To celebrate this fic's, my first fic, birthday, here's a special omake! It's crazy that it's been a year already, but man it's also been such a long time. I've written a lot of words since then, and I've come a long way, both in terms of fanfic and my real life. This was originally going to be something else, but I got this idea last minute and it's way better. It's a simple "What-if?" scenario. What if Axton didn't get [Erotic Pierrot] from the gacha that day? What if he got something far more powerful?

I spend some time relaxing on my bed as I go over the results of my dungeon dive. I made a lot of progress. I leveled up a lot, got a lot of new skills, and got some loot. In particular, I got a shiny new gacha token. My first gacha token resulted in me obtaining the Hornet Ring, which doubles the damage of my sneak attacks. I'm really excited to find out what this one will give me.

I go ahead and use it. I have a bit of time before I have to get ready for school.

Skill obtained!
[Aura of Normality](Active) - Level EX
All non-violent actions you take are seen as completely normal and not something to be concerned about. People will treat non-violent requests made by you that do not violate their morals or go against their core beliefs as simple requests that they will willingly grant.

This is...completely broken! What the hell? Not that I'm complaining. In fact, I'm getting hard just thinking about all the ways I could use this skill. I thought my last gacha pull was good, but this blows it right out of the water. Even if it can't be used in combat it's still a powerful tool.

Though truth be told, I'm mostly going to use it to get laid.

I read the skill description again. There isn't a range listed. Or even a cost. What the hell? Is it even more broken than I thought? The level is weird too. I can't even level the skill, it's just as good as it gets. Well, that's convenient. I can't wait to try it out.

"Damn, you sure got one hell of a skill from the gacha," Kyu comments. Her small form is curled up in the bed next to me, but she's stretching now and waking up properly. She's definitely a little bigger than she was when I went into the dungeon last night.

"And today is my first day of classes," I say with a grin.

Kyu grins as well. "Oh, I can't wait to see what you get up to."

A thought occurs to me, causing me to frown. "Wait, do you not mind if I do something like this?" I ask. "I mean, you're a love fairy, right? I know your definition of love isn't the strictest but…"

She waves her hand dismissively. "Nah, this is totally fine. I mean, it's willing, right? True, they can't really say no. But they agree to it, and they'll enjoy it. That's the important bit. Morally it's pretty fucked up, but who cares about stupid stuff like 'ethics' anyway."

Well, I don't disagree. "That's good enough for me," I say. Hmm. Even small like that, Kyu is pretty hot. Maybe I should give this skill a trial run. With a thought, I activate the skill.

However, Kyu looks at me immediately. "Hey now buster, I gave my approval to use the skill, but just so you know, it doesn't work on me."

I click my tongue and turn off the skill. "Well, you can't blame a guy for trying."

"I'm still a little small for you to be doing anything like that anyway," Kyu says, crossing her arms. "And you're not ready for me. I want you to get some skill and experience first before I sleep with you. Actually, here."

New Quest!
Lusting over the Love Fairy
Objective: Restore Kyu to her full size and have sex with 8 different girls
Rewards: Sex with Kyu, Lewd Skill, 5000 Hunie

I sigh. "Alright, alright, fine, I can do that. Should be easy with this new skill."

"Don't just go fucking random girls though," Kyu warns me. "I won't count girls like that."

"I won't, I'm not gonna rush it," I say. "I have to get you to full size anyway, and that means more grinding in the dungeon."

"That's right," she says. "Trust me, I'm much sexier at full size."

"Hmm, I dunno," I reply with a smirk. "Using you as a small little onahole sounds pretty good too."

"Damn bro, kinky," Kyu comments approvingly. "But nah, not my thing. Now go on, it's time for you to start getting ready for school, right? I wanna see what you get up to."

"Yes ma'am," I say as I get up and head for the shower. She's not the only one looking forward to it.

I'm not sure why Aika's Affection jumped up so much when she saw me. But I do know that, whatever the reason, she's the perfect subject for testing my Normality skill on. I was tempted to use it against Sona when I met with her earlier in the day, but it's a little too risky to use it on a Devil without experimenting with the skill a bit more.

Truth be told though, there's just no way I can resist the temptation. Her Affection jumping so high so quickly, plus how close she was to me after offering to share her book with me? She's basically offering herself on a silver platter for me.

As the teacher drones on about some boring math formulas, I decide to take the risk and I place my hand on her back, somewhere I could come up with a reasonable excuse for touching her. My heart beats wildly in my chest, especially as she turns to look at me. But her expression is polite and smiling, with just a hint of curiosity.

"Don't mind me," I whisper to her, pulse-pounding. Her reaction would tell me what I need to know.

To my relief, she shrugs and turns her attention back to the teacher. She keeps smiling though.

Emboldened, I gently rub her back, waiting for any sort of reaction, but none come. That's encouraging, but what if I tried for something a little more invasive? I pulled my hand back before moving it towards her face, and I gently poked her cheek.

"You can stop taking it slow you know," Kyu says from the top of my head. "It'll take something pretty hardcore to break the skill. Come on, do something more fun already."

I honestly forgot Kyu was here as well. But if she said so, I'd trust her. Still, no need to rush, so I didn't jump straight to the good stuff. Instead, I traced my fingers across her soft lips. She didn't react, so I changed my angle and pushed my finger into her mouth.

She still doesn't react, even as I touch her tongue. I frown. That's... kinda boring. Is it because I asked her not to mind me? I want her to react, not just be a doll. "Keep paying attention to class, but react to what I do to you," I tell her.

Instantly her tongue begins to move, sensually licking my finger. Despite that though, her eyes remain on the teacher. Her expression grows a bit more sultry, but that's it.

I remove my finger from her mouth and wipe the saliva onto her uniform. Her only reaction is to pout slightly.

"Enough foreplay already, move on to the big boy stuff," Kyu eggs me on. I reach on top of my head, the otherwise strange action being ignored by the others because of my skill, and pluck her off my head. I'm not sure if talking would be ignored, so I settle for glaring at Kyu as I hold her in front of me.

She rolls her eyes. "Fine, fine. I'll let you enjoy the skill however you want."

I nod, satisfied, and place her down on the desk. She isn't entirely wrong though. I'm starting to get very aroused, and I'm ready to do more. I once again reach over to Aika and place a hand on her breast, groping her over her clothes.

She looks at me briefly, but she's smiling still. She's into it I guess? Encouraged, I give her a squeeze. Aika is moderately busty by my standards, though by DxD standards that means she's a little on the smaller size. There's still more than enough to get a nice soft feeling in my hand though.

Aika lets out a small noise of enjoyment as I grope her and I freeze. We're in a classroom, surrounded by students. I look around, hand still on Aika's chest. A few other students, and even the teacher, glanced at us. But their disinterest was clear, and they turned away again after a second. So even hearing Aika moan and seeing me grope her is fine?

I shift in my seat and reposition myself so I can reach one arm behind Aika and grope both of her tits. I give them both a good squeeze, reveling in the soft and squishy sensation of them between my fingers.

+6 Affection with Aika Kiryuu

Huh. I can get Affection gains like this? I guess she is cognizant of me touching her and making her feel good, and she seems like a pretty slutty girl. She just views it as normal. Which doesn't mean she can't enjoy it, and if she enjoys it, I gain Affection.

I grin and work on unbuttoning her top. She, of course, doesn't react at all and allows me to open her shirt. That's not nearly enough though, so I pull down her bra as well to reveal her boobs and then start groping her again, this time directly.

She gasps lightly as my cold hands come into contact with the much warmer bare flesh of her tits, but it quickly turns into a low moan, one that no one even bothers looking at, as I play with her.

I feel my erection grow and push against the confines of my pants as I sink my fingers into the soft flesh of Aika's breasts. I'm pretty convinced by this point that I can get away with just about anything, so I decide to move on from her chest and get to the good stuff.

Pulling back my hands, I unzip my pants, a sound that no one reacts to, and free my dick, allowing it to stand tall. Aika gives it a glance and smirks confidently. Somebody likes what they see. "Could you jack me off?" I whisper to her.

