Of Demons, Friends,

And Fights

In Burbank

Disclaimer: Came up with this randomly fun little idea a few days ago.

"Oh, I see Maze has made some new friends." Remarked Doctor Linda Martin somewhat glibly.

Though there was a strong current of worry, fear, and concern for her friend given the fact Maze was fighting against a number of oddly dressed individuals with her new found friends. Though I'm pretty sure this probably goes against some rule about being seen on live TV in a rather exposed way where her Demon side is concerned…

Said oddly dressed individuals actually being cybernetic ninjas that Maze had found herself unexpectedly fighting while on a Bounty out in the Burbank area of California. And while she could handle herself just fine given her centuries of experience and Demonic capabilities, the fact she wasn't alone in this fight was rather nice in her view. Especially as it was letting her meet other Humans who were honestly damned capable of kicking ass! Albeit, one of them wasn't exactly completely Human given the fact she's a WereCoyote but hey, Maze certainly wasn't one to judge! Maze was also fairly positive another of the ones fighting with her wasn't entirely Human and might be one of those Slayers she's heard about over the centuries. "Man, I've come across a lot of things in my day but cybernetic ninjas is definitely up there in the weirder s**t!" Yelled out Faith LeHane, the last original Chosen to be called as a Slayer long before the Activation Spell.

"I'm not sure I want to know!" Threw out East Los' own El Chicano as he ducked a blow and made one of his own.

"Remind me to never listen to Liam again when it comes to places to go on Vacation." Growled one Malia Tate as she continued to tear into the cybernetic ninjas alongside the former US Marshal turned Mercenary known as Braeden.

Whom unfortunately had run out of bullets for her trusty Shotgun much to her dismay! "You got it, girl!"

The fighting continued a bit longer untl a loud yell from the lone teenager among them with a Mohawk of all things signaled the end of the fighting thanks to a roundhouse kick of his. Said teenager is known as Hawk and a prized student of the Cobra Kai Dojo. "And that's that, bitches!"

"I dunno about you guys, but I am definitely feelin' the two H's right now." Faith said with a chuckle as she looked around the area.

"The two H's?" Wondered Hawk and got a smirk from the hot Brunette.

"I'll tell you when you're older, kid."

He scowled at her but that did nothing to deter her from smirking in amusement at him. "Umm… I don't think we're out of the woods just yet." Braeden said grimly as she pointed past them.

The others, confused at first by her words, looked to see where she was pointing at and their eyes widened. "I see what you mean…"

"Good thing I still got plenty of energy left in me to kick the asses of these tin cans!" Hawk said eagerly with a grin.

Sure, there was practically a whole army of the damn things now but a member of Cobra Kai didn't backdown at all! "I like your enthusiasm, kid. If you survive, I'll hook you up with some of the best Alochol and women I know of." Maze told him.

"Then I'm definitely surviving!"

Maze grinned at him before turning her attention to the army of cybernetic ninjas and the others did so as well. "Yo, once this is over, we should get some food to celebrate." Faith said.

"I'm in."

Just then, a brown Ford Crown Victoria showed up behind our ragtag bunch of fighters, drawing their attention in the process and seeing the driver of said car quickly get out with a wide grin on his face. "Okay, him smiling like that can't be good." Malia muttered.

The fact he clearly had a lot of automatic weaponry was also a bit on the weird and alarming side for the WereCoyote! "Hey! Can anyone join in or is this a private party?" Asked the man with a lit cigar in his mouth and two guns quite capable of a lot of firepower in each hand.

This man is none other than the NSA's own Major John Casey! And a chief member of Burbank's own Team Bartowski! Maze's grinned practically turned savage.

"Oh its definitely not a private party."

"Copy that!" Casey said happily and helpfully provided some weaponry to El Chicano and Braeden given their own guns were empty.


Pity the cybernetic ninjas.

Author's Notes: Glad I got that bit of random fun out of my head. Hope folks enjoyed!