Kyu and I had spent a lot of time going over the options for the next world jump. There were a lot that were tempting, but I didn't want to get too crazy with them. In the end, I only picked three.

New World, New Me - Unlocks a powerful Unique class in exchange for a temporary nerf. Gain the new class, but your stats are reduced to 1%. You gain 1% of your stats back, plus the normal level-up stats, for every level you gain in the Unique class.

I wasn't sure how useful this was. Granted, I'm heading to the world of Konosuba. It's not exactly dangerous. But outside of the unique class, it didn't gain me anything. So I took a peek at the class for doing this in Konosuba.

Adventurer - A special class with good stat growth. This class teaches no skills but gives you the ability to learn any skill from any person.

I confirmed the details with Kyu. I don't have to spend skill points, I don't have to be taught. Someone just has to demonstrate the skill to me with the intention of teaching it to me and I would learn it. Even if it's unique to their bloodline or totally outside the range of my expertise. It's like the normal Konosuba Adventurer class, but broken.

With my ability to combine skills together, and the range of skills I could pick up in Konosuba, it's well worth it. I did the quick math. Even at 1% of my stats, I was still stronger than your average human. Add the enchanted equipment in my Omni-Ring that adds 100 to each of my stats and the fact that I keep all my skills, perks, and traits, and there's no real reason not to get it.

They All Blend Together - Adds a few random characters from other isekai and fantasy settings as natives to Konosuba.

This option was cheap and I bought it on a whim. It would make the world a little more interesting and have more characters for me to seduce. It's a win-win.

The last purchase was the most important one though.

Enter Through The Front Door - Instead of appearing randomly in the world, go through the standard Isekai process. You will appear before Aqua, who will give you the chance to grab a Cheat Item before arriving in Konosuba. Any companions or familiars will not appear there but will appear in Konosuba alongside you after this step.

So when I open my eyes, I'm not surprised to see Aqua in front of me. We're sitting in an endless black void, two chairs facing each other. Aqua is relaxed, almost lounging, while watching me.

"So you're the VIP Lady Venus mentioned," Aqua says as she looks me up and down. "You don't look all that impressive."

First Impressions perk activated!
+25 Affection with Aqua

"You shouldn't judge a book by its cover," I reply, pushing aside the minor irritation I feel. 25 Affection is a pretty good start.

"Sure, sure," she says dismissively. "You know the spiel, right? I don't have to convince you to go down to the world and kill the Demon King?"

"Nope, that's what I'm here for," I say. "Just give me the big book of cheat items and I'll pick something and be on my way."

She snaps and a book appears on my lap. "Good, there are a lot more souls waiting so don't take too long."

I make a vague noise of acknowledgment and open the book. I know what I want, it's the entire reason I'm going through this route. But there's no harm in checking what my other options are. Who knows? I might find something better than what I have in mind.

I don't though. I quickly flip through it, and while there are a ton of powerful skills and items, none of them are things I can't get on my own with some time and effort. The Gamer system is just too good. So I close the book and look back up at Aqua.

"I've decided," I tell her.

"And?" she asks. She sounds bored.

"I want you," I declare casually. Sorry Kazuma, but there's a unique item in front of me, and I'm not about to pass it up. She might be an idiot, but having someone who can heal here is useful, and more importantly, she's hot as fuck. Maybe this way you'll end up with an actual cheat item.

"Uh-huh, whatever- wait, what?" she starts, dismissing me at first before she realizes what I said. "I don't know who you think you are, but if you think you can just take me, a beautiful and powerful goddess, like I'm some shitty magic sword then-"

She's interrupted by the appearance of a magic circle appearing below the two of us. Columns of light shoot upwards, enclosing both of us, and I feel the gravity shift as I slowly float upward. I look across and see Aqua floating up as well, panic on her face.

"Hold on just a minute!" she screams. "What's the meaning of this! This has to be against the rules, right?"

An Angel appears outside of the circle, coming into existence with a flash of light and her wings spread wide. "Thank you, kind hero, for choosing to help this world in need," she says.

"Hey! Stop this! Stop this right now!" Aqua shouts as we both continue to float upwards. "This isn't allowed, I'm a goddess!"

"We hope that you will be the one to defeat the Demon King and bring peace to this beautiful world," the Angel continues.

"Don't ignore me!" Aqua yells, panicking. "This is heresy, betrayal, mutiny!"

"Don't worry Lady Aqua," the Angel says, finally addressing her. "I shall be taking over your responsibilities and workload while you are away. When the Demon King is defeated, you can come back and take your place once again."

Aqua and I are fairly high up at this point. "There's no way a lowly angel like yourself can do my job properly, you'll only make a mess of it!" Aqua says. I see the Angel's face twitch, struggling to keep her serene expression. But then I feel the gravity change again, and we start moving in a direction that doesn't line up with the three spatial dimensions I'm familiar with. Huh. This is pretty similar to Void travel.

"I wish you the best of luck, Chosen Hero," the Angel says, once again ignoring Aqua.

"I'll remember this, you traitor!" Aqua shouts. And then we're gone. There's a moment of pure darkness as we travel through the void, and then gravity re-asserts itself as the dark is replaced with a blinding light. I blink to clear my vision. My eyes adjust and I see a beautiful landscape sprawling in front of me. Green hills and a thick forest. We're standing next to a road, and further up the road, I see a large stretch of wall. That must be the town of beginnings, Axel.

"We're here!" I hear behind me. I turn to see Momo, Kyu, Yua, and Tara behind me. Kyu was the one that spoke, and the others are all looking around in wonder. That is, until Momo spots Aqua, who is on all fours on the ground, her head hanging low.

"Are you okay miss?" Momo asks, approaching her.

"Am I okay?" Aqua repeats in a numb and soft voice. "Am I okay?" she repeats, the volume of her voice rising. All of a sudden she shoots up and grabs me by the collar. "No, I'm not okay! Send me back you jerk! I'm a goddess! I shouldn't be here in this crummy little world!"

"She's fine," I tell Momo, ignoring the way Aqua is shaking me.

"I'm not fine!" Aqua protests. "You dragged me here! Let me go home!"

Momo shoots me a flat look and I sigh. I grab Aqua's wrists to stop her from shaking me. "I'll explain, alright?" I say. "This world is threatened by a Demon King, so the gods of this world set up a program where they'll reincarnate souls from other worlds into this one and give them a boon or divine item to help them defeat the Demon King. I figured, what boon could compare to an actual goddess? So I chose her, half expecting it not to work, but it did, and here we are."

Momo sighs this time, while Kyu just laughs. "Such a greedy man," she lightly chides me.

I shrug. "Everything else I can get or make, she was the only unique thing available." I turn to Aqua. "You're the goddess of water right? And that comes along with healing and purification and stuff like that I assume?"

+9 Affection with Aqua
For understanding her value

"That's right, I'm a very powerful goddess of water and healing," she agrees, suddenly no longer angry, her mood had shifted in an instant as soon as I acknowledged her power.

"Great, we need a healer in our party," I say. "My potions work in a pinch, but you'll do the job way better."

Aqua is actually pretty easy to handle if you're not an idiot. She even admits to Kazuma at one point that if he just provided her with plenty of wine and a place to stay that she probably wouldn't get into much trouble. I just need to keep her happy and keep her on a leash. And most importantly, not rely on her for anything important.

Some may say that means she's more trouble than she's worth. And I can't say that they'd be wrong to think so. But how many chances do you get to bang an actual goddess, even a minor one like her? No way was I passing that up.

Aqua grumbles. "Well, if you need me then I guess I won't complain too much. You actually are gonna kill the Demon King, right? Not just laze about?"

"I will kill the Demon King within a year, I promise," I say. As if it were waiting for me to say those words, a screen appeared in front of me.

New Quest!
A Hero's Quest
Objective: Defeat the Demon King
Bonus Objective: Defeat the Demon King within 1 year
Bonus Objective: Defeat or neutralize all of the Demon King's generals before defeating the Demon King
Reward: World Jump unlocked, 3 Gacha tokens, [Hero] trait, 25k Hunie
Bonus Reward: 2 Gacha Tokens, Divine boon, 20k Hunie
Bonus Reward: 2 Gacha tokens, [Conqueror] trait, 20k Hunie

Huh. Easy enough, and decent rewards. I had more or less already planned on doing all of those anyway. The Divine boon catches my interest though, mostly because it's unclear on what it is. Will I get another pick from the book of cheat items? Or is it something grander than that?

"Well, I suppose I don't mind taking a vacation for a year or so," Aqua says, snapping me out of my musings. "I work really hard, I deserve a break."

+9 Affection with Aqua
For giving her a good excuse for a vacation

"That's a great way of thinking about it," I agree. "Come on, let's go into town and register at the Adventurer's Guild."

I send Yua and Tara off to go scouting around town to familiarize themselves with the area and Kyu shrinks down and settles on top of my head, invisible to everyone else. I don't want to attract too much attention by having them accompany us. Momo looks around in wonder as we walk through the town, waving at the children.

With my lower stats, I've lost a bit of range on [Void Sight], but not nearly enough to matter. It doesn't take long for me to find the Guild. It's one of the larger buildings in town and is bustling with activity.

I lead us there and enter through the large front doors. The inside of the building is a familiar sight with a large portion of it being taken up with tables where a color cast of characters are eating lunch. Closer to the entrance is a large wall with paper pamphlets tacked onto it, and beyond that is a counter. Behind that counter is a busty blonde woman wearing a uniform that shows off a large amount of cleavage. Luna, the most well-known receptionist of the Adventurer's Guild here in Axel.

Some of the people sitting at the tables give us a look, no doubt curious about the new faces walking in. They watch us as we approach Luna, but I don't pay them any mind.

As we approach Luna, a thought occurs to me. How is registering as an adventurer going to work for me? I already have a system, a way better one at that, and then there's the matter of what would show up on the card.

"Look in your inventory," Kyu says as if she can read my mind. Well, I suppose we've been together long enough for her to guess. I do as she says and I'm surprised to find that I already have a Status Card.

Status Card
This card displays your status and lists the monsters you've slain. Secondary to your normal System, it can be modified to say whatever you want.

Huh. So picking up that Unique class pre-registered me with the Guild? Convenient, so long as they don't look too closely into it. Reassured, I confidently stroll up to Luna and give her a smile.

"Hi, I'm an adventurer, and the three of us just arrived in town," I say. "I'd like to get these two registered as adventurers as well, and rent two rooms for us to stay in."

First Impressions perk activated!
+25 Affection with Luna

Huh. 25 Affection again? Is that the highest the perk offers? I get it an awful lot if that's the case. Then again, I do have a couple of LUK perks that could be affecting things.

"Sure thing," Luna replies with a polite smile. "If you can just show me your Status Card and pay the fee for those two I'll get you set up and ready to go."

I reach into my pocket to disguise the fact that I'm reaching into my inventory and grab my Status Card. I give it a quick glance. It's a very simple card. It has my name, my class, my stats, and my skills. Thankfully it doesn't show race, which could have been an issue. I didn't think it would, considering the commotion that Aqua's Status Card would have caused in canon, but it's nice to confirm it.

I give it a mental nudge to display the stats I would have without my enchanted gear and then I hand it over. She blinks as she examines it. "These are decently high stats for a level one Adventurer…" she says. "Did you choose the Adventurer class by mistake? You can change it, you have the stats for most of the basic starter classes."