"I'd love to," she replies enthusiastically. She puts down her pencil and reaches over to wrap her fingers around my cock. It twitches under her touch, and I nearly let out a groan of satisfaction as she gently starts moving her hand up and down. Her grip is loose, but considering the lack of lubrication, that's better, allowing the smooth skin of her hand to slide over my shaft.

A lack of lubrication is something I can fix though. Or rather, something she can. "Use your panties," I tell her. She nods and stops stroking me. She reaches under her skirt and, without getting up, slides her panties out from under them. I watch as she bends over, sliding her panties down her legs so she can step out of them. The girl sitting on the other side of us gives us a glance as she spots Aika moving strangely, but her focus quickly shifts back to the teacher.

Aika then uses her panties, slightly damp from the way I was groping her earlier, and wraps them around my dick. The soft and damp cloth feels even better than her hand alone, and the knowledge that she just took them off to do this makes it even better.

Confident and enjoying her slow movements, I reach under her skirt. There I find her damp pussy, completely exposed. She gasps slightly as my fingers brush against her wet lips, and her movements speed up slightly.

I certainly wasn't going to stop here, not as my pleasure steadily rose. I find her entrance and push my finger into her. She lets out a moan, muffled due to the way she's also biting her lip, as my digit is squeezed by her hot passage. She stops biting her lip and moans loudly when I shove a second finger into her. No one even bothers glancing at us, despite her volume, causing my dick to throb in arousal. I've never been so turned on.

Aika's movements speed up and I get to work myself, finger fucking her as she pumps my shaft. The situation has me too aroused though, and I don't last long. I work furiously at her snatch as I feel the pressure in my gut build, and it's not until I feel her walls convulse around my fingers do I let myself cum.

Aika leans forward and her legs tighten around my hand as she cums, moaning loudly with her eyes screwed shut. I cum as well, the pressure bursting out through my dick in spurt after spurt that completely soils her panties. A fair amount of semen pushes through the thin cloth and ends up splattering her hand.

+12 Affection with Aika Kiryuu

The two of us take a moment to catch our breath. The moment feels surreal. Aika's hand is wrapped around my cock, her cum-stained panties are a mess, and in the background, all I hear is our heavy breathing, the scratching of pencils, and the teacher droning on about some sort of math formula. Two worlds, completely at odds with each other, and completely ignored because of my power.

I sit up and lean over to Aika. I tilt her head so she's facing me and I kiss her, long and deep. "That felt amazing, Aika," I whisper. "You can put your panties back on now."

"You weren't half bad yourself," she replies. I shudder as she removes her panties from around my erection, the now-soaked fabric scraping against the sensitive skin. She then stands up, uncaring of the others, and puts the cum soaked panties back on. My dick throbs at the sight of it, and I nearly take her right then and there. But I hold myself back, some part of me not fully ready to commit to relying on the skill and fucking her in the middle of class.

As she sits back down I whisper to her once more. "Why don't you wait by the front gates for me after school?" I ask her. "I want to bring you to my home and have some more fun." No need to be coy. It's perfectly normal for me to ask her to come over to my place for sex, right?

She smiles at me. "I'm looking forward to it," she says. My ability only makes things normal. The positive reaction is entirely on her and pretty indicative of what she's like. I grin. I'm going to have so much fun with this skill.

The next day Aika ropes Atsuko into joining us on a date, calling it a tour through the town. Meeting Atsuko is interesting. She's totally unrecognizable as a genderbent Issei. They have similar hair and eye color, and the same obsession with boobs, but that's about it. Being a girl seems to have been a positive influence. Or maybe it's because of Aika's influence reining her in a bit, instead of having her worst habits enabled?

Well, it doesn't really matter. She's cute, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing with her today. I fucked Aika last night when I brought her over to my house, and we messed around in class more today. I had her give me head under the desk, which was fun. But I haven't touched any other girl yet. I don't want to rush, and there's still a bit of nervousness that is proving difficult to shake.

However, when Aika brings us into a clothes shop to buy swimsuits, I know it's time to have more fun.

I follow the girls as they pick out a couple of swimsuits, and I keep following them as they head into the changing room together. Neither of them are surprised at all, and the shop attendant who very clearly sees me enter doesn't try to stop me.

I don't do anything at first. I lean against the wall and enjoy the show as the two girls strip completely naked. Atsuko's chest is smaller than Aika's, but her legs are a lot more shapely. The two girls ignore me, even as they strip down to nothing. I'm treated to the nice sight of Atsuko staring at Aika's tits and reaching out and grabbing them. Something Aika doesn't really seem to mind based on her amused expression, though she pushes her hands away after a moment.

I still do nothing as they pull on their bathing suits. Matching bikinis that cover a moderate amount. If I'm being honest, it looks better on Aika, as it suits her larger boobs better.

"Looking good girls," I say as they finish getting dressed. They both turn to me. Aika strikes a pose but Atsuko seems a little embarrassed, which strikes me as amusingly ironic. "Do you mind if I do a hands-on inspection?"

"Not at all," Aika answers casually.

"I guess not," Atsuko says. She's less enthusiastic but still doesn't see anything wrong with it. Good to know.

I start with Aika, placing my hands on her tits and giving them a squeeze. The fabric of the simple bikini top is between my palm and her breasts, but I can feel her hardening nipples poking into my hand, and my fingers sink into bare flesh.

Still, Aika isn't the main dish of today. I want to expand my horizons a bit. I let go of Aika and turn to Atsuko and do the same thing. Her boobs are smaller, but there's still more than enough there to get a nice comfortable squish below my palms. She still looks a little nervous, but not as much as she did when I was looking at her. Is she relaxing? Or does it have to do with how the skills make her interpret certain actions?

"You both have very nice feeling tits," I tell them.

+6 Affection with Atsuko Hyoudou

Atsuko just blushes and looks away, even as I continue to fondle her. Aika laughs. "See, I told you this guy has good taste."

"I think it's time for me to inspect the bottom half now," I declared. I took my hands off of Atsuko's breasts. Is it just my imagination, or does she look a little sad? It's hard to tell. I squat down so my head is level with Atusko's stomach and I look closer at her bikini-covered crotch. The bikini is nothing special; plain black and it covers a modest amount of skin, about the same as a plain pair of panties.

I run a finger along the underside of it, between her legs. She shivers as my finger drags along her entrance, protected only by the thin cloth of the swimsuit. Honestly, playing like this isn't as fun as groping her tits, so I push aside the fabric of the swimsuit to reveal her bare pussy.

"Is this how you inspect bathing suits?" Atsuko asks. I look up and she's looking down at me, an odd mix of expressions on her face. She's definitely enjoying it, but she's also embarrassed. Hmm, I wonder if I can fix that somehow.

"No need to be embarrassed," I say. Her expression doesn't change. Well, I guess I can't change her that easily. "I got bored with that and I decided I want to play with your pussy. You don't mind, right?"

"No, that's fine," she says. I grin and immediately shove a finger into her. She bites her lip as I do. She's not as tight as Aika, so I quickly slip in a second one. Her insides are warm and grip my fingers tightly.

I look back at Aika, who's watching us with amusement and interest. "Aika, why don't you make out with Atsuko?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun," Aika replies with a sultry smile. She steps to Atsuko's side and catches the other girl's lips with her own.

I distractedly finger Atsuko for a few minutes, slowly pumping my fingers into her as I look up and watch the two girls kiss. They don't hold back at all, their tongues deep in each other's mouths. It starts out kind of plain, but as their arousal increases, so does their passion, and they get into it. Despite me not suggesting it, their hands find their way to each other's breasts and they start groping each other as they kiss.

There's no way I can hold back after watching that. I pull my fingers out of Atsuko and stand up, hands working at my belt. The two girls stop kissing and look at me as my pants drop, revealing my massive erection. Both of them look at me questioningly.

"I'm going to fuck you now," I say to Atsuko.

"Oh," she replies, still a little out of it. "Okay."

