place to place, he roams to just about anywhere, just like you."

"Well, I guess I'll just have to keep roaming until I can find and gut the bastard. We need a way to get his attention."

"Yeah, like burning most of his money to cinders," Deadpool said cheekily while rubbing his cheeks. "Which doesn't matter because no matter what I say, everything is a bad idea out of my mouth."

"...Holy shit, Wade, that's a good idea," Logan said as Wade raised a brow.

"I... Wait, is that twice that you actually like the yay-yay coming out of my mouth?"

"Alright, you worked undercover in Trask for a long time now. Do you have any idea where Creed's money is stored?" Logan asked Raven as he went back to the table.

"...There's a bank vault, located outside the country." Mystique explained, lowering a brow. "But where we'd have to go, it's... Not really everyone's favorite place to go touring."

"Oh come on! I've been to Madripoor, it's like Wolverine's personal Gotham City if Wolverine ever decides to go there and act like Ben Affleck," Deadpool joked as he leaned against his chair. "And we all know what Amber Heard and Ezra Miller are like now, so there can't be something that's much shitter than the last two DC Comics Rejects."

"So, you haven't heard of Latveria, then?" Raven questioned rhetorically, to which Wade responded initially by spitting out of his mask.


"Latveria? What's wrong with Latveria?" Logan asked.

"You haven't heard of it?" Melita questioned with a raised brow.

"I've been there, once. It's a big piece of land run by a piece of shit, but that was years ago for me." Logan replied.

"Well, rumor has it that Latveria is run by an even bigger piece of shit," Bishop informed.

"And if we're going there, then we'll have to be completely incognito. Latveria has a zero-tolerance policy to outside invaders on their sovereign borders. They only allow tourism to a select few, and anyone who has Walter's and Sabretooth's faces has the express permission to walk the land." Raven implied.

"Yeah, the guy whose name we shall not speak for the sake of storytelling purposes since we haven't met said guy's name yet is an asshole. Not like the average asshole you'd see during a line at the closest 7/11, I'm saying he is the asshole of all assholes. And I've been labeled as the nice asshole because unlike all the other assholes, I'm the likable asshole there is." Deadpool explained as everyone just scratched their heads at Wade's metaphor.

"...Say asshole again..." Bishop told Wade with a funny grin.

"Suck my charred balls!" Wade replied with two middle fingers as Wolverine folded his arms, thinking about their new direction.

"...Right. So, who wants to go to Latveria with me?" Logan asked with sarcasm as someone made a small scoff at the question.

The Black Bird took flight again hours later, leaving Chicago behind as the X-Force took themselves out of the States and into Europe.

"We're almost there. We're a mile away from the Latverian Air Space." Bishop informed as Deadpool spun around his chair.

"Okay, since we're making a major Tie-In to something extremely Fantastic, shouldn't this be the part where we talk geographics?" Deadpool questioned, playing with his Rubber Chicken. "No, seriously; where in the fuck is Latveria? I never paid enough attention at school."

"Latveria is located up north of Symkaria, and east of Sokovia. What's left of Sokovia, anyways..." Melita explained, shutting her laptop. "I've heard of a lot of shady stuff coming out of this place, especially from Latveria's Ruler. Why would Creed want to come to visit here?"

"Walter Declun is a Mogul that has set up large amounts of Creed's money into the Latverian settlement. Whenever Creed wants to go there, it's usually money he needs to bribe any greedy politician or military officer that wants to have their way." Mystique answered.

"So what we're doing right now is following the Money." Wolverine followed up on her answer.

"And that money is raining down on Creed's personal flying Stripper Pole!" Wade added the unnecessary addendum. "And that pole is growing really ere-!"

"Okay, stop, please, just stop!" Melita pleaded, not wanting to hear his disgusting jokes.

"Ah... Okay, I'll just reserve all my funny talk for whenever DOM decides to write my own show. Which I bet is millions and millions of years from now, god I'm so fucked." Deadpool drooped his head in despair. "Fuck you!"

"Excuse me?" Logan turned around, seeing Deadpool giving a finger that was intended for... Me.

"Not you! The Dog Of Mischief!"

"...Whatever." Logan turned to the front of the ship. "We're here."

The Bird turned camo the second it arrived as it descended itself from the clouds. Seeing the surface in range, the country of Latveria could be perceived as a small village surrounded by everlasting grasslands and mountains... With a large castle standing over the village.

"...okay, so I'm betting that the odds of the readers visualizing Hogwarts right now is at 9/10." Deadpool quirked as he and Garner took a glance out the glass. "If I'm wrong, well everyone's free to speak their minds at the end of this Chapter."

Landing on the outskirts of the village, Mystique took on her Human form while she handed Bishop, Wilson, and Logan green cloaks.

"Take these. The Government here has a zero-tolerance policy on the local populace not living up to the proper standard dress attire."

"Christ, they'd shoot down their own people for not following the dress code?" Melita asked, disgusted by the idea.

"No, they'd send their own people to the dungeons. Anyone caught being an uninvited outsider gets shot on sight."

"What the fuck kind of country is this?" Logan asked, sharing Melita's sense of cringe.

"Haven't you been to Latveria?" Bishop questioned.

"Heard of it, never been," Logan replied. "Even before today, I was told that this place was a real shithole."

"Yeah, because it is a shithole," Deadpool said, putting on a Cloak. "I've heard that the nice and generous Dictator once stood in front of his law-abiding citizens clapping for him. And rumor has it that he had wished for them to keep clapping for one more hour and that the first man to stop clapping for that hour got taken out and shot. The sadder part about it was that man died a virgin."

Melita sat down, checking out the monitors. "Logan, your guy was smart to pick this place, I'm not seeing any network activity within the village. I'm blind out here."

"So are we. I think it's best that you stay here for now."

"As per usual." Melita rolled her eyes while Deadpool patted her on the back.

"Don't worry, maybe the Writer will figure out something that will make you incredibly badass without making everyone roll their eyes and turn you into a Mary Sue."

"...Please don't touch me."

Upon exiting the Black Bird, the team made a long walk into the village. After spending a one-hour hike, they arrived, walking around the village to see Latverian Green and Black flags hanging from every corner of the street. Armed soldiers were stationed everywhere while civilians were seen minding their activities in peace, happy with the lives they were granted.

"...Everyone looks happy here," Logan whispered, keeping up with Bishop, Raven, and Wade. "Why would everyone call this place a shithole?"

"Because all these people have been programmed to become heavily reliant on their leader without question, right or wrong." Mystique informed. "The education here is limited only because the Man in Charge dictates the learning content. Everything you may have learned in school is completely backward around here. Heroes of the world are historically labeled as Villains."

"The Monarch is also ambitious. He's taken a liking to annexing neighboring countries like the country of Rotruvia. He once dispensed alchemical radiation that wiped out all the Molynite in the land upon the country's regent's refusal of the Lord's offer. When they met again, the Regent accepted the terms of surrender without much debate. I heard Sokovia's next on his list." Bishop added on as he walked to a corner. "Where are we going?"

"Good question." Logan turned to Raven. "All I see are houses. Shouldn't we visit the Castle?"

"No, we should not. Because the bank is around here somewhere, and if we play our cards right, we'll torch every cent to Creed's name with one move."

"Yeah, we could do that... Or..." Wade begins to start a suggestion. "We could just steal it."


"Okay, at least I tried."

Raven stopped, raising a hand as they turned to a corner, with walls plastered around with a message saying Praise Ammit. Her head peeked out, seeing the bank standing right next to a clock tower.

"This is it."

"Now what?" Deadpool asked. "Do we just go in? Ask for a loan? We could say we're grabbing money for Deadpool 3, it's an option."

"No..." Raven locked eyes on one Walter Declun. "We go for him."

Walter walked out of the bank as he turned to a shadowy corner, on his way to his car when he got hit in the head by a crumpled-up piece of paper. Turning around, he saw no one in the area. Looking down, he saw the crumpled piece having a post-it note attached to it.


"The fuck?" Declun bent down and grabbed the piece, spreading it around to reveal another note written on the paper.

HI! Pleased to Nap You! (X)

"By Nap, I meant Kidnap!" Deadpool whispered in Duclun's ear before pulling a bag over Declun's head, covering his face while taking away any ability he had to breathe properly.

A little while later, after robbing him of his wallet, Deadpool sang Taylor Swift's Bad Blood lyrics as he was seen tieing up Declun while Logan held the ID in his hand.

"So there's that. What's next?" Logan questioned as Mystique took Declun's ID.

"Now..." Mystique took on Walter's shape and form, glancing over Bishop and Logan with a wink from her Yellow Eyes. "I act the part."

With the Walter Declun identity assumed, Raven walked inside, moving on to the bank teller, seeing how he read his perplexed expression, they had just been acquainted with each other.

"Back so soon? Were there any issues with your transaction, Mr. Declun?" The Latverian Bankteller asked, using a Latverian Langauge to communicate as Raven recognized the translation.