"No, I'm good," I reply. "I prefer the versatility, even if it's not as specialized. How much is it to register again?"

"1,000 Eris per person," she says as she hands back my Status Card. "And if it's your choice to remain an Adventurer, then that's fine, though I do recommend changing it."

I look in my inventory. I have what is quite frankly a ludicrous amount of money thanks to Ravel's hard work with my potions shop. It's all in Yen, but before we left, Kyu told me that any currency I have can be converted automatically to any normal currency of any world I visit.

So I pull out a thousand Eris, which turns out to be a thousand Yen as well. That's convenient, it's an easy mental conversion. I've only recently gotten used to using Yen instead of USD. Switching to a new currency would have been annoying.

I hand her the money and she puts it away in a cash register. "Give me just one moment and I'll get the Status Card creator," she says.

"Sure thing," I reply before I turn to the two girls. "What she's gonna do is register you as adventurers with the Guild. She'll make you a Status card that will display your stats and skills. You'll pick a class, and be able to grab skills from that class in exchange for skill points, which you earn by leveling up. You also start out with some, depending on your abilities."

Momo blinks. "That sounds amazing! Anyone can learn magic, just like that?"

"If you have the stats for it, and you can level up, then sure," I say. "And don't worry, I'm sure you'll have more than enough stats for whatever class you want." If you count my enchanted equipment, we're actually about the same level of strength, though her stats are more specialized for spell casting. My own are pretty evenly spread, especially since they've been reduced to just 1%.

"Hey, how come you already have a Status Card?" Aqua asks. "And where'd you get the money?"

"It was part of my 'VIP' package," I say. This seems to mollify her, and just a moment later Luna comes back and places two pieces of paper on the counter.

"If I could just have you two girls fill out these forms with your information, and then just simply touch these Status Cards," Luna instructs them. Both of them do so, using surprisingly modern-looking pens to fill out the forms Luna provided. While they did so, I took a look at my own status.

Level: 401
Class: Adventurer(1/100)[0%]
HP: 7,680 (584 per second)
MP: 9,450 (813 per second)
SP: 7,920 (602 per second)
CON: 128
STR: 132
DEX: 134
INT: 135
WIS: 133
CHA: 126
LUK: 127

New Perk Added
[Jack of all Trades] - Learn any skill that is demonstrated for you. The other party must use the skill with the intention of teaching it to you rather than using it against you or in a manner that is unrelated to you.

It hurts seeing the stats I worked so hard to raise so low. And they'd be 100 points lower without my equipment. But they still all put me firmly in the range of superhuman, and my best guess is that it puts me at around the middle tier for adventurers. Though I notice something strange.

"Kyu," I address her with [Sound Domain]. "Where's my held XP? For defeating Freed, Kokabiel, and the other Fallen?"

"Oh right, I forgot to mention," Kyu says. "You don't get held XP for classes you get through the temporary nerf thing. Please, we patched that exploit ages ago. It was too easy for Gamers to rack up a bunch of held experience, accept the nerf, and then get that held experience to jump them up to a high level immediately. You'll get it with your next class."

Dammit, that's exactly what my plan was too. Oh well, it won't be hard to raise my level anyway. I still have all my skills and gear, they'll see me through.

"What- what are these stats!" Luna exclaims, pulling my attention back to the three of them. It appears both of them have finished filling out the forms and have touched the Status Cards. Luna is looking in shock at Aqua's card. That's right, as a goddess, her stats are pretty impressive, right?

Level: 1
Race: Minor Goddess
HP: 9,450
MP: 36,400
SP: 8,850
CON: 189
STR: 177
DEX: 188
INT: 8
WIS: 364
CHA: 201
LUK: 9

Huh. Level 1? With those stats? I've never seen anything like that before. Is it because she's a goddess? Do divinities work differently?

"Aside from the low intelligence and luck score, your stats are all amazing!" Luna continues. "Other than the Wizard classes, you can pick any starting class you want! Even advanced ones, like Arch-Priest."

"There isn't a Goddess class?" Aqua muses. "Well, I guess there wouldn't be. Arch-Priest sounds fine, I'll go with that one."

"Absolutely, I think it'll suit you perfectly," Luna agrees. She does something with the Status Card and then hands it over to Aqua. "There you go, you're now an Arch-Priest who has access to powerful healing and support spells and the ability to support from the back lines or lead their team from the front. It's a formidable class, and I think I speak for everyone at the Guild when I say that we look forward to seeing your exploits."

Aqua puffs out her chest as she examines her card. "Well, that's only to be expected. I'm the Goddess Aqua after all, so of course, I'm going to be powerful and useful."

Luna blinks, a smile frozen on her face, suddenly unsure about how to handle the situation in front of her.

There are several gods worshipped in this world, and Aqua is one of them, but not one that's looked upon very well. Gods draw power from the faith of their believers, and Aqua is more of a "quality over quantity" sort of goddess. Her followers are known as the Axis Cult, and they had a poor reputation due to their zealotry and aggressive recruitment practices.

So now Luna is faced with the promising new Arch-Priest claiming to be the goddess of that crazy cult and definitely doesn't believe her.

Luna, a consummate professional, chooses the tactful option and doesn't comment, instead switching over to look at Momo's card. This time I see her eyes widen as she looks over Momo's stats.

Momo Hanakai
Level: 112
Race: Reincarnated Devil
HP: 4,920
MP: 8,760
SP: 3,300
CON: 164
STR: 110
DEX: 111
INT: 292
WIS: 289
CHA: 113
LUK: 81

"This is incredible as well!" she says. "All of your stats are in line with top adventurers, and your intelligence and wisdom are high enough to make even experienced Arch-Wizards jealous! You could pick any class at all and excel in it!"

I take a look at her Status Card with [Void Sight]. All the stats are the same as what I see. Interesting. Do they use these stats and these scales in canon? It's hard to remember, though I'm pretty sure it was vague about the details. I doubt that they line up perfectly though. Maybe it was a minor tweak to the world to make it fit in line with my system?

"What do you think, Axton?" Momo asks as she looks back at me. "Should I pick Arch-Wizard?"

I shrug. "Pick whatever you want. If you want to keep specializing in magic, feel free. If you want to use a bow, I'm okay with that too. Do whatever catches your interest. Though I'll feel better if you pick something that has you on the backline." I want her to come with me on some adventures, but she's still pregnant after all. I figure we have a few months before she has to start staying at home though, and I want to spend more time with her adventuring before then.

"I'll stick with magic, I think," she says. She turns back to Luna. "I'll go with Arch-Wizard then."

"An excellent choice," Luna replies enthusiastically, doing something with her Status Card before handing it back. "In addition, both of you are starting with a large number of skill points, enough to get most, if not all, of your class skills."

I take a glance around the room as Luna shows them how to spend their skill points and advises them on what to get. Luna's outburst of surprise on seeing their stats had been pretty loud, loud enough for the other adventurers to hear it. There are a lot of people watching us. Some of them are trying to make it look like they weren't watching us, and others are just openly staring. I see a few familiar faces scattered among them.

I cross my arms and glare at everyone staring, spreading a message through the hall. These girls are mine, I won't tolerate poaching. Most of them seem to get the message and look away, either in fear, annoyance, or disinterest.

"Axton," Momo calls out to me. I turn back to her and see her looking at her Status Card. "Luna says not to bother with Basic Magic, but I wanted to get your opinion on them."

"In general, people in this world underestimate the utility potential of those spells," I explain. "Granted, they're not wrong in that they're pretty weak. The fire one, for example, is more suited to lighting candles than fighting monsters. But they're cheap in terms of skill point and mana usage, and they're great for non-combat utility, or for creative and clever fighting." I shrug. "They're not worthless, but for you? I wouldn't get them unless you've run out of things to spend skill points on. Most of the utility they offer I can replicate with my abilities or stuff I have in my inventory."

She nods, brow furrowed. "I see," she says. "I'll think about it then. I don't have to spend all my skill points right now, right?"

I shook my head. "Nope, you can spend them whenever. Having some in your pocket so you can pick up a specific skill when you need it isn't a bad idea."

She nods and then looks up at me with a smile. "You know, I think it's starting to settle in that we're in an entirely different world. It's crazy and wild, but also exciting and fun. And I'm really looking forward to it."

I smile back at her and pull her into a hug, which she returns. "Me too. Just you wait until you see how crazy this world is too."

She nods and then steps back. "Are we going to start today?" she asks.

"No need to rush," I say. "I'm gonna put up an advertisement to recruit another party member or two. We could manage on our own, but groups are typically four to five people. A tank would be nice."

"A tank...that's a gaming term, right?" she asks.

"Right," I confirm. "A tank is someone who can attract enemy attention and block or take a lot of damage, leaving their more vulnerable party members free to attack. I can dodge-tank if I need to, but it would be better to have someone more suited for the job."

"I see," she says. "Gaming has a lot in common with fighting, doesn't it?"

"Well, most games simulate some form of combat," I reply. "Maybe when we get back I'll rope Sona into trying out Dungeons and Dragons or an MMO or something."

Momo giggles. "I think it'd be a hard sell, but if anyone can do it, it'd be you."

"Hey hey, what are you guys talking about?" Aqua interrupts, approaching us.

"Our plans for today," I tell her. "Have you finished spending your skill points?"

"Yep!" she says proudly. "I was able to get all of the Arch-Priest skills, and some other ones too."

Ah right. Her party tricks. Well, if she has the points she's free to spend them however she wants. "Good. In that case, let me talk to Luna about putting up an advertisement, get us a couple of rooms, and then we'll go out and explore the town a bit. We probably need some local styled clothes, and we can do some other shopping as well."

"You'll buy me stuff too, right?" Aqua asks. "I mean, you did drag me down to this world, the least you can do is buy me stuff."

I sigh. She's hot and a goddess, but her personality needs some work. "If you see something you want I'll consider getting it for you," I say. "At least until we start doing jobs and you get your own share of money."

"Then that's fine with me," Aqua says. "Oh, and I want my own room."

"I already planned on it," I reply. "I didn't think you'd want to room with us."

Aqua blinks and tilts her head. "Us? As in the two of you?" She looks at us, and how close we're standing next to each other, before a look of realization comes over her face and she smiles. "Ooooh! It's like that, is it?" She chuckles. "You two lovebirds are gonna share a room then? In that case, I definitely want my own room."

"Two? Ha! Yeah, right," Kyu says from on top of my head. Aqua doesn't react. Huh, so not even she can see Kyu? Kyu's ability to hide must be pretty powerful.

"You'll get it, don't worry," I say before walking back over to Luna.

It only takes a few minutes to rent two of the rooms upstairs and set up an advertisement. I make sure to list our classes and specify that I'm looking for people to round out our team. Which basically just means a tank.

I'm not sure where exactly on the timeline we're at. Thankfully, unlike DxD, I have plenty of meta-knowledge about Konosuba, having read the novels. Well, the main ones, I never read the spin-off stuff. But all I know is that I've gotten here before Kazuma. I'm not even sure if Kazuma will still show up.

But more important than him, I'm not sure how I'm going to recruit Darkness and Megumin. If memory serves, they spent some time in Axel and tried to join a few other parties, I'm pretty sure, but were chased off when their personalities were discovered. Which is a shame. Sure, they're...well they can be a handful at times. But with the right management, they can be very formidable. They're just hyper-specialized.