I gently push her up against the wall and lift one of her legs, opening the way to her drenched pussy. My own dick is throbbing with need, so I don't waste any time lining myself up and slowly pushing into her.

The noise she makes is loud, but it's pure pleasure, and I know it won't attract any attention. It's normal for me to make a girl moan in the changing room after all. Not that I'm giving much thought to that right now. Instead, I'm focusing on the intense pleasure of feeling Atsuko's inner walls tighten around my sensitive member.

I start bucking my hips, pulling out and thrusting back into her in small movements, each thrust pushing her against the wall. With time, my movements start getting larger and rougher as my arousal increases. I roughly grip her bikini top and pull it up, revealing her bouncing breasts. She doesn't seem to mind, she doesn't seem to be aware of much other than the obvious ecstasy she's feeling.

I feel two arms wrap around me as Aika places her hands on my chest and presses up against me. Her boobs press into my back and she moans. "I'll get to you next," I tell her as I continue to fuck Aika.

"I can't wait," she replies. I can practically hear the hunger and need in her voice, and it's enough to push me over the edge.

I slam into Atsuko one last time, getting as deep into her as I can go, and paint her womb white with blast after blast of my cum. Her head leans forward and presses into my shoulder as she cums as well, her moans muffled by my shirt.

+12 Affection with Atsuko Hyoudou

I pull out of Atsuko, who slumps down against the wall now that I'm no longer supporting her. She sits on the ground, her knees raised and legs spread wide, giving me a clear sight of the cum slowly oozing out of her pussy.

"Aika," I say. "Stand in front of me, over Atsuko, with your hands against the wall and your back to me."

She removes herself from my back, stepping in front of me and positioning herself as I instructed. Her feet are on either side of Atsuko's hips, her legs spread out. Atsuko only has to look slightly up to get a face full of Aika's crotch. Which she did as I pushed Aika's bikini aside and inserted myself into her.

I reach forward and grab on to Aika's breasts, groping them as I rutted her. Aika moans as I fuck her, and I see Atsuko looking up at where we're connected, one hand on her chest and the other at her crotch, enjoying the show.

After a few minutes of this, I cum deep inside Aika, filling her just as much as I filled Atsuko. When I pull out of her, semen leaks from her snatch and falls, landing on the hand Atsuko is using to masturbate.

I look at the two girls, my cum dripping out of them, and smile. "Now, what should we do next?"

We don't end up buying any swimsuits that night, but the girls leave the shop with my cum running down their thighs.

No one pays any attention as I stand up in the middle of Japanese class. It's been about a week since I got the [Aura of Normality] skill, and any sort of hesitation I had about using it has vanished. The only reason I don't spend all of my time screwing random girls is a desire to not burn out and ruin sex for myself, and a desire to spend time leveling up and improving my skills. I can't get through a world like DxD on sex alone; improving my combat and Rogue abilities is very important as well.

But there's one temptation I can't resist any longer. Ms. Nakano, the Japanese teacher. Her outfit is professional and sexy, and from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that she was the teacher I wanted to fuck the most.

She's standing at the front of the class behind the podium, facing the class as she reads from a book. She glances at me as I approach her, but doesn't stop her lesson. Even as I step behind her she just continues on.

I reach around to her front from behind and begin unbuttoning the large white overcoat she wears. One by one I pop the buttons open, and when they're all loose I take the coat off of her. She doesn't resist, even moving her arms in a way that makes it easier for me to take it off. I'm just taking her coat off, nothing strange about that, is there?

She's wearing a simple white blouse under it, tucked into her skirt. With the same casual movements, I lift up the bottom of her shirt. Once again, Ms. Nakano works with me, allowing me to strip her. I throw the shirt on the ground. From my angle, all I see is her back, and the thin strips of black fabric that are part of her bra. But my classmates are seeing their teacher nearly topless.

I look over the class, gauging their reactions. Most of the boys, plus Aika and Atsuko, are looking on with mild interest, sitting up straighter with grins on their faces. Whereas most of the girls are either not reacting at all, or are rolling their eyes.

It's interesting how people react to my actions while under the effects of my skill. They see my actions as normal, as something to not be concerned about. It's totally fine that I'm stripping our teacher in front of them. But they are still very much aware of what's happening, and they react appropriately to it, to a degree. While it's not weird for me to strip the teacher, they still like seeing tits, and that feeling makes it through just fine. Dampened, because it's nothing out of the ordinary, but it's there.

Well, that's enough philosophical commentary about the skill. Conveniently, Ms. Nakano's bra latches on the back, and it's a simple matter to unhook it and remove her bra, which is also casually tossed aside.

I don't leave her without any support though. I selflessly offer up my hands to take the place of her bra, my fingers sinking into her large breasts as I grab them from behind. Her boobs are significantly larger than Aika's, and so much more fun to play with. I spend several minutes playing with her boobs as the class watches, half paying attention to the lesson she's continuing to teach, and half paying attention to her boobs.

My erection grows as I fondle her, and my hips move of their own volition, rubbing the tent in my pants against her ass. Ms. Nakano doesn't react to either of them. Even when I pinch her nipples a bit, she continues her lesson uninterrupted. Well, we'll see how long that lasts.

I finally let go of her boobs and take a small step back, but I'm not done with her yet. I reach down to the hem of her short and thin skirt and pull it up, bunching it up at her waist. Unfortunately for my classmates, they can't see this bit, or at least most of them can't. The podium blocks the view of her lower body for everyone but a few students in the front row side seats.

I take a look at her panties. I hadn't paid much attention to her bra, but a glance at it confirms that her underwear is a matching set of lacey black lingerie. Definitely pretty sexy underwear, especially for a teacher.

But it's in the way. I squat down and slowly pull her panties down her legs. I don't stop with just moving them to her knees though. I bring them all the way down, past her black thigh-high stockings, past her tall black boots, and I guide them off of her as she helpfully lifts her feet one by one.

I put the pair of panties into my inventory. They're a great gift for Kyu. I look around for her, and I see her in the back of the classroom, at her current biggest size, slowly and casually masturbating as she watches me. Amusement and arousal are clear in her expression. I grin. I guess she's enjoying the show. She shoots me a wink when she notices me watching her, and then motions with her hand to keep going. Well, if she insists.

I reach between Ms. Nakano's legs and see how wet she is. She's moderately wet. Not that much, all I did was play with her boobs after all, but enough that we can get started. I gently nudge her legs apart, and she obliges, making room for me to get between her legs. I push her forward so she's leaning over the podium, and then I unbuckle my pants.

Ms. Nakano impresses me when her breath barely hitches as I push my length into her, her lesson continuing as if nothing is happening. Even as I bottom out in her, the tip of my dick pressing against her deepest parts, she doesn't let it distract her from her teaching.

That doesn't last though. I grab her by the hips and start thrusting rapidly. She clutches onto the podium, supporting herself as her body is rocked and jolted by my thrusts, her boobs swaying above her teaching material. She tries to keep teaching, but the movements and impacts cause her voice to stutter, and every now and then she lets out a breathy moan.

The other students watch on in mild interest. Even the girls who were rolling their eyes before are captivated by the sight in front of them. But no one says anything, no one does anything. They just watch this totally normal event of a student fucking his teacher.

Eventually, Ms. Nakano gives up on trying to teach entirely. Her head is hung low as lustful moans escape her mouth, accompanied by the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as I pound away at her.

The sex feels good, but it almost pales in comparison to how much I'm enjoying the situation. The taboo of having sex with your teacher, doing it in front of so many people, and having them all treat it as normal? It's a huge rush, and I channel that into my movements, fucking her rougher and rougher.

I pull out before I cum and thrust one last time between her ass cheeks before I spray my load on her back, marking her. I thrust a few more times as I cum, dick twitching as I push burst after burst of jizz onto her back. By the time I finish, the pale flesh of her back is glistening and dripping.

I step back and pull up my pants. I'm still hard, but class is ending soon and I want to see what happens when it does. I don't dress Ms. Nakano again, I simply put a hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks a lot for that Ms. Nakano, I really needed it," I say.