"No, no, everything is fine. I just got a call from my employer. Apparently, he has developed a case of paranoia recently, so he wishes for me to check out his Deposit once again. By any chance would I be free to make a schedule for an immediate appointment?"

"Ah, yes, please wait." It was a short while before Darkholme was granted access to the Deposit Room.

"Why the hell are we going into a Bank?" Bishop questioned, seeing Raven walk off into the bank as he and Logan kept a low profile.

"If Creed is here, expecting some money... The best way to get his attention is to piss him off." Logan replied with folded arms. "I've learned from experience."

While standing guard, Mystique walked inside of the deposit room, having been escorted by an armed guard as she was left alone to perform the act. Looking up the number that Creed had given Declun, she opened up the deposit box, pulling it out to see hundreds of millions of dollars inside, waiting to be used.

She pulled out every dollar there was, stacking them all on top of the table close by as Raven finished emptying the box until there was nothing left... Save for one Black Box.

Curious, she pulled it out, inspecting the device in her hand. Seeing the option to play the tape, her finger began to raise itself up before pushing down on the play button...

"How long is this supposed to take? She was supposed to be finished by now." Bishop said as Deadpool finished up tying up the Mogul.

"All done!" Wade walked over to Logan and Bishop. "So, where's the Avatar/Katniss Everdeen Hybrid at?"

"We ain't sure." Logan groaned, shaking his head. "I don't like this..."

Back inside the bank, Mystique had just finished the tape. Her eyes widened in shock, her breath shuddered while her hand shook, holding the tape in her hand. Breathing in and out with a panicked breath, the guard that escorted her earlier noticed the Walter Declun disguise having some kind of Panic Attack as he put his weapon aside and went to help her.

"Sir? Are you alright? Sir?"

As soon as a hand was touching the shoulder, Raven lashed out and nailed a roundhouse kick to the guard's face, knocking him out without warning. Having done the deed, she reverted back into her true form without trying. Realizing this, she regained her cool long enough to light a match on Creed's money, then turned tail and ran, using the Guard's identity to switch places.

"Fire! Fire! Fire in the Deposit Room! Fire!" She shouted, using the Guard's voice as she incited enough panic to turn everything into a blur. Walking out, she rejoined the others, having resumed her Blonde look. "Let's go."

"What took you so long?" Logan asked, though Mystique ignored him and presumed on her walk.

"I said, we need to go!"

"Hey!" Logan pulled on her arm, making her look at him. "What happened? Did you burn the money?"

"I... I did."

"So what's the rush?" Bishop questioned as she made herself breathe, closing her fists while opening her eyes after shutting them initially.

"...It's Hank... He's alive."

"Hello, Beast." Victor Creed's voice boomed through the Black Box as everyone inside of the Black Bird listened to the audio. "How's your health?"

"Go... To Hell..." A shock prod was heard in the background, and then a growling scream was elicited from Hank McCoy's voice as everyone grimaced from the sound... Even Deadpool.

"You know, it doesn't have to be like this. I can put you into a deep sleep right now, and you would be left alone to your wildest dreams if you would just tell me where he is."

"I already told you before, Victor Creed... I don't know where he went after 7/15. And if I did... You would just have to kill me anyway."

"Oh, why the rush, doc? I need you. Well, your blood, mostly, but I do like having these chats of ours. It makes me feel... Nostalgic, of the Old Times."

"Fuck... You-ARGHHHHH!" Another prod was hitting Beast where it hurts, causing Raven to have a look of anger on her face.

"Fine... Don't tell me where Logan is, that's alright. We'll talk about that another time... Why don't we talk about the Black Bird? It's your ship after all, and all your friends seem to be taking good care of it."

"I have nothing to say to you..."

"Alright... Then how about we talk about Utopia? Wouldn't you know where it is?"

"Utopia... Is a Myth."

"You and I both know that is bullshit. Otherwise, where are all the rest of our Kind? The Older Generation, at least."

"I... Will not Bow down to your Bullying."

"You sure about that? Because we all got our limits, Doc..." A sound of Creed's claws was snapped out. "And eventually, you'll have to reach yours."

The sound of screams was blended into the sound of flesh being cut off as Wolverine bowed his head, closing his eyes in discomfort.

"That's enough." Logan shut off the tape, sighing as Mystique flipped her hair back. "First off; what's Utopia? What were they talking about?"

"Utopia is a Fantasy Land," Bishop answered firmly, standing up. "It's supposedly this Sanctuary for everyone Enhanced, Inhuman... Mutant even. But it's not real, I've scoured the Earth multiple times, it doesn't exist."

"Utopia isn't the point right now! The point is that Hank is alive." Mystique spoke, interrupting Bishop as she turned to Wolverine. "He's alive, Logan... And he's being tortured by Sabretooth!"

"Hank is nowhere to be found."

"But he's somewhere!"

"Says him."

Raven raised a brow. "...You don't think it's legit, do you?"

"Raven... That tape could have been a fake." Logan watched as Raven let out a scoff. "This is all but Creed's attempt at getting to us. He's done it before, this is exactly what's happening right now."

"But that was his voice! Logan, his voice..."

"Could have been deep faked somehow. Or maybe he used another Shapeshifter."

"No, no that's not possible." Bishop shook his head. "There's nothing about Trask International using Shapeshifters on their payroll. If there was, we would have known about it already."

"Unless some of them are Skrulls..." Wade muttered under his breath.

"Hang on, shouldn't we pursue this?" Melita questioned, raising herself up. "If there's a chance of someone being alive, and in danger, maybe we should take the risk. I mean, why would this be a fake if the victim blurted out Creed's name on tape?"

"She's right!" Raven snapped her fingers. "Creed wouldn't let something like that slide so easily, that shit would be a deal breaker for him."

"Plus, we have evidence of his shady shit with his voice!" Melita raised her hand up. "That has to mean something!"

"Whoa, slow your roll, Nancy Drew." Deadpool stood up. "That audio could mean a lot of things to many other people. Cotton Weary would have likely left it out because he knew that shit would have been easy to bury."

"Yes, and you would know that all too well if you were thinking straight," Logan told Mystique, taking a step forward. "And in this case, you aren't."

Mystique breathed in a heavy sigh. Turning around, she walked to the back of the ship, grabbing a bound and gagged Walter Declun out of the ship, much to his and everyone else's confusion... Save Wolverine.

"...Raven." Logan walked after her, enabling Bishop, Garner, and Wilson to follow suit. "Slow down."

"No..." Raven responded, pulling Walter to the grass after loading the ramp down, dragging him to the Black Bird's engine exhausts.

"Mystique!" Wolverine called out, even after she began ignoring him after removing Declun's gag.

"That voice on the tape... Is it accurate?"

"Yes! Yes, it's accurate." Walter answered, nodding his head in a rush. "Please, let me go."

"Where is he?"

"Mystique, stand down!" Logan told her, having yet another one of his requests denied as he watched her automatically turn on the Black Bird's engines.

"Tell me where he is, or I'll burn your face off!" Mystique threatened, which she started to go forward with as she pulled on Walter's hair and made him inch closer and closer to the heat of the fire that came from the Bird's exhaust ports.

"Wha... No! No, please! Stop!"

"Aw, shit, looks like we've found a Major Conflict in this Episode." Deadpool pointed out to all of us Readers as he watched Bishop turn to Logan, unsure what to do.


"I got this." Logan walked to Mystique. "Mystique, I'm telling you to let him go!"

"If I do that, we'll lose Hank forever, and I can't let that happen! I won't!"

"If you want answers, we'll find them, but not like this! This wouldn't be how Beast wanted it!"

"Kitty Pryde shot herself in the head, and you're just standing there, acting like nothing's happened!" Mystique turned around, angry at Wolverine. "You believed everything without a thought when you heard that she could have been saved, and yet you wasted no time going after her! Why are you standing there and not doing the same for Hank?! Why not?!"

"Because the last time I rushed things, I had to stand by and watch my friend put a bullet in her head, that's why!" Logan shouted, arguing back at Mystique. "I wanted her back with us the same as you want McCoy back, but I never had a plan, a real plan at best! And that's what got her killed. Do you honestly want to stand there and tell me you want that to happen with Beast? Make up your mind now, because you've got only seconds to melt that asshole's face, and the shit we promised to each other is over!"

"Please, stop! I don't want to die, just please let me go!" Walter shrieked when he felt the heat of the engine breathing in on his face. She turned around, having thought about Wolverine's response to her previous question.

Having come to a swift conclusion, she cursed to herself as she pulled Walter away from the fumes, Bishop grabbed the remote off her hand and turned off the engines as everyone watched Declun grovel in the dirt.

"I... I'll tell you everything... Whatever you want to know, I'll tell you, just... Please don't do that again, please!" Walter cowered when Wolverine marched over to him and grabbed him by the throat.

"...If Hank's alive, where is he?"

"I don't know! I don't know, the only one who does is my Employer! Find your Beast, find my Employer, that's how you'll find him! Just please, don't hurt me!"