I'm hoping that the advertisement will draw Darkness to us, and I'm hoping Megumin's pride and desperation will have her apply as well. Trying to recruit them directly is also something I can try if I spot them.

We don't bother going to our rooms yet, having nothing to drop off, and instead go out and explore the town. Though calling it a town feels a little misleading. It's fairly sizable, almost as big as Kuoh. The commercial district is large as well, most likely due to the large presence of adventurers here.

We spend all afternoon and evening looking around and shopping. Mostly for clothes, though we get a few other odds and ends as well. We don't need much, I brought a ton of stuff along and we'll be eating and sleeping at the Guild until we get our own place, but a few things catch Momo's eyes so I get them for her. Money really isn't an issue.

Something Aqua picks up on, unfortunately, and I have to deal with her bugging me to buy this and that. Most of it is inane things, and I buy her a few to keep her happy. But I have to drag her away from scammers a few times. For a Goddess, she's extraordinarily gullible.

Once the sun sets we grab dinner at the Guild and then head up to our rooms. Kyu grows to full size and throws herself on the bed as soon as we enter the room.

"Ugh, finally we can rest," she says. Judging from Momo's expression of amusement, she can see the Love Fairy as well now.

"Kyu, you literally spent all day on top of my head," I say as I start putting stuff away. Momo follows suit, putting a few things away before starting to undress for bed.

"And riding you really tires a girl out," Kyu replies, rolling over to face us so I can see the grin on her face. "You should be pretty familiar with that by now."

"Hurry up and get undressed, " I say with a roll of my eyes as I stash my clothes into my inventory. "I want to tire the two of you out for real."

"Well, when you say it like that, how can I possibly turn you down?" Kyu quips sarcastically. But she does strip, using her own abilities to make her clothes go...somewhere. They don't go in my inventory, so I'm not sure what happens with them. I'm usually a little too distracted whenever she undresses to think about it too much. And today is no exception.

I grin and get on the bed, crawling over her as I lean down and kiss her. Kissing Kyu is nice, her lips are always soft and taste faintly like candy. My erection presses against the soft skin of her stomach as it grows and hardens.

Kyu breaks off the kiss and gently pushes against my chest. I let her guide me onto my back as we swap positions, with her on top of me. Momo climbs onto the bed as well, and both of them look at me with love and desire.

We have sex every night, usually with more girls, so they both know the deal. There used to be a little bit of fighting over who got me first, but [Link Sensations] changed that, since now every girl was first and felt everything the others did. Now it's treated as more like a puzzle on how to arrange things so I can please as many girls at once as possible so they all feel it. The bisexual ones help a lot with that, focusing on each other and adding that into the mix.

Though with just the three of us, it's a lot simpler. I cast it on both of them as Kyu lowers herself on my dick and Momo moves up to straddle my face. I also use [Touch of Pleasure] and [Increase Sensitivity] to heighten the feelings and get to work.

Momo and Kyu face each other, supporting each other by holding hands, as they ride me. Kyu bounces on my dick, my large member forcing apart the tight walls of her insides and pounding against her depths. Momo grinds her wet cunt on her face as my tongue alternates between delving into her and playing with her clit. Both girls feel both things though, and it only takes seconds for the two of them to start moaning.

I make sure the noise doesn't spread with [Sound Domain], but most of my focus is on bringing my two lovers to orgasm. We take things slow, not rushing things out, even as our pleasure rises. By the time I cum, depositing my first load deep into Kyu, I've gotten both girls to cum twice.

Once I pull out of Kyu, the girls immediately swap positions. They may be sharing their sensations, but I'm not. From their point of view, I could focus on just one girl and satisfy all of them the same, though it would leave one girl more physically tired the next day. But for me, it'd just be like fucking that one girl, and I like variety.

Well, there was that one time where we tried it anyway, just to see. They drew straws to see who the girl would be, and it ended up being Atsuko. There were worse things than pumping over a dozen loads into the same girl spread out among her holes and just on her, especially when we were surrounded by moaning girls who couldn't keep their hands to themselves. But in the end, I decided I liked some variety better.

Momo gets on her knees in front of me as I sit up, tempting me with her juicy peach-shaped ass. I immediately line myself up and push into her. She and Kyu let out a moan as my rock-hard dick spreads her tight and warm walls.

As I pump my hips to start rapidly thrusting into Momo, Kyu clings to me. She presses against me as she claims my lips, needy and hungry for more stimulation and contact. I take one hand off of Momo's hips so I can wrap it around Kyu, my fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her ass.

I relish in the sensation of fucking Momo as Kyu presses her tits against my chest as she kisses me. Kyu's breasts aren't the largest, but she's right in the middle in terms of size. And that's where I like her.

I slam my hips forward, cumming once more. I frown as I realize I can probably only climax a few more times. Lowered stats means a lowered CON, which means fewer orgasms. Annoying, but a few levels will fix that fairly quickly.

"Momo," I say as I pull out of her. "Remember that idea I floated by you? The one you called 'inappropriate but entertaining'?"

Momo takes a moment to think before she grins. "You want to try it out?" she asks.

"Hey, what's this idea? I'm down for anything," Kyu comments, in the dark.

"Perfect," I say. "Trust me, you'll love it."

Kyu tilts her head. "Love what- oh!" She makes a noise of surprise as a mostly translucent barrier with a green tinge surrounds her. Momo concentrates as she changes its shape, slowly manipulating it until Kyu is basically hog-tied and suspended in the air by Momo's barriers.

"Wait, are you using multiversal superpowers for kinky sex?" Kyu asks.

"Absolutely," I reply with a straight face.

Kyu's face breaks out in a massive grin. "Fuck yeah!" she replies. "Let's get it started then!"

I turn to Momo with a grin. "Both holes, I think," I say. "I'll use her mouth to start."

Momo nods and smiles gently as she manipulates her barrier some more. Momo's barriers really only have two restrictions. One, she can only have a single barrier at a time, and two she has a maximum surface area it could cover. But she can freely shape it and move it so long as she remains within the bounds of those two limits.

So it's not too hard for her to extend part of where it's tying Kyu up down to her crotch and to grow two forcefield dildos that push their way into her pussy and ass. Kyu gasps as they do so. "That feels really weird, but in a good way," she comments. Momo nods in agreement, feeling it as well thanks to [Link Sensations].

I stand up in front of Kyu and Momo adjusts the position so that Kyu's face is level with my dick. She opens her mouth obediently, her eyes filled with desires as she stares at my throbbing erection.

I grab Kyu's head and thrust into her waiting mouth and throat. I never get tired of the different feelings of different orifices. Kyu's and Momo's pussies weren't the same, there were vast differences in the sensations due to their race. Anal and oral sex were usually less varied between my girls. But switching from vaginal to a full throat fuck? Those are very different feelings.

The real difference in oral sex comes not from their race, but their skill. And Kyu is very skilled indeed. She doesn't just use her tongue and lips, but her entire mouth and throat as well to stimulate me, tightening in rhythmic waves and humming to cause vibrations.

I know I won't last much longer like this. But Momo needs attending as well. "Momo," I say as I continue to fuck Kyu's face. "Make yourself a little seat above Kyu, I'll use my tongue on you."

Momo grins and immediately straddles Kyu's back, where the barriers are keeping Kyu's arms and ankles tied together. As she does, a curved plane extends from the barrier and Momo soon has her legs on either side of my head as she lounges in a seat made from her barrier. The Barrier-Barrier Fruit is great for sex. So good that I almost regret not eating it myself. Almost, but not quite. It'll keep her safe, and she's having just as much fun with it as I am.

I lean forward and dive into Momo's snatch, forming a chain of oral as Kyu pleasures me while I pleasure Momo. I make a mental note to brainstorm ways to make it into a triangle, which should be easy, but I'm too distracted to think straight right now.

I sometimes use [Alter Flavor] on my girls when I go down on them, it encourages me to be a little more active and thorough. But most of the time I prefer to taste the natural flavor of their arousal as I lap away. My tongue explores Momo's folds and entrances before I start focusing on her clit. Normally I'd take it slower, but my hips are increasing speed on their own as I quickly approach my own orgasm.

Kyu's throat continues to vibrate, but now it's from her moaning instead of humming. Both girls are feeling everything that's happening; forcefield dildos in their lower holes, a dick in their mouth, and my mouth on their clit. It's a lot of stimulation at once. Momo moans loudly, the sound of it slightly off as she deals with the phantom sensation of me facefucking Kyu.

Momo's moans turn to a higher pitch and she bucks her hips slightly as she cums, legs shuddering as her climax wracks her body. I finally let myself cum, releasing the pressure as I send a hefty load of semen deep into Kyu's throat.

Once I'm sure I've spent every last drop, I pull my cock free from Kyu's mouth. She immediately starts coughing, adjusting back to normal. Momo just lays there, relaxed and content. "Barriers are great," she comments idly.

"Yes, yes they are," I agree wholeheartedly. "I've got a couple rounds left in me, so let's keep having fun with them."

Both girls smiled and my dick twitched. I'm definitely looking forward to living here.

The next morning Momo, Aqua, and I have a good breakfast while we wait for people to apply. I decide that if no one shows up by lunch, we'll take a simple quest and head out. I've already talked to Luna and it's Giant Toad hunting season. They're a good target for getting into the flow of things.

Yua and Tara are still out in the town. Last night Yua contacted me saying that she had found some abandoned kittens and was busy finding them homes, with Tara helping. I told her to let me know if she needed anything and left her to it. She's pretty diligent about accomplishing her goals of finding abandoned kittens, Kuoh basically has no strays left. I'm sure Axel will turn out the same way soon. I don't know what Kyu is doing. She just said she was going to be 'around' and left after breakfast.

I spot a few people looking at the advertisement we put up, but none of them approach us. I also see a familiar face sitting at a nearby table. Yunyun, a member of the Crimson Demon clan and Megumin's rival. She keeps glancing at us awkwardly, and I can practically read her thoughts. I consider inviting her to join our party, but I'd rather have Megumin. Besides, there's nothing Yunyun can do that Momo can't. I'll get around to becoming her friend later, right now I need to focus on securing Megumin and Darkness.

"Axton, why is it that most of the people that see the advertisement you put up glare at you before walking away?" Momo asks a couple hours into our wait.

"Probably because they don't qualify," I say.

"What sort of qualifications did you put on there?" Momo asks.

"They have to be an advanced class, and a girl," I reply. There's no way I'm gonna accept a dude as a party member, so I don't want to even bother interviewing them. And honestly, I just want Megumin and Darkness, and they both meet those requirements. Hell, in this town of beginners, they're probably the only ones who fit those requirements

The fact that the other adventurers are seeing that requirement and then seeing me, an Adventurer class with two advanced class beauties by my side, and judging me for it? Didn't care at all.

Momo just shakes her head, even if she's smiling. She's long gotten used to my antics. Aqua isn't even paying attention and is scribbling on a piece of paper. Though, on a second look, it's hard to call it scribbling when it's a highly detailed depiction of Momo's face. Huh. I forgot that Aqua is actually pretty good at art. And it's keeping her quiet and distracted, which is nice.