"It's...not a problem…at all...Axton," she replies while catching her breath. She stands up straight and blinks a few times. "Right, back to the lesson. Where was I?"

A girl in the front row raises her hand. "You were in the middle of page 73," she says.

Ms. Nakano looks down. "Ah, there. Thank you, Hanako."

I make my way back to my seat. I spot Kyu as I do. She's floating in the air, body relaxed and her panties clearly darkened and soaking. I can tell from her face that she enjoyed her masturbation session. I can't wait until I can help her out more directly.

I sit down and watch Ms. Nakano for the remainder of the class. She makes no attempt to get dressed. It's only when the bell rings that she gathers her clothes, puts them back on while ignoring the sticky mess that is her back and leaves the classroom.

My dick throbs with need, and I decide I can't wait for school to end. I turn to Aika. "Hey Aika, do you mind blowing me during the next class?"

She smiles, a smug expression on her face. "Not at all," she answers. She gets up from her chair and I pull out my dick. I spend the first half of the last class of the day with my dick in Aika's mouth, and no one cares. Once again, I thank my luck that I got this wonderful and amazing skill.

I whistle casually as I make my way down through the secret entrance behind the pew of the abandoned church. I descend the staircase and arrive at the base of the Fallen Angels. It's pretty barebones, but then again, it's a secret base in enemy territory. That's to be expected.

[Detect] picks up signs of other people, but I'm not worried. I start strolling towards the Fallen I feel in my range. The information I'm looking for is probably closer to them. As I walk through the halls I pass by a man dressed in Church-like clothes. I give him a nod in greeting, and he nods back.

I grin as I pass him. I've mostly been using it for sex, but [Aura of Normality] really is useful for all sorts of things. So long as I'm not violent, I can just stroll through enemy territory without anyone caring. I've even gotten away with some blatant shoplifting. Though really, I have plenty of money from my dungeon excursions. I only shoplifted to see if I could.

As I approach the four Fallen presences I hear something with [Eavesdrop], the familiar sound of a girl moaning with pleasure. I grin. A little detour won't hurt anything, I have plenty of time. I make my way to the back hallway of the base and see four doors. Each one has a Fallen behind it, so I'm guessing that it's their bedrooms.

The moaning is coming from behind the third door. I check the door, and it's locked. Well, that's fine too. A few moments with [Lockpicking] and the door opens right up, allowing me to slip inside.

The bedroom inside is interesting. Small and lacking a closet, but there are several wardrobes and dressers against the walls, alongside a table with a large mirror and makeup on top of it, a full-length body mirror, and a large bed with frilly sheets on it. And on top of that bed is a blonde girl with twintails and dressed in a gothic lolita dress. A dress that has had its skirt pulled up as the girl furiously fingers herself.

If I remember correctly, this is Mittelt, the token loli Fallen. She's cute though, and I have a thing for goth lolita, so I approach her. She gives me the briefest of glances but otherwise doesn't acknowledge me, too focused on her own pleasure.

I feel my dick hardening as I watch her fingers plunge into her cunt and her moans echo through the room. I undo my pants and pull my dick out and stroke it a bit as I watch her. That catches her attention more, and her eyes fixate on my rapidly hardening dick as she fingers herself.

"You want this?" I ask? "You'll have to earn it first. Open up your mouth."

She nods and opens her mouth wide. I line myself up with her face and then put the tip of my dick into her mouth. She immediately puts her tongue to work and starts earnestly sucking me off as she masturbates. She continues to moan, the sound of it muffled by my cock, and her efforts increase as time goes on. I reach down to her chest and squeeze her small and barely-there tits over her clothes as she sucks me off.

Soon her back arches and she practically screams as she cums, her throat vibrating around my sensitive shaft as her body writhes and a clear fluid sprays from her exposed pussy. I grunt and allow myself to cum as well. I watch her throat bulge as she gulps, swallowing my load as I pump it deep down her throat.

She lays there on her bed, her chest heaving as she catches her breath. Finally, she looks up at me. "Who are you?" she asks. I guess even if it's normal for me to be in here, in her locked room, and doing this sort of thing with her, she still doesn't know who I am. Didn't the Fallen have information on me? Well, whatever.

"It doesn't matter who I am," I reply. "What matters is that I'm about the fuck that tight little pussy of yours."

"Ooh, yes please," she replies, obviously turned on and eager for a good dicking. She repositions herself on the bed so her crotch is at the edge of it, facing me. She lifts her thigh-high covered legs up and towards her head, legs spread as she invites me to fuck her.

I place my hands on her ankles, partially leaning over her, and slam my full length into her in one go. Despite her small stature, I'm able to bottom out in her. And what a feeling it is. I barely process her loud and high-pitched keen as I'm assaulted by one of the strongest feelings of pleasure I've ever felt.

Her pussy is the tightest one I've been in yet, and it doesn't feel the same as a human one. There's a sense of taboo that's hard to describe, like a physical sensation of doing something forbidden, and it's all the more arousing for it.

I lean down further, putting my weight on her raised legs, and I pull out and thrust into her again. Every moment is ecstasy, for both of us. I start pumping rapidly into her, skipping past any sort of ramp up or foreplay as I roughly pound her.

I lean down further, her ankles reaching nearly to her head because of how I'm pressing them down, and I lock lips with her. She returns the kiss eagerly as my balls slap against her ass as I fuck her. Her tongue wrestles with mine, her hands in my hair and pulling me closer. We're both filled with primal need and desire. I got lucky, finding her already worked up and mid-masturbation. Because of that, she's incredibly enthusiastic about this, rather than just accepting.

Her grip on my hair tightens, almost painfully threatening to pull out my hair, and her whole body shudders as I feel her inner walls writhe around me. I speed up, continuing to pump into her as she climaxes. As her climax ends, I finally reach my own peak, and I grunt as I cum inside her.

I pull out and let go of her legs, releasing her from the mating press I had her in. She's laying there, chest heaving, cum leaking out of her pussy and staining the skirt of her dress. She looks totally out of it, the pleasure having nearly knocked her out.

I pull out my phone and take a picture so I can remember this moment forever. Satisfied, I put away my phone and pull up my pants. "Alright Mittelt, that was fun," I say. "I'll see you later."

She makes a noise that could mean literally anything but doesn't get up. I shrug and exit the room. It's time to find the incriminating evidence I need. I can fuck the other Fallen girls later.

"Once again, I'm sorry if Yua was a bother," I say to Rias. She invited me to visit her club today, and when I arrived I found Yua snuggling with Koneko.

"Why would you apologize?" Rias asks. "It's not a problem at all."

I pause. Does my [Aura of Normality] skill extend to Yua as well, since I made her my familiar? Well, if so, then that's great. "Nevermind," I say. "So, why have you invited me here?" I look around. Her entire peerage is here, minus Gasper. Rias and Akeno are a sexy pair, and cute little Koneko is also tempting. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

"Kiba mentioned he talked to you earlier, and you seemed interesting," she says with a smile. "So I thought I would invite you over to introduce ourselves and maybe get to know you a little."

"I certainly don't mind getting to know three sexy girls better," I say. Another nice perk of my normality skill is how easy flirting is now. I don't have to worry about coming on too strong. I could rip the clothes off of her and compliment the color of her asshole and she'd appreciate it the same as if I said I like her hair.

+7 Affection with Rias Gremory
+6 Affection with Akeno Himejima
+6 Affection with Koneko Toujo

Rias smiles. "I thought that might be the case," she says. "Allow me to introduce you. I am Rias Gremory, President of the Occult Research Club." She places a hand on Akeno's shoulder, who is sitting next to her. "This is Akeno Himejima, the vice-president." She points to Koneko, who is sitting on an adjacent couch. "That is Koneko Toujou, and of course you've met Yuuto Kiba already."

I nod to all of them. "I look forward to getting to know all of you very well," I say with a grin. I finally make up my mind. I'll start at the bottom of the club hierarchy and work my way up. So for today, that means Koneko. I turn to the cat-girl in disguise. "Could you come sit on my lap? I'd like to start getting to know you better."