Logan took a pause as he heard Walter's response clear as sound. Dropping him to the ground, he turned to his fellow Mutants, who reacted just the same as he did while Melita stood there.

"Well, now what?" Melita questioned, raising her hands. "Do we go after Creed now?"

"I don't know, that'll be exactly what he wants..." Bishop said.

"But, that will put Hank in danger," Mystique added. "We'll put him in the crossfire, and we'll just get him killed."

"And the last time we attempted a rescue, one of our own put herself down just to save our asses." Wolverine reminded everyone as he folded his arms. "God dammit, we don't even know where to look..."

"So... Why don't we just ask Caliban?" Deadpool asked, raising a finger. "He's a Mutant Tracker, right? He might be able to help us reunite Belle with Adam."

"Really?" Raven questioned, knowing that the pun was pointed directly at her.

"What? We're part of the Disney Chain now, and your Boyfriend is a Beast, so I thought I'd put it out there while we're still doing this." Deadpool quipped humorously while Wolverine remained unamused.

"Well, that doesn't matter anyways. Caliban hasn't been seen in years, nobody's been in contact with him ever since 7/15. I'm not even sure he's still breathing to this day." Wolverine said, assuming the worst.

"...That's not quite true," Bishop revealed as everyone turned their eyes to him. "I happen to know where to find Caliban."

Logan raised a brow, turning to Bishop. "You found Caliban before?"

"I have... How else did you think I managed to find you?" Bishop retorted with folded arms.

"Well, if you know where he is, then let's get a move on," Mystique says, wasting no time as she walked back inside of the Black Bird. The more we waste time, the less likely we'll find Hank safe and sound!"

Everyone nodded their heads, making their way into the Black Bird while Deadpool followed behind, dragging Declun by the leg.

"Come on, did you really think we were done with you?" Deadpool mused as he relished in Walter's suffering.

Later on elsewhere, Logan and Bishop flew somewhere down south to a cantina where they adorned themselves with civilian clothing, walking inside as they saw a few armed mercenaries waiting with guns in their hands.

"I'm here to see Caliban," Bishop spoke, raising a token in his hand. "He owes me a Favor."

One of the mercs took the token and nodded her head. "Follow me."

Logan and Bishop followed their guide downstairs as they walked into a wine cellar, smelling the grapes from every step they made.

"So... Caliban, hmm?" Logan grunted.

"You don't approve?" Bishop asked.

"Last I saw him, he was a real shithead who agreed to smuggle Mutants out anywhere in the world for a Price. I doubt he's changed, especially now that I'm walking into this place." Logan admitted with distaste. "Caliban is also a drug addict, so I'm not even sure how he's managed to live this long."

"Simple. He quit being an addict." Bishop replied as he turned to glance at Logan. "And I'm the one to thank for that."

The woman they followed stopped at the door. Her hand wrapped itself on the knob and turned to open up, revealing a room belonging to a certain Mutant Albino.

"Ah... I felt you coming a mile away. Good, I see my handiwork has not been wasted." Caliban turned away from the furnace, sighing as Logan noticed that a lot of cocaine of being burned inside. "Can I offer you something to drink, my friend, Bishop?"

"Love to, but I'll have to pass that up for another time." Bishop sat down. "How are you doing?"

"Oh, great. Great, thanks to you."

"What are you burning?" Logan asked, tilting his head.

"Drugs. Lots of drugs, my drugs to be exact." Caliban turned to Logan. "Those were what led me to get dragged down into a sorry state of hell that I almost never escaped from. So I'm here to burn down every trace of my toxic lifestyle and rebrand myself anew." He took a sip of his drink, placing it on a cupholder to greet Wolverine. "But enough about me; Hello, so nice to see you again. And holy hell, you barely aged a day unlike the rest of us."

"Caliban... The fuck happened to your Eyes?"

"Oh... Finally noticed the change in Eye Color, eh?" Caliban sighed, sitting down as he rubbed his face. "Well, you may not remember this, or you simply weren't there for it, but what happened to me was... Age. See, my Genes can't help with my skin peeling off every time I step into the fucking sunlight, but apparently, they change the color of my eyes, which is a rare thing that happens to regular humans."

"And it ain't because the drugs I can smell left on your body?"

Caliban tilted his head. "Well... Some things don't change. I see you're still a good sniffer as I am a good tracker."

"If it's any indication, I almost never smelled it. It seems like what Bishop told me is true; you're trying to turn your life around." Logan said, stunned by his rehabilitation.

"Well, trying is a very strong word, especially for people who fit into the struggling department." He turned his head around. "See, before I helped find you, Bishop caught me in a... Very bad way."

"The last time I saw you, you were using an excessive amount of drugs." Bishop pointed out, folding his arms. "If I hadn't shown up, you would have killed yourself through overdose, or even worse."

"And I even called you worse from the last time I met you, but I wasn't quite proud of our last encounter."

Logan sat down on a chair. "So that's why you're here? To get rid of your old life?"

"And to drain the proverbial swamp. I am taking on a clean slate, and Psylocke, the woman with Purple Dye over there, you probably already met her, she's helping me by being part of the clean slate."

"I can't get paid if my Client is too busy laying dead in the dirt." Psylocke pointed out while leaning against the wall, keeping watch.

"Ah... Yeah, she cares too much for me." Caliban smiles. "Don't mind her attitude. She's a soft kitten on the inside as Logan is as gentle as a warm-hearted bear."

Bishop glanced over to Logan, before glancing back at Caliban. "Well, I'm happy for you, Cal. So far, it looks like you're taking the steps to reform yourself."

"Well, I am trying to be Humble." Caliban turned around, grabbing a glass of wine. "And I have you to thank for that."

"Let's not get distracted here." Logan clapped his hands together. "Bishop tells me that you're the reason that I'm here now. Can you still find Mutants?"

Caliban let out a whistle. "Well... That depends on who you want to find. Can I have a name?"

"Doctor Hank McCoy..." Wolverine said, and Caliban rose his brow on the name.

"As in Beast? How can you be sure that he's still alive?"

"Let's call it a hunch," Logan speaks as he folded his arms. "Now, can you find him or not?"

Caliban breathed, clicking his tongue. "...Well, I'll have to tell you; the range we're at; it can be impossible to tell. I'm not like the late Charles Xavier, may god rest his old soul. But perhaps the person you want help from is my good associate, right Psylocke?"

Psylocke raised her head up after cutting short on trimming her fingernails, seeing all eyes divert to her direction.

"How can she help?" Logan questioned, turning his eyes back to Caliban.

"Well, believe it or not; she's also telepathic, much like Professor X, Emma Frost, and Jean Grey were. And she's got the best access to a very special item that I think you'll both like." Caliban had revealed as Wolverine and Bishop turned to him.

"Like what?" Bishop asked as Caliban rose from his spot.

"I'm showing you. Just let me come and grab something... Hang on..." Caliban turned to open a closet door, revealing a familiar Helmet. "Bingo!"

Wolverine's eyes widened at the sight of the Helmet, knowing exactly what it was at first sight.


"In the metallic flesh!" Caliban turned to gaze over at Logan and Bishop, gently setting the Helmet on the table. "I snagged this one from a Black Market Collector a decade back, well... Actually it was Betsie Braddock that snagged it from a Black Market Collector, whose name is Psylocke, you have her to thank for that. Now, I am not a telepath, let's make that part clear. But Psylocke is. And if you want to find your Beast, she's your girl."

"Anyone you want me to search for, I'll have his location in a heartbeat..." Psylocke responds with certainty.

"How do you know it won't kill you?" Bishop asked out of concern for Psylocke.

"It's not my first rodeo, wise guy." Psylocke retorted while Caliban clapped his hands together with a smile.

"Couldn't have said it better myself! Now, unless you still want to find your arch nemesis, I will be more than happy to return this relic to you free of charge. Consider it a Token of my Gratitude to your friend over there."

"...Do what you have to do, but then you're going to hand Cerebro over to us, got it?" Logan demanded as Caliban nodded his head.

"Fine by me. Now, Psylocke, please do your thing."

Psylocke sat down on a chair with a pose of Criss cross apple sauce as she took a deep breath, closing her eyes. She puts on Cerebro, and a shake from her body indicated the chill she received upon setting it upon her head. She swallowed her throat, closing her fists tight as the three watched her get used to the device.

"Psy?" Caliban called out, raising a brow when her voice rose.

"Mm... I'm fine, just... Getting used to the chills."

"You got it?" Logan requested an acknowledgment as Psylocke breathed in and out through her body.

"...I got it..." She sighed, letting her hands go of being fists. "Alright... I see him, I've got eyes on your guy. He's... inside of a Lab."

"Is he alive?" Bishop questioned, needing to know how authentic the information was as Logan listened intently on the info.

"...Yes, but barely," Psylocke revealed, squinting her closed eyes. "He looks badly injured. They're treating him like he's some animal to prod."

"Where's the Lab?" Logan questioned, which caused Caliban to raise a hand.

"Ah... she's getting there, no need to push."