I try not to perk up as I see a familiar face. She's wearing a red robe-like dress, black hat, a red eyepatch, bandages on one leg, and a thigh-high black sock on the other. Without a doubt, it's Megumin. Unfortunately, she doesn't head for either the job board, where my advertisement is, or our table. Instead, she heads for another table with another group.

I watch as she approaches. One of the guys spots her and whispers something to the others, and they all stiffen and avoid looking at her. Megumin, oblivious, approaches the group of three with a smile. Though that smile quickly disappears as she tries to talk to them and none of them want to look at her.

They whisper among themselves before the single girl of the group turns to Megumin with a nervous smile on her face. I don't need to deploy my [Sound Domain] to know what's said, Megumin's reaction is enough. She gets down on her knees and starts clutching at the girl's clothes. No doubt she went on an adventure with them yesterday and they discovered what she's like and have decided not to party with her anymore.

After a few minutes of this the group that she used to be part of flees the Guild Hall, leaving a dejected Megumin behind. I notice that most of the other groups present are doing their best to pretend not to notice. I guess Megumin already has a bit of a reputation here, huh?

This works out for me though. I watch her head over to the job board and start looking over it. I can tell her heart isn't into it though, she's moving sluggishly and keeps sighing as she looks over the jobs. Most jobs have a minimum person requirement that the Guild enforces, and there aren't many requests that can be done with just one person.

Thankfully, exactly what I want to happen does happen. She spots the advertisement I posted and she perks up. I avert my eyes, making it seem like I'm not watching her as she turns to face us. She takes a moment to regain her composure, standing up straighter and putting a confident expression on, and then she heads directly for us.

I turn to look at her once she gets close, as does Momo. She grins and comes to a stop in front of the table. "You are in luck!" she boasts. "I am Megumin, the number one mage of the Crimson Demon Clan! I have seen your advertisement, and I have decided to join your party!"

"But we already have an Arch-Wizard," I say, pointing at Momo. I want Megumin of course, but I can't resist teasing her a bit.

Megumin freezes, presumably not expecting this hurdle. She must not have read the advertisement very well.

"Is there any reason we can't have two mages?" Momo asks.

I shrug. "I guess not," I reply. "It's potentially a little imbalanced though." I turn my attention back to Megumin. "What spells do you know?"

She pauses and looks a little nervous, but continues in her grandiose manner. "I have mastered the most difficult and amazing magic of all, Explosion!"

"Oh, I don't have that one," Momo says. "It was a lot of points so I didn't get it."

"See? Then there should be no problem with me joining your party," Megumin replies.

I could tease her more, ask her what other spells she knows, since I know she doesn't know any others. But nah, I don't want to put up too much of a fight. "Well, in that case, how about this? We still need another front-liner so I want to stay here until the afternoon. But after that, we're going to go hunt Giant Toads. You can join as a sort of trial and we'll decide after that."

"That is perfectly acceptable," she says with a serious nod. Unfortunately for her, her serious demeanor is instantly ruined by the loud sound of her stomach growling in hunger. "Umm, actually, could I have you treat me to lunch? I don't have any money for food…" she says in a small voice.

I half expected this. "Sure, sure," I say easily. "Go ahead and order, I'll cover it for today. By the way, I'm Axton, an Adventurer. This is my wife, Momo, the other Arch-Wizard, and over there is Aqua, an Arch-Priest." Momo blushes slightly as I call her my wife and leans against me.

First Impressions perk activated
+10 Affection with Megumin

"Thank you," she says in a humble and small tone. "It's nice to meet you- wait, your wife?"

"Is it so strange to want to go adventuring with your new wife?" I ask.

"I-I suppose not," she replies, unsure. She changes the subject by flagging down a waitress and ordering some food. Momo wraps her arm around mine and cuddles up to me. I could feel her happiness spike when I called her my wife, she definitely liked that a lot.

As Megumin eats her food I spot another familiar face. It's not the one I'm looking for, but it's related. I see Chris, the scantily clad thief with silver hair and a scar on her face. There are a lot of reasons why I'm interested in Chris, but the most relevant one is that she's friends with Darkness.

Sure enough, I spot her slinking out of the Guild, her eyes flickering to us. We make brief eye contact, and Chris gives me a small smile before disappearing.

Good, that means she's probably going to fetch Darkness, to ask her to join our group. That means I just have to wait. While I do, I play with a bit of adamantium, using [Shape Metal] to change its shape and level the skill.

Thirty minutes later I spot Darkness enter the hall. She's wearing a gleaming set of heavy plate armor and has her long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She casts her eyes around the Guild Hall before her gaze settles on us. I get a sense of deja vu as she stands up straighter and strides toward us.

"Excuse me, but I heard that you were recruiting party members," she says as she comes to a stop in front of our table. "My name is Darkness, and I'm a Crusader. If you need someone to protect you and take hits for you, I would gladly take that position."

Yeah, I'm sure she would. "A Crusader is exactly the sort of class we need to balance out this party," I say enthusiastically. "What do you say to going out hunting for Giant Toads as a trial run? So we can all get a feel for each other's skill set and see how the group dynamics work."

"I think that is an excellent idea," she replies.

"Great, are you ready to go right now?" I ask.

"I am," she says. "I prepared myself before approaching."

I nod. "In that case, let me introduce us. I'm Axton, and my class is Adventurer. This is my wife, Momo, who is an Arch-Wizard. The blue-haired one is Aqua, an Arch-Priest. And the red one is Megumin, an Arch-Wizard we also recruited this morning."

First Impressions perk activated
+50 Affection with Darkness

Perk rewarded for 50 Affection with Darkness
[Noticed by Nobility] - Increases Affection gains from nobility by 20%

I try not to let my surprise show on my face. Just when I'm wondering if First Impressions topped out at 25, I get a 50. More surprisingly is that the Affection perk is targeting nobles, not masochists. Then again, I guess I already have one for masochists, and maybe the System is just trying not to double up too much?

Darkness seems a little taken aback, but whether it's about Momo being my wife, my class, or something else, I don't know, because she schools her expression and nods. "It's good to meet you all, I hope we get along well."

I stand up, Megumin and Momo following suit. I look over at Aqua, still drawing. "Come on Aqua, we're going to go hunt some Giant Toads."

"Huh?" she says, finally looking up. "Oh, new party members. Why wasn't I asked if they could join?"

"The toad hunting is a trial run," I say. "It'll be an interview basically. You can weigh in on if you want them to join afterward."

"That makes sense," she says with a nod. "Alright, I'll allow it." Darkness and Megumin give her a strange look and I just roll my eyes.

It takes us about an hour to walk out to the fields outside of town where the Giant Toads are said to be. Apparently, it's mating season, and they become troublesome during this time of year, so the Guild has a standing bounty on them. It's not a lot of money, but it's good work for beginners.

We're the only group out here though. Then again, it's a bit before lunch, so maybe the others are just waiting for the afternoon. I see some of the Giant Toads hopping around. They're massive, ten feet tall and very bulky.

I turn to the others. "How about this? So we all get to see each other in action, why don't we take turns going one at a time? I'll take out a toad, then Momo will, then Darkness, and then Megumin." Megumin has to go last because I suspect things will devolve at that point.

"Facing a Giant Toad who wants nothing more than to eat me by myself?" Darkness says. "I will gladly face this trial." Her perversion is definitely starting to show already.

"These beasts are no match for the almighty power of Explosion magic!" Megumin declares. "Such a feat is easy for someone of my caliber."

"Hey hey, what about me?" Aqua asks.

"You're the healer," I reply. "Unless it's undead, you don't need to worry about trying to kill it. Just support and heal us, there's no need for you to do something like killing." Besides, I know what attack she wants to use. 'God Blow', which is just a punch imbued with her relatively lackluster divine power. Considering Giant Toads are resistant to blunt attacks like that, it'll do nothing but get her eaten.

"Ah, so I can just take it easy then?" she replies. "Great!"

I sigh. "Not exactly but sure, whatever." I'm not too worried about it today. I'll talk to Momo later about making sure she does her job as a healer.

"Momo, could you pick a toad for me?" I ask her as I settle into a runner's stance. "I'll kill that one and be back in record time." I activated [Void Blood], and a discordant melody starts to run through my veins, empowering me. Even with my lowered stats, [Void Blood] brings them all to about 600. This is the real reason I wasn't worried about a temporary nerf. I have too many ways to get around it.

"That pink one then," she says, pointing at one kind of far away. "And running only. It's not fair to the rest of us if you use that one skill." Her tone is teasing. She knows I'm just looking to show off.

I nod and then take off. 607 DEX means I can move pretty fast, but it still takes me a handful of seconds to reach the toad she pointed out. Once I do, I draw Ouroboros and leap into the air. The toads are covered in a thick blubbery hide, but there's still one vital thing that my knife can reach.

I land on top of the Toad, which hasn't even noticed me, and nearly slide off of its slippery skin, but I manage to hold on. I immediately use [Void Edge] to give my knife a bit of extra cutting power, and I slam it down through the toad's skull.

It spasms under me for a few seconds before collapsing. Satisfied that it's dead, I run back to the others. Momo doesn't look surprised, having seen me in action before, and Aqua isn't even paying attention, but Megumin and Darkness have expressions of shock on their faces.

There's a reason I wanted to show off. Adventurers are looked down on in this world. It's seen as the weakest class. My display was meant to rid them of any thoughts that I'm weak, that I don't have the skills to lead this team of advanced classes.

+6 Affection with Megumin
For such a cool attack

+8 Affection with Darkness
For being a capable fighter

And it looks like it worked. I grin at them. "And that's why I'm the leader," I say. "Don't worry, I don't expect you two to perform on that level."

"Are you secretly a veteran adventurer?" Darkness asks, still shocked.

"Nope, but I did have a fair bit of experience before I became one," I reply. Before she can question me further, I turn to Momo. "Your turn, I suggest trying out one of your new spells."

Momo nods and raises her hand. I make a mental note to make her a magic staff later. A magic circle appears in front of her head and I feel her mana start to build. After a few seconds, she shouts "Blade of Wind!" and a crescent-shaped packet of air rushes forward from her outstretched hand and homes in on the nearest toad. On impact, a massive gash opens on the toad's hide, and it falls over, slain.

Momo turns to me with a smile. "That was even faster than you I'm pretty sure," she teases me.

"Ranged attacks are cheating," I argue.

"You could have used one," she replies smugly.

"Yeah, yeah," I say. "Alright Darkness, it's your turn."

"Very well," she says confidently. "I will show you what I'm capable of." She draws her sword and hikes off towards the nearest toad. She's actually headed for a small group of them, though they don't pay her any mind, even as she gets within twenty feet of them.

"Decoy!" I hear her shout. That does it. All three toads instantly turn to look at her and quickly hop and start to surround her.

"Should we help?" Momo asks, concerned.

"She'll be fine," I assure her.

Sure enough, the three frogs all lash out with their tongues. Each one hits Darkness with a serious force, harsh enough that we can hear the impact even from back here. But she barely moves, and the tongues are retracted without netting any prey. She looks pretty excited though. Her mouth is moving, and I can tell she's muttering about her sexual fantasies.

Her expression turns to disappointment though when the toads then turn away and leave her. Huh. Honestly, I was hoping to give her a treat by letting her get swallowed. She's as masochist as they come and would no doubt enjoy that.