She silently nods and stands up, walking over to me before doing as I said and sitting down on my lap. Her back is against my chest, and her ass is directly on top of my erection. She's short enough that her head barely reaches my chin, meaning I can still clearly see Rias and Akeno in front of me, who haven't batted an eye at my request.

"Was there anything, in particular, you wanted to talk about?" I ask as I place my hands on Koneko's chest, immediately beginning to grope her. Her tits are small, smaller than even Mittelt, but I can't jump immediately to the good parts. She's not wearing a bra either, so there's only the thin layer of cloth that is her shirt separating us.

"I've heard lots of rumors about you," Akeno said with a teasing grin. "Maybe you'd like to comment on them?"

Oh? "Sure, I'm interested in hearing what people are saying about me." I unbutton Koneko's top and pull her shirt open, revealing her so I could play with her boobs directly. I mostly focus on teasing her nipples. She reacts to that, stiffening slightly.

"I've heard that you've been getting along with Hyoudou and Kiryuu," Rias says as Koneko squirms under my grasp. "It's unusual to see them branch out, usually they stick to just the two of them."

"They've been helping me get used to Kuoh," I say. "They've been very helpful." I finally stop teasing Koneko's nipples and slip my hands under her skirt. My erection is throbbing against her ass, so I'm ready to move forward. I grab her panties and start taking them off of her.

"He's also been getting friendly with Hanakai," Kiba adds. "He has a date with her later today, or so he said on his way over here." We talked about it while he led me here.

"Oh?" Rias asks, eyebrow raised. "How did the two of you meet?" I finish getting Koneko's panties, plain ones with a cat paw on the front, off of her and I stash them into my inventory. It's normal for things to disappear from my grasp, so I don't need to worry about hiding my ability to do that.

"We found Yua together, actually," I say as I start rubbing at Koneko's lower lips. She's not wet enough for me to put it into her yet, not with how small she is. I can fix that easily. I pull out a Moderate Aphrodisiac, made using [Alchemy], and hand it to her. "Here Koneko, drink this."

She does so without question, downing the contents of the vial. Neat. I'll have to experiment with that later. I doubt I can get someone to drink poison, that probably treads on a 'violent' act, but I did get a potion of genderbending as random loot the other day. Kiba would make a pretty cute girl.

The effect is pretty instantaneous. She goes from barely wet at all to decently wet in seconds. "After we found Yua, I adopted her, and we remained in contact," I continue as I move Koneko on my lap. I unzip my pants and pull my penis out, lifting Koneko upwards. "The other day I asked her out on a date, and she agreed."

I slowly lower Koneko and she lets out a low noise as I enter her. She's incredibly tight, though she stretches easier than I would have expected. Is that a Devil thing? Or maybe a Nekoshou one? Either way, it takes some time, but I'm able to fully lower her, hilting my dick inside of her pussy.

"Are you not dating Kiryuu or Hyoudou?" Akeno asks. "It seems as if you three are very close."

"I am," I say. "I'm making a harem, those two were the first members." I gripped Koneko by the waist and started slowly moving her up and down on my cock.

"Ah, I see," Akeno says with a nod. "How about Ms. Nakano?"

"No, I just fucked her for fun," I answer. I love how honest I can be with this skill.

"She is considered one of the hottest teachers after all," Rias comments.

"So Hanakai will be your next harem member?" Akeno asks. Koneko is starting to make small little noises each time I bring her down and bottom out into her, but she's definitely enjoying it.

"Probably," I say, half distracted. It's hard to have sex and keep a conversation like this going at the same time. "Koneko here might technically be before her. What do you think, Koneko? You want to keep experiencing my dick?" I rub at her clit as I thrust deep into her again.

She tenses and I can feel her climax around me. She doesn't make a noise though. Instead, she holds it in, biting her lip as she rides out the climax. "Yes," she breathes in a quiet voice. "I want more."

"How nice for you Koneko," Rias says with a genuine smile. "She's so shy, it's hard for her to make friends."

"She fed Yua," I reply as I start moving Koneko faster. I was getting close to my own orgasm. "And she's cute. I'd love to have her in my harem."

"We all appreciate it," Kiba says, also smiling. It's honestly bizarre, but I care more about the feeling of Koneko's pussy than the situation right now.

"What time is your date though?" Rias asks. "I didn't realize you had plans tonight, or I would have asked you over another time."

"Not for another couple hours," I assure her. "More than enough time to have fun with Koneko." I start moving faster, and Koneko lets out a moan, no longer able to completely suppress her voice as I feel her cum.

"She definitely seems to be enjoying it," Akeno says with a teasing smile.

"We'll leave you to that," Rias says as she stands up. "If you need anything, let us know. Thank you for coming, I know my request was last minute."

"It wasn't a problem," I say as I lean back so I can push further into Koneko. From the increased volume of her panting, I can tell Koneko's pleasure increased. "I'm very much enjoying myself."

The others get up and walk away, leaving me and Koneko to ourselves. Kiba goes somewhere upstairs, as does Rias, but Akeno heads to the little kitchen area in this same room. All of them are totally uncaring that I'm fucking Koneko.

Finally, I slam Koneko down onto my lap even as I push upwards and I cum. My hips twitch as I shoot my load into the catgirl's womb, and I feel her tighten and convulse around me as she climaxes as well.

When I'm finished, I pull the now limp Koneko off my dick and lay her down on the couch next to me. I could just leave, but I'm still horny. Koneko's out for the count though, her last orgasm had been hard enough to make her pass out. Hmm, perhaps I should have taken it easier on her? Oh well. I shrug and head towards the kitchen, my dick still out.

"Hey, Akeno?" I say as I enter. Akeno seems to be making some tea. Akeno turns to look at me with a smile. "Do you think you could give me a clean-up blowjob?" I say, indicating my dick, slick and covered with mine and Koneko's fluids. "I'd ask Koneko, but I think I tired her out."

"I'd love to," she says, instantly getting on her knees in front of me. She confidently takes her dick in my mouth and looks up at me with a smug expression as she slowly moves her head forward, taking the entirety of my cock into her mouth. It's honestly impressive.

I could fuck Akeno as well, but there's no need to rush things. I'll get a taste of her pussy some other time. For right now, I'll just enjoy her mouth.

I lean back against a counter as Akeno gets to work, letting out a low groan. Even Aika doesn't give blowjobs this good. Akeno is working every single inch of my shaft, her tongue scrubbing at every bit of skin, 'cleaning' it as I asked.

She starts bobbing her head more enthusiastically after a few minutes, turning it from a normal blowjob and more into a face fucking. I can feel her throat around my member, and the sensation only grows stronger as she begins to hum, vibrating the flesh around me.

As I feel my climax approach I grab her by the head and take control of it, thrusting even more rapidly into her mouth. She seems a little caught off guard by my sudden action, but she acclimatizes quickly and starts concentrating on using her tongue.

When I cum I do it as far down her throat as I can reach, not letting a drop of it touch her tongue. I can feel Akeno breathing heavily through her nose, the air brushing against the skin right above my dick. But her expression remains calm and sensual.

I don't pull out of her throat until I'm completely finished. Before I can pull completely out, she grabs onto my hips and thoroughly licks the head of my penis before pulling back with a smile. "All clean now," she says with a wink.

"You did a fantastic job," I say as I put my dick away and she stands up. "Next time I need another cleaning I'll make sure to come back to you."

"I'm available any time you want," Akeno says.

"I'll see you around Akeno," I say before turning and leaving, heading to grab Yua before going home. As much as I'd like to spend the evening having fun with the Occult Research Club, I have a date with Momo to get ready for.

I sit down at the chess table across from Sona and Tsubaki sits next to both of us, to the side of the chess board. I ran into them while walking around town and training Yua's [Sneak] skill. Sona invited me to play some chess with her in the nearby park, and I saw no reason to say no. I know what she wants to talk about anyway, my date with Momo last night. I've also had my eye on Sona for a while, and now would be a good time to act on that.