"I can speak for myself, thank you, Cal, now everyone be silent." Psylocke cleared her throat, concentrating on Creed. "Now... As I said, he's inside of a lab... He's currently restrained, he looks pissed."

"Is he alone?" Bishop asked, pushing the subject on a personal note.

"No... I can see scientists in containment suits. They're scared of him." Her hands pressed against her front ankles, having a pained cringe in her expression. "They're drugging him now."

"Let's hurry this up; Where is he? What else do you see?" Logan questioned as he saw how much of a strain Cerebro is putting Psylocke through as she started to struggle internally.

"I see... Land. A large piece of grass, and... A Mansion. It looks like... Westchester."

She gasped, opening her eyes, pulling Cerebro out of her head as she rubbed on her forehead, with everyone tending to her with great worry.

"Oh... Kay, that must have been quite a rush. Are you...?" Caliban's question was answered when Psylocke raised a hand.

"I'm fine."

"Alright, just making sure." Caliban sighed, turning to the X-Force. "She's fine. It's just the exhilaration of Cerebro takes a lot out of her."

"All the more of a reason you hand it over, yeah?" Logan said, extending a hand as Caliban watched Wolverine expect Cerebro to be put onto his hand.

"...Deal's a deal," Caliban said, handing the helmet to Logan, sighing out of a feeling of sadness. "I'll admit... I'm going to miss the thrill of having such a masterpiece. Makes me a little nostalgic."

"It's for the best." Psylocke turned to look at Wolverine and Bishop. "You got what you came here for. You should get going before you lose your friend."

Logan nodded his head and turned to make his leave while Bishop watch Psylocke cough out the air with a hoarse throat, seeing the effects of Cerebro weighing on her. Once they left, Logan and Bishop returned to the Blackbird, boarding inside as Logan began to put Cerebro inside of a safe container.

"Is that what I think it is?" Raven questioned as she saw the device being put away while Logan and Bishop turned to her, Wade, and Melita.

"Courtesy of Caliban," Logan replied as he turned in their direction. "We've found Beast. Declun wasn't lying through his teeth; he's still alive. But he's in danger just as we thought."

"Ooh, question; is our Beast played by the Guy from Warm Bodies? Or do we have the guy who played Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2? Because personally, that guy is generally old for our Mystique's taste..." Deadpool asked with a raised hand.

"Not now, Wade." Logan barked before facing Mystique. "He's being held in the Subbasement... In Westchester."

Everyone grew silent at the sound of Westchester as Raven became stunned at the name while Melita remained perplexed by her and everyone else's reaction.

"...Has anyone been to Westchester before?" Melita asked out of curiosity as she could see the pain that was illusioned on their faces

"...Yeah..." Bishop answered, nodding his head. "More like lived there."

"Years ago..." Raven added with a sad tone of voice as Deadpool pointed fingers at everyone.

"Just be clear... We're all thinking about it... Right?"

"Everyone, strap your seatbelts on. It's gonna be a long ride." Wolverine commanded as Melita remained skeptical about what was happening.

"I don't understand..." Melita rubbed her hair as Deadpool tilted his head.

"What, isn't it obvious? We're Going Home!"

Everyone sat down in their seats while Wolverine remained alone with Bishop, providing a private conversation to be discussed among the two.

"We need plot coordinates. The faster we find Beast, the faster he'll be safe." Wolverine says while Bishop stared at him critically

"I will... But first..." Bishop walked right in front of Logan. "What the fuck were you thinking, letting Psylocke go through with using Cerebro?"

"She said it wasn't her first rodeo..." Logan said, unphased by Bishop's reaction.

"That could have been her last!"

"I smelled her health, Bishop. I ain't stupid, I knew the risks, and so did she."

"Okay, but that kind of decision is not the kind that Charles Xavier would have made if he were here now-!"

"Charles is dead!" Logan snapped harshly, turning his head to Bishop. "...He's gone... And we're what's left of him. And for the record; Charles wasn't all that perfect as you would like to think he was because he made choices that were morally ambiguous, so don't you fucking dare tell me what he would have and would not have done because you did not know him as well as I do, you don't."

"...I know what he did to Jean Grey," Bishop confessed, causing Logan to scoff. "Raven told me what I needed to know about the Phoenix Incident."

"And what does that tell you?"

"That just someone made a mistake doesn't mean we shouldn't do exactly the same." Bishop folded his arms. "That's the point in his philosophy, isn't it? Just because someone stumbles and loses their way..."

"Doesn't mean they're lost forever." Logan finished the quote, nodding his head. "I know the speech, Bub. I haven't forgotten."

"...I get it's been a long time for you, I do," Bishop leaned forward from his seat. "And I happened to have my own fair share of blood on my hands, but at least I am conscious enough to make myself well aware of my actions. It's the human part that Charles worked so hard for us all to maintain, so I have to make sure not any of us loses it."

"So what happens when I get to Creed, and you're still there?" Logan questioned, turning back to Bishop, seeing him let out a sigh.

"Whatever it is we do next, I won't fight against you for it. But when the time comes when you make a decision between your grudge, and what's right... You make sure you choose very wisely on that decision."

Bishop stepped out of his seat and started to walk away, leaving Logan alone with his thoughts...

At an undisclosed location, Victor Creed was seen standing with folded hands behind his back, seemingly standing in the middle of nowhere as he was wearing a worn trenchcoat, letting the lower ends get pushed back against the wind while he just stood there all by himself.

"...It's all coming together, isn't it, Jimmy? The end of all things..." Creed spoke to himself, raising his head up. "I have to say... It's been a long time coming, just... Didn't expect it to take this long."

He sighed, lowering his head down as his tongue rubbed against his sharpened teeth.

"...I ain't too sure if you still remember anything about our Old Life... About our childhood home, about... Our Family." Victor raised his eyes up at the thought. "Fuck, I still remember how our Mother reacted when you stabbed our Father, our... Real, Father... How disgusted she was, at one of her own sick little boys, who only did what was necessary at the time. Yeah, I sure as hell don't miss her, shit... I ain't sure I miss anyone, I mean, look at me... I'm old as fuck, and sometimes, just sometimes, I don't look a day over 40."

He let his hands go off each other to rest the both of them inside of his jacket pockets.

"...All I knew from the night our Power kicked in, was that you and I would stick together. You and me; we still have our shit to figure out, but... We're still family. Believe it or not, I actually miss you, Brother. I ain't sure if what happened to us all two decades ago, or being a Rich Man with money, or just time itself has anything to do with it, but... I know now that's the truth. I just, hate the fact that you just abandoned me after so many fucking years, all because you were throwing a tantrum over a Drop of Blood, like any of that ever matters to us." He chuckled. "I mean, we're immortal men, Jimmy. Everyone else is just... Noise compared to what we are."

Creed let his hands out of his pockets as he crouched himself down onto the ground, resting his eyes on a large wall of stone.

"...This night we're about to have, Jimmy... It'll be unlike what this world has ever seen before. But whatever the case may be, whatever end result it will become, I rest assure you, we'll be together again, Brother. And if I have to kill everyone on the whole goddamn planet to make that happen, then I promise you, as your one and only flesh and blood, I will make that happen... Whatever the fuck it takes."

The CEO of Trask International got up on his feet, cracking both sides of his neck as he turned around, walking away from an old sign that withered with age, one that specifically says Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, marching his way over to a helicopter being prepped for launch after deploying another garrison of mercs.

"Is everything ready?" Creed questioned as he walked over to Donald Pierce, who now has a golden prosthetic hand.

"Everything is all set to go, sir. Everyone is in position, waiting for your orders

"And that Pet Project my previous successor worked on?"

"Ready to launch by Dawn tomorrow."

"Good... Then let's get this started."

Soon, Creed boarded the chopper and let himself be a passenger as his eyes witnessed upon lift off the remains of the aged, demolished ruins that were once considered to be the X-Mansion.

Westchester, New York... Home.

The Black Bird arrived at the East Coast within an hour before arriving at their destination. No one said a word on the trip back to the States. Not one word. Melita glanced at each face as Logan, Bishop, and Raven held an expression that was unreadable. They were all just silent, uncertain about what to say.

It was nightfall by the time they arrived. The ship was still camouflaged, hidden from the naked eye, but it was indeed hovering above the ruins of the Xavier Insitute. The passengers turned to look outside, just to get a glance at how much has changed since the years have gone by.

"...It's like a Jungle now," Bishop spoke out with a low voice, having spoken for the first time since their flight back as Melita looked over the ruins of the Xavier Insitute, seeing nothing but grass that has covered the roads and sidewalks of the front side of the Mansion. "I... I almost don't even recognize the place anymore."

"...All of you used to live here?" Melita asked, seeing how silent they were as they felt saddened by how much it had aged since 7/15.

"Yeah," Logan responded with a nod.

"Once..." Bishop followed, pressing his hand deep into his pocket.

"A long time ago, in another lifetime." Raven finished, turning her head away as the memories of her life with Charles flooded back in an instant.