"That's right, Giant Toads hate metal," Megumin comments. Ah. I had forgotten that little detail. No wonder Darkness wasn't ever swallowed.

"Lucky for her," I say instead of my true thoughts. She's chasing after one now, a look of desperation on her face. The toad stops so she starts swinging her sword at it...but completely misses. Wow. Seeing it in action sure is something else. If I didn't know better, there would be no way to convince me she wasn't missing on purpose.

" she messing around?" Momo asks hesitantly.

"Unfortunately, I don't think she is," I reply. Out of curiosity, I hit her with [Observe].

Level: 16
Race: Human
HP: 7,600
MP: 100
SP: 1,920
CON: 76
STR: 64
DEX: 4
INT: 10
WIS: 7
CHA: 14
LUK: 8

Isn't her HP really high for her CON? She has roughly as much HP as I did with 30 more CON. Though killing the Toad got me a few levels, so my HP is higher now. Still, considering how many bonuses I have increasing my HP, it's pretty impressive for her to start out with that. Other than CON and STR though, her stats are kinda bad. How about Megumin?

Level: 16
Race: Human(Crimson Demon)
HP: 180
MP: 8,700
SP: 140
CON: 9
STR: 7
DEX: 9
INT: 87
WIS: 56
CHA: 4
LUK: 11

Pretty much the same thing, but with a focus on MP and INT instead. They're even at the same level.

After a few minutes of Darkness working up a sweat while swinging her sword in the same general vicinity of the target several times larger than her I get bored and call out to her. "Alright, that's enough Darkness, come on back."

Darkness looks at us, shoulders heaving and face red. She has a complicated expression on her face as heads back towards us. I see her muttering again and decide to activate [Sound Domain] to pick up what she's saying.

"-really need to join their party. He let me humiliate myself for so long before he looked down on me and told me to stop making a fool of myself." I see her shiver. "Such a cruel man, I can't miss this chance."

+8 Affection with Darkness
For letting her humiliate herself

This girl...Well, this is what I expected. And she's hot, so I won't say no to free Affection. She's already up to 66.

"We'll talk about your performance once Megumin goes," I say. She shudders again and nods. To a casual observer, her shuddering was probably a sign of nervousness or shame. I knew better than that though.

I turn to Megumin. "Last but not least, it's your turn. Show us what the number one Arch-Wizard of the Crimson Demon Clan can do."

She throws her cloak out dramatically and raises her staff. "Ask and ye shall receive! Prepare to behold the might of the master of Explosion Magic!"

She points her staff at a small group of Giant Toads.

"Darkness blacker than black and darker than dark,
I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson.
The time of awakening cometh.
Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary,
appear now as intangible distortions!
I desire for my torrent of power a destructive force:
a destructive force without equal!
Return all creation to cinders,
and come from the abyss!

After one of the most chuuni chants I've ever heard, during which I felt a massive amount of magic build up and magic circles appeared in the air, a beam of light flashes from her staff and strikes the ground between the toads.

It's immediately followed by an absolutely massive explosion. The air cracks with the sonic boom of rushing air, and all of us have to steady ourselves or be buffeted off of our feet. Not much heat makes it this far back, but the same can't be said for ground zero.

After blinking away the spots in my vision, and once the dust clears, all that remains is a large crater in the ground where the toads once were. The grass around the crater has been burnt to a crisp, and not even the bones of the turtles remain. They were either disintegrated or flung away.

It was truly impressive. Experiencing it is a totally different thing than seeing it on a television screen. I look down at the ground where Megumin has collapsed, face forward. Well, that aspect kind of ruins the mood.

"Impressive, but is there a reason you're on the ground now?" I ask.

"A proper Explosion Mage puts everything they have into an Explosion!" she declares, voice slightly muffled by the grass.

"So you're out of mana," I simplify.

"Yep, I can't move at all," she replies casually.

I sigh. "Of course not. How long does it take you to recover?"

"I'll be able to walk in about thirty minutes but I won't be able to cast Explosion again until tomorrow."

"How about other spells?" I ask, knowing the answer.

"I refuse to learn any other spell, Explosion is all I need," she immediately replies.

"I see," I reply. I mostly just needed her to say it. "Well, whatever, I'll carry you back to the Guild. We can-"

"Where's Aqua?" Momo asks, interrupting me.

I blink and look around before cursing. I knew it had been too quiet. I spot Aqua several hundred feet away, running away from a Giant Toad that is chasing her.

"Dammit," I say. "You two, watch Megumin, I'll retrieve our healer." I set off running just in time to see the toad shoot its tongue at Aqua and pull her into its mouth. Dammit. I reach the Giant Toad a second later and kill it just the same as the other one. It collapses to the ground dead, with Aqua's lower body sticking out of its mouth.

I go to pull her out and pause. Huh. So she doesn't wear panties. Good to know. I put that thought aside for later and grab Aqua's legs and yank her out.

She immediately starts crying. "Waaaah! I can't believe it tried to eat me!"

"What were you even doing out here by yourself?" I ask her, annoyed.

"You guys were being really boring and I thought I saw a pretty flower a little ways away so I went to look at it," she says, sniffling. "And then I saw another one, and then I found a weirdly shaped rock, and then next thing I know there's a big boom and I'm being chased by a big frog and then it ate me and now I'm all gross and sticky."

I sigh. "At least tell me if you're going to wander off," I say. I reach out and touch her with a fingertip before using [Clean Body] on her, cleaning all the gross toad slime off of her. "There, is that better?"

+9 Affection with Aqua
For cleaning her up

Perk upgraded for 50 Affection with Aqua
[Divine Delight] - Increases Affection gain with divinities by 40%

Already? I mean, I know she's easy to handle if you do it right, but still.

"I'm- I'm clean?" she asks, surprised.

"A handy little spell I picked up," I reply before offering her my hand. "Now come on, we're wrapped up here for today and we're headed back to the Guild to claim our reward."

"O-okay," she says, her tears drying up. She takes my hand and I help her up before the two of us walk back to the others.

"Are you okay Aqua?" Momo asks as we approach.

"Me?" she replies. "You don't even need to ask. It takes more than that to get to a Goddess such as myself." Good to see that she's regained her confidence and her mood has gone back to normal.

"Goddess?" Darkness repeats with a frown. "You know, even if you're a very devout believer, you shouldn't call yourself a Goddess. Aqua might get mad."

I pick up Megumin and put her on my back, piggyback style. She seems to have enough strength to hold on so long as I don't lean back. With a thought, I activate [Touch of Pleasure] on a low level. I'm most likely going to be carrying her a lot like this, and it's best to start early if I want her to associate being touched by me with feeling good.

Aqua stomps her foot. "But I am the Goddess Aqua!" She turns to me. "Tell her Axton!"

I keep my face carefully blank and my voice monotone. "She is the Goddess Aqua," I dutifully repeat.

Darkness raises an eyebrow at my statement and Aqua glares at me. "That wasn't convincing at all!"

It wasn't meant to be. It's funnier if they think she's crazy. "Come on, let's go back to the Guild, we can talk while we eat lunch."

[Empathy] picks up a bit of nervousness from Megumin and Darkness, but neither of them says anything as we walk back. Aqua keeps muttering about how she really is a Goddess and how she should be treated with more respect. Momo seems endlessly amused by Aqua's ranting. She knows full well that I know that Aqua is a Goddess and I'm just messing with her.

As we get closer to the Guild Darkness' and Megumin's nervousness gets more pronounced. I can tell they're worrying about their performance. I pretend not to notice though and let them stew for a bit. It'll make them more grateful when I let them into the party.

The five of us enter the Guild and approach the front desk, where Luna is.

"How did it go?" she asks us, not even batting an eye at the fact that Megumin is on my back.

"Decently well, we were mostly just trying to see what the others could do, so I think we only killed six or so," I say. I got two, Momo got one, and Megumin's blast got at least three, maybe more.

The three of us with kills hand over our Status Cards to Luna, who checks them to confirm our kills. Honestly, it's the most useful part of the Status Card. For me at least. I guess others would argue that it's the ability to learn skills, but I can do that anyway.

"I have confirmed that you killed a total of six Giant Toads," Luna says as she hands back our cards. "How would you like to split the reward?"

"Evenly between the five of us," I say, surprising Megumin and Darkness. "We're going to be forming a party from now on after all."

Luna smiles at me, and [Empathy] picks up a mix of gratitude and respect, with just a hint of pity. Yeah, I know. "Absolutely," she says. "I'll get that reward prepared." She disappears into the backroom.

"Are you sure?" Darkness asks, a bit nervous. When I look at her she's averting her eyes and fidgeting. "I mean, I embarrassed myself out there, none of my attacks hit. I must have looked like a fool after my boasting-"

"It's fine," I say, interrupting her. "That's something we can work on, but truth be told it's not that important. You can taunt, and you can take a hit. The rest of us have more than enough firepower to cover offense. So long as you act as our shield, we don't need to worry."

Darkness seems a little taken aback, but she smiles. "I see. Don't worry, I'm quite confident in my defense. I will make sure to protect all of you."

I hold back a frown. Wait, no Affection gain? But that was a good moment right there, I accepted her despite her flaws. Oh right, she's a masochist. "We'll just have to train hard so you don't embarrass yourself with pitiful attacks like that again."

+8 Affection with Darkness
For your blunt criticism of her skills

She flinches as if I struck her, but I can feel her happiness as she squirms. Momo shoots me a look of confusion, probably not sure why I would say something like that when I'm normally not that blunt. "Masochist," I whisper to her with [Sound Domain], and her eyes widen with realization. She looks back at Darkness and then back to me and shakes her head, amused.

"Hey, what about me?" Megumin asks from my back.

"Your Explosion magic was magnificent," I reply, not even lying. "While it's situational, and the one-a-day thing limits us somewhat, the ability to do that amount of damage and destruction can be a powerful tool if we leverage it correctly. So long as you listen to me while we're on quests and only use it when and where I tell you to, I'd be glad to have you on our team."

+12 Affection with Megumin
For understanding the glory of Explosion

"It's good to hear that you realize my potential," she says haughtily. "Very well, I shall agree to your terms so long as you agree to one of my own. I have a deadly disease that means I must use Explosion every day or I will perish. If you help me with this, I shall lend my magnificent power to your team."

"Sure sure, that's fine with me," I say, taking her chuunibyou-like manner in stride. "I'll carry you after you collapse each day."

"Speaking of, hasn't it been more than thirty minutes?" Darkness asks. "Shouldn't you be able to move now?"

"Ah, so it has," Megumin says as she moves around on my back. "I didn't even realize." She doesn't make any attempts to get off though. I guess [Touch of Pleasure] is doing a better job than I thought. Still, now that it's been pointed out, I should put her down. I crouch down a bit and let go of her legs. I feel a bit of disappointment from her, but she climbs off my back and doesn't say anything.

Luna chooses that moment to arrive, carrying five bags filled with coins, which she hands out to all of us. "And here's your payment," she says. "For a first outing, you guys did fairly well, and I'm looking forward to seeing you grow as adventurers."

"Thanks, Luna," I say as we grab our money. "I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun."

Kazuma blinked, confused, as he looked around. His memories were fuzzy and he couldn't remember how he got here. Wherever 'here' was. It was entirely black all around him, and he was sitting in some kind of chair. The only bit of color was the person sitting straight ahead of him.

