Hello there! Hak x Yona AU drabble! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

Warning for…well um…just be warned…

Hunger Games

After a long day of college and a vigorous round of archery practice, Yona was more than ready to stuff herself with some delicious food. So, after throwing her bag in the general direction of the sofa, she made a beeline towards the fridge to do just that.

The redhead smiled to herself while mentally going through the list of junk food she had stocked up on last weekend, and opened the fridge...to find it empty.

"Don't throw your bag like that, princess. You might break something."

Oh, she was definitely in the mood to break something. Preferably, that sexy jerk's neck.

"Hak! Did you eat all my food?! Again?!"

Yona had to admit that giving a spare key of her apartment to her best friend was not the best decision she had made in life. She specifically started regretting her life choices when the said man took it upon himself to raid her entire house for food, every single time he dropped by.

Of course, she could've taken extreme measures like confiscating the spare key and restricting his access to her personal space. But she soon realized that having a huge crush on him interfered with that course of action.

"I was hungry."

Hak stated in a bored manner, adding a shrug for good measure, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which in this case might not have been that far from the truth, if not for that ever-growing smirk on his handsome face.

"Oh my god! How can you even eat that much?! You-you-you chubby panda!"

Yes, she couldn't bring herself to call him a 'fat pig'. Not that he looked like a 'chubby panda' either, but the aspect of cuteness did match. However, much to Yona's charging, Hak didn't look offended in the least. In fact, he gifted her with a sly grin and pulled up his t-shirt, revealing how much of a drool worthy male specimen he was.

"Yona, does this change your mind?"

No, that did not change her mind. She most definitely knew he was sculptured like a Greek god. Flashing her a shirtless view and saying her name in that deep voice in one go was definitely cheating though. Yona quickly turned around to hide her flaming cheeks and huffed loudly.

If he wanted to play that badly, Yona was ready to up her game too.

After a couple of days, Yona decided to skip archery practice for once and head home early. Of course, without notifying a certain black-haired guy of her change of plans. To say she was happy to see her food stock unscathed would be an understatement.

When her blissful feast was almost at its end, Yona heard the front door being unlocked. Hak was stopped on his way to the kitchen by a smug looking redhead, who was half-laying on the sofa, waving at him. Yona's smirk grew when she saw Hak's very unimpressed look.

"Oh, you got here just a little bit late, Hak! This is the last one of Yun's chocolate tarts. I'm sorry~"

Her mocking tone begged to differ with her words. They both knew Yun's an excellent cook and Yona had no trouble flexing the half-eaten tart at him. But her smirk fell as she noticed a sudden change in his gaze. Hak slowly made his way towards her, very much reminding her of a predator closing in on its prey.

Although the idea of being his prey did give her the good kind of chills, surviving this round of hunger games demanded priority in her head. Yona was quick to put the piece of tart in her mouth, just as Hak practically pounced on her in one swift movement.

Her back hit the sofa with a soft thud as Hak straddled her hips and pinning her arms to her sides. She shot a heated glare at him, fully intent on swallowing the whole thing if chewing was not an option. However, her brain froze when he pressed his lips against hers roughly.

Taking full advantage of her surprised gasp, Hak's tongue pushed past hers in search for the sweet treat. After a few stunned moments, when Yona's mind finally cleared enough to think straight, she started fighting back despite her racing heart.

To be honest, she didn't care much about the tart at this point, but she did have some not-so-noble reasons to keep going at it. After a few minutes of hot and intense battling, Hak pulled away, chewing on a piece of tart triumphantly. He licked his lips and smirked down at the panting Yona.

"Hmm…not bad. Round two, princess?"

Yona smirked back, wiping some chocolate on his bottom lip by her thumb and licked it off. She did have some cookies left.

"May the odds be ever in your favor..."

Ahem…I was never here… *runs*