"...Not me," Deadpool answered, honestly, raising his hand. "I mean, I've been here several times, but it wasn't home. It was more of a luxury hotel, and less than a vacant apartment waiting for somebody to go on an emotional suicidal orgy to say "Fuck it," and blow the place up. Not that I'd blow this place up, oh god no! It would be like Fox Studios' way of saying fuck you to the franchise, which they have ever since The Last Stand came out in 2006-!"

"Wade, stop ruining the moment, or else I gouge both your eyes out."

"Okay, I guess there's too much Whedonism in Marvel-related content anyways..."

"Here..." Mystique turned to hold Melita's hand up, allowing it to be scanned. "If you run into any trouble, you'll have access to autopilot mode. Just press your hand on this module, and then let the magic do its' trick."

"Wouldn't that mean you'd be left behind?"

"Yeah... You leave our escape to our own worries." Logan replied while he watched Melita narrow her eyes. "You'll be fine as long as you stay on this ship."

"If I wanted to be fine, I would have stayed inside of the Bar."

"We need you to be here," Logan said as he turned to Melita. "If we encounter Creed, then there's a chance you could get hurt, and none of us wants that. Especially since you're the only one who might be able to burn Trask International to the ground.

Garner raised a brow, standing up from her seat. "What are you talking about?"

"...The X-Men may not be what they used to be anymore, but there are others out there who do good." Logan held out a hard drive, placing it in Melita's hands. "Just because we're dead to the eyes of the World doesn't mean you have to be."

"Logan... I'm only just a Blogger. And besides; we don't have enough evidence, it won't be enough..."

"It'll be enough to make someone suspicious of them." Logan interpreted. "If... If we fail... Then one day there will be someone else who can fill in the pieces, who will give a damn about it."

"How can you be sure?"

"...You did," Logan replied, making Melita quiet long enough to get the meaning. Turning around, he started to make his departure. "Stay on the ship. If there's trouble, take Raven's advice and run."

Melita nodded as she watched the others begin to make their exit. "Just try not to die out there, okay?"

"We'll put it on our objectives list." Bishop chirped on his way out as Melita stayed behind at the front of the plane. When she sat down, she noticed a note that was sitting right in front of her, that was written out in five words.

For Whom It May Concern...

Elsehwere at the back of the Bird, the team stepped out to the open air, the wind-blown against their figures as they looked upon the exterior of the Mansion, staring upon the ruined infrastructure that was once owned by the world's most powerful telepaths to ever live.

"Christ, I'm not ready for this..." Bishop admitted as everyone stood outside on the loading ramp.

"...Let's just get this over with," Wolverine said as he pulled a bound and gagged Walter Duclun over his arms. "Ladies first, Bub."

He threw Duclun off the plane, making him scream through the gag as dropped face first into the lake. Making a loud splash, he attracted the attention of several mercenaries that have patrolled in the area. Marching over to the lake, everyone has too preoccupied with Walter's sudden appearance that a small post-it note appeared on a soldier's shoulder. He picked it off of the shoulder, reading the words that were written down in English.

HI! Pleased to Beat You! (X)

"X MARKS DA SPOT!" Deadpool gave himself away, jumping on top of the mercenary by slamming his crotch area right on his face. Making a slam down, Wade stabbed his knives on his neck while Mystique appeared, having donned a White Bodysuit that covered her entire body, with White Sleeveless Gloves that extended to the back of her elbows, White Pants that blends beautifully with her White High Heel Boots, and a Golden Belt that was strapped around her waist, jump kicked the other by the jaw.

The rest turned to the two Mutants, only to be fired upon by Bishop, taken out instantly while the last one standing was pounced by Wolverine, stabbed by the chest with both Claws sunken deep into his chest. Pulling them out, Wolverine stood up, sinking his Claws back in as the team stood outside of what was left of the X-Mansion.

"...The lights appear to work," Bishop says, seeing some bulbs from within the building after pulling Walter Declan's heaving body out of the water. "We probably won't need any flashlights when we walk inside."

Wolverine was the first one to make a step to the front door, reaching his hand out when he stepped into a blue light, which turned red quickly as a security measure blocked him out, shutting the front door off from his access entirely.

"Warning; you are not authorized to enter. Please leave the boundaries by five minutes, or excessive force will be authorized." The Mansion Security System spoke monotonously as Wolverine looked up with a grunt.

"Seems like Security's turned into a bitch over the years." Wolverine punted with a low brow as Mystique pulled out a card from one of the incapacitated guards, changing shape into the same guard that she stole from.

"Allow me." Mystique waved the card, letting the lasers scan it before flashing green.

"Access Granted. Welcome, R. Thomas. You are authorized to enter." The machine said as Mystique still held the guard's shape and form.

"Computer, initiate shutdown protocol. Codename Leiber."

"Access Granted... Initiating Security Shutdown protocooooooooollllllll..." The voice drowned as the system was shut down, allowing Mystique to return to her shape and form while turning to her team.

"It's clear." Mystique said as Wolverine stepped past her, raising his hand on the knob to slowly turn it to the left.

Stepping inside, Logan marched inside, getting a first glance at the aged Mansion entrance, seeing dust and vegetation cover most of the stairs and the walls. The ambiance made it feel hauntingly wholesome to a degree as if they symbolized the purity that held the spirit of Charles Xavier within the very halls for so many years. Logan removed his mask, letting himself look with his naked eyes to get a first-person view of everything that had changed since the last time he stood here.

"Hello, Logan."

Logan turned around, hearing a whisper in his ear. A voice from his memory as he thrust his eyes upon an empty wheelchair that used to belong to one of the greatest men to ever live. He walked over to the wheelchair, bending down one knee to rest his hand on the armchair, bowing his head to silently pay respects the best way he can under the circumstances.

"...I'm sorry it all turned out this way." Logan made his apology as if he was speaking to the man that he had failed to save so many years ago.


He raised his head, turning to his team as they saw him kneel before Charles Xavier's spare Wheelchair. Sighing, he pulled himself together and stood up, facing his team.

"It's clear," Logan answered, getting back to business. "I smell nobody in this spot, we're alright for now."

"What a mess..." Mystique said to herself as she walked next to Logan, looking around her former home. "It's all so different now, it's almost unrecognizable."

Bishop sighed, rubbing his hand against the wooden walls mixed in with the vines that have covered most of the interior. "I remember being here when I got recruited into the X-Men... I was here for a short while, but I still remember how it used to be before everything changed..."

"Let's... Stay focused." Logan said, pulling his mask back on to hide the sorrow in his expression. "I'll take the hallways, you two cover the Subbasement. Wade will go outside and make noise, create a distraction while you get Hank out of here."

Wade let out a gasp from his mask. His White Slit Eyes widened in excitement. "And that's the fourth time I do something people want me to do! Yay!"

"Just keep being you, and don't fuck anything up." Logan watched as Wade zigged zagged his way out with cheer, turning back to face Bishop and Darkholme. "Find Beast, get out alive. That's your priority, make every minute count."

"What about you?" Raven asked, taking a step forward. "How are you planning on getting out?"

"...I ain't planning on coming out of this one," Wolverine responded with brutal honesty, stepping away on a backward walk. "Not this time."

Taking his side of the hallways, Bishop and Mystique turned to look at each other before taking the left side of the hallways. Moving on to the kitchen area, Bishop and Mystique walked to find the elevator hatch that would lead them to the Subbasement.

"I always believed I couldn't be the only one in the world."

Raven halted in an instant as she heard a child's voice echoing inside of her head. She turned around, staring at one of the kitchens inside of the Mansion. It was then and there that she realized this wasn't just any kitchen. This was the kitchen where she had met the man who took her in and raised her as a Sister... The very same man she had betrayed for a Cause she had believed in.

"You alright?" Bishop asked, pulling Raven out of her Nostalgia.

"I'm fine..." She swallowed, turning to face. "I'm fine."

"...Your memories are flooding back, isn't it?" Bishop questioned curiously as Raven raised her eyes on him. "That's okay, the same thing's happening to me too. It's likely happening to Logan. There were a lot of people I liked before everything went down, even if it was cut short. So I can understand what you may be feeling right now."

"I..." She paused, lowering her eyes before taking a heavy breath. "...We should keep going. Hank depends on us."

She marched past Bishop as he stood and watch her take the lead, tagging along silently before reaching the spot they intended to go to. Raven pushed the button to open the elevator door, and when it did, two guards stood in front of them, exchanging an eye for an eye.

"Late night, fellas?" Bishop asked before face slamming both of their heads together, knocking them out entirely. They threw them out of their ride, taking their turn to use the elevator as the alarms started to blare out in the background.

"All units, we have an intruder on the premises causing a disturbance inside the gates! I repeat, we have an intruder-GAK!" Choked-out sounds came out of the loudspeakers as Logan hid behind a pillar, seeing an army of mercs marching past him. "Oops! That guy's a goner! Hi, it's Wade speaking. Just came around, wanted to say. LOVE what you've done with the place. The Nostalgia is just making me feel Young again. Anyways, come right outside in the backyard! Yes, come outside, in the backyard, where I am!"