She was super hot, a beauty that seemed out of this world. Actually, now that he was looking closer, that might be a better description than he thought because unless he was mistaken, she had a pair of fluffy white wings extending from her back. A cosplayer?

"Kazuma Satou," the girl said with a kind smile. "It is my duty to tell you that you have, unfortunately, passed away."

"...huh?" Kazuma replied, confused. "Wait, is this some kind of prank? Kidnap the NEET, stick them in a weird room with a cosplayer and try to tell them they died? Well, I'm not falling for it!" He crossed his arms and looked away. Though he kept peeking back at the girl. She really was cute, and her dress was pretty short. If she moved her legs the right way then he could maybe see her panties.

Focused on her legs as he was, he missed the quick flash of annoyance that crossed the girl's face. She hid it quickly though and went back to looking serene. "Such thoughts are common for those who just died. I encourage you to remember what you were doing up until now. Try starting at the beginning of your day."

Well, there was no harm in that. "I remember waking up really early so I could go out to pick up the limited edition of a game I really wanted," he said. His brow furrowed. "I don't remember getting to the store though." His eyes widened. "That's right! There was that girl! She was about to be hit by a truck and I pushed her out of the way!" He slumped over in his seat. "Oh man, I guess this means I really am dead, huh? What about the girl? Is she okay?"

The Angel hesitated. The truth was, he hadn't saved the girl. She hadn't even been in any danger. The truck in question was, in reality, a tractor that was moving so slowly it didn't even hit Kazuma when he threw himself in front of it. Kazuma then died of shock, fully believing he had been hit by a truck.

But she wasn't required to clarify his misunderstandings. Unless he asked her specific questions, she didn't have to comment on how he died at all. It wasn't her job. Her job was just to ferry him to whichever destination he chose. Besides, she had a bad feeling about this guy, and the less she interacted with him, the better.

"The girl was unharmed," the Angel said carefully.

Kazuma sighed in relief. "Well, at least my death wasn't for nothing." The Angel twitched. "So you're an Angel huh? No wonder you're so sexy. Though, personally, I prefer girls with bigger tits." Another twitch. "Anyway, this is the afterlife? It kinda sucks. Super boring, even if the eye candy is nice."

The Angel worked hard to keep a smile on her face. "No, this is only an in-between point. My job is to explain your options to you, and then guide you to what you choose."

"Do I get rewards for dying by saving a girl?" Kazuma asked excitedly.

The Angel paused. "You have three options," she said, not answering his question. "The first is that you can go to heaven."

"So I do get a reward for being such a good guy," he said, satisfied. "What is heaven like? Can I play games there? Watch anime?"

"Heaven is a realm of eternal rest, where souls spend the rest of time living without the worries that come with a physical body. There are no distractions and the souls there have no needs, they simply exist."

Kazuma's eyes widened. "Heaven?! That's Heaven?! Are you sure you didn't just describe Hell? You're not trying to trick me, are you? I lived a good life! I saved that girl! I don't deserve a fate as cruel as that!"

The Angel grit her teeth. She had already processed a hundred souls since taking over for Lady Aqua, a rate that was far higher than what that useless boss of hers ever achieved, but none of them were half as infuriating as this boy. "If that's not to your liking, then perhaps you would like the second option, reincarnation? You'll be reborn in your world as a baby. You won't have any memory of your past life, you will simply start again, fresh."

Kazuma leaned back, folding his arms. "That sounds better, but I don't like it much. I mean, would that even still be me without my memories? What's the third option?"

"One of the worlds we're responsible for is currently under siege by a Demon King," the Angel explained. "This has caused many of that world's inhabitants to choose to move on to heaven rather than be reborn in a world they believe is doomed. As a result, that world's population is growing dangerously low. To combat this, we're offering dead souls a special opportunity. You can keep your memories and body, and we'll send you down to that world with a powerful divine item or skill to defeat the Demon King."

Kazuma sat up straight, suddenly interested. "Wait a second, you mean I can get some cheat item and become a hero who slays the demon king?" He shook his head. "No wait, that sounds good on paper, but wouldn't that be actually super dangerous?"

"It is," the Angel admitted. "However, with our assistance, plus the Status systems, it's entirely possible. We're not asking you to defeat him immediately, we understand that it would take years. You will also have the assistance of other people who have come from other worlds and have been given a 'cheat' as well."

Kazuma put a hand on his chin as he thought. Fighting the Demon King sounded super dangerous and very much not his thing. But the chance to go to a fantasy world with a cheat? No self-respecting Otaku could pass that up. Besides, it sounds like there are others already there. Surely they could take care of the Demon King and he could just enjoy his life?

"What happens if someone else beats the Demon King before me?" he asked.

"Then you will remain in that world with your blessing until you die, at which time you will be offered either heaven or reincarnation," she explained. "As a small bonus, you will be able to choose whether you reincarnate in your original world, or in this new one."

So basically just putting it off further, huh? Well, that was fine with him. If he played his cards right, he could live a good long and satisfying life with a harem of fantasy girls. Future-him could figure out what he wanted after that.

Kazuma nodded. "In that case, I choose option three."

The Angel was aware of his thought process, she could see it plainly on his face. She sighed internally. This one would be useless, no doubt. Still, it wasn't her job to judge the souls that came before her. All she was responsible for was giving them the choice.

She waved her hand and a book appeared on Kazuma's lap. "In there are descriptions of every blessing we can bestow upon you. Please look over it and choose whichever one you want."

"Sweet!" he exclaimed as he opened the book. "Now, what will lead to the comfiest li- I mean, what will help me defeat the Demon King."

The Angel didn't bother holding back her sigh this time, but Kazuma was too distracted by the book to notice. Well, at least this one agreed. None of the previous souls she had interviewed had wanted to go to a new world. Nearly all of them asked more questions about the world and, upon discovering more details about the state of it, and how close the Demon King was to winning, they chose one of the other options instead.

This man hadn't asked any questions like that though, not even to ask about how he would be able to understand the local language. A lot of people decided not to risk it when she explained the risks that came alongside having a language forcibly shoved into your brain, even if she emphasized it happened less than five percent of the time.

He sure was taking his time looking through the book though, muttering to himself all the while. Is this why Lady Aqua was the way she was? Normally she was pretty focused on work, but she had nothing to do while he chose, and a bag of chips did sound pretty good right now…

"Isn't there anything in here that would help me collect a harem?" Kazuma asked out loud, bringing out of her daydreams.

She blinked a few times, struggling to process what he had just said. "What?"

"I mean, there are all sorts of cool things in here, but I don't really want to fight the Demon King," he said. "So I figured I'd find a skill that lets me get a lot of girls, and I can have them fight him instead. Though I guess I would be okay with not fighting at all too, so I'd settle for an item that just helps me get laid."

The Angel froze. This man...he was dangerous. He was seriously dangerous to women. There was such an item in there too, near the end. A skill that allowed the user to control their pheromones. It could definitely be used to help him satisfy his carnal desires.

Her job wasn't to judge...but as an Angel, could she really give a man like this that kind of power and unleash him on the world? No, she couldn't. She had rules she had to follow, but a thought occurs to her, and a smile grows on her face.

"If that is what you desire, then might I suggest this item?" She raises her hand, and in it appears a bracelet. It had a simple design, with a red thin metal band and a stylized heart. "This is Aphrodite's Gift, and I guarantee that if you wear it, you will find it much easier to find a sexual partner. Though it comes with the downsides of not being able to take it off once it has been put on."

Kazuma was practically drooling. "Who would want to? I'll take that one!"

The Angel smiled, and there was a hint of victory there, but Kazuma missed it due to being distracted by the thoughts of having a harem. The book disappeared from his lap, and a magical circle appeared beneath him. Kazuma began floating upwards, traveling to the new world.

"I wish you the best of luck," the Angel said. "And I hope you enjoy your life with your new blessing."

"Oh, you bet I will!" Kazuma cheered. He couldn't believe it, this was actually happening! "New world and a harem filled with fantasy girls, here I come!"

Vanishing from that empty space and arriving on solid ground was a little disconcerting, but he adjusted quickly. He checked the pockets of his tracksuit and quickly found the cheat item. Grinning, he immediately put it on.

His sense of victory vanished quickly though. He wasn't sure how the item was meant to work, but he hadn't expected his body to immediately start shifting and contorting. It didn't hurt, but it was extremely uncomfortable. He stumbled back, falling to the ground, panic taking over him.

But as quickly as it started, it stopped. Kazuma took a moment to pause and collect his breath. What was that? He looked down to look at the bracelet, but he was immediately distracted by something else. Namely the two moderately large lumps on his chest. Were those...boobs?

He immediately grabbed them, cupping them in his hands. He hadn't touched other boobs before, but these were definitely boobs. He stood up, still fondling himself, and noticed that something else felt off. He slowly reached down, nervous, and put a hand on his crotch.

Or maybe her crotch was a better way to say it because it was completely gone. The panic came back then as she realized what had happened. She had been turned completely into a girl.

She grabbed the bracelet still on her wrist and tried pulling it off, but it wouldn't budge even a millimeter. It was like it was part of her skin now.

Her mind flashed back to what the angel said, about how it couldn't be taken off. What kind of cursed item was that? Why would you make something you couldn't take off? And how was this going to help her make a harem?

She froze. That wasn't what the Angel said though, was it? She said it would make it easier for her to get laid. As a girl, she'd have a much easier time convincing a guy to sleep with her than she would as a guy trying to get a girl to sleep with him.

"You tricked me!" she yelled into the sky, flinching at the unfamiliar sound of her slightly higher-pitched voice. "You rotten Angel! I can't believe you would do this to me!"

Unaware of her victim's anguish, the Angel accepted the next soul with a satisfied smile on her face. She had rules she had to follow, but that didn't mean she couldn't work within those rules to do a good deed. She sincerely hoped that spending time as a woman would help Kazuma grow into a better person. Though she wasn't planning on holding her breath. Even as an Angel, she knew that some miracles were just too impossible.

Momo and I head down to the main hall of the Guild, leaving Kyu sleeping in our room. There we spot Megumin and Aqua already eating breakfast. There's no sign of Darkness, but she probably has accommodations somewhere else, somewhere nicer, and doesn't need to eat breakfast at the Guild like the rest of us.

"You guys excited for today?" I ask as I sit down across from them. "We'll be doing a proper quest today, not just some random Giant Toad hunting."

Aqua shivers. "Please, no more Giant Toads," she begs.

"You would have been fine if you just stuck close to us," I admonish her. "But no, we won't be hunting those. I think we showed that we're capable of better hunts than that. Though we'll have to convince the Guild first, which means proving ourselves."

"I see, so we must prove ourselves worthy of powerful foes?" Megumin asks. "Very well, with the power of Explosion, I shall blow away any formidable beast, and show the Guild that I am the most powerful Arch-Wizard of all time!"

"No Explosions without permission," I remind her.

She immediately slumps a little, losing her excitement. "Ah, right. Well, so long as I get to use it, it's fine." She perks back up immediately though. "Do you have a quest picked out already?"

I shake my head. "No, I figure we could pick one as a group. We can just eat breakfast and wait for Darkness to arrive and pick one when she does." I flag down a passing waitress and order some breakfast for me and Momo.