I glance over to Tsubaki as Sona sets up the pieces. My main interest is in Sona, but Tsubaki is a beauty herself. Long straight black hair, glasses, a sharp look, and a fairly large chest as well.

"Tsubaki, do you mind giving me a blowjob while we play?" I ask her.

She brushes her hair back, tucking it behind an ear. "I don't mind," she replies. She slides off of the seat and kneels under the table. As Sona places the last piece down, Tsubaki undoes my buckle and pulls out my dick. It's still soft, but she doesn't hesitate to take it into her mouth and it rapidly hardens.

She may have easily agreed to my request, but it's obvious that she isn't experienced. Well, that's fine. I don't mind her learning using my dick. I place a hand on her and gently guide her, even as I use my other hand to move a piece, smirking at Sona.

"I heard your date with Momo went well last night," Sona says as she immediately makes her own move.

"Did you hear that from Momo, or from the three that followed us all night?" I ask. I had noticed them. Even without my skills, they did a bad job of being sneaky.

"Both," Sona replies, not at all surprised that I noticed them. I can't tell if it's because she knows them, or if it's because me noticing them is 'normal'. "Everyone had nothing but good things to say."

I smirk. [Aura of Normality] is just too much fun. I encourage Tsubaki to move a little quicker, bobbing her head up and down my shaft as her tongue massages the underside. "I made sure to thoroughly please her," I say as I move another piece. "I creampied her twice at the aquarium, once in the bathroom and the other time against the glass of the largest tank. Then, during dinner, I had her under the table just like Tsubaki is now and gave her some of my cum for dessert. And then I brought her back to my apartment and we went a few more rounds as I worked on covering every inch of her pale skin with my semen."

Sona just smiles fondly at me, despite my explicit description of how I fucked Momo last night. "It sounds like the two of you indeed had a great night."

"And I'm looking forward to many more," I say. "Tsubaki is doing a good job making today fun." Tsubaki looks up at me with amusement in her eyes and starts taking my cock a little deeper into her mouth. It seems like she responds well to being appreciated.

"I'm surprised you're not distracted," Sona comments. "You're even doing much better than last time we played."

"I've been practicing," I reply. And I have been, though I'm still losing. I still have a chance, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna lose. But that's fine. Each game gets me closer to winning as I improve in leaps and bounds. Not that I care too much about winning. Win or lose, I'll be getting her.

Tsubaki's technique has improved a lot, she's a quick learner, and as the end of the chess game draws closer I feel my climax approaching. I don't bother holding it back. "Tsubaki, I'm about to cum. I want to cum on your face," I instruct her.

She nods and pulls her mouth off of my cock. I immediately miss the sensation of her warm and wet mouth around my member, but it's quickly replaced by her hand as she strokes me to finish me off.

I grip the edge of the table as I cum, resisting the urge to thrust my hips forward. Tsubaki does a fantastic job aiming it though, and when my climax subsides, I look down between my legs to see her serious face with strands of my cum on it, some of it having landed on her glasses.

My still hard dick twitches at the sight, but we're nearing the end of the game. "Thank you Tsubaki, that was amazing," I say.

"Thank you for the learning experience," she says as she gets out from under the table and sits back down.

"Now that you're done with that, maybe you'd like to take your turn?" Sona says with an amused smile.

"Sure sure," I say. I glance over the board and move one of my few remaining pieces. "This is over in just a few more turns though."

Sona nods in agreement and moves her piece like I expected her to. "You put up a good effort, but it's my win."

Neither of us suggests stopping it there though, we make the moves, the only moves we could make until Sona finally places me in checkmate. I might not be too concerned with winning, but I wasn't going to give up, even if it was inevitable.

"Congratulations on your victory," I say. "Would you like to claim your prize now?"

Sona tilts her head in confusion. "Prize?"

"Of course," I reply. "You should get something for winning, don't you think?"

"I suppose..." she replies slowly, sounding a little unsure.

"How about my dick?" I say with a grin. Win or lose, I was getting her. "I'm pretty good at sex, so me using my skills to make you feel good seems like a pretty appropriate reward, right?"

I can tell from her face that she's definitely tempted. But I also didn't phrase it as me asking to have sex with her, so she isn't just automatically agreeing. I wanted to see if I could tempt her by just presenting the opportunity.

I stand up from my seat, revealing my erection, still hanging free and glistening from Tsubaki's blow job. "Just imagine this inside of you," I say. "Stretching you out and pleasuring parts of you most dildos don't reach. I can make you feel better than any masturbation session ever could."

Her eyes lock on my dick, and I can see the gears turning in her mind, but finally, she nods. "Momo seemed to enjoy it, and even Tsubaki enjoyed pleasuring you. I admit I could use some relaxation and fun."

I smile. Victory tastes so sweet. "In that case, please allow me to prepare you, and lay face-up on the table." Tsubaki puts away the chess pieces as Sona climbs onto the table. I get up and position myself between her legs, kneeling so my head is level with her. I wrap my arms around her thighs and pull her closer to me until my head is underneath her skirt. I'm fairly large, and Sona isn't wet yet. I'll need to change that before I can fuck her.

I remove her panties, storing them into my inventory, leaving her pussy free for me to explore. There's nothing special about it except for the fact that it's been cleanly shaven. I run my tongue along her entrance, teasing her, and I'm rewarded with her tensing and clamping her thighs around my head.

I spend the next several minutes eating Sona out. My tongue explores every inch of her folds, frequently flicking to her clit to stimulate it. As I pleasure her, her legs get tighter around my head, she starts moaning, uncaring about the fact that we're in a public place, and she starts getting wetter and wetter from more than just my saliva.

When she cums, she cums hard. She shoots up, going from laying down to sitting up, and grabs on to my head, pushing it further into her as she releases a loud echoing moan. My lower face is soaked when she squirts.

I force her legs apart and stand up, wiping my face off with the back of my arm. "That should be more than enough preparation," I say. Because I'm standing, my throbbing dick is level with Sona's stomach, and it would be all too easy to angle it down a bit to push it into her.

"I...agree," Sona replies, still catching her breath. "Now, it's your turn to sit down. This is my prize, so I'll be in control."

"Of course," I reply with a smile. I don't mind one bit if she wants to take the lead. As I turn around to sit down on the bench and Sona gets off of the table, I spot Tsubaki. She's watching the two of us, one hand groping her own chest and the other going down to her crotch. I can't see it because of the table, but based on her movements and her flushed face, it's obvious that she's masturbating.

I give her a wink but my attention is pulled away by Sona climbing on my lap. To my surprise, Sona doesn't hesitate at all. As she gets on my lap she grabs my shaft, lines herself up, and then lowers herself completely. She moans, low and drawn out, as my large cock stretches out her insides. I groan as well. Sona is the first pureblooded Devil I've fucked, and there's definitely a difference in the sensation.

Sona is still for a moment, tense on my lap as her insides writhe around my intruding member. Her weight is fully on my lap, my dick sheathed inside of her. Her hands are on my shoulders for support, and her eyes are closed. She's breathing carefully, shaking with pleasure. "You were right," she comments. "A dildo doesn't compare at all to this."

"We've only just gotten started though," I reply, amused. "I can start moving if you'd like?"

"No, I'll do it," she says. She takes a deep breath and starts rotating her hips in slow circles. I can't see where we're connected, it's hidden beneath her skirt, but that's fine. I reach between us and unbutton her shirt. When her shirt parts, her pale skin is revealed, covered only by a lacy black bra. Not that she needs one, and I certainly don't appreciate it being in the way. I grab it and stash it in my inventory.

Sona's boobs aren't very big, but no one could call her flat. She's around the same size as Atsuko. Not that it matters much to me, I'm a man who enjoys all sizes of titties. I start groping her, increasing her pleasure as she rides me.

She stops rotating her hips and finally starts moving up and down, slowly pumping my cock into her. I can tell it's immediately better from her from the way she bites her lip and tightens her grip on my shoulders.

"How does your first dick feel?" I ask Sona. "I've just taken your virginity, what do you think about that?"