"Give 'em hell, Wade."

Wolverine came out of his hiding place, marching his way in the opposite direction where the troops have went. He entered the living room, seeing a lone guard sitting on the couch, clearly not doing his job as he was on his phone, listening to music. Big mistake.

Taking advantage of his environment, he reached his target and sunk his Claws out for the guard to see as he wrapped an arm in front of his neck, pulling his AirPods out of his ears.

"Scream, and I'll have you choke on your blood." Wolverine threatened with a harsh tone as he heard the guard's breath shake with fear. "Now answer my question; is he here? Is Victor Creed here?"

"...yes. Yes, he's here. Hasn't left since the helicopter ride flew him out here from Chicago." The soldier answered as he trembled in Wolverine's arm.

"Where is he?" Wolverine questioned, intending on finding Sabretooth.

"I... I saw him go up the stairs." The man replied as honestly as he could.

"Which way?"

"I don't remember, he said something about entering the main Bedroom. The one where the previous homeowner had slept in. That's all I know, please don't hurt me." His eyes firmly shut as he awaited the worst, expecting death to make its sweet touch upon his soul. What happened next took his expectations out the window as Wolverine sunk his Claws back in and yanked him by the collar of his shirt.

"Consider this your resignation. You get out, you don't come back, and I find out you lied to me, I'll find you and gut you in your sleep, understood?" The young soldier nodded his head frantically, seeing his point made clear on the subject. "Alright, fuck off."

He shoved the merc to the floor, leaving him scrambling on his feet as he started to run away in a desperate bid for his life. Having gotten the intel, Wolverine huffed and puffed his breath out, marching his way up the stairs to find the man that lead him back here after so many years.

Knowing where he needed to go, he arrived on the second floor where he was dealt by a sonic blast, pushing him up the air to smash the chandelier hanging from the ceiling, sending it smashing to the ground. Growling out a groan, he pulled himself out of the debris, looking up to see a familiar face standing on the stairs.

"How do you like my new toy?" Donald Pierce gloated out as he showed off his new rifle, and his new hand made out of gold.

"Some Fan you are." Wolverine growled out with gritted teeth, glaring at the man that he had met previously. "I should have killed you when I had the shot."

"Hey, calm down, man! I want you to breathe, it's just a flesh wound, baby!" Pierce said, quoting the lines of a movie he binge-watched. "If I wanted you dead, you would have been dead."

"My business is with your Boss. Move the fuck out of my way, I'll stay the fuck out of yours." Wolverine warned as he marched back up the stairs again, facing Pierce directly.

"Sorry, but I'm getting paid to keep you entertained until your Brother is ready to see you," Pierce revealed his intention as he loaded his weapon again. "So, until then, you're just gonna have to settle with what you've got."

Gunshots put holes in the wall in front of Wolverine, making him back retreat as men on the balcony fired rounds at the Mutant, ensuing the fight while Pierce fired another round, causing a mess all over the halls.

Downstairs in the Subbasement, Bishop and Mystique arrived, moving on to see the lab that was initially built as a nuclear shelter as it was converted into a makeshift experimentation center. Moving down the halls, they saw rooms they once sought refuge in filled with chambers that held figures that were too dark to visually glimpse specifically, but it was certain there were people held inside of the containers.

"They're keeping Test Subjects down here," Bishop said with a raised brow, holding his gun locked and loaded. "Are they still alive?"

Mystique turned to each of the containers, pressing her hand against the cold-covered fog that hide everyone's faces. "Hank has to be here somewhere. Maybe inside one of these...!"


They turned their heads around, hearing a tortured scream coming from a short distance. Making a quick trip, Bishop marched in and fired a clip on the equipment that was torturing the Beast in full captivity while Mystique held a piece of her own, pointing at the men and women in containment suits.

"Unlock his binds. Do it, now." Mystique hissed as she tightened her hold on the barrel.

"I'd listen to her if I were you..." Bishop warned, knowing how dangerous Mystique is to her fullest when she's been set off angrily. Seeing how well they mean their threat, the scientists did as they were told, releasing Beast from his confines as Raven quickly pulled him in her arms, seeing how bloody he was.

"Hank! Hank, wake up, come on, Hank!"

Beast's eyes cringed when he heard a voice. It was blurred at first, given how much torture he was put through. He opened his eyes, and as his hearing slowly came back, he met his gaze with Mystique as the two looked upon each other for the first time in years.

"...Raven..." Beast muttered out, giving clues to his tired voice as she smiled at how softly he called her by her name.

"Hey," She smiled, letting herself look vulnerable without a care in the world. Then her smile shifted, seeing his bloodied physical appearance reminded her of the state he was in. "You're injured. What have they done to you?"

"Nothing that was too volatile, yet," Hank replied weakly, being pulled up on his feet with Raven's help. "They've been... Taking my blood..."

"We know, it's kind of the reason how we found you," Raven informed. "Trask, they have been making experiments of their own, turning people into hybrids of your DNA and of Bruce Banner's."

"Banner... Oh god, that's horrible." Beast revealed his personal opinion of the subject. "What... How many people have been infected?"

"Over a dozen million, and over a several unaccounted for," Bishop replied as he still held the scientists at gunpoint. "Listen, we really have to go. We can't stay here!"

"Wait, wait... What about the others?" Beast questioned as the two turned to him. "What of the other Mutants inside the Pods?"

"Pods? Wait, those are Mutants in those containers?" Mystique asked, having found out the small fact.

"Yes... And they're alive. All of them," Beast revealed as the revelation stunned both Bishop and Mystique. "We must get them out of here, we cannot leave any of them in the hands of Sabretooth!"

Bishop breathed a low hum before turning his gun at one of the scientists, pressing the tip against their faces. "How do we get them out? You, people, put them in those containers, tell us how to wake them up?"

An alarm was set off, turning the Subbasement Red as the scientists quickly ran out, eager to escape while Bishop pointed his weapon around, looking for any sign of danger while Raven carried Hank out with an arm wrapped around her shoulder.

"What's going on? I thought you turned the security system off!" Bishop asked as he remained alert to this new development.

"I don't know, something's not right..." Mystique turned to the elevator, finding out that it had suddenly shut down. "Elevator's out. We're locked out..."

"Whatever it is, we can fight our way out," Bishop says as he was determined to defend himself and his group. "We made it this far, we can do this."

"No... We can't..." Beast had warned as the two turned their heads in his direction. "...Not with them."

A metal screech echoed from the end of the corridor where Cerebro was once located. Turning their eyes to the door, they saw how the circular door marked with an X opened up, revealing a Purple and Silver figure emerging from the shadows with a pair of yellow robotic eyes.

"Warning; Mutant Activity has been Detected." A Sentinel droned out with an emotionless cold tone as it raised its hand out, extending a gesture of hostile intentions. "Engaging Mutant Countermeasures."

"...Run!" Bishop pulled Mystique and Beast in his hands as they started to fall back from the over looming threat that may spell their doom.

Elsewhere, Wolverine growled out as he hid inside the remains of an abandoned classroom, hearing armed gunmen surround him as they covered the other side of the second floor.

"Come on out, Wolvie!" Pierce shouted as he and his men searched for Logan. " Come out and face us! What's the matter, I thought the Legend of Wolverine said that he was the Best There Was at What He Does! Is this seriously your best?"

Having lost any patience to prolong the fight, Wolverine turned to a corner, sunk his Claws out, and stabbed the wall next to him, reaching a circuit that was hidden behind that wall. In an instant, the lights went out, covering the halls with darkness as the Reavers were taken back by the lack of power inside the Mansion.

"You may think you own the place now, but I know this House better than any of you," Wolverine speaks through the shadows as he had not yet revealed himself to the Reavers. "But if you wanna prove me otherwise, then by all means... Come find me yourselves."

Pierce gripped his gun tight, turning to his troops. "Spread out. I'm gonna find the button that has Night Vision in our equipment, make sure he doesn't make it to the Boss."

The Reavers split up, turning in different directions. As they turned to find Wolverine, the man they hunted was actually hunting them, pulling one of their own into a corner. That person wasn't seen standing again.

Four Reavers stuck together, acting in coordination with one another in an attempt to find the lone Wolverine. They flashed the lights, searching, looking around every shadowy blindspot that they are attempting to look past.

"I'm not seeing anything. How's that Night Vision working?" One of the Reavers asked as they continued to walk together. One of them scoffed, his overconfidence getting the better of him.

"Does it matter? It's just one man against an army. No way he's gonna get the drop on-GAK!" A Reaver was stabbed by the nape of his neck, leaving him choking on his blood as the three of the pair watched their teammate drop.

"Man down!" One of them said before a pair of Claws sprang out and had his leg cut right off, sending him falling, bleeding on the wooden dirty floor.

"Where is he?!" One of the two questioned before getting stabbed by the temple of his brain, getting killed in an instant. When the claws sank in, and the body fell, the last one standing fired rapid bullets, using the full power of his assault weapon to shoot just to kill one Man. One Man that got the drop on the last Reaver of the pair standing.