As we eat and chat I keep an eye on the door, waiting for Darkness. Several adventurers enter and leave while I watch, coming in to find work or just to grab some food, or leaving on jobs, errands, or to hang around somewhere else. The adventurers in this town are an easy-going bunch.

But as I'm watching, I spot someone strange. Someone familiar, yet not. A girl with brown hair. She's cute, I guess, but I'd call her very average. What catches my attention more is the out-of-place outfit she's wearing. A familiar-looking green tracksuit.

Kazuma Satou
Level: 1
Race: Human
HP: 100
MP: 140
SP: 100
CON: 10
STR: 10
DEX: 10
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 10
LUK: 33

I pause, caught off guard. So Kazuma did arrive...but genderbent? Why? I didn't do it, did I? There's no way I could have. I deliberately didn't choose to do so when I world jumped. I didn't even think Kazuma would show up at all. According to the novels, the Angel that takes over for Aqua is too blunt and fails to convince anyone to come down here. But here's Kazuma, and a girl for some reason.

Her name is still Kazuma though, and that strikes me as odd. It's not a very feminine name. Did Kazuma do something to turn into a girl? That would be one hell of a butterfly I set off, especially since it's only been a day. Kazuma likely just arrived herself.

"I'll be right back," I say as I stand up. Momo looks at me questioningly, but the other two barely acknowledge me, caught in a conversation about something I hadn't been paying attention to. Kazuma is talking to Luna, and I can feel the panic from here. [Sound Domain] tells me why; she doesn't have the money to register as an adventurer.

"I don't mind lending you the money," I say as I approach them. Luna looks up in surprise, and Kazuma turns around.

First Impressions perk activated
+10 Affection with Kazuma Satou

Her eyes narrow at me. "Yeah? Why would you do that? No one asked you!"

"Now now, don't be like that," I reply easily as I take the money out of my inventory. "I recognize the clothes of a fellow Japanese traveler when I see one, and just wanted to help out."

Kazuma relaxes a bit but still looks at me with a bit of suspicion. "You don't look very Japanese," she points out.

"Technically I'm American," I explain with a shrug. "I moved to Japan when I was young though." I offer her the money. "No strings attached, just looking to help out a new arrival."

Kazuma doesn't look totally convinced, but she sighs. "Fine," she says as she accepts the money and hands it to Luna.

Luna takes it all in stride and hands Kazuma a form. "Fill out this information and I'll prepare a Status Card for you," she explains.

"Status Card?" Kazuma asks.

"Level up mechanic," I explain. "You can kill monsters to gain XP, and when you level up you get skill points you can spend on learning skills. The Status card is how you keep track of it, and it has a few other handy functions."

Kazuma's eyes widened. "Hell yeah!" she exclaims, energetically writing down her information. Luna comes back quickly with a Status Card, and Kazuma hurriedly activates it.

Luna frowns slightly as she looks over Kazuma's card. "Most of your stats are fairly average, though your intelligence is a little higher and your luck is very high for your level." She looks up at Kazuma. "I'm sorry to say that with these stats, the only class available to you would be the Adventurer class. You might want to consider becoming a Merchant instead. A high luck stat is very useful as a Merchant."

"No no wait, I want to live a life of adventure, not some store clerk!" Kazuma protested. "What's wrong with the Adventurer class?"

I decide to cut in. "It's the jack-of-all-trades class," I explain. "It has the benefit of being able to learn any skill, but the downsides are that those skills generally cost more to learn, you have to be shown how to do the skill, and they're generally not quite as effective." I shrug. "It's pretty looked down on, but who wants to min-max anyway? The versatility of the class is worth it in my opinion."

Luna frowns for real. "Axton, I know that you're an Adventurer class yourself, but you really shouldn't get her hopes up like that. There's never been an Adventurer who could match a member of any other class."

I shake my head. "All you need is a bit of creativity and some quick thinking," I insist. I shrug. "But I don't expect to change your mind about that with words alone."

Luna sighs and turns back to Kazuma. "The good news is that if you level up as an Adventurer, your stats will grow enough to the point where you can change class to something else."

"I see," Kazuma says. She was paying attention to Luna and me debating the merits of the Adventurer class, and I believe she understood the implications. She was a gamer, assuming that hadn't changed somehow, so she should understand the difference between a versatile class and a more focused one.

She turns to Luna. "I'll be an Adventurer and see for myself how it is," she declares. "Not like I have any other option. I'm not going to be a Merchant. What's the point of coming to a world like this if I don't live a life of adventuring?"

"Damn straight," I say with a grin. Too bad that attitude of hers won't last, not if she's left to her own devices. Maybe I can curb that somewhat.

Luna sighs again. "Very well," she says. She finishes setting up the Status Card and hands it to Kazuma, alongside a slip of paper. "On that piece of paper is a list of all basic classes, a brief overview of each one, and their stat requirements. If you want to change class, just visit any Guild receptionist and pay the same fee you paid to register today."

Kazuma nods, eyes scanning the paper. "I'll think about it," she says.

"Congrats on officially becoming an adventurer," I say. "Do you want to party with me and my group?"

Kazuma frowns. "I kind of wanted to make my own group…" she says.

"As a level 1 Adventurer with no equipment?" Kazuma grimaces. "Why don't you join us for now, get a feel for things, make some money, get some equipment, and level up. Then you'll be in a better position to form your own party. I won't mind."

"Dammit," Kazuma curses. "Fine, yeah that's probably a good idea."

The two of us start heading back to the table where the others are at. "So what did you choose as your cheat item or skill?" I ask.

Kazuma flinches. "I- uhh- I don't wanna say," she says.

I pause internally. Okay, that's definitely a weird reaction. But I feel like pushing would be a bad idea. I'll figure it out eventually. "Well I picked the Goddess who was responsible for ferrying my soul over here," I offer as a change in subject.

She looks at me with wide eyes. "Wait, really? That worked?"

I point at Aqua, still chatting with Megumin. "That's her right there," I say.

She grabs her head in frustration. "Argh! Dammit, I should have done that too!"

I'm laughing at Kazuma's frustration when we arrive at the table. Momo, who had watched us approach, spoke up. "Who's this?"

I place a hand on Kazuma's shoulder. "This is Kazuma, she's a new adventurer, and she's from Japan, just like us," I say. "I invited her to the party to help her get started."

Momo smiles in realization. "Oh really? To think we ran into someone else already. It's nice to meet you Kazuma, I'm Momo Hanakai, but you can just call me Momo. Sorry about Axton, he has a bad habit of jumping straight to calling people by their first names without any honorifics."

I blink. "I do?"

Momo gave me a look. "You didn't realize? I think the only times I've heard you use an honorific are when you talk about teachers or when you're teasing Sona."

Huh. I'm gonna blame the translation function of the System for that. I shrug. "Guess it's a holdover of being American," I say. "No one's ever called me out on it."

"It's fine, it's kind of charming actually," Momo says. "I view it as a cute quirk of yours."

"What exactly is your relationship?" Kazuma asks, eyeing the two of us with a strange look on her face.

"We're married," I reply easily. I sure have been saying that a lot, but the burst of joy I feel from Momo every time I do and the way she blushes makes me want to keep doing it. "We came over together."

"Oh. Wait, does that mean the two of know?" she asks, looking at Megumin, who isn't paying attention.

Ah, she must think we died together since that's what happened to her. Presumably. I still don't know why she's a girl now and how much is different. "It's...complicated," I say vaguely. I don't really want to draw attention to how my situation is different. "Anyway, you've met Momo, and that's Aqua, the one I mentioned before, and this is Megumin."

"Huh?" Megumin says, finally turning around. "Oh? Are we getting another party member?"

"We already have five people though, I don't want to split the reward even more!" Aqua complains."

"With a bigger party we can get jobs done faster, or do harder jobs," I argue. "Either way, it might not be permanent. Kazuma here is from the same place as Momo and I, and I wanted to help her out."

"A beautiful wife, a goddess, and a loli," Kazuma mutters. I only catch it thanks to [Sound Domain]. Huh?

"Ah, good morning everyone," I hear behind me. Kazuma and I turn to see Darkness approaching. "Are we going on a quest today?"

"Yeah, we were just having breakfast and then waiting for you before picking one," I say. "This is Kazuma, she'll be joining us as well. Kazuma, meet Darkness, our Crusader. She acts as our tank."

Kazuma's eyebrow twitches and [Empathy] picks up a quickly rising feeling of annoyance. "And now a female knight!" she yells out loud. She spins, turning to face me, and points a finger at me accusingly. "I see what's going on now! You're some pretty boy normie who's building a harem!"

Everyone freezes, and I blink in surprise. "What?" I ask. I mean. I guess she's not wrong. But I haven't even made any moves on anyone yet.

"You can't trick me!" Kazuma insists. "Was that your plan all along? Act nice, make me feel better about being an adventurer, lend me money, and lure me into your party so you could work your wiles on me and seduce me?"

+8 Affection with Darkness
For being such a devious man

I glance over and Darkness can only be described as excited. She's blushing and looks like she was just told today is Christmas and she hadn't realized it. I'll deal with that later. I turn back to Kazuma. "No, that's not what's happening-" I start, but Kazuma doesn't let me finish.

"Blah blah blah, I'm not listening!" she says, putting her hands over her ears. "I don't know what honeyed words you used to get all these beauties in your party, but I'm not risking it. You'll never touch me!"

Before I can say anything else she turns and flees, leaving the Guild Hall.

We're all quiet for a moment, shellshocked by the sudden outburst. Even the adventurers around us were quiet and staring at us. Some of them are murmuring, and I catch snippets of their conversation with [Sound Domain]. Most of them are wondering if what Kazuma said is true, and the others have already assumed it is. Reactions are mixed between jealousy and respect among the men, and disgust and interest with the women. Well, that's not a great first impression.

"I had no idea you had such intentions," Darkness comments. "J-just so you know, I'll resist you with everything I have, until you break me down and turn me into a slut who begs-"

"That was not my intention," I interrupt her.

"But didn't the advertisement say females only?" Megumin notes, looking at me warily.

"I don't want another guy flirting with Momo," I say immediately. I can practically feel the look that Momo is giving the back of my head, but I pointedly don't acknowledge it. Okay, yes, it's bullshit, and she knows it, and a few weeks will probably be enough to show just how bullshit it is. But still. "I genuinely just wanted to help her out since we're from the same place." I probably would have invited male Kazuma to join us for a bit too.

"Uh-huh," Megumin says flatly, clearly not believing me.

"Look, have I given you any reason to think otherwise?" I ask. "Kazuma's outburst just now was totally unwarranted, I didn't do anything to hint at something like that besides being in a party with a bunch of beautiful girls."

Megumin narrows her eyes at me. "You know, that almost sounded convincing until you slipped in the compliment." She shakes her head. "But you're also the only one to recognize the true beauty of Explosion, so I shall stick around."

I'm tempted to make a comment about how she also doesn't have any other parties that would accept her, but I decide to hold my tongue.

"Even if you intend to seduce me and ravish me and turn me into a loyal dog, I will not abandon you," Darkness vows. Right, yeah. No surprise there.

I sigh. "Well, in that case, let's go find a quest to do today," I say. I'm a little sad that Kazuma fled, but oh well. She'll be fine on her own. Hell, she might be better off honestly. I'm greedy, but I'm not so greedy that I have to pursue every moderately cute girl there is.