"It feels really good," Sona replies as her movements slowly become smoother. "I don't care about my virginity, but as an heiress, casual sex is more trouble than it's worth."

"Unless it's with me," I reply with a smile. I move my hands down to her hips and start guiding her motions.

"It's fine," she replies. "You're an exception. If I knew it felt this good I would have taken you after that first game."

"In front of your entire peerage?" I ask, amused. "In the Student Council room?"

"Yes, that time," she confirms. It seems she misunderstood me since she didn't see anything strange about fucking me in at school in front of her peerage.

"Momo may have gotten to me first, but I don't mind fucking you, or any of the other members of your peerage, any time you want," I say. "All of you are hot, and I want all of you in my harem."

"That is fine with me," Sona replied. She's moving fast now, bouncing on my lap with enough force that gentle slapping noises echo through the park. I glance over at Tsubaki, who has slipped a hand under her shirt to better grope herself.

I feel my orgasm approaching. "I'm going to cum soon," I tell her. "Where do you want it?"

"Inside," she replies as she speeds up. "I don't want to get my clothes dirty, and I'm close as well."

I put a thumb on her clit and start rubbing it as she rides me, causing her to start moaning. She goes from having her hands on my shoulders to wrapping her arms around my neck, supporting herself better so she can move faster. I feel it when she cums, she slams down on me, inserting me as deep into her as I can reach, and she tenses. Her inner walls spasm and shudder as she cums.

The sensation pushes me over the edge and I cum as well, dick twitching as it forcefully shoots out spurt after spurt of semen, filling her with my seed.

Her body sags as she comes down from her orgasm and she rests against me. But she only lets herself relax for a second. All too soon she's getting off of my lap. The both of us shudder as she pulls off of my length, and the warmth of her pussy is replaced by cool air.

"That was lovely Axton, thank you," she says as she starts buttoning her shirt back up.

"Was?" I ask. "But we're not done yet."

She pauses. "We're not?" she asks, confused.

I indicate Tsubaki, who is still masturbating. "Poor Tsubaki is all worked up, and as your Queen, shouldn't she be rewarded as well?"

Sona blinks, processing that, before shaking her head. "My apologies Tsubaki, I didn't even realize," Sona says.

"It's fine," Tsubaki says as she pulls her hand out from under her shirt and skirt. "I don't require a reward."

"I insist," I say. "Let me make you feel good. If only so I can pay you back for the blowjob from earlier." Plus, I'm still horny.

She blushes, but nods. "Well, if you insist…" she agrees. "Can I ask a favor though?" Even as she's speaking, she's sitting down on top of the table and spreading her legs. Her skirt is a little longer than Sona's, but she pulls it up easily, revealing her long pale legs. "Could we do anal? I prefer it when I masturbate."

"So even the prim and proper Tsubaki masturbates, huh?" I say, amused and aroused. "Sure, I can do that." I move to between her legs, hooking a finger around the elastic band of her panties, which are made of blue silk and are now rather damp, and pull it into my inventory. She shivers as the air comes into contact with her wet pussy.

I use my finger to collect the wetness of her arousal and then push the now lubricated finger into her asshole. "Just lay back and enjoy it," I instruct her. She lays down on the table, mirroring Sona's earlier position from when I ate her out. Hmm. Speaking of which, there's no reason Sona can't join us, right? I saw her fetishes with [Lewd Scouter]. Femdom, facesitting, and group sex?

"Sona, why don't you keep your Queen's mouth busy while I work her down here?" I suggest with a grin. "Make her clean you up."

Sona smiles and immediately climbs on top of the table. Tsubaki looks confused, though I lose sight of her face as Sona lowers her crotch on it. Tsubaki seems to get the memo pretty quickly though, and soon Sona is making small noises of pleasure.

Satisfied that Sona is having a good time, I go back to focusing on Tsubaki's asshole. It loosens up surprisingly quickly, but then again she did mention using it to masturbate. She's probably gotten used to having toys down here.

My dick is still slick from Sona's juices, but I pull some lube out of my inventory and give it an extra lathering. It's better to be safe than sorry. Assured that I'm ready to go, I press the head of my dick against her anus and push into her.

While I usually default to vaginal, I don't mind anal sex at all. In fact, a bit of variety is nice. I've done anal with both Atsuko and Aika, since both of them like experimenting with new things. It's also nice to do with the human women I sleep with since I can usually get deeper into them.

So the sensation of stretching out Tsubaki's tight asshole with my thick rod isn't a new one. But damn does it feel good. She clamps even tighter around me and I can hear her moan, muffled as it is by Sona's snatch. Glad I'm not the only one enjoying it.

Once I'm used to the pressure, I start pumping my hips, thrusting in and out of her. Her boobs, large and barely contained by her shirt, bounce alluringly as I move. Tsubaki's legs lock behind me, keeping me from pulling too far out of her asshole.

Focused as I am on pounding Tsubaki, I'm caught off guard when Sona arches her back and moans suddenly, cumming for the third time. If I wasn't working towards my own third orgasm, I'd be jealous. As it is, it's Tsubaki that's behind.

I press my thumb against her clit and start working it in slow and small circles. Her legs lock even tighter around me at the additional stimulation, and she cums almost immediately. She must have been close already. I don't stop though, and in fact, I only increase my speed.

Sona apparently isn't satisfied with just one orgasm though, and she keeps riding Tsubaki's face. I grin. This chess game has turned out very interesting. [Aura of Normality] is great.

After a few more minutes of thrusting, and after Tsubaki cumming again, I reach my climax and shoot a load deep inside of Tsubaki's ass.

Sona looks back at me as I pull out of Tsubaki, her eyes looking down at my crotch. "Still hard?" she asks with a satisfied smile. She gets off of Tsubaki's face and crawls back, straddling Tsubaki's body with her ass pointed towards me. "How about another round for me?"

Sona is absolutely insatiable, and I love it. I glance at the time. I have a couple more hours before I need to start getting ready for my date with Raynare, no reason I can't spend them fucking these two.

Wordlessly I line up with Sona's pussy and shove my entire length into her in one go. She moans beautifully, and I see Tsubaki's arms wrap around Sona's neck as she brings her King down into a kiss.

I grin as I start railing Sona and watch the two girls make out. Life doesn't get much better than this.

Raynare struggled not to scowl at the movie screen. She had stopped paying attention to it half an hour ago. It was some dumb romance movie that couldn't have been more fake and pathetic if it tried. She knew that going to the movies was a common date activity, and she was trying to get Axton to lower his guard. But surely they could have done anything else?

She must not have done a good enough job hiding her annoyance, because Axton leaned over. "Bored?" he asked her. He looked amused, but he had since the start of their date, so she just assumed that was his default expression.

She put on her best 'good girl' act, trying to look guilty. "Was it that obvious?" she asked. There's a reason she was the one that did this sort of work. She was by far the best actor out of the four of them.

"Not really," he replied. "It was just a guess. But if you want something more entertaining to do, you could get your tits out and give me a titjob while I watch the movie."

Internally she rolled her eyes, but she got on her knees in front of him anyway. That did sound infinitely more interesting than this shitty movie. She pulled off her shirt and unhooked her bra, tossing them onto her seat. Normally she wouldn't undress so completely in a public place, even if it was dim in here. But it made giving Axton a boobjob easier, so she didn't mind in this case.

As she was undressing, Axton had unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick, which was fairly large. That didn't surprise her, even though it was definitely the biggest one she had ever seen in person.

She wrapped her tits around his shaft and started moving. She wasn't very experienced with this sort of thing. Usually, she was the dominant one, and she didn't give the men she slept with boobjobs. But it wasn't exactly rocket science, and she felt a surge of satisfaction at the obvious pleasure on his face.

"I like tits of all sizes, but it sure is nice when they're large enough for this sort of thing," he comments. "Though then again, the small ones are cute too. Like that companion of yours, the one that dresses in goth lolita clothes."

"Mittelt?" Raynare offered.

