Kuina Swung her sword at him and Hachi stopped it with all his hands… but he was a bit late in stopping the attack.

"Ow! That hurt!" Hachi yelled as some blood came out of his forehead and chest. Kuina just sighed after seeing that and thought if this guy was really an officer level pirate of these pirates.

"I don't have time to play around with you! Didn't you say you were a swordsman then bring out your swords." Kuina said to Hachi.

"Hey, shut up! I haven't gotten serious yet! The truth is human swordsmen don't stand a chance against me. Wanna know why? It'll surprise you! Astound you! Shock you! That's because…... I have six arms and can wield six swords."

Kuina just Facepalmed after hearing him. "Then bring out your six swords and face me." Kuina said, pointing her sword at him.

"Allright Pirate Hunter Kuina let me show you my true skills." After saying that Hachi went inside the building and came out wielding six swords. "Behold, my real skill! Six-sword fighting style! You can't touch me" he said and then He started swinging his sword madly and created a small tornado.

"That's enough Hachi, If you get serious it might get dangerous. You want to destroy Arlong Park?" The bulky Fishman said to Hachi.

"Oh yeah! I just forgot myself there for a minute" Hachi said, stopping the attack.

"Six swords style, What a joke. Number of swords doesn't matter, all that matters is the weight of the ambition on your swords." She said to him.

"Weight is it? Now I get it your sword is really heavy. But you know each of my swords weighs 300kg, You know." Hachi replied to her swinging his sword everywhere.

After that Kuina just kept her mouth shut she knew that talking to this guy is just useless.

Hachi then continued "They're much heavier than your swords" Then he prepared his attack called shin shun Takoage.

"Then let me just show the weight of my sword to you." Kuina said as she brought her sword above her head and closed her eyes and took a long breath. Then she opened her eyes and swung her sword downward creating an air blade from the slash. Which went toward Hachi. It was a small slash but it still went through breaking all of Hachi's sword and cutting through Hachi.

Everybody was surprised at the fight of Silk, Kuina and Reiju and at how strong they were. Even Luffy himself was surprised at Silk's resolve and at how fast Kuina was progressing.

In the meantime Makino and Nami have also come from inside the building and Ann came back Flying with her fruit powers. She is getting really good at using her fruit power.

"You Killed all of my brethren one after another and destroyed all eight years of work Don't you think you have gotten quite caught up in the moment? I will kill you all, none of you are going to leave here alive." Arlong said with veins bulging on his face and bloodshot eyes. And he started running towards the girls but was kicked in the face by Luffy and was sent flying again in the wall.

"I will be your opponent." Luffy said to Arlong. "Don't worry I will even close my eyes to fight you." and he closed his eyes, well he can just use him as a training dummy for his future seeing haki, it will probably be not as useful as the spars he has with Ann and Makino But there is still the element of Arlong being his enemy. As for closing his eyes is not needed for that but helps to concentrate in Training.

Then Arlong got up with a smile and said "Do you know the difference between you and me"

"Nose, chin ohh the webs" Luffy said by hearing which, all the girls just thought when did their captain became stupid.

Then Luffy continued "I am just only difference is that I am strong and you are a weakling."

"It's our race." Arlong yelled and lunged towards Luffy with an open mouth trying to bite Luffy. Luffy was seeing everything before happening with haki and easily dodged the attacks, well he would have been able to dodge them either way. Arlong even it into a stone pillar destroying it with his teeth.

"See now, This is the true power we mermen are born with! The heavens only gave you enough strength to exist below us! You are an inferior creature." Arlong said and started laughing.

"Is that so, then why did you run away from the Grand line and why are you hiding in this weakest of the blues." Luffy asked in a condescending voice.

After hearing that he became enraged. He again lunged at Luffy with his mouth. But Luffy just punched him in the face, Breaking many of his teeth. But soon a new set of teeth grew back in his mouth and he again went on to prattel about species and how his teeth grew back. Then Arlong attacked with a set of teeth in both of his hands. After some time of attacks like that Luffy kicked him in the face. Sending him flying and breaking another set of teeth.

After that arlong took some water in his hand and flung it onto Luffy. Luffy didn't even move a muscle and took the attack without a scratch.

"Was that supposed to be an attack? It didn't feel like it." Luffy said to Arlong. Outside everyone was watching the fight with a lot of hope. And many people were even celebrating early after seeing Luffy's Power.

Arlong's Face was shadowed and then he went into the sea. Luffy saw in the future what attack he was using but instead of dodging it he just came in front of the attack.

Arlong used his attack Shark on dart in which he propels himself forward and attacks with his sharp nose. He attacked Luffy thinking he would definitely pierce Luffy's Heart, But his nose was caught by Luffy then

Luffy twisted the nose breaking it. After which Arlongs eyes also changed and became line sea kings eyes when they went berserk. Then Arlong Went towards a wall of the building and plunged his hand into it, Breaking it and bringing out a sword which had teeth like pattern on it.

"Kiribbachi," Nami said. But she relaxed after a sec when she remembered how strong Luffy was.