Heart monitors that kept tabs on the Reavers' vitals were flatlining as Pierce took note of the situation, seeing how Wolverine was getting the better of his team. With so few of his crew left, he activated the Night Vision, giving everyone the sight to see as all flashlights turned to point at their intended target.

All eyes aimed at the Mutant as Wolverine let out a low growl, standing in the hallway with blood slipping out of his Claws and his Suit. Flicking the blood off of his boots and Claws, he stood his ground, facing the Reavers that are left in his wake.

"...Alright then, Girls." Wolverine cracked both sides of his neck, holding his glare. "Which one of you's first?"

One Reaver charged at him with a baton, and Wolverine cut the weapon with a raised fist and Claws. After that, he dealt a killing blow by slitting the man's throat with the very hand that cut his only means of defense.

Moving on with brutal speed, he cut another Reaver's waist off after the man swung a fist at the Wolverine. Then a Reaver drew out knives and fought the Mutant, even making a sharp cut on his left cheek, but he did not relent as raised one hand to block her limb and thrust the other to stab her in the chest.

And then he took her and ran after a gunman holding a machine gun firing bullets as he used the woman that attacked him as a personal body shield to literally mount him up on the wall along, adding two bodies into the Adamantium claw as Wolverine carried their corpses and pinned them right on the spot before letting them go.

While their corpses dropped, Wolverine moved on, fighting through a frenzied rage. His brutality showed no restraint, no mercy was shown. He had killed Reavers as if he was eating them for breakfast. Stabbing, cutting, decapitating, he killed his way through as if he was on a warpath. The only person left standing was Donald Pierce, who used the only defense he had was the Sonic Rifle, bouncing Logan off course.

Halting his advance, Pierce fired another round, and Wolverine dodged the attack, barrel rolling his way out as the books that were lying on the shelves were obliterated. Papers came flying out in the open while the last Reaver standing pulled out a golden pistol and shot several rounds, attempting to kill the man that killed his entire team. He used his Night Vision Goggles, attempting to relocate Wolverine to no avail. The well-renowned Mutant had vanished and disappeared into the dark. Every blind spot that was there, he couldn't see him.

And the reason for that was simply because Wolverine was hanging on the ceiling, hiding from Pierce's sight. He was right above him, and Donald was too oblivious to notice. Until a drop of blood that came down from Wolverine's fist fell on top of Pierce's nose.

When that drop came, so did Wolverine as Pierce looked up too late, and Logan violently tore apart his Fan, clawing out his chest, leaving no room to spare. He stabbed, and stabbed until very little blood came spitting out of Pierce's lips.

With the only obstacle to his path eliminated, Wolverine snarled lowly, sinking his Claws back in as he marched his way into Charles Xavier's Bedroom, kicking the door open. When he walked in, candles were lit up while the bed was perfectly made. The bathroom was just recently used as Victor Creed walked right out, wiping his towel on his face, just in time to look at Logan in person for the first time in twenty years.

"...You look like shit," Victor remarked throwing his towel away as he turned around, acting like nothing was wrong. "So, I found a bottle from the Old Man's stash. You want a drink?"

"Put your fucking clothes on," Logan barked at his Brother, glaring at him while watching him wear a bathrobe around his chest. "This is going to be the last day you will ever breathe the air in this world. The least you can do is save yourself from letting people read the part where you died naked on the ground."

"It's nice to see you too, Jimmy," Creed replied nonchalantly, keeping himself restrained. "So, I take it you killed Pierce. Good for you, what took you so long?"

"You know damn well why, you smug bastard. Adamantium Bullets, how long have you had that going around?" Logan questioned as he saw just how composed his Brother is. He hasn't launched himself at him yet, something was off.

"Ever since I took over Trask International. I figured that may have been one of the things that would have drawn you hiding, but clearly, you proved that took twenty years for that to happen."

"I ain't pissed about the bullets, Creed."

"So, what are you pissed about, Logan? Hmm?" Creed asked as he sat on the bed, angering Logan as he used the bed like it was his bed to sit on. "Is it about how I took over the Mansion? Is it about the Kitten who put herself down? Or is it the Animal I locked up downstairs in the Subbasement, which is still in good condition after so many years? I'll admit, Xavier has done impressive craftsmanship on the design, I wish he didn't get blown up the way he did. We could have had hours of discussion over it."

"What the fuck are you stalling for?" Logan questioned, growing irritated every minute that prolongs their confrontation. "This isn't like you, you don't stall like this unless you have something on your sleeve, what are you doing?"

"...Making conversation," Victor replied with a shrug. "What? I spend Twenty Years alone without seeing my Brother. Twenty Years come by, and I can't have some quality time with my Brother?"

"We quit being Brothers when you lost your way," Wolverine growled out with a harsh truth. "You kill without remorse. You hurt because you enjoy it. You like hurting people, you've always had! Hell, you loved it when you and Magneto blew the streets of Dallas with that shit with the Bombs-!"

"Wait, wait, wait, stop." Sabretooth raised a finger up as he stood up from the bed. "Let me stop you right there for a minute, just to see if I heard you correctly; you think I had something to do with 7/15?"

Logan stared at him, tilting his head at Victor's direction accusingly. That made his older brother amused as he simply chuckled at the thought.

"You do... Oh my god, yes, you fucking do..." Creed turned around, pouring out a glass of his own to drink. "Twenty Years, and you still think of me as the bad guy."

"I was told you had something to do with it," Logan explains his motive as he watched Creed have a drink. "It makes ample sense. You killed the Trask Family, you took over the family business, you turned yourself into a rich man while Our People suffered for it. What else would you have to gain from that day?"

"Wow, you..." Creed chuckled bitterly as he pointed a finger at Logan yet again. "You really like to think that way, don't you? You like to indulge yourself in this perfect little fantasy of yours that I'm somehow responsible for the bombing, that I'm to blame for your life, and everyone else's lives get turned upside down all because of a few little fireworks. You just love to believe that it's all my fault that you had to live inside of a Cave for the last twenty years of your sad fucking life."

"You have any other ideas?" Wolverine questioned sarcastically as Creed set his glass on the side table.

"Well, I was curious as to why you would come looking for me after a long time. And now I have my answer because you just handed it to me the moment I read your face behind that dumb Cat Mask of yours. Speaking of, can you take that shit off? We're grown adults, at least have the courtesy to act like it."

"Fine... But not because you said so." Logan barked yet again as he pulled off the Mask. "So humor me; if you weren't responsible for 7/15, then what the hell happened? Because your sudden rise to power is questionable, and everyone around me seems to be pointing the finger at you."

"Alright, well that also explains the finger-pointing part. Thanks for letting me know." Creed sighed, taking a seat next to the bed. "Well, the truth is, Jimmy, is that I had nothing to do with those explosions that killed all those people, including your adopted Grandfather. I wasn't even there when it happened, I was in fucking Madripoor, with Magneto because he told me so."

"And what the fuck were you and Magneto doing in Madripoor?"

"Making an unscheduled visit to Bolivar's hotel, thank you for asking," Creed replied with crass. "See, Lensherr and I were onto him about this Pet Project he was cooking up. A Sentinel Program, have you ever heard of it? Anyway, Magneto discovered that Trask intended to launch the machines onto the Mutant Rally, so he brought me along so we could have a little chat. Of course, he wasn't pleased with our visit, nor was he being very talkative, so I was told to sic him, end of story."

"...That's it?" Logan asked, skeptical of Creed's story. "That's your excuse? Where does your power play come into mind?"

"I'm getting there, don't you worry about that, but first; let me thank you, personally, for not lashing out on me yet. It's nice to see you've restrained yourself this long so we can have our talk."

"Oh don't worry, I'm only biding my time because now I'm interested in your excuse for taking over a dirty man's company and driving so many Mutants underground." Logan deterred.

"All in good time... But secondly; that's a nice Bird you have up there." Creed said as he turned to the window, looking at the shimmer that gave the Black Bird away. "I'm guessing one of your lapdogs upgraded that ship of yours. The Beast is gonna be pleased to have it back if he lives long enough to see the sunrise."

Logan lowered a brow, hearing that last sentence come out of his mouth. Now he was suspicious.

"...You are stalling." Logan presumed, which Creed smirked at.

"Stalling? Nah, that's just a presumptuous word for people who assume the absolute worst." Creed implied as he grabbed the same bottle of scotch he had poured earlier. "No, I'd like to say I'm offering aid to a man whose life did indeed fall apart during the worst day in all of history... And to offer my sincere condolences."


A ball of fire rang out from the sky as Logan watched in horror, seeing the Black Bird getting shot down before crashing somewhere on the land. And as it crashed, Creed just poured another glass as he raised it up, all smug about what transpired.

"...You fucking-!" Wolverine's Claws sank out, as he pulled his chest back, holding himself no longer as he attempted to fight his Brother to the death.