Axton snapped his fingers. "Right, that's her name. Yeah, I fucked her pretty good the other night, that was fun." Of course he did. No wonder the little slut looked so pleased. She thought she had noticed her walking a little funny, but Raynare didn't want to give Mittelt the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

A vial filled with a light pink liquid appears in Axton's hands and he pours the contents of it on her boobs, right where his dick is. Instantly she can feel her skin grow hotter.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Oh, just a moderate aphrodisiac," he explained. "I like using it as lube."

That made sense to her. It was certainly easier to move his dick between her boobs now, and she was starting to get pretty horny herself. She focused on making him cum, moving her boobs up and down his slippery shaft, enjoying the sensation. Axton watched her instead of the movie, but that was only to be expected. She was far more interesting than any dumb romance movie.

"By the way," Axton said suddenly. "Could you answer a few questions for me?"

Raynare rolled her eyes. "Not entertained enough by the movie or me? Well, whatever. Sure."

"Do you have a way to contact your companions?" he asked.

"Yeah, I've got a telepathic link to one of them right now," she explained as she focused on pleasuring him. "Though they're not really paying attention, so unless I call for them, they won't know anything is wrong."

"What if you were knocked unconscious?" he asked.

It didn't occur to her to wonder why he was asking. Why wouldn't he be asking about this sort of thing? It was a good question, one she had asked herself when they had been discussing the plan.

"Once they realize I'm not responding, which will probably take a few minutes, they'll immediately head to my location," she explained. She sped up the movements of her tits. As expected, his endurance was fairly high. Most guys would have climaxed ages ago. Though, from the way his dick was twitching, she could tell he was close.

"That's good to know," he replied. "I'm about to cum by the way." Immediately after saying that his dick twitched and started shooting jizz into the air. A good amount of it landed on her face, but the bulk of it landed on her chest, covering it in streaks of white.

Boobjob done, she looked towards her chair to grab her clothes to dress but frowned when she didn't see them. "Where are my clothes?" she asked.

"I have them," Axton answered. "Don't worry. Instead, could you do me a favor, and drink this?" He held out another vial pulled from who-knows-where. The liquid inside it was yellow with just a hint of green.

"Sure," she replied. She had no idea what it was, but if he was asking her to drink it, she didn't mind doing that. She needed to get him to lower his guard after all. She took the vial from him and downed the contents. It tasted like herbal tea.

Immediately her vision went dark and she slumped over, the energy gone out of her body. The last thing she was aware of was the feeling of falling forward into Axton's arms.

No one questions me carrying a half-naked girl covered in cum out of the movie theater, nor my superhuman speed. I'm honestly surprised that my idea worked. [Aura of Normality] doesn't cover 'violent' actions, but I'm not sure where exactly that line is. Raynare is an enemy, but going into her base and fucking her teammate was seen as normal. Asking about aspects of her plan to kill me was also seen as normal. And, the largest surprise of all, asking her to drink a Sleep Poison worked as well.

Granted, it's a relatively harmless status effect, I did it intending to capture her, we weren't in combat, and she had no idea what it would do. I might have gotten through a loophole based on some combination of those facts.

But now I need to find a place to bring her to ambush the others. I don't have long, they'll notice she's knocked out soon and will come in full force. I doubt I'll be able to get them to all drink sleeping potions as well. Thankfully, I have something else in mind. I just need to get to a place where I can bunch them all together.

I instantly think of a place and change course. There's a short tunnel that runs under a major road on the edge of town. I tell Yua to follow me from a distance and keep an eye on the sky.

I'm feeling fairly winded by the time I make it to the tunnel. My DEX is high enough that I got here quickly, but carrying Raynare with my relatively lower STR made it more taxing than I would like. But Yua doesn't report seeing any Fallen, so I've made it in time.

Nobody is around at this time of day, which is good. Witnesses could make this messy. I gently set down Raynare in the middle of the tunnel. It's about fifty feet to either exit. Plenty of room for what I need. I exit the tunnel on the side that faces Kuoh. I know where their base is, so I can be assured that they'll approach from this direction.

I find a hiding spot and wait, pulling three items out of my inventory. I don't activate [Sneak] yet. With [Chameleon], it consumes more SP than I regen per second, a lot more. In fact, I can only maintain the stealth for about seven seconds. But during that time I'll be nearly invisible and silent. It's why I picked a chokepoint like this. Seven seconds will be more than enough.

"Papa, some people with crow wings are in the sky and coming this way really fast," Yua reports.

I double-check I'm not visible. There's a little lip at the entrance of the tunnel that I'm standing behind. From outside of the tunnel you can't see me at all, though I'm plainly visible from the inside. I activate Detect, which has a very low SP usage and is crucial to getting the timing right.

I feel three Fallen come into range fast, though they come to a stop in front of the tunnel without entering it. I tense, waiting for the right timing.

"There she is!" I hear a voice say. I'm fairly certain it's Mittelt speaking.

"This reeks of a trap," a male voice says next. "I say we leave her, it's not worth us all getting caught." That has to be Dohnaseek.

"You know we're not going to do that," a different female voice did. Kalawarner no doubt. "Besides, are you really scared of a trap set by some shitty human who might not even have a Sacred Gear?"

"But...he got Raynare, didn't he?" Mittelt comments hesitantly.

"Yeah well, Raynare's an idiot," Kalawarner replies. "She's the one that insisted on using her 'acting skills' instead of just ambushing them in their sleep. Just keep your guard up, we'll grab Raynare and leave. We'll figure out how to deal with the target later."

"Fine," Dohnaseek responds. I don't hear anything from Mittelt, but the three of them approach the tunnel entrance.

The instant before they enter the tunnel I activate [Sneak]. I watch as the three of them pass by me, their guards up. Not up enough though, their gazes pass over me without noticing me. The spot I'm in is a pretty dark shadow. Combined with my skill, it would take a lot of scrutiny to spot me.

They pass me by and don't glance back. I only have a few seconds left so I don't waste time. I step out of my hiding spot and throw the Black Keys in my hands. They travel through the air nearly silent and embed themselves in the shadows of the Fallen.

Instantly all three of them freeze in place.

"What's going on?" Mittelt asks, fear clear in her voice.

"Dammit, I can't move!" Kalawarner shouts.

"I told you it was a trap," Dohnaseek spits angrily.

"And you were right," I say, dropping [Sneak] as I walk up to them. "But all of you underestimated me." All of them are facing away from me and can't turn around.

"Release me right now, or I'll kill you!" Dohnaseek yells at me.

"Nah, I don't think so," I reply casually. Reaching Mittelt, who is in the back, I wrap an arm around her neck and activate [Knockout]. I haven't leveled it yet so it takes some time, but her SP starts dropping as I choke her.

The other two rage, but I ignore them. Interestingly enough, even knocked out, Mittelt is forced to stay standing. Well, that's more convenient for me. I knock out the other two, ignoring their blustering and pleading. Once they're all knocked out, I force each of them to drink a Sleep Poison, as well as giving Raynare another one.

Then it's a simple matter of bringing them all out of the tunnel and tying them together in one big bundle.

"Yua, go find those bugs from earlier and lead them here," I tell her. Akeno was watching us earlier using her little fairy-like familiars, and she probably saw me rush out of the movie theater, but I almost certainly lost them in my rush.

"Okay, Papa! Yua will find them super quick!" Yua replies.

It takes her some time, and then it takes more time for her to lead them here. But shortly after that, a magic circle appears on the ground, heralding the arrival of the Devils. I look up from my phone, where I'm playing chess to pass the time, and wave at Rias and her Peerage.

"Sup Rias," I say casually, a grin on my face. I point at the Fallen. "I've got a gift for you."

Later on I curse my past self for not taking a picture of their expressions because they are priceless.

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A lot of people will see why I didn't go this route though. The sex is too easy, but there's also no emotional connection. While that's not important to Axton, it's a part of the character he's turned into in canon. Though not here. Fetish omakes are fine, but it's not the kind of serious story I want to write. It's unsatisfying in the long run.

Tbh this omake might cross the point of "too much smut" for some people. But that's fine, this won't be a regular thing. I probably won't ever do so much smut in a single chapter again. It was fun to try though.

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