Though, if the chance presents itself, I certainly won't pass it up. I'll just have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky.

Adventuring goes surprisingly smoothly. Once you learn their quirks, the girls are extremely useful. Well, it does require some effort and energy to corral them. But it's worth it.

For Darkness, all I have to do is indulge her and let her be bait. She won't be hurt. In fact, I've never seen her HP even drop. I offered to teach her [Iron Body] as well, calling it a technique from my homeland. She lost interest when I described how it worked though. Or rather, she got distracted by thinking I was calling her muscles hard and un-lady-like and I got distracted teasing her some more. I didn't get any Affection, but it's already so high that it doesn't surprise me that I'd need more than that.

Megumin is a little harder to manage. She has to be watched carefully or she'll try to blow up Darkness along with the monsters. On top of that, I have to constantly come up with plans that allow her to use her Explosion, which isn't always viable. For the most part, just showing Luna our Status Cards with our kill list is enough to mark the quest as complete. But not every quest we took was a monster-slaying one. We had a capture job too, and Megumin hadn't been happy she couldn't blow anything up. I made it up to her by accompanying her to unleash her explosion afterward and carry her back to her room. I could have made it easy by teleporting, but I'm trying to limit the skills I use. For now at least.

Aqua is both the easiest and the hardest to manage. Hardest in that she has to be watched even more closely than Megumin. If she's given any amount of freedom she'll somehow always use it to get herself in trouble or bring trouble onto the rest of us. Easiest in that all I need to do is make sure she has a consistent in-flow of money she can spend on booze and she's content. I'll have to start making wine again soon, I just need a more permanent place to stay.

I considered buying a small house. I have the money for it. But dropping that kind of money as a newbie adventurer could potentially draw attention to me, something I'm hoping to avoid. Not that I'm too worried about what that attention would bring, but it would be a nuisance. That mansion on the side of town that Kazuma ended up with in canon is still an option. It's empty, I checked after tracking it down, but a quest to clear it hasn't appeared in the Guild yet.

But Momo and I do a good enough job keeping an eye on them and coordinating them, while also doing enough damage to take care of anything we come across.

It's as we're on our way back from our fifth quest as an official party that we hear an announcement ring through the town.

"Emergency quest! Emergency Quest!" the voice says. "All Adventurers, please report immediately to the Guild Hall. I repeat, all Adventurers please report immediately to the Guild Hall."

"It appears there's something urgent happening," Darkness comments. "We should probably hurry."

"But I've already used Explosion today," Megumin says from my back, where I'm carrying her piggy-back style.

"We'll have to hope that whatever's happening doesn't need an Explosion then," I say. I have a pretty good guess on what it is, and Megumin not being able to use Explosion may be a good thing. I've been avoiding bringing up my mana potions with her. I have plans for that.

We make our way to the Guild Hall, where we were headed anyway. It's packed, filled with adventurers. I look around and see a lot of familiar faces, ones I've learned over the last week. Not everyone is here though. Like us, many of them are probably out on jobs already.

"Everyone, your attention please!" Luna says once a good number of people have gathered. She's standing on some sort of raised platform so she can see everyone. "Some of you have likely guessed, but it's that time of year again! It's time for the cabbage harvest!"

A cheer goes up through the hall. Momo looks at me in confusion. "Many vegetables have monster-like qualities," I explain to her. "Cabbages, once grown, will fly off and escape, migrating en masse."

Momo blinks. "Are they dangerous?"

I shrug. "Mildly. They'll hurl themselves at people. Might do some damage to buildings. But more importantly, they give experience when you eat them, which makes them valuable."

A look of understanding crosses her face. "So we're going to catch them," she concludes.

I nod. "Preferably in a way that leaves them edible." I set Megumin down. "Aqua, why don't you help Megumin up to her room?" I say. "Momo, Darkness, and I can take care of this." I raise my hand to stop her as she opens her mouth. "And don't worry, you'll get a cut for this."

That's the rule I established early on, mostly for the sake of those two. Aqua and Megumin were fairly situational. Aqua usually buffed us, but it wasn't necessary, and Megumin could only be useful once a day. But we came to an agreement early on that whatever we did as a party would be split between all of us, even if one of us didn't do anything that day.

At first, Aqua had tried to use that to slack off and stay in her room while we went off, but I put a stop to that very quickly. So now the rule was that they'd receive a cut if they came along with us or had a reason, approved by me, to not be there. In this case, mana exhaustion and taking care of the said person with mana exhaustion are good enough.

Mostly I just want Aqua to not be there. Her LUK is horrid, and she wouldn't be much use. In canon, she got a statistically improbable amount of lettuce. And lettuce, while looking and behaving similar to cabbage, is worth far less XP and therefore money. And I don't want to worry about what she might get up to so I can focus on capturing cabbages.

Aqua predictably cheers up at the prospect of a free payday. "Sure, I can do that. You just make sure to catch a lot of cabbages, okay?"

"We'll make sure to do that," I assure her.

Momo, Darkness, and I head out to the edge of town. The sky is overcast, but it's not raining. And there, on the horizon, is a large blob making its way through the sky towards us.

I gather Momo and Darkness into a group huddle. "Okay, so talk about our game plan," I say. "Darkness, your Decoy skill works on these things, right?"

She frowns. "I believe so, though I haven't tried it before."

I nod. "Then here's the plan…"

The plan is actually fairly simple. Darkness lures them in, I use my speed to snatch them up, and Momo creates a barrier to cage them. It's good practice for her actually, rapidly re-shaping the barrier so I can put in more cabbages without the ones already stored being released. She gets a few strange looks for her barrier, but I think most people assume it's some niche spell they don't know about.

It's good practice for me as well, using [Observe] and [Void Detect] to determine which ones are cabbages so I could ignore the lettuce. And also in making my movement more efficient. I don't have any problems moving at this speed, I'm used to much faster movement. But that just means I feel like I'm moving slowly and have to work to make sure I don't waste my actions.

Darkness...well, it's not training, but she's having fun. I'm letting some cabbages actually hit her, capturing them once they bounce off of her. From the look of exultation on her face and the feeling of pleasure I'm picking up with [Empathy], she's definitely enjoying herself.

While we work I spot Kazuma on the outskirt of things, sneaking up on cabbages and using Steal to nab them and throw them in one of the baskets provided by the Guild. She must have run into Chris or another Thief that taught her some skills. That's good, they'd be valuable for her. Hmm. I also need to learn some Thief skills. A few of them are useful, and even the ones that aren't will be useful for combining with other skills.

I make a mental note to track down a Thief later and go back to focusing on catching cabbages. With so many adventurers out here trying to get as big of a payday as they can, it doesn't take long for all the cabbages to be collected.

After that we have to go through the slow process of having the Guild employees count up our catches, making sure to identify which are cabbages and which are lettuce. The man counting ours seems very impressed that we didn't catch any lettuce at all.

After the count is finished we're told that it'll take some time for the Guild to gather and distribute the money we earned. Apparently how much we earned would be dependent on how well they sold. Cabbage prices are fairly stable, but there's still some fluctuation in them as harvests can be unpredictable. But they assure us that it'll be done within a week and that, in the meantime, we'll all get discounts on the cabbage-based dishes at the Guild.

"You know what that means everyone!" One particularly large adventurer shouts. "Party at the Guild!"

A massive cheer goes up as the gathered adventurers all storm for the Guild Hall. This is a strange world, one where vegetables fight back. But it's a fun one, filled with celebration and excitement. And I can't wait to explore it.

-Bonus Scene-

"Uhh, Yua? I don't think this is what Boss meant when he said to scout the area," Tara said hesitantly.

Yua turned to face Tara as she added another kitten to her arms, bringing the total up to four kittens. Yua wasn't all that big, the size of a human child or young teen, and she was definitely at the limit of how many kittens she could hold. Not that any of the kittens seemed to mind, nestling up to Yua as they were.

"What do you mean? Papa always lets me save kittens," she replied through their mental link. They both had one to Axton of course, but they could also talk to just each other without bothering Axton.

"I thought that was just a hobby thing?" Tara continued. "This just doesn't feel like scouting."

"Oh, he just said that so he could spend some time with his mates and future-mates," Yua dismissed, hopping up to a rooftop to continue their journey. She and Tara were both using [Fade] so they wouldn't be seen by the populace. "He doesn't like me watching whenever they do mate-stuff."

Tara paused as she scuttled up the wall to catch up with Yua. "Oh," she replied simply. Tara knew what Axton was like. She wasn't a child. But Yua was, so it caught her off guard to hear her refer to the Boss having sex so casually like that.

She continued moving, only to discover that Yua was already two rooftops away. Tara sighed and used [Void Travel] to catch up. It was a useful ability, she was thankful that Axton had taught it to her, even if she still had no idea how it worked. Void seemed dangerous, but Axton was so comfortable with it, and some of that seeped through their connection.

"Still, shouldn't we double-check with him?" Tara continued, not willing to let it go.

"Hmm, I guess," Yua admitted before mentally switching to another channel. "Hey Papa, I found some kittens while we were scouting. Can I take them to a good home?"

Tara feels some amusement along the link from Axton. Their connection carried more than just words, especially when being used as a method of communication. "That's fine Yua, take as much time as you need. Just make sure you do a good job and bring them somewhere they'll be happy and safe. Let me know if you need anything."

"I know Papa, thank you!" Yua replied before closing it and going back to hopping across the rooftops of the city. "See? You worry too much."

Tara sighed again. Maybe she did worry too much. She couldn't help it though, it was in her nature. She especially didn't want to inconvenience the Boss, not after everything he's done for her. She turned to Yua to apologize but stopped. "Yua, why are you going into that building?"

"It's okay, no one has been here for a really long time!" Yua responded.

"That's not a why though," Tara said as she caught up to the cat-like familiar.

"Well, Papa said to take my time," Yua explained. "And to make sure I do it right. I'm sure I've heard him say stuff like "better to take it slow and do it right than rush and ruin it" before. Something about playing a long game? Not sure. But I'm new here and I don't know what the people around here are like. So until I make sure I'm giving these kittens to good homes, I'll just take care of them myself!"

Yua gently deposited the kittens into one of the bedrooms of the long-abandoned house. Tara looked around nervously, making sure it wasn't about to collapse. It seemed okay, though she was fairly certain the roof would leak. "I don't think this is what he had in mind when he said that…" Tara said, unsure. "How are you going to even take care of them?"

"Easy!" Yua replied. "Papa bought a bunch of supplies for me and put them in his magic pocket! I'm not a kitten anymore, so I can take care of a few little ones, no problem!"

Tara paused, half expecting something to happen in reaction to her words, but nothing did. "I still don't know about this, maybe we should-"

Yua crossed her arms. "We're not going to bother Papa about every little thing!" Yua interrupted her. "He trusts me to take care of kittens all by myself with only a little help."

Tara sighed. "Alright alright, you have a point," she admitted. "I'll go make sure the perimeter is secure, maybe seal some holes in the roof."

Yua beamed at her. "Thanks, Tara!" She then turned her attention to the kittens, distributing food and bedding for them. Tara scurried outside the abandoned house and started placing discreet threads around that would alert her if someone touched them. She still wasn't sure Axton would approve of this, but all they were doing was helping some kittens. That was no way that could go wrong, right?

Tara paused. She just jinxed it, didn't she? Aww, crap baskets.

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