It was evening time on earth.

A man went to the cinema hall full of excitement. But Just as the movie started, there was an explosion in which he died.

He woke up in a room unfamiliar to him but before he could panic, memories unfamiliar to him came rushing through his mind. He almost couldn't believe what he saw in these memories. He had somehow transmigrated in one of his favorite anime worlds. The world of One Piece.

Not only that, He had transmigrated in the body of the main character of the anime Monkey D. Luffy. But pretty soon he realized that this world was definitely an AU as there was no Portgas D. Ace in this world instead there was Portgas D. Ann. And From the memories she was a very sexy bombshell with big hips, narrow waist and big busts. Another difference was that his devil fruit was also different from canon. Apart from normal abilities of rubber he also had the power to turn into liquid rubber, so his fruit now had both the ability of Paramecia and Logia fruit just like the devil fruit of Katakuri.

Even though Logia fruit kind of loses most of its advantage in the new world it is still very helpful if used with Observation Haki as it could then be used to mold your body according to the coming attacks to evade them more easily .

As for Ann, She had black hair which went just past her shoulders. She also had cute freckles on her face which she got from her mother. She usually wears black bikini top with black shorts, she also wears an orange open cardigan with an orange color hat. She also has a red bead necklace around her neck. Her height was two inch more than Luffy.

When they first met she did not integrate well with Luffy because of her trust and anger issues. Fortunately just like in the show Luffy wore her down by following her around and stumbling upon her and Sabo hiding treasure for their voyage when they became pirates. Rest is kinda the same with Luffy being captured by Bluejam pirates then Ann and Sabo saving him. Nobles of Goa kingdom setting fire to grey terminal and Sabo dying Who was not really dead but he could be dead here as this is kinda an AU.

After Sabo's death she became Very protective of him so much so she even let go of her dream of becoming a pirate captain and decided to join Luffy on his journey.

After that they became practically inseparable, they played together, they trained together, they ate together, they went to party's bar together. They even live together. Now they live in the tree house they built with Sabo when they were kids.

Before they used to live together with the Dadan bandit family on the mountains in the jungle beside the Foosha village.

He got up and saw that Ann was still sleeping on his left side. She was really beautiful, she is almost Eighteen year old now as Luffy still had Two and a half years before he turned seventeen when they would set sail.

Then he started to think that He also had to plan his future for how to get strong as this world is kind of scary to be honest as any pirate can just destroy any island without any thought whenever he wishes. Then there was the world government, that Im-sama , five elders, world nobles , cipher pol, and marine and God knows what in the ocean. So before heading out to the world they had to become strong, very strong.

As he knew his grandfather hero Garp comes to Foosha village every two year on his birthday He had about six months till he came back. So until then he has to condition his body, practice every attack shown in the anime. After that practice gear second and gear third and their attack.

After Garp comes back he would make a deal with him, something like becoming a secret agent who operates as a pirate to keep an eye on different pirates and seven warlords for training him.

There was also a thought in his mind about how to extract devil fruit from people without killing them. He guessed it was probably his reincarnation gift.

In the show the pirates are somewhat over glorified like they are some kind of heroes. And the marine is made into a villain. Whereas in reality the pirates were nothing but looters, pillagers and rapists. Even someone like Whitebeard who is said to be a good man in the show has so much innocent blood on his hands. First in his youth he used to work on the worst pirate crew of the world then there is his proclaiming that one piece is real which made so many more pirates who killed so many people.

Then there are so many fanfics which also make the marine villain and give excuses like they work for world nobles who enslave people. I mean let's just think about a moment how many world nobles are there , less than five hundred who rarely ever leave their house. And then compare it to pirates. Krieg pirates who are just a small fry in the weakest of the blues has more than five thousand people in his armada all of which are bad people. Let's take buggy, he destroys innocent people's houses and islands and kills them with his buggy ball and he is treated like some kind of side character on the side of good or Arlong who has an island made of twenty village hostage, And that's just the weakest of seas forget about Yonko and their armada. It is not to say if he had power he wouldn't kill world nobles because he was definitely going to do it, but pirates were much worse in comparison.

There are also the nobles in some countries which are bad. He will also have to do something about them. Maybe he could help out the revolutionary army in some way. Yeah he can provide them with devil fruits, which are useless to him and his crew.

Well it was enough thinking for the time being as Ann was waking up. She woke up stretched for a bit then looked in my direction and said good morning with a smile Instead of replying to her I went to her side and hugged her tightly.

She hugged him back but also got a confused look on her face and asked him what happened.

"Nothing, I just wanted to thank you for all the things you have done for me." he replied with a small innocent smile on his face.

Touched by Luffy's appreciation she looked at him with a smile and replied that it was nothing much.

"How could you say it was nothing much? You even gave up your dream to become a pirate captain and pirate king for me. So I have decided that when I become pirate king you will be my wife and become pirate queen." He told her with a serious look on his face

Ann's eyes widened after hearing that, did Luffy just propose to her? Her mind was a mess right now as she didn't know what to think. She loved him but until now she hadn't thought about loving him like that. But the more she thought she didn't find any reason not to as he was the only man she loved and always wanted to be with him. And she could never see herself loving another man.

But still she said with a hesitant looking face "We shouldn't do that, we are brother and sister."

To which he replied that they were not blood related and that he has already decided so he won't take no for an answer.

After hearing that she just sighed as she knew he would not change his mind, then she smiled at him and said "Yes I will be your queen."

"Yayyy!" he shouted and pounced on Ann and kissed her on the lips. It was clumsy at first but it helped that he had previous life experience. When he felt her getting comfortable with their kiss, he licked her bottom lips and her mouth slightly opened and his tongue invaded her mouth. He felt it hit her teeth but slowly she is opening it allowing his tongue to seek hers.

It didn't take for him to find her tongue, he immediately entangled it on his sucking it, testing her saliva, she was doing the same.

After some time they separated when they ran out of breath, there was a trail of saliva from their mouth.

She was so embarrassed that her face was tomato red and she turned her head to the other side. He then cupped her chin in his hand and turned her face to him. Then caressed her cheek and looking into her eyes he said "I love you , Ann."

To which she replied, "I love you too, Crybaby." And they kissed again.

After some time they separated to do their morning routine and Luffy was alone and was thinking what to do next. "Hmm now I should also tell Makino that she will be mine and then I will get a big harem and all female crew when I become a pirate."

"What did you just say?" He heard

"Ah-ah" He turned and came face to face with Ann, who had an angry look on her face with folded arms and staring at him.

His forehead was covered in sweat as he said, "Did I just say that out loud?"