Then when Arlong swung the sword Luffy just punched it and broke the sword. Everybody was astonished by what they saw.

"Looks like you are all out of tricks, well then it's time to finish this. But it won't be just a simple death." 'Well all this was just a huge waste of effort as fighting Arlong didn't have any effect on his Haki.' After which Luffy grabbed Arlong's arms and twisted them, breaking them and punched his Back breaking his spleen. Arlong falls down to the ground screaming.

"Want to see all your Kingdom go to hell." Luffy said to Arlong then took off in air then Inflated his arm and Then punched the Arlong Park building with it, destroying it. After seeing that Nami started crying "Thank you Luffy."

Then He came back to the ground And Went to Nami "Come on Nami it's time to finish this."

Then he took Nami to Arlong. Nami had a Knife in her hand.

"Nami spare me, Haven't I been good to you, haven't I given everything you needed to you." Arlong pleaded with Nami.

"You just stay quiet." Luffy put his foot on arlong's Neck. Under Luffy's Feet he was just thinking how it had come to this he was the strongest creasture in the east blue. He was supposed to make a huge Fishman Empire here how it had crumbled all.

After that Nami knelt on the ground and brought the knife above Arlong's chest. Then she stabbed Arlong in the heart for many, many times all the while crying and saying that this was for Bellemere. Outside Nojiko was also crying while on her knees with her hands over her mouth including many other villagers as they were finally free after years.

Nami then hugged Luffy and cried for a long time. "Let's go on to our adventure after this." Luffy said to Nami with a smile. To which Nami nodded and then buried her Head in his chest again.

When everyone was celebrating a voice interrupted them. "That's enough you bastard."

They all saw a marine captain with some marine behind him coming towards them. He looked like a Rat and whiskers on his face.

"Well this must be my Lucky day! Nice work. I enjoyed the show but I never would've thought that you guys will defeat all those fish-men. But thanks to you, Arlong's bounty, as well as all Arlong park's riches will be mine. I, captain Nezumi, of the Marine's 16th Battalion will be taking over from here."

"So you are the Marine under whose eyes Arlong was able to enslave the people of the whole Island." Luffy said Looking towards Nezumi.

"What are you saying, just do as I say or you will be arrested." Nezumi yelled at Luffy.

Luffy just vanished from his place and appeared in front of Nezumi. Then he beat the snot out of Him. After which the girls also beat up other Marines then they were sent away. Nezumi said how they would become a big name or something. Luffy would just report to Garp or Sengoku about Nezumi's crime for now. But if their punishment doesn't satisfy him he could always give his own punishment later.

"Now everyone, we can't just celebrate this by ourselves! Carry the news to the whole island." doctor Nako said in the crowd.

Luffy then goes to Kuina and Silk and pat their heads and tells them they did good work to which they just smiled. He then saw Reiju pouting. Then he also went to her and repeated his previous action, after which she gave a coy smile to him.

The Marine ship which tried to attack Arlong Park also returned and the general of The ship Purin was surprised to see the Arlong Park destroyed and Arlong Being Killed. He just congratulated Luffy for doing that And asked him to come to their base for the bounty of Arlong as Luffy didn't have any bounty on his head at this time. Luffy just refused the bounty and he also told the general to not take on the enemy of the caliber of Arlong with just this much force as he is an alright guy.

After which He came to Report to Garp.

"Hey, old man" Luffy said to Garp after he picked up his den den Mushi.

"Yo, Luffy how many times I have told you to not call me grandpa."

"Forget about it, I got something to report." Luffy said to Garp.

"Good timing I am with Sengoku. He also wanted to talk to you." Garp said to Luffy.

Luffy heard A sighing sound coming from the other end.

"Agent Monkey D. Luffy, what did you want to Report about."

"Greetings, Fleet Admiral. I wanted to report about pirate Saw nose Arlong." After which he Reported about How Arlong had enslaved the people of twenty villages, he also told him about How the Marine captain Nezumi and all the people under him have been taking Bribes from Arlong to keep information about him hidden.

"Good work Agent, you have gotten rid of Most of the big name Pirates in East Blue. We Didn't think you would do this good work this early; we thought you would be taking a year or two to just establish yourself." Sengoku said to Luffy.

'Well it was not way off that they would think that. Like in show their spy in the Doflamingo's crew was for many years, and even then he hadn't done anything. Same with those Cp9 guys who wasted 5 years in Water Seven.

Then Sengoku continued "So considering all the good work you have done. You are being promoted to commodore position. All the documents will be delivered to you by Carrier bets"

'Well that was fast.' Luffy thought but then he remembered that a wimp like Coby was promoted like ten times in two years without any accomplishments so it was not that fast.

After that Sengoku also said things about arresting Nezumi and men under him. Well Luffy will just see things for now. If the punishment doesn't satisfy him he can always punish them himself.

At the marine base of 16th Battalion Nezumi called the Marine headquarters and reported about Luffy and Requested to place a bounty on Luffy's Head.