As the question was asked, the sound of injection was heard just when a syringe was stabbed into Wolverine's neck, making his pupils widen as Deadpool stood right next to him with the needle in his hand.

"Hi, Honey!" Deadpool quipped as he removed the drug out of Logan's neck, making him fall to the ground while the Merc with a Mouth just stood by with such crass in his voice.

"Wade... What the fuck?!" Logan growled out through gritted teeth.

"I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "Wade, how could you? I thought we were friends!" Wade spoke with an Australian accent. "And we still are, truly, it's just that Duncan, or was it Daniel? Danik? Dumbo? Duclan? The writer did spell his name wrong so many times, it's kind of hard to remember how it's really spelled Anyways, he reached out to me while I ungagged him to feed him a bit of Chimi offscreen, offering me a fuck ton of money that was worth so much more than the minimum wage crap Katniss Everdeen ever paid me with. Long story short, he hooked me up with Liev Schrieber, and now we're basically fuck buddies."

Wolverine growled, moving to scratch at Wade's leg, though he missed by a few meters as he dropped himself to the floor.

"I mean, come on! I have a Net Worth of at least $180 Million, I have been in Car Chases, Fight Scenes, Sex Scenes, and even the numerous cameos I've made had given me royalty payments, and all I ever get paid for participating on your show is minimum fucking wage!"

The effects of the drug continued to spread as Logan felt drowsy, feeling tired from being at the cusp of falling under the use of the drug while Wade just kept dodging his attempts to cut his limbs off.

"And don't get me wrong; I've had fun, truly. I mean, almost pulling off a Michael Douglas at a Papa John's, teaming up with you against Omega Red, even becoming fully erect when you stabbed me for almost giving the Cop from Stranger Things a Blowjob. Overall, I've had genuine fun with all that."

Deadpool then kicked Wolverine on the chest, making him land on his back as he took advantage of his drugged state, towering himself above the Yellow Cladded Mutant.

"But you know what else I don't tolerate? The amount of disrespect I've received upon my personal debut on whatever Marvel Verse this Writer is slowly building up to. I mean, you stabbed me, yelled at me, demeaned me, treated me like I'm simply just a side joke for everyone to laugh at... It's no wonder your show has very few comments on Ao3, Fanfiction, and Wattpad, which honest to God, I don't even know why he even set up a Wattpad to host our Universe there. Nobody ever reads our stories on that site, the only ones they ever read about are Transformers, which are actually pretty great, all things considered."

Wade then sat himself down on Wolverine's lap, straddling himself as he planted his hands firmly around Logan's chest blades.

"What I'm saying, Wolvie, is that you're a selfish fuck. Why you're a selfish fuck? I'll tell you; you always talk shit to my face, you died in the last movie of your trilogy just to retire only to come back because literally, everybody asked you to! Oh and you keep constantly holding up Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows from producing more episodes because the writer wants to wait until after your story is finished! Well, actually, that's the Writer's fault, mostly because he's slow, but aside from drawing pictures of Deviantart and writing side stories for Venom, Firestar, and Gambit, you're partially to blame! And bringing me in as a side joke, that's just fucked up and disrespectful, and I hate being the side joke!"

His hand reached out on Logan's throat, cutting off some parts of air as Deadpool and Wolverine locked eyes on each other once again.

"Well, guess what, Hughie? I'm flipping the script because I'd like to personally remind everyone reading this on why in the Hickory Fuckery Fuck I am doing this because I am a Douchebag! I'm the Asshole who has butchered the Marvel Universe Twice in two lifetimes, Spider-Man included, and I have a knack for stabbing people in the back at random, like now for instance! Essentially with all the gross negatives that I have explicitly pointed out, it would make a person take this all personally, and for that end..." Deadpool, let go of Wolverine's chest, cracking his fingers altogether. "Well... For all intents and purposes... You really should have seen this coming from the start. So how about this for a Side Joke?"

Logan groaned weakly as he felt Deadpool pull his hand away from his throat, allowing him to breathe once again as Wade finished cracking every knuckle in his fingers just in time to raise a fist up in the air while Creed stood over to watch.

"Annnnd... Dramatic pause for epic cliffhanger effect, and nooooow... FADE TO BLACK!"


A splash of water landed on his face, stirring Logan from his fatigue as he raised his head up, finding himself tied up on Professor Xavier's spare Wheelchair. His wrists were bound to each armchair, and his boots were tied back on the footrests. His fists were in the opposite direction to where he would have been able to cut himself loose, it was obvious he wasn't getting out of the chair.

Looking around, he watched as he was sitting inside of what remained of Cerebro's chamber, seeing the lights flicker up when Creed walked up to make his approach. He became restless when he saw his Brother approach him, he felt irritated seeing his face, prime ready to gloat as they confronted each other for the second time.

"You like what I've done with the place?" Creed questioned with raised his hands as Logan glared defiantly at him. "Sorry about the chair, but I needed something so you would move with me while we talked, I figured it was better than having to haul your ass, making you smell my armpits the whole way. It would have been too awkward.

"I'm gonna kill you." Logan declared as he buried his fists together, motivated to kill all so soon.

"Yeah, well try waiting a little while longer before you decide on that, won't you?" Creed snapped his fingers, making the chair move on his command as Logan felt the Wheelchair being activated. "Now, I did not want it to come to this, but knowing you, there was just no other way around it. This was going to turn into a blood bath one way or the other, so I just had to stay a step ahead to make this come to full circle."

The doors open, leading Logan back into the lab as he turned his head around, and seeing Sentinels patrol the subbasement, noticing how they were staring at him.

"Now, you must be curious about the Sentinels, I apologize; they like to stare at people like us," Creed revealed as he pressed his hands into his pockets. "It can't be helped, it's simply part of their programming. They won't kill you and me, by the way. As long as we stay green in their optics, we should be okay."

"Sentinels... You mentioned Sentinels..." Logan said, lowering a brow.

"Ah, so you were paying attention, great! Then I don't have to explain what I was doing in Madripoor all over again." Creed said as led Logan into another lab, seeing the same containment pods holding Mutants captive. "Oh, and I wouldn't worry too much about your friends, they're alive, and in safe hands."

Logan turned his eyes to look at the pods. And then he widened his brow as he saw Beast, Mystique, and Bishop frozen inside of each pod, evidently failing their attempt at escaping the Mansion or the Sentinels.

"They put quite a fight, but the Sentinels overpowered them. It's not their fault, they couldn't anything about it. Sentinels are programmed to overpower any Mutant, it's the way it is." Creed explained as Logan turned his eyes back to his Brother.

"Let them go... This is between you and me, they're not a part of this." Logan said as he tugged his hands against the restraints.

"But you made them a part of this the moment you brought them in on your crusade," Creed came back with a snap as he turned to glance at Logan."Just like how you made that Blogger a part of this even after she discovered her roommate. Big mistake, letting a Human get involved. She could have had a life, and now she's dead because of you."

"She's gone because you blew her out of the fucking sky!"

"I'm not the one who told her to stay on the goddamn plane, Jimmy! What happened to her is on you, deal with it."

Logan sighed, lowering his head as he felt shaken by the thought of Melita Garner's death, closing his eyes out of a moment of grief before opening them back up to look at Creed.

"...What do you even want from me?" Logan questioned as Creed marched over to his position. "Why bring me back after all these years?"

"I'm glad you asked that, Jimmy because the truth is I brought you back because I want my Brother back. And since you're a stubborn bastard, I know you're not going to bend over easily, so let me make a few things clear to mind." Victor bent on one knee to get into Logan's eye level as he rested his arm on Logan's shoulder. "It's simple; I am going to break you; spiritually, of course. And then once I have done that... I want you to join me."

Logan raised a brow at Creed's declaration. "...Excuse me?"

"Don't give me the look; I know you heard me. We both have perfect hearing, it's in our genes." Creed reminded as he remained punctual with Logan. "Simply put; I want us both to have a fresh start. 7/15 gave me that chance just as much as it gave you the chance, but you're a bit shy to take it, so I'm going to push you. And I'm going to keep on pushing until you finally see my point."

"And what if I refuse to play this game of yours?" Logan questioned as Sabretooth clicked his tongue together.

"Well, believe it or not; I suppose I can just let you go right after I have you watch my toys tear your friends apart limb by fucking limb," Creed answered with a cool posture while a Sentinel marched behind him with glowing eyes, staring at the pods holding Bishop, Darkholme, and McCoy imprisoned. "They won't feel a thing of course, but you will. And that heart of yours will ache because you let so many other people die because of your incompetence."

Logan watched as the Sentinel stood by ready to fire, his teammates were sitting helplessly in their cages, unable to avoid being fired upon. His mind drifted back to Xavier, then back to Kitty Pryde as they have both died under horrible circumstances, the guilt that was weighed on him.

At that moment, Logan lowered his head, sighing tiredly as Creed smiled, having found his answer once again.

"Now if we're done exchanging insults; I would like to get started," Creed announced as he personally pushed the wheelchair out of the lab, and into the elevator as a critical battle of wills was getting started between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

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